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Interskole atletiek

Fake money in circulation PG 2

HELDERBERG HOËRSKOLE SÊ MEKAAR DIE STRYD AAN: Die jaarlikse Inter­ skole Atletiekbyeenkoms tussen Hoërskool Hotten­ tots­Holland, Parel Vallei en Strand het gister (Woens­ dag 12 Februarie) met die veld­items afgeskop. Atlete sal op Vrydag 14 Februa­ rie by Hoërskool Hotten­ tots­Holland in die hoof­ items meeding. Hier is die onderskeie kapteins van die skole; Ashleigh Daniels en Verdi Michaels van HHH, Lien Erasmus en Ro­ bert Marx van PV, en Sa­ vannah Käsner en Jaco de Wet van HS.

Onkruid Strand verval en verwaarloos BL 6

Circus Residents protest for animal rights PG 7



Outrage after attacks on teens ILLANA FRANTZ Two learners from Parel Vallei High School were robbed of their cellphones in two violent attacks while walking home from school during the past two weeks. In the latest incident on Monday afternoon, Grade 10 learner Tanner Crouch (16) was attacked while walking to his home 200 metres from the school. Since the incidents hundreds of concerned residents took to Facebook in The Somerset West Group to express their outrage at the attacks, calling for the protection of the learners. Tanner says he was about 30 metres from home when a guy walked past him who he thought just to be a gardener. After passing Tanner, the man came at him from behind, threat-

ened him with a knife and demanded his phone. Tanner describes the knife as small with a plastic handle. “He asked me for my phone and I punched him in the face. He fell to

Tanner Crouch

the ground and I punched him again,” remembers Tanner. His assailant got back on his feet and attacked Tanner with the knife. He cut Tanner across his neck, grabbed his new Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone and ran off. “A friend came past and assisted me home. I didn’t even realise I was cut until I looked in the mirror and saw the blood.” His mother, Alison, took him to hospital. On the way, they drove past Tanner’s assailant. On instinct, Alison shouted at the thief, causing him to run away. Tanner’s attacker wore a light blue shirt and a black cap with the letters YMCMB in red. Tanner was treated at Mediclinic Vergelegen and received stitches for the wound. Alison took a photo of Tanner’s wound with her cellphone and sent it to a friend, who posted it on Facebook as a warning. Officers from Helderberg Crime

Watch/Vetus Schola (HCW/VS) then arrived at the hospital, asked for a description of the attacker and started a search for him. Parel Vallei school principal Ettienne Gouws also visited Tanner in hospital. Mika Cannon, a Grade 11 learner from the same school, had a similar experience last week. She was walking down Parel Vallei Road on Wednesday 5 February, when a man ran up to her and demanded her cellphone. “I had just finished texting my mom and was putting my phone back into my blazer pocket when someone grabbed my hand. He asked for my phone but I didn’t want to give it to him.” A struggle over the phone ensued, but when the man bent down in an attempt to bite her hand, she let go of her valued possession. Mika describes her attacker as tall and skinny with a beard. Gouws says he sympathises with the learners and parents and that

the learners have been warned about lurking predators. He says that HCW/VS were approached to patrol the area since last week. He also mentioned an alleged attempted robbery on Monday, when another learner was approached by an unknown man, also demanding his cellphone. The learner was close enough to the school to run back into the school premises. Somerset West police spokesperson, Constable Suzan Jantjies, confirmed that the cases are being investigated. She advised learners to walk in groups and also refrain from using headphones while walking. “Learners should not have electronic devices visible and the community is asked to immediately report any suspicious-looking people to the police.” ) Also see the video of Tanner telling his story at



Nuus News

13 Februarie, 2014

Fake money from ATM? DELIAH BRINKHUIS Daniel Hofmeister was dumbstruck when he discovered two counterfeit R100 notes after withdrawing money at an ATM in Strand.

MANDRAX­TABLETTE GEKONFISKEER: Metro Polisie­beamptes het Donderdag omstreeks 10:00 gedurende ’n roetine padblokkade 80 Mandrax­tablette gekonfiskeer. Die beamptes het ’n minibus­taxi in Macassarweg gestop en die dwelms, wat ’n geraamde waarde van R4 000 het, is op een van die passasiers gevind. Konstabel Ben Koopman en Sersant Karen Ferus (bo) is twee van die beamptes wat die inhegtenisneming gemaak het.

Hofmeister, who lives in the United States, was visiting relatives in Strand at the time. He says he withdrew R3 000 at the Standard Bank ATM at the Goedehoop Centre at about 12:15 on Saturday 4 January. He then placed the money in an envelope. It was only on 29 January when he was preparing to return home that he found the two counterfeit notes among the other R100 notes. “I counted only 29 notes and thought that the notes might be stuck together and recounted them,” he recalls. However, he found that there was one note missing. In addition, there were two false notes which felt thicker and were lighter in colour than a normal R100 note. The false notes had also come apart from being handled, revealing

that two colour copies – one of the front and another of the back of a R100 note – had been glued together. Hofmeister reported it to Standard Bank Helderberg to protect others from a similar experience. He did not get the response he was hoping for, however. “I thought they would say sorry and replace the counterfeit notes.” According to Hofmeister, he was advised to return to the United States with the counterfeit money and log a complaint with his bank there. Ross Linstrom, spokesperson for Standard Bank says the banking group has not had complaints of counterfeit money at any other ATMs. He says because Hofmeister is an overseas visitor, the complaint is complicated as Standard Bank cannot view or log transactions of accounts of overseas customers. Linstrom says it is standard banking procedure that the customer log a complaint with his own bank before the complaint can be addressed at the bank where the money was withdrawn.

Daniel Hofmeister says he withdrew two of these false R100 notes from a Stan­ dard Bank ATM in Strand.


COUNTERFEIT NOTES: The Country Craft Market committee would like to warn Hel­ derberg residents against counterfeit R200 notes doing the rounds. This follows after three of their crafters encountered these notes this past Saturday. According to the crafters, the notes did not feel right or have a watermark. The Braille lines did not register properly when the notes were fold­ ed edge­to­edge. The notes seem to be 2013 issue with “omron” rings – a series of seemingly random dots in the blank space of the note. The culprit is described as a woman in her thirties with “dirty blonde” hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Misdaad brokkies /Crime snippets Vrou gesoek

Die Strand-polisie benodig die hulp van die gemeenskap om Cathrina Elizabeth Soreiro op te spoor. Soreiro het voorheen in Du Toitstraat gewoon. Mense met inligting kan ao. Johan Bresler by 021 854 9100 of lt. kol. Franklin Plaatjies by 082 469 3359 bel.

Trein tref man

’n Man (40) is Sondag 9 Februarie op slag dood ná ’n trein hom getref het. Luidens ’n polisieverklaring het die man omstreeks 18:15 op die treinspoor in die rigting van Somerset-Wes geloop. Hy het musiek deur sy oorfone geluister en nie die trein hoor aankom nie. Hy is op slag dood. Die oorledene was geklee in ’n demin-broek en ’n gestreepte t-hemp in wit, oranje en swart. Hy het twee tatoeërmerke gehad; die datum 14-06-2011 op sy linkerbors en ’n botteltjie met die woorde “holt” op sy maag. Hy het ook ’n rooi Vodacom-rugsak by hom gehad. Enigiemand wat die beskrywing herken

moet ao. Carleigh Noemdoe by 021 850 1335 bel.

Tool box found

A tool box was found abandoned near the Strand policing area in July last year and the police are looking for the owner. Whoever comes to claim it must provide proof of purchase and must be able to identify the contents of the tool box. The owner is asked to come to Captain Zona van Schoor in room 5 at the Strand police station. You can phone her on 021 854 9100.


Nuus News

13 February, 2014

GB woman scams Strand businesses CASSY VAN EEDEN Two Strand businesses have been conned out of a total of R9 300 by a 21-year-old Gordon’s Bay woman. On 21 January, the same woman conned Hair Rehab in Strand out of R1 200 and Janine’s Furniture out of R8 100. The woman, who has green eyes, recently changed her hair colour from black to blonde. Constable Mbulelo Mafuna from the Strand SAPS has confirmed that a case was opened against the woman and she was arrested yesterday morning. The con artist scammed Hair Rehab by saying her father would pay the salon via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) after the

treatment. Head hair stylist Chanel Venter says she has yet to receive payment from her and she can no longer get hold of her. Terry Protoules of Janine’s Furniture in Helderberg Shopping Centre in Strand said the same woman scammed him out of R8 100. She provided him with two EFT proof of payment documents which turned out to be fraudulent. “Capitec has sent the documents to their forensics department and they are investigating it,” said Protoules. “Everything she said was very well thought out,” he said. The woman had spun him an elaborate story about why she was ordering the furniture from him, saying she would pay him via an

EFT. After he received two payments from the woman, she contacted Protoules to say she had made a mistake by paying him twice and asked him to refund her for one of the payments. He then withdrew the money at Nedbank and “...put the cash in her hand,” he said. When Protoules contacted Capitec Bank they told him there were no funds in the account noted in the falsified proof of payment. The account has since been frozen by the bank while conducting their own investigation. The woman is a well-known Gordon’s Bay resident, Venter added. Venter suspects that the woman targets smaller businesses to scam.

Scammed and robbed in Strand

A con artist stole approximately R5 200 worth of jewellery when she asked to use the bathroom. PHOTO: CASSY VAN EEDEN

DistrictMail intern reporter Cassy van Eeden, 23, who recently relocated to the Strand, was scammed and robbed of about R 5 200 just two weeks afterwards. On 29 January at 21:15 a white woman in her 30s appeared at her door and said she needed help. “She said she had gone to a nearby petrol station to put R200 worth of petrol in her car and when she tried to draw money at the ATM, it ‘swallowed’ her card,” said van Eeden. The woman, calling herself Lee-Anne, told van Eeden that the petrol station was “holding her car hostage,” she said. “She asked to use my bathroom and I agreed and let her into my home,” said van Eeden. Van Eeden stood near the bathroom to ensure she did not steal anything. She then offered to take her to the ATM and draw R200 for her from her account. The woman claimed to have left her cell phone in van Eeden’s bathroom and went

back to fetch it. Van Eeden then drove her to an ATM and withdrew money. “On the way there and back she told me she was from Grabouw and was house-sitting in my neighbourhood,” said van Eeden. After being given the money, the woman got into a grey car with a CA number plate. Van Eeden returned to her house only to find that the woman had stolen jewellery to the value of around R5 000. Strand SAPS has warned residents “never to open the door automatically whenever the bell rings or if someone knocks” and always to be vigilant. The same woman had been caught on a CCTV system earlier that day at the Cape Sands in Beach Road, where she told the building manager a similar story, asking to be taken inside the building. Shortly afterwards, she was escorted out as one of the residents realised that she had been lying.


4 Distrikspos Company cleared of suspected sewage dumping 13 Februarie, 2014

A company specialising in sewage systems was cleared of any wrongdoing after a DistrictMail reader suspected the company of dumping sewage into a stormwater system. A concerned reader, who wants to remain anonymous, took a photo on Monday of a Jetvac truck dumping a brown fluid into what appears to be the stormwater system situated in an open field off Broadlands Boulevard. The photographer says that when he returned to the site later, he observed how the same truck was pumping sewage from a man hole and says it appeared to him that sewage was being dumped illegally.

After sending a query to Jetvac, the DistrictMail was invited to the site for inspection of the work. On arrival, Jacques Dreyer, operations manager at Jetvac explained that Jetvac was tasked by the City of Cape Town to do emergency work on the Sir Lowry’s sewer line to unblock the line. He says the line runs next to the stormwater system and a manhole was already overflowing and spilling sewage into the stormwater system when Jetvac arrived on the scene. Dreyer says the truck (pictured), known as a supersucker, pumps sewage out of the system, then separates the solids from the fluids and return the fluids into the sewer line. The City’s mayoral committee member for utility

services, Ernest Sonnenberg confirmed this and says the City contracted Jetvac to attend to a manhole which was blocked with fat. “At some stage during the process of cleaning the manhole, Jetvac had to discharge the water they were using to clean the manhole, with the City’s permission. This was allowed as the truck can separate the water from the solids . The solids were taken to the permitted discharging site in Epping thereafter. Jetvac followed all required procedures.” Peter Solomans, owner of Jetvac, says the company have had similar accusations levelled by concerned citizens in the past, and every case has been investigated thoroughly and lauds concerned citizens for being pro-active.

Nuus News

This truck was thought to be dumping sew­ age illegally.

Deadlock between Sanral and City as illegal land occupants spurn offer ILLANA FRANTZ The illegal occupants who were evicted last Monday from a stretch of land belonging to Sanral (South African National Roads Agency Limited) were offered temporary accommodation in the Nomzamo Community Hall. This is according to Ward 85 councillor Samuel Matha, who added that only a handful of residents had accepted the offer. “Promises of land and housing were made to the people, who have since become angry and fed-up with waiting and thus took the land to live on.” While hundreds of residents have returned to the back-yards they lived in before illegally squatting on Sanral land, Sanral and the City of Cape Town have been playing the blame game for this series of events. Sanral released a statement last week, making public a dispute between them and the City about land set aside for homes. According to Vusi Mona, spokesperson for Sanral, meetings were held between them and the City in 2011 to discuss Sanral’s proposal to

buy property for the relocation of the illegal occupants of the land in Asanda Village. According to the report, an agreement was reached between the two parties, whereby Sanral would purchase portions 9 and 17 of Farm No. 681 in Stellenbosch. In return, the City would develop property in the Macassar Interchange along with a small section of land belonging to Sanral to relocate the illegal occupants. This agreement, however, was never met as the City apparently withdrew from the agreement, pending a dispute between the two parties regarding the tolling of the N1 and N2. The City had applied for an interdict against the toll roads in May 2013, which was granted by the Western Cape High Court. The City had also requested documentation from Sanral, justifying their decision to implement the toll roads. The City is currently reviewing the documents received from Sanral in November last year, after which a court date will be determined. Following Sanral’s statement last week, the City lashed out, re-

ferring to Sanral’s statement as a “bullying act”. Councillor Tandeka Gqada, mayoral committee member for human settlements, stressed that the land that was illegally occupied is privately owned and consequently the City was not responsible for policing this stretch of land. She added that the City had repeatedly warned Sanral to protect its land against these land invasions. “They were advised by the City to purchase suitably sized land to accommodate the affected households. They have not done so. “The City has never objected to Sanral buying land for the historic occupiers of the land when this was discussed in 2011.” Gqada added that the Macassar Interchange Project is still continuing. Sanral has since employed a private company to protect the land from being illegally occupied again. Matha added that meetings have been scheduled with “those in power”, including the MEC for housing, to address the issue. He could, however, not confirm the particular dates.

5 Troeteldiere bly in DSV­sorg tot inspekteur anders sê DistrictMail

Nuus News

JAMEY GORDON Die eienaars van die troeteldiere wat verlede Woensdag (5 Februarie) in ’n klopjag deur die Helderberg-dieresorgvereniging (DSV) en die Dierebeskermingsvereniging (DBV) gekonfiskeer is, sê hulle verlang na hul diere en wil hulle terug hê. Nuschka, ’n vierjarige Duitse herdershond, Sammy, ’n kruisras-hond, en ’n gemmerkat met die naam Kierie, is met die hulp van die Kaap van Goeie Hoop se DBV, polisie en wetstoepassing in die sorg van die DSV geplaas. Ses duiwe is ook uit die eienaars se sorg geneem en in dié van die DBV geplaas. Dit volg ná Helderberg DSV-lid Robin Landsdale klagtes ontvang het van die “onuithoudba-

13 February, 2014

re” stank van diere-ontlasting en urine in die woonstelblok wat vermoedelik deur beweerde diereverwaarlosing veroorsaak is. Volgens klaers word die honde en kat heeldag, elke dag, in die woonstel toegesluit. In ’n poging om die troeteldiere te red, het Landsdale die saak met die DBV opgeneem, wat aanbeveel het dat hy die polisie en wetstoepassing in kennis stel ten einde die diere wettig te laat verwyder. Tydens die klopjag is Nuschka op die dak van die woonstelblok gevind en Sammy binne die woonstel. Kierie was ook buite gevind. Volgens Julia Evans, bestuurder van die Helderberg DSV, was die diere oortrek met vlooie. Die DistriksPos het verlede week berig dat die Duitse herdershond vasgemaak op die dak van die woonstelblok, sonder kos of water, gevind

LAASTE SLAGOF­ FER STERK AAN: Die enigste oorle­ wende, ’n vrou (28), van ’n onge­ luk verlede Donder­ dag kort voor 16:00 op die N2 naby die weeg­ brug, sterk steeds in die Tygerberg Hospitaal aan. Die Land Rover met vier insittendes, waarvan twee Sweedse burgers is, het in die rigting van Somerset­Wes gery. Die bestuurder het na bewering beheer oor die voertuig verloor. Die passasiers is ook van hul besittings beroof voor mediese personeel opgedaag het. Die twee Sweedse burgers is op die toneel dood, terwyl die bestuurder (59) per helikopter na die Tygerberg Hospitaal geneem is. Hy het Maandag aan sy beserings beswyk. Sy dogter is eers na die Helderberg Hospitaal geneem, en later na die Tygerberg Hospi­ taal oorgeplaas waar sy steeds aansterk.

is. Volgens die eienaars, wat graag anoniem wou bly, was die hond nie vasgemaak nie. Volgens die DSV was die hond deur Ryno Pretorius van Vetus Schola aan ’n leiband gesit nadat hy die hond vasgemaak op die dak gevind het. Die DSV het bevestig dat die hond sonder skuilplek, water of kos op die dak was. Volgens die eienaars het albei honde vrye toegang tot die huis en dak as gevolg van ’n deur wat hulle juis vir dié doel oop los sodat hulle nie heeldag binne die woonstel is nie. Die eienaars het ook gesê dat hulle daagliks vir hul honde vars water op die dak, asook vars water en kos binne die huis in die kombuis los en gereeld die ontlasting verwyder. Die eienaars is baie ongelukkig oor hoe die situasie deur alle betrokke partye hanteer is, en meen hulle is diereliefhebbers en sal nooit

hul diere verwaarloos of mishandel nie. Die eienaars het erken die honde het ’n vlooie-probleem, maar het verskeie kere ’n oplossing probeer vind. “Ons is lief vir ons diere. Ons stap voor en ná werk met ons honde. Daar is besighede, sekuriteitsmense en haweloses wat dit kan bevestig,” het een van die eienaars gesê. “Ons soek bewyse van al die goed wat kwyt geraak word. En, as dinge nie binnekort reg uitdraai en ons, ons honde terugkry nie, gaan ons regshulp inwin.” Een van die eienaars is veral ongelukkig oor die duiwe weggeneem is. Volgens Evans het dit nie sin gemaak om die ander diere uit hul sorg te neem en die duiwe te los nie. Evans het verder gesê die honde en kat bly in die DVS se sorg totdat die Kaap van Goeie Hoop se DBV- inspekteur wat die saak ondersoek, anders bevind.

6 Distrikspos SLP IDA homes relooked

Nuus News

13 Februarie, 2014


Strand­paaie word ‘afgeskeep’ Strand in tien blokke opgedeel word wanneer daar Die toestand van Strand instandhoudingswerk gese paaie en sypaadjies is doen word. Venter sê blokdie oorsaak van groot onke twee, drie en vier is gelukkigheid vir ’n inworeeds gespuit met gif en ner wat voel die Stand daar is Maandag met blokword “afgeskeep”. ke vyf en ses begin. Die inwoner wat anoVenter sê die gif neem 14 niem wil bly om haar sake tot 16 dae om ’n uitwerking verhoudinge te beskerm, te hê, waarna die onkruid sê die Strand is oorgroei Inwoners is ontevrede met verwyder sal word. Hy het met onkruid wat “meters onkruid wat in die Strand reeds verlede jaar, ná die hoog” staan, die paaie is oorneem. November-vloede, ’n drinvol slaggate en sypaadjies gende mosie voor die subse teer is omgedolwe en raad gebring om die onongelyk. kruid te laat spuit met gif. Die inwoner is self nie Hy sê gif is wel gespuit betrokke by die toerisme in Desember 2013 op die bedryf nie, maar is beplekke in die Strand waar kommerd oor die Strand onkruid oorgeneem het, se toerisme-aantreklikmaar die baie reën wat in heid as die dorp in so verJanuarie geval het, vervalle toestand is. Sy veroorsaak het dat die onduidelik dat die Strand kruid weer ontkiem. die ideale vakansiedorp Venter sê voorts die weris vir die middelklas, om- Omgedolwe sypaadjies en kers in diens van die Stad dat die vakansieverblyf slaggate is laat ’n slegte in­ Kaapstad herstel tans slagbekostigbaar is, maar druk van die Strand. gate en sypaadjies volgens meen die dorp kan aan’n program . “Hierdie prosien verloor as gevolg van die slordige ses word soms vertraag deurdat hulle wegvoorkoms. geroep word om ander klagtes op te volg.” Volgens die inwoner is bossies wat al seOm die proses te versnel is aansoek gedert die 2013 winter uitskiet, steeds nie ver- doen vir addisionele fondse om ’n kontrakwyder nie en omgedolwe sypaadjies word teur aan te stel en herstelwerk op groot nie reggemaak nie, ten spyte van vele op- skaal te onderneem. roepe en briewe aan die plaaslike regering. Daantjie Malan, voorsitter van die “Ek stap elke dag van Broadway Boulevard Strand Belastingbetalersvereniging, sê tot by die strand en sien altyd dieselfde pro- Venter het die vereniging ontmoet en onbleem, al verander ek my roete.” der meer dié gemelde probleme bespreek. Dave Venter, raadslid vir die Strand, sê Hy sê die Strand Belastingbetalersverdie Stad Kaapstad is reeds die afgelope eniging het ’n goeie verhouding met die twee weke besig om onkruiddoder in die raadslede en verkies om saam met die Strand te spuit. Hy verduidelik dat die plaaslike regering te werk.

DALEEN FOUCHÉ An inspection of the Sir Lowry’s Pass Incremental Development Area (IDA) construction site was carried out yesterday (12 February) to address concerns of beneficiaries. This follows after another violent service delivery protest broke out in Sir Lowry’s Pass last Thursday. About 150 people participated in the protest and barricaded roads just before 06:00 by setting tyres, tree stumps, and rubble alight. The protest turned violent when police and members of the media were stoned. Three men were arrested on charges of public violence and theft. Two men aged 30 and 32 are in custody and their bail application will be heard tomorrow (Friday). A third man (22) also appeared in court on a charge of theft and possession of stolen goods relating to the theft of a cameralens from a Cape Times photographer. The police’s riot squad assisted local police and protesters were dispersed with waterbombs and teargas. Ward 100 councillor Johan Middleton met with the residents in the community hall under police protection on Wednesday. Dorcas Shipane, secretary of the South African National Civics Organisation (Sanco), Sir Lowry’s Pass says beneficiaries of the IDA are unhappy with the 26 m² size of the units that are being constructed. Norman Muller, community leader for the Riemvasmaak informal settlement says the units are too small and larger families will not be able to live in them. However, councillor Tandeka Gqada mayoral committee member for human settlements says the project steering committee that was formed in March 2013 informed beneficiaries about the structure design and size of the units at various meetings. Riemvasmaak was established in July 2012 when the City relocated about 52 families from informal settlements in Sir Lowry’s Pass

Sir Lowry’s Pass residents vent their frustra­ tions about their housing needs to councillor Johan Middleton at a meeting last Thursday. that were prone to frequent flooding. These families are some of the beneficiaries who will move to the IDA where 177 units will be erected on 1 100 m². Gqada says the project, which is not a formal housing project but an emergency housing project, should be completed by May. She says beneficiaries will be housed in the IDA until a formal housing project is initiated. Gqada added that the City has bought farms 911/1, 920 and 849 for housing projects. The design and size of these units are determined by the approved funding by the emergency housing programme. According to Middleton a decision to inspect the site was made after a meeting on Monday between himself, the Sir Lowry’s Pass steering committee, Gqada and an official from her department. He says beneficiaries are also concerned that the foundation is substandard and that the units will be built too close to each other. He says a prototype of the units will be completed soon for beneficiaries to peruse. A public meeting was scheduled last night (Wednesday) with the beneficiaries to discuss the outcome of the inspection.


Nuus News

13 February, 2014


Controversy reigns at circus CASSY VAN EEDEN

trainers in the world, who has worked astheanimaltrainerforMcLaren’sfor two years. Cainan said that “there is no abuse or cruelty going on here.” Cainan said the McLaren’s animals are “well cared for” and “have things in here that they couldn’t dream of in

the wild.” He added that the animals are free The McLaren Circus’s visit to the to laze around in open protected spacHelderberg has been met with both es. They are fed well, have regular vet excited crowds and an indignant visits, and are “very spoiled,” he said. protest by animal rights activists. Cainan encourages people to learn more about the animals he trains The circus, currently set up at and to visit them any time to see Gordon High School, held their for themselves that they are not first show on Friday. The first mistreated. He added that he is group of protesters, calling them“disappointed” with the protestselves the Helderberg Activists, ers’ behaviour on Saturday. stood near the venue on De Beers Circus owner David McLaren Avenue, holding placards and said that the protest on Saturday dressed in black to object to the was illegal, that they stopped circus keeping animals in captivitraffic and were harassing cirty. cus-goers. LouiseSpagmuolo,organiserof Spagmuolo denied this and the protest said that it was peacesaid that “it was never our intenful and that they were “well-retiontostoppeoplegoingtothecirceived by the public.” cus and we have not turned anyThe group is organising a bigone away.” She said that the cirger protest on Saturday at 13:00, cus called the police who were which they are hoping will be 100 satisfied that the protest was lepeople strong. gal and peaceful. She said that the The McLaren’s Circus is home to a variety of The DistrictMail met with Ca- animals including dogs, goats, horses, camels, purpose of the protest is to create sey Cainan, one of the top animal ponies, lions, and tigers. awareness about circus animals.

Imam fails to appear at mediatory meeting A meeting between the Nurul Islam Jamaat Islamic Trust and the Strand Muslim Council (SMC) scheduled by a mediator appointed by the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) on 6 February, did not take place due to parties pertinent to the meeting not being present. The meeting follows an incident where the former imam of the Nurul Islam Mosque in Strand, Sheikh Nazeem Safodien was allegedly manhandled while leading a funeral service at the mosque on 27 December.

Safodien attributed his “assault” to Moulana Gusyn Rhoda, current imam of the mosque and the vice chairperson of the SMC. DistrictMail reported last month the cause of this alleged assault stems from a lengthy dispute between the Trust and the SMC who claims Safodien was dismissed by the mosque committee when he wanted to expose alleged financial irregularities. Shaamiel Davids, chairperson of the Trust, says thereafter he and Safodien were barred from attending any

mosque in Strand. Davids said they could not proceed with the meeting to resolve this matter as Rhoda was not present. Rhoda opted not to discuss the matter with the DistrictMail. Mediator, Ismail Beg, said it was agreed no individual could be barred from using the mosque. “In an attempt to bring unity in the Strand community it was agreed the MJC will mediate the matter between the two factions. A request for another meeting was made yesterday (Wednesday),” said Beg.

15 of the Helderberg Activists spent the day on de Beers Avenue pro­ testing against wild animals being kept in captivity. PHOTO: PETER BEE



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13 Februarie, 2014


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Mail Interschools athletics fever strikes Interschool athletics fever swept through Hottentots Holland, Strand and Parel Vallei High Schools this week when the annual triangular meeting between the three schools started on Wednesday. The meeting is this year held at Hottentots Holland High School, the hosts of this anxiously awaited event. Although the meeting started on Wednesday 12 February and continued on Thursday 13 February with events such as hammer-throw, 3 000 m and 5 000 m races, the real excitement takes place on Friday 14 February. This is when there is the march past by the different schools, cheerleaders, singing, shouting and cheering the athletes on. Not to even mention the exciting athletics events such as hurdles, high jump, long jump, sprints and the ever exciting relays. It’s so important for our youth that annual traditional school events such as this continue for as long as possible. There is so much pressure on school going children these days , especially high school learners, to constantly perform well academically and always be on their best behaviour - that a break from school work for a few days will no doubt be a very welcome relief.

Reward for Timewaver machine I was burgled on 6 February and among other things my medical aid Timewaver was stolen. This machine has specifically been made for me and would be useless to any other person. I’m thus willing to pay the finder of this Timewaver machine and the additional laptop a reward of R10 000. I need this unique item urgently for my health. There is not a second one like this in whole of Africa. If the finder of this machine can please bring it back to me, I will give you the full reward. 0 021 855 3104



This weeks cartoon refers to the Interschools meeting between Hottentots­Holland High School (shark mascot), Parel Vallei High School (buldog mascot) and Strand High School (Eagle mascot) that started yesterday (Wednesday) and concludes on Friday.

Dogs will be dogs, but we must be responsible On Tuesday 4 February at around 19:00 we were busy at our driveway gate when we heard our dogs having a fall out with another dog at the pedestrian gate. When I looked up I noticed the owner pull his dog away with a force that flung it across the sidewalk. He gave me a look and left. This little episode cost us R2 023 for the operation as the dog had a grip on our dog’s mouth and when the owner pulled it off he ripped her bottom lip and gum. As a result

her bottom teeth had to be removed and she had to get stitches under her chin. He knew what he did but left anyway. We walk our dogs too and we make it our priority to stay a very good distance away from the fences and gates of properties we pass to ensure this does not happen. Dogs will be dogs, but we must be responsible as we do know better. Well some of us do anyway.


Morsjorse ontsier Gordonsbaai – watter voorbeeld stel hulle? Ons ry gereeld fiets met die gens vrywilligers en staatspad wat na die Steenbraswerkers wat die strand dam-uitkykpunt lei in Gorskoongemaak het, maar donsbaai. smiddae was dit weer eens Dit is die mooiste pad en walglik vuil op die strand. met die mees ongelooflike Op die strand is allerhanuitsig daarbo. Die afgelope de vullis – van hoendernaweek was daar ’n menigte beentjies, ribbetjies, waatleomgewingsliewende fietsrymoenskille, leë 2 liter-koelers en drawwers wat die pad drankbottels, leë gebruik het. skyfiespakke, roomyspapieMaar . . . dit is só ’n teleurre, babadoeke asook foamastelling as mens oor die lite koppies, papierborde en muurtjie loer en al die viesliservette. Ook hier is baie ke sigaretstompies en leë Sigaretstompies lê besaai by die Steenbras­ vullisdromme beskikbaar. drankbottels en MacFlurry- dam­uitkykpunt. Hoe gooi ’n mens iets net houers in die bos sien lê. Om so neer? Die kinders baljaar nie eens die gebruikte kondome ’n Mens ry tog tot bo om juis die so tussen die papiere deur. Sies! (wat ook die hele Gordonsbaai vol mooi uitsig te ervaar, maar dan Watter voorbeeld stel die gelê, selfs waar die kinders rond- mors ’n mens so? morsery vir ons kinders, en wat is speel) te noem nie. Ek het ’n geweldige probleem die impak van die gemors op ons Reg langs die muurtjie is daar met die vieslike rommelstrooiery seelewe? wel twee massiewe swart vullis- in Gordonsbaai hierdie somer. L. DE LANGE dromme. In die vakansie was daar sogGORDONSBAAI

Faith in humanity is once more totally restored ­ thank you In December I gave my BlackBerry cellphone to my daughter, she went out and left it in a Strand taxi. I was livid. I received a call from a lady by the name of Noreen Jones at Seeff in Somerset West, to say she found my phone in one of the holiday homes they manage.

Apparently a couple from Johannesburg had been using the house in December and they made use of the taxi service. Obviously they found the phone and were reluctant to leave it in the vehicle but left it behind in the holiday house. Noreen’s cleaner found it and gave it to her.

This has totally restored my faith in humanity. I therefore wish to give a big thanks to Noreen and her domestic worker for their honesty and integrity. I am truly impressed and grateful.


) Ek het nog nooit so groot ver­ skeidenheid van speelgoed, kou goed, en lae pryse vir my vier­ voetige kind in een winkel gesien nie. Dan nie eers gepraat van die gif vir vlooie en al die goeie kosse nie. Baie goeie diens. Sal beslis weer terug gaan na Vetshop Vil­ lage Walk, by die Pick n Pay sen­ trum in Gordonsbaai. Milo ) Thandiwe Solwandle of Checkers Somerset West, thank you for your effort in ensuring that my cellphone, which I had left behind in a shopping trolley one Sunday, was returned to me. Your thoughtfulness to phone a contact on my phone to reach me within minutes after leaving your store, is much appreciated. ) Follow up from the depart­ ment! I was told that they can’t find a school for my child or any of the 30 plus children that ap­ plied at schools. What do we do now? ) Baie dankie Dr Cillé van onge­ valle vir u hulp tydens my besoek by ongevalle. Tydens uiters besi­ ge omstandighede verskaf u pro­ fessionele sorgsame diens. Dan­ kie daarvoor! Mariette Gerber ) A most wonderful thing hap­ pened to me in Dec /Jan. An un­ known lady, only known to me as Claire of Somerset West, gift­ ed me a brand new fridge after I lost mine in the flood. She didn’t know me. May God bless her al­ ways for what she did cause it is seldom in this day and age that people will still open up their hearts. ) Dit is baie edel om geld in te samel vir die Animal Welfare So­ ciety, maar is dit nodig om bikini meisies te gebruik? Dit lyk eerder of hulle met hul liggame wil spog as wat hul jammer voel vir die diere! Kan NIKS vandag sonder sensualiteit gedoen word nie? Anoniem ) I have noticed how the weeds have now grown into large plants along the bottom end of Drama Street. What is the municipality going to do about it? Probably nothing. ) Dit is verbasend hoeveel dag­ ga, tik en ander dwelms die poli­ sie konfiskeer. Hul name word gepubliseer maar nooit die van die culprits nie. Are they being protected? Suspects in these cases may not be named until they have been found guilty in a court of law, Ed. ) My 6­year­old daughter keeps on asking me whether she was naughty and if that’s the rea­ son why I cannot find a school for her. My only solution is to home school my angel. I can’t af­ ford a private school. My ques­ tion now is, will I get the learning material for the first term of Gr 1 until they find a school for her? Very worried mom

Stuur jou sms na 32465

Begin die sms met die woord MENSE en tik dan jou boodskap. Sê dankie, geluk, jammer, lief jou....


Nuus News

13 February, 2014


Diary Send diary entries to: m Weekly deadline: Monday, 12:00 We would like to invite our regular diary advertisers to send us pictures of their events for inclusion in our Social or Diary section. FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY SOMERSET WEST: ) A social Valentine’s Day dance. Bring your own beverages and snacks, music will be provided. Cost: R25. A social dance will also be held every last Friday of the month at the same venue. 0 079 460 8830. STRAND: ) Valentynsdagtee by die Strand Diens­ sentrum, op die hoek van De Villiers­ en Kerkstraat, vanaf 10:00 – 11:00. Heer­ like eetgoed en vermaak word aange­ bied, asook pryse te wen. Kaartjies: R40. 0 021 854 4552. SATURDAY 15 FEBRUARY SOMERSET WEST: ) The Western Cape Artists’ Society holds its AGM in the Somerset West Li­ brary hall at 14:00. A DVD on the use of acrylics will be viewed. Members R10, visitors R20. 0 Diane White: 021 851 2520.

) The Somerset West Bird Club goes to Newlands Forest for a Table Mountain raptor watch. Everyone leaves Somerset West at 06:00. Lifts can be arranged and travelling costs will be shared. For more, phone Tertius Gouws on 082 941 2801 or chairman Brian Den­ nis on 021 855 3945 / 083 458 3806. STRAND: ) ACVV Speelkasteel bied ’n klipwerf­ orkesdans om 19:00 in die Strand Stad­ saal aan. R300 per paartjie (driegang maaltyd ingesluit). Kontant kroeg. 0 Ursula: 021 853 7865. SUNDAY 16 FEBRUARY SOMERSET WEST: ) The Olde Oaks Market at 3 Derrick Drive, Somerset West Business Park from 10:00 – 15:00. Arts and crafts, chil­ dren’s programmes, food stalls, a pub and animals for viewing also on offer. 0 Mandy: 082 374 6648. ) The Hungarian Trio consisting of Neri­ na von Mayer (flute), Donat Pellei (dou­ ble­bass) and Gabor Jeney (violin) will be performing at the Talani Lounge, Hel­ derberg Village from 16:00. Non­mem­ bers R60 and students R30. 0 Beth Oldfield: 021 855 4684. ) The Amazing Grace Contemporary Gospel Concert at the Helderberg Na­ ture Reserve from 17:00 – 19:15. Entry: R50 adults, R10 scholars. Five contemporary bands play sing­along songs. Bring along your picnic baskets. 0 Chris van Rooyen: 083 701 2008. MONDAY 17 FEBRUARY SOMERSET WEST: ) If you are living with someone whose drinking is affecting you or if you are ex­ periencing problems from having lived with an alcoholic, there is help available for you at Al­Anon family support group. Meetings every Monday at 20:15 in the St Paul’s Catholic Church hall, Andries Pretorius Street. 0 Jackie: 021 851 7660.

) Compassionate Friends, supporting families following the death of a child, sibling or grandchild meet in the restau­ rant at Mediclinic Vergelegen at 19:00 for 19:30. Topic: Why bother to carry on? Do I still have a reason? 0 Alta Vol­schenk: 084 551 1349 / 021 856 0717 or aswan­ TUESDAY 18 FEBRUARY SOMERSET WEST: ) The Somerset West Community Police Forum (CPF) holds a public meeting in the Somerset West Library hall at 19:00. All Helderberg residents welcome. For enquiries contact chairman Hugh Row on 082 568 8865 or Helderberg Crime Watch on 021 852 3118. ) Die Helderberg Geestesgesond­ heids­ondersteuningsgroep kom om 18:00 in die restaurant van Mediclinic Vergelegen byeen. Die vergadering be­ gin om 18:30. 0 Alta: 082 576 8218. WEDNESDAY 19 FEBRUARY SOMERSET WEST: ) The Hottentots Holland Branch of WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Soci­ ety of SA) holds a talk by Hayley­May Wittridge entitled “Meet the leopards in our mountains” in the Somerset West Li­ brary hall at 19:30. 0 Freya Brett: 082 708 1016 or 021 851 6951. STRAND: ) Café Anmore hou elke Woensdagog­ gend om 10:00 ’n brei/hekel/naald­ werksessie waartydens talente en vaar­ dighede gedeel word. Kom en geniet ook ’n koppie koffie of tee. 0 021 853 7965. THURSDAY 20 FEBRUARY SOMERSET WEST: ) The Reach for Recovery Breast Cancer Support Group meets in the boardroom of Mediclinic Vergelegen at 09:30 for 10:00. Join in and share your experience with others. 0 082 357 0497.


FLORAL DESIGN: The Floral Trends Design Group will meet in the NG Church hall in Gor­ don Road (entrance to hall and parking in Plein Street) at 09:00 on Saturday 15 Febru­ ary. Zimmerman, Merle Christie and Ilse Hol­ royd present “Story­ board Kim Demonstrat­ ing in Floral Art”. Any­ one interested in floral arrangements are wel­ come. Visitors R40 (in­ cludes tea). For more information or to be­ come a member, phone Ilse Holroyd on 021 851 6123.



Nuus News

13 Februarie, 2014

To court over poor network coverage A local businessman is initiating a class action suit against the three big network providers, Cell C, MTN and Vodacom, for breaching cellphone contracts due to poor network coverage. Neil Flanagan, a Somerset West resident and businessman, says he is collecting complaints from Helderberg residents experiencing bad network coverage and suffering financial and business losses due to this. Flanagan says that despite the proposal by one of the three big network providers to erect a new cellphone tower to alleviate the poor network coverage, he will continue with his class action, which is already gaining local support. Last week, Vodacom published its intent to erect a 25 metre cellphone tower in Strand and is applying for environmental approval from the provincial government. Vodacom proposes to build the tower on the Rusthoff sport fields on the corner of Webb and Sandown Roads with the intention of improving its network coverage. But Flanagan says the tower is only a “patch job” to a system that can not bear the current load. He says he is losing business and

money due to the bad network coverage from Vodacom, MTN and Cell C. He says he has already collected several pages of complaints regarding network coverage after his call for action in a letter published in the DistrictMail last week. Ashleigh Dubbelman, spokesperson for Vodacom, says the aim of the tower is to improve coverage. She says that the new tower will specifically improve indoor coverage and provide more capacity to the network in the area, which will then improve signal strength and speed. “The site will improve 2G and 3G signal in the area and offer the possibility to introduce newer and faster technologies in future, such as Long Term Evolution (LTE), also known as 4G,” she said. Dubbelman added that the signal will not only improve in the Strand, but the tower will also improve the signal in surrounding areas. “By adding more capacity to the network in the Strand area we are essentially easing the demand placed on other sites in the network.” Neither MTN nor Cell C responded to queries by DistrictMail before going to press.

Weekend Gig Guide Five local contempo­ rary gospel bands will be perform­ ing at the Helderberg Nature Re­ serve on Sunday 16 February.

Gospel galore at concerts Five contemporary gospel bands will play in the Helderberg Nature Reserve on Sunday 16 February, showcasing the amazing skills of local talent. Each of the modern youth bands has a unique musical style and represents a church in the Helderberg: Somerset West Methodist, Somerset West Baptist, Somerset West United, Strand Methodist and Urban Voice. The theme of the evening’s music is Psalm 33 and each song is a representation of the 22 verses as interpreted by the participating bands – from upbeat modern tempos to gentle tones. Song books of the evening’s repertoire will be available for

those who wish to sing along. The concert starts at 17:00, but come early, settle down on the grass to a picnic or a drink with friends and family and enjoy the music. Tickets are R50 for adults and R10 for scholars. There is no admission fee for children under the age of five. The proceeds of the concerts are used to support conservation and environmental education projects at the reserve. Tickets are available at the Nature Reserve Information Centre or on concert days at the gate. Phone 021 851 4060 or visit for more information.

) Friday 14 February – DJ Cool J will be rocking the dance floor from 21:00 at Melt’s Tavern in Gordon’s Bay. ) Saturday 15 February – The audience can look forward to a col­ laboration of music by American country singer Greg Rau and South African country singer Amanda Hayes. The duo will be per­ forming at Melt’s Tavern from 20:00. – The Jesse Jordan Band will be perfor­ ming at Bertie’s Moorings at Harbour Island from 21:00. ) Sunday 16 February – The Boulevard Blues Band is on stage at Bertie’s Moorings from 17:00.

SCOTTISH CELEBRATION: The Cape Town Burns Supper Club will host its 20th Annual Burns Supper at the Kelvin Grove Club on Saturday 15 February to celebrate the great bard Robert Burns’ birth and all things Scottish. It will as usual be a grand affair with an exciting line­up of eminent speakers; an action packed programme, fine food, wine and whisky galore, bagpip­ ing and drumming and Highland dancers as well as lots of superb prizes provided by a number of kind donors. The evening’s MC is the highly entertaining Goodhope FM DJ Guy Mc Donald. Proceeds from the din­ ner will go to Afrika Tikkun, an internation­ al NGO based in South Africa, that pro­ vides social development services from cra­ dle to career. The cost is R375 per person with limited seats available. The dress code is black tie, mess dress, kilt and a touch of tartan for the ladies. To book, phone Claire on 076 835 3509 or e­mail


Vermaak Entertainment

13 February, 2014


Brace your wallet for Valentine’s Day DALEEN FOUCHÉ

Theresa Visser and Noraan Wyngaard are dressed to impress all the Valen­ tine’s Day shoppers at the Red Item Sale at the Hospice Shop in Strand.

Get red­dy for Valentine’s Day If you love a bargain as much as you love shopping then a Valentine’s Day visit to the Helderberg Hospice second-hand shops in Somerset West and Strand will set your heart racing. Not only will you find many top quality items at-good prices, you’ll also feel good about supporting Helderberg Hospice while you shop. The three shops in Somerset West and Strand are all a major source of funding for hospice, particularly their home care service. On Valentine’s Day you can dress in your best at the Red Item Sale at the hospice shop in Fagan Street, Strand, where all red marked items will be on a red hot Valentine sale. A trip to Drama Street in Somerset West will get you twice as many bargains because the two hospice shops situated in this street are right next door to each other. Book lovers will surely find many a book to their heart’s desire at the neighbouring 2nd Debut’s massive book sale. Their theme for the day is “A rose for love and a book forever”. For more information about the Helderberg Hospice second hand shops call Louise Smith on 021 851 9626 or visit

Valentine’s Day is as popular as ever and retailers report the usual Valentine’s fever, despite difficult economic circumstances caused by food and petrol price hikes. Florist are reporting that despite a 50% rise in the price of roses, it is still the most popular flower to give your sweetheart on Valentines Day. Denise Bezhuidenhoud, assistant florist at Paradiso Flowers in Somerset West, says prices vary with the species and depends on the

Plaasmark vier Valentynsdag Die NG-gemeente Strand se gewilde Vrydag-plaasmark skop op Vrydag 14 Februarie met ’n vrolike Valentynsdagviering af. Die kerksaal gaan in rooi getooi wees, so val in by die tema en trek jou rooi rok of das aan en kom kry jou valentyn. Die mark se 21ste verjaarsdag word ook op 21 Februarie gevier en almal word uitgenooi om die geleentheid te kom geniet. Al die gewone basaarprodukte sal natuurlik beskikbaar wees. Dit sluit die heel lekkerste pannekoek in die Helderberg, tee en koffie, vars baksels, groente, vrugte en wegneemetes, naaldwerk en die wit olifante in. Kom kuier elke Vrydag van 09:00 tot 11:00 op die hoek van Fagan- en Birkenheadstraat in Strand. Vir meer inligting, bel gerus vir Leslie de Kock by 021 854 3845 of 082 292 0011.

supplier. Bezhuidenhoud says compared to previous years, they have already received a lot of orders and expect a busy week. Letitia Tytheridge, from Letitia Bloemiste in Strand says she has received a record number of orders. She says even though she offers a variety of flowers, customers mostly insist on roses. She believes her business is booming due to their delivery service. She says most customers prefer the delivery service and quips that this is especially the case with mistresses. The restaurant at the NH Lord Charles Hotel

was almost fully booked by Tuesday and Jaco du Plooy, sales, marketing and revenue manager expected the restaurant to fill up quickly. By Tuesday the restaurant at Erinvale Hotel was booked to capacity, but Valencia Daniels, conference and banqueting coordinator at the hotel says only three of these bookings are from clients not staying at the hotel The sales of Valentine’s cards were still slow according to Danie Coetzee, assistant manager at PNA in Strand. He however expects the men to only start buying cards on Thursday when they realise Friday is Valentine’s Day.



Skole Schools

13 Februarie, 2014

DANCERS EXCEL: Ballet danc­ ers from The Elisabeth Milling­ ton School of Ballet, who have recently excelled in Roy­ al Academy of Dance exami­ nations, are: Kyla Cloete – In­ termediate Foundation (distinc­ tion), Samantha Joanne Nortje – Intermediate Founda­ tion (distinction), Saskia Schulze – Intermediate Foun­ dation (merit), Heloise Terblanche – Advanced 1 (mer­ it) and Jessica Buss – Advanced 1 (merit).

SWIM­ MING GA­ LA WIN­ NERS: The foundation phase of Beaumont Primary’s fun gala was held on Wednesday 5 February. Here are Caleb Hol­ mes (first place), Tay­ ib Dyer (second place) and Sevi Barlow (third place), the winners of the one length freestyle.

LAERSKOLE SKUD VERE REG VIR INTERSKOLE: Laerskole Hendrik Louw, Beaumont, De Hoop, en Somerset­Wes Primêr meet weer kragte op 14 en 15 Februarie met hul jaarlikse atletiek­interskole. Laerskool De Hoop is die gasheer en alle velditems word op 14 Februarie by dié skool gehou. Alle baanitems sal 15 Februarie by Hoërskool Hottentots­Holland plaasvind. Die skole wil hul borg, Benbel, bedank vir hulle onder­ steuning en wens alle spanne sterkte toe met die kragmeting. Van links is die onder­ skeie skole se spankapteine; Daniela Di­Maio en Reinhald Vogt (Hendrik Louw), Jessie Linders en Chloë Wyngaard (Somerset­Wes Primêr), Mieke Basson en Willem Grönum (De Hoop) en Jodie Lourens en Dalvon Blood (Beaumont). Heel links is Merwe Benade van Benbel. FOTO: PIERRE LABUSCHAGNE

Ride the big wheel at Zandvliet High School Zandvliet High School is hosting its annual carnival on Friday 28 February and Saturday 1 March at the school. Tickets for Friday are R20 for adults and R15 for primary school learners (18:00 – midnight); on Saturday R25 for adults and R15 for children(14:00 – midnight) will get you through the gate. Free parking on the school premises. Stalls can be rented at R950 for the two days. Phone Godfrey Africa on 021 857 1016.

Simone Bowers, Julia Pospech and Abigail Chevers were very excited to participate in the swimming gala.

Send us your school’s news INTERHOUSE IS FUN: Loreto Prima­ ry learners Jodie Lewin (Grade 6) and Ethan­Jared Engelbrecht (Grade 7) proudly hold up their trophies that they won at the school’s inter­ house athletics day on 24 January.

Helderberg Schools, the DistrictMail’s schools supplement will be featured in next week’s paper on 20 February. Please send all your school’s news to by Monday 17 February at 09:00.

Runners and cyclists gear up for Camphill event Registrations for the Camphill Sports Challenge, to be held in the Hemel en Aarde Valley on Saturday 22 February, are open. The event for cyclists and runners, held under the auspices of Hermanus Adventures, has become a firm fixture on the Western Cape MTB and trail run calendars. Mountainbike riders will have a choice of 30 km, 20 km and 10 km to test their mettle,

at R140, R100 and R50 respectively, while trail runners can choose between 15 km and 10 km trails at R95 and R65 respectively. The 5 km River Run/Walk costs R45 per person while the 2 km Fun Walk is R30. Pre-registration can be done at www. For more information, phone Camphill School at 028 312 4949 or email


Sake Business

13 February, 2014

Busi ness




Kicking the can down the road “Kicking the can down the road” is another one of those great one-liners, which just says it all. Unfortunately this line now seems appropriate in describing SA’s precarious position as one of the “fragile five”. The “fragile five” are five developing countries, which are all vulnerable to foreign flows as a result of their very open economies and deficits.

Fragile Five

Current Account

Deficit Budget

Brazil Indonesia India Turkey South Africa

3,7% 3,9% 3,1% 7,5%

2,7% 3,3% 5,2% 1,2%

Deficit Combined 6,4% 7,2% 8,3% 8,7%




A current account deficit occurs when a country imports more than they export, in layman’s terms this is like consuming more than you produce. This needs to be funded by someone else and is thus not sustainable over the long term. The budget/fiscal deficit is the shortfall between government tax revenues and expenses. South Africa’s combined deficit is the highest of all our emerging market peers. Usually a current account deficit is fixed by currency weakness. A weaker currency pushes up the price of imports and makes exports cheaper for foreigners, which then restores the trade balance. However, in SA’s case our major export is commodities and the demand for commodities is unaffected by a cheaper Rand price. In fact the value of what we produce is falling flat as demand out of China and an increase in supply, drive down commodity prices. Our imports are fairly rigid with fuel making a large component

Muilband wet onder soeklig Een van Suid Afrika se voorste media-, spraakvryheiden regskenners, prof. Kobus van Rooyen SC, praat op 25 Februarie by ’n sakeontbyt in Bellville oor “Die Muilbandwet: Verbrand ons alweer boeke? Is ons nog vry?” Hy sal verduidelik hoe die Wetsontwerp op die Beskerming van Staatsinligting (Muilbandwet) vryheid van spraak en toegang tot inligting raak. Die sakeontbyt is van 07:30 tot 10:00 by die Universiteit Stellenbosch Bestuurskool, Bellpark, Carl Cronjé-rylaan in Bellville. Dit kos R285 en sluit ’n ontbyt, die praatjie en ’n vraag-en-antwoordsessie in. Besprekings kan gedoen word by Heila van Wyk by 082 670 2968 of heilavw.

and thus unlikely to reduce significantly, irrespective of the recent rate hike by the Reserve Bank meant to temper our appetite for imports. Moving on to the budget deficit this seems to be an even more hopeless situation. The aforementioned slump in commodity prices means less taxes, which is compounded by a fall in consumption taxes as an ever poorer consumers income is eroded by inflation. Weak economic growth means fewer jobs and thus fewer taxpayers, which is already dire with only five million tax payers in a country of 55 million. There are only two ways to fix a budget deficit – by reducing expenses or taxing more. Given the already heavy tax burden and the fact that this is election year it is unlikely the fiscus will raise taxes; but watch this space closely. So government will have to reduce expenses, right? Forget it, with three million civil servants on payroll and 16 million on social grants not to mention the leakage of money through mismanagement and theft, there is no chance expenses are coming down. So where does that leave us, borrowing even more and worsening the deficit situation; and what is government doing, “Kicking the can down the road”.

Mark Williams Mcomm, CFP, HDipTax 0 021 851 3746 2

CBC kicks off with important questions The monthly Cape Business Connect (CBC) networking breakfast starts off with a most important topic for anyone in business on Tuesday 18 February: “The Crucial Conversations”. Special guest, internationally acclaimed Jenny Wensing, will be sharing some essential tips and inspiration, followed by the

monthly powerhouse networking session. The meeting runs from 07:30 to 09:30 on Tuesday, 18 February at NH The Lord Charles Hotel. The cost is R120 for members and visitors and newcomers are always welcome at R150. Phone Sylvia Malinowski on 082 454 9475 or email her at to make a booking and for more information.

District MAIL Now also online... HEARTBEAT OF THE HELDERBERG

Jenny Wensing



Sosiaal Social

13 Februarie, 2014

District Socials 45 JAAR ON­ GELUK­VRY: Vragmotorbe­ stuurder vir die afgelope 45 jaar David Jan­ tjies van Gor­ donsbaai, kan met trots sê dat hy in al die ja­ re geen onge­ lukke gemaak het nie. Oor die jare het hy vir verskillende maatskappye gewerk, inslui­ tend Lourensford Wynlandgoed waar hy vir 25 jaar gewerk het en ook ’n bestuurder van die jaar­toekenning ontvang het. “Dit bewys net weer dat dit kan gedoen word deur ten alle tye die verkeersreëls te gehoor­ saam,” is David se raad.

Stuur alle sosiale foto’s na / Send all social photos to: |

Echo launches logo with Pieter Dirk Uys The Erinvale Care and Help Organisation (Echo) in Somerset West has a new face. The organisation has, after 17 years, changed its logo which was launched on 15 January at the Theatre On The Bay with Pieter Dirk Uys’s Adapt or Fly. Chairperson Des McLeod says the new logo was designed by a group of marketing students which also included an Echo student. “The committee gratefully accepted the new, funkier logo which includes the Hottentots-Hol-

land Mountains, giving Echo a more distinctive identity of echoing across the Helderberg.” McLeod says the fundraiser was a great success with over 200 guests supporting their cause. She is naturally proud of the youngsters they have assisted in almost two decades, saying 29 of the 33 graduates are in full-time employment and four are doing their post-graduate studies. “Echo will be here for many more years, continuing to inspire more young people and creating opportunities for a brighter future.”

With Pieter Dirk Uys (middle) at the Echo Logo Launch are Lynette Pul­ len (left), Echo administrator, and Des McLeod, chairperson. IN HONOUR OF MADIBA: Pick n Pay Gordon’s Bay donated R5 000 of the profits that they generated on the day of former President Nelson Mandela’s funeral to Temperance Town Pri­ mary School. Ram Mood­ ley, one of the directors of Pick n Pay Gordon’s Bay, visited the school last week to hand over the donation. PHOTO: CASSY VAN EEDEN

Kerke / Churches

Neasa May, Ceri­Ann Hill and Mari­ ka Martin.

MONDIG: Muadine “Binky” Da­ mon het op 5 Januarie haar 21ste verjaardag by haar ou­ erhuis in Macassar gevier.


Geklassifiseerd Classifieds

13 February, 2014




ROB FRASER 30.07.1935 - 09.02.2014 Died peacefully at home after a long illness. Service 11am, Friday 14 February. Arrangements by Doves.


DESMOND DE KOKER 27.03.1956 - 07.02.2014 Sal met liefde onthou word deur sy kinders, familie en vriende. Gedenkdiens vind plaas op Do. 20/02/2014 om 14H00 vanuit NG Kerk, Gordonsbaai. Privaat verassing.

FRANK THEUNISSEN 06.06.1960 - 11.02.2014 Saggies heengegaan. Sal met liefde onthou word deur sy familie & vriende. Hy word oorleef deur sy vrou, drie kinders en vier kleinkinders. Roudiens vind JUMP 4 HIRE plaas op Woensdag Jumping Castles and slides 12/02/2014 om 19h30 te for hire. We deliver, setup Flaminkstraat 2, Macassar. and collect. Ph. Christo Kontak 021 857 2989. 083 566 3061. IN MEMORIAM 1015

DINES - MAUREEN & CATHERINE (nee) MOYES Loviningly remembering our dearest mother and sister. Can't believe it's 9 years Mum. Missing you Cathy on your 49th birthday. All our love Christine, Janet, Pamela, Gillian and families.




HAVING A PARTY? Jumping castles and slipping slides for rent! De Wet 079 183 5707 Joe 082 302 0166 VIR DIE VESTIGING, aanpas en herstel van rekenaar netwerke kontak Bernard Kitshoff % 082 497 0692

JUMPING CASTLES en waterglybaan te huur. Tel: Charmaine by 8533999 of 083-513-9493.

Vervoerdienste in Hberg area aan Senior burgers & kinders per afspraak. Ek het 'n PDP lisensie, eie motor TRAINING & EDUCATION en is ook 'n hulp verplee1480 gster. Beskikbaar Maan., Woens. en Donderdae. Bel ALLIANCE FRANCAISE: Elize 083 583 7568. FRENCH CLASSES. All levels. Mornings/evenings. Diploma offered. % 021-851 8149


CHILDREN'S WORLD Pre-primary in a farm like setting at Helderberg College still has vacancies. Aftercare available. 021855 1789 or 079 750 9624.



LAMPSHADES Re-cover & new. Also re-wire. The Lampshade Studio, Shop 6, SSW Decor Centre. Tel: 082 768 5100


JUMP 4 JOY! Jumping castles, Shark slide, Gladiator slide, Gladiator boat, Tropical Island, Ball ponds, Water slides. % Helene Cloete 082-2220859.



STOLEN: BIG BOY TSR 250, CEY 41370. Stolen on 24/01/2014 in Munnik Str., Strand. Any info, please contact Karin 082 296 2724 or Hanno 071 118 2649.



BEELDHOU klasse SCULPTURE classes Create your own art Phone 021-852 6254 or 084 242 4422 for details.






CHIEF MASABA - 4 in 1 Manhood cream - Debt cleaning - Win LOTTO Somerset West % Call 078 851 8331

ENGLISH CLASSES; TEFL courses; Private lessons. The International English School. Call 021-8528859 or

Groot Imbuia Bal-enklou spieëlkas en Imbuia bal-en-klou Radio kabinet. Singer trapmasjien kabinet Magriet 082 929 8855.



Geklassifiseerd Classifieds

13 February, 2014





Ingevoerde DUITSE SAUNA te koop. R4000 neg. 021-852 6254 of 084 242 4422. WHIRLPOOL OVEN HOB FOR SALE. Good condition. Call 082 809 2001 for details. R1 500.

PETS 1660

YORKIE BABAS 8 weke oud. Pragtige klein soort. Ouers KUSA geregistreerd. 0825677606 / 0218500121





WE BUY BEDDING, LINEN, Curtains, baby/children clothing, Tv's, fridges & any household items. Ph. 084 989 6712 ABOUT FURNITURE WANTED: Queen Ann and Victorian lounge suites, Grand Father clocks and Roll Top desks. Call 021 853 1341 or 082-771-3650.

MOLE AWAY!!! Let us worry about your moles!!!! Ph: 021-8532180 (w) or 083 769 2428 DSTV/TV/DVD SERVICES CARPENTRY

1807 1874

INGEBOUDE KASTE Slaapkamers, kombuise, muureenhede, hang van deure en skirtings. Gratis kwotasies en beste diens! Kontak 083-704-0115 GARDEN & IRRIGATION



IRRIGATION / BESPROEING Installations, repairs, service. Professionals. Best prices, ref. avail. Francois 081 801 9120. EMBUIA, Stinkhout, Geelhout en Swarthout meubels gesoek, asook "Queen Anne" & "Victoriaanse" sitkamer-stelle. Kontak Freddie by 8543998 of 082 9237 283.

FURNITURE, FRIDGES, ANTIQUES. Thinking of selling any item? I will be keen to make you a cash offer. Kindly phone Ronnie 082-823-9944



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13 February, 2014



CARPORTS/AFDAKKE Patios/pergolas. Decks. Treated & SABS timber. Smart finish using 22 years exp. Great product @ great price! Tel: 083414-8103/021-8581873







JHS HANDYMAN: Repairs, plumbing, electrics, painting, etc. No job too big. Open during festive season. Tel. Jan 0825588990/021-8532434.



Contact: Gerhard 021 8418556



FOR REMOVALS OF GARDEN REFUSE, JUNK AND ALSO GUTTER CLEANING Call Marius 072 367 9992 EMERGENCY PLUMBERS AND ELECTRICIANS For all plumbing and electrical problems! BE YOUR PROBLEM BIG OR SMALL, MAKE IT MINE GIVE ME A CALL! 10% Pensioners discount on labour %082 823 2196 021-8564727


24 Hours security Armed Response 34 Secure Units from R300 per month plus Vat



Geklassifiseerd Classifieds

13 February, 2014


PALMS - 2 Bedr, 2 bathr. Sea view, garage, pool. Avail 1 Apr. R5800 pm. Call 083 229 7252.

WOONSTEL TE HUUR: Somerset-Wes, St George straat 6, Sentraal Te huur vanaf 1 April 2014. Puik sekuriteit. Op eerste vloer met hyser. 3 Slaapkamers, 2 badkamers, sit / eetkamer en kombuis met toesluit kelderparkering. R5700 per maand. Kontak Thea Schoeman by 021851 1209 of 082 078 651. Jammer, geen troeteldiere.


3 BEDROOM house for sale by owner in popular Strand North. Fully renovated 3 bedr house, high ceilings & wooden floors. 1.5 Bathrooms. Living / lounge area with fireplace. Large bedrooms. Garage and carport. Neat, easy to maintain garden. Alarm, automated gate and garage. Walking distance (500m) to main beach. Close to all amenities and schools. JUST MOVE IN! R1,295,000.00. Contact PJ: 074 156 4752.

RETIREMENT UNIT: Schonenberg - Somerset West. Fantastic 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, indoor braai and 2 garages. Available immediately R12 000.00 pm. Contact: 082 442 5577.


SOMERSET WEST 3 bedroom in security complex. Excellent area. Private patio and small garden with views. 1 Lock up garage. No pets. Available 1 April. Rent R6800 pm. Call 082 921 2851.


STRAND (Eden) R609 000. Gated Complex, 2 Bedrms + bic, 1 full bathr, living area, kitchen + bics + oven & hob & u/counter fittings. Burglar bars & gates, B/yard + parking. 073 489 6333.



SOMERSET WEST: Near N2 & R44. 3 Bedroom with bic’s, main en suite, 2nd full bathroom, open plan kitchen, lounge and situated in a sought after security complex. Single garage. R8 600pm incl services, excl electricity. Avail. 1 April 2014. Tel 083 297 8722 or 082 652 2729.


Strand R 10 000.00 p.m.– Ruim 3 slaapkamer woonstel in Kusweg. 2 Badkamers, oop-plan kombuis en leefarea met balkon en seeuitsig. 2 Kelder parkerings, geen diere. Kontak: 021853 6527 of 021 853 2266 of 079 136 9272 of 079 521 6692.



112 BESIGHEDE Antomar Makelaars Vir lys, navrae of webblad: Tel. 021-8552603 CLOTHING BOUTIQUE for sale in Strand. Serious buyers only. Contact owner 082 376 7753.

WAREHOUSE / WORKSHOP to let in Plankenbrug 310 sqm – Basic Rent R10 500 EXCL VAT 220 sqm – Basic Rent R7 000 EXCL VAT Available 1 March 2014 Contact 082 779 3337 DUPLEXES SIMPLEXES FOR SALE 3230






Gemeubileerde Oumawoonstel in Strand. Krag ingesluit. Enkel persoon. Beskikbaar 1 Maart. R2 000pm. Kontak 082 684 3426.

MOTORS EN BAKKIES GESOEK Skakel 079 777 1729


ROME GLEN PLOTS •North facing seaview plot with a view of Table Mountain, 1050m2 . R795 000. •850 m2 , R695 000. Helmuth von Michaelis 021 851 7076 082 658 1680

GOEDEHOOP, STRAND R12 000 p.m. Spacious 4 debroom family house with lounge, diningroom and seperate TV room and braairoom. Double lock-up garage and secured back yard. Available 1st April. Contact Elbie 083 406 2464.

SMALL CORNER PLOT for sale in Lynedoch Ecovillage. Stunning wraparound views. R495 000. Email owner: lynedochproperty@


Aanbevole. - Verblyf 3 Ster w.stel & B/B of kamers in STRAND vanaf R250 p/kamer. 0799600359

TO RENT ground floor flat. Bedroom, bathroom, open plan kitchen, sitting room, small garden & garage. On Broadlands Stud Farm. Animal lovers only. Dogs & cats welcome. Rent R4000 per month. Electricity extra. Avail 1 March. 021-858 1201 or 082 5797 553.



STRAND R6 655.00 pm – 3 Slaapkamer dupleks met 1.5 badkamers, gaste toilet, moderne oop-plan kombuis en leefarea met privaat patio, braaiplek en tuintjie. Enkel motorhuis. 1 Klein troeteldiertjie welkom. Kontak: 021-853 6527 of 021 853 2266 of 079 136 9272 of 079 521 6692.


STRAND: 2 slaapkamer oumawoonstel met motorhuis en eie ingang. R2500pm. Verkieslik enkel persoon. Geen troeteldiere. Munisipale dienste uitgesluit. 500m vanaf stasie. Skakel 082 779 4740.



Strand R 3 950.00 p.m. – 2 Slaapkamer woonstel met 1 vol badkamer, oopplan kombuis en leefarea. 1 Klein troeteldier welkom. Kontak: 021-853 6527 of 079 136 9272 of 079 521 6692.

Gordonsbaai R 3 500.00 2 Slaapkamer woonstel in sekuriteitskompleks met 1 badkamer, oop-plan kombuis en leefarea. Swembad in kompleks. Kontak: 021853 6527 of 079 136 9272 of 079 521 6692. GORDONSBAAI: Woonstel, 3 slaapkamer, 3 badkamer, 2 motorhuis. Geen honde en katte. R6000.00 pm. Kontak 084 734 3829.

Strand: Furnished flatlet. All electr. appliances & electricity incl. Single Christian person. Non-smoker, -drinker. Parking bay, own entrance. References req. R3 000 pm, available immediately. 082 537 2907.

TO RENT: FURNISHED DELIGHTFUL HOME IN Gordon's Bay: 2 bed, 2 bth. O/plan kitchen / lounge / dining room. R5750 plus L+W+deposit. Avail end Feb. Paddy 083 701 6504.

STRAND: Netjies gemeub. kamers vanaf R150 p.d. SKAKEL 072 745 7421



'n Afgetrede dame wat nog baie energiek & hardwerkend is. Kan hulp verleen met persone wat tuis versorg word, afloswerk, huis-oppas, lughawe & dorp vervoer of enige ander werk. Elsa 083 689 9501. Honest reliable hard working and pleasant SA lady with Housekeeping certificate for Full time or char work. I fully recommend her. Sharon (Morningside) 083 303 4370. Or phone Stayie directly on 073 654 7082.


Geklassifiseerd Classifieds I AM LOOKING for everyday work or chars. With experience. Working at a 5 start guest lodge for 2 years. Contact me on 084 235 9408 / 073 810 2273. 1 Lady from Zim is looking for 2 days work, Monday and Sat. I am good with cleaning and ironing. Please phone Fortunate 073 340 3730, 5 yrs experience. 2 CHRISTIAN LADIES looking for sleep in. Memory 34 yrs. Contact 074 354 2998. Evelyn 35 yrs, 5 yrs exp cooking. Good ref avail. Contact Mrs Steyn 073 425 0812. My contact 073 702 8450. Reliable, hard-working African lady seeks domestic work for 3 days per week. Excellent ref. from current employer, available immediately. R140 per day. Please call Charlene on 071 294 4236.

13 February, 2014

CHARMING, LOYAL, trustworthy, hardworking lady seeking work Monday or Wednesdays (or both) weekly. Please call Sally 082 789 5343. DUNSTAN, IS A Malawian man aged 35 looking for a job as a gardener, farm work, painter, h/keeping or any other job. Call me on 078 203 0656. Ref available. I'M A ZIMBABWEAN lady aged 45 years and looking for cleaning jobs. I once worked for Greenways Cleaning Services. Call 073 621 4123 or 073 668 8522. Malawian man looking for a job as a gardener, housekeeper and general work. Experience for 2 yrs. Call Wanangwa 061 103 0547. Ref: 084 407 5844.

GLORIA IS LOOKING for everyday work. I can cook. Contact 071 807 4830. PUMEZA IS LOOKING I AM A MALAWIAN for everyday or nanny lady looking for a job as a housemaid and a childmin- work. I have a certificate der. I have got three years in first aid. 078 838 4431. experience. Ref available. I am a Malawian man looCall 084 765 3404 / 084 king for a job as a garde883 9930. ner, house cleaner or 40 Yrs Zim lady looking any. call Peter on 083 508 for domestic work. Tues, 6943 or 078 630 9475. Wed, Thurs or Sat. 3 Years exp. Contact Winnie I AM A MALAWIAN on 074 905 0619. Refs. man looking for a job as a gardener, housekeeper, avail. God bless. painter, shop assistant, etc. Please call 071 164 A BRICKLAYER is loo5828. king for plaster, painting,

skimming, carpentry and much more. Part or full time. Quality approved. Contact Chris on 073 129 7224.

I am a Malawian man looking for a job as a gardener, house cleaner or any. Call Namely on 073 382 9107 or 084 358 3507.

A LADY AGED 28 yrs old looking for chars, Tue, Thurs & Fri as a domestic worker. Call Shylet at 071 801 0150. Honest & reliable. Refs available. A ZIM LADY is looking for a job as a housekeeper. Contact Julieth 078 284 7338. Refs available. A ZIM LADY is looking for a job as a domestic worker, everyday or chars. Pls call Sandra on 073 141 3297 or 072 347 2942. Ref available. I'M OFFMAYOR, Malawian man aged 26 looking for a job as a housekeeper and gardener. Full or part time. I have 2 yrs exp. Call me on 073 518 1182. Ref 072 080 3280.

I am a Zim lady aged 34 looking for chars or everyday work. Always available. Ref: Lisa Beyer 082 729 7599. Call me, Edna, on 073 454 4935.

TASSY IS VAN Zimbabwe en betroubaar. Sy soek werk vir Maandag, Dinsdag , Woensdag, A ZIM LADY looking for a Donderdag en Saterdag. job as domestic worker for Skakel 081 090 0176 of everyday or chars. With 3 073 237 6201. yrs exp. Honest and reliable. Please call Melody 071 I'm Richard a Malawian, 076 7232. looking for a job as garde-

ner or house keeper and A ZIM MAN is looking for any general work. 3 Years a job as a gardener. experience. Call 078 342 Contact Harris 073 953 1284. Ref: 021 856 0837. 1847. Refs available. Alick a Malawian man looking for a job as a gardener and housekeeper. Contact Alick on 074 369 6473.

I AM A ZIM WOMAN looking for a job as a maid, full/part time. I have 5 yrs exp & ref. Pls contact me 073 047 0254.

Beauty: Betroubaar, eerlik, tweetalig, Christen. Met verwysing. Soek werk vir Maandae, Woensdae en Donderdae. Skakel 072 216 7595.

I am a Zimbabwean lady named Sally, aged 25, seeking for a job as a domestic worker. Ref is available. 078 039 2054 or 083 361 7324.

I am Lizzy, a lady aged 27 years looking for domestic work. Ref. is available. Contact me on 072 713 9869 or 078 962 5435.

I AM A ZIMBABWEAN lady. I am looking for char work for everyday. Aged 32 years old. Call 071 040 0594 or 073 920 2091.

Looking for a job as a domestic worker for three days or 5 days. Call 071 474 7375.

It's Plaxcedes, hardwor- DOMESTICS NEEDED for housecleaning king Zimbabwean lady, service. No sms's or aged 26. Looking for a job as a housemaid. I want evemissed calls. ryday, chars. I am trustworTel. 083 283 7576 I am looking for a job as thy. 083 335 4976. a gardener, groomer, driver. Ref no: 082 391 1693. JAMES MALAWIAN My number, 074 790 1867, looking for a job as a Votam. gardener, housekeeper or painter. Contact 073 926 Malawian man looking for a 3318. Reference 072 904 job / peace work as a buil- 8525. der, plasterman, tiler, floor fitter, painting, LOOKING FOR A JOB. with 14 yrs exp. Ref 083 394 I'm Constance aged 24. 1490. Daud 084 452 0923. I'm looking for a job as a domestic worker. One yr Malawian man looking exp. Call me on 084 440 for a gardening job. Can 0709. also do painting. Phone 079 088 6971. MALAWIAN MAN looking for a job as a gardePosition: ner, housekeeper and any MALAWIAN LADY General Admin Clerk, general work. Two years looking for a housekeeping entry level, with firm in experience. Call 084 454 or babysitting job. Good Strand. 1872. Reference 073 260 with children. Phone 084 Minimum Qualification: 7273. 626 8923. Matric / Grade 12 preferably higher. I am looking for a job My name is Nicolla a Zim Experience: Monday, Tuesday for lady looking for domestic At least 2 years - with everyday or chars. My work, full time or casual. excellent typing, Excel and reference, Reney 083 269 I'm honest and hard wor- Word skills. 6746. My number, Tatenda king. Contact me on 084 774 Other requirements: 8330. 060 484 4725. Exceptional hard worker, Long term intention and I am looking for a job. NOZUKO is looking for open to new skills, habits Char work, everyday. domestic work, full time or and challenges. Only quaI am a lady aged 24 yrs from chars. Car washing also lity applicants need apply. Zimbabwe. 060 464 0666. welcome. I'm a hard wor- Please submit CV to: ker. Call 073 923 7290 or The Office Manager 081 051 6257. Fax: 0865515159. I AM MALAWIAN. Name Harry. I'm looking for a job as a housekeeper, Opperson Kaunda, a ALUMINIUM gardener or any job. Two Malawian man, looking for AND GLASS years exp. Please call 061 a job as a housekeeper or REPRESENTATIVE 736 9586. a gardener. Sleep-in or Established glass, shower out. Contact number 082 and aluminium company in I'M A ZIM LADY, expe086 1643 or 084 524 5398. Helderberg area requires a rienced housmaid, seeks bilingual male sales chars for 3 weekdays. representative with valid RUTH A 40 YR OLD Please contact Cathy 071 driving license to measure Malawian lady is looking 029 6479. Ref 083 283 and quote on aluminium, for a job as a h/keeper or 1119. Permit is available. babysitter. I have good glass and shower installations. Must be passionate health, English & ref. Pls I'M A ZIMBABWEAN about sales and service call 073 569 7401 / 073 lady looking for a job. I delivery, have a neat and 639 5342. have 2 yrs experience in presentable appearance. housekeeping and cleaMust have knowledge of SAMSON MALAWIAN ning. My ref nr 084 513 the industry. Only likely man aged 34 looking for a 0909. My nr 060 436 3792 candidates will be job as a gardener, houseor 071 909 5114. Try me, contacted for an interview. keeper or farm work. Call you won't regret it! Send CV to: me on 073 347 4316. Ref 083 409 4184. I'm a Zimbabwean lady of 32 yrs looking for chars HELP JOUSELF, Wed & Sat. Very hard wor- Sylvia soek huiswerk, NIEMAND ANDERS SAL king with reference. Please chars of elke dag, My nr. NIE! Daarom sal jy moet is 078 496 4279. Ek soek call me on 073 132 4842. weet hoe om R18 000 deelelke dag of enige werk of tyds te verdien nie. Geen babysitting. My nr is 071 SA lady looking for 3 netwerk, deur-tot-deur be791 4533. days job. Tues, Thurs, Sat. marking. Kontak Riana 021 Ironing & cleaning. 8 Years 850 8184 of 071 492 9221. experience. Reference Tabi- WATSON NYIRENDA, tha 084 714 3066. My nr., Malawian man aged 37 is Plumberry Modeling and looking for a job as a garWendy 076 478 9332. den boy or any job. Call 084 Portfolio's are looking for 536 2545. Reference: 079 models between the ages I'M HONEST and hardof 13 and 39 years, who are 063 3650. working, looking for a job interested in either permaMonday and Thursday. nent or part-time modeling ZIM LADY looking for Call Primrose on 076 756 work. Please call Oliver on domestic work. Good with 082 051 7414. 3812. For reference call children. Excellent ref. 3 Mrs. Ellis on 083 352 1148. Days a week, R140 per ARMED RESPONSE day. Pls call Luciel on 076 I'M LOOKING FOR 3 OFFICER VACANCY 050 3731. days chars. I'm honest Our Client requires the and a hard worker. 4 Yrs services of an Armed Zimlady looking for a job as Response Officer in the exp. My nr 071 841 4979 a driver, code 8, or as Overberg Area. or 073 757 5691. For ref call 021-855 1530. a domestic worker. Call me on 071 018 2919 Evelyn. Inherent Job requirement: I'm looking for a job as a With reference and experi- • Must have Grade 12 domestic worker for ence. • Valid Code 8 Drivers Tues. & Friday. I'm good License with ironing & cleaning. • Valid PSIRA Registration Ref: Mrs M. Meyer 072 816 GENERAL • Minimum PSIRA Grade 7129. My nr: 072 075 9302. C + Armed Response 3680 • Firearm Competency a Allrounder seamstress bonus ZIMBABWEAN LADY to do clothing alterations • No prior criminal record looking for a house cleaon industrial machines for • Must be willing to take ning job, chars or week shop in S/west. Pls cont. standby days. Contact number 074 021 8520641 or 250 5756. Reliable & • Good medical history 084 299 4434. honest. Ref available. with sober habits • Temporary accommodaAUTO ELECTRICAL tion available ZIM MAN looking for a garden or housekeeping APPRENTICESHIP Fax condensed CV to 086 job. Permit available. Age available. Must have 502 4426 34 yrs old. Ref call Jen grade 12 with maths and Stevens 072 630 9146. My science. Drivers license is contact Wonder 060 379 a essential! Place Strand. Closing Date: 31 March 1488 or 073 406 0171. Contact no. 082 302 4437. 2014

Benodig bekwame hard werkende dame met uitgebreide naaldwerk ondervinding. Skakel 021 851 0930, 072 520 9043. Besige vleisfabriek in Strand benodig die dienste van 'n manlike werker. Faks CV na: 086 692 3032. CALL CENTRE CONSULTANT: Credit Legal Consulting Firm based in Stellenbosch req. candidates with great communication skills in Afrikaans and English. All leads are provided, no cold calling. Must have matric, be computer IN HOUSE SALES literate & have at least 6x months experience in telesales. R7 000 and R 15 000 A position exists at a pm. Comm. based.Send CV primary food ingredient supplier for a full-time to: dynamic and energetic in house sales person resiCONVEYANCING ding in the Helderberg SECRETARY / basin to start soonest. AKTETIKSTER Leon Frank & Partners are The Position requires looking for a senior applicants to be able to: conveyancing secretary with a sound knowledge of • Take orders from all types of transfers. customers telephonically Salary negotiable • Foster and maintain depending on experience. excellent customer Please email your CV to: relationships • Record and process orders on Pastel EXPERIENCED WAITERS WANTED Competency requireEmail: ments are: • must have Matric with a pass in mathematics OFFICE MANAGER • professional telephone Well established Construc- manner and fluent in English. Afrikaans and tion Company in Strand Xhosa would be an added region, needs a hardworking, dedicated person advantage • must be computer with the following literate with knowledge of requirements: Excel and Pastel • strong selling skills and • Computer literate with past experience Excel, Pastel, Word and

Outlook Express knowledge and experience • Sound knowledge of accounting • Must be able to work under pressure and have good interpersonal skills • Good communication skills - fully bilingual • Preferably have a construction company background with contactable references

Please send CV to info@ SALESPERSON Established glass, shower and aluminium company in Helderberg area requires a Salesperson/receptionist for busy counter and telephonic sales desk. Must be computer literate and be eager and passionate about sales and customer service, be pleasant and have neat appearance. Knowledge of the industry will be an advantage. Only likely candidates will be contacted for an interview. Send CV to: GEVESTIGDE MAATSKAPPY soek dringend na 'n energieke en innoverende persoon om sy produkte in die Hottentots Holland area te bemark. Die persoon moet eerlik en hardwerkend wees, in besit wees van 'n bakkie, of motor met sleepwa, asook stoorplek tot sy beskikking. Stuur CV's asb aan 086 623 0888. Man required for general plant nursery work. Must have knowledge of garden plants. Ph. 021 852 2317 or 084 694 0924.


MATURE EXPERIENCED ADVERTISING SALES EXECUTIVES REQUIRED. Work for an exciting publishing house in Strand Central on sporting and B 2 B publications. Top commissions paid. Requirements: Computer Literate Energetic-goal driven extrovert. Team player. To apply send 2 page CV to The Parish of All Saints in Somerset West requires the services of an experienced ORGANIST to provide leadership for worship services. The successful candidate should meet the following requirements: • A Bachelor's Degree in Music • Ability to play a Pipe organ, sight read hymns, liturgy and anthem accompaniments. • High technical ability and knowledge of music theory. • Understanding of Anglican worship and a theological knowledge of church music. • Good communication, organisational skills and a team player. Interested parties should email their CV to the Parish Office at by 28 February 2014.

The Successful candidate must have a pleasant and friendly disposition. Short CV to be faxed to 021 851 3462 by Friday 21 February 2014.

PA / Rental Agent Rental Agency is looking for an intelligent, hardworIf you have not been king, ethical and honest contacted by Friday 28 agent/assistant who has February, please consider good computer- and admin your application as unsuc- skills. To be fully bilingual cessful. and presentable with excellent people's relations to all cultures. Home office based SKRYNWERKSWINKELASSISTENTE in Somerset West but work over the whole of HelderBENODIG berg. Previous experience Stuur verkorte CV na in the residential rental 021-850 3040 of business an advantage. Hours are flexible. Income Matriek en kode 08 approx R4 000pm as basic bestuurslisensie is 'n with potential extra comaanbeveling. mission to be earned. Requirements: Mature perWORKSHOP son with own car and driASSISTANT ving license; Lap top & cell We require fitment phone. personnel with good, neat Please send detailed CV to abilities to work with basic tools (drill / grinder). Preferance will be given to applicants with reasonable Petrol werktuigkundige educational standards and word benodig vir werkswinreferences. No chancers. kel in die Helderberg Fax maximum three page distrik. Faks CV na: CV 086 733 0534. 021 853 3705. TEACHER required for small creative PRESCHOOL in GORDONS BAY. Applicant must be between 20 - 35 years old, have own transport, be energetic, have experience and love chidren. Email CV to

Sports Pub & restaurant seeking experienced waitress. Friday nights & Saturday days. Fully bilingual, own transport essential. Contact 021 853 2804 or fax CV

THE DATAHUB Seeking Beauty / -Nail Get paid R800 per day. therapists + hairdresser With or without a computo share big Strand premi- ter, own hours. Sms name & address for a full info ses: 1 March. Send CV’s to: brochure or name & email , % 0824579776. address to 073 052 1515.


DistrictMail 13 February, 2014

WAITRESS needed at bar/restaurant in Gordon's Bay. Please email CV to before 14 February.

Geklassifiseerd Classifieds


Geklassifiseerd Classifieds

13 February, 2014

Celebrate with Sunrise Sunrise Blue Bottle Liquors in Somerset West is celebrating their birthday on Saturday 15 February. Join them for a party from 10:00 that will feature tastings, great prizes up for grabs and lots of other fun stuff to do. They have been trading as Sunrise Liquors for the past 16 years, but joined the Blue Bottle Group and became Sunrise Blue Bottle Liquors last year. They started stocking craft beers in December at the request of customers. They also

pride themselves on selling local as well as imported beer from Belgium, Germany and Windhoek. Other features of Sunrise Blue Bottle Liquors are their pensioners’ discount and loyalty cards, where you can earn R50 cash back on points earned. Join their Facebook page to see the latest specials. Join in the celebration of Sunrise Blue Bottle Liquors’ birthday this Saturday at 157 Main Road, Somerset West. Phone 021 852 6269 for info.


Barry Hilton at Monkey Town South African comedy legend Barry Hilton will perform his riveting new show, The Way I See It, at the Cheeky Monkey in Somerset West on 28 February. His new show gives audiences a peek inside the goings on in his quirky head. Hilton has a delightful knack of finding the ludicrous and humorous in daily situations, turning what seems perfectly normal on its head to make us laugh at life. “I just see things differently. It’s not even as if I’m on the lookout for new material, it literally just jumps out at me. Every day. All day,” says Hilton. Barry’s shows are unscripted, bursting with an electrifying mixmatch of content. Lively retellings of recent observations and experiences together with the finest selection of older fan favourites and brand new material keep audiences on the edge of their seats. So eclectic is the con-

tent that you could watch Achiever Award. Anoththree or four shows in a er highlight was being inrow and no one will be exvited to perform at the actly the same. world famous Harrah’s “Travelling so extenImprov in Las Vegas. sively gives me heaps of Barry continues to new material and makes draw capacity crowds to me focus on making my venues across Africa. He material accessible to as regularly features on many people as possible.” Comedy Central Africa With a track record of and has five signature 30 years in comedy, Barry DVDs to his name as well has raised the world’s as two movies. While not laughter level considera- Barry Hilton on the public stage, he last bly. A whirlwind, worldyear filmed a pilot episode wide schedule last year saw him per- for a new SA sitcom, did dozens of raform in Hong Kong, Singapore, dio adverts, recorded aTV advert, Macau, Australia, Las Vegas, Sey- tackled a record number of corporate chelles, Namibia, Bahrain, Dubai and gigs, worked on international cruise across Africa. His February perform- liners and celebrated his 30th year as ance in Dubai saw him shortlisted a professional comedian. Be sure to alongside John Cleese for Best Come- catch his one-night-only show on 28 dy Act Dubai 2013 and shortly thereaf- February at the Cheeky Monkey in ter his industry peers recognised him Somerset West. For tickets and more with the Comics Choice Lifetime info call Christine on 076 129 9903.

LITTLE PRIN­ CESSES: Mo­ nique Nel is one of the entrants in the Miss Tiny Tots competi­ tion. Girls be­ tween the ag­ es of three and five can be entered in­ to the competition to held on 29 March at Macassar High School at 14:00. Entry is R30. Phone Berna­ dette Rossi on 071 036 8651. PHOTO: BERNADETTE ROSSI

GHS 2003 matric reunion The Gordon High School matric class of 2003 are planning their reunion. The reunion will take place at the Penhill Estate on Saturday 22 March. For details and updates, contact the organiser, David-John Steyn via email on You can also phone him on 084 405 0061 or find him on Facebook.



Sport Sport

13 Februarie, 2014


13 FEB




14 FEB



MIN 18°C

MIN 22°C

WIND: 18km S/SE

WIND: 10km S

? SUNRISE 06:19

SUNSET 19:41



SUNSET 19:40

15 FEB




MIN 24°C

WIND: 21km S/SE SUNRISE 06:20

SUNSET 19:39


16 FEB




MIN 24°C

WIND: 21km S SUNRISE 06:21

SUNSET 19:38


13 Feb

08:47 | 20:56

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14 Feb

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15 Feb

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16 Feb

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SWCC set for a win Rawson Somerset West Cricket Club’s first team resume their twoday home match against Gugulethu this Saturday with a 43-run lead and four wickets in hand.

Boat anglers report good yellowtail and tunny catches On Saturday there were a few boat anglers fortunate enough to locate schools of mackerel while fishing off Macassar, Nuwe Moddergat and elsewhere in the bay. In the old days mackerel was so common in the bay it was considered as a prime bait and also good for eating – either fried or smoked. Many readers will remember when mackerel could be caught off Gordon’s Bay harbour wall, where they provided great entertainment for all. Many a time so many mackerel were caught that they were often left on the harbour wall because they could not be carried away. These great mackerel runs even attracted the big blue-fin tunny into the bay. These mas-

Sam Brown, fishing on Kiora, landed a yel­ lowbelly rock cod during the Western Prov­ ince inshore league held at Struisbaai last Saturday.

sive tunny were often hooked and lost just off Gordon’s Bay mountain side near Five Houses, only a few meters from Vogelsteen. The blue fins were also caught near Fish Hoek beach and Simon’s Town harbour. Only the well equipped tunny boats could land these monster tunny which often weighed between 100 kg to 250 kg. There are a number of theories as to why these bluefin tunny disappeared. One is because the large shoals of mackerel stopped coming into the bay. During the weekend there were many boats trying to catch yellowtail near Cape Point, but only a few yellowtail were boated due to the skippers trolling lures across each other’s wakes. On Friday morning Earl Fenwick and crew on Kiora caught yellowtail and katonkel while fishing for bait and fresh chokka for the WP competition. Small boats and kayaks that fished Melk Bay and the Poort area in the Strand had kob between size and 6 kg as well as a few elf. Shore anglers are still waiting for the “dik” of fish such as elf and geelbek which are now due in our area. Marius Janse van Rensburg and Danie Roland who are regular reef anglers only had two kob while fishing from the Mutual Bankies close to the Poort reefs. On Monday morning Earl Fenwick and crew on Kiora had 16 yellowtail in the Point area. Then on entering the Simon’s Town area he noticed a flash in the water and had a cast. As the spinner hit the water he had a strike and caught a 16 kg yellowtail. Earl also caught a 6 kg yellowtail while spinning at the Bull’s Nose in Simon’s Town har-

bour on Monday afternoon while taking the boat for a spin – something that has not happened in this area for quite some time. Gordon’s Bay skipper Alan du Plessis said there was quite a few tunny taken on Saturday and Sunday. He said the Gordon’s Bay Boat Angling Club boats that did not fish in the WP competition at Struisbaai during the weekend also caught tunny 20 miles off Cape Point. There was also a report of a black marlin of about 180 kg caught among the tunny at the Canyon, 20 miles off the Point. Strand angler Jan Brink, from the False Bay Shore Angling Club, is currently representing the WP B team fishing in the nationals being held at Struisbaai. Western Province held an inshore league at Struisbaai last Saturday with most of the boats catching red stumpnose and red roman as well as a few santer and kob while Sam Brown, fishing on Kiora, landed a yellowbelly rock cod. The wind was mild from the northwest and the sea temperature was 22 °C. A lot of the 20 to 30 meter reefs were sanded up and fish were hard to find. The Gordon’s Bay boats that ran down past Arniston landed quite a few kob. Ross Johnson fishing from the boat Redeye tagged and released a Black Marlin off Cape Point. Quite a few yellowfin and longfin tunny have been landed over the past few days at the 18 mile mark. For all your reel repairs and services contact Art on 021 854 3831 Send your fishing photos and news to

TOUGH RIDER: Somerset West resi­ dent Pieter Erwee (30) was an­ nounced as the solo winner of the 24 Hours of Oak Valley event which was held at the Oak Valley Estate in Elgin, Grabouw from 1 to 2 Febru­ ary. Organised by Dirtopia, the event entailed covering as many 10 km laps on the single track and jeep track terrains as you possibly could within 24 hours. Teams of four or fun teams of five to eight riders could enter the event. Participants could also opt to complete the chal­ lenge by going solo – like Erwee, who completed a record 33 laps. PHOTO: CHRIS HITCHCOCK

SWCC faced Gugulethu in a WPCA fixture at Radloff Park on Saturday, where the start was delayed until 12:00 by a damp pitch due to overnight rain. The home team won the toss and put the visitors in to bat. Gugulethu were in trouble throughout their innings and lost wickets on a regular basis. Left-arm swing bowler Pierre-Henry Hurn did most of the damage with his tally of five for 32 in 13 overs. He was assisted by Estiaan Groenewald with two for 27. Gugulethu were all out for 118/10. The visitors’ bowlers also used the conditions well and at one stage had SWCC at 9/3. Enter Jacques Fourie, who at stumps was on 79 after a classy match-saving knock. Newly-promoted opening batsman Shaun Davies (30) hung in when wickets tumbled around him to record a 61-run fourth-wicket partnership with Fourie. David Killian also batted patiently, and with Jacques posted 44 runs to enable SWCC to end Day One on 161/6 after 52 overs. Rawson SWCC juniors continued their good form to record five wins and two defeats. The u.10 Gremlins faced C.S.E and won the match by three runs. They were rocked by an opening spell that saw them on 0/3 after the first over, but recovered to post 78/8 in 25 overs. The Gremlins’ bowlers stepped up and outperformed the opposition to record the win. Lyle Botha took 3/10 in three overs. The u.10 Goblins faced Durbanville and won by 14 runs. Durbanville scored 91/6 off their 25 overs, to which the Goblins replied with 105. Jordan Swanepoel starred with both bat and ball. The u.11 Falcons suffered a 49-run defeat when they played St Augustine’s away. St Augustines batted first and scored 124 runs. Grant Swanepoel took 5/3 in three overs. The Falcons lost wickets cheaply and were bowled out for 75. The u.11 Eagles played WPCC at home and won by 61 runs. The Eagles batted first and scored 153 . Man of the Match Armand Burger scored 33 not out. The task at hand was too big for the opposition, who were bowled out for 92. The u.12s played Durbanville at home on Saturday and recorded a 68-run victory. The u.12s set a target of 165/8. Travis Norris top-scored with 50 runs. Durbanville were restricted to 97/9 in their 30 overs. Connor Dickey returned figures of 6/3 off 3 overs. The u.13 Challengers played Durbanville at home on Saturday and lost by one wicket. The Challengers won the toss and batted first and scored 89 runs. The Challengers almost salvaged the match with some excellent bowling, but in the end lost by a single wicket off the last over of the match. The Discovery u.13s played WPCC in Rondebosch and recorded a massive 221 run victory. Discovery posted an unbelievable 252 runs without loss in their 30 overs with both openers Joubert Grobbelaar and Kai Greig hitting centuries. WPCC’s chase never got going and they were dismissed for 31.


Sport Sport

13 February, 2014

VITAL RUN: A total of R87 000 was raised at the ever­popular Vital Run, which was held in aid of the Patch Hel­ derberg Centre for Abused Children on Saturday 7 De­ cember. Last year marked the fourth an­ nual event or­ ganised by Run/Walk for Life WP Athlet­ ics Club in association with Vital Health Foods, and also the last to be held at the Lourensford Estate in Somerset West. The official handing over of the cheque took place on 30 January. From left are Matthew Grossett (Run/Walk For Life chief execu­ tive officer), Marié Barnard (race organiser from Run/Walk For Life Athletic club), Ada Buys (manager of Patch Helderberg), Amanda Jones (fundraising coordinator for Patch Helderberg) and George Grieve (managing director for Vital Health Foods).

Sledging and chirping in cricket – happening all over, good or bad? There has been a lot of talk lately about sledging and chirping in cricket. It came up recently during the Ashes series between Australia and England. It got quite heated at times and the umpires had to step in. Chatting to Marais Erasmus (international umpire) he said that there were a number of occasions where words became very heated and he and the other umpire had to try calm things down. Australia are past masters of sledging and with England losing the way they were and frustration creeping in, it was inevitable that it would boil over. The art of good sledging is to get under the batsman’s or bowler’s skin in a way that causes him or her to play a false stroke or bowl a bad delivery.Cricket is very much a mental game and the higher the level of cricket, the more intense it becomes and a little slip up here or there can change the course of a game. So why sledging, is it good, is it bad, does it happen all over? Sledging and chirping is part of the game. I have never played a game of cricket where it did not take place. As said before, sledging is used to mentally unsettle the opposition. There are different forms of course. Most of the time it’s in good humour (“The batsman is batting so slowly it’s like watching grass grow or like watching paint dry. Maybe we should put a bell in the ball or give the batsman a pair of glasses because he definitely can’t see the ball”, are some of the chirps that get thrown around). At other times though it can become ugly, es-

pecially when the chirps go below the belt and attack a player, their family members or race. The WPCA takes a very tough stance against sledging (especially below the belt sledging), and local umpires are under strict instructions to report any unsavoury incidents. A number of players and spectators have been fined and suspended because of it. We have had a few ugly moments in the Helderberg over the years, but I am happy to say that those are few and far between. We even have it at school level. If used properly and constructively it is a good tool to keep the fielding side on their toes and give them an edge. It must, however, be policed and can and must not be used in a bad way. I was never one to sledge or chirp a lot on the field, I would rather try letting my bowling do the talking. One thing is for certain though, it is important that you are able to back your chirps up. There are those who can dish it out but can’t take it. That is usually when it gets ugly. So all in all I feel that sledging and chirping is an integral part of the game and can be used to gain a mental edge over your opponent. It must however be used in the appropriate way.

Craig Melvill 2


HHCC in a commanding position against Macassar Hottentots Holland Cricket Club’s (HHCC) first team will resume day two of their match against Macassar with a substantial 117-run lead. HHCC lost the toss and batted first and posted a total of 140 all out. The top-scoring batsmen were Enver Wyngaart (19) Yaseen Railoun (12), Edwin Daniels (42) and Waqar Josephs (29). Macassar battled to come to terms with the HHCC bowling attack and were all out for 71 runs. Gasant Moller was the best of the bowlers with figures of four wickets for 14 runs in 11 overs. He was well supported by Riyaad Oliver with three wickets for 10 runs in 10 overs. HHCC were on 48 for 7 in their second innings at stumps on day one.

HHCC’s second team beat Bellville by 58 runs in their one-day 3 A league match on Saturday. HHCC batted first and scored 149 runs with Morne Engelbrecht and Ebrahim Aziz top scoring with 30 runs each. Uthmaan Sha (27) and Wayne Cloete (21) also chipped in with useful contributions. Bellville were bowled out for 91 runs. The pick of the bowlers were Rafeeq Baderoen with 6-5-11 and Darryl Cloete 7-3-12. HHCC’s third team lost by four wickets in their one-day 3 A league match against South Peninsula on Saturday. HHCC batted first and scored 92 all out. Top scorers were Abu Bakr Brinkhuis (19), Fahdil Crombie (19) and Tayyeb Arnold (16). The best bowlers were Illiyaas Behardien 41-8 and Abu Bakr Brinkhuis 7-1-19.

Helderberg Pirates dispatch Mavericks Helderberg Pirates travelled to Milnerton where they made light work of the home team, beating Mavericks by mercy rule. Unlike the events of the previous weekend, Pirates showed discipline in the batting box forcing the opposition’s pitchers to throw strikes, which were few and far between. The game started well for Pirates. In the first frame they were leading 7-0 and by the fifth frame had built up 20-0 run difference, which concluded the game by mer-

cy rule in little under two and a half hours. The Pirates second team, with help from some of the experienced master team players side, played Athlone and lost 10-3. Pirates will get a chance to redeem themselves when they face the same opponents this weekend at Radloff Park, Somerset West ahead of the first side’s home encounter with Lansdowne. The u.12 side yet again put up another excellent performance as they convincingly beat Thistles 10-2.


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Cyclist survives ordeal 4

Brand by koffiewinkel

Helderberg wicketkeeper Gary­Jon Sylvester and slip fielders Adrian van Reenan and Malcolm Stuurman go up in unison to appeal for a leg before wicket and the dismissal of a Green Point batsman.


Residents oppose casino plans 5

HB beats Brackenfell



Die groot vragmotor lê op sy sy nadat dit Maandag omstreeks 08:10 op die N2 die Nissan­bakkie (ook op die foto) getref het.

N2 eis leerkrag (25) Helderberg well poised

“Die bakkie het met die slag onder die vragEen van die ouers wie se kinger, Parow, sê die familie sit met motor beland en is vir 100 m ver onder die ders in Kotze se klas is, het ook ’n groot leemte in hul harte oor hul ’n GRUSAME ongeluk op die N2 het Dins- vragmotor gesleep. Die vragmotor het ook ’n op die toneel afgekom en die mosonskynkind. dag ’n 25-jarige onderwyseres van Stellen- verkeerslig saam gesleep,” sê adjudant-offi- tor herken. “Ons het in 1993 Thelana se pa bosch se lewe geëis. sier Nico Beukes, Gordonsbaai polisie-woord“Dis tragies dat só ’n jong lewe en oupa weens tragiese omstandigvoerder. op só ’n manier tot ’n einde moes hede aan die dood afgestaan. Máár, Dié voorval het omstreeks 08:10 by die GorBeukes het aan DistriksPos te kenne gegee kom,” sê die ouer. die dood is die dood, en ek dra geen Helderberg Cricket Club’s a good in their previ- Helderberg was extraordinary. form se Cody Davids was introduced tle started their innings well but the donsbaai/N2-oorgang gebeur first toe ’n spirit grootfrom dat die win vragmotorbestuurder, ’n 43-jarige Somerstrand College hoof, wrok teenoor die vragmotorbeteam will na resume their two-day ous matches and wanted to continue The bowlers started very well and to attack lost nie,” his wicket down vragmotor bewering teen ’n klein Nissanman van Kraaifontein, wel die spoedbeperAnschen du Plessis, sêthe dit is moei-he struck gold for his latter stuurder sê die caught hartseer ma. match gebots againsthet. Green Point this their winning pitch was het. Green Point struggled throughout captain team by removing four the Thelana leg side. word Then oorleef with the score on bakkie king ways. van 40The km/h oortree lik om dit wat gebeur het teand verdeur haar Saturday a solid 92 run lead. deur a little and the ’n umpires decid-brontheir innings. Christo Southey for –just 23 runs. 40/2 Southey Volgens with ’n verklaring uitgereik die dampVolgens betroubare is ’n gebruikte werk. “Kotze was ’nbatsmen ware engel ma, Stephen stiefpa en broer. (50*) joined ed that would only start at 11:30. (1/14) struck gefirst in his third over Adrian van and took the score to 111 Gordonsbaai-polisie, beweer ooggetuies die play tik-lollie in die kajuit van die vragmotor goedgeaard, goedgemanierd en Reenen, making his Sylvester Volgens EMS-woordvoerder, Helderberg welcomed Green Captainvind. Stephen wonhet theookwith the score’n on 5.passievol Vincent Castle to the first team, Sylvester (56) his wicket. bakkie het uit die rigting van Sir Lowry’s Die Southey bestuurder na bewering oor haarcomeback werk. Sy sal Thelana Kotze also before Keri Davids, het dielost vragmotorbePoint to the Helderzicht Sports beweer toss and didn’t hesitate to send the struck in theonthou very next over. bowled his 3/12. The othermoontlik batsmen rugcoulden not capiPass-dorp gekom. Die verklaring dwelmtoets ondergaan en is (1/16) positief getoets. word vir haar grootvery glim-well forFOTO: FACEBOOK stuurder nekbeGrounds Saturday. bat. An Kotze, hour and half There wasbaka bit oflag resilience Green Point stumbled to 68 all out. talise and Helderberg on voorts datthis die past verkeerslig groen was visitors en die in toThelana dieabestuurder van die en hartfrom van goud.” serings opgedoen. Hy is ended in HelderBoth showed a het determined was lost but displayed byby Somerstrand the visiting Colside, butSy when theThelana inGary andhaar Vincent Cas- 160/7 opgeneem, in their 60maar overs. vrou dieteams N2 oorgesteek toe die vragmotor kiethe en energy gr.1-onderwyseres vertel sou 22Sylvester September berg-hospitaal dieselfde dag – wat van Sir Lowryspas afgekom het – se lege in Gordonsbaai, het op die toneel gesterf. 26ste verjaardag vier. ontslaan. Die polisie sê ’n saak van strafbare remme moontlik onklaar geraak het. Sy was ook die enigste insittende. Thelana se ma, Therina Kotze van De Ty- manslag word ondersoek.


Rosh Hashanah

The DistrictMail wishes all our Jewish readers and advertisers a happy New Year and well over the fast.

Districtmail 13 feb 2014  

Districtmail 13 feb 2014

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