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Lake superior Head Honcho of the Great Lakes

GUNILDA Believe It or Not


Dive Capital of the World Volume 7 Issue 12 $1.95 US/$2.25 Canada

the Power See JT-40D All the features of the JT-50. Smaller and designed for single tank use. The air cell is extremely streamlined and the frontal width in swimming position is barely wider than an average person’s shoulders. Style: Buoyancy capacity: Bladder material: Shell material: inflator length: mounting grommetS diStance:

Circular doughnut 30lbf (13.6kgf) / 40lbf (18.1kgf) 420D TPU coated nylon 1680D PU coated ballistic nylon 16” (tech elbow) 11”

Automatic pressure relieve valve/pull dump at left waist side Low pressure BC hose included For single back mounted tank only (100cuft / 15L internal volume)

Our World-Underwater Save $40 FebrUary 17 - 19, 2012 Donald e. Stephens Convention Center, rosemont, illinois

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CeLebraTing 42 yearS!

Workshops Seminars exhibit Hall Film Festival Children’s events Silent auction book Signings and more! 2

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Northeast & Midwest Dive News The complete resource for diving in the Northeast & Midwest. Publisher / Editor-in-Chief Rick Stratton Production Manager IJ James Expo Coordinator Selene Muldowney Accounts Manager Tove Chatham Advertising Sales Manager Keath Allen (360) 240-1874 x105 Roosevelt Rumble (360) 240-1874 x103 Circulation/subscriptions 360-240-1874 Dive News Magazine is committed to promoting the sport of scuba diving in the Northeast and Midwest. We will present a practical, unbiased point of view regarding all aspects of the sport of scuba diving. The Dive News Magazine believes in honesty and integrity in business and will support all efforts related to this. We encourage readers to participate in determining the content of this publication by giving us their opinions on the types of articles they would like to see. We invite letters to the editor, manuscripts and photographs related to diving or diving-related business. Send us your stories and photos! IMPORTANT NOTICE The Dive News Magazine reserves the right to refuse service to anyone it chooses. The contents of Northeast and Midwest Dive News are opinions of individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, editor or any of its staff. The publishers and contributors assume no responsibility for any mishap claimed to be a result of use of this material. Diving is an adventure sport and contains inherent risks. Improper use of diving equipment or improper diving techniques may result in serious injury or death. Readers are advised to use their own best judgment in each individual situation. MOVING? In order to continue receiving your magazine uninterrupted, please notify Northeast Dive News when you change your mailing address. To ensure uninterrupted service, please contact us six to eight weeks before the change of address occurs. You can call us at 360-240-1874 PST or email us at or mail at: Bedrock Publications

P.O. Box 1494 Oak Harbor, WA 98277

► Photo courtesy Advanced Diving and Expeditions. The bell on the wreck of the Gunilda stands guard on this amazing wreck. In terms of shipwrecks, the Gunilda is Lake Superior’s crown jewel. Often the demise of ships can be characterised as tragic but the Gunilda falls squarely into the “believe it or not” category. Find out more about Advanced Diving

► Photo courtesy Performance Freediving. Earlier this year, Performance Free Diving participated in Deja Blue II held in Grand Cayman. The results for the PFD team were awesome, and we congratulate them. Performance Freediving offers courses led by freediving champions; instructional certification; multiple locations across the US and Canada.

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Northeast US DIVES 12 Freediving & Spearfishing: New Ocean Adventures Kirk Krack of Performance Freediving International says, freediving is really taking off. His company specializes in training divers to free dive for competition, sport fishing and safety. “What really seems to be taking off; is free diving and spearfishing. Normally these two wouldn’t mix but recently it is becoming more popular.” By Rick Stratton.

MIDWEST DIVES 18 Lake Superior: The Head Honcho of the Great Lakes This Gem of cold water diving beckons the experienced and curious diver. The coldest, deepest and highest in elevation, located in the attic of the US, Lake Superior lives up to its name. An adventure itself getting there, the Northern shore of Lake Superior is home to Isle Royale and Thunder Bay Sanctuary, both designed to protect significant shipwrecks while offering divers a chance to experience history and discover forgotten artifacts. By Rick Stratton

20 Gunilda: Believe it or Not

Originally owned by William Harkness, this yacht was launched on a pleasure cruise in 1911. What happened next can’t always be believed. Now, the Gunilda rests upright and level on the bottom. Described as one of the finest shipwrecks in the world by Jacque Cousteau and his crew, She certainly deserves her reputation. By Tyler Bradford

TROPICAL DESTINATIONS 22 Florida Keys Dive Capital of the World

World Class Diving, Fish Bowl of the World, Diver’s Dream - these all describe the one place that come to mind first for most divers when you ask “where would you like to dive?” The answer of course is Florida’s Key Largo and Tavernier areas. According to the area tourism bureau over one million divers a year make this dive a reality. Over one million divers can’t be all wrong. By Rick Stratton

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elcome to the December edition of Northeast/Midwest Dive News. At the time of this writing, we just returned from the annual DEMA show in Orlando, Florida. This year’s DEMA show was a mixed bag. On one hand, show attendance was at an all-time low, only 5% of the dive retailers made the annual pilgrimage; however, amazingly nearly every booth reported strong results. For us, the show was fantastic. We had a fantastic opportunity to interact with the divers and dealers. It was great to get feedback about our magazine and regional approach. For the most part, the feedback was great. The readers we spoke with love our local approach, support for dive clubs, and focus on local diving. Since we were in Florida anyway, we sent our Southeast Regional Sales Manager, Keath Allen, to check out the local hot spots, specifically cave country. Keath had a great time. Stay tuned for Keath’s article online soon! After Keath visited cave country he traveled up to Clearwater Springs for the DUI DOG Rally event. As you probably know, we co-sponsored the entire DUI DOG Rally tour. We were lucky enough to attend nearly every rally. We had a great

The Dive Patrol, Inc. Presents the 61st edition of

Rick is a dive industry veteran with 15 years experience. Contact for comments

The group from the DUI DOG Rally in Clearwater Springs.

time attending the events and meeting our readers across the country. As the dive season winds down and the holiday season approaches, we are grateful for all our friends in the dive industry. We are now bonded with the folks at DUI, the great folks at DAN (Divers Alert Network) and the DOGs themselves, but we are especially grateful for the local dive retailer. We recognize the sacrifices in owning a small business, and we appreciate the time and effort you put forth to advocate for the local diver. And of course we are grateful for our local divers. Your commitment to the sport and your love of diving inspires us. What an amazing year for all of us! This summer/fall season has reinforced the importance of relationships in life and business for me, and I’ve been reminded the most important things in life are the people (and businesses) who are there for you! Happy diving. Rick Stratton,

When Experience Counts...

The Boston Scuba Show


February 25, 2012 • 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. Holiday Inn and Resort Marlboro, Massachusetts


Junction of routes 495 and 20 • Always FREE PARKING Directed by Alan Budreau; assisted by the EMMY Award winning team of Linda and Kerry Hurd

Featuring: •



• Fred Calhoun with a new film, “Egg Rock”, and lively commentary “UNDERSTANDING TECHNICAL DIVING” “THE GENESIS OF VISUAL INSPECTIONS”


• Don Whitehead - Diving Photographer of Massachusetts Bay • Alex Shure new film: “Saturday Night Ledge”

Applaud the Paul Revere Spike Award to Jerry Shine

Peter A. Hughes, Founder

Tickets are $20 each

Available at the door on the day of the show, or in advance by writing to: Cecile Christensen, 2 Ocean Ave (1-H), Gloucester, MA 01930. Checks payable to The Dive Patrol. 4

© Joe Nicastri

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Fred Calhoun’s the “sky is falling” diatribe on diving (NEDN and MWDN, July) is, pardon the pun, ALL WET! His attitude and comments are everything that’s wrong with some of the “doubtful Thomases” of diving. Divers Den in Parkville, Maryland, has been in business for 50 years and still has a loyal following. Owner Chaz Kafer says, “Yes, things are not easy. There is competition from online sales, but it’s a challenge dive shop owners must face.” Chaz is very upset with a few of the manufacturers. “These manufacturers, who once strongly supported dive shops, now sell to online dealers at greatly reduced prices.” Chaz pleaded his case to the manufacturer, but the practice still continues. Chaz says, “I feel like they sold me out.” Some of the other manufacturers realize that dive shops are not selling as much as they used to, and are trying to help them get through some hard times. It’s a time where manufacturers, dealers and training agencies must offer as much support as possible to local shops. Chaz says, “When a piece of gear breaks, a regulator needs repair, or divers need air, where do they go? The personal service we provide, plus expert repairs, the purest air, and individual attention are what we thrive on.” Many shops, including Divers Den, sponsor social gatherings, newsletters through e-mail, exotic trips, and fun events such as pumpkin carving, underwater hockey, etc. Some dive shops may have slowed down, but they’re not dead. And there are plenty of store counters left where divers can pick up the latest issue of Northeast/Northwest Dive News, a publication that remains faithful and supportive of local dive shops. Ellsworth Boyd, Writer

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Thanks for emailing us your thoughts. I apologize that your email has been sitting in our in-box for so long. Surprisingly, our mailbag has been full lately with many great letters – so full infact, we have expanded our incoming mail onto our Facebook page. Now our reader’s letters/comments do not have to wait weeks or months for a reply. Our readers can post their concerns on our Facebook page and almost instantly get a response. This greatly improves our communications with readership and gives an increased voice to our readers. This is our response to the changing economy and marketplace. We have literally re-invented ourselves this year. We have embraced that we are no longer just a print magazine or website but rather in the CONTENT business. Both your letter and Calhoun’s letter reflect two sides of the same story – is the glass half-full or half-empty? Is our industry heading down hill or are we preparing for a steep assault? I applaud the efforts of small businesses to survive in the current economy. Some of the large dive equipment manufacturers mostly fall into this category too. These companies are themselves small business with less than 100 employees. While most overwhelmingly support local dive shops and current dealers, these companies are being forced to sell online due to the economy and changing consumer preferences. Some still cater to their local dive shops and we encourage all manufacturers to work with the local businesses. I applaud the efforts of Diver’s Den and other dive shops that offer more and support the industry and local economy in the pages of our magazine. Thanks,


Retailers: Retailers:Call Call1-888-903-NASE 1-888-903-6573 to find out how you can take advantage of this special offer

You read that right. For a limited time, you can get our brandnew online Nitrox Diver I course — normally $79.95 — absolutely free. All you pay for is your dive shop’s or instructor’s normal fee for the single classroom session and any optional open-water training dives. Here’s what you do: ■ Take this ad to your local NASE dive shop or instructor. Don’t know who that is? Find out at ■ Don’t have a local NASE dive shop or instructor? No problem. Take this ad to your favorite dive shop and have them call 1-888-903-NASE (6273) to find out how easily you can take the next step. We support local divers - Local divers support the industry.



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Westchester Scuba Club Receives $5,000 Award

The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester has been awarded $5,000 from the Long Island Sound Futures Fund for the club’s annual “Cleanup the Sound” environmental activities at Davenport Beach in New Rochelle and Orchard Beach in the Bronx. The cleanups will include cleaning debris and trash from the beach areas as well as the water area immediately adjacent to the beach area. Another cleanup will involve the use of SCUBA to remove lobster pots in the Sound itself. The lobster pot cleanup will start from City Island and motor out to remove lobster pots from the Long Island Sound using SCUBA. For more info visit

Santa Comes to Town Underwater


Buzzards Bay Dive Center, Inc. & The Travel Scene present their 5th Annual Underwater visit with Santa benefiting the Onset’s Box 5 Association’s Holiday Food Drive. This is a fun filled charity event/food drive to help needy families this holiday season. Saturday Dec. 10 at 7 p.m., they will be collecting non-perishable food items and donations for the Onset’s Box 5 Department to distribute to those in need. If you are not already a certified scuba diver the helpful & friendly staff at Buzzards Bay Dive Center will give you the FUN-damental instructions through a PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience to join Santa for what is sure to be this years’ favorite holiday photo! Cost is free with a non-perishable food item of $5 or more. Your fun adventure with Santa will not only benefit you, it will help brighten the holiday’s for less fortunate families this season. Last year, they collected over 400lbs of food, help them beat last year’s record. For more info

Boston Sea Rovers Make it 58 Years

The 58th Annual Boston Sea Rovers Clinic will take place at the Crowne Plaza Boston North Shore Hotel in Danvers, MA March 9-11. This year’s event will offer over 40 Saturday and Sunday daytime seminars, featuring slide and video shows from around the underwater world. Saturday evening, BSR will host their renowned Saturday Evening Film Festival, featuring some of the best filmmakers and explorers in the business. The annual Clinic will also boast an expanded exhibit hall featuring a half-day exhibit floor Friday for dive industry professionals and two full days open to the public Saturday and Sunday. For more info about the 2011 Clinic or the Boston Sea Rovers visit

Dive Industry Pro Moves On to New Opportunity

David Valaika has a new position encouraging responsible travel and adaptive adventure programs after nearly seven years to the day after he founded Indian Valley Scuba, David Valaika has decided it’s time to turn over the reins of the Northeast’s leading dive center to the team he built. He announced his decision privately last week to the staff at the Harleysville store. The change will allow him to focus on projects closer to his heart. He want to focus on his altruistic work in developing Adaptive Diving Programs through the non-profit charity he founded in 2006, IAHD-Americas. Congrats David!

Annual Northshore Frogmen President’s Banquet and New Year’s Dive

The 2011 North Shore Frogmen Annual President’s Holiday Banquet will be held at the Palmers Cove Yacht Club in Salem, MA Dec. 10 from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. There will be catered appetizers, dinner and dessert, a presentation of awards, raffle prizes, dancing and a cash bar.Tony Vieira will be heading up the New Year’s Day dive. NSF is hoping to beat last year’s turnout of 32 divers. The post-dive New Year’s Day party will be hosted at Dodie Carvablo’s home. The dive may be at White’s Beach in Manchester to allow for greater parking. Check meetings and email notices for future details at

Halcyon Donates a Portion of Proceeds to Susan G. Komen Breast Foundation

A donation of more than $2,000 was donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation on behalf of Halcyon Manufacturing from their Hpink system sales. Facebook Auction proceeds will also be donated (a wing autographed by Casey and JJ) and a portion of future sales of HPink systems will also be donated as those sales occur. A big shout out to everyone who has been involved!

Indian Valley SCUBA HELPS Boy Scout Troop

A local Boy Scout Troop is offering a big THANK YOU to all the great people at IVS. IVS supports worthy causes in the local community whenever they get the opportunity and sometimes this is done in a big way while at other times it’s done quietly. One example of the quiet support they give to the community is the generous (and frequent) way they have loaned their CPR training equipment to a local Boy Scout Troop. IVS has never failed to make the equipment available and they have never asked for anything in return other than the gear would be treated with respect. For many of the Scouts it was their first introduction to CPR, and they all enjoyed getting to practice on “real” training equipment. Thanks again IVS.

Ocean Wreck Divers 25th Annual Scuba Supermarket

The Ocean Wreck Diver’s Club will be hosting its 25th Annual Scuba Supermarket on Sunday, Feb. 19 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Toms River Intermediate School North located in Toms River, New Jersey. Gary Crossland, a member and local diver says the Ocean Wreck Divers Club has been around for over 30 years and the Scuba Supermarket is one of the more popular events they do each year. “Part of the funds made from this event go to funding the club but we also use funds to construct artificial reefs as well as donate to DAN,” Crossland says. “We are happy to be able to hold these markets each year.” Crossland says the market is for divers who are interested in obtaining gently used equipment. The local dive shops also sell brand new items. “We also have dive boat businesses and travel groups that come in just to let people know that they are there,” Crossland says. “We have a lot of fun and it allows us to provide funding for our charities as well as meet up with fellow divers.” Crossland says everyone is welcome to the event. For more info visit

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Dec 13: MetroWest Dive Club, 8 p.m., Courtyard Marriott, Natick, MA. Dec 13: SeConn Skin Divers, 7:30 p.m., Olympic Pizza, Norwichtown, CT. Dec 14: NYC Sea Gypsies, 7 p.m., McGees Irish Pub, New York, NY. Dec 15: North Shore Frogmen Club Picnic, Stage Fork Park, Gloucester, MA. Dec 15: Pioneer Valley Dive Club, 7 p.m., At the Water’s Edge, Westfield, PA. Dec 15: United Divers of Central Mass, 7 p.m., Slattery’s Back Room, Fitchburg, MA. Dec 17: Aquatic Voyagers Scuba Club of NY, 1 p.m., Gym at Guy R. Brewer & Liberty, Jamaica, NY. Dec 21: In Too Deep Dive Club, 7 p.m., Don Antonio’s Bar & Restaurant, Union, NJ. (908) 687-7020 Dec 21: Long Island Divers Association, 8 p.m., Brookhaven Town Community Center, Blue Point, NY. Dec 21: New England Aquarium Dive Club, 6:30 p.m., New England Aquarium, Boston, MA. Dec 22: North Shore Frogmen Club Picnic, Stage Fork Park, Gloucester, MA. Dec 26: Divers Anonymous Scuba Dive Club meeting, 7:30 p.m., Mario’s Restaurant, Clifton, NJ.

Do you want your event listed here? Contact us: Dec 29: North Shore Frogmen Club Picnic, Stage Fork Park, Gloucester, MA. Dec 29: The Gillmen Club, 7:30 p.m., Marco Polo, East Hartford, CT. January 2012 Jan 3: Central Maine Muck Divers, 7 p.m. Ground Round Restaurant, Augusta, ME. Jan 3: Monadnock Divers Club, 7:30 p.m. The Pub Restaurant, Keene, NH. Jan 3: South Jersey Dive Club, 7 p.m. The Taproom on West Crystal Ave, Haddon Township, NJ. Jan 3: South Shore Neptunes Skin Diver’s Club, 7 p.m., Quincy Emergency Management Dive Team Headquarters, Quincy, MA. Jan 3: The Dive Club, 8:30 p.m., Molly Malone’s Bayshore, NY. Jan 3: The Innerspace Explorers Dive Club, 7 p.m., On the Border Restaurant, Rocky Hill, CT. Jan 4: Hammerheads Dive Club, 7 p.m., Salty Dogs Eats & Drinks, Virginia Beachy, VA. Jan 4: Mass Bay Divers, 7 p.m., South Shore Divers, Weymouth, MA. Jan 5: North Shore Frogmen, 8 p.m., Palmers Cove Yacht Club, Salem, MA. Jan 5: Olney SCUBA Adventure Dive Club, 7 p.m., Olney Swim Center, Olney, MD.

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December Dec 7: Hammerheads Dive Club, 7 p.m., Salty Dogs Eats & Drinks, Virginia Beachy, VA. Dec 7: Mass Bay Divers, 7 p.m., South Shore Divers, Weymouth, MA. Dec 8: Maine-iac Divers Club, 6:30 p.m., Maine Divers Scuba Center, Portland, ME. Dec 8: North Shore Frogmen meeting, 8 p.m., Palmers Cove Yacht Club, Salem, MA. Dec 9: Fathom Divers Dive Club meeting, 7 p.m., VFW Post #7916, Occoquan, VA. Dec 9: The Atlantis Rangers Dive Club meeting, 8 p.m., Odiorne State Park, Rye, NH. Dec 10: Chesapeake Bay Barracudas Dive Club Christmas Party, 6:00 PM at Chesapeake Bay Diving Center, Portsmouth, VA. Dec 13: Buxmont Dive Club, 6:30 p.m., Bones Grille, Lansdale, PA. Dec 13: Dive Club of Rhode Island, 7 p.m., Giant Stride Dive Shop, Warwick, RI.

Midwest Activities

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December Dec 6: Michigan Seasnoopers, 7:30 p.m. Detroit, MI. E-mail for site Dec 7: AquaMasters meeting, 8:30 p.m., Lakewood YMCA, Lakewood, OH. Dec 7: DiveQuest Scuba Club meeting, 7 p.m., Valparaiso Public Library, Valparaiso, IN. Dec 8: Stingray Dive Club, 6:30 p.m., Bullseye Bar, Lee’s Summit, MO. Dec 12: Circleville Landsharks Dive Club, Gibby’s Restaurant, Circleville, OH. Dec 13: Buckeye Divers meeting, 8 p.m. Tommy’s Pizza, Arlington, OH Dec 13: Deep Blue Divers meeting, 7 p.m. Chicagoland Scuba, Lake Zurich, IL. Dec 13: Neptune’s Dive Club, 7 p.m., Green Bay, WI. Dec 14: Aqua Amigos Scuba Club meeting, 8 p.m. Euclid Family YMCA, Euclid OH. Dec 14: Four Lakes Scuba Club, 7:30

p.m., Babe’s American Grill, Madison, WI. Dec 15: Gavia Scuba Club meeting, 7:30 p.m., Twin Dragons Restaurant, West Chester, OH Dec 20: Kittyhawk Dive Club meeting, Elsa’s Restaurant, Centerville, OH. Dec 20: Great Lakes Aquanauts, 7 p.m., Location Varies, Farmington, MI. Dec 27: Fort Wayne Dive Club, 7 p.m., Deep Blue Divers, Fort Wayne, IN. Dec 28: Amigos Aqua Scuba Club, 8 p.m. Euclid Family YMCA, Euclid, OH. Dec 28: Canadian Sport Divers Scuba Club, 7:30 p.m., Canadian Sport Subs Dive Shop, Belleville, Ontario, Canada. home. JANUARY Jan 3: Michigan Seasnoopers, 7:30 p.m. Detroit, MI. E-mail for site Jan 4: AquaMasters meeting, 8:30 p.m., Lakewood YMCA, Lakewood, OH. Jan 4: DiveQuest Scuba Club meeting, 7 p.m., Valparaiso Public Library, Valparaiso, IN. Jan 5: Buccaneers Dive Club, 7 p.m., Edwardo’s Pizza, Wheeling, IL.

Jan 5: Columbus Sea Nags Scuba Diver meeting, 8 p.m., Plank’s Restaurant, Columbus, OH. Jan 5: Extreme Sports Dive Club, 6:30 p.m., Extreme Sports Scuba, Joplin, MO. Jan 5: Kansas City Frogman Club, Inc., 7 p.m., Skin N Scuba, Independence, MO. Jan 9: Circleville Landsharks Dive Club, Gibby’s Restaurant, Circleville, OH. Jan 10: Buckeye Divers meeting, 8 p.m. Tommy’s Pizza, Arlington, OH Jan 10: Deep Blue Divers meeting, 7 p.m. Chicagoland Scuba, Lake Zurich, IL. Jan 10: Neptune’s Dive Club, 7 p.m., Green Bay, WI.

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Supporting those who support diving

Hollywood Comes To long Island By Bill Pfeiffer


Bill Pfeiffer is owner of Island Diving which provides commercial diving services and recreational SCUBA instruction. He is also the current president of Long Island Diver’s Association.


n March of 2011 I received an e-mail from Gail Bleckman, a producer working with Katco Media, a Hollywood motion picture production company. To make a long story short, she wanted to know if my company could assist them in locating a murder weapon from a very high profile case that had been underwater for 36 years. Hoo boy! I quickly pushed the keyboard aside and gave Gail a call. She wasn’t kidding when she said “high profile.” Katco was producing a documentary on the DeFeo know, the case spawning the Amityville Horror movies. The big difference was, this wasn’t going to be some silly ghost story. Katco has a team of some 26 forensic criminologists who have been poring over 15,000 pages of evidence for years now, and wants to tell the real story about what happened in Amityville on the night of November 13, 1974 in a documentary entitled “Shattered Hopes: The True Story Of The Amityville Murders”. As part of their investigations, the forensic team had discovered it was probable more than one firearm was used during the crime, and a pistol that is believed to be connected to the crime was never recovered. OK, so now I’m hooked. What do you need from me? Enter Ryan Katzenbach, owner of Katco Media and the director, producer and writer of the film. Ryan explains the lengthy process by which the forensic criminologists have attempted to reconstruct the crime and determine how the killer (or killers) may have disposed of the second murder weapon. They believe it was thrown into a body of water, as had the first weapon, a Marlin .35 rifle, that had been recovered by the Suffolk County Police just days after the crime. Same method of disposal, different location. Can we find it? I agree to put a team together and do an initial survey of the site

We support our local dive shops - without them we will not have a dive industry.




to determine what kind of conditions we would encounter when we undertook a full scale search. The initial survey team consisted of Steve Neumann, Ed Springer, Anthony Amato and Ronnie Siwulec, all members of the Nesconset Fire Department Scuba Rescue Team and all more than capable of working in the muddy black water we were likely to encounter at the site. A call to our friend Jerry Barrett at Air and Gas Technologies got us Interspiro full face masks and a wireless comm system, and John Drewniak of Whites Diving set us up with hazmat suits for the entire team. So, let’s go check it out! ■ To be continued…

he Underwater Club of Boston and The Dive Patrol, Inc. announce the 61st edition of the Boston Scuba Show scheduled for 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., February 25, 2012 at the Holiday Inn and Resort in Marlboro, Massachusetts. The 2012 show will feature the films by Jonathan Bird (in-person 3-time EMMY Award Winner), and Fred Calhoun, with witty sayings, soft shoe routines, and more SCUBA than there’s time to tell. With Kerry and Linda Hurd, and directed by Alan Budreau, Jerry Shine will be receiving the Paul Revere Spike Award from the Underwater Club of Boston, presented by Arnie Pettiglio. The show will also offer a new film EGG ROCK, by Fred and Chris. Mr Calhoun is an award-winning underwater motion picture producer and director, having won the Knights of Malta, Island of Malta, Film Festival (for LARGO), and the Conference for International Nontheatrical Events (CINE) award (for THE WALL). Additionally, Don Whitehead will present Massachusetts Bay Underwater. Parking is always free at The Holiday Inn and

Pat Hatcher, Fred Calhoun and Karen Hatcher. Photo courtesy Patricia Walsh

Resort. We are at the intersection of routes 20 and 495 in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Also on the program will be a new underwater film by Alex Shure - Saturday Night Ledge. Expand your resume, become a certified cylinder inspector. Conducted by Dallas Edmiston, the in-advance course tuition is $275, checks payable to The Dive Patrol, Inc. Tickets for the scuba show are only $20 each (use the savings for gas) and will be available at the door on the day of the program. In-advance show ticket sales available by writing to: Cecile Christensen, 2 Ocean Ave (1-H), Magnolia, MA 01930. Checks payable to: The Dive Patrol, Inc. Program phone (with an answering machine) is 978-525-3432 – speak slowly and distinctly. ■

Long Island Divers Association Serving the Long Island and Greater New York Diving Community for More Than 25 Years! Captain Mike’s Diving City Island, NY 718-885-1588

RV Garloo Captree Boat Basin, Long Island










Hampton Dive Center Riverhead, NY 631-727-7578 Swim and Scuba Rockville Centre, NY 516-872-4571

Horton Point Lighthouse image courtesy of Steve Neumann

QC Scuba Wantagh, NY 516-826-7222 Kings County Divers Brooklyn, NY 718-648-4232

LIDA is a not-for-profit regional organization dedicated to the promotion of local diving and is staffed completely by volunteers.

LIDA is a valued sponsor of local diving! Read more about what they are up to at



Northeast Divers Lose One of Their Own

Outer Banks Closing

Amy Pieno with family. A fund has also been set up for Kailee and Johnny, her children, and donations can be made to the Pieno College Fund, C/O 1st Southbank, PO Box 99, Buxton, NC 27920. Photo courtesy Pieno family.


ortheast diver Amy Pieno passed away on Sunday, Oct. 16. Pieno died in an incident off Wrightsville Beach called Meg’s Ledge. Meg’s Ledge is a popular area for divers seeking fossilized Megalodon shark teeth and is approximately 30 miles off the southeast North Carolina coast. U.S. Coast Guard reps state that people have always chosen to dive in that location. “It’s just that unfortunately, we’ve had several divers lost there recently,” said the rep. Pieno, who was 48 years old, was a resident of Hatteras Island, co-owned Outer Banks Diving and was very active in the local community. Co-workers and fellow divers describe her as funny, smart, goodhearted and a joy to see. Family members stated that Pieno felt most alive while under the water. She was known for her dive experience and the way in which she taught

other divers. “She was always willing to go the distance and then some,” says husband Johnny. “People loved her and I honestly think they liked me because they loved her so much. We are all devastated.” Pieno and her husband moved their 65-foot charter boat, the Flying Fish, to Wrightsville Beach in mid-September after Hurricane Irene cut Hatteras off from tourists. Johnny Pieno, a Virginia Beach native once owned the popular Jamaican Johnny’s restaurant. “She considered everyone family,” Johnny said. “She considered every diver who passed through the doors of Outer Banks Diving a new member of the family.” Pieno goes on to add that Amy put her all into the sport and into supporting others who wanted to be a part of diving. She was helping lead a chartered dive when she died. “She was one of those people who

STINGRAY DIVERS Scuba Lessons • Scuba Diving Gear Snorkeling Gear • Air-Nitrox-Trimix-Argon Service All Scuba Equipment

762 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 718.384.1280 | Fax: 718.302.0465 10

Due to Amy Pieno’s recent passing Outer Banks Diving is for sale. Johnny Pieno says they will part with the dive business, the charter boat and all other aspects of the diving operation. For more information please contact Outer Banks Diving, 57544 Highway 12, P O Box 453, Hatteras, NC 27943, email or call (252) 986-1056.

Dive Locally - Where It Really Matters

just thought that everyone should want to dive,” says Johnny. “She did all she could to open the sport up to whoever wanted to get involved.” The area where Pieno died is popular with divers searching for the megalodon teeth. Divers sometimes dive more than 100 ft. during dives lasting as long as 90 minutes which can be dangerous if a diver is not experienced. Pieno was very experienced. The ledges are a trove for shark and whale fossils but they also create a strong current that can be difficult to navigate, even for experienced divers. Pieno said that diving was a safe sport as long as the rules were followed, but the rules were especially important for older divers. The local Coast Guard says that they have had a number of diving emergencies in the area. They say they don’t know if it’s because of the depth or because once divers are down there they’re too focused on the fossils to pay attention to what their equipment is telling them. At this point there is no clear answer to what happened in Amy’s situation but the Coast Guard is following up to ensure that there are not similar instances. Memorials have poured in at Outer Banks Diving, the business Pieno ran for more than 20 years with her husband, Johnny Pieno. A fund has also been set up for Kailee and Johnny, her children, and donations can be made to the Pieno College Fund, C/O 1st Southbank, PO Box 99, Buxton, NC 27920. ■



f you have ever considered combining your love of the ocean with a career as a Marine Scientist, Oceanographer, Underwater Videographer, Boat Captain, Commercial Diver, Dive Equipment Manufacturer, Resort Owner, Ice Diving Researcher then you will want to be a part of this FREE all-day event at Beneath the Sea in March. Learn directly from the men and women who are enjoying successful careers just how they began. Experience first-hand their passion for what they do, and why they do it. If you are a High school junior, senior, college student, or a teacher – make the most of this rare opportunity. Friday, March 23, 2012 join Beneath the Sea at their free Marine Careers Program. Throughout the day, you will participate in commercial diving classroom simulations, evaluate sample scholarship applications all the while you learn insider tips on how to make your own scholarship application more effective, and maybe win a prize in some of the workshop competitions! Beneath the Sea’s Marine Careers program will also give you a free pass to the Friday night Beneath The Sea exposition starting 6 p.m. On the Beneath the Sea exhibition floor, there will be almost four-hundred exhibitors for you to meet, speak to, and ask about a

BENEATH THE SEA Marine Careers Program & Scholarships Friday, March 23, 2012 At the Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus, New Jersey

possible internship, community service activity, academic opportunity, and more. Beneath The Sea also offers several scholarships to encourage you to pursue those opportunities that will lead you to your marine career. Visit their web site: and learn more about these scholarships, and about all of the other aspects of America’s largest consumer oceans exposition, dive, and travel show. Oh, don’t wait on those scholarship

applications the deadline for some is as soon as Jan. 15, 2012. It is a wonderful day to meet the doers and shakers of our industry, talk to them one-on-one, and set a course for the future. If you know someone, teacher, student, youth organization, dive club, dive shop who might enjoy this, point them at Beneath the Sea that Friday, March 23. It’s where the future is happening. Group or individual, it’s FREE and you’re all welcome. ■

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Freediving New Ocean Adventure

AIDA recognized world record holders as of June 8, 2011

Herbert Nitsch

Constant Weight Apnea 124m Variable Weight Apnea 142m No-Limits apnea 214 m

Natalia Molchanova

Constant Weight Apnea 101m Constant Weight Apnea without fins 62m Free Immersion Apnea 85 m Static Apnea 8 min 23 sec Dynamic Apnea with fins 225m Dynamic Apnea without fins 160m

William Trubridge

Constant Weight Apnea Without Fins 101m Free Immersion Apnea 121m

Annelie Pompe

Variable Weight Apnea 126m

Dave Mullins

A 12

Dynamic Apnea Without Fins 218 m

This sport has been rated A for Awesome

Tanya Streeter No-Limits Apnea 160m

Coming Soon to a Dive Site Near You!

Photo courtesy Performance Freediving International

NORTHEAST DIVE NEWS By Rick Stratton Publisher, Dive News Network


dive deep into the oceans blue without scuba equipment is a frightening prospect for most. A diver would not normally jump into the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean and dive without the aid of their air tanks, fins and all of the other normal trappings of a scuba equipment… did I say this was about “normal”? Think about this: you are hundreds of feet underwater suffering huge physical effects. The pressure is enormous; your hands and feet turn blue as blood rushes away from your extremities. Your other organs needing blood flow for survival, especially your brain and your heart, holler for oxygen the longer you are under the water. Even with all this a free diver stays because it is, after all, their passion. Free divers subject themselves to this physiological carnival every time they dive - on purpose! Freediving is an aquatic activity that requires the practice of breath-holding while diving underwater and adventurous divers all over the world are being enticed by its challanges. There are a number of ways in which divers utilize freediving such as with spear fishing, free diving photography, competitions and, to a degree, snorkeling. Freediving activities are often broken up into non-competitive and competitive activities such as spearfishing and Apnea competitions. They can also include less recognized examples of freediving like synchronized swimming, underwater rugby, underwater hockey, underwater hunting other than spearfishing, and snorkeling. For those divers with a need for adventure and the chance to test their muster freediving offers all the thrills and chills of a landlocked roller coaster. There are a number of disciplines within free diving. “Constant Weight Apnea” is where the athlete has to dive to the depth following a guide line but is not allowed to actively use it during the dive. Another is “Constant Weight Apnea without Fins” which has the same rules as Constant Weight, except no swimming aids, like fins, are allowed. There is also Free Immersion Apnea, a discipline where the athlete uses the vertical guide rope to pull themselves down to depth and back to the surface. “Variable Weight Apnea” is a record discipline that uses a weighted sled for descent. “No-Limits Apnea” allows the athlete to use any means of breath-hold diving to depth and return to the surface as long as a guideline is used to measure the distance and finally there is “The Jump Blue” also called “The Cube” where an athlete has to descend and swim as far as possible in a cubic form of 15 x 15 meters. All of these categories are currently being

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NORTHEAST FEATURE more developed in terms of competition but divers all over the world are already testing the limits in each category. Special Thanks to the following for helping to make this article possible: “We have a number of courses led by freediving champions that provide those interested in instructional certification at multiple locations across the US and Canada as well as around the world. In the eleven years since inception, PFI has trained more than 5,000 persons world wide.” Kirk Krack Performance Freediving International “I loved being in the water, especially out with just a couple of friends spearfishing,” he said. “The challenge of different tactics that comes with hunting and the pushing of ones own personal limits was addictive. I am the kind of person who really likes to know what’s going on while I’m doing it. That’s really what got me thinking about furthering my education about Freediving.” Nick Fazah East Coast Divers

Editor’s Note:

Photo courtesy Performance Freediving International






Divers Cove has been servicing the scuba, snorkeling, spearfishing, and swimming communities for over 30 years!





Freediving is an activity that can be incredibly dangerous, it requires proper training. Do not go out into the water with your spear gun and think that it is just that easy. East Coast Divers are currently the only shop in Boston now training divers in the aspects of proper Freediving safety and supervision. Get the proper instruction.






t r e p x E irs a p e r Drysuit


Regulators • Drysuits • Wetsuits Buoyancy Compensators Rescue Suits • Tanks AGA - Full face Masks We carry a very full line of scuba and snorkeling equipment, and offer all of the NAUI dive certification courses. We sponsor economical exotic diving trips to premier diving locations all over the world.

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pearfishing is an ancient way to fish that many divers get into as a common course of diving. The sport of diving for your own catch has been around for centuries. There are many devices to spearfish, from the traditional Hawaiin sling or pole spear to the more modern band or pneumatic guns. Each region will have its own laws and regulations on what you can and cannot use to hunt so it is highly advisable that you be familiar with these rules before partaking. Nick Fazah of East Coast Divers in Bookline, Mass. says he fell into Freediving while spearfishing by accident. “Freediving has been a recent passion for me,” says Fazah. “I had moved to the Keys (Florida) in 2006 and started breath hold diving there. I was Freediving to spearfish in the beginning but I quickly became addicted to doing it for the diving experience alone. I now enjoy the challenge and the competition. On a couple of occasions I came to the surface a little starry eyed. I felt like this was probably a sign that I was doing something wrong and so I sought out instruction in order to better understand the physics and physiology of what was happening to me. The mental focus required is what really makes me love it. It is about looking within yourself and seeing what you are capable of. You have to listen to your body’s reactions and pay attention to what your body is telling you.” As for Fazahs feelings on the two sports together…he says it is a natural fit. “There are a lot of people who spearfish and Freedive in New England,” says Fazah. “We are seeing increasing


Photo courtesy East Coast Divers.


We are an Apple in a world of Oranges... The same old way is not working! We invite you to experience the difference Education Equipment Experience 1765 Silas Deane Highway Rocky Hill, CT 06067 (860) 563-0119 14



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numbers of people doing it and, in fact, this year we have 20+ Freedivers joining the ranks after taking formal instruction on techniques and safety. These guys come out and train in the pool learning the different aspects of Freediving from competition to using it for fishing; it pushes the limits of human endurance and people like seeing what they are capable of. Fazah and Kirk Krack of Performance Freediving International both expect the sport to continue to grow. In 2012 East Coast Diver’s owner Paul Adler is retiring from the store and Nick along with his business partner Alex Dulavitz are taking over. Even

though ECD is a full service Scuba center, they will also have more and more programs for Freediving and spearfishing. “There is a niche for it,” says Fazah. “We do a lot of indoor training in the pool during the winter building up for the spring season, it really is amazing what you can accomplish in a very short period of time. Just a year ago I was diving to 60 feet and now I just achieved a personal best of 201 feet with bi-fins” Krack says that as for his insight on what is to come Performance Freediving is currently working on an advanced and safety supervisor program in Hawaii and he is seeing more and more places in need of the

training aspect. “I am currently training with Red Bull’s top surf team to teach them safety and free diving aspects that will help them be better surfers,” Krack says. “We train them in panic response and the techniques for holding your breath - both aspects of free diving.” So if you are out on the east coast and you see a person come up out of the water with nothing but a spear gun…don’t panic… he meant to leave everything else behind and spear fish the Freediving way. For more info visit PFI at www. or East Coast Divers at

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DiveInsur2011.indd 1 9/8/11 1:38 PM 15 We support our local dive shopS - without them we will not have a dive industry.



Lake Metonga Dive Weekend Trash Clean Up with Check Out What This Green Bay Scuba Treasure Diver Found

Green Bay Scuba sponsored and attracted divers to Lake Metonga outside of Crandon, WI. in Oct. for a cleanup event. Almost 300 lbs. of garbage was removed from the lake during the effort. Dakota Delforge won the prize for most unusual find when he brought up a bowling ball and Jim Kimmerling collected the most crayfish for the Crayfish boil. Next up will be the Pearl Harbor Dive Day on Sunday Dec. 4 at the Fish Creek Municipal Dock, Fish Creek, WI. Don’t Miss it! For more info visit

Dive Right In Scuba Wins Award at DEMA

Dive Right In Scuba won the award for being the SDI/TDI Facility of the Year - Top Performer for 2011 at this years’ DEMA event. Dive Right In Scuba are proud to be SDI/TDI 2011 Top Performers. For more info visit www.facebook. com/#!/DiveRightInScuba1

Scuba 200 Dive Instructor Inspires Painting

Painter Mike Woodgate drew some inspiration from real life in the form of a photography taken by Scuba 2000 instructor Joel Pomerantz. The painting is of two sharks in deep blue water. For a look at the original painting visit

Dive Right In Scuba Certifies New Instructors

One of Scuba 2000’s divers discovered a treasure who diving recently. Newly certified Scuba 2000 diver Matthew Park found a vintage pot and a modern scuba fin in Lake Wilcox. What a great way to use that new certification Matthew. For more info visit

John Touscany Gives Neptune Website the Update

The Neptune website has been given a face lift. The past website was created in Adobe Flash but it is now written and created using HTML and CSS coding which is more browser friendly. The site is now more readable for the search engines, (Google & Bing) that ‘crawl’ the site and rank it for relevant content. Take a look and let John Touscany know how it displays on your computer. The Neptune website is an evolving entity and there’s always room for constructive suggestion and improvement. Check it out at

Neptune Dive Club Begins Incentive Program for Continuing Education

The 3rd quarter winner of the Neptune Continuing Education raffle is Don DeWitt. This program provides Neptune members the opportunity to advance their diving skills as well as an incentive to participate in Neptune’s Dive Club events. Neptune members earn credits by attending meetings and club events, chairing and working on activity committees and serving as a club officer. Neptune members that earn credits, qualify for a quarterly drawing. For more info visit

Weirdest Marine Debris Photo Winner is….

Dive Right In Scuba has certified two new open water instructors. James Lightbody and Joe Bailey are the newest Open Water Scuba Instructors for Dive Right In Scuba and Scuba Diving International (SDI). Both James and Joe worked very hard during their IDC and just as hard during their IE. They will be a tremendous addition to Dive Right In Scuba’s Professional Staff of Instructors and Dive Masters. Joe started his training with DRIS as an Open water Student and has now accomplished his ultimate Goal of Instructor. James has wanted to become an Instructor for many years and started his path at DRIS with Specialties and the DM class to help him achieve his dream of becoming an Instructor. Please welcome Joe and James to their new roles as Instructors at Dive Right In Scuba! 16

PADI Project Aware kicked off September’s Debris Month of Action with a photo contest - calling for your weirdest, strangest and craziest marine debris photos. And boy did they get them! One month, 159 entries, 8 finalists and over 1000 votes later, they are pleased to announce the following winners: 1st Place: “Underwater Recycling” by Christian Skauge, from Norway. Runners Up: “Easy Rider” by Frances Whitfield, from Australia and “Two of my Favorite Things: Handbags and Nudibranchs” by Twila Midgley from the UK.

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Patrick Hammer, show producer, is an industry leader with more than 40 years experience. Find more info about Patrick at


t is hard to believe that another Our World-Underwater show is already approaching. The volunteers have been working hard, to insure a wonderful show with some special topics and expanded seminars and an expanded children’s section. Everyone is ready to once again showcase the Dive Industry. The show is packed so you will want to stay the weekend at our host hotel, Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont Illinois. This hotel is attached to the Donald E. Stephens convention center where the show will once again be held and has an indoor walkway to get back and forth. The winner of the Middle Coast award has been picked and we are sure everyone will be proud of this section. He really has worked his whole life growing in diving and has helped thousands of divers. We have also picked an award recipient for the 42nd Our World – Underwater Outstanding achievement award. This person will not come as a surprise, he as dedicated most of his life to the underwater world, and is a diver, inventor and has a passion for diving. BUT…

you will have to wait for the show to find out who was chosen. This year we are bring the singing cowboy “PUP” back to sing at the kickoff party and up front with SCUBA Radio. Pup will also play at the back bar Saturday afternoon. OWU is well known for the educational presentations, and this year will be no different. The Saturday Meeting for business people at the Hyatt will include some great topics on conducting business in the new economy and much more. DAN programs will be offered all weekend and our Wonders of the Sea and Shipwreck rooms have some fantastic presenters. You will want to join us in the DIVE around the world educational seminars along with the topics discussed in the DIVE Medicine room and travel room. So we look forward to seeing you and do not forget your camera for the great photos of industry leaders like Stan Waterman, Ernie Brooks, and many more. For more info visit, ■

The Adventure Begins

FeBruAry 25, 2012 9 am to 10 pm

This years show, a Pirate theme, will feature Mark Wilde Ramsing PhD, Project Director of the excavation of Blackbeard’s Ship Queen Anne’s Revenge. Also enjoy our Lunch Buffet and Awards Banquet in the evening, and concurrent Discover Diving and Discover Rebreather Classes.

A festival celebrating underwater exploration of our Great Lakes maritime history Announcing the date of our

31st Anniversary Show Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012

Washtenaw Community College’s Morris Lawrence Building Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Tickets just $15

Book your hotel by Feb. 9, 2012 for show discount! Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brooklyn Center, MN

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Northern Shore of

Lake superior Head Honcho of the Great Lakes Late afternoon view of rocks on the north shore of Lake Superior at Neys Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada in June 2004 .


hip wrecks, history, tech diving…it is the gem of cold water diving and Lake Superior is on the top of every divers list of places-I-must-dive. The largest of the five Great Lakes in the attic of the United States, Lake Superior often lives up to its name. Lake Superior is bordered to the north by Ontario while Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan all enjoy the long snake-like shoreline that divers come to all year long. This is the largest freshwater lake in the world in terms of surface area and the third largest in terms of volume which equates to some serious cold water diving for those willing to don a drysuit for one of the most extraordinary dive experiences in the world. Divers looking for adventure will discover that Lake Superior has 31,700 square miles to explore. It is 350 miles long and at its widest 160 miles wide. Its average depth is 483 ft. in most places but drops down to a max depth of 1,332 ft. Lake Superior offers historical shipwrecks 2,900 cubic miles of water to hide in. One of the things that make Lake Superior one of the world’s best areas to dive shipwrecks is locked in the waters unusually low temperature estimated at fewer than 36 °F on average. The historical saying that, “Lake Superior seldom gives up her dead” comes from the incredible preservation of the shipwrecks in her waters. Paul Turpin of Discovery Charters located in Rossport, Ontario 18

says that the fact that the shipwrecks are so well preserved is a huge draw for divers. “Diving on the northern edge of Lake Superior is incredible,” says Turpin. “The wrecks are very well preserved due to the really cold water. The wrecks are literally left almost as they were when they sank. The cold water keeps them from deteriorating. I have divers come in September to get the warmer waters, but warmer is still cold for those used to warmer diving. A drysuit and you have an amazing experience.” Turpin’s charter service takes divers out to wrecks such as the Gunilda at McGarvey Shoal near Rossport. “It’s a short season; about 10 weeks of good boating but it is well worth the experience,” Turpin says. Wally Peterson of Thunder Country Diving in Thunder Bay understands the draw to the big lake…he’s been a diver himself since 1976 and has run his own dive shop since 1983. “It is the hidden gem for wreck diving,” Peterson says. “Our favorite area to dive, Isle Royale, is approximately 35 miles from Thunder Bay, Ontario, a popular wreck diving area that tech divers know well. In the Thunder Bay area we have the wrecks Green River, Robert Fryer, the Puckasaw, just to name a few and we are always looking for others. Divers are discovering new wrecks all the time.” Peterson says that the wrecks range in depth starting from 115 ft.

Local Divers Do It In Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and Quarries!


GREAT LAKES Dive Sites of Northern Shore of Lake Superior

Howard Monkshaven Theano Gray Oak Green River Robert L Fryer Puckasaw “Wally Sank Six Boats” Gordon Gauthier Thunder Bay Ships’ graveyard W.J. Emerson St. Andrew Neebing Mary E. McLachlan Ontario Gunilda Rappahannock Judge Hart Whaleback Barge 115

Thunder Bay Special thanks to Cris Kohl for his efforts on “The Great Lakes Diving Guide”

Isle Royale

Lake Superior

X to sticking out of water. “There are all types of wrecks,” says Peterson. “The character of the diving is well rounded. Whether you are a novice or a tech diver there is literally a ship wreck for every level of diver.” So why head north to some of the coldest diving you will ever experience? Well there is the history, then there are the wrecks and by far there is the experience of seeing history through the wrecks held motionless in time. Lake Superior may be the “graveyard” of ships but it is also a place where divers can experience the past suspended in cold water and held in time only to be discovered by today, and tomorrows, divers. ■

Dive Milwaukee’s Shipwrecks!

Travel wiTh us! Roatan March 2012 Newfoundland Wreck Diving May or June 2012 Cozumel: Save & Slaughter Trip October 2012

35 years of great service! 500 May St. N. Thunder Bay, ON P7C 3R6 (807)623-6550

LEN-DER CHARTERS Lake Michigan Dive Charters Captains Jerry Guyer tony Bach amanda schenk Coast Guard Certified

• Dive groups up to 14 divers • Single or double tank dive trips • Individual divers are also welcome • Over 30 years experience running shipwreck diving charters

414-482-1430 318 S Water St., Milwaukee, WI 53204 Dive Locally - Where It Really Matters

Northeast Dive News JANUARY 2008 19

Make MerMet SpringS your Southern dive deStination!

Bring your caMperS, your dive BuddieS & your StudentS... • • • •

New wrecks to dive on! 18 New 30-amp hook-up’s available. Over 8,500 square feet of covered pavilions! Over 40 professionally trained staff to help ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Camping • Showers and Flush Toilets • Covered Pavilions Large Rental Department • Air and Nitrox Fill Station 15 ft. to 120 ft. Depths • Boeing 727 Passenger Jet Underwater Rope Guidelines • More than 200 Spoonbills

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GUNILDA Believe It or Not Photo courtesy Advanced Scuba & Expeditions.

By Tyler Bradford Guest Writer, Dive News Network


n terms of shipwrecks, the Gunilda is Lake Superior’s crown jewel. Often the demise of ships can be characterized as tragic but the Gunilda falls squarely into the “believe it or not” category. Built in Scotland in 1897 the luxury multi-deck steam yacht Gunilda was powered by a triple expansion engine. At 195 ft. in length and almost 25 ft. at the beam the white steel hull was adorned with beautiful gold leaf scrollwork and was a head turning sight to behold. The Gunilda was so impressive that it was the flagship of the New York Yacht Club. Here is where the first historical discrepancy can be found. There are accounts that list the Gunilda’s cost at $100,000 while other accounts list it at over $1,000,000 and suggest that it was insured for $100,000. The owner of this majestic vessel was William Harkness, a wealthy New York businessman who was one of the first investors in Standard Oil. He used the yacht for entertaining friends and family and in 1911 decided to make his first trip into the Great Lakes for some fishing and adventure. The waters of Lake Superior were not as well charted as they are today and to make matters worse, there were discrepancies between the US and Canadian charts. The Captain of the Gunilda suggested the a local guide be hired to assist with navigation through the multiple islands that dot Superior’s remote northern coast but the guide’s fee of $11 dollars (some reports say the fee was $15) was 20

money that Harkness was not willing to part with. As Harkness and his group of friends and family pressed on making their way through the islands, little did they know, a date with destiny was looming in their immediate future. Without warning they struck McGarvey shoal which rises up from a depth of 270 ft. to just a few feet below the surface. The Gunilda was solidly grounded with about 60 ft. of her forward section sticking up in the air. There were no injuries and a large tug was called in to haul the Gunilda off the shoal. Upon arriving the tug captain advised they should have a barge present to stabilize the yacht as it was pulled off but Harness would hear none of it and ordered the captain to get on with the job. As the Gunilda was pulled free it rolled over and the masts hit the water. She filled with water and sank 270 ft. to the bottom of the shoal. Today the Gunilda rests upright and level on the bottom. Described as one of the finest shipwrecks in the world by Jacque Cousteau and his crew during their trip through the Great Lakes in 1980, the Gunilda certainly deserves that reputation. The dark cold waters of Lake Superior have done an amazing job of preserving this ship. Diving the Gunilda begins with a descent that soon brings the loss of natural light and temperature. Arriving on the stern of the 100 year old time capsule divers can still see the gold leaf against the white hull and the letters “NYYC”, (New York Yacht Club). Moving forward the stern steering station and binnacle are in amazing

Local Divers Do It In Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and Quarries!



Tyler Bradford is a technical dive instructor trainer for open circuit and closed circuit with more than 25 years experience. He teaches and leads technical dives all over the world. For more information on Tyler and his expeditions see

Isle Royale

For more information regarding diving the Gunilda contact Tyler Bradford of Advanced Diving & Expeditions Inc. at .

Photo courtesy Advanced Scuba & Expeditions.

C H A R T E R S Isle Royale Charters specializes in scuba divingtrips.

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our 38ft USCG Registered dive boat.

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condition. A sailing skiff is still in its davits waiting to be launched. Companion ways run along both sides of the ship and the many windows allow divers to view large parts of the interior without having to penetrate the ship. Glass roofs are undamaged, fireplaces some with a clock and fan on the mantle look as though they could be used again with little effort, a piano stands upright and card tables with chairs wait for players to take their seat. The lantern room still holds all the lanterns and three binnacles are placed from bow to stern. The ship’s steam whistle lies on the deck still attached to the mast. The incredible condition of the Flying Bridge will leave divers doubting the ship has been on the bottom for the past century. Telegraphs, binnacles and ship’s wheels are located on the deck and look as though they could be used again with little effort. The bow section boasts a large anchor lashed to the deck and beautiful scrollwork with more gold leaf and the letter “G” on either side of the bowsprit. The Gunilda is a dive that needs to be taken slowly to maximize your enjoyment. The ship is loaded with detail that will be missed unless divers take their time. Although the Gunilda is a long drive from anywhere and in a very remote area with no diving services, it is well worth the effort to get there. This is an outstanding dive for the advanced trimix diver who will be rewarded with images and memories that will be difficult to match. ■

Classes Start: March 2012; Aug 2012

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TRAVEL TROPICAL DESTINATIONS By Rick Stratton Publisher, Dive News Network


Florida Keys

orld-Class Diving, Fish Bowl of the World, Diver’s Dream… these all describe the one place that comes to mind first for most divers when you ask “where would you like to dive”? The answer of course is Florida’s Key Largo and Tavernier areas. According to the area tourism bureau over one million divers a year make this dive a reality and well over one million divers can’t be all wrong. Located in the northern section of the world famous Florida Keys chain, Key Largo and Tavernier offer a diversity of diving that speaks to the skills of both the brand new diver and the novice. But, there are many things drawing divers to the Key Largo and Tavernier area dive sites. For instance, the Key Largo reefs are in shallow depths and a diver can enjoy a full hour of bottom time. The wrecks are world class and offer swim-thrus not found anywhere else in the world and the coral growth is of nature’s design and appears to be designed with divers and snorkelers in mind. Capt. Gary Mace, of Conch Republic Divers, says it is for these very reasons he has been in the area so long. “In Florida, because the diving is great and this is the only living reef in the US, we have world class diving,” Mace says. “It is an incredible underwater world. I have dove all over the world and I have never seen as many fish as I have here.” Mace adds the variety of diving is the reason the area offers so much to different skill levels. “The reefs are great for new divers and the wreck diving is great for advanced divers,” Mace says. There is literally something for everyone.”

Dive Capital of the World

Over a Million Divers Can’t Be Wrong

French Reef

There are hundreds of dive sites in the Key Largo/Tavernier area. When you ask the locals they will often offer up the same sites. For Dan Dawson, of Horizon Divers in Key Largo, French Reef stands out. “French Reef is a series of tunnels and caves offering adventure and almost every type of sea life common to the Keys,” Dawson says. “There are some easy swim-throughs and French Reef is a great place to see healthy Elkhorn coral. It is located approximately 6 miles out from where our shop is.” 22

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Siren Fleet With six luxury liveaboards, it’s your number one choice for diving in South East Asia. Diving: Thailand . Philippines . India . Palau Maldives . Timor-Leste . Malaysia . Indonesia

Spiegel Grove

Dave Clarno, of Island Ventures, has been in business in the Northern Florida area for over 18 years and he is a veteran of the waters around Key Largo. Clarno cites the 510-foot Spiegel Grove as one of his favorite dive sites in the area. “This ship was intentionally sunk to make an artificial reef in 2002”, says Clarno. “The ship ended up on her starboard side at first and then in 2005 a hurricane set her upright. We take divers out there all the time and I can tell you know, you could dive the Spiegel 30 times and each time it would be a different dive.”

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Goliath Grouper at Molasses Reef. Photo courtesy Conch Republic and By Jim Gregory

Molasses Reef

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Molasses Reef is another very popular dive site in the Key Largo area. Eric Swenson, from BlueWater Divers of Key Largo, says when you ask divers where they want to go, Molasses Reef is usually at the top of the list. “This is everyone’s favorite Florida Keys dive site,” says Swenson. “Molasses is a reef system ranging from 10-60 ft. and a diver can literally go the range and feel like they have had a bunch of totally different dives. The most popular are under 40 ft. and have names like the Winch Hole and the Aquarium. It is an amazing thing to experience.” Swenson, who co-owns BlueWater Divers with partner Christi Dimmick, adds for him and his business partner, the Key Largo area was a “natural” fit. “It is centrally located, has world class diving and the Gulf current comes in so close it keeps the clean water coming through. Who wouldn’t want to be here all year long if they could?”

The Duane

The USCG Cutter, the Duane, was sunk as an artificial reef November 27, 1987. This ship has become home to an amazing number of marine locals. The wreck rests in about 130’ of water, but the mast and crow’s nest are easily accessible at around 60 ft. The Duane sees a great number of divers who are looking for a variety of life and incredible color the Keys are known for.

The Elbow

Spencer Slate, owner of Captain Slate’s Dive Center, is what sea faring gents refer to as an “Old Salty Dog of the Sea.” He has been manning the lines for over 33 years in the Key Largo area and no one knows the local dive sites like he does. Slate, as everyone calls him, offers The Elbow up as a great place to 24

Local Divers Do It In Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and Quarries!


FLORIDA Key LARGO also hang out at the ledge. Brian Napier, of Pirate Island Divers in Key Largo, says the area is a must see for divers. “The fish are a sight to see,” says Natier. “I do a lot of teaching and it is fun to see people’s reaction to just how incredible Snapper Ledge can be.” Natier, who loves to teach wreck diving and navigation diving, also adds one of his favorite wreck dives is Mike’s Wreck. There is enough of a natural navigation along the wreckage that it is a good site for technical divers. It is also a very large site. There are reef sharks, turtles, eels, just about everything a diver might want to encounter.”

If you are looking for a great place to partake in some world class diving, the Key Largo/Tavernier area is just what the doctor ordered. Incredible swim-thrus, life breeding artificial reels, tank-sized brain coral and Yellowtail Snapper in populations so big they hide the reef, all await the adventurous diver. And if that isn’t enough to wet your fins, just take a look at some of the video footage on one of the websites of the dive shops mentioned here. Conch Republic Divers offers a number of videos and the rest offer photos giving you just enough incentive to pack your tanks. ■



dive. “We do a lot of dives in the Elbow,” Slate says. “Elbow Reef is an excellent dive site shaped like an elbow. There are several wrecks that are good shallow water dives out there. Both divers and snorkelers, for instance, can dive the City of Washington wreck. The wreck is broken up but the marine life offers great photo opportunities and you can see Moray eels, nurse sharks and some giant groupers.” Slate also throws in his two cents about Spiegel Grove. “Spiegel is a must see,” Slate says. “You can dive 30 times and always see something different out there; it is a beautiful dive.” Slate also offers up some personal favorites that aren’t so well known such as Harrigan’s Reef, The Wall, which isn’t a wall but drop off of 30 ft., Watson’s Reef, Horseshoe Reef and Shark Reef. “These are places we anchor but they are some of my personal favorites because not everyone knows about them.”

Snapper Ledge

Snapper Ledge is a different kind of dive. When you first head in, you might wonder where the reef is. On any given day, there are thousands of Yellowtail Snapper around the ledge. It is an amazing site. The brain coral at Snapper Ledge is used as a cleaning station for the Yellowtail Snapper and so they flock to the area. Nurse sharks



WET=FEWER DIVES DRY=MORE DIVES Drysuit divers stay warm and dry every dive. And that means more adventures for your logbook. Scan here to see why you should dive dry in DUI. You could win a DUI tiny towel! Download a barcode scanner app on your smartphone to scan the QR code, or visit


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t has been 36 years since 29 crew members fought a rogue storm only to perish on the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. The first memorial was held on Nov. 10, 1965 and now, on the 36th anniversary of the historical shipwreck folks once again remembered the crew of the Fitzgerald at Belanger Park in River Rouge. Relatives of crew members, nautical experts and people who helped build the ship spoke at the ceremony and a wreath was tossed into the Detroit River while a bell rang 30 times once for every crew member and once for all sailors lost in the Great Lakes. The bells rang out at 7:10 the exact moment the ship sank. The River Rouge Historical Museum also held an open house with articles from the wreck including Edmund Fitzgerald photos, videos and artifacts. The event was well attended and many of those directly connected to the tragic event enjoyed Charters • training • WreCk & shark Diving & MOre

seeing the event given its remembrance. The Fitzgerald was the largest ship on the Great Lakes when it was launched in June 1958 and it is the largest ship to ever sink in the lakes. The 729-ft long freighter has been the subject of legend and song over the years since it sank. According to maritime history it sank approximately 17 miles northwest of Whitefish Point on its way to Zug Island. The theory is that the Fitzgerald went down in a surprise storm however many experts have questioned the actual cause of the shipwreck over the years. The actual cause may never be determined. Currently the legendary wreck is noted every year on the anniversary of its sinking however on this, the 36th anniversary the event took on a special meaning. For more info on the Edmond Fitzgerald visit ■

RAJA AMPAT, .......where all the fishes live!

252-726-9432 713 Shepard St., Morehead City, North Carolina 28557


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Gifts Ideas From Your Dive Safety Specialists

The wetsuits are thicker, or perhaps you’ve switched to dry; the air is chillier and the holidays are just around the corner. If you are still trying to figure out what to give your dive buddy, consider some of these gifts.

Add safety essentials to your buddy’s gear bag. Equip your buddy with the tools he needs to ensure his safety. The new and improved surface signal kit helps make sure your buddy is seen, heard and never stranded. It comes with a six-foot orange signaling sausage featuring a 2-inch reflective strip on both sides and a radarreflective panel located on the inside of the tube as well as a Wind Storm whistle, signal mirror and safety light all incorporated into the sausage’s base. The kit clips to your buddy’s BCD so he can stow it during a dive and access it easily in an emergency. Or give him a basic personal first aid kit, complete with first aid supplies and waterproof zipper pockets. Accidents can happen; help your buddy be prepared to respond to them.

It’s the little things. Fin straps

snap, d-rings break, batteries die and defogger runs out; these simple facts of a diver’s life are often overlooked. Make sure your buddy never misses a dive; give him a complete “oops” kit. Throw in some extra clips, first aid reference guides, a dive slate and some sunscreen. Pack it all up in a waterproof case or drybag, and your buddy is ready to go.




Diving is full of opportunities to continue to learn and enhance your skills. Enroll you and your buddy in a course and develop your skills together whether it’s underwater navigation, drysuit diving or rescue skills. Become better divers together!

Deck your buddy in dive apparel. If your buddy’s gear bag is brimming with delights, perhaps you should help him don some topside styles. Equip your buddy with long-sleeve or short-sleeve tees. Help him stay warm during his surface intervals with fleece hats or jackets. Or get him some dive-themed apparel from his favorite dive destination or his favorite marine-themed artist. Give the gift that keeps on giving: A DAN membership comes complete with great benefits for both above and below the

surface. With a DAN membership, your buddy will get DAN TravelAssist; a subscription to Alert Diver; access to DAN’s online seminars, presentations and workshop proceedings; access to the Worldcue® Planner Real-Time Travel Intelligence® Resource; and the option to buy dive accident insurance. In addition, when you purchase your buddy’s membership, you help support DAN’s nonprofit efforts, including the DAN Emergency Hotline and the Medical Information Line.

Happy holidays, and as always, dive safely. Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the safety and health of scuba divers. DAN operates a 24-hour emergency hotline (+1-919-684-9111) to help divers in need of medical emergency assistance for diving or nondiving incidents.

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Nauticam announced the arrival of it’s the NA-XZ1 Housing for Olympus XZ-1. The XZ-1 is Nauticam’s second entry into the advanced compact camera world. This camera and housing package offers complete control and image quality traditionally only available from much larger SLR systems with the ease of use expected of a compact system. A compact camera with this much functionality demands a rugged yet compact housing, and the Nauticam engineers have delivered with an aluminum housing offering all of that functionality to the underwater shooter. No controls need to be preset when installing the camera in the housing - simply drop it in. The housing is securely closed with a locking rotary latch. For more info visit Nauticam USA at Get the free mobile app for your phone http:/ /

The Liquivision XEN Bottom Timer

The Liquivision XEN is a full-color OLED bottom timer, designed by leading industry professionals and input from highly respected cave and technical divers. The world’s first color OLED bottom timer features a revolutionary balance of performance and value. Divers


Sea Dragon Bahamas Diving

Blackbeard’s Cruises 800.327.9600 Caribbean Dive Shop 504.831.7017 “SEA DRAGON” DIVE LIVE-ABOARD Small Hope Bay Lodge 800.223.6961 UNEXSO 800.992.3483

BELIZE Hugh Parkeys 888.223.5403 Sun Breeze Hotel 1.800.688.0191

BonAIrE Carib Inn +599 717 8819 Villa Makoshi Lower Level 780.483.0044

CAyMAn ISLAndS DiveTech@Cobalt Coast Dive Resort 888.946.5656

28 28

who prefer “gauge-mode” will no longer need to buy an expensive dive computer only to put it into gauge mode right out of the box. The Liquivision Xen combines readability with Liquivision’s intuitive tapping user interface and customdesigned bottom timer features. The Liquivision Xen features a full-color customizable OLED display with 170° viewing angle, a intuitive tap-based interface and menu-based navigation, a bottom time and resettable stopwatch both shown in seconds, easily resettable average depth, a lifetime dive log memory (240 hours at a 4 second sampling rate) and a user changeable battery. It is also both PC and Mac compatible. For more info visit

New Lavacore Line Diving Suits

The new Lavacore line of exposure suits is not a dive skin or a wetsuit, but has the characteristics of both. Developed by the American Underwater Products manufacturing group, the new line was designed by water sports professionals. The Lavacore line can easily be worn as a primary exposure suit in warmer

An alphabetical listing of participating dive shops, charters, live aboards and resorts in tropical locations around the world. To be listed in our Tropical Dive Directory call 360.240.1874 or email us at Ocean Frontiers (345) 947-7500 Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat 679.992.4001

Southern Cross Club 800.899.2582 Sunset House 800.854.4767

CoZUMEL Albatros Charters 888.333.4643 BlueBubbleScuba 987.872.4240 Island DreamsTravel 800.346.6116 Scuba Du 310.684.5556 Sea Robin 951.824.9073

CUrACAo Ocean Encounters 800.932.6237

FIJI Beyond the Reef 691.350.3483 Deep Blue Adventures(888) 266-6309

Qamea Resort & Spa 649.360.0217 Scuba Travel Ventures 800.298.9009 Wananavu 679.669.4433

FLorIdA Amoray Dive Resort 1-800-426-6729 Coastal Marine Diving Supply 954.815.7914 Conch Republic Divers 305.852.1655 Crystal Lodge Dive Center 352.795.6798 Horizon Divers 305.453.3535 Narcosis Scuba Center 727.934.6474 Off The Wall Adventures 863.709-9253 SeaExperienceCharters 954.770.3483

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GEAR BOXTROPICAL DIVE DIRECTORY waters or as a supplemental undergarment in colder waters. Lavacore suits are made from an exclusive POLYTHERM™ material. This tri-laminate material retains water next to the body, allows the fabric to breathe, and yet resists the wind and other natural forces that lead to heat loss. There are many different styles including full suits, tops, shorts, long-sleeve and short-sleeve options and even matching vests, hoods, and boots. For more info visit

BioLite Buoyancy Control Device

Oceanic Worldwide has just announced the availability of its new BioLite Buoyancy Control Device (BCD). This product provides a lightweight, yet fully-functioning solution to buoyancy control. The BioLite BCD weighs just 5.5 pounds and can easily be brought along as a carry-on should a dive travel so desire. The BioLite keeps things simple with a clean, straightforward design that focuses on comfort and convenience. It has a right shoulder carabineer adjustable positioning system, a streamlined, integrated “Quick Drop” Weight System that accommodates up to 14 lbs., a low profile back pack, a low profile bladder design made with patented BioFlex® material, a self-adjusting sternum strap, a depth compensating waist band and dual 5 lbs. tank band trim weight pockets. For more info visit

SpruceCreekScuba 386.767.1727 Walker’s Dive Charters 561.253.4294

HAWAII Maui Dreams Dive Co 808.874.5332

HondUrAS Deep Blue Resort 504. Utila Tours 800.668.8452 337.893.0013

IndonESIA Island DreamsTravel 800.346.6116 Kungkungan Bay Resort & Spa 530.347.2300 Lembeh Hills Resort 62.812.441.18.000 Puri Wirata Dive Resort and Spa 62.813.384.05.335 Pindito Liveaboard 831.818.8594

Advanced All-Purpose Magnetic Detection Technology By Selene Muldowney

SubSurface Instruments (SSI) designs and manufactures magnetic locators, pipe and cable locators and other specialty locators. These locator products are used for surveying, construction, ordnance removal, excavation and exploration. SSI recently released their newest ML-3 Magnetic Locator to add to their family ML-1 and ML-1M both above ground locators. It is 55 inches, making it the longest magnetic locator on the market. The ML-3’s ergonomic, lightweight and durable design that is 100 percent waterproof (up to 220 feet) makes it a leader in the industry. To find out more visit Al Pahnke, owner of Green Bay Scuba in Green Bay, WI gave us the heads up on this product. He was so impressed not only with the product but impressed that the SSI product line including ML-1 and ML-3 Magnetic Locators are currently being used in Afghanistan by our military to help locate unexploded ordnances. Green Bay Scuba is a distributor of the ML-3. Check out his website at

Sea Safari Cruises 62.361.72.1212 Tasik Ria Resort Spa & Diving 62.431 -.824.445

GALAPAGoS Divencounters Alliance 877.323.DIVE

New ML-3 Magnetic Locator:

MExICo Aquanauts Dive Adv. 998.206.9365 Maya Palms Resorts & Dive Center 888.843.3483 Scuba Playa Dive Shop 52.984.803.3123


Atlantis Charters 252.728.6244 Discovery Diving Co. 252.728.2265 Olympus Dive Center 252.726.9432 Under Pressure Diving (June-Aug) 757.537.6524

PHILIPPInES Island DreamsTravel 800.346.6116

rEd SEA - EGyPt Fly & Sea Dive Adventures 888.995.DIVE(3483)

roAtAn CoCo View Resort Roatan 800.282.8932 888.405.8737

St. CroIx (U.S. VIrGIn ISLAndS) BVI Scuba 284.540.2222 Cane Bay Dive Shop 340.773.9913 Jost Van Dyke 800.778.8066

St. kIttS Dive St. Kitts 869.564.8914

St. VInCEnt Bequia Dive Adventures 784.458.3826

tHAILAnd Sairee Cottage Diving 667.745.6126

tUrkS & CAICoS Oasis Divers 649.946.1128

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CONNECTICUT Divers Cove LLC Just Scuba!!!


(860) 767-1960



(860) 303-4612


The Scuba Shack LLC

Rocky Hill

(860) 563-0119


Captain Saam’s Scuba School


(203) 327-2822



(203) 284-1880


New England Dive Center





Ed’s Pro Dive Center


(607) 368-2096


Lockness Dive Boat


(516) 298-2633


Dive Master Services Inc.


Mobile Air Fills

Dive Right Scuba


(845) 803-4260

Private Instructor

Long Island Scuba


(631) 225-8450



Long Island (845) 735-5550


Abyss Scuba Center

Mount Kisco

(914) 244-3483


Barclay’s Skindivers Paradise


(207) 784-7300


Anything Underwater

New Paltz

(845) 590-9721


Maine Divers Scuba Center


(207) 775-3467


Leisure Pro Ltd.

New York



MARYLAND Divers Den MD Aqua Ventures, Inc.

Oceanblue Divers

New York

(347) 497-3483



(410) 668-6866


Pan Aqua Diving Inc.

New York

(212) 736-3483



(410) 666-2326


Scuba Network (between 30th & 31st)

New York

(212) 993-6166


Scuba Network (between 5th & 6th)

New York

(212) 243-2988


Pt Jefferson Station

(631) 331-9609



(631) 727-7578


Rockville Centre (516) 872-4571


MASSACHUSETTS Diver Jim’s / Belmont Scuba


(617) 484-5246


East Coast Divers, Inc.


(617) 277-2216


Burlington Scuba


(718) 272-5164


Swim and Scuba

Boston Harbor Diving Co.

East Boston

(617) 846-5151


Blue Ocean Divers


(607) 757-2930



(978) 343-6330



(516) 826-SCBA


Andy’s Sport Shop South Shore Divers Inc

North Weymouth

(781) 331-1144


Buzzards Bay Diving Ctr.



NEW HAMPSHIRE UW Sports of New Hampshire


(603) 357-4430


Central NH Divers


(603) 279-9098


Dive Winnipesaukee


(603) 569-8080



Port Diver Scuba Center Hampton Dive Center

PENNSYLVANIA Bainbridge Scuba & Snorkeling


(717) 426-2114


Dutch Springs


(610) 759-2270


Lehigh Valley Dive


(610) 746-4016

Store next to Dutch Springs Uncle Joe’s Scuba Diver’s World

Gypsy Blood Dive



The Dive Shop NJ

Cherry Hill

(856) 751.0308


East Hanover

(973) 887-0194


Egg Harbor Twp

(609) 641-7722


Hoboken Dive Center


(201) 795-3483


American Diving Supply


(609) 646-5090


Lancaster Scuba Center

Atlantic Spear & Scuba

Pnt Pleasant Beach


Willow Springs

Ocean Spirit Aquatics


(856) 202-5402


A Water Odyssey Scuba


(973) 256-0555


Lakeland Divers, Inc. Atlantic Divers

Scuba Network


(518) 456-8146


Lake Erie Diving Center


(716) 549-3338


Finger Lake Scuba


(800) 764-3483 Store/Charter

Jeanne II Diving Charters



Kings County Divers


(718) 648-4232


Stingray Divers


(718) 384-1280


Discover Diving


(716) 685-4557


Scuba Network

Carle Place

(516) 997-4864


Captain Mike’s diving

City Island

(718) 885-1588


Pisces School of Dive Inc.

East Rochester

(585) 381-2842


National Aquatic Services

East Syracuse

(315) 479-5544


(412) 262-2664




Harleysville (215) 256-6000

Store B & B Diving - 2 quarries


(724) 667-9448


Underwater World, Inc.


(215) 672-4180



(724) 863-0752



(717) 397-2822



(717) 866-5801



(570) 326-2091


Randy’s Dive Shop


Seguin’s Scuba Center


Indian Valley Scuba



(401) 560-0280

Ind. Instructor

Newport Diving Center


(401) 847-9293


Simply Scuba


(401) 787-1517

Ind. Instructor

East Bay Dive Center


(401) 247-2420


Giant Stride Dive Shop


(401) 732-8808


VIRGINIA Chesapeake Bay Diving Center



Lynnhaven Dive Center

Virginia Beach

(757) 481-7949


Under Pressure Diving (Sept-May)

Virginia Beach

(757) 537-6524



(703) 878-4365


Woodbridge Scuba



(802) 865-2771


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Bad Leo’s Diving Windy City Diving


(309) 826-1080

Bolingbrook (630) 209-2445

Store Charter



West End Diving Y-kiki Divers Odyssey Scuba and Travel

St. Louis/St. Charles

(314) 209-7200


St. Louis



(573 )774-DIVE



Enterprise Marine

Des Plaines

(847) 640-8113


Sealions Dive Center

Hanover Park

(630) 289-1680


Haigh Enterprises


(815) 939-7797


Chicagoland Scuba Center

Lake Zurich

(847) 540-7211


Portage Quarry Rec. Club Bowling Green (419) 352-9203



(309) 797-9721


Holiday Dive Charters


(216) 771-2628



White Star Quarry



Aquatic Adventures


(614) 545-3483


Southern Ohio Dive Academy


(937) 298-2999


Sentry Pool & Scuba Scuba Emporium Dive Right In Scuba

Orland Park (708) 226-1614 Plainfield

(815) 267-8400


Forest City Scuba Center


(815) 398-7119


Scuba Systems





(402) 933-6251



WISCONSIN Apostle Island


South Beloit

(815) 389-1479


Northland Equipment

Scuba World, Inc.


(618) 277-3483


Wazee Sports Center Llc

Black River Falls

(715) 284-5181


Mermet Springs



Aqua Center of Green Bay

Green Bay

(920) 468-8080


Green Bay Scuba

Pearl Lake

Green Bay



(219) 322-7222


St. Croix Scuba & Snorkeling




(574) 264-3528


Diver Dan’s Scuba


(262) 652-9399


Fort Wayne

(260) 207 2773


Adventure Charter Boats


INDIANA Goose’s Scuba Shack, Inc. Hart City Scuba ASP Diving



(219) 942-0016


Len-Der Charters

Indy Mph Watersports


(317) 842-1987


Pirates Cove Diving


(414) 482-1429


Diver’s Lair


(219) 465-3483


Marineland Dive Center


(800) 658-9466


Lake County Divers Supply

IOWA Scuba Adventures QCA, Inc.


(563) 324-8771


Matt Leyden’s Scuba

Des Moines

(515) 288-6312


Des Moines

(800) 5321140


West Des Moines

(515) 255-7282


Strac Scuba Shack Adventure Diving, Inc.





Milwaukee (414) 588-6764


ONTARIO Marlins Scuba LTC Scuba Center Scuba Shack Tri-City Scuba Centre

Burlington Instruction/Charter


(905) 660-6359



(705) 687-5879



(519) 581-1044


Advanced Diving & Exp. Orangeville (416) 458-5845


Thunder Bay Scuba


(989) 356-6228


Diver’s Nook

Parry Sound

(705) 746-9757


Divers Incorporated

Ann Arbor


Scuba 2000

Richmond Hill

(905) 771-1500


Aquatic Adventures of MI


(810) 225-9868


Thousand Isl. Pleasure Diving


(866) 659-2334


Bruno’s Dive Shop

Clinton Township

(586) 792-2040


Discovery Charters


(807) 824-3323


Anchor Bay Scuba

Fair Haven

(586) 725-1991


Dan’s Dive Shop

St. Catharines


Farmington Hills

(248) 478-6400


Divers Den


(519) 596-2362



(616) 392-4433


Thunder Country

(807) 623-6550


Sea the World Advanced Scuba & Paintball Isle Royale Charters ZZ Underwater World Great Lakes Divecenter Scuba North




(517) 485-3894


Enveco Diving


Dive Shack

Shelby Township Traverse City

(231) 947-2520


(218) 624-7285

Easy Dive Canada LTD Kona Honu Divers

Extreme Sports Scuba, Inc

(888) 843-3483



(888) 565-3483


Ozark Dive Company

Popular Bluff

(573) 778-3483




(417) 883-5151


(506) 542-1011


Saint John

(506) 634-8265


Cape Breton Is.

(902) 345-2215


(808) 324-4668




Bonne Terre




MISSOURI Bonne Terre Mine



MINNESOTA Lake Superior Divers Supply

Thunder Country Diving


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