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Southside Speakers Introductory Meeting Pollokshield Burgh Hall 22nd September 2005 Jane Cameron

“Success in life is often dependent on your ability to communicate well. Individuals who can express their ideas - so that they are heard, understood and acted upon possess one of the prime qualities of leadership�

It’s Well Known That One Of Our Commonest And Greatest Fears Is Standing Up And Speaking In Public

Toastmasters helps you overcome your fears, become an attentive listener, an effective communicator and an inspirational leader, promoting success in your chosen field

Toastmasters are able to.... • give better presentations • hone their management skills • make an effective point or contribution to discussion • work better with fellow employees • effectively develop and present ideas • offer constructive feedback • accept feedback more objectively

Toastmasters learn to.... • Overcome the initial nervousness everyone feels when called upon to speak before an audience • Organise and present your ideas logically and convincingly • Improve your ability to listen to other people's ideas and evaluate them • Develop self-confidence that will radiate in every situation involving other people

DO YOU....


Break out in a cold sweat when asked to speak in public?

Gives you plenty of practice in participating in and conducting meetings

Frequently use “ums” “ahs” “y’knows” when speaking?

Makes you aware of your usage and helps you eliminate it

Fidget with pens, paper when talking or stand with hands in pocket?

Helps you fine-tune your body language

Hear your heart in your ears when asked an impromptu question?

Stimulates and encourages your quickthinking skills

Feel that your presentations lack focus and punch?

Teaches you to hone your message and deliver in a specific timeframe

Wish you were more effective in convincing, motivating and persuading people?

Offers specific, constructive advice packaging your ideas

Want to provide constructive and positive feedback to others?

Trains you to become a good listener and provide constructive feedback to others

Believe that you could do all this and actually have fun?

Does all this and more in enjoyable and entertaining TM meetings

Toastmasters – Some Facts!  A ‘not-for-profit’ organisation  10,000 clubs worldwide  200,000 members in over 90 countries  Founded in California in 1924 by Dr Ralph Smedly at YMCA  In 1930 the organisation went “International”  In 1970 females were admitted!  Over 140 Clubs in UK/ROI  8 Clubs in Dublin, 15 in London and 8 in Scotland (so far!)

How Toastmasters works  A typical TM club has 20-30 members  Clubs meet every fortnight  Generally c.£80 per year membership  Meetings are informal and members are supportive of one another  Self-paced program allows you to progress as rapidly or gradually as your needs dictate  An elected Committee of up to 7 members run the Club, following guidance in roles from TM International

How Toastmasters works

ď ś Members first work towards the CTM (Competent Toast Master), developing core skills such as organisation, voice tone and gestures ď ś Members proceed to the ATM (Advanced Toast Master) level, developing specialist skills i.e. Technical Presentations, Public Relations, Special Occasion Speeches, Entertaining Speaking, Story Telling

A Typical TM Meeting  Each meeting typically consists of:  Speaker and guest introductions  Impromptu speeches - members are called up to speak for 1-2 min on a given topic  Prepared speeches - members present speeches based on projects from the Communication & Leadership Program  Evaluations: prepared speeches are individually evaluated  There can be additional elements such as Education sessions from the Better Speaker Series and Successful Club Series

The Leadership Programme  Workshop style Success/Leadership programs develop skills to be successful leaders inside and outside TM i.e. Motivating People, Building a Team, The Leader as a Coach, Goal Setting & Planning, How to Listen Effectively, Building Thinking Power  Enter Speech Contests; in 2004 and 2005 an Edinburgh TM won the UK International Speech Contest!  Speakers Bureau  Youth Leadership  Speech Craft Courses

More information…  Southside Speakers ẁ

 Glasgow TM  District 71 TM – UK & ROI  Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International Making Effective Communication a Worldwide Reality

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