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DAGGA STOCKPILE FOUND | Tel: 021 853 0211 Thursday | 3 May 2012 | R5.80

Women foil


Smoky discovery: From the left are constable Jeremiah Naidoo, Gordon’s Bay police spokesperson warrant officer Nico Beukes, sergeant John Engelbrecht and student constable Unathi Mafunga with dagga plants recently confiscated in Gordon’s Bay. Read the article on page 6.

AFTER surviving an attempted hijacking on their way home after a night out, three young women also had to endure the police’s unwillingness to help them. In the early hours of Saturday morning (28 April), Nadia Stander, Michay van Schalkwyk and Anni-mi Hopley (all in their twenties) were driving home to Gordon’s Bay. They stopped at McDonald’s beforehand and a red light at the Gordon’s Bay and Beach Roads crossing forced them to stop at this intersection. This is where their trouble started. Stander, who was sitting in the front passenger side, explains that a group of six to eight men were lurking along the side of the road. One of the men then approached the car and tried to open her door. This door was locked, but the back passenger door was not. Van Schalkwyk, who was sitting back-

Kaptein C.T. Barbaydos: Shark Buried Daniels possibly spotters at tapestry voor hof 2 arson 4 Caves 5 found

to-front on the back seat, says one of the men opened the door and climbed halfway into the car. “His body was in the car and I saw that he wanted to take out a weapon. I then kicked him out of the car, closed the door and shouted for Anni-mi to just drive off.” The women drove off and was relieved when they saw a police van coming from the opposite direction. “Anni-mi was waving and flashing the car’s headlights to grab their attention, but they (the police) just kept on driving,” remembers Stander. They then did a u-turn and stopped next to the police van at that very same intersection. “We explained to the officer what had just happened because the men were walking in Lower Gordon’s Bay Road, but they didn’t want to listen. Instead we were told to f* off,” says Van Schalkwyk. ) Read the more on page 2.


WP will not play in Strand 48



Thursday, 3 May 2012



Polisieman weer in hof Accusations levelled at KAPTEIN C.T. Daniels wat verlede Dinsdag op ’n klag van diefstal in hegtenis geneem is, sal weer vandag (Donderdag) in die gespesialiseerde misdaadhof in Khayelitsha verskyn. Daniels (48) is omstreeks 20:00 by die Strand-polisiestasie waar hy werk, deur lede van die SAPD se georganiseerde misdaadeenheid in hegtenis geneem. Die saak teen kapt. Dani-

els, ’n lid van die misdaadvoorkomingseenheid, spruit uit ’n voorval waar hy na bewering geld en drank van ’n beskuldigde geneem het. Daniels was ook vroeër jare bekend vir sy rol as Captain Crime Stop in misdaadbekampingsveldtogte wat hy by skole aangebied het. Daniels het Woensdag 25 April in die hof verskyn en is op R2 000 borgtog vrygelaat.


Bestuurder weer in hof ROSS Sergeant (34) het op Donderdag 26 April in die Wynberg-streekhof voorgekom. Sergeant, die bestuurder van die Mercedes Benz wat betrokke was by die ongeluk wat die lewe van die jong danser van die Strand, Courtney Moore (18), en Estelle Brigando (50) van Somerset-Wes, geëis het, se saak word weer op 5 Junie gehoor. Sergeant staan tereg op aanklagte van onder meer strafbare manslag, roekelose en nalatige bestuur, die versuim om op ’n ongelukstoneel te stop om die skade en aard van beserings vas te stel, asook die versuim om ’n ongeluk aan te meld. Dit volg nadat hy in die vroeë oggendure van Jeugdag verlede jaar na bewering agter in Brigando se Toyota Yaris op die N2 vasgery het.

Courtney Moore.

police after hijack-trauma ILLANA FRANTZ

Kaptein C.T. Daniels van die Strand-polisie.

THREE women who survived an attack from hijackers early on Saturday morning, were allegedly sworn at by members of the Strand police. After the attempted hijacking at the Gordon’s Bay and Beach Roads crossing, the women first tried to stop a police van passing by, but the officers allegedly just swore at them. Nadia Stander, Michay van Schalkwyk and Anni-mi Hopley then proceeded to the Strand police station, where they hoped to be assisted. According to them, this was, however, not what they come to experience there. “The officer behind the counter did not even take notes. He just stared at me with a blank, disinterested expression. We tried to explain what happened, but they just wouldn’t listen. This frustrated us,” said Stander. Van Schalkwyk was with her and Hopley was waiting in the car. Van Schalkwyk remembers that the officer who they spoke to in the police van earlier, came into the police office. When he saw them, he allegedly said, “Didn’t I tell you to f* off?” When the girls again tried to explain their case, the officer grabbed Van Schalkwyk by her arm and allegedly

wanted to throw her into the police cells. Hopley then came in and calmed her friends down, while managing to organise their release from the police. They returned to the police station on Monday morning to lay a charge. “We are not aware of the allegations levelled against the police members who were on duty during the registration of the above mentioned case. “The mere fact that we had registered the case with a case number, clearly indicates that we have interests in investigating the case,” said warrant officer Olebogeng Tawana, spokesperson for Strand police. He added that, in principle, police may not arrest a complainant if there are no grounds to do so. The women are still very traumatised. “I work in Epping and I sometimes have to work late. I’m so scared of driving alone at night now,” says Stander. Van Schalkwyk says that since the incident, she has had trouble sleeping. “I am petrified and I don’t want to be left alone in a car. I’m also very disappointed in the police as I feel they cannot be trusted.”

‘The officer behind the counter did not even take notes. He just stared at me with a blank, uninterested expression.’


Dewandry mother will stand trail SHAMIELA Stanley, the mother of the 7-month-old baby Dewandry that went missing in February last year, appeared in the Somerset West regional court on Monday 23 April. After a month of psychiatric evaluation at Valkenberg Hospital, Stanely was deemed fit to stand trial and appears on

charges of child abandonment and defeating the ends of justice. Stanley is out on bail, and will appear in court again in 14 May. According to a police source, no new leads have been found, and baby Dewandry remains missing.

Missing Dewandry.


Bag of clothes found in park A BLACK refuse bag filled with women’s and toddler’s clothing was found in Somerset West last week. Somerset West resident Danita du Plessis said she came across the bag in a park in Van der Stel around 11:00 on Thursday (26 April). The bag appeared to be ripped open and inside she discovered dozens of clothing items in a very good condition. The contents include women’s underwear, jerseys, shirts etc, as well as a wallet containing a few business cards. Du Plessis says by the look of the clothing items, it may have been taken from a washing line. If anyone finds to be missing various clothing items they can contact Danita du Plessis on 082 940 5019 and give her descriptions of the items in the bag to reclaim their belongings. .


Thursday, 3 May 2012 NEWS 1–11




Face of the Helderberg


Clowning around

Enjoy rock and blues jam sessions at Augustin’s C’est la Vie every Friday evening. Page 14


SPORT 45–48

PENSIONERS Broaden your knowledge on food waste management and earthworm farming. Page 11

FAMILIES Celebrate Mother’s Day with your furry friends and join the Happy Paws Dog Walk in Stellenbosch. Page 12

INDULGENCE Learn the process of picking, curing and pickling your own olives at Portion 36 olive orchard in Stellenbosch. Page 12

No happy clown: The International School of the Helderberg recently celebrated Friday the 13th when everyone dressed up for the occasion. Year 7 pupil Chelsea Ashton showed no fear of the day that has a superstitious connotation for many, by clowning around.

NEWS SUMMARY CAPTAIN CT Daniels, an officer at Strand police station, will again appear in the Khayelitsha Specialised Crime court today. Members of the Organised Crime united arrested Daniels last Tuesday (24 April) at approximately 20:00 at the station while he was on duty. Daniels, a member of the Crime Prevention Unit, is facing charges of theft relating to a raid where alcohol and money was confiscated from a suspect. Daniels made his first court appearance on Wednesday 25 April and was released on R2 000 bail. - Page 2 ROSS Sergeant (34), the driver of the Mercedes Benz that collided with Estelle Brigando’s Toyota Yaris on the N2 on 16 June 2011, appeared in the Wynberg regional court on 26 April. Brigando (50) and Courtney Moore (18), a talented young dancer (18) of Strand who was a passenger died in the accident. Sergeant faces charges of culpable homicide among others, and will appear in court again on 5 June. - Page 2

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Thursday, 3 May 2012 SIR LOWRY’S PASS

Picking up the pieces


Fire at tavern may be linked to arson NIKITA SYLVESTER

SUSPECTED arson seems to be the cause of a raging fire which broke out at a popular hang out spot in Gordon’s Bay, Barbaydos taverna. Since the incident on Friday 27 April, Barbaydos has been temporarily closed for business. Theo Layne, station commander of the fire and rescue department, says the fire may have started around 04:00 that morning and was extinguished at around 07:00. He says the contents damaged in the fire were one bar stool and one overhead neon sign. The entire building was also slightly damaged by smoke. Once the fire was extinguished fire safety investigators were dispatched to the scene to determine the cause. “The smell of paraffin was very prevalent as it appeared that the area that had burnt was dosed with paraffin,” says Layne. According to Barbaydos manager Judah Maharaj, the origin of the fire could possibly be an electrical fault caused by their sound system but cannot yet be ascertained as he had not received the fire department’s re-

port. He explains that Barbaydos taverna and its contents are insured and that insurance claims have been put through, adding that it is now a waiting process. “There is a lot of structural damage and a lot of work that needs to be done, but the place will be rebuilt,” says Maharaj. The case of suspected arson has now been handed over to the police for further investigation. Gordon’s Bay police spokesperson warrant officer Nico Beukes says the premises was cordoned off for surveillance, until an accelerant detection dog (arson sniffer dog) was sent in to establish the cause and origin of the fire. Prior to this incident a fire broke out at Barbaydos in September last year, but Maharaj claims that it was “nothing major” and that there were no severe damage to the property or contents.

Above: Firefighters busy extinguishing the blaze that engulfed the inside of Barbaydos taverna in Gordon’s Bay. Photo: Charles Herbert

Left: Barbaydos taverna is closed to the public after a fire broke out last Friday.

ROSINE and Recardo Leibrandt from Sir Lowry’s Pass Village are slowly picking up the pieces as they are rebuilding their home which was destroyed in a fire last Tuesday. The fire started just after 23:30 at a neighbouring informal structure in Brinkhuis Street. The fire rapidly spread to the property of the Leibrandt family, destroying everything in its wake. Although no injuries were reported, the family’s home and that of their father Keith Hartnick, was completely destroyed in the blaze. The family is being accommodated by a relative while they rebuild their home. They are still in need of building material, clothing and furniture. If you are able to assist in any way, phone Elizabeth October on 021 858 1910.

The home of the Leibrandt family is being rebuilt after a fire. Photo: Nicole Mccain


Thursday, 3 May 2012 KOGEL BAY

Spotters set up at ‘Caves’ NIKITA SYLVESTER

SHARK Spotters are soon to set up camp at the Caves in Kogel Bay after a recent fatal shark attack followed by numerous shark sightings in the area. David Lilienfeld (20) died on 19 April after he was attacked by a shark at the Caves at Kogel Bay while he was bodyboarding. Sarah Titley, project manager of the non-profit organisation, Shark Spotters, says they are hoping to have spotting in place at the Caves by 1 June and spotters will operate year round from 08:00 to 18:00. She says that they had spotters at the area over the past long weekend and a number of sharks have been spotted there. “We have also issued a general caution for the whole of False Bay as we have seen increased white shark activity on the inshore.” Titley has asked for assistance from the community in order to make this programme possible. Anyone interested in a position as shark spotter is asked to forward their CVs and contact details to Titley at 2 or fax it to 086 508 6258 by Friday 4 May, as they would like to start interviewing for suitable spotters on Monday 7 May. Suitable candidates must meet the following requirements:


Lost puppy found AN Alsatian-cross puppy was recently found sitting on it’s haunches near one of the traffic lights on the N2 going through Somerset West. “It was too terrified to move. It licked my hand and I thought that it would be easy to get her into the car, but she just laid on her stomach and would not get into the vehicle. I eventually had to pick her up,” says Lee Vestey, who now for time being cares for the dog. Lee thinks that the dog could have been abused. “I do not want to give a description as she is very identifiable,” says Lee. Unfortunately Lee already has three other rescued dogs in her care and cannot afford another one. Anyone with information or who is willing to open their hearts and homes can email Lee Vestey at 2

• Perfect 20/20 eyesight. • Able to read/ write/speak English fluently. • 100% reliable and trustworthy. • Sober, clean and presentable. • Confidence to speak to members of the public and liaise with other agencies in emergencies. • Fit, healthy A shark spotter and willing to work in an outdoor environment in both summer and winter. • Previous experience of working with the sea/marine environment is an advantage. • Currently unemployed. • Must live in Strand/Gordon’s Bay area. • Must be willing to leave home for two weeks to attend training in Fish Hoek. ) If you wish to contribute financially to the organisation, SMS “SHARK” to 38021 to donate R10 to the programme. To make a direct donation visit If you are able to assist in any way contact Sarah Titley on 0 078 174 4244, or email or fax 086 508 6258.

at work in False Bay.

This shark spotter with his warning flag was seen at Strand Beach on 1 April, a few weeks before the fatal attack on David Lilienfeld.




Thursday, 3 May 2012


Watersaak teen Stad in Appèlhof beklink DIE welbekende Strand-inwo- beurt in die Kaapse Hoë Hof ner en eienaar van Kays Kara- appèl aangeteken het. vaanpark, Marcel Strumpfer, Dié hof het ook in Strumphet op 30 Maart ’n hofgeding fer se guns beslis. Die Stad teen die Stad Kaapstad gewen. Kaapstad het hul hierna na die Die saak spruit voort uit ’n Appèlhof in Bloemfontein gedispuut oor ’n agterstallige wend. Wernher Bock en advowaterrekening van Kays Ka- kaat Roeloef van Riet (SC), het ravaanpark wat R182 000 be- Strumpfer se saak hier hanloop het. teer. Strumpfer het in 2008 ’n ’n Regsbank bestaande uit aansoek in die vyf regters, onder Landdroshof voorsitterskap Strand aanhangig van regter Mthiygemaak waarin hy ane, het beslis dat ’n tussentydse bedie Stad Kaapstad vel bekom het om se appèl van die die Stad Kaapstad hand gewys word, te verplig om sy wamet koste. tertoevoer na Kays Regter MthiyaKaravaanpark te ne het onder meer herstel nadat die in sy uitspraak beStad dit opgeskort Marcel Strumpfer. vind dat die Stad het. Kaapstad nie sy Dié afsluiting het gevolg ná eie dispuutoplossingsproseStrumpfer ’n dispuut in terme dure nagekom het nie en het van die Stad Kaapstad se mu- ook verder genoem dat “fairnisipale regulasies gedurende ness and equity” ’n voorverMei 2008 verklaar het. eiste is vir die optrede deur die In terme van die munisipale Stad Kaapstad. Die Appèlhof regulasies moes die Stad het ook bevind dat die opskorKaapstad die dispuut binne 30 ting van waterdienste deur die dae oplos. Die dispuut is egter Stad Kaapstad die verbruinie opgelos nie en die water- kers ontneem het van ’n basietoevoer na die woongebied se reg wat daargestel en bemet 400 permanente inwoners skerm word deur die Grondis in Augustus van daardie wet. jaar opgeskort. Volgens Strumpfer het die Die tussentydse bevel wat regskostes in totaal by die deur die Landdroshof Strand R800 000 beloop. toegestaan is, is op die keerda“Ek is geensins onwillig om tum daarvan deur die Stad rekeninge te vereffen nie en is teengestaan. Landdros Faber bereid om my samewerking het egter in Strumpfer se guns vir die Stad Kaapstad te gee beslis en die bevel is finaal af- om hopelik tot ’n vergelyk te gemaak waarna die Stad op sy kom,” sê Strumpfer.

Yet another dagga haul YET another dagga cultivation plant has been discovered in Gordon’s Bay, making the police believe that the discovery can be linked to dagga confiscated two weeks ago. Sixty-one dagga plants were found at a suspected dagga cultivation facility on 12 April. At the most recent discovery last week, 84 plants and cultivation equipment were found and confiscated from a house in Anchorage Park, close to the previous discovery. No arrests were made as no-one was at the house at the time of the search.The police expressed their gratitude towards the public for aiding them in combating crime by providing information.

These young dagga plants were found in a cultivation facility at a Gordon’s Bay house.


Two in court after protest for a new school NIKITA SYLVESTER

DEMANDS for a school in Macassar Village remains top priority for its residents as they took to the streets in protest. The Western Cape Education Department has confirmed that certain residents in Macassar have requested a new school. “The main concern is the safety of pupils who walk through bushes to attend their current school,” says spokesperson Paddy Attwell, referring to a primary school in Faure. He explains that the district office is discussing the viability of a new school in Macassar with the community leaders. About 100 residents – including school children – engaged in protest action on Tuesday 1 May and again the following morning. Macassar police station commander, lieutenantcolonel Errol Merkeur, confirms

that the protesters began burning tyres in the street while toi-toiing with their posters at 10:00 on Tuesday. “Police officers were able to disperse the group but they soon met up again and marched illegally to the N2 highway,” he says. Police were again forced to disperse the protesters, but this time by means of stun grenades. Two men were arrested on charges of public violence after two police vehicles and a fire engine were stoned. The men were released later that day and were expected to appear in the Somerset West magistrates’ court on yesterday (Wednesday). Merkeur adds that a smaller group of about 20 Macassar Village

residents – again including school children – gathered at around 08:00 on yesterday (Wednesday) morning at Macassar Primary school. Armed with their posters they made their way to court for the hearing. Surrounding schools were notified of yesterday’s protest action and cautioned to be alert. A meeting between the department’s district officials and community leaders was held on Saturday 21 April. The outcome of the meeting was not confirmed at the time of going to press. According to Merkeur the protest action follows increasing unhappiness among the residents who are not satisfied with the response from the department.

‘The main concern is the safety of pupils who walk through bushes...’

Let DistrictMail’s website work for you DistrictMail and NetLocal, the newspaper’s website host, will host a demonstration session to show our readers how to utilise the platform and enjoy your own page on the DistrictMail website. The workshop will take place at the DistrictMail office at 37 Mynhardt Street, Gants Centre, Strand on Wednesday 16 May at 16:00. Representatives from schools in the area are invited to attend the event. Organisations such as welfare societies, sport clubs, non-profit organisations and charities will be briefed on our special groups page, which will give you a new edge to your cause. You will get exposure on the DistrictMail website at no charge to you. The demonstration will equip you with the basics of using the site, but booking before Friday 11 May is essential. To register for the session, schools must email Lindsy at 2 and groups and organisations must email 2 For more information, contact Lindsy on 0 021 468 8474.


Thursday, 3 May 2012 NEWS 1–11





SPORT 45–48


Tapestry trove a sign of hope DELIAH BRINKHUIS

BURIED under rubble for 22 months, a tapestry depicting The Last Supper was found at the Church Street Methodist Church recently. Workers clearing away rubble of the collapsed wall, found the tapestry on 5 April, Maudy Thursday. On site at the time of discovery, church elders Harold Seale and Warren Sinden were astonished by the unexpected trove. Sinden says when found, the tapestry merely had to be dusted off and was undamaged. “Being found on the exact day, The Last Supper has brought new inspiration and encouragement to our congregation,” says resident minister, Rev Jean Murcott. At the beginning of March this From left are elder Warren Sinde n, Charles Murcott an year the church was finally grant- Murcott, d reverent Jean resident minister of Ch urch Street Methodist ed permission by the Western Cape tapestry. Church with the Heritage Council to have the rubble removed after battling for almost two years to have their Grand Old La- tapestry was sparked by a dream of a bers. The women dy, as the church was fondly referred WA member, Elaine Roos. In her then set about to make the tapestry dream of Jesus’ betrayal by his disci- based on Leonardo da Vinci’s paintto, restored. According to Murcott, the tapestry ple Judas, Roos was allegedly con- ing, The Last Supper. “To us this is a sign of hope from of Jesus and his twelve disciples was fronted with the question of the role made by the Women’s Association of disciples. The question, “Is it I, God. It is symbolic of Jesus’ resurrec(WA) around 1998. It is said that a local Lord, that will betray You?” remained tion. We believe our historic church artist assisted the women with the with Roos for days, which motivated will be restored, and that money, for project. Murcott says the idea of the her to share it with fellow WA mem- its restoration, will be found. As the Bible says, He is risen.”

Golfing fundraiser for Winter Wonderland GET your swing into action at the Winter Wonderland golf day fund-raising event this weekend. The second Winter Wonderland Festival is fast approaching and will be celebrated the weekend of 29 June to 1 July. Much-needed funds will be used to decorate Gordon’s Bay with twinkling lights and turn it into a winter wonderful experience. The golf day will take place at Fairview Golf Course in Gordon’s Bay on Saturday 5 May. Tee-off is from 08:00 and cost per person is R200 for a four-ball. The day includes sponsored wet holes, boerewors rolls at the 9th hole, a prizegiving, a meal to be served after the prize-giving, an

auction and lucky draws with great prizes to be won. “All funds raised will be ploughed into the festival to make it an amazing event for us all. Attracting visitors to our town during the quiet season – businesses will prosper and this will create jobs and work for our community, thus helping towards the economic and social upliftment of Gordon’s Bay,” says Margot Paulsen, convenor of Winter Wonderland. “So get out of the rough and back on the green and support the Winter Wonderland festival.” To book contact Annalien on 0 021 856 4997 or 2



Thursday, 3 May 2012


District All the stops to find stolen pup


Where’s WP? RUGBY and Western Province supporters in the Helderberg are not amused. After building up a hype and creating a wave of excitement, the WP Rugby Football Union (WPRFU) has now caused quite a sour stir. With all plans in place to host the WP versus Lions Vodacom Cup quarterfinal at the Charles Morkel stadium, the WPRFU decided not to play here on Saturday after all. Instead, the match will be played in Athlone. No excuses or conclusive reasons for this decision were forthcoming, although rumour has it that coach John Dobson made the final call. It is clear that the facilities in Strand are more than suitable to host a game on this level. One can not help but wonder why the WPRFU opted to disappoint its fans – especially all the children who were looking forward to see their rugby heroes in their own backyard. The purpose of the Vodacom Cup is to develop rugby in communities and to take the game back to the people. With its rich and proud rugby history and its massive support for club rugby, the Helderberg has certainly proven itself worthy of hosting provincial matches. This is a privilege we deserve. Pressure should be put on the WPRFU to honour their promise to fans in this region. A provincial match should be hosted by a club in the Helderberg and WP should also invest in this community’s players, youth and fans.

ON Thursday 12 March, I was devastated to come home and be told by my fiancé, that our pit bull pup was nowhere to be found. He believes that she went missing early that morning, since her food bowl was still full. I immediately went searching our streets for her. Calling her name and asking all passers-by if they had seen her since we walk our pups in the neighbourhood so at least everyone knew what she looks like. They assured me that should they see her, they’ll contact me immediately. I then phoned Gordon’s Bay Security that patrol our streets regularly. Like always they were very helpful and said they’ll radio their guards and tell them to be on the lookout. I posted it on Facebook and also put an advertisement on Gumtree. The next morning, I phoned the police and the Gordon’s Bay Animal Welfare. I got a reply from Gumtree from a women who gave me all the email addresses of the animal societies to whom I can

email. I quickly made a poster and emailed it to them and also to all our local vets. I immediately got a reply from Joan from, who gave me so much advice on how to find my puppy. I made hundreds of posters and threw it in all the mailboxes in our area and put it up at our local shopping centres. A whole day had passed and no word on the where abouts of my precious Cleo. I felt so hopeless. The next morning on my way to give my poster to the Animal Welfare, I decided to follow Joan’s advice to go search out closest informal settlements. Although she advised me to take the police with me, I went on my own. I did not feel that the police would be of any assistance. I drove into Temperance Town, Gordon’s Bay, and gave my poster to the first ladies that were walking in the street. They called me back and said they saw a young guy in Tarentaalplaas, Strand (or Tarries as they call it) walking with the same puppy since the day

Cleo went missing. They gave me his name and description. I got directions from friends and drove there. While driving I was wondering what the chances of it being there were, but I could not give up. Once I got there I showed her picture to the people on the street and asked if they knew where the guy, who may have my dog, lived. Luckily he was well-known in the area and finding his house was easy. Once I got to the house, I called in a friendly soft voice for someone to come out. A little girl came out holding a puppy. I was completely shocked to see she was actually holding Cleo, my puppy! I told her to come closer. I saw she was scared; I panicked and almost started to scream at her to give me my dog. The girl stepped backed and refused to give her to me; she said it’s her brother’s dog. I then said I’m calling the police. While dialling, the mother came out. She apologised immensely, and gave Cleo to me. She told me when she came home on Thursday after work

Cleo was there; her son told her he bought it off the street for only R60. I was disgusted when I heard that. She showed me where Cleo slept and the food they gave her; at least she was well looked after. I was very lucky. I think if the son was home it might have been a completely different story. I was told he had dreadlocks and later found out that the Rastafarians walk their streets with our dogs on chains as a symbol of power. They also make the dogs fight to the death. I now take my puppies to my parents every day until they are big enough to protect themselves. We’re also busy putting up spike fencing, with the hope that it will prevent these people from coming in to our yard. I just want to ask that everyone to please keep their puppies save, and don’t give up, there are a lot of people willing to help. Please do not let these people get away with this, it is time we take back what’s ours.


Sê jou sê ) Trolliebrigade op vullisdae is ’n kopseer. Polisie se hande gebind, geen samewerking van winkeleienaars nie. Moet NOOIT bruikbare goed uitsit nie! Buurtwag ) Aan al die onnosele en blinde motoriste (en ek glo die meeste bly in Disaweg, Gordonsbaai) wat nie kan lees dat dit ’n eenrigtingstraat is nie, gaan bestudeer weer jou padreëls. Ook die padvarke wat in die nag in Disaweg jaag – hoop jy ry jou te pletter teen ’n muur of paal. Inwoner

‘Do not feed the animals’ TOLD you so would be a cliché. See letter, DistrictMail August 1999. “I feed a dog, it stays at my heel. I feed a baboon, it snarls at my heel. I feed a shark, it bites at my heel.’’ It’s the oldest law of the jungle. “Do not feed the animals.’’ Gold fish will come to the side

of the pond when you approach, sharks can smell a drop of blood a mile away and salmon find their way back to the same river. Fishermen use bait. You attract animals by feeding them even if it’s rat poison. You can befriend an animal by feeding it, but a snake charmer will get bit. Californians have plenty of

sharks in their bay. Tell the caged beast to go home and drop five tons of blood upon her own shore. I applaud the department that revoked their licence to chum. Hope this extends to chumming in general. Next Kruger Park will slaughter a cow to ensure you see a cat. Soon the vultures will arrive.


) Geluk mummy en daddy met jul 30ste anniversary. Enjoy. Van Sue, Ann en Clinton Swartz. ) Thank you to Logan at Telkom Somerset Mall for incredible friendly and efficient service. Brilliant. Lisa Southin ) To Gerda Bouwer, my manager: happy birthday on 5 May. God bless. Enjoy! Lynette Louw ) Dexter Katts: God be with you during your operation on 4 May. Love, Karl, Uncle Alex and Aunty Jackie


Stuur jou sms na

Concern for ‘small’ things needed THANK you for your article about the traffic and speeding issues in Steynsrust Road (Eye on the road) published in the DistrictMail of 26 April. How puzzling to now learn that calming measures are not deemed “appropriate” for this road. And even stranger yet, how baffling that this was not mentioned to me even once before during the past year, despite my regular queries. Still, one would hope that ensuring the safety of tax-paying residents living in this road would take precedent? And surely all users of a so-called district distributor road still need to adhere to the existing speed limit on such a road? The City’s reaction to your que-

ries makes me question and doubt the seriousness with which they view the need to address valid safety concerns in this residential area. One more glaring example of this could’nt-really-give-a-damn attitude is the current state of a speed sign (photo) – and ironically, a warning sign about a non-existing speed camera – just off the corner of Abelia and Steynsrust Roads. A motorist (yet another one ignoring the 60 km/h limit) crashed into this sign months ago. The road sign has simply been left that way and now increasingly tilts over – given a few more weeks it will be easy pickings for a scrap collector. I’m reminded of former New

York mayor Rudi Giuliani’s broken window philosophy: if there is no will to fix the “small” things like this, it’s no wonder the very real issues of road safety and adherence to speed limits take such an obvious back seat. I am dismayed that the City, its traffic department and our local representatives do not at the very least start policing traffic and the speed passenger vehicles and trucks travel at on this road. There’d be a huge surge in their income gained from traffic fines. And a decidedly safer road for residents and the many pedestrians, cyclists and runners making use of Steynsrust Road.



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Thursday, 3 May 2012 NEWS 1–11





SPORT 45–48


Train your puppy

Watching over us

I have to salute Mr Pienaar for his letter. I grew up with German shepherds that never barked unless a stranger came onto the property; all down to proper dedicated and constant puppy training. So when the dog barked we knew to react immediately – which was very seldom. It’s too much effort to properly train and discipline dogs in our fast-food consumer society, and in many cases I shudder at the thought that some people own a pet, never mind raise a child. I have a neighbour that thinks exercising his two Jack Russells is to let them out the gate to run around the block, mess in gardens, run through plant beds and terrorise other pets behind big gates, not to men-

I WANT to commend Helderberg Crime Watch (HCW) for always being there for us (their members) at all times. On Friday evening I had a call from a friend in Sercor Park. She needed help as her disabled brother had collapsed and appeared to be lame in his leg. I called Helderberg Hospital. They gave me the number for the ambulance. I couldn’t get a reply from the number. I tried another ambulance, also without any reply. In desperation I called the HCW–Vetus Schola control room. Anke suggested EMO, but the family could not pay for the service. She told me not to worry; and said she would get an ambulance to them. Thank you so much, Anke; the ambulance folks called me and the home of the patient. He was admitted to Helderberg Hospital. This once again proves that the HCW and Vetus Schola are always there when you need them.

tion the barking at all times. So okay, dogs may communicate by barking, but are they so stupid they can’t be taught what a real threat is and really warrants barking? As Mr Pienaar comments – in most cases dogs just “cry wolf” – when the crap hits the fan no-one will take any notice. As for the cats meowing – I wonder how dog-only owners would respond if the sound of a cat’s meow was elevated to the volume of a dog’s bark and we got the cats to meow as much as the dogs barked (stupid comment that that was). Now wouldn’t that get some action. Don’t give up, Mr Pienaar.


No decent coffee in the ‘food hub’? MYSELF, my wife and our three children recently moved to Somerset West from Johannesburg. It has been an incredibly positive move for us all. We love the less frenetic pace of life and the beautiful surroundings. Apart from our friends, there is only one thing we miss about Johannesburg, and that is good cappuccinos. We supposedly live in the “food hub” of South Africa, but it appears that no one makes a decent cappuccino in Somerset

West. We have to venture to Stellenbosch for a decent coffee, which is rather costly and time-consuming, albeit it enjoyable. The two good local options we found are Woolies and Vida e Caffè in the mall. We, however, do not want to sit in the mall for a good cup of coffee! We have tried various coffee shops in Somerset West, as well as the restaurants on a few wine estates, with no luck. We walk into places and seek out cappuc-

GRATEFUL cino drinkers so we can surreptitiously inspect their drinks – it’s the horrid fluffy meringue topping, or even worse, a cream topping, which is a dead giveaway to a bad cappuccino. Restaurants appear to have the right equipment, but just need a lesson from a decent barista on how to use it. If there is any local coffee shop owner out there who thinks their establishment makes a good cappuccino, please email me at – I would love to hear from you!


Subscribe and WIN! DISTRICTMAIL aims to start delivering newspapers door-to-door in the Helderberg area. Subscribe before the end of May and stand a chance to win two nights’ accommodation for six people at the Chelaya Country Lodge outside Somerset West. Stay in touch with your local news and become involved in your community. You can also spoil a relative or friend with a weekly DistrictMail on their doorstep. Call the editor, Marli van Wyngaard, or receptionist, Brigitte Pillay, on 0 021 853 0211 for a subscription form, or pay a visit to DistrictMail’s office at 37 Mynhardt Street, Gants Centre, Strand, to subscribe.

Subscribe now to DistrictMail and stand a chance to win two nights’ stay for six people in the self-catering Sunset Cottage of Chelaya Country Lodge.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

April’s winners! FINALLY, the last month’s winners of the year-long DistrictMail Kodak Express Superfoto photo competition have been chosen. This very popular and successful competition wraps up after it had attracted hundreds of entries each month. With the compliments of Kodak Express Superfoto, four winners received a R500 voucher each

month, since May 2011. A panel of expert judges will now judge the 12 winning entries in each of the four respective categories. The top three winners in each category will then be invited to an evening with DistrictMail and Kodak Express Superfoto, where the ultimate winning photos of the year will be announced.

Due to the popularity of this competition, DistrictMail and Kodak Express Superfoto have already decided to run it again. So keep on watching this space for the new year’s competition details, which will be published soon. In the meantime, start clicking away and encourage young and old to try out their photography skills.

Winners: From the left are Tim Holliday, Jayne Rimell, Erna Beyers with her daughter Chaseade, Zane Mostert and the manager of Kodak Express Superfoto in Waterstone Village, Miems Kruger.

Nature: Jayne Rimell.

Children: Zane Mostert.

Action: Tim Holliday.

Pets: Erna Beyers.


Thursday, 3 May 2012 NEWS 1–11


Diary Send diary entries to:

Weekly deadline: Monday, 12:00

dervlerk-sosaties en boereworsrolletjies sal te koop aangebied word. Bel die kerkkantoor by 0 021 856 1654 vir navrae en ete-kaartjies.

Sondag 6 Mei Strand: ) Laerskool Beaumont bied ’n konsert ten bate van die NG-gemeente Strand se barmhartigheidsfonds aan. Die pianis, Megan-Jeoffrey Prins, vioolspelers Francois Voges en David Bester, asook die Laerskool Beaumont Strykkwartet sal optree. Die konsert is gratis en sal van 17:00 tot 18:00 by die NG Strand-kerksaal in Kerkstraat gehou word.

Tuesday 8 May

Donderdag 3 Mei

Somerset West:

Somerset-Wes: ) Die maandelikse vergadering van die Berg-en-Seeklub vind om 09:30 in die NG Kerksaal in Andries Pretoriusstraat plaas. Almal is welkom. 0 Hedwig Strijdom: 021 852 3496.

Friday 4 May Somerset West: ) The Choices Crisis Pregnancy Counselling Centre will host a tribute to the greatest guitarists of all time at 19:00 at the Helderberg Christian Centre. The event features guitar legends such as Graham Gillot and many more. Bring along a picnic basket and refreshments. Entry fee is R120 per person. Booking is essential and tickets are available from Choices. 0 021 852 6454. ) A free talk on Modern Buddhism will be held at the Wordsworth bookstore in Somerset Mall from 18:00 to 19:00. The evening will include a guided meditation with Buddhist monk Gen Pagpa. Refreshments will be served. For more information contact 0 021 852 5516.

Saterdag 5 Mei Gordonsbaai: ) Die jaarlikse skropwerf vind om 11:00 by die NG-gemeente plaas. Almal word hartlik uitgenooi om te kom deel in die pret en plesier, en om by die verskeie stalletjies te skrop. Potjiekos, hoenderrolletjies, hoen-

) Join the Nutritional Support Group talk at 18:00 at Mediclinic Vergelegen to find out more about women’s health. Entrance is free. Don’t forget to bring R5 to enter our raffle to win a super goodie bag filled with essential nutrients. Please RSVP with Tracy on 0 021 851 6228. ) The presentation of the “Flight for Birders” bird identification course will take place in the library hall today and tomorrow (9 May). These dates have been selected to coincide with BirdLife South Africa’s National Bird Week. The course focuses on basic steps in the identification of birds, it emphasises on where to find the rare and often endemic birds in Southern Africa and illustrates how ordinary bird-watchers could become involved in the conservation of birds and their habitats. It costs R400 per person. Register by phoning Elaine: 0 082 455 8402 or e-mailing 2

Wednesday 9 May Somerset West: ) The Hottentots Holland Garden Club will hold its monthly meeting in the library hall. Coffee and tea will be available from 09:30 with the meeting commencing at 10:00 prompt. Avril from Ywaste recycle will share her extensive knowledge of food waste management and earthworm farming. Products will be available for anyone wishing to purchase. Entry fee is R10. For further information phone Carole: 0 021 851 7742.

We are changing our Auction days to Tuesday 10:00 and Fridays 10:00 Date: Venue: Viewing:

Friday, 04 May 2012 @ 10:00 & Friday, 11 May 2012 @ 10:00 The Interchange, Somerset Mall, Somerset West From Thursday 03 May 2012 till Start of Auction.

Brown Suede Sleeper Couch, 4-Poster Single Bed Bed/Day Bed, Petrof upright Piano with Stool, Oak Kingsize Bedroom Suite, Imbuia 4-Door Sideboard, 2x Gents 2-Door Wardrobes, Massage Bed, Sleeperwood L-Shape Desk with Chair, Pine Tv Cabinet, Defy 4-Plate Stove, 4x Parker & Knoll Arm Chairs, Big-5 Carved Single Door, Black 2-Seater Couch, 5pc Glasstop Diningroom Suite, Bosch Washing Machine, Gunsafe with Keys, Yellowwood Kist, Oak Bar with 7x Barstools & Lots More...

In-house Auction Somerset West Date: Venue: Viewing:

Tuesday 08 May 2012 @ 10:00 & Tuesday 15 May 2012 @ 10:00 The Interchange, Somerset Mall, Somerset West From Monday 07 May 2012 till Start of Auction

Oak 2-Door 2-Drawer Gents Wardrobe, Queen Anne Style Tv Cabinet, Queen Anne Style Dropside Tables, Oak 12-Seater Diningroom Table on Castors, 2x Studded Ottomans, Queen Anne Style Dressing Table Mirror, Large Gilt Framed Mirror, Oak Room Divider, Defy Fridge/Freezer, Pine 6Seater Table, patio Table & 4x Chairs, Wallnut Dropside Table, Logstyle Diningroom Suite/Pool Table, Wooden Display Cabinet, Remote Control Helicopter, Glass Chandelier, Carpets & Lots More...





SPORT 45–48


Her legend lives on MARIA Christine Engelbrecht (89), or “Mam- workers to do the same. Besides putting her mie Raai” as she was affectionately known, in a slightly better financial situation, her died peacefully at Helderberg Hospital on Fri- work as a home nurse gave her the power to day 27 April. help her community with first aid A staunch Christian, she was and other health problems. very active in the church, espeOne of her proudest moments cially the choir. After she and was to cast her vote for the first time her husband and children were in 1994. However, as a keen armforced to move from their “emchair rugby follower, she never ployer-provided dwelling” in came around to supporting the Land en Zeezicht to Garden VilSpringboks because she was waitlage under to the Group Areas ing to see a much stronger repreAct 57 years ago, they got very sentation of “our children”; she alinvolved with community ways cheered for the foreign teams, projects. This politicised her, especially the All Blacks. Christine and she went on to be highly sup- Maria Mammie Raai leaves behind five portive of those of her children Engelbrecht. children, 29 grandchildren, 38 great who took up the fight against grandchildren and 16 great great apartheid. Despite the fact that she was em- grand children. ployed as a domestic worker and her husband Her funeral takes place on Saturday, with as a gardener, the community knew they the viewing at 09:00 and the service at home could turn to Mammie Raai in times of need. at 09:30. She later signed up as a volunteer with St The church service takes place at 10:30 at the John’s Ambulance and enrolled for a course VGK Church, Somerset West, and the burial in home nursing, encouraging other domestic service at Somerset West Cemetery at 12:00.

Memorial service for Lindy: The Hottentots Holland Dramatics Society sadly mourn the loss of a special friend and gigantic talent. They extend their sincere condolences to the Scott and Hawker families on the passing away of Lindy Scott. Lindy passed away on Friday 27 April after a long battle with ill health. A memorial service will be held on Sunday, 6 May at 19:00 at The Playhouse Theatre.


Blend your way to Bordeaux WELCOME the colder months with your very own red blend. Make your way to Durbanville Hills Wines on Thursday 31 May and discover first-hand how to create your own Bordeaux- and Cape-style blends under the guidance of red-wine maker Wilhelm Coetzee. Coetzee will assist teams of four in creating their own unique wine, which will then be bottled, sealed under cork and labelled. After the blending experience, guests can indulge in a sumptuous lamb and tomato bredie served with mini dumplings and white rice. The meal also includes a chef’s salad, bread rolls and butter. Round the evening off with coffee or tea and biscotti. There are also fantastic prizes up for grabs for the best blends. The evening will start at 18:30; the cost of R150 per person includes your welcome drink, wine blending, dinner, coffee or tea, and your own bottle of wine. Space is limited, and booking is essential. Contact Simone Brown on 021 558 1300 or send an email to sibrown@d for further information.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fall in love with olives PORTION 36 olive orchard in Devonvale, Stellenbosch, invites everyone to try their hand at picking Kalamata olives and making their own table olives. Pickers will be guided in the process of curing and pickling the olives. There are several methods, but for home curing all you need are containers, water, salt and patience. “One cannot eat an olive off the tree,” explains Arend Hofmeyr, production manager at Portion 36. “It must be de-bittered in a cure, usually just salt and water. It is very easy, and with high-quality olives like Kalamatas it is quite a treat.” Picking Kalamata olives is great fun, and pickers pay only R20 per kilogramme for the olives they pluck. “We believe self-picking of Kalamata olives is rather unique, and we have had visitors from far away,” Hofmeyr says. “We have a very good crop this year, and thought it would be a good idea to invite people to pick olives and also get a chance to see an olive orchard. We hope South Africans will like and use olives and olive oils as much as other cultures, like Italy, Spain and Greece do. It is a healthy fruit that produces fantastic tastes, so it is really something both for your heart and your palate.”


Arend Hofmeyr, production manager at Portion 36. Portion 36 Olive Orchard has just started the 2012 Kalamata harvest, and estimates it will last at least until the middle this month. For more information contact Birgitta Silen Hofmeyr on 0 021 865 2157 or 078 321 9064, or visit

Happy paws and wagging tails TO celebrate Mother’s Day this year, the Middelvlei wine estate in Stellenbosch will host the Happy Paws Dog Walk. During the walk on Sunday 13 May – organised by the Stellenbosch Animal Welfare Society – strollers and their dogs will get to wander through the beautiful autumn-touched vineyards. There will be two routes to choose from: one of 4 km and another of 2 km. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Welfare assistants will be on hand to ensure everyone is safe, and a veterinary nurse will be on duty. Afterwards you’ll get to enjoy warm potbrood, jam and coffee for only R20. Registration takes place from 08:00 to 09:00, and entry costs R20 per person and R10 per dog. Take plastic bags along to clean up after your dogs; bins will be provided. Water points will be available, as well as plenty of secure parking. “Our doggies at the kennels would also

love to participate,” an Animal Welfare spokesperson says. If you’d like to give the society’s animals a joyous day out, please contact Sarah on 0 021 886 4901 to make arrangements. For further information contact René de Wet on 0 082 090 8166, or send an email to 2

A furry friend gets ready to take on the dog walk.

May tasting at Quoin Rock WINE enthusiasts, be sure to circle 31 May on your calendar: that’s when the next Winederous Wine Club tasting of the DistrictMail–Eikestadnuus branch happens. The tasting for this month takes place at Quoin Rock in Stellenbosch. Only 40 guests can be accommodated, and it’s first come, first served. If there is enough demand, a second tasting evening can be arranged.

Wynbedryf en SEB-uitdaging

Meet up for a sociable evening and a wealth of fine wines at a cost of R150 for members and R200 for visitors. Quoin Rock winemaker Narina Cloete will be handling the presentation for the evening. For further information, or to make a booking, contact Björn van Oort on 0 021 981 0216 or 084 511 1806.

DIE pas van transformasie moet op ’n volhoubare wyse versnel, maar dit benodig die inkoop van alle betrokke partye. Só het Johan Giliomee van VinPro se Swart Ekonomiese Bemagtiging Adviesdiens onlangs gesê. “Dit is belangrik om te onthou dat swart ekonomiese bemagtiging (SEB) oor meer as net eienaarskap en grondbesit gaan.” Daar is tans net beperkte inligting oor die vordering rakende SEB beskikbaar. Volgens Giliomee is Vinpro in die proses om ’n volledige databasis te skep van alle SEB-inisiatiewe. “Die huidige status van grondhervorming behels 52 projekte in die wynbedryf, waarvan die gemiddelde plaasgrootte 110 ha is. Grond in swartbesit is geskat op 5 500 ha. Wat aandeelhouding betref, is 31% van die projekte ten volle swartbesit.” Sowat 40 maatskappye in swartbesit is betrokke by sekondêre wynbedrywighede soos handelsmerke, bottelering en toerisme. Volgens Giliomee is opleiding baie belangrik. “Tegniese en bestuursopleiding benodig dringend aandag. Daar is egter nie ’n gekoördineerde strategie tussen die staat en die bedryf nie. Ander uitdagings is toeganklikheid en befondsing vir kursusse.” Daar is wel ’n groot toename in opheffingsinisiatiewe vir werkers. “Opheffing word op ’n groot skaal gedoen en ’n hele gemeenskap word ontwikkel, onder meer by Fairhills Association in Rawsonville (1 000 begunstigdes); Wellington se Bosman Family Vineyards (260 begunstigdes) en Fair Valley in die Paarl (52 families).” Ander plase met sulke projekte is Bergendal (Citrusdal), Bergsig (Wolseley), Bonnievale-kelder (Bonnievale), Buitenverwachting (Constantia), Goedemoed (Vredendal), Graham Beckwyne (Robertson), Koopmanskloof (Stellenbosch), Lucerne (Robertson), Meerlust (Stellenbosch), Realeboga (Upington), Rust en Vrede (Stellenbosch) en Solms-Delta (Franschhoek). Plaaswerkeropheffing verwys na breëbasis-opheffing ten opsigte van opvoeding, gesondheid, sport, kultuur en behuising. “Daar is (egter) geen staatshulp vir swart boere om grond te besit nie. Wingerdgrond is duur en groot lenings is nie ’n opsie nie. Onvoldoende langtermynondersteuning vir nuwe boere bly ook ’n probleem. ’n Oorhoofse strategie vir opleiding sal ook baie help.” Giliomee is realisties optimisties oor SEB in die wynbedryf. “Die wynbedryf het nog ’n lang pad om te stap met baie uitdagings voordat daar ten volle getransformeer is, maar ons sien wel produsente se toenemende positiewe houding ten opsigte van SEB.”


Thursday, 3 May 2012 NEWS 1–11



Besigtig die werk van ’n meester ’n VERSAMELING werke van wyle Herbert Coetzee (1921 – 2008) sal van 10 – 18 Mei by ’n uitstalling ten toon gestel word. Coetzee was ’n gerekende kunstenaar en ’n sterk figuur in kunskringe en die Kaapse impressionistiese tradisie. Hy was bekend vir sy blom-stillewes, landskappe asook seeen straattonele. In sy stillewes en party landskappe is die invloed van Maurice van Essche, sy leermeester, herkenbaar – dalk ook ’n bietjie invloed van sy studietyd in België. Sy werk weerspieël ’n deurlopende eksperimentering met effekte van komposisie en kleur. Sy werk word gekenmerk deur los kwashale en ’n kleurvolle pallet. Sy voorkeure vir blou, rooi, oranje en bruin gee nie alleen die natuurlike aardsheid van sy tema weer nie, maar bring ook ’n dramatiese en dinamiese effek in die werke teweeg. Ná sy afsterwe in 2008 het ’n groot aantal werke van sy eie versameling sy kinders toegeval, en ’n groot aantal hiervan sal op die uitstalling te sien wees. Hoewel die uitstalling geen oorsiguitstalling is nie, bied die uitstalling ’n goeie weergawe van al die genres en styl van sy werk. Die uitstalling vind plaas te Astervue Huisgalery, Asterstraat 33, Heldervue. Bel Philip by 083 378 8396 vir inligting.

SPORT 45–48

Minds meet THE Somerset West Depression and Anxiety Support group next meets on Monday at 18:00 at the Coronation Street Methodist Church. This general meeting is set to be facilitated by Leila Falletisch and Rudyard Harrison. The next meeting, on 21 May, will involve a talk by Dr Torsten Lamb on cognitive behaviour therapy. Next month’s meeting, taking place on 4 June, will feature a talk by Dr Chris van den Berg on bipolar disorder. The meeting takes place at the same time and venue. To RSVP, call Leila on 0 021 851 0870 or email 2

Benut die geleentheid om werk aan te koop uit die nalatenskap van ’n erkende Kaapse meester.

’n Blik op die lewe van Anne Frank: Die Strand-leeskring nooi alle belangstellende lesers uit om te kom luister na gasspreker Lina Spies (foto) wanneer sy oor haar vertaling van Die Agterhuis (dagboek van Anne Frank) gesels. Sy het verlede jaar die toekenning vir Beste Vertaalde Werk van die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, vir Die Agterhuis ontvang. Hierdie geleentheid vind op Woensdag 7 Mei om 15:00 in die Strand-biblioteeksaal plaas. Toegang vir gaste is R10. Vir meer inligting, bel Zandra van Wyk by 021 854 8219 of 073 300 9489.

Dance for dessert: Be transported to the

Terug na die 60s: Die Gloria Botha Skool se jaarlikse fondsinsamelingsdans word op 5 Mei om 19:00 in die Strand-stadsaal gehou. Die tema vir vanjaar is die 60s. Kaartjies, teen R100 per persoon, is by die skool beskikbaar. Dit sluit ’n heerlike driegang-ete in. Bel die skool by 021 801 2184 of na-ure by 072 313 3339. Agter (van links) is Trudie van der Westhuizen, Gwen Phillips en Marelise Roux. Voor is Trudi van Jaarsveld en Ray Howard.

most magnificent chocolate factory in the world when Wonka – A Dance Extravaganza brings Roald Dahl’s sweet-eating masterpiece to the Playhouse Theatre stage in Somerset West from 23 May to 2 June. Tour the factory with the five golden ticket winners – Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee and, of course, Charlie Bucket – and watch as the wonders unfold. “This mesmerising dance production will have you enthralled from beginning to end,” a spokesperson assures. To book phone 0 021 852 6445 or 073 921 8109.

NHW clean-up initiative A NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch (NHW) clean-up initiative takes place on Saturday 5 May in Somerset West. Residents are called upon to bring all their old electrical gadgets,



metal pieces and bottles and be rid of them. Drop-off points are under the trees at the Steynsrust bridge or at Radloff Park, opposite the Shell garage in Lourensford Street from

07:30 - 12:00. The NHW will then organise the disposal of these unwanted items. If you have trouble with transport or if you would like to assist with helping out at a collection point, let the NHW know. For more information, phone Jacqui on 082 792 7075.

14 ENTERTAINMENT | VERMAAK Doubling up: As part of his ongoing album release tour, fans can expect a double dose of Brandon October over the next week. Accompanied by a four-piece band, October will perform at the Playhouse Theatre in Lourensford Road on Saturday at 20:00, and at the Dorpstreet Theatre in Stellenbosch on Friday 11 May. Tickets cost R100, and are available through Computicket. Phone 0 021 852 1183 during office hours for more information on this weekend’s show, or 021 889 9158 for information on next weekend’s show.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hit the dance floor DUE to strong demand, Augustin’s C’est la Vie will now hold a weekly rock and blues jam session every Friday from 19:00. Through these regular sessions, C’est la Vie aims to provide a platform for the Helderberg’s talented rock and blues musicians. They’re preceded by the popular jazz and blues jam sessions every Thursday from 19:00, led by the C’est la Vie Trio of Adolf Thelen, Mark Augustin and Duncan Combe. The main event this weekend is the Come and Dance feature on Saturday at 20:00. “Bring along your partner or friends and sweep across our dance floor to all genres of music – there will be something for

From the Stoneage: Popular local band Stoneage is ready for a weekend filled with the classic music of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. They will be performing at La Lula’s Pub in Gordon’s Bay tomorrow (Friday) from 20:00, and next hit The Long Bar in Gordon’s Bay on Saturday at the same time. To find out more call Janet on 074 194 4160.

C’est la Vie will break out the dance music this Saturday. everyone,” the organisers say. The Wurstzipfel House Band will be on stage the next day at 13:00, performing music ranging from German folk to rock and

blues with their characteristic style. There is no cover charge for any of these events. For more information phone 021 851 8504.


Thursday, 3 May 2012 NEWS 1–11





SPORT 45–48

Pianist at work: Portuguese pianist Luis Magalhães will perform in the Liebrecht Gallery in Somerset West on Friday 11 May at 19:00. “He will perform Debussy’s first book of 12 preludes, a work not often performed due to the demands on the pianist as a painter, Debussy being the father of impressionistic music,” a spokesperson says. Magalhães is a pianist of international stature, having won first prize for his performance of Rachmaninoff’s music at the International Russian Music Piano Competition in the USA in 2002. He also took first prize at the Maria Campina International Piano Contest, among others. A concert pianist since the age of nine, Magalhães has worked his magic in numerous recitals, concerts and chamber music performances in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. He also teams up with his wife Nina Schumann to play under the acclaimed title of TwoPianists. Tickets for the concert and dinner cost R260; a seat alone costs R110. Sixty seats are available at the dinner table. To book, or for more information, phone Avril Gardiner on 021 852 8030.

The Blues Broers.

A breath of fresh blues at Bertie’s IN the 90s they were known as South Africa’s hardest working blues band, and still the legendary Blues Broers are hitting the rock scene hard. Snappily attired in their trademark black suits and dark glasses, they’re ready to roll this weekend at Bertie’s Moorings in Gordon’s Bay. “New drummer Tim Rankin brings his considerable experience to the rhythm





¸ ˛

Composed By Giuseppe Verdi Sun: 15:15 Tue: 18:00 ——————————————————————————————————

THE AVENGERS 3D ¸ ˛ ◊ ∆ Daily: 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 17:45, 20:00, 20:45


THE PIRATES! BAND OF MISFITS 3D ˛ ◊ ß Daily: 10:00, 12:30, 15:15



¸ Ç œ


¸ ◊ ≤

Fri, Sat: 9:10, 11:45, 14:30, 17:10, 19:50, 22:30 Sun: 9:10, 11:45, 14:30, 17:10, 19:50 Mon, Wed, Thu: 9:10, 11:45, 14:30, 17:10, 19:50 Tue: 9:10, 11:45, 14:30, 17:10, 19:50, 22:30 —————————————————————————————————— Fri, Sat: 9:30, 12:00, 14:40, 17:10, 19:40, 22:15 Sun: 9:30, 12:00, 14:40, 17:10, 19:40 Mon, Wed, Thu: 9:30, 12:00, 14:40, 17:10, 19:40 Tue: 9:30, 12:00, 14:40, 17:10, 19:40, 22:15 ——————————————————————————————————



˛ Ç \

Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Sun: 9:15, 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 9:15, 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30 Tue: 9:15, 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 —————————————————————————————————— Fri, Sat: 9:45, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15, 22:45 Sun: 9:45, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15 Mon, Wed, Thu: 9:45, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15 Tue: 9:45, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15, 22:45 ——————————————————————————————————

THE HUNGER GAMES ˛ Ç œ Daily: 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30


THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL ˛ Ç ƒ Fri, Sat: 9:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15 Sun: 9:15, 12:00, 20:15 Mon, Wed, Thu: 9:15, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15 Tue: 9:15, 12:00, 14:45


Fri: 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 19:50, 22:30 Sat, Tue: 9:15, 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 19:50, 22:30 Sun: 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 19:50 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 19:50, 22:30 ——————————————————————————————————


¸ ˛ Ç ≤

Fri: 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Sat, Tue: 9:15, 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Sun: 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:45, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 ——————————————————————————————————


Daily: 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00

˛ ◊ ∆


A MILLION COLOURS ˛ Ç Fri,Sat, Mon-Wed: 20:00, 22:50 Sun: 20:00 Thu: 20:00, 22:45



Fri: 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15, 22:50 Sat, Tue: 9:25, 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15, 22:50 Sun: 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15, 22:50 ——————————————————————————————————


˛ Ç å

Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:15, 15:00, 17:45 Sat, Tue: 9:45, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45


THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL ˛ Ç ƒ Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:30 Sat, Tue: 9:35, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:30


section,” a spokesperson says, “and Rob ‘Big Bob’ Nagel deftly juggles bass and harmonica. “The impeccable Albert Frost performs on a classic selection of electric and acoustic guitars, whilst, in a corner of the stage, keyboard player Simon Orange hammers a boogie-woogie for the crowd.” They will be on stage on Sunday at 18:00. Entrance is free.

Ready to rock: Popular local band 3D will perform live at Im Eimer in Sir Lowry’s Pass on Sunday at 16:00 – you’ll get to listen to them play all the favourite classics while you relax in the venue’s beer garden and soak up the golden years of rock. For more information, phone Derek on 0 083 475 2170.


Thursday, 3 May 2012


Thursday, 3 May 2012 NEWS 1–11

Give learning a Kumon boost A NEW learning centre has opened in the Strand to give children a helping hand in the subjects of maths and English. The Kumon initiative, an internationally recognised programme, found its origin in Japanese mathematics teacher Toru Kumon, who designed a range of worksheets to help his Grade 2 son. Kumon, which operates in 45 countries, is different from traditional classroom learning in that pupils are encouraged to work at their own pace and master the work according to their own potential. The method is designed to supplement the

school curriculum, allowing the affiliated school to share in the benefits and advantages it offers in developing confident students with effective study habits. Leandri Cummings, director and Kumon instructor for the recently opened branch, says her aim is to monitor and observe and, with a proactive attitude, assist children in developing skills such as perseverance, concentration, discipline, independence and self-teaching. “My vision for this centre is to facilitate children in developing and reaching their own potential and ability,” says Cummings.

These pupils, with the Helderberg and Somerset West Kumon Maths and English Centres, worked to put their best feet forward at the annual awards ceremony.

Lorne Golden (left), Kumon area manager, and Leandri Cumming, Kumon instructor, are seen at the Strand centre.





SPORT 45–48

The Newberry way ADOLESCENT education at Newberry Montessori House School takes a different approach, predominantly ensuring that children have an active and practical time during their early teen years. High school pupils at Newberry are exposed to many practical aspects of life, allowing them to explore and experience music, drama, yoga, movement, drumming, art, teaching, cooking, academics, collaboration, gardening, and much more – always working towards self-reliance,

independence, and finding their strengths and passions. “Pupils who can only just butter a slice of bread are gently coaxed into being confidently able to cook a meal for 20 people by the end of their first year,” a spokesperson quips. The high school curriculum starts in Grade 7, and follows the internationally renowned Cambridge A-level system, which embraces a high standard and matches the Montessori approach to a flexible, child-centred education.

Pupil Miles Kidson is interviewed at the International Peace Day Meditation ceremony held at the Cape Town Civic Centre in September 2011.

Hannah Goffe-Wood does a little weaving at the Iziko Museum on Heritage Day 2011.

X-Factor edge: Strand High School has once again been given a stack of mathematics revision textbooks by built-environment company CSM. The X-Factor books, developed and written by Laetitia Fourie – a Cape Town mathematics teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience – are compiled to allow pupils to work independently. The content is presented according to subject area, with summaries, examples and exercises, and include step-by-step explanations and answers to help pupils trace their mistakes. Seen here (from left) are Jacobi Naudé, Angela du Toit, E Loedolff (mathematics teacher) and Ruan van der Westhuizen.

Agile athlete: Jason October, a Grade 6 pupil at Hendrik Louw Primary School, obtained his Western Province colours at the WP Championships recently held at Coetzenburg. Jason also achieved a silver medal at the Western Cape Championships in Oudtshoorn, enabling him to qualify for the National Championships in Durban where he placed third in the boys u.12 hurdles and ended 10th overall.

These pupils got to see a piece of the Berlin Wall in St George’s Mall during a visit to Cape Town in 2011.




District Socials Soveel om te vier: Pastoor Nicky Cloete Send all social photos to:


Hy vier 21 jaar: Nathan Skippers van Sweet sixty: Annie du Toit from MaMacassar het onlangs sy mondigwording met familie en vriende gevier.

cassar celebrated her 60th birthday on 30 April with family and friends.



Matric ball: Lee-Ann Visagie attended The future awaits: Janine Lategan Vir ewig saam: Desiré, dogter van Si-

obtained her degree in somatology from CPUT on 18 April.

mon en Elizabeth Isaacs van Macassar, het onlangs die trou gesweer aan Wayne Heugh van Eersterivier.



the matric ball of Strand Secondary School with her partner Greg Visagie on 26 April. With the couple are Lee-Ann’s parents.

en juffrou Audrey Cloete van SomersetWes het onlangs hul 30ste huweliksherdenking gevier. Dié pastoorspaar is vir meer as 30 jaar in die bediening van die Evangelie van Christus. ’n Biduur en geselligheid is vir die gemeente, familie en vriende in die Strand gehou om dié mylpaal, asook Nicky se ma, Hendriena Kruger (middel), se 80ste verjaarsdag te vier.

Pronkerig in pienk: Anika Valentine en Jason Sevant het verlede Donderdag die matriekafskeid van Strand Sekondêre Skool bygewoon.

Wondrous wines at Welmoed WELMOED, based in Stellenbosch, played host to the DistrictMail–Eikestadnuus branch of the Winederous Wine Club last Thursday. Visitors were invited to taste 10 of the best wines Welmoed had to offer – six whites and four reds. The tasting was presented by Corné Oosthuizen, brand and business development manager of the South and Southern African Development Community, and Morné van Rooyen, wine development manager.

Vyf generasies vroue: Dié familie van die Strand spog met vyf generasies van formidabele vroue. Van links is oumagrootjie Ansie Niewoudt (66), groot oumagrootjie Sarie Croukamp (83), ouma Ansulene Bouwer (44), ma Adele Conradie (22) en Jadele Conradie (6 maande). Sarie woon tans in Warmbad.

From the left are Nazreen Lahri, Magriet de Lange, Soljé Smit and Jenny Moffitt.

Koos and Mientie Holtzausen.

Sabena Faria, Belinda McCarthy and Nicola Geraghty.


Thursday, 3 May 2012 NEWS 1–11

Come party with Shiraz THE Sunflower Fund presents a fundraising dance at De Hoop Primary School’s function centre early next month. The function will take the form of a Denim and Diamonds dance on Friday 11 May at 19:00. The band Shiraz will perform, and KFM surf reporter Deon Bing will make an appearance. Tickets cost R150, which includes a light meal and complimentary wine. There will also be a cash bar, and various lucky draw prizes. For more information phone Sarah Norman on 0 082 330 3794 or 021 855 5815. Alternatively, you can visit

Donate your books COTLANDS is appealing to the public to start collecting and donating books for the annual Somerset Mall Charity Book Fair this year. The Book Fair takes place from Thursday 7 June to Sunday 10 June. No Readers Digest’s and encyclopaedia’s should, however, be collected as they do not sell. All other books and magazines are welcome. For any further information with regards to the sale, please phone Cindy Lucas on 021 852 3527 during office hours on weekdays.





SPORT 45–48

CHURCHES Count the cost very carefully LUKE 14:28 – 33 Jesus warned those who wanted to follow him, to count the cost of discipleship very carefully. They would have to be prepared to offer him complete allegiance and to live a life characterised by self-sacrifice. This cautionary note still applies. Jesus does not call people to a life of privilege or to a lifestyle that can be called “cool”. Life has become much more complicated since the days of Jesus. We have to make important decisions almost every day and we often have to plan far ahead. Some of our decisions involve large sums of money and other decisions have a significant impact on our loved ones. It is vital that we learn to make wise decisions; that we learn to count the cost carefully. Some of us marry unwisely. We are surprised to learn that in some cultures marriages are still arranged by the family or the community. Yet, if these people genu-

Bekende preek by Moederkerk STEPHAN Joubert lewer ’n besonderse boodskap Saterdag 12 Mei om 18:00 en Sondag 13 Mei om 09:30 as deel van die NG Moeder-gemeente se eeufeesvieringe. Joubert is ’n predikant by die Moreleta NG -gemeente en die skrywer van verskeie Christelike boeke.

RUDYARD HARRISON inely have their children’s welfare at heart, their decisions may be quite sound. Falling in love should not be the only reason for getting married. We must consider everything that will affect our degree of compatibility. We must count the cost of our decisions

carefully. Some of us make unwise financial decisions. We decide to buy a house because we like it’s “face”, while we ignore the close proximity of the highway and the moisture creeping through the walls. We “fall in love” with a sporty motorcar but take no notice of the high mileage or the poor resale value. We believe that we must have the latest home entertainment system despite the heavy monthly instalments. We must count the cost of our decisions carefully. Everyone has suffered at one time or another because of a hasty or unwise decision. Let us learn from our mistakes and make sure that we draw up a detailed list of pros and cons before we make our next important decision. A well informed decision will bring happiness and peace of mind. Remember, always count the cost carefully. Shalom!

Refresh your talent at arts workshop THE Somerset West Baptist Church will host a one-day creative arts workshop titled RE:Fresh next month. “Visitors are advised to prepare themselves for an afternoon filled with music, dance and drama,” the organisers quip. The workshop, to be held from 08:30 to 15:30 on 26 May, costs R70 (or R60 for group book-

ings of 10 or more people per church) and includes a meal and refreshments. For more information, or to secure your place, contact Mel on 0 082 781 1374 or at 2 For those who would like to secure a place right now, open up your browsers and book online at



3 May




TEL:021 853 0211


Wake up and smell the market “PASSIVE investing is certainly better than an active strategy done badly.” –Dave Foord, Foord Asset Management. I am not against passive investing per se. However, I am concerned that now might not be the right time to buy an index tracker like Satrix. Everyone knows the share market goes up over the long term, which is why investors incorrectly associate risk with time horizon – “If I have a long time horizon I can take more risk.” Investment textbooks refer to a minimum investment term of seven years when investing in equities to smooth out returns and reduce risk. However, the All Share Index (ALSI) produced a 0% real (above inflation) return from 1970 to 1997; this is 27 years without any inflation-beating growth. How’s that for long-term! My concern is that we may now find ourselves in a similar situation, with a sidewaysmoving market range bound for the next unknown number of years. If this is the case,

an index investment could once again produce 0% real returns over a term longer than seven years (excluding income from dividends). What is important to realise is that the market does not move sideways in a linear fashion. The market moves in cycles fluctuating widely within a broader range. When you have a rising market like we did from 2003 to 2007, an index tracker is the ideal

investment for a simple buy-and-hold strategy. However, if my concerns materialise, this strategy would be a disaster. Investors will need to follow an active strategy of buying and selling shares to generate real returns. I recommend the use of multi-asset class mandates, which allow the asset manager the discretion of investing in other asset classes like cash, bonds and property. The manager is thus able to generate returns not only by implementing active trading strategies, but also through asset allocation decisions and income generated by fixed-interest and property holdings. Staying ahead of inflation over the next few years is certainly not going to be as easy as it was for the past 10 years.

Mark Williams Mcomm, CFP, HDipTax 0 021 851 3746 2


FAX: 021 853 0235

AWARD Pointing ahead:

Annelize Kotze (left), Somerset Mall’s marketing manager, and Mandy Bellamy, the mall’s general manager, hold up the Golden Arrow Award, bestowed on the mall during the recent City of Cape Town Leaders and Achievers Awards breakfast, held by Professional Market Research Africa at The Townhouse Hotel in Cape Town. In the category for shopping centres, the prestigious Golden Arrow Award (the second-highest award offered in the competition) recognises competitiveness, effectiveness, excellence, leadership, resilience and customer service.

MORE THAN JUST A GOOD DEAL. BlackBerry® Curve™ 8520 Smartphone


PM x24 on Controlchat 100*

BlackBerry® Curve™ 9360 Smartphone


PM x24 on BlackBerry® Casualchat 100*



+ R115 airtime pm + 100 SMSs pm

+ 100 off-peak minutes pm + BlackBerry® Internet Service



BlackBerry® Messenger, 2MP camera, Smooth trackpad navigation.

Full QWERTY keyboard, 5MP camera, BlackBerry®7 OS, 3G connectivity.

No SIM & Connection fee. BIS, CLI, Itemised Billing and Simsure available on request

No Sim and connection fee. CLI, Itemised Billing and Simsure available on request.

JHB 36212

Available at Nashua Mobile Somerset Mall ????

RICA in-store. All deals are valid from 7 May - 6 June 2012. While stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply. All prices are inclusive of VAT. *Subject to purchasing a new 12 or 24 month airtime package. Offer as specified. Payment must be made by debit order. Offer valid at Nashua Mobile’s discretion. Subject to applicant meeting Nashua Mobile credit requirements. Total monthly cost excludes calls and data over and above inclusive data. Subject to Nashua Mobile Terms and Conditions (E&OE). Where BlackBerry® Internet Service (BIS) is not included in the monthly cost, kindly note that it is R57 pm - to activate this service dial *147# option 7. On device browsing is free on the BlackBerry® Internet browser. Downloads, streaming and using your BlackBerry® handset as a modem are billed according to normal data rates. ©2010 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType®, SurePress™ and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. For full Terms and Conditions ask a consultant in-store before purchase. Dial 147 or visit to find out more.


Thursday | 3 May 2012


PTY LTD COMPANY REGISTRATION More profit, less tax. Call Pty Instant 021­852 4444

BERZATTI ­ a registered Trade Mark Specializes in designing and supplying: . Promotional Wear . Sports Wear . Embroidery . Screen printing Contact: 082 44 39092

DANIEL RETIEF BASSON 27/07/1944 ­ 22/04/2012 Die son het nou finaal vir jou gesak. Jy vang nou vis saam met die engele. Ons dank God vir die tyd wat Hy jou aan ons geleen het. Ons sal jou vir altyd lief hê. Chanelle, Gerhard en kin­ ders, Daniel, Nikki, Lensa, Isolde, Reesje en Leon. INUS DU PLESSIS 15.10.1929 ­ 27.04.2012 Will be sadly missed by his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and golfing mates.

CURTAINS, duvet covers and cushions etc. expertly made. ( Jean (021) 8500767 or 083­233­6139.

LUCIAN GROEP Five years ago, Lucian stepped out of this life into the splendour of heaven. His legacy continues to live on as we continue to share the memories and the stories of his life. The fire that burnt in his heart, burns in ours as we celebrate his precious life he shared with us. Lucian, we love you with all our hearts and we are proud to be your family. Love Dad, Mom, Justin, Dylan, Nikki, Cammi, Riley, Ma and Families.

"Jou skielike dood het so baie lewens verander en in jou kort lewensjare het jy baie lewens aangeraak" Lovingly remembered by your mother Sylvia, brother Brinley, and all your family and loved ones.

Emergency Plumbers and Electricians

STORAGE: 88 ON MAIN STRAND 24 Hours security Armed Response 34 Secure Units from R280 per month plus Vat Contact: Gerhard 021 8418556

For all plumbing and electrical problems! BE YOUR PROBLEM BIG OR SMALL, MAKE IT MINE GIVE ME A CALL! 10% Pensioners discount on labour

( 082 823 2196 021­8564727 086­075­8595


FUNCTION VENUE 185 Main Rd. Strand Brand new upmarket function venue available for rent ­ incl braai facilities. Ideal for weddings & company functions. Sarene 082­453­6421

24 Hour access 24 Hour security Closed circuit TV

LOW RATES!!! ! 290 Secure Storage Units Also Mini Workshops with electricity STORE YOUR: Car, Caravan Boat, Documents Furniture

SAFE AND SURE I can drive you anywhere in the Helderberg area, i.e C.Town Airport etc.

1711 L 32E8B

KYLE KOTZE 25:02:1995 ­ 30:04:2011 In loving memory of a beloved son & brother who passed away on the 30th April 2011. It was your 1st birthday in Heaven on the 25th Feb. 2012. Thinking of you is easy, we do it everyday, but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. Your legacy will be honored as we hold you close within our hearts, and there you will remain.

Tel: 072­125­8962

Osmond Road, Broadlands Industrial Email:

Cell: 082 482 2246 Tel/Fax: 021 845 6070

JUMPING CASTLES en waterglybaan te huur. Tel: Charmaine by 8533999 of 083­513­9493.

OCTOBER ­ EON 25/06/87 ­ 07/05/08 Vandag is jy 4 jaar weg. Ons verlange en liefde is vir altyd en ewig. Daddy, Mammie, Godwin & Avron

Airport Shuttle & Transfers ( 082­379­1936 www.bluerockshuttles.

ENGLISH CLASSES; TEFL courses; Private lessons; The International English School. Call 021­8528859 or



A ZIM LADY looking for domestic work. Aged 40yrs looking for sleepin, everyday and Saturday chars with 6yrs exp. & per­ mit available. Call 0739442641.

1 2 10 CASH LOANS LENINGS TOT R200 000 Swartlys welkom Goedkeuring in 5 minute 021 762 9079

MATHEMATICS ­ diagnose your child's problems with maths. Special offer until end of May, R750 per learner for a full assessment and comprehensice report. Claim back from your medical aid. Call Susan 084 551 1758 or email m


4111 L 3607F

Scavenger of 2nd hand goods, be it building materials/ furniture/what have you. We don’t select, we give you one price for job lots and take it all. Hassle-free 4 U


• We sell new & second-hand sewing machines, overlockers & embroider y machines • We ser vice all makes of sewing machines, overlockers & embroider y machines • We do alterations. • We also sell haberdasher y. Qualified Technicians with experience available Tel/Fax:

021 851 6574

Why hang curtains?


We’d love to install your

0412 L 37CDF

Shop 4, Circle Centre, Nest to Postnet

ABANDON your search! CASH for modern clothes, fancy dress, linen, kitchen­ ware, books & furniture (smalls). I collect! ( Carol 082 890 5749.

(021) 853 4994 082 445 4242

I'M AN extremely bright, trustworthy and experienced Zim lady, 35 yrs, looking for domestic work, everyday or chars. Phone Priscilla 083 393 0949.

ABOUT FURNITURE WANTED: Queen Ann and Victorian lounge suites, Grand Father clocks and Roll Top desks. Call 021 853 1341 or 082­771­3650.

LOOKING for a job Monday to Friday. Experience in domestic work. Reference 021 7826334 Mark or contact Willard on 076937925

M/BENZ E 320 1993 to 1996 W 124 wanted in excellent condition ­ Contact Roy 021­552 5599 (W) or WE BUY BEDDING, LINEN, Curtains, baby/children clothing, Tv's, fridges & any household items. Ph. 084 989 6712

A ZIM LADY AGED 31 is looking for domestic work, everyday or chars. Honest and good with children and pets. Call Joy on 0842952504.

Junior Bar Manager position available. Must have a strong sense of duty and responsibility and be trustworthy . Experience is a must. Knowledge of food and beverage industry is a plus. Email cv to

MALAWIAN MAN looking for a job as a gardener, housekeeper, painter, etc. Exp & reference avail. Call 071 715 6815.

SOUTH AFRICAN MAN looking for a driving job. I have a PDP license. I have 4 years experience. Call Peter 073 398 2200. A TRUSTWORTHY Malawian guy is looking for a job as housekeeper, gardenboy or painter. Please contact Limbani on 0717132738.

Junior Bar Manager:

MALAWIAN JUSTIN is looking for a job as garde­ ner for fulltime. 5 Yrs exp and for ref call Louise at Pam Golding on 0827739069 or call 0739756055.

MY LADY IS LOOKING for chars, Mon, Wed & Friday. Reliable & hard­working. She is good and she is from Zimbabwe. Please contact me 083 208 3270 or 078 574 7164.

SYLVIA is looking for fulltime or char work. Please call her on 0739963585 for excellent ref please call Cynthia on 0836520526. TWO ZIMBABWEAN ladies looking for a job as a house cleaner or child min­ der. Honest and hard working. Charity 073 302 8297 or Memory 078 970 0789.

LIQUOR STORE MANAGER Requirements: . Previous experience in the industry essential, min 3 years . Stock control experience essential . Salar y negotiable according to skills and experience . Admin / computer skilled beneficial Able to work Liquor retail hours and weekends. Please forward shortened CV with contactable references to: FAX: 086 509 2547 EMAIL: S u k s e s v o l l e B e s i g h e i d a dv i s e u r i n versekerings Industrie be­ nodig Bemarkings­Assis­ tent om afsprake te maak. Basiese salaris plus kom­ missie insentief. Vlot twee­ taligheid plus 'n bewese record om afsprake te maak is 'n vereiste. CV's na

ZIMBABWEAN for a job as a or stay in. I'm age. Call 083


BLINDS * Venetian * Vertical * Bamboo * Roller * Wooden QUOTATIONS FREE En ons praat Afrikaans!!!

Please email cv to

I'M LOOKING for a job as a gardener, household or any handyman work. My name is Richard and I'm a Malawian. Contact 078 564 9700.

EMBUIA, Stinkhout, Geel­ hout en Swarthout meubels gesoek, asook "Queen Anne" & "Victoriaanse" sitkamerstelle. Kontak Freddie by 8543998 of 082 9237 283.

FURNITURE, FRIDGES, ANTIQUES. Thinking of selling any item? I will be keen to make you a cash offer. Kindly phone Ronnie 082­823­9944.

EXP NANNY WITH REF is looking for a job. 4 Years exp. I do house work as well. Call 078 170 7415.

IRIS IS LOOKING for chars, Tues & Thurs. Call 078 611 9887. Refs avail. HAPPINESS is looking for everyday or chars. Call 078 361 6252. Refs avail.

Pls contact 021 850 0884

4811 L 37028

WISKUNDE Individuele hulp Gr. 8­12 Strand Ervare onderwyseres ( Lettie 082 711 4194

2711 34338

FIREPLACE Multifuel Heater for Wood and Anthracite. R 2000.00 Phone 021 855 4342

Looking for honest, reliable, energetic, hardworking barstaf f. Experience is a must.

I AM A lady looking housekeeper 26 years of 873 7968.


KAGGEL / BRAAI HOUT HELDERBERG FIREWOOD SUPPLIERS BLue Gum ­ R650 Black Wattle ­ R700 Rooikrantz ­ R900 delivered & stacked Tel 083 450 7534 / 021­852 1029.

BETROUBARE inslaap huishulp vanaf Klein Karoo beskikbaar 1 Mei 2012. Kan kook en goed met huiswerk ( Susan 021 851 5615 / 082 777 4884

I AM A LADY aged 27 looking for everyday work or chars. Contact Sandra at 074 210 9392.

GARAGE SALE: Saturday 5 May @ 30 La Barrage Avenue Helena Heights Somerset West. 07934063366. Starts at 08am.

Patios/pergolas. Treated & SABS timber. Smart finish using 22 years exp. Great product @ great price! Tel: 083­414­8103/021­8581873

HELDERBERG HILLBILLIES LINE DANCING SCHOOL Mondays from 18:30 to 20:30. It's good fun and god exercise for all. Ph. Beryl 021­8562373 or 0828 55 44 78.


BRAAI/KAGGELHOUT Rooiktantz R900 1000/stuk Blackwattle R650 1000/stuk Bloekom R650 1000/stuk (0832758924

Barstaff wanted:

0812 L 386BC

AERIALS & DSTV & accessories for your TV, video, DVD/alarm system. TopTV. Best prices at Microtronics since 1989 ­ 021­8538433

BEAUTY is looking for chars, everyday or sleep in. I have two years experience working for Madri 072 101 3941. Call me on 079 585 1598.

JUNIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER / DTP O P E R AT O R r e q u i r e d (agegroup 19­22) in the Helderberg Area for printing company. Email CV to

0812 L 386BB

TROPICAL FISH and accessories available. Angel fish from R15 each. Contact Andrew 021­852 2442.

1212 LH 38FC9

2911 34765

TOWNSHIP ANIMAL RESCUE have lots of lovely puppies, dogs, cats & kittens looking for good, loving homes. Phone 021­ 855 1824 or 084 423 5991 for more details to view them. We will be selling our t­shirts, book bags, bangles, dog blankets and raffle t i c k e t s e t c . www.townshipanimalrescue.

MATHEMATICS ­ diagnose your child's problems with maths. Special offer until end of May, R750 per learner for a full assessment and comprehensice report. Claim back from your medical aid. Call Susan 084 551 1758 or email m

Inside Debt Collector wanted, good earning potential, use of company vehicle, R1000 basic + 3% commission. For interview call 021­8564316

AGNES is looking for domestic work, full time or chars. Ref avail. Call 073 628 8722. DAVID is looking for garden work. With ref. Call 0785301888.

FOR SALE YORKSHIRE TERRIERS Pure bred/healthy/de­ wormed and vaccinated Male (birth weight: 164g) ­ R3500 Female (birth weight: 144g) ­ R4200 Available immediately Contact: 072 515 0303

ADULT ART CLASSES for details please contact Carla or Merryl 021 854 5905 or

EXTRA INCOME OPPORTUNITY Part­ or full time. Visit: www.welcometofinancialfree

A ZIM LADY looking for domestic work, chars for Thursday. Please contact Jane on 0783708920 or call 0786676984.

4711 L 36DFE

SARENE'S DANCE STUDIO 185 Main Rd. Strand . Social . Wedding dances . Ballroom & Latin . Karate Sarene 082 453 6421

Thursday |3 May 2012

ARMED RESPONSE OFFICERS NEEDED Must be PSIRA registered with Grade C AND Armed Response. Must have a firearm competency certifi­ cate and a valid drivers licence. Position available immediately. Fax CV through for attention Mat­ thew on 021­856 0213 or email to: BUSY MEAT FACTORY in Strand requires the services of female packers Please fax CV to 0866923032 DSTV INSTALLER with mi­ nimum 2 years expe­rience, valid drivers licence with matric certificate. Salary negotiable. Fax 1page CV to 086 684 8673.

Pick 'n Pay Gordons Bay We are seeking experien­ ced: ­ Cashiers ­ Till Packers ­ Deli Assistants with Excellent Customer Service Fax CV+ ID to: 086­564­ 9167 PRESCHOOL ASSISTANT req. in Strand. Full day Previous exp. & ref. essential. Tel 0729054936 RESERVATIONS CONSULTANT We are looking for a dynamic consultant with excellent Customer Care skills who will be able to facilitate travel reservations worldwide. The ideal applicant will have: . Minimum of 4 years inter­ national leisure consulting experience . S t r o n g g e o gra p hy, destination and product knowledge . Amadeus or Galileo experience . Computer literacy in Microsoft Office . Ability to work independently and as part of a team . Experience in a call centre environment would be advantageous This is a target driven envir­ onment. Market related salary depending on experience. If you find that you are able to fulfil the above criteria. Please forward your detailed C V t o : RUSTHOF OLSO SKOOL Beheerliggaam betrekking Drywer: Kode 10 PDP Vervoer van gestremdes 'n aanbeveling. Faks CV: Die Prinsi­ paal@021­852 7350 Woonagtig in Macassar / Firgrove Sluitingsdatum 4 Mei 2012


Thursday | 3 May 2012

Quality work!

2211 L 33800

Werner 084 882 6514

S/WEST ­ Upmarket duplex townhouse near Medi Clinic. Security complex. 3 Bed, 2 bath, garage, small garden. Neat. Pvt sale. R875 000. 0822912399/021­855 1312.

1712 398D0

SCHONENBERG ESTATE Private house sale. Discounted price ­ NO agents fees. 3 Bedroom with dressing room and 2 ensuite bathrooms with full glass showers. 260m². Large rooms, lounge, dining room, fully fitted kitchen and laundry room. Decked entertainment area with covered braai. Below market value: R2 195 000. Contact 021­855 0148. Cell: 082 058 6860.

Ac cre d i ted ins talle r


3111 L 34BCC

SOMERSET WEST ­ Helderzicht. 3 Bedr, 1½ bathr, Diningroom & lounge. Tiled. Double garage. 1 Outside storeroom & playroom. Paving around house. Solar panels. Double garage (5cars) R800 000 neg. Call Virginia 084­719­7264 or 082­955­ 9204 or a/h 021 8529735.

Est. 1968 021 852 3767 083 415 0088

Somerset W est (021) 851 5153


Stellenbosch (021) 883 2226



The Number One Handyman NHBRC reg.

ROCON DEVEL OPMENT ~ Building Alt erations ~ Renovations ~ Commer cial & Residential ~ Pro ject Manag ement 082 550 6155 021-858 1015 rocon@m web.c

Kontak Colin

073 3146 069


Contact: Zander Cell: 082 728 2093 Free quotations Gratis kwotasies


STRAND ­ Groot huis. 4 Slk, 2 bad. Sit + eet + braaikamer. Binnehof. Dubbel mh. By Hoërskool. Boorgat. R1.275m. 082 376 1461 / 021­855 2369.

• Renovations • Bathrooms Renovating • Painting • Tiling • Plumbing • Carpentry • All Electrical Installations & Maintenance • Tree Felling

Professional Cleaning of : - Carpets - Upholst - House & Office, Pre & Post occupational cleaning

1312 L 391DF

OPEL CORSA UTILITY 1.7 TDI Sport 2009. 60000km FSH incl 60000 Service. R132500.00 neg. Please call 0833265548

Tel. 021­8552603

0812 L 386C1

MOTORS EN BAKKIES GESOEK Skakel 079 777 1729

Vir lys, navrae of webblad:

073 471 9796

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0 Alle OPRUIM & VER­ WYDER van tuin­ & bouafval • Saag van bome & tuinwerk • Vervoerwerk • Braaihout te koop! DIRK 082 8484 213

Top TV, HD, Extra View Tune-ins Installations & repairs 24 hrs/7 days Problem solving

For all your Building & Painting Solutions

0912 LH 38858

96 HYUNDAI 1.3 Neat R26 500 . 85 Isuzu bakkie 2.2 Diesel R25 000. 87 Toyota Corolla 1.6 R25 000. 82 VW Jetta 1.8 R17 500. 082 7332256 Dirk

Home Alterations & Renovations

1012 LH 38AEC

WANT TO EARN extra money? Have a reliable vehicle? Why not earn extra money delivering pizzas for Debonairs Pizza in S/West. Drop your CV at the store or come in and speak to one of the Managers.

112 BESIGHEDE Antomar Makelaars

0612 38256

THE DATA HUB Need extra income? Earn R800 per day. Work with or without PC. Submit forms or copy and paste on PC. Everyone accepted. Income guaranteed. SMS name & address for full info brochure to 0832347311


0712 384DC

STATISTICIAN / DATA ANALYST We are looking for a dynamic and proficient data analyst with excellent computer skills who is able to follow company processes and procedures. The ideal candidate must have an advanced competency in working with Excel and Outlook. He/She will have the ability to gather, document and analyse data in order to transform raw data into the required stats using formulae in Excel, including Pivot Tables Requirements: . Sound working knowledge of statistics and data analysis . Computer literacy (MS Office). Proficient / Expert user of Excel . Data analysis and flair to work with figures . Business processes . Continuous improvement . Problem solving . Attention to detail If you find that you are able to fulfil the above criteria. Please forward your detailed C V t o :


FREE QUOTES 072 529 2405 083 360 6018 072 226 9782 021 853 8263



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L I G H T N I N G P L U M B E R S SPECIALIST S * Blocked Drains * Burst Geysers 24 * Taps Hours * Burst Pipes * Bathroom Renovations

COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE Serving Strand, Somerset West, G/Bay, Stellenbosch

Fast ... Friendly ... Affordable Martin

· Weekly pool service · Pumps & Filters · Sand replacements · DB (Box) & Timers · New installations · Repairs · Leak detection · Fibreglass renovations · Fibreglass relining · For R100p/m our Bi-Monthly product guarantees crystal clear pool water


0 7 2 5 7 1 6 1 7 9 082 872 5848

MOLE AWAY!!! Let us worry about your moles!!!! Ph: 021­8532180 (w) or 083 769 2428

All building plans professional CAD drawn. Cheapest rates, all areas. Contact Rory 021­8510792 or 083 456 2823

4111 L 36009


Dirk Swart

“No job too deep, too dark or too dirty”

Helderberg & Boland

Specialising in:


All plumbing work Geysers Leak Detection

083 225 1 116

Camera Inspection

1712 L 39904

1212 L 390A8

High P ressure Jetting

Tel: 021 855 3035


BÜZZ CONSTRUCTION AND CLEANING Skoonmaak van Matte, Dakke, Plaveisel ens. Vanaf R10/m². Skakel Lee 0782704423 / David 0728226387 of Kantoor by 021839 3217

5011 L 3748E


FAX: 086 666 7930

SAKKIE NEL ­ 082 924 5088 . Aanbouings & Verfwerk . Wegry van Tuin­ en An­ der Rommel . "Bakkie" Trek van Meu­ bels BETROUBARE & FLINKE DIENS GOEIE TARIEWE

NOTICE In the Magistrate's Court for the District of Strand, held at Strand Case Number: 2552/11 In the matter between: DALMANS (PTY) LTD Execution Creditor and M A S H O E D SCHALKWYK First Execution Debtor MARIUM SCHALKWYK Second Execution Debtor

WATERPROOFING (Torch on), High pressure cleaning, Painting and Repairs on all types of roofs. Free quota­ tions, Friendly service and Workmanship guaranteed. Delmein 083 704 0115.

REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE at your home. Fridges, freezers + appliances + aircons. Minor work + alterations. Work by qualified artisan guaranteed. Cell 072 946 8886.

DAKLEKKE, Hoëdrukspuit, verf en seël en herstelwerk (Waterproofing and Torch on) aan alle tipe dakke. Gratis kwotasies, vakman­ kap gewaarborg. Skakel Delmein by 083 704 0115.


ELECTRICAL appliances, repairs to fridges, stoves, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, etc. Established 30 years in the Helderberg. Qualified trade diploma. Paul Clark (021) 8565132.

ALL FRIDGE AND DOMESTIC REPAIRS Mobile Workshop WENTZEL 083 897 2928 081 443 3396

Building Maintenance & Joinery Services No job too small ­ We do it all! Quality workmanship. Honest & reliable. ( Cedric 021­8525261 or 071 5099 783 INGEBOUDE KASTE Slaapkamers, kombuise, muureenhede, hang van deure en skirtings. Gratis kwotasies en beste diens! Kontak 083­704­0115.

“For all your paving needs” Office: 021 - 845 4313 Sales: 082 788 8858

1212 LD 1BD4XFQ

FRIDGE & FREEZER Repairs at your home Regas R250.00 Prompt reliable service Phone Tinka 076 552 0272

Patios/pergolas. Treated & SABS timber. Smart finish using 22 years exp. Great product @ great price! Tel: 083­414­8103/021­8581873


Notice of Sale in Execution Kindly Take Notice that pursuant to a Judgment the undermentioned goods will be sold in execution on 23 May 2012 at 14H00 by the Sheriff of the Magistrate's Court, Strand at LANG'S F U R N I T U R E REMOVALS STORAGE, M I L N E R S T R E E T, STRAND: 1 X BMW CEY 28343 (sgd) CRAIG SNYDERS ATTORNEY FOR EXECUTION CREDITOR HEUNIS LAW GROUP INC 10 HUISING STREET SOMERSET WEST Ref: CS/so/MAT7853 Tel: 021 - 851-1555


Thursday | 3 May 2012


NOTICE In the Estate of the late JOYCE ALINE DE VILLIERS (Widow), Id no 2207010001088 of Healthcare, Helderberg Village, Bakkerskloof Road, Somerset West, who died on 9th April 2011. Estate no: 7104/2011, Masters office Cape Town. The First and Final Liquidation and Distribution account in the above estate will lie for inspection at the Office of the Master of the High Court, Cape Town and at the Magistrates Office, Somerset West for a period of 21 days with effect from 4th May 2012. Dated 25 April 2011 ELISABETH A MOSS PO BOX 5555 HELDERBERG 7135 CAPE TOWN

NOTICE In the Estate of the Late MARTHA ELIZABETH DEVINE, Identity Number 250115 0040 082, who died 14 February 2011 and resided at 454 Helderberg Village, Somerset West. Estate No. 6397/2011 The First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account in the above Estate will lie for inspection at the office of the Master of the High Court, Cape Town and at the Magistrate's Office Somerset West for a period of 21 days from 4 May 2012. Dated at Strand this 23 April 2012. D J VERDOES AGENT FOR THE EXECUTOR ROWAN & PULLEN P O BOX 85 STRAND TEL. 021 - 854 7213

NOTICE First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account in estate late ERIC JAMES CAPLES (Identity Number: 540725 5144 083)and surviving spouse CARYL ROSE CAPLES, who was born on 25 July 1954 and died at Somerset West on 2 February 2011 and resided at 51 Dolphin Way, Gordon's Bay. Master's nr: 3302/2011 Notice is hereby given that the First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account in the above Estate will lie for inspection at the Office of the Master of the High Court, Cape Town and of the Magistrate, Strand for a period of 21 days as from 4 May 2012. Dated at Strand on this 17th day of April 2012. BOUWER POTGIETER INC. AGENT FOR EXECUTRIX 120 MAIN ROAD PO BOX 671 STRAND, 7140 (REF: B D BOUWER)

NOTICE Liquidation and Distribution Account in Estate Late JACK C H R I S TO P H E R M A C HIN, IDENTITY Number 420309 5052 086. Estate Number: 3857/2011 NOTICE is hereby given that the First & Final Liquidation and Distribution Account in the above Estate will lie for inspection at the Office of the Master of the High Court, Cape Town & of the Magistrate, SOMERSET WEST for a period of 21 days as from 4 MAY 2012. L MACHIN 10 Waterford Street SOMERSET WEST 7130

RETIRED, INDEPEN­ DENT lady with old dog requires granny flat or cottage in Somerset West from 1 August. Tel 082 565 9327.

AT SOMERSET WEST 2 Gemeubileerde kamers in huis met tv, mikro en yskas R1 700 pm & R2 200 pm. Parkering vir een motor. (Naby Lourensford Wynplaas) Slegs 1 persoon Skakel 083 360 9592. STRAND netjiese buiteka­ mer vir enkel dame R1600 + deposito. Vanaf 3 Mei 2012. 082 746 3382.

1 SLAAPKAMER, aparte kombuis, gemeubileerd vir 1 man. Toesluit parkering in gegoede buurt in S/wes. W&L ingesl. Onmiddelik be­ skikbaar. R1 700 pm. Tel 021 855 2177. 2 BEDROOM FLAT ­ 2 Private wash/bath facilities. Luxury fully furnished. No linen or towels supplied. DSTV ­ with all normal channels. Swimming pool and gym facility included. One under cover parking. Secure complex ­ Somerset Links, Strand. On third floor with lift. Lovely mountain view. R6 000.00 p.m. plus deposit. Available ­ 1 May 2012. Please contact: e ­ m a i l : thysgerrie@armaturewindin or 083 301 3255. SOMERSET WEST ­ Bachelor flat. Stove, fridge, micro, W&E included. R2 000 pm. Call 021­851­ 5142 / 072 633 6233. BACHELOR/Granny Flat with kitchen, bathroom in quiet area. Avail. immed. R3000pm. Tel. 0842194300.

SCHLIEMANN INC Executor P.O. Box 1503 Somerset West 7129 Tel: 021 852 7511

STRAND R5 000: Duinesig: pragtige 3 slaapkamer ­ geen diere R2 600 (R2 400 sonder mo­ torhuis): Little Greece: 1 slaapkamer SOMERSET­WEST R20 000: Ireneweg ­ 5 slp R16 000: Schoongelegen­ straat ­ 5 slaap, diere vriendelik R12 500: Schoongelegen Estate ­ 3 slp ­ splinternuut ­ geen diere R6 500: Chamonix ­ semi gemeubileerd ­ 3 slp Kontak: Marietjie @ 084 6885 481

Gardenflat in Heldervue (SW) for a single person to rent (1.5.12 ­ 31.10.12) Fully furnished with kitchenette, TV. W + E incl. R 2850pm (Deposit required) 0218552181

LARGE DUPLEX TOWN­ HOUSE for rent as from 01­ 05­12 in well maintained secur ity complex in Somerset West. 2 Large bedrooms upstairs, 1 full bathroom. Combined open plan lounge, dining and kitchen with small outside private court yard. Monthly rental R4 000 p/m. 1 & ½ monthly deposit. Contact Lindsey on 082 453 3653.

PARADISE PLACE Gordon's Bay . 2 Bedrooms; 1 Bathroom; . Open plan kitchen, living room; . Pet friendly; . Lock­up garage. Only R3 500­00 per month. Please contact Charne Kruger @ 082 924 3979. SOMERSET WEST ­ Fully furnished 3 bedroomed unit in secure complex available from 1 June 2012 at R11 500 pm inclusive of levy. No pets allowed. Call Norman 082­414­5865. STRAND huis te huur 3 slk 1½ badk, motorhuis. Geen diere. Onmiddelik be­ skikbaar . Corrie 084 351 1821

GORDONSBAAI: Baie ruim 2 slaapkamer woonstel met vol badkamer, groot oopplan sit/eetkamer en kombuis, hoofslaapkamer met en­ suite. R3 300.00 p/m. Jammer geen troeteldiere nie. Leatitia 072 343 8669.

3 BED, 2 BATH, OPEN plan lounge/dining. 1 Garage, 3 parkings. Built in braai. Sea and mountain views from the house. R5500.00 Call 0827791257

GORDONSBAAI Ruim nuwe 1 slaapkamer woonstel (naby winkelsentrum) R3 000 pm. Skakel 074 214 7664

STRAND ­ MEENTHUIS TE HUUR. Deiningdal ­ 2 Slp kamer meenthuis, inge­ boude kaste, 1 badkamer, toesluit motorhuis, stoorka­ mer. Privaat tuin, diefwe­ ring voor vensters en buite­ deure. Onmiddellik beskik­ baar om te huur. Huur per maand R3 500. Kontak Aljo Schutte 082 531 1650.

NAUTICA Woonstelle te huur Bachelor R2 800 Twee slaapkamer R4 000 Skakel 021­862 6363 S/WEST furn flat. Own ent/gdn 28sq mtr living area + lrg dbl b/room en­suite. Regret no child/pets. Short or long term avail now. 021 852 7842. SOMERSET LINKS ­ Mo­ dern 3 bedroom. R5 400 pm. Balcony braai, swimming pool, gym and 24hr security. Beautiful view of golf driving range. Available 1 May. Contact Hetta 021­852 2298. SOMERSET WEST ­ Apartments to let. A PERFECT APARTMENT ­ Centrally situated. 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, O/plan lounge, dining room ­ Secure parking bay. Neat and fresh ­ regret to pets. R4 300.00 pm. Lulu le R o u x @ DY N A M I C E REALTORS on 021­850 0192 / 074 123 1771.

STRAND ­ 1 Slpk ge­ meubileerde woonstel. On­ derdak parkering met sekuritiets hek. Beskikbaar vanaf 1 Jun. R2 700 pm, NOTICE TO CREDITORS DSTV ingesluit. Skakel AND DEBTORS IN THE 021­854 3746 of 082 873 DECEASED ESTATE. In the Estate of the Late 1443. CHRISTOPH BRANDT, born on the 26th of April 1922, Identity Number: 220426 5033 189, of 68 Whiddy Crescent, Helderberg Village, SOMERSET WEST, 7130, who at his death on the 10th of February 2012 was married in community of property to EDITHA KAETHE EVA CHARLOTTE BRANDT (neé WAND), Identity Number: 250720 0047 100. Estate Number: 3381/2012 All persons having claims against the undermentioned estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 days (or as indicated) from date of publication of this notice.


Edna Brink 083 629 7879 R2 400: 1 Slp, sek, G/B, ASAP R3 300: 2 Slp, sek, GB, ASAP R4 700: 3 Slp huis, STRAND, 1 JUNIE R2 800: 2 Slp, sek, G/B, ASAP R3 800: 2 Slp, sek, G/B, furnished, ASAP

STRAND: BACHELOR ­ 1 x Furnished R2 800.00 pm. (Avail Imm.) and 1 x Unfurnished R2 500.00 pm. Close to shops, beach & transport. Contact Ruth Bird Properties, 021 852 1440 / 082 643 4426 STRAND ­ Bosch Straat Oop plan kombuis/sitkamer 1 Slaapkamer, Stort en toilet W&E uitgesluit R2200 pm. Skakel 076 3791766 of 082 9559 204 STRAND, Kusweg ­ Grondvloer woonstel. 2 Slpk, 2 bad, see uitsig. Skakel 082 774 8337. S'West bachelor flat R3000 pm neg and 1 bed flat R6000 pm neg, option furnished, near Nature Reserve. Tel 0833605895

A GRAAD KANTORE TE HUUR in Eikestadmall, Stellenbosch. Ontvangsdiens ingesluit. Kontak: 021 887 8485/ STRAND R3 700 p.m. Neat 2 bedr. secure home. Full bathr. o/plan kitchen / lounge garage. Braai area. ( 082 644 9802.

BESIGHEIDS PERSEEL te huur, 4332m² erf gelee langs N2 ­ Broadlands Industrieel ­ Strand, 3 Fase krag, goeie sekuriteit, R 6,300.00 (Btw uitgsl.) Kontak Tilla Hoffman: 021­ 845­7875

TOWNHOUSE TO LET Gordon's Bay, 2 Bedroom, open plan, kitchen, full build in cupboards, secure complex, communal swimming pool. R 3 000.00 p/month. Phone 076 474 4890

A deck with stunning sea views 3 bed 2 bath ldk laundry lovely office with sliding doors onto stoep. Nature lover adjoining vineyards Wendy Lapa Alarm Electronic gate R9 600/month. Available from 1 June. All hours Lettie 0828508318

GORDONSBAAI: Nautilus Village ­ Baie ruim 3 slaap­ kamer huis met dubbel mo­ torhuis en groot omheinde erf, troeteldiere welkom. R5 995.00 p/m. Kontak Leatitia 072 343 8669.

Commercial ­ approx 80m² R4 400 pm incl. VAT. Available immediately St. James Street Somerset West. Tel. 083 456 4674. GORDONS BAY SECURE YARD ±700m² (smaller & bigger section opt.) to let. Walled & electric fencing. R3 000 pm. Electricity + toi­let. Phone Peter 083 468 4680. Shop to let ­ 98 Main Rd Strand ­ 50m2 ­ R4500ex vat Workshop ­ 100m2 ­ R3500ex vat 0827772150




Thursday |3 May 2012


Sure shots: Somerset House hosted its 10th annual netball and hockey tournaHoërskool Rustenburg se eerste hokkiespan het eerste plek behaal en Hoërskool Bellville se hokkiespan het tweede gekom.

Hokkie wen by elite week DIE Hoërskool Strand het onlangs vir die tweede keer vanjaar hul elite hokkieweek aangebied. Tien skole oor die uithoeke van die land – Rustenburg, Upington, Kimberley, Bredasdorp, Oudtshoorn, Vredenburg, Bellville en Durbanville – het aan die afrigtings- en wedstrydkliniek deelgeneem. Die doel van die kliniek is om spelers se fiksheid op te skerp, tegniese vaardighede en samespel te verbeter, asook om spangees te

bou. Ná die amptelike opening het die afrigting in alle erns onder die wakende en uiters bekwame oë van Kurt Cerfontyne, hoofafrigter by die Maties-hokkieklub, en Bruce Jacobs, ’n voormalige kaptein van die SuidAfrikaanse manshokkiespan, afgeskop. Elke deelnemende span het ’n totaal van ses wedstryde oor twee dae gespeel. Hoërskool Rustenburg het in die finale wedstryd teen die Hoërskool Bellville met ’n telling van 2–0 as algehele wenners uit die stryd getree.

ment with the assistance of sponsors Waltons. The tournament creates opportunities for netball players from u.8 to u.13 and girls and boys hockey players from u.9 to u.13, to play in a fun, yet competitive medal tournament. Participating schools included Somerset House, Somerset College, Bridge House, Kenridge, Temperance Town, Beaumont, Elkanah House and Herschel. A total of 35 netball and 42 hockey teams were in action during the tournament giving close to 800 pupils the opportunity to compete. The Somerset College girls u.11 team had a super netball tournament winning their section, while the Somerset House boys first hockey team got their season off to a great start, winning the senior boys division. In the above photo is the victorious u.11 netball team from Somerset College. They are (from left) Charlotte Barker, Micheala Beart, Raquel Middleton, Christopher Carelse (branch manager – Waltons Somerset West), Emma Dinnie, Megan Steynberg, Rebecca Boonzaier, Lisa Snyman and Puck Klaassen.


Hockey honours: The Somerset House boys’ first hockey team were the winners of the 10th annual netball and hockey tournament recently hosted by their school and sponsored by Waltons. The winning team members are (from left) Richard Ribbans, Joshua Raats, George Huysamer, Antonie Small-Smith, Richard Codrington (coach), Zac Fagan, Migali Giagas, Luke Stephens, Christopher Carelse (branch manager – Waltons, Somerset West), Grant Jansen, Dylan Ribbans, Brendan Venter, Richard Milton and Kai Heimann.

Nuwe spandrag vir rugby-manne: Hoërskool Strand se o.19 A-rugbyspan het by ’n gesellige onthaal met hul nuwe borge kennis gemaak, naamlik Alf Sieni en Stephan Koekemoer van Suzuki Helderberg (drasakke); Brett Trollip van Second Skins (speeltruie, broekies en kouse); en Johan en Nelius Lubbe van Galileo Books (oortrektruie). Van links is Lorenzo Appollis (agter), Roan Badenhorst, Corné Bothma, Edwin Anderssen, Deon Taljaard, Marshall Daars, Jurgen Dorfling en Marshall Douman. In die middel staan W van Dyk (afrigter), Nelius Lubbe (Galileo Books), Alf Sieni en Stephan Koekemoer (Suzuki Helderberg), Christiaan Klopper (skoolhoof), Jaco de Wet en A Krige (spanbestuurder). Agter is P Faasen (afrigter), Phillip Crouse, Stewart Jacobs, Pieter Nel, Breyten Krige, Shane Jafta, Christiaan Geldenhuys, Jacques Botha, Quiwen Baumann, Pierre Rabe, Ramsey Youd, Diego Visagie, JP Williams en Walter Oosthuizen.

SWEM Soos ’n vis in die water: Lee–Ann Becker het by die Suid-Afrikaanse vlak 2-swemkampioenskappe in George ’n goue medalje in die 200 m vlinderslag en drie silwer medaljes in die 100 m vlinderslag, die 50 m vlinderslag en die o.18-wisselslag aflos verwerf. Sy het ook ’n bronsmedalje in die 100 m rugslag ontvang.


Thursday, 3 May 2012 NEWS 1–11





SPORT 45–48


Quality elf on our coastline OUR local coastline from Lourensriver mouth right up to the Gordon’s Bay area has come to light with good reports about fish. Both Melkbaai beach and Blake’s beach has delivered a number of quality elf from last Thursday and Sunday evening. There were also one or two morocco-size geelbek taken last Friday night and a few kob up to 85 cm. The largest kob was landed by Nico de Jongh who has also landed a few elf fishing on Blake’s beach alongside the mounts of sand opposite Welgelegen flats. There has been a number of regular anglers fishing the Harmony and Oumansgat area with very good results. Really good size elf and kob has been reported. Harbour Island wall has also given a few better class elf and a

number of galjoen directly opposite the restaurant and at the end of the wall. Most of the elf that have been caught on Blake’s beach were taken in the evening and in the dark. Three young spinner men who were using light tackle on Friday

at midday, had a ball catching their full quotas of elf using smaller flash spinners. Reliable information about a few yellowtail that have been taken by spinner men from the Ledges and Skuinsbank near Rooiels. This northern weather this time of the year is always good for yellowtail on the Gordon’s Bay mountain side. When the water is choppy, it is important to drop the spinners lightly when blind spinning and retrieving to bring up the shoals of fish. When the water is flat and calm it is much easier to see the shoals on the surface, always passing towards the Point. The northerly influence is always good for better class white Steenbras at Kogel Bay this time of the year. Calmer weather at high tide always gives better catches in



Earl Fenwick caught this 6,5 kg snoek on Saturday 21 April.

KUNG FU Kung fu kings: The

Gold for SW bowlers SOMERSET WEST Bowls Club (SWBC) bowler Paul Ferns has been crowned the new Western Province Men’s Champion of Champions after he convincingly won the WP knockout tournament of all the WP Club Champions, at Durbanville Bowling Club over the weekend. At the championships, the HB Basin clubs performed well, collecting three of the four trophies up for grabs. Ferns was also a member of the SWBC team which won the annual HH9’s tournament. The last time a team of SWBC won this trophy was in 1989, with this one seeing strong opposition from the Strand, Gordon’s Bay, Stellenbosch and Helderberg Bowling Clubs. A round-robin format with pairs, trips and fours competing was used. Bowling clubs in the HB ba-

the early morning and evening and for a few hours in the night. Better catches of white steenbras using bloodword or prawn, a slide trace and a spike lead – and in darkness a glow bead – is always a plus. One or two charter boats that ventured out to the Buffel’s Bay point area, could not locate any yellowtail or snoek, only catching a few red fish and hottentot. The only snoek news received, was that there were good snoek catches during the weekend at Yzerfontein. Willie du Toit, a very experienced local boat angler, mentioned that the snoek was preferring green dollies, spinners and tassels. For all your reel repairs – all makes and models – contact Art on 0 021 854 3831. Send your fishing news and photos to 2

Strand branch of the Master Suliman Sampson International kung fu and Tai Chi school of South Africa had their first grading last month. The grading focused on the students’ ability, strength, coordination and balance of basic kung fu. Their basic stances, punching, kicking, hand form and the use of a weapon was also observed. The students who achieved an aggregate of 65% and higher are (from the left) Abdullah Pietersen (79%), Willie Moller (72%), Crystal Staack (67%), Suliman and Maaria Sampson, Sabrie Pietersen (71%), Chris Muller (72%) and Charl du Plessis (69%).

sin are rapidly becoming the teams to beat. SWBC offers free coaching – with bowls supplied – every Saturday morning 09:00 - 11:00 under the guidance of experienced coaches, or other times by appointment. For more information contact Pete on 0 021 851 8819.


Paul Ferns.

Swinging silverware : Talented

Take a swing at SW Golf Club

Helderberg youth golfer, Dylan Raubenheimer, recently won the Somerset West Golf Club’s Open Championship with scores of 73 and 65 for an overall gross score of 138 points. Runner up was K Hitge with scores of 71 and 69 (140 in total), while G Buchanan was third with 71 and 72 (143).

THE Butterfly Foundation, in partnership with Easy Events, hosts the Zelbia Rossi Memorial Golf Day on Sunday 6 May. The event, held at the Somerset West Golf Club, will be played in a 4BBB format at R250 per person. There will be a lucky draw with

great prizes up for grabs. Businesses or golfers who want to contribute can sponsor a hole at R1 000 per hole. For more information, phone Bernadette Rossi on 0 078 767 5885 or Brian Howes on 0 021 851 7950 or 0 082 335 7824.


Perfect aim: Theuna Grobler

The victorious Somerset West bowling team.

(left) and Jenny Elliott, members of the Gordon’s Bay Bowling Club, won the WP Sevens pairs section this past weekend.


Thursday, 3 May 2012


Versatile Ben earns Let’s Play award JAMEY THOMAS

FOURTH place in the u.11 100 m event at the South African Schools Championships earned Ben van Schalkwyk April’s DistrictMail Let’s Play Sports Star of the month

kwyk. Ben van Schal

award. This grade 5 pupil at Somerset House won his heat in a time of 13,33, and was fourth overall in the final in just 13,50 seconds – making him the fourth fastest u.11 boy over 100 m in SA. He was representing the WP team in Durban on 23 March at the time. Ben, a former Beaumont Primary pupil, always loved sports but only became a dedicated athlete last year when he changed schools. “I’m a shy person and at Somerset House I feel part of a supportive family,” explains Ben, who is now motivated to achieve his best. His potential was recognised by sports director and head of athletics, Mandy McIlroy, who encouraged Ben to compete and work at perfecting his talent. Under her watchful eye Ben kicked-off his athletics career by participating in the inter-house athletics day


Maddens heads to KZN SERGIO Maddens was recently selected to represent the Boland men’s u.30 action cricket team. Maddens, a member of the Grabouw Cricket Club and the Somerset West indoor cricket team, Warriors, will represent Boland at the annual Inter-provincial Tournament in Pietermaritzburg from 18 to 23 June. Teams from across the country will be participating in this prestigious tournament, which will also see a national team selected. Maddens is handy with both bat and ball, and his dedication to the sport has already seen him competing against teams such as Maties, Victorians and Pniel’s Coronation in the Boland Premier A-league. The all-rounder is, however, currently unemployed despite successfully completing the Appletiser Learnership Programme for juice preparation a few years ago. The company gave him the opportunity to become a part-time employee through casual labour when he was offered a six-month contract from October last year until the end of March. To participate in such tournament, players usually need to dig into their own pockets, as sponsorships are hard to come by. Maddens is in dire need of sponsorship. “It is expected of each player to

Sergio Maddens. pay for his own expenses which includes travelling costs, clothing, accommodation and spending money,” Maddens says. “The expenses for the basic needs tallies between R8 000 and R10 000, of which R3 000 had to be deposited before 30 April.” Maddens has managed to raise the R3 000 through braais supported by friends and neighbours. However, he still needs help with raising the rest of the needed funds. Anyone who can assist with donations can phone team manager Louis Burke on 0 076 808 7871 or Sergio on 0 073 204 7082.

which was held in February. He competed in the u.11 boys 200 m event and broke the previous track record of 31,09 seconds when he completed the event within 29,25 seconds. Ben also set three records in the boys u.11 field events – he jumped a staggering 1,39 m in high jump, threw a 9,41 m distance in shot put and jumped 4,61 m in long jump. “I knew I could run and maybe win a few races, but I didn’t realise my talent,” says Ben with smile. He then officially started competing when he participated in the Kuilsriver Zonal athletics trials which took place on 24 February in Blue Downs. He won the 100 m in just 13,58 seconds and claimed third place during the shot put event when he threw a distance of 9,88 m. He also participated in the Helderberg Zonal athletics trials which took place the next day at

Hottentots Holland High school (HHH). A total of 22 schools participated in these trials, and the top three athletes on the track and the top two in field events were selected to represent the Circuit 6 team at the Western Province Championships. Ben made the team when he claimed first place in the 100 m in just 13,57 seconds, second place in long jump with a distance of 4,24 m and second place in shot put with a distance of 9,72 m. Just before the Western Province trials which was held at Coetzenberg in Stellenbosch on 3 March, Ben got ill and had to be hospitalised. “I think I had food poisoning. On the day of the trials I won my heat easily but fell during the final and came last,” says Ben, who swears that would be a day he will never be able to forget. Luckily, a review of his previous

achievements allowed Ben to qualify for the Western Cape Championships which was held in Oudtshoorn on 10 March. Ben competed in the boys u.11 shot put and 100 m events. He won the 100 m in just over 13 seconds and earned him a spot in the Western Cape team that competed at the SA Athletics Championship in Durban. During the winter-break Ben will start a training routine (focusing on strength, speed and technique) in June with an athletics coach at HHH. Ben is also the eighth man of the u.11 A rugby team.


Stormy seas challenges local anglers THE Gordon’s Bay Offshore Classic was recently held in difficult conditions with heavy seas and very little fish landed. Day one, Wednesday 25 April, saw mountainous seas experienced by all and tough fishing. A number of boats experienced waves over the top. Only four fish were weighed on the first day with the largest being a yellowfin of 18,64 kg caught by Tommy Barnard on Blu Water. Morné Peens on Bad Romanz also landed a yellowfin of 17,66 kg. The following day (day two) more fish were landed but none of the usual big fish that is usually experienced this time of the year, were caught. The biggest fish for day two, was a 16,38 kg yellowfin caught by Rian Raubenheimer on Blu Water and the biggest long fin weighed was caught by William Moore, fishing on the boat Cuda 2.

From the left are Pierre Botha, Tommy Barnard, Alan du Plessis, John Raubenheimer and Rian Raubenheimer. The final standings were Tommy Barnard (1st), Morné Peens (2nd) and Rian Raubenheimer (3rd). The top boat for the competition was Cuda 2. Even though they only fished fifty percent of the competition, a great camaraderie existed between the boats and anglers. Socialising at the club and on the golf course added to this spirit.

Daniel Hughes, chairman of the Gordon’s Bay Boat Angling Club, thanked Alan du Plessis from Hayward Suzuki Marine, the competition’s main sponsor, for sponsoring a rubber duck and a Suzuki four stroke outboard engine. For all your boating and outboard needs please contact Alan at on 0 021 853 3532.


HOCKEY Stick action: Parel Vallei High School’s u.16 and u.18 girls’ hockey teams were among the 38 schools who attended the DF Malan Hockey Camp during the recent school holidays. The players received excellent coaching from top coaches in the country. Both the PV teams played six matches and produced hockey of a very high standard. At the final dinner, an u.16 and an u.18 tournament team was selected. Guthren van Zyl (left) was rewarded for her excellent performances in the goals and was selected for the u.18 team, while the captain of the Parel Vallei u.18 A side, Jeanne Jacobs (right) was also selected for the side. Nikita Rodenbach (absent) was selected for the u.16 team.

Hokkieseuns uitgerus met nuwe spandrag: Cobus Liebenberg van Cape Edge Adventures het onlangs by ’n gesellige kuier-geleentheid by Hoërskool Strand saam met die eerste seunshokkiespan, hul ouers en die skool se onderwysers, elke speler met ’n sportsak en hul formele spandrag geborg. Agter (van links) is Michael Geard, Christo de Swardt, Michael Bannister, A Louw (spanbestuurder), Ryan Möhr, Peter de Klerk, (middel) David Louw, Nico Lochner, Pieter de Villiers, Christiaan Klopper (skoolhoof), Melt Laten, Cobus Liebenberg en Herman Gerber. Voor is Nico Janse van Rensburg, Jacques Oosthuizen, Selwyn du Toit, Edan Shields en Jodi Smith.


Thursday, 3 May 2012 NEWS 1–11





SPORT 45–48


Jong Bokkies hoop op groot steun in Eikestad Vier van die spelers het vanjaar in die Superrugby-reeks gespeel. Hulle is Steven Kitshoff (Stormers), Paul Willemse (Lions), PieterSteph du Toit en Paul Jordaan (albei Sharks). Drie spelers – Jordaan, William Small-Smith en Tshotsho Mbovane – het ook al vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Sewesspan uitgedraf. “Ons sien baie uit daarna om in Stellenbosch se Danie Craven-stadion te speel. Dit sal wonderlik wees as ons dieselfde gees en getalle kan kry as Maties met die Varsitybeker-wedstryde!” het Liebenberg gesê. “Ek hoop regtig die publiek sal kom om ons wedstryde te kyk. Dit sal heerlik wees om hul ondersteuning te hê,” het dié oud-leerling van Worcester Drosdy gesê. Die Jong Bokkies speel twee groepwedstryde op Stellenbosch in


DIE Suid-Afrikaanse o.20-rugbyspan se droom om die trofee as wêreldkampioen in Junie voor sy tuisskare te verower, is ’n reuse-terugslag toegedien met die onttrekking van Johan Goosen. Die 19-jarige Goosen het sy skouer beseer toe hy ’n drie gedruk het in die Cheetahs se wedstryd teen die Highlanders die naweek. Hy is vir vier maande buite aksie. Met die ter perse gaan van DistriksPos was sy plaasvervanger nog nie bevestig nie. Die groep van 28 spelers is verlede week bekend gemaak. Die Junior Wêreldbeker-rugbytoernooi is van 4 tot 22 Junie in Stellenbosch en Bellville. Wian Liebenberg, flank van die Blou Bulle, is as die kaptein aangewys.

die Danie Craven-stadion. Die eerste is op Maandag 4 Junie teen Ierland en hulle speel teen Engeland op Dinsdag 12 Junie. Hul ander groep-wedstryd is op 8 Junie in Bellville teen Italië. Die groep is: AGTERSPELERS: Abrie Griesel (skrumskakel, Blou Bulle); Dean Hammond (vleuel, Westelike Provinsie); Pat Howard (senter, WP); Travis Ismaiel (vleuel, BB); Tony Jantjies (losskakel, BB); Paul Jordaan (vleuel, KwaZulu-Natal); Dillyn Leyds (heelagter, WP); Kevin Luiters (skrumskakel, VS); Tshotsho Mbovane (vleuel, WP); Marais Schmidt (heelagter, Goue Leeus); Jan Serfontein (senter, BB); William Small-Smith (senter, BB). VOORSPELERS: Wian Liebenberg (flank en kaptein, Blou Bulle); Shaun Adendorf (losvoorspeler, BB); Fabian Booysen (losvoorspeler, GL); Allan Dell (stut,

Steven Kitshoff van Somerset-Wes, wat kookwater-rugby vir die Stomers speel, is opgeneem in die jong Bokspan. Foto: Thys Lombard


Clean sweep predicted for local clubs AFTER a week-break, all Western Province rugby clubs are back in action this weekend. Hopefully there has not been too much disruptions in preparations and our clubs can continue where they left off two weeks ago. Week three and four have always intrigued me, as we usually see more competitive fixtures, based on last year’s standings. This week’s fixtures are: ) Helderberg vs Hands & Heart (home): After two convincing victories, HB will have their tails up. Playing at home against a team that has not yet won, surely makes HB the favourites. However, Hands & Heart will want to put up a good show and things could become tricky for Helderberg. Prediction: Helderberg to win by 15 or more. ) St Georges vs Rangers (home): Over the years this has always been an interesting fixture. St Georges will be desperate for a home win after losing their first match against Paarl, but an away win (against Langa) has instilled confidence. With Rangers also having a 50% record, this will be an evenly matched encounter. Prediction: St Georges to win by 10 or less. ) Sir Lowrians vs Silvertree (home): After last week’s close call against Franschhoek, Sir Lowrians will be determined to put up a better showing. Overconfidence is something The Navy Train needs to address, as most other factors seem to be in their fa-

vour. Silvertree will be visiting un- Both teams are winless, but Raithby derdogs, as this is a fixture that they probably benefited more from last week’s bye with their long injury have never won. Prediction: Sir Lowrians to win list. However, playing at home means they will be under more presby 20 or more. ) Lagunya vs Strand United sure to perform. Prediction: Raithby to win by 8 or (away): Strand United will be under pressure after losing last week, but more. ) Blue Stars vs All Saints if ever their was a clear-cut chance of winning in Nyanga, it is now. Eve- (away): I have really been imrything does not seem to be running pressed with All Saints – a few good smoothly at Lagunya, and United “signings” has given them stability should take advantage of this. An- and experience in the right posiother loss, before next week’s huge tions. In Klapmuts, Blue Stars are challenge against Sir Lowrians, very competitive, but All Saints should be too strong for them. could spell disaster. Prediction: All Saints to win by 10 Prediction: Strand United to win or more. by 7 or less. ) Strand Pioneers vs Cloetes) Van der Stel vs Macassar (away): Macassar are off to an excel- ville (home): After two consecutive lent start and could quietly be target- bonus point wins, Pioneers will be ing five points at Bergzicht. Their under pressure to perform, especialability to stand up against bigger for- ly playing at home against a winless ward packs and possessing exciting team. A solid pack and backs finishbacks surely gives them the edge. ing well will be Pioneers’ key to vicVan der Stel could end up fighting tory. Prediction: Pioneers to win by 10 relegation this season. Prediction: Macassar to win by 12 or less. For the first time since writing or more. ) Silverleaf vs Strand (away): this column, I have predicted a clean Strand has again blitzed out the sweep for the Helderberg clubs and starting blocks this season, but de- I am extremely confident our clubs servedly so. Their pre-season match- can pull it off. A meeting to discuss the history es against higher league opposition is bearing fruits and they should of the Somerset West Rugby Board match up well against Silverleaf will be held at the Gustrouw Sports Grounds tonight (Thursday) at 19:00. who dropped from Premier B. A win at Avonwood would be Anyone able to contheir benchmark and Strand should tribute is welcome. travel confidently to Elsies River. Prediction: Strand to win Taariq van der Ross by 10 or less. 2 ) Raithby Universals vs Young Stars (home):

Sport-uitslae ALLE hoërskole en sportklubs in die Helderberg word genooi om weekliks hul uitslae na 2 te stuur.

Die spertyd is elke Dinsdag om 13:00 en spanne kan ook hul toppuntemakers se name te stuur. Skakel Jamey by 021 853 0211 vir enige navrae.

The views expressed in columns are not necessarily the views of DistrictMail.

KZN); Pieter-Steph du Toit (slot, KZN); Oliver Kebble (stut, WP); Steven Kitshoff (stut, WP); Khaya Majola (losvoorspeler, KZN); Marvin Orie (slot, KZN); Mark Pretorius

(haker, GL); Ruan Botha (slot, GL); Braam Steyn (losvoorspeler, KZN); Jason Thomas (haker, BB); Nicolaas van Dyk (stut, KZN) en Paul Willemse (slot, GL)

HEARTBEAT OF THE HELDERBERG | Tel: 021 853 0211 Thursday | 3 May 2012


A blow to Strand TAARIQ VAN DER ROSS

WITH the initial news and excitement filtering through from the WP Union that the Vodacom quarter-final will be played at Charles Morkel Stadium, it now seems that the powers in charge has had a change of heart. The match between WP and the Lions will now take place at City Park at 15:30. With WP going into this match unbeaten, it would have given locals not only the perfect opportunity to see the up and coming WP stars, but also former Hoërskool Strand and Strand United youngster Uzair Cassiem, now playing for the Lions, starting in the match. With preparations for the match already in process this is a huge blow, not only for Helderberg RFC, but also all the local school kids invited. This season has seen Vodacom Cup matches played at Newlands, with crowds of under 1 000 spectators, City Park in Athlone and at Durbanville Rugby Club. Over the years matches have also been played at Daljosafat in Paarl, Brookside in Claremont and at Florida Park in Ravensmead. Newlands apart, the Charles Morkel Stadium in Strand compares more than adequately with any of the other venues. So why the sudden change of heart? Word from a reliable source within the WP players squad confirmed this past Saturday that coach John Dobson has had a lot to say about wanting the match played at Newlands. The Vodacom Cup has since inception in 1998, always been in the shadow of the Currie Cup and Super Rugby, with many rugby sup-

porters preferring to watch club rugby instead. The theme of the Vodacom Cup has, therefore, been not only the development of players, but also taking the game of rugby to the “communities”. The question needs to be asked: Does the Helderberg region, home of the former Somerset Rugby Board, not qualify as an area that needs rugby development? Word from director of rugby at Helderberg RFC, Ricki Petersen, is that the club is extremely disappointed but ads that the region has been promised at least one Vodacom Cup fixture every season from now on. Helderberg RFC were correctly expecting a crowd of around 6 000 at The Charles Morkel Stadium.

) This weekend will see the third round of WP league matches and Helderberg RFC will host the Kraaifontein club, Hands & Heart, at the Charles Morkel Stadium. Since the scheduled Western Province Vodacom Cup quarter-final match against the Golden Lions has been relocated, it will no longer be part of the day’s events. However, the hitherto unbeaten and top of the Super League B log, Helderberg RFC, promise to entertain all club rugby supporters. The full programme for Helderberg is: Friday 4 May: Fourth team (Crusaders) away against UCT 4 at 19:15; Saturday 5 May: A Field: Third team vs Hands & Heart at 13:35; second team vs Hands & Heart at 14:45; First team vs Hands & Heart at 16:00; B Field: u.20A vs Hands & Heart at 13:25; u.20B vs UWC A at 14:45.


Let’s Play


Our star athlete: Somerset House pupil, Ben van Schalkwyk, earned April’s DistrictMail Let’s Play Sports Star of the Month award. Read the full story on page 46. Photo: Superimage Media

| R5.80

DistrictMail 3 May 2012  

DistrictMail 3 May 2012

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