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Division 67’s Newsletter

Hey everybody! I would like the start off this newsletter by saying that it is my last as Division 67’s LtG. Thank you to everyone reading this newsletter for the great past year you have given me, with amazing experiences. Please warmly welcome the new LtG, Chris Zavalza, who begins his term in April. Help him out by collecting incoming officer contact info NOW, so it will be ready for him at the start of his term! Wouldn’t that be a nice welcome gift? ANYWAY if I still haven’t visited your club I will be there in the next 2 weeks. I will see some of you then. Those of you attending DCON must contact me ASAP so that we can work out some spirit gear. Officers, let attendees know this. Please check out my ICON page, lots of info for an amazing trip! :D All in all, thank you again for a great year and I hope too see everyone soon. In love and service, LtG. Kelsie Hoppes :)

What’s in this issue! March DCM......................2 KCCP.................................2 Important Dates..............2 LtG Elections....................3 ELIMINATE.........................4 DCON 2012......................5 2011-2012 Officers...........6

10 minutes is all it takes to read this newsletter, please do it!

KCCP Wristbands............6 ICON 2012........................7

Astoria High School Key Clubbers signing up for events!!

Kelsie Hoppes Lieutenant Governor Div 67 503/298/8980

Clubs in Division 67: Astoria High School, Warrenton High School, Seaside High School, Tillamook High School, Taft High School, and Waldport High School.

March’s DCM


March’s DCM will be held March 21st at 7PM. It will be a conference call as usual. To access the DCM, please do the following: Call: (605)477-2100 When prompted, enter this code: 568539#

March 30th-April 1st 2012 DCON!!! :D New LtG is inducted :) April 5th - Secretary Report due June 29th-July 8th - ICON in Orlando

Don’t forget that DCMs are mandatory for all officers. New officers too! Notify me beforehand if you cannot attend so you can be excused.

Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program (KCCP) 2011-2012 Governor’s Project

This year our district’s project is Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program (KCCP). As you probably know, cancer takes thousands of lives every year, many of these lives belonging to kids. As you also probably know, there is no known cure for all cancer. KCCP works with three different children hospitals (Dorenbecher’s, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and British Colombia Children’s Hospital) to assist in cancer research to find the cure. Since the project is obviously so demanding, there is no exact number goal for dollars raised…the goal is as much as possible, so get fund raising! Sell the wristbands (see page ).

"Whenever we contribute to the cure of a child with cancer, Kiwanians are part of it." - H. Stacy Nicholson, M.D., Chairman of the OHSU Department of Pediatrics and Physician-inChief of Doernbecher Children's Hospital

With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. To eliminate MNT from the Earth, more than 100 million mothers and their future babies must be immunized. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It will take US$110 million — and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family. Kiwanis and UNICEF joined forces to tackle iodine deficiency disorders, achieving one of the most significant public health successes of the 20th century. Now, they are eliminating MNT from the face of the earth.

And in doing so, the project will reach the poorest, most neglected mothers and babies with additional lifesaving health care. The end of this one disease means the beginning of better health for so many families.


DCON 2012 WHAT IS DCON? DCON stands for District Convention. DCON is a time where our district joins together to celebrate service, raise money/awareness for our district project, train officers, elect our new executive board, and HAVE FUN. The weekend includes opening/closing sessions, workshops, caucusing/house of delegates, a Governor’s banquet, a dance, among other things! It is a great weekend that you will not regret attending! DCON 2012’s official pin design.

WHEN IS DCON AND HOW CAN I GO? DCON 2012 is going to be March 29th - April 1st 2012 at the Double Tree Hotel in SeTac, WA. The total cost is $220. Help with funding can be done through holding club fundraisers and Kiwanis’ help.

Division 67 showing our spirit at opening session.

HOW TO REGISTER: The call to convention CD should now have arrived at all clubs (if your club has not received it please talk to me ASAP and I will email the contents to you). The call to convention will have all of the information that you need to get signed up! If you have any questions feel free to ask me. DCON 2011!

DUE DATES: January 31st: Paper Registration Due, as well as election materials and award applications. February 15th: Online registration due!

Key Club Officers 2011-2012 Division 67

Astoria President - Kendra Scheel VP - Jessica Gardner Secretary - Annik Fremstad Treasurer - Kristee Vetter Editors - Shyanne Young & Victoria Sheehan Webmaster - Mary Knoch

Warrenton President - Jessica Morrow Vice President - Cecilia Giles Secretary/Treasurer - Taylee Gittons


President - Colin Atchison VP - Ryan Weber Secretary - Claire Seeger Treasurer - Samantha Boring Editor - Sarah Wilson

Waldport President - Casey Chessir

Seaside President - Kathy Lin VP - Kristen Farmer Secretary - Garrett Brown Treasurer - Kelly Schwenk Editor - Shannon Macomb

Taft President - Jessi Weaver Secretary - Jessie Wisniewski Treasurer - Christopher Knudson Editor - Niles O’Neil

KCCP Wristbands

To raise money for KCCP, Division 67 (and neighboring divisions) are selling wristbands for $2. Proceeds from the wristbands go to this year’s Governor’s Project; KCCP (see more on page 2 about KCCP). Each club will receive if they want them, so get selling! :) Talk to me, or your President for information!

ICON 2012 PNW District Tour: June 29 - July 8 Cost: $1450-$1530 Price Includes: • 8 nights at hotels • Airfare • Transportation between hotel/airport • ICON registration • Entry fees for parks (Disney World and Universal Studios [if applicable]) • District T-shirt • Miscellaneous incidental expenses (does not include spending money) Tour includes: • Disney World! • Harry Potter World! (if applicable) • ICON, of course! :)

If you want more info/starter kit contact me ASAP, there are roughly 50 spots for our district alone, and they are available first come, first serve.

Div 67 March Newsletter  
Div 67 March Newsletter  

March's newsletter!