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PR and On-line Opportunities

Joe Gibbs, District Public Relations Officer

PR Opportunities • How can we as District officers promote our clubs and Toastmasters International?

Targeted Marketing • Educational Institutions: – Communications Skills, Presentations

• Self-improvement Groups: – Building Self-Esteem

• Corporate: – Leadership Skills, Meeting Organisation, Presentations

Targeted Marketing • Voluntary Organisations: – Meeting Organisation, Communication Skills

• Life Coaching: – Building Self-Esteem, Communication Skills, Leadership

• Language Schools/Non-Nationals: – Developing and improving English Skills, Social Aspect

PR – Division Governor • Appoint Asst Div Gov to work on PR – Overall image of TM – Large events – DG Visits, District Winners, etc – Assist new or weak Clubs – Create standard flyers, ad’s etc. – Encourage creative PR – Build contacts list for the Division

PR – Area Governor • Encourage Clubs in your Area to help each other in combined PR activities. • Discourage harmful rivalry for Members • Support open nights in Clubs • Work with Asst Div Gov to help weak Clubs

PR – Club Member • Personal recommendation • Word of mouth • Wear a TM pin or badge • ALWAYS be an ambassador for Toastmasters !

Resources – Club • Last Years PRO ! • Club Members – Freelance Reporters – Sales and Marketing – Writers

• Contacts in other Clubs and Organisations • Bring a guest

Resources – D71 • D71 Website – Quality Clubs Resource, Publicity • Sample Posters, Flyers • Radio Interviews • Press Releases –Tips and samples • PR Tips

• Gary Sander’s 101 PR Tips. • District PRO

Resources - TI • Promotional Material from TI Website – Information for Members, Public Relations – Let the World Know – TI’s Publicity Handbook • Can be Down loaded free in PDF format

– Press Releases – International News – History & General Info

For effective PR Remember AIDA • Attention – Grab the persons attention – eg Headline

• Interest – Create interest in the service we are offering

• Desire – Convert interest to a desire for what we offer

• Action – Call to action and make it clear what that action is.

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