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DIT Students’ Union

We have offices on all the sites listed below. Drop on in or e-mail us with any questions or queries you may have. If we don’t have an answer for you, we will put in touch with someone who does. Contact: Aungier St: (01) 402 3110 - Bolton St: (01) 402 3621 - Cathal Brugha St: (01) 402 4370 Kevin St: (01) 402 2813 - Mountjoy Sq.: (01) 402 4111

DIT Student Services Student Sports, Recreation and Support Services Fund: * Student Assistance Funding * Personal Accident Insurance Scheme * Accommodation Service Contact: Mail Tel: +353-1-402 3394 Fax: +353-1-402 3449

DIT Health Centres

Student Health Service, DIT Aungier St. Serving the South City DIT colleges; Aungier St, Kevin Street, Rathmines, Temple Bar, Conservatory of Music. Situated: Room 205, Second floor of Aungier St. College Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9.30am-12.30pm 2.15pm4.30pm Contact: 01 402 3051 Student Health Centre Bolton Street. Serving the north City DIT colleges: Bolton Street, Mountjoy Square, Cathal Brugha St, Linenhall. Situated: Linenhall Lodge, across from main entrance to Bolton St. College. Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-12.30 1.30-4pm Contact: 01 402 3614

DIT Disability Service Contact: If you have any queries please contact the office at 01 402 7681 or email

DIT Student Counselling Service

Once you have contacted our secretary, she will allocate the next available counsellor to you. Contact: Ring our secretary Gabby Lynch on (01) 402 3352, text to 086 0820543 or email

DIT Student Counselling Service

Once you have contacted our secretary, she will allocate the next available counsellor to you. Contact: Ring our secretary Gabby Lynch on (01) 402 3352, text to 086 0820543 or email

DIT Mature Student Office

Contact: Bob O Mhurcu Mature Student Support Officer 163-167 Lower Rathmines Road (01) 402 7658 -

DIT Student Retention Office Contact: 163 Lower Rathmines Road Call 01 4027661

DIT Careers Service

Contact: DIT Careers Service Southside Room 2038, DIT Aungier Street, Dublin 2. (01) 402 3082 - Contact: DIT Careers Service Northside 69-73 Capel Street, Dublin 1. (01) 402 2961 - *Open 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm, Mon. to Fri.

DIT Chaplaincy Service

See Contact: Co-coordinator Chaplaincy Service Aungier St Room G003(C002) - 402 3050 143-149 Rathmines Rd. - 402 3307 Call 087-6417309 or mail Mary at

Clubs & Societies and DIT Sports

Societies are run by students for Students. Supported by DIT and Students’ Union through advice, administration & finance.: Contact: Anita Conway- Societies Organiser or 01 402 7123 No matter what your sporting aspirations, DIT Sports is committed to helping you achieve. Contact: DIT Sports & Recreation Office or 01 402 3042

Your Union: Your Welcome

O HELLO TO Y U! Congratulations on an excellent choice of college and a big Welcome to DIT! DIT Students’ Union is the biggest (& best) Students’ Union in Ireland. When you register as a student of DIT you automatically become a member of the Students’ Union so WELCOME to DITSU too. TOAST is your student magazine- keep an eye out for it around your campus during the year. This ‘Fresh Toast’ is a special issue just for you first years! It’s a little smaller than normal, but we’ve pulled out all the stops to serve you up this tasty slice, slathered with juicy news and top tips oneverything from Accommodation to Studying. It’s simply dripping with ideas for you to get stuck into college life, adapt to DIT, manage those pennies and still have a good time- (yes- it’s possible). Your first year in college and for some, first time away from home, can be a little overwhelming and with DIT buildings spread across the city it can get a bit confusing. That’s where the Students’ Union comes in. Whatever it is you need to know, we can help (or at least point you in the right direction). Just pop into one of our offices and ask!

We have offices, shops and common rooms/areas in Aungier St, Bolton St, Cathal Brugha St, Kevin St. and Mountjoy Sq but the door is open to all you DIT students wherever you are based. See the contact details across the way and pop in to see us when you arrive on site. It’s your union so just drop into any SU office, give us a call or check out There’s always loads going on in DIT and the SU and this year is no exception. To make sure you know what’s happening, check out This is YOUR ONE STOP SHOP for just about everything you need to know about your Union, your DIT, your course, your exams, your social life, your job, your health, your wealth (or lack of) your personal life and more stuff you didn’t even know you needed to know – It’s a lofty claim, I know – but we’re quietly confident. While you’re at it find us on Facebook for all the latest news and competitions. Meanwhile - don’t let your TOAST go cold – Enjoy the read and come see us when you arrive.

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Ciarán Nevin Works at Dublin Institute of Technology Students’ Union (DITSU) as SU President Studied Mechanical Engineering at DIT Lives in Dublin, Ireland From Leitrim, Ireland

Welcome from Ciarán

Friends DIT Students’ Union DIT Campus Life DIT Societies Office DIT Sports Office DIT Careers Service DIT Health Service DIT

How a’ya keeping?

You’re one of us now. That rattle at the gate, the furiously barking dog, as the postman walked towards your front door with this very pack from DIT, were the first signs of your new life. Think of this little booklet as one of those free samples of yogurt they give out in the supermarket. We’re giving you just enough of a taste of what life is like in DIT to make sure that you will cross hell or high water to make your way to college on your first day. No doubt you are delighted, having been offered your course, and we’re delighted to be able to welcome you to DIT and into DIT Students’ Union as members. The year ahead will be one filled with challenges and opportunities. Going to college is not cheap, and many will struggle each year but it is worth that struggle. The availability of part-time work is low, and this can present many problems for students have to rent accommodation in Dublin. As a incoming first year, you may well be worried or nervous about coming to college, but the good news is that we are here to help. As students, each of you will be a member of the DIT Students’ Union and we are there to make your college experience as good as possible.

So that’s the challenges covered, what about the opportunities? As a college student you will be entertained to the maximum. Our Vice President for Services & Trading, Eric Fitzgerald and the team have been spending the summer organizing a calendar full of events, kicking off with Freshers’ Week.


Who's Who?


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ident for this year. Ciarán is your SU Pres student memberCiarán represents the l and national level. ship at college, loca Chief Operations He also oversees the Departments, and Communications of 15, negotiating liaising with the staff businesses and with DIT, politicians, on improveother Unions & working Union itself. ments in DIT and the

Your on-line Student Hub! Don’t forget to visit your Students’ Union website. There you can learn more about what it means to be a student at DIT. It’s your on-line Student Hub.

Contacts: (086) 603 1213 - pre

Edit On top of all of this, DIT Clubs and Societies will have events throughout the year.

Your education and welfare are something that we place a great priority on. Throughout the year there will be a number of campaigns headed up by our Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, David Keogan. These campaigns are usually jam-packed with invaluable information, and loads of freebies. As your President, I will be leading the team to ensure that you have the very best experience possible. My role involves developing democracy within the college, and increasing involvement of students in all aspects of college life. I also work closely within the Union of Students in Ireland USI, to ensure that your rights are protected nationally. Each DIT campus also has a local Convenor, elected to serve you. On top of that, our work is supported by a number of specialist staff. Be sure to visit to find out more. It’s your Union; we’re here for you!

Friends Events Freshers’ Week 19-23 September

RSVP: Yes - No - Maybe People you may know David Keogan 2 friends in common

Eric Fitzgerald 2 friends in common


David Keogan Works at Dublin Institute of Technology Students’ Union (DITSU) as SU Vice President (Academic & Student Affairs) Studied Engineering at DIT Lives in Dublin, Ireland From Cavan, Ireland

Welcome from David

Friends DIT Students’ Union DIT Campus Life DIT Societies Office DIT Sports Office DIT Careers Service DIT Health Service DIT

Hows it going? David Keogan here, your DITSU Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (Education and Welfare between yourself and myself). I’ll be here to represent and inform you on all things Education and Welfare; from lecturers and programme issues to how to live away from home to Class Reps to helping you stay lucky healthy (mentally and physically). My Top Tips for newcomers are:

Get Involved: As a student in DIT you’re automatically a member of the Student Union, DITSU. Become a Class Rep and get on the volunteering team with DITSU and you’ll maximise your student experience. Your Union. Your time of your life. Please Talk: Your elected officers (Me, Eric and Ciarán) and the staff in DITSU are always willing to help. Check out the DITSU website, email me or drop into the SU offices if there is anything ever bothering you. Your Union. Your Support. Keep an eye out for guides to living and studying in the Big Smoke in this booklet and in the year to come.

They say Secondary School is the best time of your life.... Get involved in all aspects of college life and don’t be afraid to ask or talk about issues you have and your time in DIT will blow any secondary school out of the water.


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ident (Academic David is your Vice Pres represents the & Student Affairs) and and deals with all student membership , including course educational matters standards and exam problems, lecturing responsible for appeals. David is also ects of student life, non-educational asp tion issues, part such as accommoda health matters. time employment and

Your on-line Student Hub! Don’t forget to visit your Students’ Union website. There you can learn more about what it means to be a student at DIT. It’s your on-line Student Hub.

Contacts: (086) 603 1075 - vpa

Edit Anyhooo, I’m just a phone call or an email away is something is up. My phone number is 0866031075 and email is

Oh and if you come up to me and say the word that was out of place above, I’ll give you free stuff. Chat to ya in September, Keogan



Friends Events Freshers’ Week 19-23 September

RSVP: Yes - No - Maybe People you may know Ciarán Nevin 2 friends in common

Eric Fitzgerald 2 friends in common


Eric Fitzgerald Works at Dublin Institute of Technology Students’ Union (DITSU) as SU Vice President (Services &Trading) Studied Journalism with a Language (German) at DIT Lives in Dublin, Ireland From Tipperary, Ireland

Welcome from Eric

Friends DIT Students’ Union DIT Campus Life DIT Societies Office DIT Sports Office DIT Careers Service DIT Health Service DIT

My name’s Eric Fitzgerald and I’m the Vice President of Services & Trading of DIT Students’ Union. What’s the craic? That’s a question you’ll hear me frequently asking you throughout the year, ‘cos it’s my job to make sure the craic is mighty! Essentially, I’m the lad who looks after organising all of the daytime and night-time entertainments that are part of college life.

I’m one of the three sabbatical officers of the Students’ Union here in DIT. Every year, the students of DIT elect their sabbatical team through a direct vote. I’ve been lucky enough to be elected by the students of DIT to serve a second term in my current role. Never forget that your sabbatical officers and your Students’ Union are here to serve you. We are elected by you, we are there to represent you, and we need your thoughts, feedback, opinions and involvement to help us do our job as best we can. Remember, by virtue of the fact that you are a student in DIT, you are a member of DIT Students’ Union. No sign up or membership fee required! But enough about me, how are ye? Are ye looking forward to Freshers’ Week? You’ll find out what’s in store for ye later on in the magazine. There’s also lots more events going on during the year, including the Hallowe’en Ball, Christmas Mayhem, the Mature Students Ball, RAG Week and the DIT Ball! Just to give you a taste of things to come – in previous years, the DIT Ball has been headlined by acts like Calvin Harris, Mr Hudson and 5ive! There’s even bigger and better to come this year, trust me! I also look after the daytime events, whether it’s an iron stomach in Bolton St, a comedian in Cathal Brugha St, a


Who's Who?


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ident (services Eric is your SU Vice Pres r and represents & Trading) for this yea ship and deals with the student member ial activities, DIT all Students’ Union soc DIT Societies. sports, DIT Clubs and all students within Eric also represents mercial activities DIT in regard to com shops, libraries & and facilities, such as facilities. ding buil DIT and s canteen

Your on-line Student Hub! Don’t forget to visit your Students’ Union website. There you can learn more about what it means to be a student at DIT. It’s your on-line Student Hub.

Contacts: (086) 603 1076 - vps

Edit caricaturist in Mountjoy Square, a band in Aungier St, a treasure hunt in Kevin St or giving out freebies in Rathmines, it’s all there! If you want to organise a party for your class and get to know each other, just have a word with me. I’ve loads of contacts for nightclubs around Dublin and will be able to source concessions, drinks deals, reserved areas and more.

A key part of my role is helping you to fix issues with the facilities around DIT. That means everything from the buildings in which ye’re being taught, to the shops run by the Students’ Union and the canteens run by companies within the college. If you have any issues whatsoever with any of the facilities within the college, tell me, and I’ll kick some shins in DIT to get stuff sorted for ye.

Remember, I, along with Ciarán and David, am there to serve you, the students of DIT, irrespective of how long you’ve been in college or what you’re studying. We are part of DIT Students’ Union, and you are our members, the most important part of the Students’ Union by far. Looking forward to welcoming you all – it’s going to be a great year!

Friends Events Freshers’ Week 19-23 September

RSVP: Yes - No - Maybe People you may know David Keogan 2 friends in common

Ciarán Nevin 2 friends in common



INDUCTION WEEK What's 'Induction Week'?

These are the days in the week before lectures start when all new students come into DIT to register, get their student card and get an introduction to college life.

Where does it all happen?

DIT has centralised it’s Inductions process, so you will be visiting DIT Aungier Street to register. Keep an eye out for an official letter from DIT which will tell you when you need to show up.

What can I expect?

This is basically your Welcome Week; you will get your Student Card (say cheese!), get to meet your new classmates, find out more about the many DIT services, get the tour and know where you have be on the first day of lectures and most importantly get to meet your Students’ Union officers! All registered students are members of the DIT Students’ Union (DITSU) and we make sure we speak to all the new students during Induction Week so that you know who we are and how to contact us if needs be. All these activities are designed to help you in the transition to college.

Any hints or tips?

Your student card will stay with you for a long time, so make sure you take a few minutes to look your best for your Inductions Day as your picture will be taken as part of the registration process. Also- keep an eye out for the nice people from Ulster Bank. They always look after DIT students and will be giving you some fantastic incentives for setting up a student account. The Students’ Union office in Aungier Street is located in the basement of the building so pop on down to see us if you have any problems or questions, or even just to say hello!

Your Union: Your Accommodation Info

KEOGEATNO'S GUIDNG IN LIVI LIN DUB sies, Well Lads and Las t e from the Studen n. David Keogan her in Dubli guide to living f, I Union with my sel my de countrysi As a native of the city is nce living in the ere diff the ow kn make . So, to help you to living at home ng at home livi en we bet n the transistio college, I put o a new place for ks and tips and moving int that has a few tric ide gu a er eth tog ns if you have sio ses o inf od go and also some a useful email ions. You’ll find you want any further quest m of the page if tto bo the on s addres at soon with ing urgently. Ch eth som ow kn to advice... Keogan. more guides and

Accommodation Info Hub We will be hosting Accommodation Info Sessions in DIT Cathal Brugha St. in late August. Visit for the details.

DITSU.IE - your on-line Student Hub Did you know? We have a whole section of our website dedicated to accommodation. Make sure you check it out.

Your Union: Your Accommodation Info




























DITSU.IE - your on-line Student Hub Did you know? We will be hosting Accommodation Info Sessions in DIT Cathal Brugha St. on August 18/20/24/25/30. See for more details.

The Most Popular Areas:


Southside (All the even numbers) For Rathmines, Kevin St. and Aungier St. 2 Dublin 2 If you manage to get an affordable rent here you are lucky, and we are jealous! Lucky students have found bargains on Leeson St., Camden St. and Aungier St. 6 Dublin 6 Rathmines is practically a student suburb, with great student pubs and nights. A favourite for all Southside students the regular bus links also make it an option for Northsiders. Shops, launderettes, banks, clubs, cafés, restaurants and takeaways are all nearby.





8 Dublin 8 The South Circular road is very long and a bit further away so your money goes that little bit extra. Portabello is small enough but still a great location.



Northside (All the odd numbers) For Bolton St., Mountjoy Sq., Cathal Brugha St. 1 Dublin 1 All Northside colleges are in Dublin 1. Look out for apartments in Capel St (and its side streets), Abbey St., Parnell St. and Mountjoy Sq. All of these areas are maximum 10 minutes walking distance to the centre of town, expect to pay a slightly higher rent for the privilege! 3 Dublin 3 Although close to Northside colleges this area has never really taken off as a student area. This is partly because it is mainly residential, with more family homes than student accommodation. 7 Dublin 7 The Cabra Road, Old Navan Road and Phibsboro are extremely popular with students. All colleges are only a walk, or a cycle, away. Smithfield, often dubbed ‘the new Temple Bar’, is also closeby.



9 Dublin 9 Drumcondra is popular with students of all Northside colleges. Most stick to Dorset St. and Drumcondra Lower and side streets off these. Large houses with gardens can usually be found here.

Your Union: Your Accommodation Info

S HINTS &TIP First Time Renter? Do you have your Moving In check list? Be sure to take photo’s of your new place on moving in to avoid any disagreement with the landlord later in the year when its time to move out. Need a hand teaming up or finding a house mate, get in touch with us and we will see if we can hook you up with another DIT student in the same boat!

Have you got specific needs such as Access or Space requirements? Give us a call and we will see if we can help. Email Everyone likes a good bargain. To get the best price on your travel tickets, be sure to get a Student Travel Card. Available from your SU office, the card also offers discount in retailers throughout the country. Did you know that if you were broken into you are not automatically covered under the landlords house insurance! Be sure to consider Student Tenants Insurance or see what is covered under other Insurance policies you may have. Are you looking to make new friends in college? There is a super line up of events and activities planned for DIT Freshers week.Visit for the low down. It’s a great way to meet new people and kick start your first college year of fun!

Money Matters Moving out of home and adjusting to life in Dublin can bring with it many challenges including minding your money and learning how to budget effectively. This is proving to be more important than ever with increasing college fee’s and a tough economic climate that continues to loom for us all. So, we have gathered a range of tips and advice to help you out and get you started. Visit and get organised. Remember if you experience a financial difficulty at any point throughout the year, it is worth contacting your local SU office for advice and information. There are also some useful resources available online at and

Are you really struggling to get your rent payment sorted? Did you know there is a Rent Assistance fund available from the DIT Student Assistance hardship fund that you could be considered for? Visit our website for more details.

Here to Help For assistance with searching for the right place to live, getting advice on adjusting to the big city or simply finding your way around town, we are here to help. We can offer you advice and support with your tenancy rights throughout the year too. So drop us a line, we look forward to hearing from you. Contacts: David - Students’ Union Vice President (086) 603 1075 - Sarah - Student Support Advisor (01) 402 4370 -

DITSU.IE - your on-line Student Hub Did you know? You can set up a DIT location search on in order to just search for houses near your campus.



FRESHERS' WEEK What's 'Freshers' Week'?

Hello incoming first years of DIT! This is Eric Fitzgerald here, the DIT Students’ Union Vice President of Services & Trading (fancy title for Events Guy)! I’m here to tell you about what you can look forward to during Freshers’ Week 2011! That’s right – a whole week, devoted to you guys & girls, the new first years, so you can get your first taste of college nightlife and what it’s all about! Just ‘cos we’re that sound...

What can I expect?

What can you expect from Freshers’ Week 2011? The DITSU Events crew are currently beavering away on putting together a class lineup of four excellent nights out, not to mention the piece de resistance, the 2011 Freshers’ Ball! While we’re still currently in the process of confirming details, we can confidently predict that you’ve have the world’s most mental paint party, the wettest, wildest foam party you’ve ever been to, a rip-roaring, raucous night of comedy, as well as singers, comedians, iron stomachs, hypnotists and all that jazz during the daytime too!

That’s only the first week, mind. We’ll giving you something big to look forward to during your second week in college – the 2011 DIT Freshers’ Ball! Many acts have graced the stage of previous Freshers’ Balls, including Delorentos, The Rubberbandits, Fight Like Apes and The Blizzards, amongst others! We’re always looking for bigger and better, and this year promises to be no exception! There’s loads more stuff going on during the year, too! You’ve got so much to look forward to, like the Hallowe’en Ball, the Mature Students’ Ball, Christmas Mayhem, RAG Week and the DIT Ball, which last year was headlined by Mr Hudson, S Club & 5ive! We’re really looking forward to meeting you all upon your arrival at DIT – so come along, and let’s make party happen!

Your Union: Your Class REP


guide to e again with my ask? David Keogan her a Class REP you s at’ Wh . REP -To being a Class atives are the Go ent res Rep ss Well, Cla as the class ir class; they act tact point Guy/Gal for the are the main con spokesperson and h the Students’ wit gs lin dea in for the class a vital part turers. They are ld be just Union and the lec ion and you cou Un ts’ o. den Stu of the on for more inf d Rea k. tas the the person for an. og Ke Chat soon...

DITSU.IE - your on-line Student Hub Did you know? Class REPs are a vital part of your Students' Union Make sure your class has one come September

What Have I To Do?

You can bring up any issues, ideas and questions about your Programme to the Programme Coordinator. For instance, maybe the timetable is wrong or there’s a problems with labs or an assignment the Class Rep is the person who gets in touch with the relevant academic to get it sorted.

You inform the class about stuff that they should know about that’s happening in the Students’ Union (you’ll be given regular updates so don’t panic!!). You represent your class at Class Rep Meetings where you can get advice from other Reps and discuss any college issues. You can organise Class Parties. (Eric - VP Services and Trading will have more info on these).

Class Rep Meetings?

All Class reps on each of the 6 main DIT campuses are invited to a monthly meeting (with a free lunch! Yay!) to discuss any issues and give feedback to the Students’ Union ...etc We will also tell you stuff that your class should know about in particular updates on what’s going on in DIT and at a national level; for instance any developments with grants, fees etc.

What's in it for me? It’s great a experience and an important addition to your CV; employers are always on the look out for people who have skills and experience beyond an academic qualification. All Class Reps get a Handbook, tee-shirt and other goodies once elected.

You also get 2 days of fantastic training to help you be the best damn Class Rep you can be. The craic is always mighty at the training and you get to meet Reps from all over DIT, as well as pose in silly photos like the one below!

If you do a brill job your class can nominate you for an Award at the end of the year!! Boom!!

How do I become a Rep?

During the first couple of weeks of the semester I, along with the other Students ’ Union elected officers will be coming round all the classes to run the elections. Watch out for posters up around the place and info and updates on the DITSU website and Facebook.

More Info?

Check out for more info on Class Reps.



STUDYING AT DIT What's so different about third level study? Just like the move from primary to secondary school, you’ll be aware of the horror stories – such as leaving cert students flushing first year’s heads down the toilet. But as soon as you arrive, you realise that they were just that, stories. There is nothing to be scared about, it is certainly different to school but it also much much better.

What can I expect?

The physical changes are that you will go from the classroom to the lecture hall, using text books to academic articles, being directly taught the ‘correct’ information to considering different theories and voicing your own opinions in seminars. The biggest change you will notice is that you are treated like an adult, because you are one (unless you’re one of those gifted children who got 600 points in the leavin’ aged four and a half). So what will being treated like an adult feel like?

The first thing you will notice is the room itself. Very often your lectures will be in theatre style rooms, with tiered seating and benches instead of tables. If you were in school you’d see a great opportunity to chat and pass notes to one another, but in college it allows you to get a very different experience where the lecturer engages you from the front of the room. Fortunately in DIT, most classes are not that large, but some may have over 100 students.

What's a lectur


Far from being a ten minute rant by your mother of drying the dis on the importanc hes, a lecture is e a type of class use information to stu d to deliver dents. Most lectur es will just involv while some can be very engaging e taking notes with long discus lecturer and the sions between the class. It is import ant to know tha not contain all you t a lecture often need to know on does a particular topic. overview, and you It may be an are expected to study the topic in your own time. more detail in

What about tu


A tutorial is a mu ch more informal type of class. The same material as y often cover the a lecture but in mo re detail. The cla into smaller gro ss is often split ups for tutorials, to allow for discus you are having tro sio n and debate. If uble with a topic, this is a great opp with others on it, ortunity to work and get help bef ore you fall behind .

What are labs


Labs, or laborator y sessions are sim ilar to tutorials in is split into smalle that the class r groups. Not eve ry course has lab not mean the sam s, and labs may e thing to every course. In the scie and other techni nce, engineering cal courses, labs are an opportuni practical hand-o ty for you to gai n experience of na what you are stu be expected to wri dying. You will the te a lab-report on n the experiment.

What's 'self di

rected learning

This is a technical term for studying in essential part of life as a college stu your own time. This is an dent. You need to of study that wo find the mode rks best for you. Many like studyi some prefer to stu ng in groups, wh dy at home. The ile libraries are an exc study, as they hav ellent place to e internet access , thousands of boo journals. You wil ks, and academic l also be able to view many journa through the libr ls and texts online ary website, and this will be an inv tool throughout aluable research your time in DIT .


lp? ticular subject, Need he trouble with a par d. If you feel . If you are having

Don’t worry when approache .ie and ally very helpful on the www.ditsu lecturers are usu re is a grinds-file As so the ds, grin d you nee to help you there. e eon som find e to ths Learning you should be abl ted, there is a Ma ning DIT are maths rela ms. They run eve ble many courses in pro ths ma p with any l receive Centre there to hel of charge (you wil free tely ple need, are are com workshops and ’t get the help you never m them). If you can iting way of life, exc and regular emails fro new r usting to you having trouble adj t us. hesitate to contac


(Class REP)




Jordanna (Class REP)


g What's your Students' Union for? Councillor)

Most of you will see the Students’ Union at your upcoming inductions, but what is the Students’ Union and how does it work? It’s all in the name. The Students’ Union is the only group that represents you, the students. The Union represents you all at every level within the DIT, and also nationally. It defends your rights, in all academic and welfare matters as well as a citizen/resident of Ireland. The SU works on student involvement in all aspects of college life, through clubs, societies, events, volunteering REP)and generally having fun while we’re at it.





In short, your students’ union is there to ensure that your (Class whole student experience is as good as possible.


Where do I fit in?

The Union is here to represent and support its members. You don’t have to sign up to be a member of the Union – if you’re a student of the DIT, you’re automatically a member of the Union. So, welcome!

How does it all work?

you’ll meet is your Class ClaudiaYour first Union representative Eibh REP, who’ll be someone you’ll elect from your class lin (Class REP)to deal with issues about lecturers, assignments and John modules, as well as organising class parties – or it could (Cl ass be you if you want it. The Union organises Class Rep Elections during the year.


If your class rep hits a brick wall, they can bring up the issue at their local class rep meeting, which is run by the Class REP Convenor. The Convenor is a part-time representative of all students on a particular site and deals with issues locally. The Convenor also deals with your full-time Sabbatical Officers.


You have three Sabbatical Officers (see the next couple of pages...) These are full-time, paid student representatives who fight for your rights at the highest levels of the DIT.


att Noel (SU Vice (Cl ass The Sabbatical Officers get told what to do and how to REP) President) do it at Governing Council. Governing Council is made up of students elected from each site at the Class Rep Meetings. These Councillors make policy for the Union by discussing and passing motions, as well as making sure that your elected representatives are doing their jobs.

Yu Lin




(SU Vice President)



(Governing Councillor)



(Class REP)

YOU Ciaran

(SU President)


(Class REP)


How can I recieve help or advice?


For general enquiries, directions, referrals or contact details you can always call into your local Students’ Union office, where you will be directed to right person. The Student Support Advisors are just (Cl ass RE P for you so go ahead and ask them anything – from accommodation Co nve ) the answer to academic and financial to personal issues, wenor know so make sure you find your SU office straight away.



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RAG WEEK What's 'RAG Week'?

RAG stands for ‘Raising And Giving’. Each year DIT Students’ Union nominates a charity and we have a week of activities that serve the dual purposes of raising some much needed cash for charity while providing students with the chance to have lots of fun! RAG Week itself will run during Semester 2 but keep an eye for related events throughout the year.

What's it all in aid of?

This year, DIT Students’ Union is enormously proud to be fundraising for The Ross Nugent Foundation during RAG Week 2012 and throughout the 2011/12 academic year. Ross Nugent was a fun-loving, outgoing, incredibly talented 18-year-old young man, who loved nothing more than singing or playing songs, drawing and sketching, or just simply being in the company of his friends and family. Tragically, in May 2010, Ross passed away due to Ewings Sarcoma, a rare and extremely aggressive form of cancer. It had been his wish during his illness to raise money in order to buy equipment for St. Claire’s Onocolgy Ward in Beaumount Hospital, where he was being treated. His family established The Ross Nugent Foundation in his honour to carry out this noble aim. The Foundation is also dedicated to raising awareness of Ewings Sarcoma.

What can I expect?

This year, you can help DIT Students’ Union raise money for this incredibly worthy cause, and how you do it is up to you. In the past, our volunteers (i.e. you, the students) have raised money through head shaves, chest waxes, taking part in bucket collections, bungee jumps, dives, marathons, swims and everything in between! How you raise the money is up to you – but every little cent helps, and you know that your money is going towards an incredible charity with a very noble goal.

So come on! Do what you can and help us raise money for The Ross Nugent Foundation throughout 2011/12!

Mon - Thur 26th-29th Sept 2011 in your college

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UR BE OS GUE T! What's up for grabs?

We here at DIT Students’ Union want to offer you FREE ENTRY to EVERY DITSU GIG for YOUR ENTIRE TIME IN DIT! That’s every Freshers’ Week event, every Freshers’ Ball, every RAG Week event, every RAG Ball, every DIT Ball and everything in between! All you have to do is one simple little thing...

What do I have to do? Log on to our Facebook page (search for DIT Students’ Union on Facebook), “like” it, and leave us a comment by completely the following sentence... The craziest thing I’m gonna do to help fundraise during RAG Week is... So remember, just find us on Facebook, like our page, finish the sentence, leave it as a comment and you’re in with a chance to win! Simples!

Small Print? Closing date is Friday September 9th. You must be a registered first year DIT student to claim your prize. See for more information.

Toast Vol 04: Issue 01  

The Fresh Toast issue. This magazine was sent out to all new students attending DIT in 2011/12