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rotary UPS

© Photo by Frank Hebeisen


Frankfurt Financial District where Piller power protection has been selected by a number of financial institutions.

Unparalleled reliability PLUS unequalled efficiency Piller’s new UNIBLOCK UBT2TM and UBTD2TM rotary UPS delivers real efficiencies up to 97% and provides the most cost effective and greenest through life investment available for your data center. Our leading-edge technology also cuts losses by 25% to give over 95% efficiency at partial loads and increases output power density with up to 25% more kW from the same sized unit. What’s more the design uses no power capacitors and no bypass ‘eco-mode’. So if you are planning a major data center investment and would like to know why the world’s leading organizations trust their data center protection to Piller contact us today.

Nothing protects quite like Piller

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