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Mighty Mighty July Newsletter

Micki Hall; District Treasurer

July, 2010

Official Newsletter of the Florida District of Key Club International’s District Treasurer

Dues Schedule for Lt. Governors Our goal this year is to have 70% of all of our clubs receive Early Bird dues. We set our goals high because this year we are providing more materials than ever before. The email containing this newsletter also contains a link to the Lieutenant Governors Schedule for Early Bird Dues. It will help you keep your club treasurers on track for early bird dues. Help your treasurers understand that payment of dues is an important requirement for being a Key Club member and submitting those dues to Key Club International is an important responsibility of a treasurer. Prior to the first date on the Schedule, become great friends with your treasurers. Being a Lieutenant Governor is both about being the liaison between the district and your clubs and about having relationships with your clubs so your division is strong. Having such relationships with your treasurers means they will respond to your emails, texts, and calls. Anything can develop a relationship with someone, even a corny joke or two. Finally, I want to know how hard you are working to achieve our goal! Whenever you email your clubs about dues, CC me. Whenever you call your clubs, email me or text me about it. I know how you feel and I know that being a Lieutenant Governor can get tough sometimes, but it is a lot easier when you ask for help. My job is to make your job easier, I am always at your service, so feel free to text, call, or email me anytime.

“The more completely we give of ourselves, the more completely the world gives back to us.” -Buddha

Explanation of the Florida District’s

Four Financial Accounts As of June 12th, 2010 Operations Account: • Balance: $145,320.90 • Sources of income are district dues, excluding the FLOF portion (about $72,000 minus $16,000), or $56,000 plus the amount we receive for ICON for the Florida Tour. (NOTE: Our total amount of district dues varies on how many members we have.) • Expenses include: o Reimbursements for Lieutenant Governors, Assistant Administrators, and our Executive Board o General Administration such as office supplies, shipping, postage, Kiwanis Office Support, board member badges, pins, shirts • Currently about a $100,000 surplus

Florida Opportunity Fund (FLOF) Account • Balance: $4,586 o NOTE: Since our excess FLOF Funds went towards DCON, technically we have $0 remaining in this account. • Our total amount of members is equal to our FLOF fund since $1 of our $4.50 dues amount goes towards the fund. If we have 16,204 members like we do now, we will have $16,204 in our FLOF Account • The FLOF year starts October 1st every year, so that is when we can give out FLOF.

FL Kiwanis Foundation Account • Balance: $3,346.31 • It includes the following: o District board meetings and training conferences o District Convention o K-Family conferences (i.e. CKI and Kiwanis DCON) • Every year we receive $20,500 from the Florida Kiwanis Foundation, which is still owed for this current year (2009-2010).

Convention Loss Reserve • $100,241.26 • This account provides a reserve in case we lose money on convention in order to protect the Florida Kiwanis Foundation who sponsors our DCON.

District Board July Newsletter  

Newsletter for the District Board of Florida.