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NORTH CAROLINA don’t guarantee you will come back with a large prehistoric tooth, you just have to keep your eyes open and hope for some exposed serrated artifact to be pointing out of the sandy substrate, but even if you come back toothless, it still could be a good experience as well as another fun dive to log. As far as shore dives go, the most famous beach dive is Radio Island near Beaufort. It’s a jetty dive with up to 43 ft. of depth. You might see dolphins playing on the surface and stingrays just beneath. As you can see, it’s no wonder why they call this area the graveyard of the Atlantic, but it baffles me where the Atlantic part enters into the picture. Tropical pirates, tropical reefs, tropical fish, and tropical storms all suggest to me the best kept secret in North Carolina is you are diving in the Caribbean without having to take an over water flight to get there. Great Dives. ■ Check out these sites for information about the Queen Anne’s Revenge

Monitor deck turret 1862. File Photo

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May 2011 Vol 1. Issue 5  

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