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Evaluate To Motivate

A “Successful Club Series Presentation” J.Gibbs 2001

Everyone is an Evaluator • Toastmasters teaches us to focus on set objectives • It teaches us to…. • Listen • Evaluate • Communicate

• Good evaluations are the cornerstone of a good TM Club

Reasons for poor Evaluations • Fear of offending the Speaker….. • Lack of Preparation….. • Lack of self-confidence • Self importance or Ego

How do you Evaluate effectively? • Show interest in the Speaker and the Speech….. • Prepare beforehand – Meet with the speaker and discuss the upcoming speech – Get to know your speakers previous strengths & weaknesses – Be familiar with the objectives and evaluation guidelines

How do you Evaluate effectively? • Personalise your language – “I think”, “I believe”, “its my opinion”

• Evaluate the Speech - not the person • Promote the Speakers self-esteem

Simple rule for Evaluations‌... Never, ever lose sight of the fact that the speaker and their quest for personal improvement in their speaking skills, is your primary concern !