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If I have an egg and you have an egg and we swap them – we both have one egg. If I have an idea and you have an idea and we swap them – we both have two ideas. Chinese proverb

WELCOME TO IMPROVEMENTS Sick and tired of having to carry keys everywhere you go? Maybe it's because you know how difficult it can be trying to deliver goods or services to locked apartment buildings. Or because you want to save time and money when you are managing and servicing properties. Or because you are a building resident and you want an easier, securer alternative. BEKEY instantly creates significant value for a lot of people. Read about Denmark's new electronic key system in this brochure and the many new options that it gives you. We look forward to sharing BEKEY with you.

Now we can be sure that the person entering the building is there on official business. It also means we can order goods and services over the internet, e.g. groceries. Because the supplier can now use his mobile phone to enter the building and leave the delivery at our front doors. Anders Jensen, Sydhavnen resident.

BEKEY IN BRIEF BEKEY makes accessing apartment blocks safer, securer and quicker. From now on you have a safe grip on your keys and you always know who has access to your building and when they have access. More secure because the BEKEY system cannot be copied or lost. And it means goods and services are delivered more quickly and more easily. BEKEY is an innovative electronic key system that works via mobile telephones. Easy to use and completely secure. The system is developed in accordance with standards recommended by the Danish Insurance Organisation and it has been tested on the market since 2008, with a high degree of user satisfaction. Read on and learn why.

I've had to make deliveries in areas before where the entrances were locked and it took forever to be let in. With BEKEY, the door is practically open before you've parked the van. It is ultra-efficient and it makes distribution easier and quicker. It is also nice that we don't disturb residents when they are enjoying their morning coffee. Gitte Holden Christensen, Distributor, FK Distribution

FASTER DELIVERY, FEWER INTRUSIONS WHY DISTRIBUTORS SHOULD CHOOSE BEKEY Goods, services and homecare are delivered to city apartment blocks every day, all year round. A single company may visit locked buildings more than 100,000 times in a week. Employees have to manage unwieldy piles of keys. And whenever a key is lost, it results in costs for the distributor and the property manager. BEKEY is more effective and secure, saving time and money.

ADVANTAGES FOR EVERYONE  As a resident, you are no longer disturbed by delivery personnel or tradesmen who have to enter the building  As a building manager, you no longer have to spend time delivering physical keys  As a distributor, you no longer have to waste time waiting in front of locked doors

Saying goodbye to physical keys means more than saving time and money. Now you can see who is entering the building and when they enter it. So now we know if our tradesmen are putting the hours in. Bjørn Weber Head of Administration for a property management company

EASIER WORK, MORE CONTROL WHY BUILDING MANAGERS SHOULD CHOOSE BEKEY Managing physical keys is difficult work. Delivering them takes time and when keys are lost, it costs a lot of money to do the paperwork and replace the keys. At the same time, it is difficult keeping track of the total number of keys that have been delivered. BEKEY means the work is easier and you have more control. From now on, you always know who is entering and leaving a building and you can lock an entrance with a single click.

ADVANTAGES FOR EVERYONE  As a resident you are more secure because there are

no lost keys in circulation

 As a distributor you are more efficient  As a building manager, you save time and have more control

If an employee is ill, you no longer have to spend time finding a replacement and giving that person a set of keys. The BEKEY IT system manages the whole process; allowing us to allocate or rescind a key automatically, according to the address or route. Tobias Larsen, Department Head, Social and Healthcare Services

MORE EFFICIENT, MUCH MORE SECURE WHY MUNICIPALITIES SHOULD CHOOSE BEKEY In Denmark, more and more residents require care and services in their own home. No matter a resident's age, disability or affliction – everyone should be secure in their own home. And municipality home carers and assistants need to be able to enter buildings securely and quickly as they go about their business. BEKEY can deliver all of this.

ADVANTAGES  As a home carer, you save time and trouble  As the municipal authority, you ensure your residents are secure, and you can keep track of where and when home carers visited  As a resident, you know that no unauthorised persons can gain access to your home

HOW THE THREE PARTS OF THE BEKEY SYSTEM WORK  Door unit  Net Key– the module  Mobile unit Installing BEKEY is simple and quick and does not require changing the existing entry telephone system. The electronic door unit sits inside a control box that is smaller than a box of matches. This control box is fitted behind the front panel of the property telephone entry system, so there are no visible signs from the installation. The door unit is connected to the electronic door lock, which can now be opened via the mobile units that have been allocated an electronic BEKEY key. BEKEY's core is a centrally-controlled IT system, which you log into via your computer or mobile phone. Once you have accessed the system you can then allocate/rescind electronic keys to specific mobile units. This makes the system easy and flexible, e.g. you can allocate electronic keys that are only active for a specific period of time. The access key in the BEKEY system is a mobile unit, which is typically a mobile telephone. When the administration unit allocates an electronic key, the authorised holder now has easy access. The door lock is activated by a wireless signal when the user is two metres from the door handle. The wireless communication between the mobile device and the door unit is encrypted to ensure high security.

HOW TO ALLOCATE A BEKEY KEY As an administrator, you can allocate BEKEY keys much more securely and flexibly than you can with traditional keys. To gain access to one or several of your properties, you log in to the BEKEY system. Allocating a key takes five single steps; each step takes about 1 minute. Once finished, a link is sent to the recipient’s mobile phone. The recipient’s mobile phone now has an electronic key that gives quick and controlled access to the addresses that are allocated.

MULTIPLE ADVANTAGES  BEKEY works with most types of property telephone entry systems  BEKEY can also be installed in the main doors of private homes  BEKEY lets you keep track of who enters the property and when  Access to BEKEY can be annulled from a central site  Access to BEKEY cannot be copied or lost  BEKEY means you no longer have to stay at home to let tradesmen in or to receive packages


BEKEY is wholly-owned by listed company North Media A/S and was founded in 2008 to install and operate a secure key system for residents, companies and properties.


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The new and smart electronic key system

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