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Your bikini beach fantasy welcomes you to our “Summer Sex Special.”

Volume 19 - Number 8




The Latina hottie gets wet by the pool, then gets wet again talking about her sexy lap dances and how she wants you to fuck her.

54 WHO IS THE BEST SCORE BIKINI GIRL EVER? Bikinis were made for SCORE Girls, and we’ve got eight pages of our 15 best busty bikini babes ever. Vote for your favorite.


5 SCORECARD An open forum for readers’ letters, comments, fantasies and tit-fucking tips.

19 BOOB BEAT Boobs in the news by columnist Elliot James. This issue, for the first time, win Karina Hart’s worn and autographed bra.


Summer s fun mean going on outdoor rides! PAGE 91









She’s fucking one guy, th her hubby en shows up!





HARMONY BLISS rking! MILF’s poolside po PAGE 12

NOTICE: THIS IS ADULT MATERIAL All of the performers/models, and all of the characters that they portray, were over 18 years of age at the time of the photography. The content is inappropriate for minors, and appropriate care should be taken to ensure that it is not viewed by anyone under 18 years of age. Retail price: USA: $8.99; Canada: $9.99; UK: £4.50. Bonus Edition: USA: $11.99; Canada: $13.99. This is: August 2010, Vol. 19, No. 8 (on sale May 18, 2010). © 2010 by The SCORE Group and Quad Int’l., Incorporated, all rights reserved. Republishing in whole or in part, including, but not limited to, any electronic media, is expressly forbidden except with written permission of The SCORE Group. Naughty Neighbors ®, Leg Sex ®, 40Something ®, Voluptuous ® and SCORE ® are registered trademarks of The SCORE Group and Quad Int’l., Incorporated. 18eighteen™ is a trademark of The SCORE Group and Quad Int’l., Incorporated, registration pending as of publication. The SCORE Group, and Quad Int’l., Incorporated, certify to all commercial purchasers that the aforesaid materials are in full compliance with the requirements of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 and associated regulations. Editorial Office: 1629 N.W. 84 Ave., Miami, FL 33126. Publisher disclaims all responsibility to return unsolicited material, and all rights in materials published vest in The SCORE Group and SCORE. LETTERS are assumed to be for publication, unless otherwise endorsed, and may be edited. This periodical is sold subject to the following conditions: it shall not be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise disposed of in a mutilated condition or in an unauthorized cover by way of Trade, except at the full retail price, or affixed to or as a part of any publication or advertising, literary or pictorial matter whatsoever, without the expressed written consent of the publisher. Any similarity between an individual person or people depicted in the fiction or artwork in this magazine and any real person or people is purely coincidental and is not intended as a representation of any particular individual or class of people. PRINTED IN CANADA SCORE (ISSN #1073-2438) is published 13 times a year, monthly, plus an additional issue in October for $59.95 per year in the USA and $89.95 in Canada, by The SCORE Group, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, FL 33126. Periodicals Postage Paid at Miami, FL and Additional Mailing Offices. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to SCORE, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, FL 33126.

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A PUBLIC FORUM FOR READERS’ LETTERS, COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS. THE APRIL ISSUE: CLASSICALLY SLIM ‘N’ STACKED, PLUS XXX! Dear SCORE, For hardcore fucking and classic slim ‘n’ stacked SCORE Girls, the April ’10 issue was your best in a long time. The hardcore content really got me going, starting with Christy Marks taking on that giant cock in her new DVD, seeing Eva Notty fucking and sucking a mere four months after her debut and the great Rachel Love fucking two guys. The photo of the issue was the one of Rachel with a cock between her tits while she sucked another. Outstanding!

SCORECARD Minka in the disco or in the classic film Saturday Night Fever. Of course, newcomer Jayden Prescott isn’t as stacked as Minka (who in the world is?), but it’s great to see a reader’s wife showing her all in SCORE. Yeah, I am jealous of her lucky husband! Alia Janine, who’s incredibly slim for a natural, oiled up and got my cock hard, and Faith is simply fabulous. But I still haven’t gotten to the two stars of

We have Saturday night fever for Minka. I don’t distinguish between augmented girls over naturals when it comes to slim ‘n’ stacked, but the April issue had something for everyone who does. Of course, Minka is always welcome, and those retro 1970s disco pictures really took me back in time. I just don’t recall seeing any girls built like

Karina’s pussy is pink, meaty and juicy.

Would you rather be the guy with his cock in Rachel Love’s mouth or the guy with his cock between her tits?

the issue: Janet Jade and Karina Hart. Somehow, Janet and Karina’s giant jugs seem to have gotten bigger. And how about those gaping pussies! I think Karina’s pussy is one of the most overlooked parts of her body, although I guess that’s because most of us are always too busy looking at her big tits. Same for Janet, whose gaper really got me going. Oh, man, I think I’m gonna pull out my issue, pull out my cock and enjoy them all over again.–M.G., Freeport, New York

SEND YOUR LETTERS! If you have comments, criticisms or suggestions, send them to: SCORECARD, 1629 N.W. 84 Ave. Miami, Florida 33126. Or email us at: SCORE 5


Faith is strikingly beautiful in many ways. PUBLISHED BY THE SCORE GROUP

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FAITH IS HARD TO BEAT BUT VERY EASY TO BEAT OFF TO! Dear SCORE, Faith (April ’10) is the most strikingly beautiful woman you have had for a while. She has an absolutely amazing body. Her tits, ass…everything is beautiful. I will say, though, that Maggie Green is a very close second, and Ashley Sage and Sophie Mae offer some other stiff competition. But Faith edges these girls out. It is hard to beat a girl who is this beautiful and this perfect.–G.S., via email

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LOVING DAPHNE ROSEN? HEY, THAT’S SIMPLE BOOB SCIENCE! Dear SCORE, The April ’10 issue is great. Any magazine that features Minka, my alltime favorite SCORE model, has to be a winner. But the bonus DVD that came with it, titled Titillated Twats, is even greater. It’s better than the expensive movies I have bought. Every girl is hot. But I’m writing especially to compliment Daphne Rosen. I have enjoyed

Ripley, Woking, Surrey GU23 6HR UK Phone: 0148-321-1222

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AMERICAN MEDIA WORKS JOHN ROMANO & JAIME ROMANO account executives Phone: 914-273-6309 Fax: 914-273-3215 email:

WHO SAYS MEN DON’T LIKE TO PLAY WITH BARBIE DOLLS? Dear SCORE, 2010 is proving to be another great year for SCORE. Already we’ve had some breathtaking debuts (Alexa, Angelina Verdi and Arianna Sinn, to name a few), but it is Frankie (Feb. ’10) and Taylor Stevens (March ’10) who have really caught my eye. The slim ‘n’ stacked look has always been the way for me, and these two Barbie Dolls have it in droves. Taylor’s pictorial is fantastic. The way she packed those titties into that purple bra had me deep into titty heaven. Although I prefer a little bush where my ladies are concerned, Taylor’s Daphne in the magazine, and she has shaved twat is perfect become one of my favorites. But I and completes her Barbie never realized how wonderful she is in Doll look. So far, she has action until now. She has to be the my vote for 2010 most talented cock sucker I have seen Newcomer of the Year. in many months, and the way she kissWhile on the March As classic slim es and caresses the cock after it has ‘n’ stacked issue, I also enjoyed SCORE bikini shot its load shows that she really Mich’s debut. Best of all, girls go, Morgan enjoys doing it. I hope her male partner she’s from my home town is a throwback appreciated her as much as I appreciate of Dudley. If you’re ever to the 1990s. watching her.–R.N., New Jersey in my part of the world, be Linsey or SaRenna), but we are devoting sure to check out Dudley as we real- an entire DVD to Minka. We’re working on it now, and we should have the details ly do have some for you in the Sept. or Oct. issue. We will great big-tit talent. let you know that Minka worked with us Lastly, is there on this project, and it’s a true labor of love. any chance of doing a special issue on the amaz- NO. 97 IN THE SCORELAND POLL BUT ALWAYS NO. 1 IN HIS HEART ing Minka? A Dear SCORE, whole issue on While I was disappointed to see that Minka featuring Morgan Leigh was not included in the interviews and decade’s top 10 in the “Best of the some of her best Decade” voting at, I shoots is surely was pleased that she was included worth the within the top 100 (#97). Her finishing pages. –C.A., at No. 97 and not higher may have Dudley, West been due to the fact not many voters Midlands, United liked models with enhanced busts. Kingdom As a long-time subscriber to SCORE, Dear C.A.: We’ve never devoted I have always felt that Morgan’s superslim, super-stacked body epitomized an entire issue to Frankie (above left) and Taylor Stevens are living Barbie Dolls. the SCORE Girl. Beyond that, Morgan one model (not even

Daphne Rosen takes great pride in her blow job skills.


has given SCORE readers many outstanding pictorials and has a great collection of appearances in several SCORE videos. I was pleased to see that Morgan’s bikini photos in Bikini Busters (SCORE Special #152) were enough to make D.W. into a SCORE subscriber (“Scorecard,” March ’10). I really enjoyed those photos of Morgan, too. His praise was followed by an equally outstanding pictorial of Morgan in the March centerfold. Morgan’s appeal seems to be getting better as she matures. I think she will eventually become a member of the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame.–J.Z., via email Dear J.Z.: We love Morgan, too, and think she’s an amazing bikini girl. Turn to page 54 to find out how good we really think she is.

realize that SCORE must emphasize boobs, but many men like to see a woman who has the whole package like Eva. I liked the guy’s hands on Eva in the February issue, and a woman’s hands on her would be even better. For the girls who will not do more explicit pictorials, the laying-on of hands is a good idea.–M.S., via email Dear M.S.: We agree, but in Eva’s case, she fucked in the April ’10 issue and in the new DVD Boob Science (available on page nine).

Janet Jade fills out a tight pair of jeans as nicely as she fills out a tight top.

IF A MODEL WON’T FUCK, CAN SHE LET US SQUEEZE HER TITS? Dear SCORE, Eva Notty (Feb. ’10, April ’10) has become a nice addition to SCORE. I did not realize what nice legs she has. I

The laying on of hands is nice, but in Eva’s case, we prefer the sitting on of cock.

HE LIKES TITS IN TIGHT TOPS, BUT DON’T FORGET ASSES IN JEANS Dear SCORE, Nothing turns me on more than big tits in tight tops and tight jeans. Please show more women wearing tight jeans, and don’t forget to include those ass shots. I’ve seen both Karina Hart and Ashley Sage Ellison wearing jeans but no rear view, and I sure would appreciate seeing those shots. Maybe even a special on women in skin-tight pants. As much as I love big boobs, I like seeing a bit of ass in every pictorial. It’s Continued on page 18 8 SCORE

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IT’S FUN IN THE SUN TIME AS HARMONY TAKES IN SOME RAYS AND SOME COCK! How’s this for a great way to open up our annual “Summer Sex Special”? SCORE Men, the cold days of winter are behind us, the warm weather is just about here, and our wish is that something like this happens to you this summer: A babe who’s built like Harmony Bliss, sunbathing in a skimpy bikini, asks you to help her put on suntan lotion. Maybe you’ll end up fucking her, maybe you won’t. Either way, you’ll be in bliss! SCORE 13

Harmony heads poolside for some relaxation. She’s decked out in a tiny string bikini, so she needs to add sun protection to her tits. Meanwhile, Carlos is checking out her body and likes what he sees. When he comes over, Harmony puts him to use, handing him a bottle of tanning oil. Oiling Harmony’s body will be a pleasure. For her, too, since she loves getting her boobs touched and oiled up by manhands. Things quickly escalate. Hey, bright sun and warm weather will do that to anyone. Before long, Harmony is sucking and Carlos is fucking, and Carlos squirts his ball lotion all over Harmony’s body!


HARMONY BLISS BIRTHDAY: Jan. 22 HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 122 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34FF MEASUREMENTS: 40-24-36 PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: May ’09 (XXX), Dec. ’08, May ’08, Dec. ’07, March ’07 VIDEOS: Busty ‘n’ Wet and Big-Tit AList (XXX-Rated, available on page 9).

SCORECARD Continued from page 8

just plain sexy.–Chris, Langley, British Columbia, Canada ANOTHER GREAT YEAR, AND WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED! Dear SCORE, So far this year, you folks have outdone yourselves. Each issue has unbelievable knockouts. Here are the ones who really stand out for me, seven of whom were debuts: January 2010: Alexa and Angelina Verdi. February 2010: Arianna Sinn March 2010: Taylor Steele and Taylor Stevens. April 2010: Minka and Faith. May 2010: Kaytee Carter and Jessica Taylor. I don’t see how the magazine is going to be big enough to keep these knockouts returning as well as all of the others returning, like Karina Hart and Christy Marks. Speaking of Christy Marks, here is something I don’t quite get. Karina has graced the cover as the main model a couple of times, as has Merilyn Sakova. However, Christy, who has won, Newcomer and Model of the Year, graced the cover as the main model only once by herself, and that was her debut issue. Why has she not been the main model by herself again?–R.C., Brooklyn, New York Dear R.C.: Regarding Christy on the cover, in all honesty, we hadn’t noticed that she’s had only one cover to herself. It could be because she keeps appearing in issues that feature many other great girls!

TOLL FREE U.S. & CAN 1-800-421-0760 • WORLDWIDE 001-305-662-5959 • $39.95/ C$40.95/ £24.95/ €27.95 (Plus S&H) DVD (Region free) ITEM #PIX457D



READER WANTS TO HEAR YOUR STORIES ABOUT JACKING OFF Dear SCORE, J.D.’s idea in the March ’10 “Scorecard” for a reader bukkake was hot. So my response to the question, “Would you participate in a reader bukkake?” is, “Hell, yes, I would!” I think it would be fun to meet other SCORE jackers and see if they could blow a load as far as I can. To be honest, I really enjoy the reader jack-off stories that appear in “Scorecard” from time to time. It’s a turn on to read about someone working up a good load to their favorite SCORE Girl of the moment. It Continued on page 84
























Amber’s debut was in August ‘05.

You can win Karina Hart’s autographed brassiere! Karina won SCORE Model of the Year 2009!

Readers and members have voted, and they have chosen Karina Hart as SCORE ’s Model of the Year 2009. The breast way to celebrate is by giving Karina’s autographed brassiere to one lucky SCORE dude. We repeat. Karina’s hooters were in this bra! This is the first time Karina’s bra has been up for grabs, and it wasn’t all that easy to get our hands on it. To win this spectacular piece of big-tit history, simply write on a sheet of paper your full name, address, phone number and email address and the statement, “I am 18 years of age and I want to win Karina’s bra” and mail it to “Win Karina’s Bra, SCORE Magazine, 1629 NW 84 Avenue, Miami, FL

33126 USA.” No purchase necessary. This offer is prohibited in countries where SCORE bras and big boobs are not allowed. Multiple entries will not increase your chances of winning, so just one entry each. Sorry, no email, fax or courier entries for this contest. However, we will accept entries by carrier pigeon. Your entry must be postmarked by August 18, 2010. Good luck, SCORE Men!

Enter now for a chance to win Karina’s cup holders.

Five Years Ago In SCORE Strapping Amber Brooks, a brickhouse from Texas, was our August ’05 cover girl. The featured girls were Sam Springs, Claudia, Haley Hills, Ivy, Veronica Vincent and Maxi Mounds, and Claudia Kealoha was the centerfold. Summer Sinn and Crystal Gunns compared bodies in “Double Vision.” Busty Brittany O’Neil talked about swallowing cum and going from college girl to porn star. The busty fiction story was “Dream Girl” by Michael Meyerhofer with great art by Otis Sweat. Artist Duncan Gutteridge contributed another great, full-page “Fantasy SCORE” painting. “Boob Beat” covered Kim Chambers’ strip show at the Booby Trap in Florida. Denise Derringer did hot anal in a scene from the DVD My Boob Heaven. Chantz Fortune fucked in a scene from Hard SCORE #2. And Alexis Love was inducted into the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame. And that’s the way it was, five years ago! SCORE 19

Permanent Uplift The permanent internal bra is taking hold of many excessively droopy chests around the world. Manufactured in France, the Breform is a polyester mesh cup that’s implanted under a layer of breast skin, providing support to lift and hold the boobs. Said a plastic surgeon who performs the operation, “Over time, the mesh gets incorporated into the breast as the body produces a fibrous tissue that holds the structure in place, like a permanent bra under the skin,” The bra is popular in the UK, South Africa and Belgium.

Shoulders Back, Tits Forward!

TOLL FREE U.S. & CAN 1-800-421-0760 • WORLDWIDE 001-305-662-5959 • $39.95/ C$40.95/ £24.95/ €27.95 (Plus S&H) DVD (Region free) ITEM #VD234D




In the top-right photo , Christy Marks is slouching and hunched over. In the bottom photo, Christy stands tall and smiling, her large bosom thrust forward proudly like a princess. See what good posture can do for a big-titted girl? It’s a fact that many large-breasted girls slouch forward, often without realizing it. A new device called the iPosture has come to the rescue, like a nagging mom telling someone to stand up straight. A thin disc that’s one inch in diameter, the iPosture senses when the body hunches over and alerts the wearer with brief vibrations that remind the person to stand erect. The iPosture uses a system called WINS (Wearable Intelligent NanoSensor). A microchip monitors a person’s posture several times every second. The device is worn on the skin of the chest with an adhesive pad, attached to a bra strap or worn as a pendant, and it operates on a regular watch battery. To use the iPosture, stand erect (which should be easy for a SCORE reader), then click the central button. It vibrates, setting the posture you want, then vibrates again when it detects any deviation greater than three degrees from the chosen posture for more than one minute. It’s available online from

What Some Guys Will Do To See Tits Police in Seattle, Washington were dispatched to the famous peep-show strip club Lusty Lady after an idiot attempting to crawl into the dancers’ dressing room crashed through the ceiling. When police arrived, he was stuck in the ceiling crawl space. According to the police report, a dancer “was startled when the man’s legs came crashing through the glass panel ceiling above her…Before the subject fell through, she heard what she thought was kicking above her head.” The damage was so bad that the club, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, closed for repairs.

Bigboobed girls often slouch when they should stand busty and proud!

right.) Danielle Derek, Summer Sinn, Crystal Gunns and Alexia Moore (at right)

Alexia Moore vindicated: “ I knew I did nothing wrong!” Justice was served when a Manhattan criminal court judge threw out a prostitution charge against SCORE Girl Alexia Moore (November ’05, Feb. ‘06, Busty Snatch Club, Private Stuffers). “I knew I did nothing wrong,” Alexia said after her dismissal. “I just had to prove it.” The acquittal came many months after New York City police raided Big Daddy Lou’s Hot Lap Dance Club (I love that name) in mid-town Manhattan in June 2008 and arrested the dancers and staff. Alexia turned down a no-jail prostitution misdemeanor plea and risked a 90day jail sentence to clear her name. During the week-long trial, an undercover policeman testified that

Eva Notty (she’s wearing white) and Dylan Ryder (she’s in pink) could be identical twins. Eva, an Arizona sizzler, first appeared in the August ’04 Naughty Neighbors, then all was quiet until 2009, when a friend kept telling her she should be in SCORE. Eva (pronounced “Ev-ah”) dutifully sent us some new test shots, and before she knew it, she was on her way to Miami, Florida and a cover debut in the December ’09 issue. Dylan (far right) has been fucked good and hard several times on our websites and She says she loves cock and nut-juice.

Alexia and another dancer had offered him a threesome for $5,000. Charges against the other dancer were also dismissed. “She's just an exotic dancer. That’s what she does. She wants to go on with her life,” Alexia’s lawyer said after the decision. The case against Alexia and the other dancers was a waste of taxpayer money. The only beneficiaries were the tabloid newspapers that thrive on news like this. When I managed the SCORE booth at the 2006 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Alexia was one of our crowd-pleasing spokesmodels. I got to know Alexia as a cool babe, and I’m sorry she had to go through this nonsense for over 18 months.

Separated At Birth?


The Absolute Worst Pick-up Lines Ever Told To SCORE Girls Everybody would love to score with a SCORE magazine model. But they’ve heard every pick-up line in the book, so you need to come up with something original. Here’s yet another collection of cheese-filled quips that dudes on the make have handed them.

Jayden Prescott:

Isis Haze (Feb.’10 issue) May 23

Dixie Bubbles (Dec. ’00) June 9

Sara Jay (Dec. ’09) June 14

“Like a premature ejaculator, birthdays come too soon.”-Jack Moore Sativa (Feb. ’98) May 20 Kandi Cox (April ’04) May 23 Nicole Tyler (Dec. ’06) May 25 Inesse (Holiday ’03) May 27 Harmony Heart (May ’08) May 30 Selexia Rae (Busty Slut Expo) May 31 Westy (June ’09) June 2 Jolie Rain (Sept. ’08) June 3 Holly Body (August ’98) June 4

Daizie Kellogg (Nov. ’03) June 5 Ricki Raxxx (Nov. ’05) June 6 Ingela (March ’00) June 6 Gianna Rossi (Sept. ’09) June 6 Ashley Sage Ellison (June ’10) June 11 Daphne Rosen (May ’10) June 12 Sana Fey (May ’06) June 12 Jessica Justice (April ’02) June 12 Ariana Angel (Sept. ’09) June 15

The Right Cup Holders

We are positive that you can identify these tits! 22 SCORE

“It was raining, and a guy came up to me and said, ‘Don’t you know sugar melts?’”

Taylor Steele: “Do you have any Italian in you? Want some?”


The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula To Finding The Perfect Bra by fashion and beauty expert Jené Luciani was written to help women choose the right bra to get the best support and also to help them look slimmer. Miss Luciani recommends that women try on every bra before buying it and have it fitted by a trained bra specialist. “Most women are wearing a band that is far too large for them, causing their breasts to sag and look lumpy or unshapely,” the author writes. “For most of us, the section immediately below our breasts is the narrowest part of the body. Wearing the right size band emphasizes this narrowness, helping to draw the eye to this point and creating the impression of an hourglass figure.” She categorizes body shapes as apples, pears or rectangles and recommends a specific kind of bra for each shape. For example, a girl with a pear-shaped body shouldn’t wear bralettes and minimizing bras because they compress the breasts, making them look flatter on top and bigger below. This uplifting, 244-page book is available from and could be the most detailed book ever written about bras, a beloved subject here.

TOLL FREE U.S. & CANADA 1-800-421-0760 • WORLDWID E 001-305-662-5959 • $39.95/ C$40.95/ £24.95/€27.95 (Plus S&H) • DVD (Region free) ITEM #VD235D




THE HEAT IS ON WITH NEWCOMER KAYTEE CARTER! Big-titted blondes in tiny string bikinis are what summer is all about, and girls built like Kaytee Carter are what SCORE is all about. Shortly after Kaytee made her worldwide getting-nude-inpublic debut in the May ’10 issue, we wasted no time asking her to pack her I-cup naturals into a bikini and flash her bright, sunny smile for the camera. “I love being in SCORE,” Kaytee said. “I get to do fun things like wear sexy bikinis and play beach bunny so you can watch.”

When you go to the beach or pool this summer, you might see a girl wearing a bikini as skimpy as Kaytee’s. But we’re willing to wager big money that you won’t see any girl with a body like hers–I-cup tits with a 30-inch waist is not a typical combination–or a girl who’s peeling off her bikini the way Kaytee is. You probably won’t see a bikini babe wearing clear stripper pumps, either. “I don’t usually go to the beach,” Kaytee revealed. “I have a pool in my backyard in San Diego, so I usually lay out there in a bikini. But I don’t even sunbathe nude when I’m in my own backyard. I guess you could say I’m a little shy, although most people who see these pictures would disagree.”

Shy Kaytee squeezes her tits together, inspiring tit-fuck fantasies, then bends over and spreads her delicious ass (something she does a lot of in this pictorial, much to our enjoyment). And on the next spread, Kaytee will pull out the tanning oil and make her body all slippery, including her luscious ass. “Every guy I’ve ever been with has not been a boob man,” Kaytee revealed, stunning us. “They’re usually ass men, which makes no sense to me.” The fact is, Kaytee has it all. And everything she has is here for you!

KAYTEE CARTER BIRTHDAY: Sept. 21 HEIGHT: 5’8” WEIGHT: 148 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34I MEASURES: 42-30-34 BORN: Oregon LIVES: San Diego, California PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCE: May ’10



he is the girl of your dreams. Your wet dreams, that is. Daylene Rio is not the kind of girl who fantasizes about meeting her dream man, falling in love, walking down the aisle wearing a white wedding dress and living the fairy tale life. No. She’s the kind of girl who fantasizes about meeting her man of the moment and fucking him. So if you’re looking to get married, Daylene is not your girl. But if you’re looking to fuck–or for the hottest lap dance of your life–then Daylene is definitely the one. In the DVD Busty ‘n’ Wet, Daylene gets wet and wild with a hardcore fuck in a bath tub. In Mamazon, she fucks in the jungle. And in a sizzling scene with June Summers in Feb. ’09 issue of SCORE, Daylene sucks cock while June sucks balls, then Daylene fucks the cock she so lovingly prepared for her pussy. Did we say lovingly? Sorry, Daylene. We mean lustily.

SCORE: Hi, Daylene, and welcome. You look amazing, as usual. DAYLENE: Thank you! I try. SCORE: Your body looks amazing in that outfit. What you’re wearing right now, could you wear that in public? DAYLENE: Of course. Maybe to the beach or to the pool. Not shopping! SCORE: So you would actually go to a public beach in that? DAYLENE: Sure! It depends on the beach, but I would. SCORE: Well, you are wearing a bikini bottom or panties, whatever they are. 32 SCORE

DAYLENE: Well, I usually don’t like wearing panties, but a lot of guys say they like how they make my ass look. SCORE: And you’ll do anything to please us, won’t you? DAYLENE: Anything! SCORE: How come you don’t like wearing panties? DAYLENE: I like to let it air out. Unless I’m wearing a bathing suit like here, I don’t wear panties. I don’t like wearing them during the day, I don’t like sleeping in them. I don’t like anything going up my butt. I like being naked.



SCORE: Is that true that you don’t like anything to go up your butt? DAYLENE: [Laughs] Not panties, at least. It’s too much of a tease. I’d rather just be naked. SCORE: What do you mean it’s too much of a tease? DAYLENE: For me it is. I’d rather be naked than wear underwear. I mean, there’s something going up my ass, and it’s not a man or a tongue! What good is that? SCORE: So if you have panties on, you’ll feel what? DAYLENE: I feel sexier when I don’t wear panties, less restricted. Don’t you feel better without underwear? SCORE: No because my package just hangs, but you don’t have a cock, so you don’t have to worry about that. DAYLENE: Well, some women think it’s hot for men not to wear underwear. I do. SCORE: Let’s talk about your boobs. Can you take them out? DAYLENE: Sure! [She does] There are my puppies, guys! SCORE: Puppies. Is that what you usually call them? DAYLENE: Puppies, twins. SCORE: Are they identical twins? DAYLENE: They look exactly alike, don’t they? SCORE: Puppies. But they don’t bark and they don’t bite. DAYLENE: No, they’re very nice. SCORE: How big are they? DAYLENE: You know, my bra size is very strange. I can fit into triple-Ds. I can fit into 36 double-Es. If I want to fit comfortably, double-E is good, but if I want to wear a grandma bra, like when I workout, because they’re so big and I want to support them, I’ll get like a triple-D. SCORE: What do you mean by workout? What do you do? DAYLENE: Well, I have to keep up. I have to keep in shape. I run. SCORE: You run? DAYLENE: Yes. SCORE: That’s an amazing thought. DAYLENE: Usually when I run, though, I’m wearing a bra. If I ran braless, I’d cause too much of a scene. SCORE: So you run, and when you run, guys chase you all over, right? DAYLENE: Yes. Running, squats. [She demonstrates a squat] Stretching. All that fun stuff. But I have to wear a bra when I workout. I hate wearing bras. Working out is about the only time I SCORE 35


wear a bra. SCORE: Nice areolae, by the way. DAYLENE: You like them? They’re big and round. They like to come out and play. I can’t get enough of having my tits out. That’s one of the reasons I love being in SCORE, because I can have my tits out all the time. SCORE: Daylene, you’re a dancer, aren’t you? DAYLENE: Yes, I am. SCORE: And do you give lap dances? DAYLENE: Yes. I give very sexy lap dances. Do you want me to give you one? I could. SCORE: Give me a lap dance right here? While I’m talking to you? DAYLENE: Sure! SCORE: That’s an offer I can’t pass up. Just hop on! DAYLENE: [She does] Okay. SCORE: Now, let me see if I can concentrate on asking you questions while you’re grinding your ass into my crotch. You’re a dancer. A house dancer 36 SCORE


or a feature dancer? DAYLENE: A house dancer. SCORE: Nice ass, by the way. DAYLENE: Thank you! A lot of guys say it’s their favorite part of my body. I think that’s why I’m so good at lap dances, because I have a good ass. SCORE: Why are you so good at lap dances? Although I’m starting to figure it out for myself. DAYLENE: Well, I enjoy it. I like feeling a guy’s hard cock. SCORE: Have guys ever come into the club who have seen you in SCORE? DAYLENE: Yes, they have, and they’re 38 SCORE

always very excited to see me. I love when that happens. SCORE: Why? DAYLENE: Because it makes me feel like a celebrity. It’s like I’m the little feature of the club. Guys see me in the magazine and my videos, and then their fantasy comes to life. SCORE: And you give them a lap dance. What does that entail? DAYLENE: I can pretty much do fullon grind. I don’t have to be 20-feet away. I mean, I’m showing you now. SCORE: Yes, you are! How much Continued on page 46

DAYLENE RIO BIRTHDAY: April 16 HEIGHT: 5’3” WEIGHT: 126 lbs. BRA SIZE: 36DDD MEASUREMENTS: 42-26-38 PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: June ’09, Feb. ’09 (XXX), Holiday ’08, Nov. ’08 VIDEOS: Busty ‘n’ Wet and Mamazon (both XXXRated and available on page nine of this issue)

A CLASSIC SLIM ‘N’ STACKED SCORE GIRL WHO LOVES TO FUCK. If you were walking on the beach and saw a babe like Annina sitting by the water, stretched out on the sand, her spectacular body busting out of a tiny monokini, you’d probably think you were seeing a vision. A beautiful beach mirage. You’d wonder if the heat was getting to you. Only the growing bulge in your bathing suit would bring you back to reality…the reality that this vision was real, even though she seems unreal. And then, maybe, Annina, who’s always horny, would notice the bulge in your pants and signal you over. She’d invite you to touch her, feel her G-cup boobs, run your hands over her impossibly slim waist, and then she’d reach out and touch you. Men, this is what summer dreams are made of.

Annina is a fuck toy who loves cock, and cock-loving fuck toys always dress to attract what they need most. So Annina tells you she’s going to put on a show. She leans back and pops out her tits, then pulls aside her bikini bottom and spreads her wet, pink pussy. “Suck my tits and eat my cunt,” she demands. You do, then she pleads, “I want to feel your cock in my pussy and ass.” You realize that those bikini beach movies you watched as a kid ended just short of the really good stuff…the stuff that’s about to happen to you.

ANNINA BIRTHDAY: Dec. 22 HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 114 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34G MEASUREMENTS: 44-26-36 PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: May ’10, Jan. ’10, Aug. ’09 (XXX), July ’09, Holiday ’08, May ’08 VIDEOS: Big-Tit A-List (XXX-Rated and available on page nine).

DAYLENE RIO Continued from page 38

would this lap dance cost me if I was in the club? Twenty? Forty? Eighty? Whatever it is, it’s worth it. A thousand? Do guys pop immediately? DAYLENE: [Grinding harder] They pop all the time. The dance isn’t over until the guy pops in his pants. SCORE: This is pretty good. DAYLENE: I think this is cool. [Grinding harder, then putting the editor’s hands on her boobs] SCORE: Now, Daylene, I don’t how long I could last, but how long does your average lap dance last? DAYLENE: About four minutes. About one song. SCORE: And how long does it take the guy to pop when he’s with you? DAYLENE: Oh, I’ve had it happen in 30 seconds. SCORE: Thirty seconds? That’s fast. DAYLENE: You’d be surprised. SCORE: I’m not surprised. Like I said, you’re super hot. DAYLENE: Thank you. SCORE: How did we find you, or did you find us? 46 SCORE

DAYLENE: Well, I submitted my pictures, and I got started from there, and I did my first boy-girl scene with SCORE. I was curious to try it. I’d always been curious about having sex on camera, so I did it, and I did it thinking that I would do it only one time and that would be it, but I liked it so much that I had to come back and do it again. SCORE: What’s it like seeing yourself fucking in a magazine? DAYLENE: It’s very different. It’s like you can’t believe it’s you. It’s like, “Wow, is that really me?” and it just gets you more pumped up to want to do it more, and you get a whole rush once you see yourself, knowing that people are watching and I have my fans and they’re sitting at home watching me and jerking off. SCORE: You like that, the idea of guys at home jacking? DAYLENE: Oh, yeah, I love it! That’s a big part of the thrill. They could be masturbating to me and that’s hot. It’s just Continued on page 62

HOLLY HALSTON INVITED YOU OVER. JUST WAIT ‘TIL HER HUBBY GETS HOME! Summer jobs…remember them? They sucked, right? You wanted to be at the beach or the pool, but you had to work your ass off in the hot sun to pay for college tuition. But this job…maybe it’s not so bad. You’re working in the garden, and the MILF who owns the place is busting out of her bikini in the hot tub. “Yummy,” she says. You’re thinking, “Is she talking about me?” She is “Hey,” she says. “You’re working awfully hard over there. Why don’t you come over here?” You do, and she starts stroking your cock. “My husband’s not home,” she says. “He won’t be back for a while.”




AUGUS T 2010



Water drips off of Holly Halston’s tits as she takes your cock out of your shorts and puts it in her mouth. “I want to take your cock and shove it deep in my hole until your cum squirts all over my face and lap it up like a hungry dog,” she says. But suddenly…her husband shows up. Is he angry? No. He’s hard. “So you ended up in my backyard, and now you ended up with your cock in my wife’s mouth,” he says. Soon, Holly’s sucking two cocks, and the hot tub party has begun!


HOLLY HALSTON BIRTHDAY: Dec. 31 HEIGHT: 5’ WEIGHT: 95 lbs. BRA SIZE: 32DD MEASUREMENTS: 36-19-32 PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: Aug. ’09 (XXX anal with Christy Marks), Nov. ’08 (XXX), Oct. ’08 (XXX), Aug. ’03, June ’03 VIDEOS: My Wife, Your Meat and Big-Tit P.O.V. Anal Edition (XXX-Rated, available on page nine)






KENZIE LINSEY LINS LINSE EY DAWN WN MCK ENZ EN ZIE Bikinis were made for slim ‘n’ stacked babes. There’s a reason we sailed on five Boob Cruises in the 1990s, and there’s a reason Bikini Busters (SCORE Special #152) was one of our best-selling special issues ever: Because you can dress a SCORE Girl in tight tops and sweaters or sexy evening gowns, but when you get right down to it, a classic SCORE Girl looks best when she’s busting out of–absolutely destroying!–a tiny bikini. But who is the greatest SCORE bikini girl ever? Who’s the girl who should be the spokesmodel for every itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie-bikini manufacturer out there? When you think about summer and fantasize about the ultimate SCORE Girl walking on the beach, who’s the girl you’re fantasizing about? We bet it’s one of the girls on these eight pages. 56 SCORE



CRYSTAL C RYSTAL STAL GUNNS Is that a bikini Crystal Gunns is wearing? Yeah, it is, although we bet most women wouldn’t have the guts (or the bodies) to wear it. On Crystal, that micro-bikini looks just perfect. Some guys would argue that the bikini makes Crystal look sexier. We think Crystal makes the bikini look sexier! Crystal’s bikini is the opposite of the brown one Busty Dusty is wearing. It’s a conservative number that the average woman would wear. But look at what Dusty is doing to it! She’s proving that a great SCORE Girl can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. That swimsuit can’t contain her! Of course, few bikinis in the world can contain Minka, a mega-buster who’s synonymous with “bikini.” 58 SCORE



TIFFANY TIFF TIFFA ANY TOWERS Which of the 15 girls on these eight pages is your favorite bikini babe ever? No ballot this time. We’d like to hear the reasons for your choice. Send your pick to Greatest SCORE Bikini Girl, c/o SCORE Magazine, 1629 NW 84 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33126. Or email your selection and comments to Write-in votes are permitted, although we think we’ve covered all the bases here. And one more thing: What Tiffany is wearing (above) really isn’t a bikini (although it is a bikini bottom). But we figured this: If we had asked her to wear a normal bikini top, her tits would have shredded it anyway. Because she’s a SCORE Girl. A bikini buster! 60 SCORE


DAYLENE RIO Continued from page 46







so exciting. I like knowing that I have all these people watching me. That I have this nice man jerking off watching me. That so turns me on. I love spreading my legs, getting fucked. I like nice cum, nice loads of cum all over my tits. I love thinking about all the guys at home cumming on my tits. SCORE: I’m not surprised to hear you speak like that. You’re one of the horniest women I’ve ever met. I remember walking into the studio when you were doing a scene, and you were between cuts, the camera wasn’t rolling, and you were still sitting on the guy’s cock, fucking him for fun. DAYLENE: I remember that. And when I saw you, I waved to you. SCORE: I’ll never forget that. There’s something about a hot chick waving to you while she’s on the set fucking. DAYLENE: Thank you! SCORE: You know, that reminds me of one of your videos on The guy asks you if you’re a slut or an old-fashioned girl, or something like that, and you say… DAYLENE: I remember exactly what I said because I wasn’t acting. I said, “I’m a dirty whore all the way. I wanna have fun. I want to spit all over your cock and suck it. Have it fuck my pussy.” SCORE: Or something like that. DAYLENE: I am totally into pleasing the man. I think about sex all the time. Pleasing men comes from my background, where the man is the king. We use the Spanish term papi chulo. That means “hot daddy.” I like coming to SCORE because the Latin culture in Miami is similar to Los Angeles. It makes me feel extra sexy when I fuck. SCORE: So would you say you’re sexually aggressive, passive or both. DAYLENE: That depends. I never wait for a guy to make his move. I have sex whenever I’m horny, and that’s a lot. I wake up in the morning with my hand under my panties. When I want to fuck, I don’t play games like other girls. I go for it. But once I have my man, I like when he tells me what to do, when he shows me who is the boss. That’s my nature. The more a guy talks dirty to me and bosses me around in bed, the hornier I get and the more I talk dirty. Like when a guy talks in a sexy voice and tells me to get on my knees and

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suck his cock, I get all flushed and my skin gets tingly. Guys have told me that they wished their women were like me. They don’t spit on cocks or titty-fuck like me. They don’t scream and talk dirty when they’re fucking. For me, it’s first about pleasing the man, but that always pleases me. But to answer your question, when it comes to getting the man, I’m aggressive, but once we get started, I like an aggressive man. I like being a fuck toy. SCORE: It just seems like you’re a natural for this. You’re the classic Latina bigboobed hottie. DAYLENE: And fuck slut! [Laughs] SCORE: Yes, that, too. How did you get into dancing in the first place? You were born to do it. DAYLENE: Thank you! I became a hostess at a club where the hostesses sit at tables with guys and chat and dance with them. PG-13 stuff. No nudity or any kind of sex. After two years, I lost that job so I auditioned at first as a topless dancer and I was hired on the spot. I was very nervous at first, but after a week I started to enjoy the experience. I lost that job two years later, so I decided to try nude dancing and applied at the Spearmint Rhino club in City of Industry, California. Spearmint Rhino books porn star features and I would meet them and chat with them when I had the time. That’s when I decided to try porn. I thought it was something I might enjoy. It’s naughty. It’s nasty. It’s something good girls aren’t supposed to do, but I’m not a good girl. SCORE: That’s an interesting thing to hear a girl say. DAYLENE: Well, it’s true, but only in the best ways. I’ll be your best girlfriend. I’ll fuck you day and night. And I’ll be the best lap dance you ever had. When guys come into the club, they’re not looking for romance. They’re looking to have fun. I mean, I’ve fallen in love before, and it’s fine, but it’s not as much fun as having sex with different guys all the time and doing things that romantic couples aren’t supposed to do. I’d rather hear a man say, “I want to fuck you,” than,”I love you.” SCORE: Why don’t we tell the guys where you dance. That way, they can get a little of what I’m getting. DAYLENE: Sure! I dance in California in the City of Industry at Hawaii Theater. So if you want to come in and have a good time. I’d love to dance for you!

SHE HAS THE BODY OF A SCORE GIRL, THE MIND OF A SCORE MAN. ANGELA KNOWS WHAT WE WANT! It was early on Day 2 of our Big-Boob Paradise shoot in Eleuthera, the Bahamas. The sun hadn’t yet risen over the horizon, but Angela White, bright eyed and eager, was up and ready to go. “A sunrise shoot sounds so beautiful,” she said as she and our crew headed out to the dock on the east side of the property. “And I’m going to get my tits out for all the SCORE Men!” That’s Angela for you. We’ve never met a model who loves showing her tits as much as she does. SCORE 65

The story of the Big-Boob Paradise shoot was that Angela was truly in paradise being surrounded by so many beautiful, big-titted girls, like Lorna Morgan (who she idolizes), Christy Marks (Angela couldn’t take her hands off Christy’s tits), Terry Nova (Angela was amazed by this Mamazon) and Gianna Rossi (the porn star Angela fantasizes about being but hasn’t yet taken the step to become). “I love big boobs as much as any SCORE Man,” she said. “I would have to say that being on that beautiful island with so many big boobs to touch and play with was one of the best experiences of my life. I think you can see how excited I was.” 66 SCORE



ANGELA WHITE BIRTHDAY: March 4 HEIGHT: 5’3” WEIGHT: 132 lbs. BRA SIZE: 36G MEASUREMENTS: 42-28-36 BORN & LIVES: Sydney, Australia PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: Dec. ’08, Jan. ’08, Aug. ’07, Holiday ’06 VIDEOS: The Breast of Stacked & Packed (X-Rated, available on page nine)


As you enjoy the picture of Angela laid out on the dock, legs spread, pussy on display, we must tell you about Angela’s scene in the new seven-hour compilation DVD The Breast of Stacked & Packed. Angela starts dressed as a schoolgirl and asks, “Do you want to watch me play with myself?” She tugs her nipples, kneads her breast flesh, then fucks her pussy with a big dildo. Then she gets on all fours and claws her ass with her fingernails, making red stripes on her butt while she dildos and fingers her asshole. It’s a super-hot scene by a girl who knows what’s going through the minds of men like us.



HER NAME IS MORGAN LEIGH, AND THERE ISN’T A SWIMSUIT THAT CAN CONTAIN HER. This is the third time you’re seeing Morgan in this issue. The first was in “Scorecard,” where reader J.Z. proclaimed, “I have always felt that Morgan’s super-slim, super-stacked body epitomized the SCORE Girl.” The second was on page 54, where Morgan opened our special bikini layout. And now, here she is again, the ultimate swimsuit model. SCORE 73

Shortly after they went tit-to-tit in the DVD Busty ‘n’ Wet, Morgan Leigh and Daphne Rosen got to spend some time together. And what do busty babes talk about? Their boobs, of course! Daphne: We’ve been doing this shoot together, and you have the most gorgeous bras. Morgan: You do, too. Daphne: No, I don’t. I own one bra right now and can’t find any that are big enough. Where do you get them? Morgan: Well, I go shopping all over, but I’ve found that the best place to go is in Europe, and there are a couple of really good websites where I can find a lot of feminine, girly bras. Daphne: I can’t find any pretty, girly bras that fit. I love lacey bras with pretty patterns. Morgan: And little pink bras with flowers. They’re hard to find. Most of the bras for busty girls are big, big, big, and they don’t have any colors or pretty designs. Daphne: And they go all the way up on your chest, and they’re just white. Morgan: I really love the half-cup bras. Daphne: I love the ones that give you a balcony or a shelf. Morgan: They’re so cute! And this company in Britain, you can buy through the Internet, and I think you’re the same size as me. Continued on page 78

MORGAN LEIGH BIRTHDAY: Sept. 11 HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 106 lbs. BRA SIZE: 30J MEASUREMENTS: 40-23-34 PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: March ’10, Aug. ’09, Jan. ’09, July ’08, Feb. ’08, May ’07 VIDEOS: Busty ‘n’ Wet and Tits ‘n’ Tugs 3 (both XXX-Rated and available on page nine of this issue)

TALKING’ TITS Continued from page 75

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Daphne: What size would I be in England? Morgan: I wear a 30 or sometimes a 28– that’s my back size–and a J or double-J. It usually depends on what the maker is. But I don’t like the ones that leave big lines all the way up. Daphne: They’re horrible! Morgan: But the ones that I get are nice, soft, lacy ones. Let me see how yours compare to mine. [Morgan takes out one of her boobs and pushes it against Daphne’s] Yours are about the same width as mine,. But your back is a little wider than mine, so you’ll probably get a 32 or a 34, maybe, and a double-H or a J. What you should do is try on mine later, so even if the back size isn’t right, the cup size will be right, and they’ll be held properly. Up, you know what I mean? Daphne: I like when they’re together. Morgan: And especially when the part in the middle sits flat on your chest. That’s more comfortable, and they sit really nicely, too. And then you can walk and you can jog without worry about them falling all over the place. Daphne: [Laughs] That doesn’t work for me. They pop up and hit me in the face! Morgan: What have you found online? Daphne: I found some stuff from England, but I had no idea what size to grab. You know what’s so funny, though, when you were talking about them bouncing up and down? Have you ever, when you’re fucking, had them start clapping together? Morgan: Oh, yes! Daphne: Mine will just start jiggling around and they’ll start clapping. [She demonstrates, clapping her tits together] Morgan: And if they’re really sweaty or have a lot of oil or lube… Daphne: Or titty-fucking! Morgan: Or cum, and they start clapping together and squelching around, it’s so funny! There are some funny things you can do with big tits. Daphne: You know what would be the best? At some point, we need to go shopping together and go into stores and try stuff on, because I know that I get the craziest looks when I try shirts on because I like the shirts that are tight, that show off my boobs. And people look at me so funny, and I know that if the two of us were trying on shirts, it Continued on page 90


ALL DRESSED UP OR POURING OUT OF A BIKINI, LILLIAN ALWAYS GETS ATTENTION. You are now experiencing a very special treat that not many men have had the chance to experience: Lillian Faye in a bikini. You see, Lillian comes from Seattle, Washington, where there aren’t a lot of beach days, and with her fair skin, she needs to stay out of the bright sun as much as possible. But when Lillian Faye visited sunny South Florida, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to pack her F-cup naturals into a bikini and haul her off to the beach!


“On the rare days when I do go to the beach, I definitely wear bikinis like this that show off my body,” said Lillian, who might look a bit passive but is the first to admit that she’s sexually aggressive. “On a warm day, I wear shorts and a tight tank top because I like to catch guys looking at me out of the corner of their eyes. One time, a guy and a girl walked past me, and his head turned to stare at me. I saw that his girl yelled at him about that and she really gave it to him. I thought she was going to hit him! I’m sorry when that happens but part of me kinda likes it!” There’s that naughty side of Lillian again …a side we’ve grown to love.

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gets me working on my own cock. I really have to give a big five-foot jizz salute to T.N. and C.J, who gave some really great jack-off testimonials in the September ’09 issue. I hope when I get to your age, C.J., I can still jack as much as you do. It also has been nice to see that quite a few readers have taken to my idea of slow jacking and holding back their loads. It’s the only way to have a big jizz. If there are any readers out there who are big shooters, say so in your stories. It’s hot and it feels so good. Believe me, I am not gay! I am just a divorced, 43-year-old guy who loves jacking to big, fake tits and long pussy lips.–S.H., via email







MORE GIRLS LIKE ASHLEY SAGE AS LONG AS THEY POSE HOTTER Dear SCORE, Don’t listen to whiners who think girls like Ashley Sage Ellison can’t be SCORE Girls because they have a wide ass. Ashley looks hot. She has big, full tits, a small pussy slit and a cute face. However, she and others could do some hotter posing and more boob-sucking. The photographers should loosen up, too, and try different positions, less stripping and more boob play and much more pussy and ass spreading and stretching in different positions. –B.V., via email HOW TO SUCCEED IN TIT-FUCKING YOUR BUSTY GIRLFRIEND Dear SCORE, While getting intimate (i.e., seeing her boobs) for the first time with a girl, I’ve noticed that once the girl’s sweater comes up, I’m usually in very close quarters with her. I’m also like a piranha in a feeding frenzy with those titties and nipples, trying to stuff an entire tit into my mouth to suck on. So it’s only after a couple of minutes that I’ll pull my head back and really begin to assess a girl’s bare breasts. Lord knows I’ve assessed them with her clothes on. And what I’m assessing them for is, “Are they tittyfuck material?” The first rule of thumb is you don’t want to be wrong and attempt a tittyfuck only to have it fail because the girl isn’t big enough. She might feel inadequate for the remainder of the relationship, and although her tits may not be

huge, she’s probably better then anybody else you have at that moment. Once you’ve judged that your girl’s worthy, it’s time to formulate your game plan. My first titty-fuck came with my first girlfriend, a cute girl of Mexican descent with a pair of 38 DDs. I had already fucked her brains out a million times when she told me she wanted to fulfill a fantasy of mine. (taking my virginity turned her on and I think she was curious to see what I really wanted.) I was a little afraid of how she would react when I told her I’d like to slide my penis between her breasts. Then she told me, “Oh, a titty-fuck. That’s easy.” She then folded her brown whoppers around my cock and beat me off with them. I knew right then that I had found my true passion in life. The amount of cum I dumped on her was extraordinary. “I should have expected that,” she said, wiping my cum off of her face. All my titty fucks with her ended the same way Once I found out how much I was into titty fucking, I came to realize that the “Wow and I wonder if” method worked well for me. The way this works is after you’ve been sucking on you girl’s tits for a while, you pull back, shake your head from side to side and say, “Wow.” Let that sink in for a while. She will know you are talking about her breasts and how much you like them. Then say, “I wonder if…” and trail off with a quizzical look on your face. Invariably, your big-titted girl will say, “What? What is it,” and then you say, “I was just wondering if you’re big enough that you can wrap your boobs around my penis.” You already know the answer is yes, and this will put the impetus on your girl. Sort of like a challenge. “Of course I can do that,” she will say, and then ease her tits toward you, and the next thing you know, you will have her giant weapons of cock destruction wrapped around your dick for your viewing pleasure. I’ve also enjoyed the girls who knew they were big enough and know that you are obsessed with their tits. They will surprise you one day and ease those big boobs around your cock without you having to tell them, and then while the titty fuck is taking place, they will ask, “Do you like it?” I remember telling one big-boobed girlfriend “You’re about to find out” a second before I splattered her titties and face. I had another girlfriend complain





you could put together a titty -fucking panel of some of your lovely, bigbreasted ladies. I’d love to hear their take on boob sex, as one of my big busted (40DDD) ex-girlfriends used to call it.–T.N., via email CONSIDERING BUSTY WORKS OF ART AND ART THAT’S ALL ABOUT BUSTY BABES Dear SCORE, I wanted to take this time to tell you guys what an absolute pleasure it has In our opinion, busty babes are always works of art. been reading SCORE. that I came too much during our titty Ever since my first issue back in the fucks, and she was mad that I drenched mid-90s, the rate of quality has been a her face. So I suggested a reverse titty continuous stream. I’ve been a big-boob fuck, never thinking that she would go lover since 1980, and your company feafor it. Yet she did, and I was able to get tures the best breasts! Now with that said, I have a suggesmy balls sucked and ass licked while I enjoyed smashing her titties around my tion. There should be more artwork in your magazines. I believe that most of cock. Great! These methods worked for me, and the readers love erotic artwork. I have I’ve never failed to titty fuck a worthy included a few pieces of my own art to candidate. Perhaps in a future issue, see the reaction to it. If positive, think

Is it possible to jack to a drawing of a busty babe? Or do you need photos? about the possibilities.–B.H., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Dear Readers: What do you think? Would you like to see more erotic artwork in SCORE. And what do you think about B.H.’s work?



A READER REMEMBERS HIS FIRST TIME WITH A BIG-TITTED WOMAN Dear SCORE, I used to buy your mag back in the late ’90s. You guys were tops then, and I see you’re still tops. Anyway, I moved to a small Northern California town, and there’s no porn in the whole town. Well, my wife and I decided to check out a storage shed that was here when we moved in. I hit a gold mine in big-tit porn! A good hour had passed, and my wife and I were still sitting on the floor looking at big-tit porn magazines. My wife appreciates a nice rack cause she’s sporting a set of 38DDDs. Terry Nova reminds me of my first experience with big tits. I was in high school, and we were new to the town. I got home school and I walked into the kitchen, and there sat this neighbor lady I had seen briefly. I say briefly because I had never noticed she had such a big set of tits. This was back when braless halter tops first came out. Her and my mom were sitting at the kitchen table talking, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her enormous cleavage. Then she bent over to pick up our poodle, and her huge tits darn near busted out of her top, and she knew it. My mom didn’t see it, but I sure did and I thought I was gonna bust a load in my jeans because I had just seen my first naked tit. Well, a few days later here, she is again, and this time she’s got a top on that was so thin, you could actually see the outline of her huge areolae, and her nipples seemed to be poking out about three-quarters of an inch. Wow! They were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I was at the sink starring at her huge tits while I was rinsing out my glass when she got up to put her coffee cup in the sink. She got behind me and moved in real close so her tits rubbed my back when she walked by. I looked at her and she just smiled like nothing happened. I looked down at her tits in the seethrough top and then looked at her, and she smiled and asked me if I liked them. I was so excited that my tongue swelled up along with my cock, and I couldn’t say anything and just kept staring at her nipples through her top. She looked around and then pulled one of those beautiful tits out and grabbed me by the back of the head and fed me her enormous tit flesh. As soon as she saw the bulge in my pants, she rubbed it through my pants, and I came as soon













as she touched it. I had never had a girl do that to me before and definitely not one so sexy. I guess her and my mom got to like each other because this big-titted lady was around there pretty regularly. And she always wore tops that revealed her huge tits. They were either almost seethrough or so low-cut that her EEs almost fell out. It was getting to be where I could hardly wait to get home after school. The next day, I went to her house, and she answered the door in her bathing suit. We went to the garage where the tools were kept. The nails were under the work bench, so she bent down to grab some nails, and my eyes about fell out of their sockets because I could see her whole tit. She apparently did this on purpose because when her tits spilled out of her top, she immediately looked at me. I felt embarrassed and went to turn away, but she grabbed me by my shoulder and asked me if I didn’t like the way her twins came out. Then she let go of my shoulder and grabbed one of her tits and pulled it out of her top. Oh, man! She had red hair and big freckles all over her tits, and her nipples were so big and poking straight out. After she pulled her tit out, she started rubbing her nipples, and there I was rubbing my crotch and didn’t even realize it. Before I knew it, she had my cock in her mouth, then she put my cock between her tits and I thought I was gonna blow, but she started licking my balls, and the next thing I knew, she had her tongue halfway up my asshole. This made me feel weird and when she tried to put a finger in my ass, I jumped up and startled her. So she stood up and got naked and then she stuck one of her nipples in her mouth and made love to her titty. Then she started banging herself with three fingers, then she went to tit-fuck me again, and my cock no more than touched her tits and I was shooting cum all over her freckled tits. She licked my cum off of her tits and my dick started to get hard again, and this time she shoved it in her hot, wet pussy. We had some good times until my mom figured it out. But to this day, that sexy lady was my best experience ever. Terry Nova looks a lot like her except my gal had redder hair and lots of freckles. But their tits hang the same way.–Big Irv, via email



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would be a scene! Morgan: We should tell SCORE, “Let’s take two SCORE Girls shopping.” How hot would that be, a whole magazine devoted to girls shopping. Daphne: Most men don’t like to go shopping, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind this! Morgan: And trying on shirts and sweaters. And skirts. And try to find a lingerie store, and even if the lingerie doesn’t fit, it might be fun anyway. Daphne: Our tits just falling out of the lingerie? It would be cool fun! Morgan: It would! Daphne: I’m so glad we met each other for the first time. We got to fuck each other and have a good time afterward! Morgan: We went out for dinner last night. Had a glass of wine. Daphne: Got a free bottle of wine. I’m sure it has nothing to do with these. [Rubs her tits] Morgan: Nothing at all. Daphne: Because bartenders will send over a drink sometimes, but this guy sent over a whole bottle. Morgan: Doesn’t that happen to you all the time? You’ll go into the bar by yourself, and you’ll buy the first drink, but then before you know it, everyone is sending drinks over. And you don’t know why. [Laughs] Well, you do sorta know why, but it’s cool. Daphne: It’s good to play innocent because you don’t want to assume anything. Assumptions aren’t good. I mean, they might think you’re pretty or think you might have a nice personality. They’re not necessarily staring at your boobs, right? Morgan: No. Of course not! Daphne: But I love being spoiled. Morgan: There’s nothing like it. And I guess one of the great things about having big boobs is that men want to spoil you, and that’s okay with me, as long as they don’t think they’re going to get into my pants just by buying me a drink. It takes a little more. Daphne: You’re harder to get than I am, Morgan. Give me a kiss. Morgan: [She does] And we’ll see each other soon! Thank you for letting me play with your beautiful boobs. Daphne: And thank you for telling me where I can buy nice underwear.

CHRISTY IS HAVING A BLAST. NOW BLAST OFF ON CHRISTY! Christy Marks is the kind of girl who doesn’t need an excuse to fuck. One of the reasons she won 2009 Model of the Year is her willingness to fuck on camera (she takes it up the ass in Anal Angel and takes on a giant cock in Christy’s Big Bang). But when the weather turns warm, Christy’s natural tits naturally start busting out of tiny tops, and when that happens, Christy gets hornier. So for her, hot weather is an excuse to fuck even more. SCORE 91


Christy decides to sell magazines door-to-door to raise money for college. She finds her way into this guy’s backyard, where she gives him a sample of what he can see in the magazine by throwing her tits in his face. What guy wouldn’t get down to the business of fucking Christy if her cannons were in his face? You’d better believe he fucks her right then and there. Like we said, Christy is always down for sex, and she gives him everything she’s got. Because it’s summer, and for Christy, summer jobs mean blow jobs.

Christy always aims to please. She doesn’t just suck a cock. She makes love to it. When she bends over to blow it from a different position, she knows we’re watching, so she reaches back and spreads her pink pussy and recently-fucked asshole. On the next spread, limber Christy pulls a leg behind her head so the dude can fuck her deeper, and while she’s at it, she tugs on her tits…because she likes it and knows you like it. She’s enjoying some summer fucking. Enjoy the heat, men!

CHRISTY MARKS BIRTHDAY: October 13 HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 134 lbs. BRA SIZE: 36H MEASURES: 44-28-36 LIVES: Pennsylvania PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: June ’10, April ’10, Oct. ’09, Aug. ’09, June ’09, Holiday ’08, Dec. ’08 VIDEOS: Christy’s Big Bang and The Breast of SCORELAND (both XXXRated and available on page nine of this issue)


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Two geeks can’t get girls, so they invent their own mega-busty babe! Daphne Rosen stars as the fuck doll with super powers who helps the guys score the girls of their dreams. Newcomers Angel Gee, Eva Notty, Contessa Rose & Aileen Ghettman make their XXX debuts. Maggie Green does her first XXX girl-girl! Two-discs loaded with extras! 238 MIN. ON DVD


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Amazing XXX jack value! Nine big-titters use their mouths, cunts and racks to drain the cum from your balls. Plus lapping lezzies, Kianna Dior & Lexxi Tyler. Features newcomers Anika Anderson, Selexia Rae, Angelina Castro & Diamond Foxxx, plus Asian Kiko Lee in her first XXX. Also Candy Manson, June Summers, Carly Parker, and Dylan Ryder. 232 MIN. ON DVD June Summers


We went to Hungary to film our most spectacular on-location feature ever. Karina Hart, Christy Marks, Terry Nova, Melissa Mandlikova, Jasmine Black and Kristy Klenot want to learn how to ride horses, but they end up riding cocks. Features a fourway with Christy and Terry, and Karina’s first tit-fuck! 152 MIN. ON DVD & BLU-RAY

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Terry Nova

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