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SHYLA SHY AND ALEXIS SILVER When they take a prisoner, they capture his cock inside their juicy holes.


HOLIDAY 2009 Volume 18 - Number 13



32 INTERVIEW: AILEEN GHETTMAN You’d never believe it if you just met her, but this black-n-stacked newcomer is a kinky dominatrix!


5 SCORECARD An open forum for readers’ letters and comments.

19 BOOB BEAT Boobs in the news by columnist Elliot James.

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SOPHIE MAE Yes, they’re real. Yes, they’re spectacular! PAGE 54





INDIANNA Worship at her temple of boobs. PAGE 91





NOTICE: THIS IS ADULT MATERIAL All of the performers/models, and all of the characters that they portray, were over 18 years of age at the time of the photography. The content is inappropriate for minors, and appropriate care should be taken to ensure that it is not viewed by anyone under 18 years of age. Retail price: USA: $8.99; Canada: $9.99; UK: £4.50. Bonus Edition: USA: $11.99; Canada: $13.99. This is: Holiday 2009, Vol. 18, No. 13 (on sale October 6, 2009). © 2009 by The SCORE Group and Quad Int’l., Incorporated, all rights reserved. Republishing in whole or in part, including, but not limited to, any electronic media, is expressly forbidden except with written permission of The SCORE Group. Naughty Neighbors ®, Leg Sex ®, 40Something ®, Voluptuous ® and SCORE ® are registered trademarks of The SCORE Group and Quad Int’l., Incorporated. 18eighteen™ is a trademark of The SCORE Group and Quad Int’l., Incorporated, registration pending as of publication. The SCORE Group, and Quad Int’l., Incorporated, certify to all commercial purchasers that the aforesaid materials are in full compliance with the requirements of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 and associated regulations. Editorial Office: 1629 N.W. 84 Ave., Miami, FL 33126. Publisher disclaims all responsibility to return unsolicited material, and all rights in materials published vest in The SCORE Group and SCORE. LETTERS are assumed to be for publication, unless otherwise endorsed, and may be edited. This periodical is sold subject to the following conditions: it shall not be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise disposed of in a mutilated condition or in an unauthorized cover by way of Trade, except at the full retail price, or affixed to or as a part of any publication or advertising, literary or pictorial matter whatsoever, without the expressed written consent of the publisher. Any similarity between an individual person or people depicted in the fiction or artwork in this magazine and any real person or people is purely coincidental and is not intended as a representation of any particular individual or class of people. PRINTED IN CANADA

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www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


SCORECARD Lorna Morgan (far right) put it all out there in her three-way with Terry Nova (middle) and Gianna Rossi in the Sept. ’09 issue.

belong in SCORE. She has a cute, chubby face and great tits, but she’s two axehandles across the ass. Ashley belongs at least in Voluptuous or, with another five or six pounds, in XL Girls. Stop pushing her on us SCORE readers.–Nathaniel, via email Dear Nathaniel: In that case, you’re probably not going to be thrilled to find out that Ashley returns on page 76-83 of this issue. Or maybe you will. We respectfully request that you reserve judgment on Ashley until you see this month’s pics. HE FELL IN LOVE WITH FARRAH Dear SCORE, I just got the September ’09 issue and saw a new girl who really stole my heart: Farrah Vancock. Another in your discoveries of fresh, black beauties. An

Farrah’s big tits and lush ass make her one of the year’s top newcomers.

LORNA MORGAN PROVES IT’S BETTER TO GIVE AND TO RECEIVE Dear SCORE, One of the things I enjoy most about SCORE is that so many of your girls really enjoy getting together for group photo sessions. No jealousy or rivalries. Just having fun together and giving us great jack-off photos. I am thrilled by the layout of Lorna Morgan, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova in the September ’09 issue. I have loved Lorna since I first saw her, but I always considered her a bit aloof. So I am very excited to see her giving and receiving pleasure with Gianna and Terry. This is truly a classic photo session of which you and the girls can be proud. Secondly, I owe a sincere apology to Ashley Sage Ellison for not realizing how magnificent she is when I first saw her in SCORE and V-Mag. And now, having cum twice over her photos in the September issue, I am making up for lost time. Even more than Christy Marks or Karina Hart, Ashley represents the ideal of what a new

SCORE Girl should be. She can become as great a favorite of mine as Lorna Morgan.–M.R., Bensalem, Pennsylvania THE DEBATE CONTINUES: DOES ASHLEY BELONG IN SCORE? Dear SCORE, You’re right, Ashley Sage Ellison (Sept. ’09) is hot, but she does not

Ashley Sage Ellison has the face and tits to be a SCORE Girl.

incredible body and a face to match. What a smile, and those eyes! Her brown skin, so smooth and firm. And, of course, her big naturals. H-cups looks like no exaggeration. I had

If you have comments, criticisms or suggestions, send them to: SCORECARD, 1629 N.W. 84 Ave. Miami, Florida 33126. Or email us at:


missed the August issue of Voluptuous so I had not seen her until now. But I just ordered that issue and will grab up anything else I see with lovely Farrah.–G.H., Los Angeles, California Dear G.H.: In that case, get ready to grab Farrah’s hardcore boy-girl debut in the upcoming DVD Busty Working Sistas. She’s a super-stacked maid who goes all the way. The movie also stars Alexis Silver, Carmen Hayes, Stacey Adams and another great newcomer from 2009, Mianna Thomas. Go online to to order your copy.


JOHN FOX president & CEO


DAVE ROSENBAUM editor STEVE SERO art director ELLIOT JAMES associate editor BRUCE ARTHUR Scorecard editor

GIVEN THE CHOICE, HE’D RATHER FUCK MINKA’S TITS THAN PUSSY Dear SCORE, Just read August 09’s “Scorecard” and was happy to see someone else requesting that you bring back “The Jack Report,” something I’ve been wanting for a long time. However, I was a little confused by your rejection on the grounds that you now sell many of the products you’d be reviewing, thus creating a “conflict of interest.” Exactly how is that any different from the “Video Picks” you regularly run? How come it’s okay to plug your own movies but not jack aids? Incidentally, I don’t use jack aids (in my experience, nothing beats your hand and a good dollop of Vaseline), but I always enjoyed reading about them, as well as different masturbatory techniques. “TJR” was a unique bit of publishing that only served to widen the gap between yourselves and the


ANDRES BASTIDAS I.T. manager MICHAEL FEDERICI print operations manager




For inquiries regarding existing SCORE subscriptions, please write to: SCORE Customer Service 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, FL 33126 USA Phone: 305-662-5959 Fax: 305-662-5952 Email:


HARVEY W. BANGHOR director of circulation BOB CERMAK North American circulation manager FRANK BRZESKI & DAVID EMERSON UK circulation managers NORTH AMERICAN DISTRIBUTION CURTIS CIRCULATION COMPANY Phone: 201-634-7400

Fax: 201-634-7499

MIKE D’EMIDIO account executive DEBBIE WHELAN international sales UK EDITION MAGAZINE MARKETING COMPANY Octagon House, White Hart Meadows,

The U.S. Post Office only forwards periodicals-rate mail for 60 days, so we must have your new address within three weeks of your move to guarantee that you’ll get all your issues. We cannot be held responsible for non-delivery of issues due to your address change.

The average cock can get lost between Minka’s gigantic tits.

MAIL TO: SCORE Change of Address, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, FL 33126. Please include your mailing label or a legible copy. UK SUBSCRIBERS: Please contact us at the above address.

Ripley, Woking, Surrey GU23 6HR UK Phone: 0148-321-1222

competition, and if you were to only bring it back a couple of times a year, I’d be a happy man. In the same issue, I practically begged for some Tits & Tugs action from Minka, but you basically said,


Fax: 0148-322-4541


AMERICAN MEDIA WORKS JOHN ROMANO & JAIME ROMANO account executives Phone: 914-273-6309 Fax: 914-273-3215 email:

“What's the point? She always does titty-fucking in her scenes.” That may be true, but sometimes (quite often, actually), that’s all I want. You seem to be erroneously making the assumption that guys always want to see a chick go all the way in XXX. I’d much rather have Minka suck, stroke and talk to me in her sexy voice in P.O.V. than watch some bozo ripping into her.–K.S., United Kingdom Dear K.S.: Thanks for writing. The difference between “The Jack Report” and our “Video Picks” is that in our “Video Picks,” we don’t pretend to be impartially reviewing the movies; in fact, we really don’t present the “Video Picks” in a critical way at all. They serve as an introduction to a new SCORE DVD, complete with jackable photos. “The Jack Report,” on the other hand, was very critical (and gave positive reviews to only a handful of products). Also, there’s no jack value in publishing pictures of the products. A “Jack Report” about products we sell would be purely informational (how they work, etc.), and in all honesty, that sounds kinda boring. So, for now, there’ll be no more “Jack Reports.”

Do you want Kristy Klenot to look at you when she’s getting her pussy eaten?


A bunch of intrepid explorers get captured by Alexis Silver, Shyla Shy, Rachel Love, Kali West and Alia Janine. Sounds like they explored well.


SEXED & SUCKLED Mianna Thomas, Dixie Devereaux and Shyla Shy are the new girls in this video, getting sexed up, getting their tits suckled. The title doesn’t lie.

3 BUSTY RIDING ACADEMY WATCHING FROM THE SHADOWS Dear SCORE, In the February ’09 issue on page 56, note the full-page photo of Merilyn Sakova. The photographer did not pay attention to one of the fundamental tenets of photographing people: atten-

On the verge of becoming one of our best-selling DVDs ever, this refuses to leave the Top 10 list. Karina Hart’s first tit-fuck is one reason.


KARINA HART AS YOU WISH Back to solo action…kinda. In the final scene of this DVD, our photographer straps on a dark dildo and uses it to fuck the shit out of Karina.


We went all the way to the Bahamas to make sure that Annina got thoroughly fucked in the ass by a big dick. Indianna Jaymes fucks, too.

6 TITS & TUGS 4 SCORE made the phone call to big-buster Annina. Would she fuck super-hung porn star Shane Diesel? She didn’t hesitate. “Sure!” Annina said, barely able to contain her excitement. “I think that will be a new experience for me, a man with a big cock like that.” Annina got fucked in the ass by a sizeable cock in the DVD Big-Tit AList, but the piece of man-meat she got there is dwarfed by the fearsome Diesel, whose cock measures 10 inches long by eight inches around. “I do not need every man to be Shane Diesel,” Annina said. “I hope I can handle it.” Can she get her lips around his cock? Will his giant schwanz fit inside her tight German cunt? Find out in the International editions of the January 2010 issue of SCORE, on-sale November 3.

Supersonic tug jobs and tit-fucks are meted out by Janet Jade, Alexis Silver, Brandy Talore, Rachel Love, Jolie Rain and Chavon Taylor.


ASHLEY’S FIRST TIME Stars Ashley Sage Ellison, she of the gigantic J-cup tits (see pages 76-83). They’re so heavy, we don’t know how she carries them around.


TOP-HEAVY TEASERS 10 super-stacked SCORE Girls put on a tits-andass show. Includes Deena Duos, Morgan Leigh, Summer Sinn, Cindy Cupps and Kylee Nash.

9 MERILYN SAKOVA BUSTY & BEYOND More of one of the greatest naturally stacked babes ever. Merilyn makes your wildest fantasies come true while you jack away!


CHRISTY MARKS ANAL ANGEL What’s that you say? Angels don’t take it up the ass? Excuse us, fella, but are you implying Christy isn’t an angel? Dem’s fighting words! All videos may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-421-0760 (U.S. & Canada) or 001-305-662-5959 (International). Or see many of them now at COMING UP: Our newest feature film is called Boob Science. It’s an all-XXX affair starring Daphne Rosen, Angel Gee, Aileen Ghettman and Eva Notty. Also in this flick, Maggie Green has her first hardcore girl-girl. It’s with Daphne.

Can Annina get this cock into her mouth? Find out next issue. & om

tion to shadows. In this case, a dense shadow covers nearly half of Merilyn’s left breast. At first I thought she had unusually large areolae, but then I noted her other breast, as well as the other photos, and saw the photographer’s error. That’s sloppy and ugly. My opinions: 1. Models in the XXX pictorials should not look at the camera. When they pay attention to their partners, I feel as if I am a voyeur looking in on an intimate liason. That’s very hot. 2. I am very much in favor of occasional features of pregnant women. Pregnant women project a certain warmth and, of course, their breasts generally gain a cup size or so. The fantasy attached to this is that the reader inseminated her. Hot! 3. Generally, I favor natural or only slightly augmented breasts. On the other hand, I would appreciate additional photos of Chelsea Charms.–P.F., Twentynine Palms, California

Packed with 50somethings who aren’t into shopping or hanging out at a beauty parlor. They’d rather be satisfying their carnal cravings with a toy or taking a hard cock in their mouths, experienced pussies or tight assholes.

THEY LOOK GREAT NAKED. THEY LOOK GREAT IN CLOTHES, TOO. Dear SCORE, Sometimes the fully-clothed pics are best. I would imagine it gets like that since we see big, bare tits all the time. Daphne Rosen is like a V-Mag-type SCORE girl. Not a straight line on her. I love the curves of her hips, her tapering waist and the perfectly sized boobs that ride so high and firm. I remember her before she did herself over. Back then, I thought she was a fair V-Girl. Then she super-sized her tits and became the super SCORE girl she is today. Of course, she is gorgeous, but she seems approachable. The smile she displays is like what she might look like if one got up the balls to go up to her and say hi.–G.H., via email A BUNCH OF RULES TO LIVE BY Dear SCORE, 1. SCORE should only be for women who have large tits but are slim or relatively slender. Anyone else should be relegated to Voluptuous or XL Girls. SCORE should be for only a certain type of model. 2. If a model won’t smile even a little, the photo spread should not be used. 3. Every XXX photo spread has guys who are young. There are guys of every age who read SCORE. Why not include older men with these young ladies or Continued on page 18


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Pages 98-99

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ATION! ON LOC JANUARY 2008–Join naturally stacked Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Terry Nova, Angela White and Gianna Rossi in the Bahamas for one of our most spectacular special issues ever!

FEBRUARY 2008–Sweater spectacular featuring full pictorials of sweater shredders Crystal Gunns, Morgan Leigh and Brianna Costello, plus six extra pages of your favorite sweater girls.

MARCH 2008–Christy Marks and Angela White go tit-to-tit on the beach, brand-new Merilyn photos, Tera Cox and Denise Derringer fuck & suck, Deena Duos returns and more.

APRIL 2008–Summer Sinn and Brianna Bragg suck and fuck; First look at newcomers Shyla Stylez and Alanna Ackerman; Brand-new pics of Danielle Derek, Anna Song and much more.

MAY 2008–Exclusive interview with Lorna Morgan, plus brand-new pictures of the natural legend. Also, slimn-stacked newcomer Annina, new Lisa Lipps pics and lots of bulging bras.

HOLIDAY 2008–Newcomers blowout with brand-new pictorials of Karina Hart, Janet Jade, Yurizan, Annina, Bea Summer, Lillian Faye, Daylene Rio, Isis Haze, Mandy Pearl and Shyla Stylez.

JANUARY 2009–Tits in tight tops spectacular, plus Morgan Leigh and Summer Sinn team up on a guy, Africa takes it in the ass, Crystal Gunns gets massaged and a brand-new lineup!

FEBRUARY 2009–Includes a 32-page 2009 calendar of SCORE Girls in tight tops. You could hang it just about anywhere! Plus, June Summers and Daylene enjoy a three-way porking.

Y XXX CHRIST NOVEMBER 2008–Eight pages of bigtitted MILFs, 23 pages of hardcore, three debut pictorials, brand-new Natalie Fiore, Rukhsana and Annina and a drop-dead gorgeous centerfold.

DECEMBER 2008–Harmony Bliss and Mia Starr go tit-to-tit, hot fuck talk with Alexis Silver (and new pictures), Rachel Love’s unexpected return and eight pages of Christy Marks fucking.


Karina Hart


Lorna & Jessica

If you’re a fan of V-Mag and love its legendary ladies, then this issue is for you. Take a walk on the wild side and back in time with a cover-to-cover tribute to incredible tit queens like Cherry Brady, Lorna Morgan, Jessica Turner, Karina Hart, Chloe Vevrier, Carrie, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Via Paxton, Kerry Marie, Susie Wilden, Denise Davies, Brandy Talore, Angela White, Nicole Peters and many, many more! &




JUNE 2008–Annual awards issue featuring full-length pictorials of Christy Marks, Crystal Gunns, Alena Snow, Denise Derringer, Kylee Nash, Delotta Brown and Minka, plus Danni Ashe.

JULY 2008–Just imagine your favorite SCORE Girls in 3D! Well, you don’t have to imagine it any longer. SCORE 3D is here: a special 32-page insert with Christy Marks, Crystal Gunns & more!

AUGUST 2008–“Summer Fun” issue, featuring stacked chicks fucking in the great outdoors, overstuffed bikinis and boobs on the beach. Plus, Kylee and Christy flex in our best centerfold ever.




MARCH 2009–Brand-new photos and an amazing centerfold of the great Minka. Plus, Daphne Rosen, Amber Lynn Bach, Candace Von, Kali West and Dominno in hardcore action.

APRIL 2009–The results of the “Top 20 Naturals Showdown,” amazing photos of Minka playing tennis, eight pages of Christy Marks (including XXX), plus crazy ass-fucking hardcore action.

MAY 2009–Five girls fucking and sucking in the Xtra section, including Christy Marks and Terry Nova in a fourway, Harmony Bliss XXX, Sharon Pink, Carmen Hayes & Chavon Taylor.

Y! CHRIST ANAL AUGUST 2009–Our annual “Summer Fun” issue is packed with SCORE Girls destroying swimsuits (and a nine-page bikini special). Plus, an all-anal Xtra with Christy Marks and Annina.


X! S OF XX E G A P 32

SEPTEMBER 2008–Full-length pictorials of Merilyn Sakova, Karina Hart, Anna Song, Kelly Kay, Terry Nova, Nicole Peters, Luma, Sharday, Ines Cudna, Janet Jade, Paola Rios & more.

OCTOBER 2008–Lorna Morgan pregnant and much bustier than ever, the complete guide to lap dancing, lots of newcomers and a 32-page Xtra section with six girls and lots of anal!

S AYOUT 5 XXX L JUNE 2009–Our annual awards issue. New pictorials of Karina Hart, Janet Jade, Yurizan, Daylene Rio, Christy Marks, Merilyn Sakova, Lorna Morgan and Rukhsana, plus an LDM tribute.

JULY 2009–38 pages of hardcore including Christy Marks’ first anal, oiled up Minka at poolside and Latina hottie Angelina Castro, plus nine pages of the greatest Chloe Vevrier pics ever.

NOV. 2009–Karina Hart and Mandy Pearl play with each other on a tennis court. First on-camera XXX for Angel Gee and Alia Janine. Faith’s debut. Harmony Bliss is a busty teacher.

DEC. 2009–New Maggie Green photos and an exclusive interview, her firstever in print. Plus, Daylene Rio and Kiko Lee XXX; Natalie Fiore bustier than ever; and newcomer Renee Ross.

EBUTS FOUR D SEPT. 2009–Lorna Morgan, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova three-way in a hot tub. New layouts of Ashley Sage Ellison and Ariana Angel. Three brandnew naturals: Kali, Alia and Farrah.

OCT. 2009–Internet star Maggie Green makes her SCORE debut. Plus, Christy Marks takes on Monster Cock, blackn-stacked debutante Aileen and Crystal Gunns caged!

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Nine big-titted sluts use their mouths, cunts and racks to drain the cum from your balls. Plus two lapping lezzies, Kianna Dior & Lexxi Tyler, in full-on girlie sex. Features newcomers Anika Anderson, Selexia Rae, Angelina Castro & Diamond Foxxx, plus Asian Kiko Lee in her first XXX DVD. These chicks are housewives, girlfriends, busty coworkers, chicks out on job interviews, babes at the pool and, of course, hookers. Nearly four hours of hardcore!

Busty hooker Carly, standing in a parking lot with her tits pouring out of a purple dress, gets picked up by a dude who takes her to a motel. “You like picking whores up?” she asks as she hungrily slobbers all over his cock. “You like fucking whores?” she says as she lays back for a tit-fuck, then gets her pussy drilled, spreading her ass wide and making sure he gets his money’s worth.


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Candy is on all fours, totally naked, posing for an artist, getting hornier. When he finishes, he strokes her pussy and fingers it while she spreads her asshole. She licks her own pussy juices off his fingers, then sucks his cock and tit-fucks him. This scene is shot from your point of view, so you’ll feel like Candy’s gagging on your cock and fucking you, and you’ll feel like you’re fucking her until you cum on her tits.

June rubs up against a co-worker in the SCORE photo archive room. He takes out her tits and sucks them, then she gets down on her knees and gives him a sloppy blow job. When they go into the conference room, she asks, “Are you gonna fuck me good?” Yeah, you bet he is!

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Lounging by the pool in a skimpy bikini, Diamond gets a helping hand from the pool boy. He squirts lotion onto her tits, then fucks her tits and mouth, and when Diamond demands, “Give me that fucking cock!� he delivers before squirting his load onto her creamy rack.

Some bitch at the bar spills her drink on Dylan, so a helpful gentlemen invites her back to his place so she can change into something dry. Never happens. Dylan gets tit-fucked and blows his cock, then rides it hard in every possible position. This entire scene is shot from your point of view.

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Anika Anderson is sitting in the kitchen, rubbing ice on her nipples. When her guy comes home from working out, she wants his cock and she gets it, filling her mouth with his cock and sucking his balls. He fucks her on top of the kitchen counter, then they finish off in the living room.

“I want more cock! Fuck me!� blonde whore Selexia screams as she sucks deep, gets fucked deep and takes a sticky load all over her big tits in a public restroom of questionable cleanliness. SCORE 15

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Rich babe Kianna wants some big-tit lezzie loving, so she hires busty escort Lexxi for some tit-to-tit and pussy play. There’s lots of squealing, moaning, tongue-kissing, strap-on action and filthy girl talk in a scene that’s a must-see for girl-girl lovers. Lexxi wears the strap-on and fucks Kianna hard while pulling her hair. In the end, both girls cum!

Angelina, one of our favorite newcomers of 2009, does a slow striptease. She jiggles her tits and plays with her shaved, pink pussy, then rubs ice on her nipples. But she’s not all tease. She sucks cock deep while her tits rub against some guy’s balls, then gets pounded missionary, reverse-cowgirl and doggie-style. Finally, her rack gets coated in cum.


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Kiko wants the modeling job, so she shows off her ass, pussy and big tits. When the interviewer says, “We need to see how good you are at performing,� she shows him with a spectacular deep-throat blow job, then has him fuck her face and pussy. We assume she got the job.


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Continued from page 8

the MILFs? I’m 57. If I see an older guy with a model, it tells me that even I would have a chance with the lady. This could be not only a turn-on but psycho-


Daphne looks great when she’s fucking, but she looks great in clothes, too.

Being on the A-list means you’re among the elite. Being on SCORE ’s A-list means a girl has a supersized rack and a sexual appetite that’s in overdrive. Sex vixen Annina takes it in the ass. Minka, the world’s bustiest Asian, gets a poolside glazing. Newcomer Indianna fucks on camera for the first time. Harmony is a slim-n-stacked fuck doll. These girls deserve the best. And so do you! Minka

Harmony Bliss

Summer Sinn

Crystal Gunns

Indianna Jaymes

Cindy Cupps

TOLL FREE U.S. & CAN 1-800-421-0760 • WORLDWIDE 001-305-662-5959 • $39.95/ C$45.95/ £23.95/ €27.95 (Plus S&H) DVD (Region free) ITEM #PIX423D VHS ITEM #PIX423



logical boost. 4. I feel there is line of videos missing from the SCORE library. There are models who have made several videos. Why not have a line of videos that is modelspecific? If a model has made at least five videos, why not put them all on one disc? 5. The annual awards process needs a bit of a wider field. Remember, there are two kinds of models: natural and enhanced. I lean towards the former. There should be two categories for Model of the Year: one natural and one enhanced. There should also be categories regarding the videos: best scene, best model in a video, best movie, etc. All this because SCORE offers so much. 6. Please do not, in any of the accompanying paragraphs in the awards issue, give any suggestions about who should be Newcomer of the Year or Model of the Year. This leads to favoritism and tends to lean readers to a certain model. To me, this is unfair. 7. Perhaps some kind of contest where readers could have a chance to meet and spend a little time with a Continued on page 62

18 SCORE &









Sister Act! Sexy siblings do it all in SCORE Group mags! When Anna Loren made her SCORE debut in the September ’09 issue, she told us that her sexy sister was responsible for her decision to model. “My sister shot for some of your other magazines, Naughty Neighbors, Newcummers and Leg Sex,” Anna said. “Her name is Autumn. She even had sex. I think she did an anal sex video. She took a couple of nudie pictures of me in her bathroom, and we sent them in online to She said it was a lot of fun to shoot with you guys, and she was right. I

Anna Loren













didn’t hesitate. Not when I heard it involved masturbating. I don’t hesitate when it comes to masturbating.” That’s interesting, Anna. Neither do we. Anna’s sister appeared as a new discovery in the March ’09 issue of Naughty Neighbors, and a month later, her hardcore anal-sex pictorial was published. (The video version is posted on the Neighbors website, It’s rare that sisters cum our way and drop Autumn, their undies. Anna’s sister. Here’s a photo comparison of Anna and Autumn. Will Anna follow Autumn’s lead and have anal sex (or any kind of sex) on-camera? Time will tell, but we can always pray.

Mamazon, The Poster It’s the biggest movie event in SCORE history, and now you can own the poster. Just go to and click on “wallpaper.” The poster is available in several sizes. The Mamazons are, from left to right, Daylene Rio, Alia Janine, Alexis Silver, Kali West, Rachel Love and Shyla Shy. In Mamazon, four jungle explorers search for

an idol that can give women huge tits. The idol is worshipped by a tribe of busty, cockstarved women. Will the strangers get out in one piece after fucking the Mamazons? This new feature super-movie is a safari into hot, exotic sex and is available in an extremely limited twodisc special edition. Get your copy of Mamazon on page nine…before it’s too late.

SCORE 19 &

SCORE Men Say! Every SCORE Man has his favorite way of enjoying SCORE Girls. regularly polls its members, and here are some new, surprising results. Check ’em out, then log on and join the fun!

Tits: 51% Boobs: 37% Nothing listed here: 5% Jugs: 3% Knockers: 2% Hooters: 1%

A model with DD-cup boobs who will do everything with a guy: 53% A model with moderately big boobs who spreads and shows pink: 29% A model with extremely big boobs who will only show her breasts: 18%

Beach: 36% Mall: 24% Street: 20% Casino: 12% College Campus: 8% Park: 0%

Third-person (You are the external observer): 51% Your Point-of-view (aka “You’re The Man”): 49%

Linsey Dawn McKenzie keeps coming up with new ways to get us hard! In this selection of videos never-before-seen on DVD, the HH-cup wonder is a bad-girl biker, a sexy secret agent, a 1950s high school student fantasizing about getting fucked by her dream guy, a cat burglar who breaks into a house and finds a dildo, a graffiti artist wearing short shorts and a tiny tube top and lots more!

TOLL FREE U.S. & CAN 1-800-421-0760 • WORLDWIDE 001-305-662-5959 • $29.95/ C$34.95/ £17.95/ €20.95 (Plus S&H) DVD (Region free) ITEM #VD230D VHS ITEM #VD230


ORDER FORM ON PAGE 9 I’m indifferent: 38% Love them: 24% Like them: 23% Hate them: 14%

20 SCORE & www.fantamag.c .com .c om

According to a new survey, here’s the top 10 list of what guys hate on dates. Beware: This’ll get you angry. 1. Expecting us to pay the bill. 2. Taking a haughty or rude attitude to wait staff. 3. Doing nothing but check for voice mail or texts on her phone. 4. Acting unhappy just because a restaurant is crowded. 5. Wanting to go somewhere else after arriving at a place. 6. Looking around at other members of the opposite sex. 7. Complaining endlessly about being tired or having sore feet. 8. Making a racket with ringtones on her stupid handheld gizmo. 9. Taking the attitude that being treated is her right. 10. Making no effort to carry on a conversation.

Joe Diamond believes that if you can’t charm the girls you want, then buy ‘em!

“This is a lot better than coming home with a bag of old candy!”

Joe Diamond is a men’s magazine writer. He’s also a proud “monger,” shorthand for “whoremonger,” a guy who regularly fucks prostitutes. The Brits use the word “punter.” Others call themselves “hobbyists,” but they’re not making model ships. They’re fucking hookers and writing about it on the Internet. There’s a huge sub-culture of these dudes who look at hookers as quasi-girlfriends, and Joe is happy to be one of them. A New Yorker, Joe’s never had much success on the dating scene with the girls he really wanted to bang. So, in a way, “regular” women made him become a monger… and an author. Joe’s pay-for-play life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the main focus of his new hardcover book, Around The World in 80 Lays (Skyhorse Publishing). Influenced by a friend, Joe traveled to Rio, where he quickly educated himself in the girlfriend experience (GFE) that many foreign prostitutes offer to men.

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a new Monsters and SCORE Girls from artist Pauly. In the Holiday ’07 edition, the babe was Minka. This time, the carried-away stacked girl is ever-sexy Vanessa Montagne (Dec. ‘05) of Pauly doesn’t use ink and brush. He’s part of the new wave of digital illustrators who produce art electronically. Check out more of his paintings at his site, “I love tits bigger than my head!” Pauly said.

Unlike the wham-bam-and-out style of an American escort, the Brazilian girls in Joe’s orbit act almost like jealous lovers. In the first section of the book, Joe describes his flings with young, beautiful whores (some of them moms supporting kids, others supporting pimps), their usually hypersensitive personalities and the ex-pat whoremongering life in Rio, where men who could never bed hot girls in their own countries succeed with gorgeous, fantasy fuck-toys…as long as they have the cash. The Rio section is replete with first-hand accounts of the different pay-pals Joe hooked up with and sometimes made the mistake of getting romantically involved with. Joe hasn’t screwed hookers in Thailand, the Czech Republic and Germany yet, so he recounts the sexperiences of his fellow mongers in the rest of the book. For more information and to order, log onto or


www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

The Absolute Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever Told To SCORE Girls All breast-men dream of picking up a SCORE model and fucking her brains out. We know SCORE Girls are hit on a thousand more times than the average girl, and they’ve heard every line in the book. Here’s another trio of cotton-pickin’ pick-up lines that varmints have handed them. Our advice: just be yourself should you ever have the good luck to bump into a SCORE Girl.

Winning Minka’s Bra? Priceless! Mr. L.E. of Canada was so happy about winning Minka’s gigantic 44KK bra that he wrote us a letter. “To know I own Minka’s bra is awesome,” he wrote. “Knowing that she is such an outstanding porn star makes it kind of priceless. Your mags are sold in two stores in my town, but I have subscriptions to 18eighteen (where it started for me), SCORE, Voluptuous and, just recently, 40Something. I own numerous SCORE videos and no one else’s as I think yours are top notch. I have actually won two prizes now as I won a consolation Christy Marks autographed magazine a while back, but Minka’s bra is the icing on the cake. I only wish Minka could have delivered it herself!” As a consequence of the contest, Minka is now braless, as you can see in this photo from a new video online at called “Minka Reloaded.” Unload, fellas!

Kali West: ”Hey, weren't you in the Miss Virginia contest last year?”

Bra winner L.E. lists Minka as his #1 SCORE babe.

Farrah: ”Can I drink your bath water?”

Maggie Green: ”Has anyone ever told you that you have huge boobs?”

Tits In Wet T-Shirts One thing we never get enough of is a girl in a wet T-shirt. This month, we have three prime examples of dripping-wet babes blessed with great, big hooters. The utmost care was taken to prevent them from catching chest colds!


Rachel Love


& ww www. w.fa fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com om

Natalie Fiore

4 ways to watch movies at home!* is the new Video On Demand site now offering SCORE movies in four different options. Pay-Per-Minute lets you buy minutes that you can use to jump from scene to scene. Streaming Media allows you to rent a movie for a week or a month and watch it anytime. Downloadable Rentals lets you save a movie on your computer for a week or a month so you don’t have to log in to see it. With the Burn-to-DVD option, make your own DVDs at home if you don’t want DVDs shipped to your address plus you save on shipping costs. * We apologize but SCORE on Demand service is not available for Mac users at this time stor oremags. s. com m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

STEPHANIE HAS THE MIND OF A SCORE MAN AND THE BODY OF A SCORE GIRL. Perhaps you’re wondering what you have in common with Stephanie Stalls, a small-town girl from Kentucky who’s short-n-stacked at 5’2” tall, F-cup tits. Well, for one, you love big tits, she loves big tits. Perhaps you love shaved pussy (Stephanie has a very fuckable one). Stephanie loves shaved pussy, too. Sure, Stephanie’s into guys, but she really likes girls, too. “I’ve had sex with girls 10 different times,” she said. Hey, who’s counting? “I am!” she said. SCORE 25 &

“Chances are that when I get my copy of this issue, the first thing I’ll do is look at my pictures, and the second thing I’ll to do is masturbate to the pictures of the girls with big tits and shaved pussies,” Stephanie said. “There are going to be others besides me, right?” Plenty, Stephanie. “I think big tits and shaved pussy are the perfect combination. Maybe it’s just me, but I think shaving your pussy makes your tits seem bigger, and there’s a nice smoothness and seamlessness to the whole look. If I’m with a girl who doesn’t shave her pussy, I’ll often offer to shave it for her.” 26 SCORE & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

There’s a country girl side to Stephanie. She’s into water skiing, horseback riding and motorcycles. If you saw her out on a hot summer day, she’d probably be wearing cut-off shorts, a white tank top and a push-up bra. Then there’s her sexy, sophisticated side. She’s the girl who’ll always accent that outfit with a pair of fuck-me pumps. She’s the girl who looks one way and sees a guy she wants to take home and fuck, then turns around and sees a busty girl she wants to take home and fuck… “And then decides to take home both,” Stephanie said, laughing. “I’m into wild and crazy sex, anywhere, any time. I’m like a guy in that way. I’m always ready.”

www. ww w. stor orem emag em & ag

www. ww stor orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa fant ntam amag ag.c .com om

30 SCORE &


& ww www.fa fant ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om



n a recent day in the SCORE Studio, Aileen Ghettman sat in the stylists’ chair, surrounded by other big-titted SCORE Girls (including Daphne Rosen and Maggie Green), waiting to have her hair and makeup done. She was patient, quiet, perfectly willing to wait all day if she had to (she didn’t have to!). Busty and beautiful, she wasn’t playing the part of the prima donna at all. She had us wondering, “This girl’s a dominatrix?” But, indeed, she is. There are a lot of surprising things about Aileen, who debuted in the October ’09 issue, and the dominatrix thing is just one of them. She also has a super-hairy bush, something we don’t see too often these days. And there’s more. Read on.

SCORE: Hi, Aileen. Welcome to SCORE. Why don’t you start by telling us where you’re from. AILEEN: I’m from Marietta, Georgia. I’ve lived there all my life. I’m a

Georgia peach! SCORE: How old are you? AILEEN: I’m 21. SCORE: Are you a student? AILEEN: No. I’ve finished school for now. I’m a professional dominatrix. SCORE: I’ve heard, and that’s why I have a gift for you. It’s a whip.

AILEEN: [Takes the whip] It’s actually a riding crop. SCORE: You know what to do with it, don’t you? AILEEN: Of course! [Whips the bed she’s sitting on] You whip people with it. SCORE: How come you know how to use a whip and a riding crop?

www. ww stor orem emag ags. com m & ww www. w.fa fant fa ntam nt amag ag.c .com om


www. ww stor orem emag ags. com m & ww www. w.fa fant fa ntam nt amag ag.c .com om

THE SCORE INTERVIEW AILEEN: Correct. SCORE: So you were doing it with a man, right? AILEEN: Right. SCORE: So you got your finger all the way in his ass, and you were tickling his prostate? AILEEN: Yes. Exactly. SCORE: From the guy’s standpoint, how does that feel? AILEEN: Amazing. They just keep cumming and can’t stop. SCORE: And when you have your finger in a guy’s ass, you’re completely in control of the guy, aren’t you?

AILEEN: Because I’m into that kind of thing. It turns me on. SCORE: Do you like to dominate men or women? AILEEN: Both. SCORE: What’s the kinkiest dominatrix thing you’ve ever done? AILEEN: Prostate massaging. SCORE: Now that sounds kinky. How does that work?

AILEEN: Well, you take a Latex glove, and you slide it down your hand and make sure it’s not slipping off, that it’s on pretty good. Then you take your index finger and play around his asshole, then you insert it in his asshole until you hit the prostate. And then you milk the prostate. SCORE: Now, just to make things clear, only men have prostates, right?


& ww www. w.fa fant fa ntam nt amag ag.c .com om


www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


AILEEN: Yes. I like that. SCORE: What other kinky things have you done? AILEEN: I like to do ball-busting. SCORE: What’s ball-busting? AILEEN: I take my stiletto heels and rub them against your balls and push down lightly, but then I gradually go into kicking them. SCORE: Is the guy lying in the bed or standing up? AILEEN: He’s on all fours. SCORE: And you have your heel between his legs? AILEEN: Yes, and I’m using the heel of my shoe on his balls. SCORE: And kicking is involved? AILEEN: Yes. SCORE: Call me old-school, but getting kicked in the balls doesn’t sound like too much fun. AILEEN: Well, there can be quite a tingly feeling when you add sensory deprivation, which is taking ice and rubbing it on the balls before you do it, and then when you go to kick them, they feel it 10 times more. And after the pain subsides, they begin to really enjoy it. It’s like busting a nut 10 times. SCORE: So while the guy’s on all fours, you’re taking ice cubes and rubbing them on his balls. AILEEN: Yes.

Continued on page 44


www. ww stor orem emag ags. com m & ww www. w.fa fant fa ntam nt amag ag.c .com om


www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa fant fa ntam amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

GRADUATION TIME IS NEAR FOR MARTINA. IT’S TIME ONCE AGAIN FOR HER TO TAKE HER CLOTHES OFF! “I want to have fun one more time before I graduate from the university,” said Martina, a student from Prague, Czech Republic, to our interpreter as she took off her sexy dress, explaining why she returned to SCORE after debuting in the May ’08 issue. “Being in SCORE the first time was so much fun,” she said. “I showed it to all the boy students, and they all wanted to date me!” 38 SCORE


www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

When our interpreter pointed out that those boys didn’t want to date her, they wanted to fuck her, she said, “I know. I didn’t want to date them, either! And guess what else? I finally had my fantasy!” Her fantasy, you might recall, was to get face-fucked by a guy while a chick ate her pussy. “I did it after class one day with my best friend and a cute boy who always looked down my dress. I don’t think it could have happened if not for SCORE.” Actually, it could have. But we’ll take credit anyway.

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Explorers, searching deep in the jungle for an artifact that can make all women stacked, are taken prisoner by six tribal babes with huge tits. Have the explorers finally discovered the source of their treasure? Maybe, but first, they’ll have to survive wild group sex with their horny captors!

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SCORE: Aren’t his balls getting numb? AILEEN: Yes. And then I kick them. SCORE: You’re a ball-buster! AILEEN: [Laughs] Some people have called me that! SCORE: Okay. What else are you into? AILEEN: BDSM. Everybody loves that. SCORE: Everybody? I don’t think so! AILEEN: [Laughs] I mean, you can do BDSM on men and women. On men, I like to do BDSM that involves CBT, which is cock-and-ball torture. You can have the cock rings on and the little connector, and I can pull it up and tickle them, and they get really sensitive but you can’t cum because it’s restricting, the way it’s positioned. And then BDSM comes into play in that I tie your hands up so you can’t touch yourself. You can’t take it off. SCORE: So the guy can’t touch his cock and balls, and you’re not touching them either, are you? AILEEN: [Laughs] Correct. SCORE: Are you naked while you’re doing this? AILEEN: Not usually, but sometimes I like to go topless. SCORE: So they’re looking at you and your big tits, and they have this giant hard-on and they can’t cum. AILEEN: Correct. SCORE: And their hands are tied so they can’t touch their cocks or your tits. AILEEN: Correct. And I don’t touch their cock. SCORE: Let me get this straight because like I said, I’m old-school. This is enjoyable for the guy? Really? AILEEN: [Laughs] Yes, it is. And I like it, too. I love to tease. It’s just my nature. First I tease, then I please. Although in sessions like this, there’s never sex going on. SCORE: In your everyday life, when you’re not torturing cocks and balls and kicking them, do you like to tease with the way you dress? AILEEN: Yes, I do. I’ll wear a tight Tshirt or a top. Or I’ll wear a halter top and a short, short skirt so my ass is hanging out a little bit, just to tease. SCORE: Do you like to have your ass slapped? AILEEN: Lightly but definitely not with a riding crop. SCORE: Ah, so turnabout isn’t fair play!

44 SCORE &

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IF YOU’RE GONNA DO HARD TIME, YOU MIGHT AS WELL DO IT WITH BUSTY BABES. Imagine being taken captive by a tribe of big-titted babes. Imagine that they demand–no, force you!–to fuck their mouths and pussies, even their asses. Imagine that they decide to use your body as their own personal playground, to do with as they wish. Sounds like hell, doesn’t it? Yeah, right. What it does sound like is the plot of Mamazon, the new XXX-Rated feature-film starring, among others, Alexis Silver (the brunette) and blonde Shyla Shy.

& ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt om

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Alexis is an experienced porn slut. Shyla is a newcomer who’s making her SCORE debut right here. She can learn a lot from a girl like Alexis, and Alexis was happy to teach her. Notice on the previous spread how Alexis, good instructor that she is, feeds Shyla the cock. Notice on this spread how Alexis shows Shyla one of the most important porn-star skills: taking it up the ass. Shyla isn’t up to that skill yet, but give her a chance. These things take time. But for now, enjoy the centerfold.

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

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www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

ALEXIS SILVER BIRTHDAY: Oct. 27 HEIGHT: 5’4” BRA SIZE: 40J MEASURES: 43-28-34 PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: April ’09 (XXX), Dec. ’08, July ’07, Feb. ’07 VIDEOS: Mamazon, Big-Tit P.O.V. Anal Edition and many more (XXX-Rated, available on page nine of this issue)

SHYLA SHY BIRTHDAY: July 27 HEIGHT: 5’5” WEIGHT: 168 lbs. BRA SIZE: 38J MEASUREMENTS: 46-30-38 LIVES: Tampa, Florida VIDEOS: Mamazon and Sexed & Suckled (both XXX-Rated and available on page nine of this issue)

www. ww stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

SOPHIE SPEAKS CZECH. WE SPEAK ENGLISH. BUT BIG TITS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. So here’s the deal: One of our scouts discovers a great new model. F-cup naturals. Pretty. Sexy. Young. And as fast as you can say “2009 Newcomer of the Year candidate,” we’re flying our studio staff to Prague, Czech Republic to get her on film. But there’s one problem. The girl speaks very little English. Our photographer speaks no Czech. What to do? Pray the model doesn’t need direction. Sophie answered our prayers in many ways.

& ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt am

www. ww stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant ntam amag ag.c ag .com om

There’s a reason Sophie was such a natural in front of the camera: She’s used to using her body to turn on men. She’s a belly dancer who spends her nights shimmying and gyrating to Middle Eastern music, although we have to wonder whether anyone’s ever looking at her belly when those tits are shaking all over the place. “Sophie knew exactly what we wanted her to do,” our photographer said. “First of all, she came dressed to go. She walked in wearing a white top and the bra she’s wearing here, and our eyes just about popped out of our heads because her tits were even bigger than they looked in the test shots. And second, she’s a natural tease. She knows how to flirt with the camera.” 56 SCORE & www.fant ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

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Sophie reminds us of Melissa Mandlikova, although with a more voluptuous body and bigger tits. Her areolae are huge, almost three inches across, and her breasts are heavy and full (although you already know that from seeing Sophie’s cover shot). And now, the big question for you: Next month in the January ’10 issue, we’ll announce the finalists for 2009 Newcomer of the Year. There’s no doubt Sophie will be on the list. But where do you think she stacks up against such outstanding newcomers as Ashley Sage Ellison, Maggie Green, Aileen Ghettman (see pages 32-37 of this issue), Ariana Angel, Angel Gee and Indianna Jaymes? Gentlemen, your job just got a whole lot tougher. And a lot more fun!

www. w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

60 SCORE & www.fantam amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

SOPHIE MAE BIRTHDAY: Feb. 2 HEIGHT: 5’6” WEIGHT: 137 lbs. BRA SIZE: 34F LIVES: Czech Republic MEASURES: 40-32-36

& ww www. w.fa fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c .com om


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model, or another contest to spend a day at SCORE headquarters to be part of the process.–R.C., Brooklyn, New York Dear R.C.: Thanks for writing, and we’ll keep your ideas in mind, particularly regarding the annual awards, which kick off next month in the January 2010 issue. For now, we’re going to limit the categories to Model of the Year, Newcomer of the Year and Hall of Fame. We feel that having more awards would make the one we have seem less important. And, yes, we’ll try not to sway the readers toward any one model.




IT’S THE SEEMINGLY INNOCENT PART OF BRANDY THAT GETS US! Dear SCORE, Brandy Talore is stunning. I love her so much that I have tried to purchase every DVD she has been in, and the ones I have I have watched over and over. I just ordered Rack Riders. She gives the greatest facial expressions when she’s getting it deep in her pussy. That seemingly innocent smile, those huge triple D-cup tits with pointy-and-alwayssuckable nipples and a cleanly shaved pussy make her one of the most jackable girls I’ve ever seen.–K.B., via email

Brandy Talore manages to look sweet even when she’s sitting on a cock.

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62 SCORE &






SCORE 63 &






64 SCORE &

IN AIRPORTS, ON THE STREET… LADIES, LET THOSE PUPPIES FLY! Dear SCORE, I know this is a men’s magazine and I’m preaching to the choir, and maybe there aren’t a lot of women reading the magazine, but… I know we’ve all seen this before (I see it a lot at airports): the big-titted girl who is running down the street late for an appointment. Unfortunately, that girl is always cognizant of the fact that she’s got a huge rack, and she runs with an arm covering her boobs so they don’t bounce all over the place. Ladies, it’s a blessing to have huge tits. Next time you’re running down the street (hopefully wearing something tight), please let your massive sweater melons fly. I like to watch, and so do most other guys.–T.N., via email Dear T.N. We second your opinion. IT’S A FACT THAT FRENCH MAIDS FUCK MORE THAN OTHER MAIDS Dear SCORE, Could you print a special featuring French maids? I have a hang up for busty babes in French maid outfits, the more revealing the better. If you could show them getting fucked as French maids, it would be such a turn on. As a Vietnam vet, I think Minka is the ultimate busty babe for this role. I’d hire her in a minute, and she wouldn’t have to clean anything out of my balls.–Greg, Charlotte, North Carolina



Karina Hart is the ultimate vision of a French maid.



SCORE 65 &

GET SOME MIDDLE-AGED STUDS TO FUCK THE SCORE MODELS Dear SCORE, In your boy-girl XXX, your girls are almost always sucking and fucking young, handsome, porn-stud types with big cocks. I really wish you would at least occasionally show your gorgeous models with men like me and like many others: middle-aged or older with spare tires, perhaps balding, and especially with only average or mediumsized cocks. I think many guys could identify with that type of man, and I know my pleasure would be increased as I fantasize that the man is me. I would be thrilled if Minka, Daphne Rosen Christy Marks would do it. I bet the girls would be pleasantly surprised by the pleasure they would receive and by the amount of cum the men would give them for a final, wonderful facial. –R.F., via email 2009: A YEAR OF GREAT SCORE FAVES AND BUSTY NEWCOMERS Dear SCORE, 2009 has been a strong SCORE year. My favorite new models are Ashley Sage Ellison (sweet face and creamy skin); Mianna Thomas with her sassy eyes and mind-blowing breasts; sultry Angelina Castro and the very special Persia Monir. Persia is proof that it isn’t just about boob size; it’s about beautiful boobs on great-looking ladies. The photographers deserve lots of praise for capturing Minka’s eyes, sexy open mouth and sensual smile. Also loved Daylene Rio in her flatteringly colored dress, Yurizan’s glasses and everything of Janet Jade and Rukhsana. More dildo sucking models, please! A dildo that looks like a veiny, real penis.–S.A., via email J-cup newcomer Renee Ross is already destined to go down as one of the greatest naturals ever. Now, spend a day with this real-life naughty nurse as she wakes up, showers, oils up her heavy tits, goes swimming and puts on a wet T-shirt show just for you. Reach out and grab ’em!

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DOES HARDCORE MAKE CHRISTY THE BEST SCORE GIRL EVER? Dear SCORE, I loved Christy Marks even before she started doing hardcore, but now that I’ve seen her fucking many, many times at, I have to say that she’s probably the greatest model you’ve ever had. Never, ever has a five-star SCORE model (someone along the lines of Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Chloe and Karina Hart) fucked on camera as much as Christy has, and she deserves a lot of credit for it. I guess you could say I’m a satisfied customer.–E.J., via email

66 SCORE &

ALL OF PAOLA IS SEXY, BUT OUR EYES ALWAYS GO RIGHT TO HER E-CUP TITS! Way too much time has passed since we saw Paola Rios in the September ’08 issue, so let’s not waste any time. First, let’s check out how incredibly sexy her body looks in that outfit she’s wearing (we don’t know what you’d call it, but we like it!). Second, check out those E-cup naturals bulging from an overwhelmed pink bra. That damn thing’s gonna burst! SCORE 67

& ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c

Here’s a question for you: Which part of a woman’s big tits do you most want to see, the soft, fleshy part that constitutes the cleavage or her areolae and nipples? Of course, we’ve been conditioned by society to want to see areolae and nips, just because we’re not supposed to see them. But most boob-men, if they really had to think about it (and thank goodness they don’t) would probably opt for cleavage. Paola, however, takes that question to another level because her areolae are so special: wide, dark and almost three-dimensional in the way they seem to sit on top of her breasts. With Paola, when you see just cleavage, you’re seeing only one part of a spectacular boob package. 68 SCORE &

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag com m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

“Fondle me,” Paola said. “Use your imagination to give me pleasure. Don’t do the usual stuff. If you try something and it doesn’t work, I will appreciate the effort.” But when it comes to pleasuring her tits, Paola prefers the traditional approach. “Sucking my nipples always gets them hard and makes me ready for sex. When it comes to my breasts, don’t use your imagination. Use your mouth!”

www. ww w. storem st emag em ags. ag com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam amag ag.c .com .c om


www.stor ww orem emag em & ag

72 SCORE &

PAOLA RIOS BIRTHDAY: August 30 HEIGHT: 5’6” WEIGHT: 138 lbs. BRA SIZE: 36E LIVES: Asuncion, Paraguay PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: Sept. ’08, March ’08, Holiday ’07, October ’07 VIDEOS: Paola Rios: Bad Girl in B.A. and Chesty Chica (both X-Rated and available on page nine)

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant ntam amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


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It’s the latest craze from Tenga, makers of our best-selling sex toy ever. Made of ultra soft and flexible materials, the Tenga Egg can be easily transformed into a jack aid toy for hours of pleasurable fun. Comes in three easy-to-use designs: Spider, Clicker and Wavy. Simply remove the wrapper, open the egg-shaped container, take out the dough-like substance, mold it over your erection and get busy. Tightly fits any-sized cock for premium jacking pleasure. PACKAGE COMES WITH SIX EGGS. TENGA EGG (TNG103) $49.95 • £29.95 • C$57.95 • €36.95 You see them everywhere: big, juicy tits. You want to reach out and grab them. And even more, you’d like to stick your cock between them. Now there’s The Perfect Boobs. They’re so lifelike, squishy and pliable, you can fuck them, too! Grope them, suck them, squeeze them and screw them whenever you want. They’re perfect! (#TC112) $99.95 • £59.95 • C$115.95 • €70.95

Fuck her ass, fuck her pussy, then fuck her ass again! “The Perfect Ass” just wants your cum! Made from CyberSkin®, the separate pussy and ass tunnels are ultra-tight, deep and ribbed for maximum enjoyment. Dual-vibrating multispeed Love Bullets® provide extra fun you control. Requires two AA batteries (not included). #TC110 Natural or #TC111 Cinnamon $229.95 • £140.95 • C$266.95 • €156.95 Product weighs 16 pounds. Additional shipping charges apply.


In your private life, would you consider yourself to be a dominatrix? AILEEN: Yes, actually. SCORE: Because you’re so sweet and quiet, everyone here at SCORE was surprised when they found out you’re a dominatrix. Do you get that reaction a lot? AILEEN: Yes, I do. People can’t understand. But it comes naturally to me. I knew I liked it, that I liked to dominate people, when I was in kindergarten. There was this boy who used to cry a lot. He had red hair and he was a crybaby. His name was Dean, and we were on a field trip. I was in Christian school, and I took his T-shirt just to see him cry. And I liked that he was crying! [Laughs] SCORE: Do you like to make men cry? AILEEN: I do. SCORE: Really? When was the last time you made a man cry? AILEEN: Last Sunday. He was 58, and I did cock-and-ball torture on him, and he cried. SCORE: But it was good crying. AILEEN: Yes, it was very good crying. He wanted to cry. I don’t like to make men cry when they don’t want to cry. That would be mean. That’s only something kids do. SCORE: How old were you when you discovered the sexual aspects of being a dominatrix? AILEEN: I was about 19. That was the first time I went to fetish events and met dominatrixes and masters. I got training and learned all of the aspects of it, and I really enjoyed it. SCORE: Mind if I ask why you were going to fetish events? AILEEN: Because I was curious about the scene, and I knew that people who could help me and teach me about it would be there. SCORE: So you knew early on in your sexual life that you were into this. AILEEN: Yes. I started doing wax play on myself when I was 18. SCORE: What does wax play entail? AILEEN: Pouring hot wax on yourself, and the colors of the candles determine how much pain you feel. Like white won’t burn as much, or green will burn a little bit deeper. It also matters how high you hold up the candles or how close you hold them. When I was in

74 SCORE &

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Are you a chick with big tits or a guy who knows a chick who has ’em? We’re conducting a worldwide search for busty girls (DDD-cups or larger) for SCORE and Voluptuous. Models chosen can receive a modeling contract worth up to $50,000. We’re also paying finder’s fees of up to $5,000! Models must be 18 years or older.

www. ww w. stor st oremags. s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

IT’S NO WONDER ASHLEY IS A TOP CONTENDER FOR NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR. Perhaps we’re stacking the deck (really stacking it, in this case), as some readers have accused us of doing, because this is Ashley Sage Ellison’s third appearance in SCORE this year, and no other newcomer, with the exception of Angel Gee, has more than two. And maybe some readers will say, “You guys want Ashley to win 2009 Newcomer of the Year” or “You’re subliminally sending a message to us.” But to that, we have three responses: 1. We don’t have a favorite for Newcomer of the Year. We love all of the girls. 2. We keep showing a lot of pictures of Ashley because we’re guessing that you, too, never get tired of looking at her. 3. There’s nothing subliminal about Ashley’s J-cups. 76 SCORE &

www. ww stor orem emag ags. com m & ww www. w.fa fant ntam amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww stor orem emag ags. ag s. com co m &

The finalists for 2009 Newcomer of the Year will be announced in the January 2010 issue, and here’s what Ashley had to say about that: “Of course I would be flattered just to be considered. Winning would be beyond my wildest dreams. I spent some time in St. Martin with Karina Hart, who I know won 2007 SCORE and Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year, and I think she’s beautiful. To be considered for the same award she won would be an honor. But in all honesty, I have a better chance of winning the Voluptuous award.”

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

In this pictorial, Ashley gets a little kinky with us, licking whipped cream off of her creamy breasts and, on the next spread, rubbing ice-cold rocket popsicles against her supersonic flesh rockets. “Sure, it was cold, but it was fun,” she said. “Like I said last time, I can’t believe some of the things you guys ask me to do, but this one I understand. My nipples got so hard. You guys like that, don’t you?” Our unbiased answer, Ashley? We love it!

www. ww stor st orem or emag ags. s. com co m & ww www. w.fa fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

ASHLEY SAGE ELLISON BIRTHDAY: May 15 HEIGHT: 5’6” WEIGHT: 162 lbs. BRA SIZE: 36J LIVES: Manchester, England PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: Sept. ’09, June ’09 VIDEOS: Ashley’s First Time (R-Rated and available on page nine)

www. ww stor orem emag ags. s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com om


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training, I had two pillar candles draping over me at the same time. I started out with white and eventually got to black, which are the hottest. SCORE: Do you ever have sex that doesn’t involve some aspect of this? AILEEN: Of course! I have what you’d call regular sex all the time. To me, it’s all a matter of variety. SCORE: What part of being a dominatrix do you enjoy in your personal life? AILEEN: I like wax play and scratching down the back but nothing like flogging. I enjoy getting tattoos. I have two on my back. In the middle part of my back, the big one is a Geisha pinup girl. I found the picture and added my own details to it, and so did the tattoo artist. And the one on my lower back says “The Queen” in Cantonese. I drew it and added the Celtic circle. SCORE: Are those your first of many or are they the last two you’ll get? AILEEN: I want to get more on my sides, but I don’t want anything too visible, like sleeves on my arms. SCORE: Good move. I mean, what if you want to become an FBI agent or something, right? AILEEN: [Laughs] That’s right, but I already know what I want to do. I’m about to start a Latex clothing company, but I’m also a bartender so it’s not great to have a lot of tattoos when you work in a classier place. SCORE: Where do you bartend? AILEEN: I was working at a sports bar, but now I do more upscale parties and stuff like that. SCORE: And you want to get into Latex clothing design? That’s unusual. AILEEN: I started sewing when I was little and making some of my own clothes. I really would love to put out more men’s fashions for Latex clothing because there aren’t a lot of companies that do that. I want to come up with original designs for Latex and add different fabrics. Make it more original. SCORE: Have you ever been a dancer? I mean an exotic dancer, of course. AILEEN: No. SCORE: And this is your first time modeling? AILEEN: It’s not my first time modeling, but it’s my first time modeling for nude magazines. I’ve been a fetish model on the Internet.

84 SCORE &


www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om








86 SCORE &


SCORE: Let’s talk about your boobs for a while. At what age were you a D-cup? AILEEN: I was a B-cup in fifth grade, so I was probably a D-cup somewhere around eighth grade. SCORE: Did you like having big boobs? AILEEN: It was just natural. It was like, “They’re there!” It was mostly good, but the girls were pretty jealous. They’d just look up and down at me and act catty. I was like, “What am I supposed to do about it? They’re natural.” SCORE: How about the guys? AILEEN: Guys loved it. They were like, “Show me your cleavage!” SCORE: Do you come from a busty family? Is your mother busty AILEEN: Yes. My mother got a reduction, and she’s got a big badonkadonk. And my grandmother is very busty. SCORE: You don’t really have a big butt, do you? AILEEN: No. SCORE: You don’t have a small butt. AILEEN: [Laughs] Yeah, I do. SCORE: You want a bigger butt? AILEEN: No. I’m content with the way it is, but if it happens to get bigger, that’s cool, too. SCORE: Was there ever a time during your breast development when you wondered if it was going to stop? AILEEN: Yes. Many times. I was thinking that in 11th grade, like, “Is it gonna stop?” But it didn’t. It still hasn’t. They keep growing. SCORE: So what size are you now? AILEEN: I am about a 32H. I was a 32FF last time I was here. SCORE: Where do you buy your bras? AILEEN: At Intimacy. They’re online, but I go to the stores, and they always have my size. SCORE: That’s surprising. You’re not a big girl, other than your boobs. AILEEN: They usually have big cup sizes but they usually don’t have the back size for me in regular stores. They’ll have 44H, not 32H. SCORE: How about clothes? Let’s say we saw you out on a normal day. What would you be wearing? AILEEN: Shorts. Short skirts. Tank tops and halter tops. T-shirts. SCORE: With or without a bra? AILEEN: With a bra. SCORE: But you could get away without one, though, couldn’t you? AILEEN: I could. SCORE: Because your breasts are very firm. Would you say you dress to show off your chest or you dress comfortably?







SCORE 87 &





AILEEN: Just comfortably, especially when it’s hot. My breasts are very heavy, probably five pounds apiece. SCORE: Do you attract a lot of attention when you’re out? AILEEN: Yes, I do. Guys come up to me and try to get me with stupid lines, or they’ll say, “Oh, you’re beautiful.” SCORE: Does that ever work? AILEEN: No, not really. I like simple stuff. I once was working at a bar, and a guy came up to me and said, “If I can call you, will you talk to me?” I said okay because how was he going to get my phone number. Then when I went in the office, he grabbed my phone, called his phone with it, then erased his number out of my phone and called me, and I actually talked to him. That worked. SCORE: Have you had a lot of boyfriends? AILEEN: Not a whole lot. Not long-term relationships. SCORE: Are guys intimidated by you? AILEEN: In high school they were because I dressed very Gothic. All black. Black lipstick and leather and Latex. SCORE: I’d be intimidated by that, too. What kind of music do you like? AILEEN: I like just about everything. I don’t get into country that much, but I like a lot of industrial rock, jazz, rap, techno. Industrial is more Goth. SCORE: What else do you like to do? AILEEN: I like to write erotic stories. I keep journals of writing. It’s something I do all the time. It’s an outlet. My favorite thing to write about is it being dark outside, and I’m all alone in my house and someone comes in and takes advantage of me. SCORE: Have you ever played one that out in real life? AILEEN: [Laughs] Yes. More than once. SCORE: What happened? AILEEN: Well, it can be dark outside and there can be a storm, and all of a sudden the power goes out, and then before you know it, the door is being unlocked, but I don’t know who’s unlocking it, but at the same time I do because only a few people have a key to my house. So, he comes in, and I’m in the bedroom watching TV, and I’m comfortable and topless in my little boy shorts, and all of a sudden, I hear this noise like someone’s coming up the stairs, and before I know it, he’s in my room looking at me. But before I realize he’s there, I’m still sitting there watching TV and masturbating, and he comes in and watches me. And then after a

88 SCORE & & www.fa





while, we’re both on the bed taking care of business. SCORE: Fucking? AILEEN: Yeah! Everybody’s favorite thing to do! SCORE: Everybody’s favorite thing to do. I like that. And this is just a roleplaying thing in which both of you know what’s going on, right? AILEEN: Right. Somebody breaking into my house wouldn’t be cool. SCORE: Aileen, we’re running out of time. You’re needed in the studio. But let’s talk about another interesting thing about you, besides your boobs and your kinks. We’re living in an era in which most girls shave their pussies, right? AILEEN: Yeah. SCORE: And how many girlfriends do you have? AILEEN: Three. SCORE: And I bet they all shave their pussies, right? AILEEN: Yes. All three. SCORE: But you’re not shaved. AILEEN: No, I’m not. SCORE: Have you ever shaved your pussy? AILEEN: Yes, but I like it better this way. SCORE: How come? AILEEN: It’s better to be natural. I have natural boobs and a natural butt, so why not be natural down there? SCORE: Good point. Are guys surprised when they see it? Because it’s not just unshaved. It’s a very hairy bush. AILEEN: Yes, always. But I haven’t had any complaints. Nobody’s ever asked me to shave it. They always like it. SCORE: We like it, too. We like everything about you. How did we find you? AILEEN: I saw your ad on the Internet, and a friend told me to send in my pictures, and I did. At first I went back and forth on it, trying to decide what to do, but I finally did it. SCORE: So your first time here really was your first time modeling nude. What was that like? AILEEN: Exhilarating. I really enjoyed it because I’m very comfortable with my body. And I loved seeing my pictures in the magazine. That was exciting. SCORE: Are you a nudist? AILEEN: Yes. I haven’t been to nude beaches yet, but I like to sleep naked and walk around the house naked or in a panties and bra. Whatever floats my boat at the time. SCORE: And this floats your boat, doesn’t it? AILEEN: Yes, definitely.

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Watering a plant is about all the plot you’re going to get in Indianna’s hardcore debut. But it did give her the chance to dress up like a horny country girl before she planted her mouth on this dude’s meathose and sucked it hard and fast to stiffen it for her pussy. “Please don't ever lose this model,” reader J.A. begged “She is Newcomer of the Year material from day one! By the way, has anyone noticed that she has a beautiful pair of legs? I love thick, shapely legs, and she has them. She puts most other models to shame!”

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"Big tits just look so much better on a woman, don’t they?” Indianna said. “I love curves and shapely bodies. I love how my tits look in the mirror and the looks I get from guys when I walk into a store or a restaurant. I love how my chest looks in tight tops, T-shirts, swimsuits and bras. I can’t even imagine what my sex life would be without my big tits. When I would read in a SCORE interview a model saying how much she loves her tits, I’d be with her totally. Now I’m happy to be one of those girls in SCORE myself.”

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INDIANNA JAYMES BIRTHDAY: June 28 HEIGHT: 5’2” WEIGHT: 120 lbs. BRA SIZE: 36G MEASURES: 44-30-38 LIVES: Portland, Oregon PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCE: May ’09 VIDEO: Big-Tit A-List (XXX-Rated and available on page nine, or see it now at

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