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Pure Adrenalin 252 Walker Street, Townsville, Queensland, Australia News from above and below the waves:

Volume 1, Issue 2

The End of the Line

 The End of the Line  Gear specials  Expand your horizons go Deep  Upcoming trips & courses  Stand-by rates  Get your kit in!  Batfish  Meet NIcole

Inside this issue: Specialty of the Month - Deep


Upcoming Trips and Courses


Sea-Esta’s Stand-by 3 Rates—$100 off!

Dive In to Earth Day


Equipment Servicing


To celebrate Dive In to Earth Day on April 22nd, Diving Townsville is hosting a screening of “The End of the Line” with a pool party at Adrenalin’s facilities on Walker Street from 7 to 9pm.

BBQ. All proceeds will be donated to the Sea Turtle Foundation (David Roe from the foundation will be present to share with us how your generous donation will be used in sea turtle conservation).

BYO floaty, bcd or deck chair, as well as drinks. All proceeds raised from the event go to support the Sea Turtle Foundation. "The End of the Line" is a brand new movie highlighting the plight of the world's fisheries, and what we as avid fans of the underwater realm can do about it.

It examines the imminent extinction of bluefin tuna, brought on by increasing western demand for sushi; the impact on marine life resulting in huge overpopulation of jellyfish; and the profound implications of a future world with no fish that would bring certain mass starvation.

This is the first major feature documentary film revealing the impact of overfishing on our oceans, had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in the World Cinema Documentary Competition. Sundance took place in Park City, Utah, January 15-25, 2009.

Produced over two years, The End of the Line follows the investigative reporter Charles Clover as he confronts politicians and celebrity restaurateurs, who exhibit little regard for the damage they are doing to the oceans.

Entry is $10 for adults, $5 for kids which will include a

Now with more Nitrox!!

Filmed across the world – from the Straits of Gibraltar to

The End of the Line

the coasts of Senegal and Alaska to the Tokyo fish market – featuring top scientists, indigenous fishermen and fisheries enforcement officials, The End of the Line is a wake-up call to the world. Please RSVP by e-mailing, so that we have rough numbers for catering purposes. If you can't RSVP but can make it, please do come along anyway. Hope to see you there. Watch the movie trailer at

Gear Specials this month acceleration and maneuverability of a paddle fin with the comfort, efficiency and effortless speed of split fins.

Creature Feature 4 Crew Who’s Who

April 2010

4 The NEW Seawing Nova combines classic SCUBAPRO Scubapro Novawith torch fin technology the latest innovations in hydrodynamic design and cutting edge materials. This fin has the power,


We’ve got a couple of pairs in the shop, so bring in your gear and try them out! You’re always welcome to use our pool and “try before you buy”. For the month of April, VIP Members can purchase Scu-

bapro Seawings for the very low price of $220. (RRP is $249.95). If you’re not already a VIP Member with Adrenalin, why not come in and sign up, or send us an email and we’ll sign you up. Members get great discounts, standby rates on trips, and regular specials on gear.


Tel: +61 (07) 4724 0600

Volume 1, Issue 2

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Specialty of the Month - Deep This month it’s all about going deep. Have you ever wondered exactly what’s down there at 40 metres? Is It dark? Is it cold? Is it safe?

Standards) is defined as any dive to a depth more than 18 metres. During the course, you’ll likely be taken down the full 40 metres by your Instructor on dives 2, 3, or 4. The maximum depth you’ll be able to get to will depend on the geography of the site.

Why not find out the answers to these questions by signing up for a PADI Deep Diver Specialty?

During the Deep Diver Specialty, you’ll learn what special procedures and equipment are necessary to conduct safe deep dives.

The Deep Specialty course is conducted in a combination of theory studies and 4 deepdives. A deep dive (as per PADI

Deep diving can open doors to parts of dive sites many divers don’t normally get to see, and the Deep Specialty teaches you how to do it safely. To book a course, or to find out more information about Deep diving, or any of the other specialties we teach, give us a call, send us an email, or drop in for a chat. P.S. It’s not dark or cold, but with training, it is safe.

April 2010 Sun













Reef 2 day liveaboard



Wheeler Reef





SS Yongala Wheeler

Reef Reef 3 day live- 3 day live- 3 day liveaboard aboard aboard



SS Yongala Wheeler




SS Yongala Wheeler



SS Yongala Wheeler


Schedule of Events





SS Yongala Reef 2 day live-  2 day liveaboard aboard




SS Yongala





SS Yongala Reef 2 day live- 2 day liveaboard aboard












SS Yongala Wheeler SS Yongala Wheeler Wheeler SS Yongala Reef PADI OW PADI OW 3 day live- 3 day live2 day live- 2 day liveAboard course  3 day live- aboard Movie Night aboard aboard aboard SS Yongala Wheeler


SS Yongala Wheeler Reef Reef 3 day live3 day live- aboard 3 day liveaboard




Deep Diver Specialty

Wheeler Reef 2 day liveaboard Tel: +61 (07) 4724 0600

 Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays join us on a day trip to the historic wreck of the S.S. Yongala - Australia’s best dive!  Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays - come snorkeling or diving at fabulous Wheeler Reef  Join us on SeaEsta for a great 2-day, 2-night liveaboard trip to Wheeler Reef &S.S. Yongala departing Friday night and returning Sunday afternoon  Join us on SeaEsta for an extended 3day, 3-night liveaboard trip to Wheeler Reef , Davies Reef &S.S. Yongala departing Tuesday night and returning Friday afternoon  Dive shop open 7 days a week

Volume 1, Issue 2

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Sea-Esta’s Stand-by Rate—$100 off! The sun is shining, the water is blue, and SeaEsta’s running like a dream after her recent refit and upgrade. What are you waiting for?

Townsville’s only liveaboard got a bit of a facelift and her power plants were rebuilt in readiness for the Easter weekend.

To celebrate the end of the wet, we’re offering all VIP Members a $100 discount on the 3-day, 3-night live-aboard trip departing on Tuesday, the 20th of April. The discount applies to certified divers as well as students.

Two trips were run over Easter and the diving was (as usual) great. Sharks were the order of the day with one crew member sighting at least one species of shark on all 10 of her dives, including the shy bull sharks on the Yongala.

What better way to enjoy a couple of days than by spending quality time diving our spectacular local attractions?

The 3-day trip will visit the beautiful Wheeler Reef, where you’ll have a chance to explore this wonderful Green

Zone at your own pace. That night we’ll cruise to Davies Reef where you can explore the channels of the Maze, and spiral slowly around the pinnacle of the Lion’s Den. The trip will be capped with the grand finale, Australia’s best dive, the S.S. Yongala. You’ll wake up at the site of this historic wreck, and after a quick bite, the pool is open. Sunrise diving on the wreck has to be seen to be believed!

Start lining up while prices are low

For booking information, give us a call, or drop in to the shop and have a chat.

Dive In To Earth Day It's the time of year when water lovers around the world put the blue back in the green. Dive In To Earth Day is the Coral Reef Alliance's answer to bringing attention to the 72 percent of the planet covered by water. Since its inception in 2000, it has generated grassroots activism in support of the planet's delicate aquatic ecosystems.

Activities have ranged from underwater cleanups in Taiwan and India to educational activities for children in Aruba and Poland. This year, participation in Dive In's community activities is anticipated to be at an all-time high. The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is a nonprofit coral reef conservation organization headquartered in San Francisco, California, dedicated to protecting the health of coral reefs by integrating ecosystem

management, sustainable tourism and community partnerships. CORAL coordinates Dive In To Earth Day in partnership with the Project AWARE Foundation (, and with the support of the Earth Day Network and the International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN). For more information on how you can participate in Dive In To Earth Day, please visit: http://

Gear Servicing—What you should know If you’re anything like us, your dive gear is one of your most prized possessions. It’s what lets you get out there and get wet whenever you can.

do a lot of diving, you may want to get it serviced even more frequently.

Unless you’ve got gills, it is also what keeps you alive, and lets you get the most out of your diving experience.


We spend a fair bit on our kit, and accumulate lots of toys throughout our diving lives. Sometimes we don’t remember to give it the love it

Most manufacturers recommend that their regulators be serviced by a trained technician at least once a year. The same goes for BCD’s. If you


Scubapro’s new A700

If your gear needs a service, drop in and have a chat with one of our qualified Service Techs. Turn-around time is usually a week, depending on demand. And remember, VIP Members get 10% off the cost of servicing at Adrenalin. Membership is free. So get your kit in, and get yourself wet.


Tel: +61 (07) 4724 0600

“Do your bit and Dive In to Earth Day”

It's a different world down there

Creature Feature 252 Walker Street Townsville,, QLD 4810 Australia T: +61 (07) 4724 0600 E: W:

Bat Fish

Batfish belong to the genus Platax, one of eight genera that comprise the Family Ephippidae. Primarily found throughout the Indo-Pacific region, batfish are known to inhabit shallow coral reefs, mangrove forests and seaweedrich ecosystems as well as deep reefs and wrecks (like the Yongala!) at up to 70 meters!¹٫² Adult batfish can reach up to 40cm in size and are typically spade-shaped and silver with dark vertical bands camouflag-

ing their eyes. Their diet is thought to consist mainly of benthic (bottom-dwelling) invertebrates and zooplankton, however recent research in the Palm Islands (central GBR) has shown one species of batfish, P. pinnatus, to be a key herbivore as well, capable of reversing coral to macroalgal phase shifts³. Juveniles of a species are characterized by large, winglike dorsal and anal fins which decrease proportionally as they grow. During the day they feed on algae, mimicking fallen leaves on the surface of the water to avoid predators. At night they switch to zooplankton which migrate up from the bottom and are abundant in the water column¹. Although considered of only minor commercial importance, long-finned juveniles are highly sought after in the saltwater aquarium trade². 1. Barros et al. J Ethol 26:287-293 (2008). 2. Bilecenoglu & Kaya. Aq Inv 1(2):80-83 (2006). 3. Bellwood et al. Curr Biol 16:2434-2439 (2006).

Next month’s creature

Think you know the name of next month’s Creature Feature? Send us an email to with “Creature Feature” in the subject line, and your guess. The first person to correctly identify the creature wins a prize. Congratulations to last weeks winner, Soren of Cranbrook. The Creature Feature is written by our special JCU Marine Biology correspondent ViciousFishes.

Crew Who’s Who Nicole is Adrenalin’s Retail Manager and most people’s first contact on the phone or in the shop. She’s the glue that holds us together, and the smiling face that greets you when you pop into the shop.

the woman to track it down for you.

Nic’s been working at Adrenalin for the past 5 years and knows the shop inside and out. She’s also a qualified Rescue Diver. Sadly, we don’t let her out of the dive shop enough to let her dive very often.

The Yongala, of course!

Drop in and say hi. Favourite Dive: Favourite Creature: Nicole Lindley

If you have any questions about gear, Nicole knows the answers. If you’re looking for something in particular, she’s

Sharks. Sharks. Any kind of sharks. Why Dive? Did I mention sharks?

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Pure Adrenalin Vol 1, Issue 2  

Monthly newsletter for the Townsville, QLD, Australia diving community.

Pure Adrenalin Vol 1, Issue 2  

Monthly newsletter for the Townsville, QLD, Australia diving community.