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District 71 Division and Area Governor Meeting 10th November 2006

Issues arising out of email sent in advance of meeting: New Clubs Publicity Awards Club Meeting Standards New ‘Competent Leadership’ Manual Difficult People What those in attendance felt we should work on: Brian Mercer – Area 16 Joe Gibbs – PRO Sean Corcoran Bernadette Noonan – area 36 Julie Brosnan Oscar Merkx Teresa Dukes Mary Murtagh Gary Sander Lynda Molloy

Pedro Casillas – Div B

Sean Dwan – Area 24

Pat Foley – Area 27 deputy Lucia Hughes – Div D

Tom Russell – Area 27 Seamus Gallagher

John Earl Div C assistant

Publicity Membership New CL Manual Mtg Standards Mtg Standards New CL Manual Membership Retention New CL manual Membership New CL manual Marketing Member retention Quality Club officer Training – Areas to group together for training CL – Individuals finding their own evaluators Membership Officer Training on Leadership – committee members more visible Publicity New CL Manual – 10 projects in it and people finding it difficult to achieve these 10 Membership retention New Clubs Awards - Eligibility of contestants - Cut off date for dues to be paid needs to be made very clear Publicity New CL – have at least 2 people started on the manual by xxx date. New Clubs New CL Manual – need to make it alive Commitment to submit awards etc on time Area governors to get recognition for their speeches (AL – ATM manuals) Implementing New CL manual

Peter Farrelly

Malcolm Warden

Roger Crews

Frank Donaldson Geraldine Smith

Actions New CL Manual

Membership fees

Club management – club standards New Clubs Used CL manual for ed programme All existing members should be given the new manual to start Quality Clubs - Malcolm Warden highlighted the fact that anything to do with Quality Clubs can be found on the District 71 Website New CL Manual – Jim Robertson promoting the new manual. Suggesting that someone should be responsible to champion the new manual within each club. General Evaluation sheet formulated to improve this section of the mtg. Also in attendance and joined into the discussions with the issues above.

Pedro Casillas to work with Joe Gibbs to publicise the ‘plan’ on how to manage the CL manual championship thru the District Must hammer home the fact that a member is not in good standing if dues are not in WHQ. President/Treasurer need to ensure that the dues have been paid.

OTHER GOOD TRICKS SENT BY EMAIL: - Conference Calls - Agreement from Presidents to email all committee members to keep all issues handled within the club executive committee so no one is left in the dark.

Memberships - Dues paid on time Standing orders Paid in Advance - Eligibility of contestants Must be paid up before contests happen Club officer training Dec/Jan/Feb District Officer Training: Portlaoise 14th Jan, Concorde Centre 21st Jan.