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Welcome to Christmas Toast! Yes, we know it is a little early but we wanted to be the first to say – Hurrah - It’s Exam time – oh, and Christmas too. As ever we try our best to keep you in the know about all the what ifs and buts of exam & assessments and be sure to keep this mag around until yours are over. Pages 07-13 contain the definitive guide to exams, appeals, remarking and feedback. There’s also some sound advice from DIT Counselling service on coping with the stress of it all. Apart from that, check out the RAG update on page 16 and if you haven’t got involved yet – drop along to the SU, get yourself a wristband and plan to do something cool for Ross. We hope you enjoyed Feel Good Fortnight and are all planning to make a small change for the better. Your Health is your responsibility, so do take care. Well done to all of you who took to the streets in protest and keep up the fight by writing and lobbying those politicians. So, sit back and enjoy your slice of seasonal Toast and remember if you ever want to comment, question or criticise anything you read in here please do. We are always looking for input so email with your two cents.



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SITE GUIDE: AUNGIER ST. NEWS: Student protest SITE GUIDE: CATHAL BRUGHA ST. special feature: Exam guide SITE GUIDE: BOLTON ST. NEWS: apprentice hits gold RAG WEEK 2012 SITE GUIDE: MOUNTJOY SQ. NEWS: st. Michael's in dit Feature: Having a laugh? SITE GUIDE: KEVIN ST. feature: spending diary Feature: Feel good Fortnight feel good physically feel good mentally feel good nutritionally NEWS: 'Chef factor' finalist FOOD FOR THOUGHT student TRAVEL JOIN OUR TOASTY TEAM!


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AUNGIER STREET Hey guys! The first semester has flown in! Now with silly season upon us, we have a few highlights here on Aungier Street to reflect upon. We had some great fun down in the basement with blind date, the iron stomach and decorating for Halloween. The first class rep meeting of the year in the Blackbox saw nearly 80 people crowded in. We’ve broken all sorts of records so congrats all!


On Christ BO FACT: mas Eve in Bethlehe 2001, the m Hote its 210 ro l had 208 of oms free

Looking ahead to semester 2, I’m sure it’ll be as successful as the last. DIT is rolling out the Green Campus Initiative and Aungier St. has been chosen as the campus to pilot this scheme. We’ll need a big effort from everyone to banish the litter problems in the common area in particular. I’m open to seeing a whole range of different acts take place on campus in semester two. If you’re a comedian, magician, musician or any other kind of performer and you want to set up on stage, come down and talk to me. I’m hoping to get some forms of inter-campus banter going where we can take on students from other parts of DIT and display our superiority. All I can say is keep an eye on my blog on it’s a good way of keeping up to date with what’s going on and what’s coming up. I’d like to take this time to thank all the class reps, governing councillors and PTOs for their hard work over the last few months. Without volunteers, this place wouldn’t be as much craic. There are way too many people to thank here but you know who you are. Genuinely, I appreciate it. Lastly, best of luck to you all in your exams and with your assessments. If you’re having any trouble at all, please call down to the office. Don’t let things fester guys, we’re here to help.

All the best, Glenn P.S. My favouite Christmas joke: Marks And Spencers new advert states that it wouldn’t be Christmas without M&S. They’re right too. It’d be Chrita.

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4 Your SU office is located on the basement near the SU shop. Help and advice is always on hand- drop in anytime!


DIT students hit the streets

On November 16th DIT students took part in a National Protest, organised by the Union of Students in Ireland. DIT Students’ Union President Ciarán Nevin passes on his thanks...

DIT Students’ Union would like to thank each and every single DIT student who marched with us on Wednesday 16 Nov in the National Student Protest. You were loud, you were proud, you protested peacefully and you made your voices heard! You did yourselves proud, you did DIT proud and you did the national student movement proud. That protest was not the finish line though, merely a step . We will keep this campaign going right up to Budget Day and beyond! STOP FEES-SAVE THE GRANT! 5



DIT Students’ Union would like to thank each and every single DIT student who marched with us on Wednesday 16 Nov in the National Student Protest. You were loud, you were proud, you protested peacefully and you made your voices heard! You did yourselves proud, you did DIT proud and you did the national student movement proud. That protest was not the finish line though, merely a step . We will keep this campaign going right up to Budget Day and beyond!


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CATHAL BRUGHA ST. Well now! Hope you have all had a good year so far! It’s been an eventful one between freshers week, the Halloween ball and the National Protest! But its not over yet. Thats right.........CHRISTMAS! only the bestest time of year. There’s no time for Scrooges here in DIT! Especially Cathal Brugha Street! There will be decorations, games, Santa and some entertainment from movies and music and the Senior Citizens Christmas Party!!!

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Cathal Brugha Street is proud to once again hold the Christmas party. This will provisionally be taking place on Wednesday the 7th of December. Every year the Senior citizens from around the area come into Cathal Brugha street and indulge in Christmas dinner, drinks, music and our very own Santa gives out presents for all of them! It is great to get involved and everybody is such good fun to talk to and have a laugh with! If anyone is interested drop down to CBST or give your name to you r local convenor to pass onto me! Keep an eye out around the site and in your mail to see what onsite events will be taking place in the Brugha! But I guarantee that it will be a nice chillaxing wind down to the year and a time to relax before exams. Its been a busy year and Christmas will be a well deserved break and I will make sure that everyone is relaxed and gets into the Christmas spirit! And hopefully that will be aided with a bit of the white stuff! And I’m talking about snow! And mulled wine and pudding! And now i’ve gotten myself all excited so on that bombshell! Goodbye and see you over the coming weeks!

Much love, Anthony

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8 Your SU office is in the basement of the Marlborough St building. Help and advice is always on hand- drop in anytime!

EXAM GUIDE LET’s KICK ASS(essments)! Hello all you flat-out studiers! Having to sit exams, write essays and complete assignments can be stressful but it comes with the territory when you’re a student! We in the DITSU wish you all the very best of luck as you prepare for the Semester 1 exams and assignments deadlines. Try to eat well, get regular exercise and sleep so that you keep the brain sharp for study. Make sure you know what the deadline requirements are for assignments, when your exams are on and where so that you give it your best shot! If you have any queries call into your Students’ Union Office or contact me, the Vice-President. We’ll advise you on your rights and help you find the best way out of any difficulties you might have with any exam and assessment matter. Check out the Survival Guide section on website for more information. Have an amazing Crimbo and try to study! Take care,


SU Vice President (Academic & Student Affairs)


The Students’ Union is here to give you all the information you will need throughout your college life. Think of us as your port in a storm, and the storm a-comin’ is the Christmas exams and assessments! (Dun dun dun!) Don’t worry, DITSU’s ‘gots this’! We are about to explain to you everything you need to know if the results don’t reflect the work. Ok.... go!

FIRST STEPS: If you are disappointed with the marks you got for an assignment or exam you are entitled to get detailed feedback from the lecturers. You should contact them straight away to arrange an appointment to go through the assessment. This will allow you to go though the work in detail and discuss your performance and receive an explanation for the basis upon which marks were awarded. It is advisable to do this as soon as possible as you may wish to pursue alternative channels. If you are still unhappy with your results there are a number of options:Recheck, Remark & Appeal Make sure you take note of the deadline for each; once the time limit has passed you will have lost your opportunity and exceptions are never allowed. The clock starts ticking once the results are published online or on Pass Lists, not when they arrive in the post to your house.

RE-CHECK: Now, if you get an assessment or an exam result that you think must be wrong, you can get it re-checked. A re-check is just where the calculations on your mark are done again in the hope someone dropped a two or forgot to carry when adding up your marks. These cost €15 each and lets face it, can be a bit of a long shot. Worth it though if it turns out someone did add up wrong when marking you! If you are successful, and your mark goes up, you will get the €15 back. Don’t forget that while someone could add up your marks too low- they could have added them up too high, either. Marks can go down as well as up, so be careful! You can get the form (A/R1, if you were wondering) in the Exams Office or the SU. Fill it out and give it (with €15) into the Exams Office within 3 working days of your results coming out online!!


RE-MARK: This is where you get a different lecturer to read and re-mark your assessment or exam... in theory. In practice, it’s not always a different lecturer (as we have so many specialist subjects here in DIT that there is not always a second person with the knowledge to mark a paper!) so you have to be aware of that. These cost €15 and again, marks can go down as well as up! If you are right and your results change you get your €15 back... always good in these tough times! You can get the form (A/R2) in the Exams Office or the SU. Fill it out and give it (with €15) into the Exams Office within 5 working days of your results coming out online!!

APPEAL: Exams and Assessment Results can be appealed, but only on certain grounds, and they are pretty strict. You have to be approved to appeal before you can appeal. GROUNDS FOR APPEAL: That the General Assessment Regulations have not been properly implemented. A circumstance occurred that is not specifically covered by the Regulations. New attested, documented and relevant information is provided that wasn’t made available to the Exam Board, i.e.: a lost answer book/assignment that wasn’t included in your marks etc. These are the only grounds on which an appeal may be made.

That’s it, dudes! You can’t appeal because you thought you should have done better, or the format wasn’t what you expected, or because you got better in your assessments than you did on the exam. It doesn’t work like that, I’m afraid! You have to submit an appeal form, (A/A1) within 7 working days of your exam results coming out online! It costs a hefty €75 but you will get this back if you are successful... although, as I said, you have to be approved to appeal and if you are not approved that €75 is down the drain! However, if you are “considered ineligible” then you will be asked to attend a meeting of the Appeals Board to talk about it and you can bring someone from the SU to that meeting. Get the form in the SU, the Exams Office or on Drop it, with the money into the Exams Office.

Don’t worry guys, I’m sure none of you will need these options! Go forth and kick assessment... Your VP ASA believes in you! 11 11

DIT Student Counselling Service

Count Down to Exams

Reaching your potential in Exams

Making a Good Presentation: (delivered by the Careers Service)

Thursday 29th November, 1pm: Cathal Brugha St, Kathleen O'Sullivan Theatre Thursday 01st December, 1pm: Aungier St, Black Box Theatre (downstairs beside SU)

Online Study Skills: All these resources are available online: - General Study Skills Handbook - Academic Writing & Essay Preparation Notes - Time Management Notes - Microsoft Office Tutorials -

For support/assistance, contact Student Counselling Service By phoning 402 3352/ 0860820543. 12

Coping with Stress DIT Counselling Services shares some tips...

How to cope with test anxieties.


Many students experience strong emotional, physical and behavioural reactions or anxieties when they are faced with taking tests or examinations. So if you are experiencing any adverse reactions or anxieties then you are not alone but the question you must ask yourself is what can I do about it?

There are strategies that you can use to prepare emotionally, physically and mentally for tests. However before you read about the right way to cope, it is important that you are aware of the wrong way to cope: Some students respond to feelings of anxiety by cramming. Cramming may put some information into memory but will not lead to thorough understanding of the material.


Panicky or anxious feelings Short temper or tendency to blame others Increased desire to put things off Negative self talk (see below) Physical complaints e.g. headaches

Cramming can also give rise to the “blank mind” during examinations. So cramming as a survival technique in college is about as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike! What is worse is that it causes more anxiety as students become aware of how much they don’t know.



• • • •

• • •


They are all smarter, more intelligent than me. I shouldn’t have taken this course, I know I’ll fail. What’s the point anyway. Why can’t I do better, my whole life is failure, I’m not capable of being good at anything.

Use positive self talk and visualisations. I can succeed if I really put my mind to it. I am learning to use effective study strategies. I’m learning how to cope with pressure.


Practice visualisation techniques.


Picture yourself being successful handling the test without excessive stress, or if you are feeling very uptight, try visualising an image or picture of a peaceful or tranquil place, such as a deserted sandy beach in summer, or the top of a high mountain, away from everyone. Picture yourself relaxing in this scene, and carry out the relaxation exercises.

As you work through the test, following these five steps for answering questions: 1. Read the whole paper through and highlight and underline important words. 2. Check how many questions must be answered in each section and read each question again, putting a mark beside all that you might attempt. Now select those that you will answer. 3. Allocate time for each question and start with the question that you are most comfortable with. 4. Plan out each answer clearly before you begin. 5. At the end always check over your answers and proof read for mistakes.

Relaxation techniques: One relaxation method is the “breathing by threes”. Inhale slowly through your nose as you count to three. Exhale slowly through your nose as you count to three. Repeat this several times. MENTAL PREPARATION Some preliminary steps that you might take would include: • • • • •

Seek help from your lecturer and/or counsellor about study techniques Get organised. Tidy up and organise your notes and other material. Make a special set of notes that contain summaries of information that requires more of your attention. Use study methods that give ample feedback. To help identify areas that need more review, have a friend or family member quiz you. Anticipate test questions. Use information from your notes, lectures to predict test questions. Allocate some time each day to practising answering some of the questions. Find out as much as you can about the upcoming test.


• •


Get a good night’s sleep. Allow time for a healthy breakfast. Avoid sugary foods, they may give you an “energy boost” but the effects will wear off quickly and will leave your energy level lower than before you ate. Check that you have all the necessary supplies Allow extra time to get to college the day before the test.


Use a delayed response for those answers that you don’t know right away. In other words, read the question a few times and try recall the information by linking or associating key works in the question to clusters of information that you have in your memory. Or try to visualise the notes that you made or heard when the lecturer was discussing the topic. If you are not sure of the answer, delay the response. Skip the question for now and return to it later after answering as many questions as you can. Use educated guessing when you have exhausted other options but avoid waffling.

after the test Tests are valuable learning tools. As soon as you can, after the test or assessment, make a list of the questions that confused you. Write down topics that you did not study thoroughly. Remember changing your approach to tests can take a little time. Making positive changes is a bit like climbing stairs, you have to take it one step at a time, but before long you’ll reach the top. For support/assistance, make an appointment with your local counsellor by phoning 402 3352/ 086082054


DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IN THIS? Feedback is important for everyone! Are you getting feedback from your lecturers this semester? Are you confident that you are making progress? Do you know where you need to improve? Do you know your marks for the assignments you’ve handed up so far? Are you clear what marks you have accumulated already as semester 1 exams & deadlines approach?

The answer to all the above should be YES! The DIT Student Charter is very clear on what you are entitled to in terms of feedback, e.g. it states that as a DIT student you can expect…. “regular opportunities for discussion about your progress and appropriate studies advice…your marked assignment back to you with feedback within 4 weeks unless there is a good reason for this not to be possible…” If you are not getting feedback or need more than just the marks or percentages ask your lecturer (politely) to discuss your progress with you, ask your Tutor to assist if you are having difficulty with this or contact your local SU Office or email for further advice. 15

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7 out of 10 people who own dogs buy crimbo pres ents for their pooches!

Well how ya gettin’ On!!! Unlike all the other sites, this is actually the first official entry from the Bolton Street Convenor 2011 – Yeah buddy!! It took a while but we got there. So let me introduce myself, my name is Graham Higginbotham and I’m here to represent you and all your onsite needs. So what’s been happening here in Bolton Street and in the SU I hear you ask? Well in short – LOADS! So kick back and check out what’s been going on... First of all I’d like to welcome all first year students to Bolton Street. You’ve taken the first steps to a brighter future here in DIT so well done for that. Fresher’s week was the first thing on the cards and what a great success it was. There were plenty of opportunities to go out and make the most of the opening weeks of college life. I was at the paint party myself, it was great crack! Next up was The Hallowe’en Ball. Despite the terrible weather coming up to the event, DITers braved the elements to get the shift and maybe more, while an 18” man was the centre of attention in the form of Verne Troyer “Mini Me” from Aston Powers where there was an opportunity to get your photo taken with him and a good night has had by all. There’s been huge emphasis on the National Campaign – student protest which will have happened by the time this has gone to print. I’m writing this two days shy of the protest but sources say they are expecting 40,000+ students to line the streets of Dublin City Central. I guess we’ll find out. The Feel Good Fortnight Campaign will have kicked off, focusing on your physical, mental and nutritional health. RAG will consist of part 1 and part 2 spanning over both semesters this year for the first time. The Ross Nugent Foundation will be the charity of choice this year so I hope all of you will contribute as much as possible over the course of the year –it really does make a difference. In Bolton Street, the biggest Northside Campus in DIT, it’s pretty safe to assume that you are an engineering student, architect, surveyor or an apprentice. It’s also pretty safe to assume your weeks are pretty full on. So in order to really get the best out of your time here, my advice would be to find the balance between your college work and your social life. Sometimes this is a fine one, especially if you’ve fallen outta Coppers the night before a really important deadline. The main thing is don’t leave everything to the last minute like at Xmas or Summer. Once you get the balance right however you will really enjoy yourself in college. Here in the SU we will have various campaigns, nights out and big events for you to get involved in, so rest assured, your entertainment requirements are taken care of. And if you’ve any problems in college be sure to call down for a chat. Myself and our brilliant Student Service Advisor, Orla are here for you guys for that purpose. With that in mind, have a blast while you’re here. Its college after all, we’re all about havin’ the crack!

Take it easy, Graham

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16 Your SU office is located on the basement beside the ATM. Help and advice is always on hand- drop in anytime!


Callaghan wins Gold in London!

Dublin Inst itute of Technology had a great result at the World Sk ills 2011 Closing Ceremony in London on October 9th this year with a young apprent ice tak ing Gold! Dublin Institute of Technology had a great result at the WorldSkills 2011 Closing Ceremony in London on October 9th this year. The young apprentice is Colin Callaghan from Drogheda and his instructor is Ivan Sheridan (Dublin Institute of Technology) from the Department of Transport Engineering in Bolton Street. Colin Callaghan walked away with a Gold Medal for Ireland in Aircraft Maintenance at WorldSkills 2011 closing ceremony at the O2 arena  in London and also got awarded Best of Nation. The Aircraft Maintenance competition was 22 hours long and tested the competitors in seven modules. Colin comes from Drogheda, Co. Louth and is working with CityJet at Dublin Airport. Colin had just recently completed his Phase 4, Phase 6 aircraft maintenance apprenticeship in DIT and also 10 weeks of WorldSkills training at Dublin Institute of Technology with Ivan Sheridan, Assistant Head of Transport Engineering.

Student News?

Do you know of any DIT students who are excelling in their particular field? If so, we would love to hear about them! Just drop into your local SU office or mail us on 17


RAG Week 2012 This year, DIT Students’ Union is proud to be fundraising on behalf of The Ross Nugent Foundat ion for RAG Week 2012 and throughout the 2011/12 academic year. Check out the website you will find information about an amazing person called Ross Nugent, his battle with a rare form of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma & the promise that he made to his Mother to raise funds for hospital equipment in order to make life more comfortable for patients, visiting relations & the nursing staff “Ross was a fun loving 18 year old who loved nothing more then the company of his family and friends. Ross loved to make people laugh and this was one of the reasons why so many people simply enjoyed his company. Ross was passionate about music and had a great ear for songs and music of all types. He consistently found songs long before they became popular. Many of his friends would ask him to put together music for their parties and this was something that he loved to do. One of Ross’s many talents was drawing and he loved to sketch for his own enjoyment and even created drawings for some of his friends as gifts. The space on this page is not enough to allow us to tell you of Ross’s many gifts and talents. Today we still hear stories of things that Ross did for people. It was never in his personality to tell us what he did and how he helped others. He simply did it because that is what came naturally to him. Ross touched many people during his 18 years in this world and continues to touch people although he departed from us in May 2010. It was Ross’s wish that funds should be raised to buy equipment for St. Clare’s Oncology Ward in Beaumont Hospital. He wanted to make life easier and more comfortable for the patients, visiting relations and nursing staff. The Ross Nugent Foundation was set up in his name to carry out his promise.” By raising money for the Ross Nugent Foundation you will help to make life more comfortable for patients in oncology wards in Beaumont and other hospitals. Patients who are enduring the stress and strain of any form of cancer deserve the best of treatment. You will be able to see how your money has helped to achieve this objective. Equipment donated will also carry the Ross Nugent Foundation logo which is designed around a piece of Ross’s own artwork and also customised designs by Ross’s favourite designer Ed Hardy. This brilliant cause was voted by the Governing Council to receive the proceeds of RAG 2011/12. We know times are hard and money is scarce but if everyone does a little we can make a difference to those young people in Beaumont hospital. []


So- what are you going to do for RAG? You could start with buying a €2 wristband from any SU office. Then get planning how to raise to few quid and have a good laugh while you’re at it. Get sponsored to grow, shave or wax bits of your body (always popular for masochists), have a cake sale, bring and buy or clothes sales, wash cars, do kissograms, get together and make Ross inspired artworks to sell, busk or bob a job . In the past DIT students have done all sorts of weird and wonderful things to raise money and you should be inspired by them – nudie Eamon excepted (you know who you are). Wear your onesies or a toga for a week (a la Trev), have a table quiz, poker/chess/ pool competition, get sponsorship forms and all the help we can give you in your local SU office – if you can think of it we’ll help you do it RAG for ROSS. 19

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MOUNTJOY SQUARE Hey MSQ! Can’t believe it’s coming up to Christmas already, the year is flying away on us! Hope semester one is treating ye well so far. Myself and the part time officers have been meeting to come up with some local ideas for Christmas week, so if you have any ideas make sure you email me or drop into the office and I’ll see what we can do! Big thanks to all those who have been volunteering and helping out so far this year, it’s greatly appreciated! I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and safe crimbo, and hope santa is good to you all!


BO FACT: Hallmark introduced its Christmas cards in 191 first 5, five years afte r the foun the compan ding of y.

Peace out, and see ya back for semester 2! Gill

CT: CRIMBO oFAChristmas

re tw There a The Christmas s Islands. Pacific Ocean wa the ati. Island in called Kiritim ian formerly land in the Ind . as Is re miles Christm 52 squa Ocean is

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20 Your SU office is located on the basement along with the Canteen. Help and advice is always on hand- drop in anytime!


St. Michael's House students attend DIT

Students from St. Michael’s House recently started an A dvocasy and Leadership course in DIT mounjoy Square. Here, one of the students shares their experience so far... We are twelve students who are attending a course on Advocacy and Leadership in DIT Mountjoy Square. You may have seen us around the college recently. For many of us it our first college experience and so far we are really enjoying it. The course we are studying is about “Speaking Up for Yourself ”, “Rights and Citizenship”. This is important as it helps us to become better advocates for ourselves and our peers who are living with a disability in Ireland. We are hoping that by studying this course it will help us to have a real say in the services that we receive and to become more actively involved in our communities as Irish citizens. Our service St Michael’s House is in the process of setting up Service User Forums. This means that elected representatives in centres will meet at a monthly forum independent of their service to highlight issues of concern to them and their peers. This maybe at a local or national level. The forum will be run by the elected representatives. This will begin in Spring.

The course began in October and continues until May 2012. We will see us about two Fridays a month from 10am –3pm. We usually have our coffee break first thing in a morning to catch up on all the gossip and have lunch at 12:30pm. We are looking forward to becoming part of the DIT social scene.

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Having a Laugh?

Maoliosa Mc Laughlin

Our resident Mature student writer Maoliosa shares with us her views on the current state of the Irish comedy scene. She also gives us the low-down on the hippest comedy clubs... In recent years stand-up comedy has become much more of a popular form of entertainment on a night out. Perhaps it’s with recent shows such as Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Stand and Deliver and Just for Laughs to name but a few or perhaps it’s the current economic situation that compels people to find some ray of happiness in an otherwise pretty miserable world. Whatever the case may be, Dublin’s comedy scene has never been more hectic and vibrant. With comedy on every night in the city there are always some laughs to be found. There are also a lot of Irish Comedians that have swam the pond and carved out a successful career abroad making people laugh such as Dara O’Brien, Ed Byrne, Jason Byrne and Dylan Moran. Yet little know that there are currently comedians on the Dublin comedy circuit who are to be closely watched as they are the up and coming greats. Now is your chance to see them in an intimate environment before they make it and the closest you can get near them is from the back of an arena.

" Dublin's comedy scene has never been more vibrant.

One to watch is Ozzy boy and eternal optimist Damian Clark. You may know him from RTE’s I Dare Ya or from Republic of Telly. If you have not had the privilege of seeing this guy live then do so now. He is guaranteed to please with his contagious hyperness and his twist on everyday observations you will leave the show with a constant aching in your face from laughter. He is the resident MC of The Comedy Shed Club so you can catch him there every Monday. Some others include Swords local Andrew Stanley, Damian’s partner in crime on RTE’s I Dare Ya. His sarcastic and highly entertaining humour promises to please. He can be seen every Tuesday and Wednesday at the International Bar where he runs The Comedy Mish Mash and The Comedy Cellar consequently. Also one to look out for is Fred Cooke or better known to some as Fergus from the Spar Ad. Definitely one to watch. With his mix of music and complete madness he will have you in absolute tears of joy. Comedy doesn’t need to cost a fortune either, you can sometimes catch some of the bigger acts i.e. PJ Gallagher, Des Bishop, Joe Rooney etc. playing some of the smaller clubs around. The best places to catch a giggle or two would be The Comedy Shed, Every Monday night in The Woolshed on Parnell Street, Admission €5, doors open 9pm. The Comedy Shed also offers all DIT students two for the price of one entry. Tuesday, Mish Mash, The International Bar, Wicklow St, Admission €5, doors open 9pm. Wednesday & Sunday, The Capital Comedy Club, The Ha’penny Bridge Inn. Admission €7/€5, doors open 9pm. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The International Comedy Club. The International Bar, Wicklow St, Admission €10, doors open 9pm. Two shows on Saturday night at 8pm and 10pm.


Looking for a topic for your final year project or thesis (undergraduate or postgraduate)? Want to collaborate with a community/not-for-profit partner on a real-life project?

The DIT Programme for Students Learning With Communities can get you started and connect you with communities. • • • • • • • • • • •

Employability Career Real-life Collaboration Projects Research Communities Opportunities Network Make a difference Challenge yourself

Browse the current research questions from communities on our website (listed by subject area): Contact Students Learning With Communities to see how we can help: e: t: 4027616 w:


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KEVIN STREET Hi Folks! It’s been such a quick year. Freshers week feels like yesterday with all the newbies getting used to college life. It’s been fantastic to see so many of you getting involved and volunteering your time to the SU.. Class reps have been fundamental in this and in Kevin St they came out in force with over 60 at the first meeting. Kevin St is now one of the best represented campuses in DIT both Reps and Governing Councillors so fair play to all. We always need volunteers so if you’re interested in getting involved pop into the office and we will be happy to help.


FACT: An artificial spider and w eb are often in cluded in the decorations Christmas tr on Ukrainian ee found on Chris s. A spider web tm believed to br as morning is ing good luck .

Here in Kevin st. we have some facilities issues so if there is something amiss like a broken table or a room is to cold or too hot please report it to your class rep or myself so we can get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. The same goes for anything broken around the site so please don’t hesitate to contact me. On the up side -we also had a new lift installed in the old building near the main entrance. I for one hope this is the first of many positive updates for the campus in the future. What would you like to see on campus? Have you any ideas for local events? If you do, drop into the office here and let us know what you think. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and fresh thinking. As I write this, I’m thinking back on the protest on Wednesday last and I have to say - the sense of camaraderie was electric with 15,000 of us out there marching through the streets of Dublin to government buildings to stop fees and to save the grant. No doubt we have the government quivering in their boots. In a further step to let the minister for education we were not a soft target we camped on the street outside the department of education. We braved the cold and the wetwith our commitment to the cause. I just want to thank all the students for supporting us but more importantly supporting your selves and your future by getting out and protesting and having your message heard.


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Did you know?

24 Your SU office is on the First floor of the Annex building. Help and advice is always on hand- drop in anytime!

Your Union: Your Finance

SPENDING DIARY Your Spending Diary will help you develop good spending habits and give you the power to have some money in your pocket at the end of the week!

DITSU.IE - your on-line Student Hub

Develop your personal Money Plan online! This Spending Diary is one part of your Money Plan- visit our website to get started on yours today.




Your Union: Your Finance

DITSU.IE - your on-line Student Hub Contact MABS on 1890 283 438 (Mon-Fri 9.00-20.00): 28 MABS is a national, free and confidential service for people in debt or in danger of getting into debt.

Question One: A student who is caught Cheating or Plag iarising can be... EXPELLED SUSPENDED



Cheating and Pla g breaches of DIT iarism are regulations

Accidents (such a phones in pocket s notes in pencil cases, Ignorance is no exs, wrong or no referencing) or cuse. Don’t do it!

Inform yourself:

Visit the DIT Student As-regulations to download ssessment Regula tions

Cheating and Plagiarism: Don’t do it. 29

For further information contact your local Students’ Union Office or David Keogan [SU Vice President Academic & Student Affairs]

Your Union: Your Welfare

It’s t ime to ‘Feel Good’. Your Welfare is important and we begin this sect ion with your VP David tak ing a look back at the ‘Feel Good Fortnight’ campaign... This year we visited DIT students across the campuses to promote a focus on their General health, Physical activity and Mental health needs through this year’s student welfare campaign, the Feel Good Fortnight. We encouraged them to realise that ALL aspects of their Health need to be reflected on and checked in with at times. All aspects of Health are linked. Through a range of activities and events, we celebrated with the student body these three important welfare factors that we all struggle to balance at times.

Get in touch! 30

Learn more about how you can Feel Good by visiting the Welfare section of our website-

Our main message during the two weeks were; To Talk to someone about any stresses or troubles you have in your day to day life, no matter how big or small. To realise that walking or playing table tennis or even taking the stairs is exercising and can help keep you physically healthy. To try and cook cheap, simple and nutritious food at home, which will not only save you money, it will be healthier too. We wish to offer a special thanks to all the services from across the DIT, and guest services that took part and made the campaign very informative for the students of DIT, taking stock of their welfare. A big shout out to the Welfare Crew and all those who volunteered, who really made the roll out energetic throughout the two weeks. We could not have done it without you guys!


Your Union: Your Welfare We ran an online survey in Nov to find out if you DIT students are more Keith Richards than Gwneth Paltrow when it comes to your health and 326 responded – with interesting results – see below. FEELGOOD FORTNIGHT IS ALL ABOUT YOU – and how can we change some of those negative statistics and get you thinking about all 3 aspects of your health – mental, physical and nutritional . For full results see

Q1: - How physically healthy are you?

Standout Stat:


Q2: - How important is exercise to you?

Standout Stat:


Q3: - Do you get too much, too little or just enough exercise?

Standout Stat:


Get in touch! 32

If you would like to take part in more surveys such as this one then drop a mail to with the subject 'survey'.

Q4: - How healthy is your diet?

Standout Stat:


Q4: - How many units of alcohol would you drink in a typical night? *

Standout Stat:

65% DRINK MORE THAN FIVE UNITS OF ALCOHOL ON A TYPICAL NIGHT OUT * Among the 90% of students who indicated that they drink alcohol.

Q5: - How would you rate your mental health?

Standout Stat:


Q6: - If you feel low or depressed, where do you seek help?

Standout Stat:




Your Union: Your Physical Health


78% of you surveyed feel you get too little exercise. LET’S CHANGE THIS. How do you feel about exercise? Do you realize there are cheap and free ways of looking after your health and it is not always about joining a gym and paying for expensive classes. You could walk instead of getting the bus, take the stairs and not the lift, borrow a dog and hit the park for play, find something you really enjoy doing and go for it. Did you know, right here in DIT, there are over 40 vibrant sports clubs that facilitate all levels of abilities from the leisure seeking to the competition orientated. All are cheap as chips to join and you get to meet people from all over DIT and get fit while you’re at it. The next few pages is a just a sample of what’s happening. For the full listings, classes, pool and gym times go to Then – get out there and Do It Today!

About: DIT Canoe Club is one of the fastest growing clubs in DIT and has proven itself by winning the most Improved Club of 2010/2011. The club has a core of 20 kayakers who have been members for the past 2-4 years and has a large number Erasmus students and Freshers who join each year. This makes for a very varied social group with a good mix of lads and girls. But we are still small enough that everybody knows everybody. The club is very active in terms of training, socialising, competing in competitions and trips away. Every Monday and Wednesday there are training sessions in Kevin Street pool. We also compete in the Dublin City Canoe Polo League and have been promoted twice in our last 3 seasons beating some well established teams. All in all we are a club that welcomes everyone and anyone. Whether you are an experienced paddler who runs waterfalls to someone who has never done the sport before, DITCC will make the effort to involve you in the club and to make sure that you have a lot of fun. Contact: If you want to join or have any queries feel free to contact us on our Facebook page: facebook. com/DITCanoeClub .or check out the videos of what we do on the DITCC Youtube page:


Your Union: Your Physical Health


About: The Karting club has proved popular and this year over 450 students signed up already. This year we are running our inaugural DIT PRO Championship along with a Freshers Cup for the rookie students in our ranks. Both championships are being well contested so far and we look forward to a successful year. We had our first social evening of the year which was the launch of our new website www. in conjunction with Eng Soc’s Nuts and Bolts quiz. We competed in our first intervarsity of the year on Tuesday 15th Nov. DIT brought 3 teams of 5 drivers, & our most notable drives were that of Graham Higginbotham and James Dalton. They finished 9th and 10th respectively. Latest News: Feel free to add DIT Karting on Facebook and check out our new website



Joining: This year the DIT Golf Club has had lots of interest although more members of any ability are welcome. There are two ways to get involved. For the serious golfers there is a 5 man match play inter varsities team. For the more casual social golfers there is a society type setup. For either of these please contact the Golf Club captain Niall McGlynn Latest News: The 5 man inter varsities team is an eagerly awaited and very competitive competition We have 3 matches at home and 3away. Our home venue is South County Golf Club, Brittas. The matches are generally played on Fridays. The Golf Club’s society have many plans for the year if the demand is high enough. This is for men, women and staff at DIT. Yes, that’s right there are rumours of a teacher vs students day out. These players can be of any ability, and the focus is on having fun and socialising.

About: This year the club has 70 members, currently only 10 are actively involved in the club and all of these members have been training and preparing for intervarsities Tetrathlon which is taking place in Thurles in mid November. Joining: The commmittee will be actively involving new members in order to have greater club participation by the time Intervarsities come around in February.

Get active! 36

Find out about what other Sports Clubs you can join. Visit for the full list.

Ultimate Frisbee

Latest News: It’s been a bit of a crazy start to the year for DIT Ultimate Frisbee. After gaining over 20 new players from signups this year, the massive swell in the size of our squad has changed a lot for us. Training sessions are loud and busy, full of enthusiasm and fun as the new players get to know each other and the game. We are also taking part in Movember as a team to raise money for cancer research and men’s health.. Visit to keep track of their progress We have two more tournaments coming up before Christmas. Women’s Indoor Varsities on November 19th, and then Belfast Ultimate, on December 17th, followed by a Christmas pub crawl around the city. We’re very excited about this very strong start to an exciting season! With so many new players showing drive and enthusiasm, DIT Ultimate Frisbee definitely has a bright future



Latest News: There is great interest in the Swimming and Waterpolo Club this year. Our numbers increased and the enthusiasm is something else. There is a great atmosphere at our training sessions every Monday night in Kevin Street. We welcome any new members if you are interested. We just hosted the Novice Waterpolo Varsities last weekend. The DIT Boy’s team did extremely well but unfortunately narrowly lost out to UCD. We have our Waterpolo Varsities coming up in January in Galway. We will have Boy’s and Girl’s teams competing this year. We are hoping that the Boy’s team win and retain the cup and that the Girl’s team will be successful. Congratulations to the students who received the sports scholarship this year: William Ensor (Swimming), Sean Kenna (Waterpolo), Helen Broderick (Waterpolo), Orla Mahon (Waterpolo) and Irene Walsh (Waterpolo).

About: Our club house is based near Islandbridge and the Phoenix Park. After members have a go at rowing they have to pay €15 a month. For this payment they receive a fully working gym which they can use when they choose, two days training circuits and two days out on the boats per week which are supervised by our coach Jim Butcher. Joining: Just mail for details.


Your Union: Your Physical Health



About: The DIT men’s basketball team have not played a league game as off yet. The DIT women’s team have their first match of the season against Trinity and then against DCU both in late Nov.

About: DIT Ladies GAA has come back even bigger and better this year. This year’s football ladies have a big task ahead of them to retain their Lynch Shield title from last year, and with plenty of new fresh talented players in the mix, it promises to be an interesting year.

The DIT men’s team train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6pm and the women’s team train on Tuesday at 7.30pm and Thursday at 8.30pm. Both teams train in the Swan Leisure Centre in Rathmines. The men’s club DIT team train on Thursday at 7.30. Joining: DIT students who have an interest in basketball are still more than welcome to come along and try out for all teams.


The Purcell cup winning management team are back this year as the Camogie girls team Manager Stephen Hoary is hoping this year will be another success. Selectors Andy Molloy, Paddy Baker and soaring star Jane Dolan along with the plenty of new talented girls who have moved to the city campus, we are determined for success. Here’s hoping we can give Trinity another run for their money girls!!

About: DIT Shotokan has truly something to offer everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a black belt or have never even heard of karate before now. All you need is an open mind, a t-shirt and a pair or tracksuit bottoms and you can come along. Joining: It’s never too late to join! You can find us Mondays from 6:30 till 8 and Thursdays from 5 till 6:30 in DIT Kevin Street gym.You can also find out more about us by visiting or just send us an e-mail:

DITSU.IE - your on-line Student Hub

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Find out about what other Sports Clubs you can join. Visit for the full list.


About: DIT Rugby Club made a cracking start to the season with over 200 members signing up. Training in their new grounds of Railway Union RFC, training numbers have remained extremely high forming close to 4 squads including the ever popular social side. The newly constructed Rugby Committee also has big plans for all club members, male, female and tag players in social and fundraiser nights and new DIT Rugby Gear. Headed up by Chairman Darren Buttle “It is our year, our club. In order to develop and expand as a club we need to work together and provide every member with the same opportunity”.


About: Dragging impressionable first years into a suspicious underground movement? If you’re thinking young Fianna Fáil, you’re dead wrong! This year, DIT Caving Club’s freshers’ trip on October 7th. saw eight new members and a crack team of student and graduate cavers sleep (and party) in Doolin, Co. Clare. DIT Caving club is getting to the stage where we can call it an institution. Founded in 1991, the Club has been introducing students to the sport of caving for nearly two decades. Joining: New members are always welcome. Training is at 19.00 every Thursday in Larkin College Sports Hall near Cathal Brugha St., and our next trip away will be on the weekend of December 2. Please contact if you’re interested in having some of the best fun to be had above or below ground!

Three DIT Rugby Scholars also signed for Railway Union RFC at the beginning of the season strengthening the link between DIT and Railway. Railway President Francis Roche said “The scholarships will help continue to strengthen and develop the relationship between DIT and Railway Union, a relationship both clubs have high hopes for”.

So go on- get out there and Get Active!

Joining: DIT Rugby Club is growing from strength to strength, why not be a part of it, come and join DIT Rugby Club.

And don’t forget- the Clubs featured here are only a selection of what is available in DIT. Check out the Sport and Recreation Service website or drop into your local SU Office for help and advice.

For more info email and like or Facebook page


Your Union: Your Mental Health If feeling low or depressed 27% of you surveyed, would not seek help from anyone. LET’S CHANGE THIS. Everyone gets depressed, stressed or just plain fed up at times. The recession, exams, money and relationship worries can cause us all to have sleepless nights and dark days. Please remember when you feel like this - you are not alone. There are people to talk to and support available for you. Our door in the Students’ Union is always open and we will help you get what you need. Apart from our list on the left, there are more options online or in your area.

CONTACTS: 1 LIFE: [] Tel: 1800-201 890 Or text HELP to 51444 CONSOLE: [] Tel: 1800-201 890 For people bereaved by suicide

SAMARITANS: [] Tel: 1850-60 90 90 PIETA HOUSE: [] Tel: 01-601 0000 Mail: AWARE: [] Helps people with depression Tel: 1890-303 302 NATIONAL OFFICE FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION

Advice on efforts to tackle suicide Web:

DIT COUNSELLING SERVICE: The DIT Counselling service is there to help you with any personal concerns and with any academic difficulties. Students come to counselling for very different reasons. Some may have experienced difficulties for a long time and finally want to do something about it. Others feel just fine but have come into a situation where they need advice, for instance regarding a difficult decision. Why not talk to friends and family? In many cases, speaking to friends and family is a great relief and helps you to feel better. But, even students who have a supportive family or a lot of helping friends, sometimes prefer to seek professional help from a counsellor. All our counsellors are professionally trained and experienced psychologists. Find out more about our team of counsellors by visiting They are ‘neutral’; they don’t have any expectations of you and they don’t follow any personal agenda about how you should feel. They are there to listen - so you don’t have to fear that you cause them to worry or your problems are ‘getting too much’ for them. They will keep everything you say (and the fact that you come to see them) strictly confidential. If you are unsure whether you really need counselling or whether counselling will work for you, do not hesitate to make an appointment. By seeing a counsellor for a first appointment, you do not commit yourself to further sessions of counselling. Ring our secretary Gabby Lynch on (1) 402 3352, text to 086 0820543 or email

DITSU.IE - your on-line Student Hub

Need advice? 40

You can drop into your local SU Office for confidential advice and referral for mental health matters.



How would you know if your friend was suicidal?

Please Talk was first launched in January 2007 in UCD. It was in response to the deaths of a number of students by suicide in the student populous. Please Talk urges students to understand that talking is a strength not of weakness, and if you’re experiencing problems while at college, there are people there who you can talk to. It promotes this message through a collaborative effort involving the various support services present in colleges up and down the country such as: chaplains, counsellors, student support officers, students’ unions, disability support services and many, many more.

The strongest and most disturbing signs are verbal - “I can’t go on,” “Nothing matters any more” or even “I’m thinking of ending it all.” Such remarks should always be taken seriously. However sometimes people don’t say anything – you may notice them absent from classes on a regular basis, not involving themselves in any activities or group chat, alienating themselves from everybody. You can contact them by text or email and ask them are they okay, are they coming into college, would they like to meet up. Common Signs of Suicidal thinking and planning: Severe depression and a feeling of despair. Severe loneliness History of suicide attempts in the past. Talking about going away or getting away from problems. Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Feelingsof isolation or alienation. Self-destructive behaviour like excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs. A sudden calmness after an episode of depression. This could mean they have made a decision to suicide. Most people who die by suicide have told someone that they are thinking of suicide. LISTEN and ACT if someone talks to you about suicide. What to do: Don’t be afraid to mention the word Suicide. You won’t be putting ideas in their head. Just ask straight out if they are suicidal. Stay with them and tell them you are there for them. Encourage them to contact the counselling service, the health centre, their own GP, or a family member. If they are refusing any help, tell them you need to contact someone for them.

If students experience problems at home, college, or in their private lives, they can log on to www., select their college and identify what services that are available that they might want to access. Please Talk is supported by the HSE through the National Office of Suicide Prevention, and is part of the National Mental Health Strategy. Since it began, Please Talk has grown to reach 27 colleges throughout Ireland already, and thanks to funding from the National Office for Suicide Prevention, we are hopeful that Please Talk will have a home on every campus throughout Ireland, and the campaign’s message will become synonymous with being at college. The Please Talk message is conveyed to students in a number of ways, including: through a range of branded materials (badges, t-shirts, pens, posters, and fliers), by organising events and initiatives such as comedy events, balloon launches, and celebrity visits, and by getting the Please Talk brand and logo included in printed and online materials being produced on campuses.

Listen to them and reassure them that you will stay with them until professional help has arrived.

Anyone can get involved with Please Talk either by wearing a badge or t-shirt, organising events or initiatives on campuses to encourage students to talk about their problems, or by contacting us directly at

Don’t judge them, don’t push them to tell you everything, just reassure them, tell them you are worried about them and want them to get the help they need.

Check out the DIT page for information and highlights of upcoming events at: http://pleasetalk. ie/dit

You then contact a family member, the health service or the counselling service, to seek further help.


Your Union: Your Nutritional Health 24% of you feel your diet is less than healthy LET’S CHANGE THIS. You are what you eat . We all know our diet affects our mental well being as well as our physical, but do you really know how good you can feel, by making a few simple changes to your diet . Our very own DIT Nutrition Soc is always trying to make us more aware of what we eat and to start making better choices – see their poster below! From awareness of Nutrition itself to warnings of the long term affects of bad diet such as diabetes, heart disease and more horrors – Nut Soc are mine of useful information –LISTEN TO THE NUTS – they know what they’re talking about.

CONTACTS: Nutrition Soc. Bia Mall Society Search Facebook: Bia Mall DIT

Get cooking and forget ready meals. Join Bia Mall Soc (pg.47) and learn to love slow food. Check out our Christmas recipes and plan a home made feast (pg.46) , try out Laura’s fantastic recipies on her Blog (pg.43) or just hang around Cathal Brugha Culinary Arts students begging for some scraps! Whatever you do– think about what you are eating & change one thing.

The Seasonal Kitchen the-seasonal-kitchen. An Bord Bia

The Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute The Nutrition & Health Foundation

DITSU.IE - your on-line Student Hub

Need advice! 42

Join the Nutrition Soc. for lots of useful tips and events. Just mail for more details.

CALORIE INTAKE AND OUTTAKE: Most people don’t really know how many calories the food they eat everyday contains. Or how hard they have to work to burn off that extra energy. Use this wheel to help you make conscious decicions to stop the weight creeping up on you.

M= Male 80kg / 176lbs. F= Female 60kg / 132lbs. T he calorie burning time is of course dependant on how hard you work out.

43 Nutrition Soc DIT





Aungier St.: 08.30-18.00 (16.00 Fri.) Bolton St: 08.00-18.00 (16.00 Fri.) Cathal Brugha St.: 08.30-17.00 (15.00 Fri.) Kevin St.: 08.30-19.00 (17.00 Fri.) Mountjoy Sq.: 08.30-17.00 (15.00 Fri.)



Tea and Coffee by Insomnia. Keeping Students awake since 1997.

Pay bills (Tolls, phone, Gas, Electric, Refuse) quickly and conveniently. Stamps & One 4 All vouchers also available.


NEWSPAPERS Cheapest Newspapers for Students on Campus Less than half the R.R.P

GYM CARDS Student and Staff Gym cards available for purchase.

PHONE CREDIT All local and International providers catered for.


USB KEYS Competitive prices on 2GB 4GB and 8GB USB keys.


Student pre-paid Mastercard that can be used Worldwide. Discounts available in 500 retail and online locations (inc. no Ryanair admin fee). It can be personalised using your own photo or design. No interest rates or fees.



Refill your printer cartridge for €12 (Black) €14 (Colour).

LAB WEAR Lab coats and safety glasses at great prices.

DUBLIN BUS Bus and Luas weekly and monthly tickets available in store.

COURSE MATERIALS Everything you need from ETCI books, log Tables, screwdrivers, spatulas etc.

PHOTOCOPYING .04c per sheet.


Find us on Facebook for news of Special Offers. Search (Ditsu Shops)

LEISURE WEAR Sport/Leisure wear available in store. Personalise your own. Class orders also taken.

CULINARY UNIFORMS Chef & bar uniforms available to purchase all year.


Laura has the Chef Factor!

You may have not iced the smell of freshly baked cupcakes about college recently. It was all down to DIT student Laura Kenny who was rustling up votes for Chef Factor 2011... Well- Laura recieved enough votes to make the Final! She asked Toast to pass on some words of thanks to all who voted for her! Hi there! I am excited and delighted to let you all know that I have been announced as one of the six finalists for Cully & Sully’s Cheffactor. It has been a long month of mad campaigning getting people to vote for me but the hard work paid off- thank you DIT for your support! I baked over 2000 mini cupcakes to give to people who voted for me!! My kitchen is now scrubbed clean and I am ready to start preparing for the final which will be held on Saturday 26th November in Ballymaloe Cookery School! Without the staff and students in D.I.T I would not have made it to this final. You all really made a difference so thank you all so much for voting for me. Fingers crossed now for the final next week, I am nervous but very excited at the same time! - Laura.

Good Luck Laura!

Hungry for more?

You can follow what Laura is up to in the kitchen by visiting her Blog and subscribing to be kept up to date by email. Just visit: 45


No Frontiers

Claire Healey

In the Second of a regular series, our very own intrepid explorer Claire healey shares with us some advice and t ips on travelling on a budget, w.ith a christmas twist! Hand-made crafts, Christmas cakes and biscuits, Glühwein, funfairs, toy trains, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, wooden toys, ice rinks... What better way to do your shopping (and get a little holiday out of it) than to visit one of Europe’s celebrated Christmas Markets!

GERMANY: Cologne Nestled below the cathedral, the biggest and most famous of the European markets is located right on Domplatz, where you can expect to buy all sorts of crafts, from gingerbread hearts to wooden toys, whilst warming your hands and your bellies with a steaming mug of freshly made Glühwein. If that doesn’t peak your interest, take the model train to the Medieval Market around the corner. Once you have saturated your shopping for the day, take a leisurely spin on the ice-rink located at the Heumarkt. Where: Cologne Cathedral and Heumarkt When: 21st November till 23rd December What to buy: Wooden toys, nutcrackers, Glühwein, ginger hearts, roasted almonds and baked apples. How to get there: Aer Lingus offers daily flights to Düsseldorf, from there it’s a quick train ride to the centre of Cologne Where to stay: There are an abundance of hostels in Cologne, all within easy walking distance of the Cathedral, or a short tram stop away.

CZECH REP.: Prague The old town square where the market is located, is an exquisite taste of gothic architecture mixed with bohemian charm. The world famous astronomical clock will chime away with pretty music and puppetry on the hour, whilst you while away your time sipping on some medovina (honey liqueur) to keep the cold at bay. Once your shopping is complete, climb the many stairs to the castle, and get a fantastic view back over the city, with the Vltava River winding through the centre. Where: Old Town Square When: 26th November till 8th January What to buy: Hand-Carved puppets, crystal, ceramic jugs, deep friend cinnamon dough many varieties of spiced drinks to warm you up. How to get there: Aer Lingus offers daily flights into Prague, and a short bus journey will take you into the city centre. Where to stay: Extremely cheap hostels are dotted about the city, choose carefully though, or you may find yourself on the outskirts. 46

AUSTRIA: Vienna The city at the heart of the Hapsburg dynasty, imposing baroque buildings surround you, interspersed with elaborate cathedrals, whose steeples dominate the landscape – here you will find a shopper’s paradise intermingled with Christmas Markets located in as many squares as you can shake a fist at. Tired of the city lights? take the underground train a few stops west, and you will get to Schönbrunn Palace, the summer palace of the Hapsburgs for nearly 400 years. You can visit the rooms where these opulent monarchs lived, and see portraits of the children (including Marie Antoinette) whose relatives still rule in Europe. Outside, the beautiful grounds play host to more Christmas markets, whilst classical music is played to add to the atmosphere. Where: Rathausplatz and Schönbrunn Palace When: Mid November till 24th December What to buy: Hand blown glass, jewellery, roasted chestnuts, Bratwürst in a bun. How to get there: Aer Lingus offers flights to Vienna most days of the week. From the airport it’s a quick bus journey to the centre of the city. Where to stay: From personal experience, the newly opened Wombats hostel at the Naschmarkt has to be an award winning hostel this year.


IRELAND: Dun Laoghaire

For those of you short on time and money (which is pretty much everyone these days!) you can of course get some Christmas Market closer to home. Keep an eye out for stalls which sell Irish handmade craftsyou can pick up some nice pressies for the family from these guys!

Kicking off its first year, this market promises to rival any of the other more established markets in Ireland. With an ice rink located at Moran Park House, you can definitely get into the Christmas cheer here. The market will be offering a variety of hand-crafted gifts, decorations, handbags and jewellery. Where: Dun Laoghaire Town Centre When: December till 8th January



After a couple of disappointing years, Cork’s Christmas market is getting a major revamp this year. Alongside the food and craft stalls, there will be musical performances and a funfair to boot!

After the success of its inaugural year last year, the market is back again this year, and promises to be bigger and better! Over 70 chalets will be selling all things festive from local and European suppliers. Grab yourself a steaming glass of Glühwein, and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of this charming city.

Where: Grand Parade When: Every weekend from the 25th November and then from the 16th to 21st December.

Where: Eyre Square When: 25th November till 18th December 47


Food For Thought

Dermott Jewell

In the Second of a regular series, the vice chair of the Bia Mall soc iety shares with us some of his favourite Christmas rec ipies and news of the latest going’s on with the soc iety. It’s getting close to that time of year again where you eat and drink excessive amounts of trifle, pudding and mince pies.

Christmas Food #2

Though for many it’s the one time of year that you may say to yourself, “I’ll just have one more, it is Christmas after all”, over indulging on fatty foods and sweet things over the short period can make you wish you didn’t have two extra helpings. In this Christmas edition of Toast I will, because it is Christmas time after all; is give you the recipes of traditional Christmas eggnog, hot whisky and my personal favourite; Christmas pudding.

Christmas Eggnog:

Happy cooking and Merry Christmas!

Christmas Food #1

Ingredients: 6 cups 1% milk, 1/8 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg, 2 large eggs, 2/3 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 cup brandy, bourbon or rum, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, 1/4 cup light whipping cream. Method Bring milk and nutmeg to a simmer in a heavy saucepan over low heat, stirring occasionally.

Hot Whiskey: Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Irish Whisky, Hot Water, Lemon wedge and 3 cloves. Method Cut a slice of lemon and stud three cloves in to the slice. Place 2 tea-spoons of brown sugar in to a glass. Add 3.5cl Irish Whisky and hot water to the glass and stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Add the lemon with cloves to the mixture. Serve and Enjoy. 48

Whisk eggs, sugar, flour and salt in a large bowl until smooth. Whisking constantly, gradually add hot milk; return mixture to saucepan. Cook the eggnog over very low heat, stirring constantly, until thick enough to coat the back of the spoon, 10 to 15 minutes. (Temperature must reach 160°F). Remove from the heat and pour through a sieve into a bowl. Whisk in brandy and vanilla. Place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the surface of the eggnog and refrigerate until chilled, for at least 8 hours or overnight. Just before serving, add cream to eggnog and garnish with nutmeg.

SPOTLIGHT Christmas Food #3

Bia Mall Society

Bia Mall is a new society based in Cathal Brugha Street that will focus on the aims and objectives of the worldwide organisation; ‘Slow Food Movement’ (

Christmas Pudding: Ingredients: 175g Light Muscavado Sugar, 175g/6oz Margarine, 250g Californian Raisins, 250g Sultanas, 125g Cut Mixed Peel, 125g Diced Cherries, Half grated apple, 25g Ground Almonds, 3 eggs (lightly beaten), 1/2 tsp Cinnamon, Pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp Nutmeg, 1 tsp mixed spice, 75g Self Raising Flour, 175g breadcrumbs, 1 bottle stout (1/2 pint). Method Whisk the sugar and margarine until they are light and fluffy, then pour in the lightly beaten eggs and mix well. Stir in the flour which is sieved, along with the salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and mixed spice, then add the raisins, sultanas, candied peel, cherries, grated apple and ground almonds. Mix well. Finally, add the breadcrumbs and bottle of stout. Stir well, cover and leave to stand overnight, then transfer to a 3 pint greased pudding bowl. Steaming Preheat the oven to 150°C/300°F/Gas 2. Put two long strips of tin foil crosswise on work top. Place roasting tin on foil. Sit pudding bowl into the tin and fill with boiling water to within 1” of top of tin. Then bring tin foil around to form a parcel, which should be airtight to prevent any steam escaping, and steam for 5 hours.

It’s getting close to Christmas now and I’m proud to say that Bia Mall has been working very hard to bring new members on board and create more awareness through hosting events. This term we’ve hosted events such as ‘The Raw Milk Debate’, ‘Slow Architecture’ and a trip to Europe’s biggest foraging festival; ‘Wild & Slow’ in Macreddin Village, Co. Wicklow. Upcoming events include a ‘Slow Dinner Night’ in Mulberry Gardens where we will bring members for a taste extravaganza with foods which are all wild, foraged and Irish. From the 9th – 11th of December Barry Bryan (Chairperson) and myself Dermott Jewell (Co. Vice-Chairperson) will be travelling to the Netherlands for a three day conference courtesy of the ‘Youth Food Movement’. We will meet with other Slow Food Youth Organisations from all over the world with the prospect of working together on events and programmes in the near future. We now have new methods of keeping in touch and seeing what events we have coming up such as our Facebook page. Search for Bia Mall DIT and add us or follow us on Twitter; search (Bia Mall DIT). Also if you would like to know more about Bia Mall, the students behind it and how you can play a part in it both as a member and as part of running events through a committee role just get in touch with us at ‘’ and we’ll help you out in any way we can. Keep an eye out for us and if you are interested in food, wine and having a good time then become a member of the society and take full advantage of the fantastic and insightful events we have running throughout the year. 49

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