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The Pink Rose Newsletter News from Toastmasters International - Area 15 – Spring 2008 Leeds City Toastmasters - York EbOrators - Manchester Orators - Strictly Speaking Harrogate also supporting Dominion Speakers (Warrington) & Fylde Coast Orators (Lytham St.Annes)

Welcome to the third edition of the Pink Rose newsletter. I lead you to believe that I would stop writing these after appointing an editor. But in Toastmasters we all learn as we go along and on this one I got it wrong. So no editor, just me again. I also would like to welcome readers from our two pre-charter clubs Dominion Speakers in Warrington and Fylde Coast Orators in Lytham St. Annes. The purpose of this newsletter is to share with all members of Area 15 the successes of members & clubs, ideas and thoughts to help all members develop and grow, and to keep everyone informed of what is happening in the Area. Hope you enjoy

Michael J. Clarke, Area 15 Governor ACS CL

Looking Forward Toastmasters International has a club year of 1st July to 30th June and each club has appoints a committee to serve for this period. The roles are a President, three Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms. I recently sent out by email a brief overview of the roles and I hope this sets you thinking. There is an old saying – ‘The more you put in, the more you get out’. This is so true for Toastmasters; I’m a living example of that. I was a founder member of Leeds and found that the only way to get the club growing was to get stuck in. I went on to take up most of the club committee roles and then this year I went on to become Area Governor. Some wonder how I find the time to do all I do, but I find it relatively easy and no problem. The key is the mind set I have – I want to do it all, I do not have to do it all. A subtle difference but it means everything. I confess, I am selfish and I am looking out for myself. But I realised very early that to get the most out for myself, I had to put the most in. And that involved getting involved, not sitting on the sidelines wondering how it all happens. I ask each of you to think about taking on a committee role or assist a committee member next year. It will help your club develop and grow and it will help you do the same. Always remember that if we all say ‘Leave to someone else’ then the club will wither and die.

Speaking Competition News

Dates For The Diary

The Area 15 Speaking competition was hosted by Leeds City Toastmasters on 30th March 2008, with competitors from all four chartered clubs.

Division E Speaking Competition

Both competitions were keenly fought and the winners were – International Speaking competition – Alex Blyth of Manchester Orators and Evaluation competition – Gillian Caldicott of York EbOrators. Unfortunately neither are able to represent the Area, but we will be represented by Phil Heath in the International Speaking and Dinesh Kaulgud in the Evaluation, both from Leeds City Toastmasters The District 71 final will be in Killarney on 9th to 11th May 2008. The Division E final will be on 20th April 2008 in Aberdeen.

20 April 2008

Aberdeen, Scotland Strictly Speaking Harrogate

26 April 2008

Charter Dinner Spring District Conference

9-11 May 2008

Killarney, Eire Autumn District Conference

7-9 November 2008

Kilkenny, Eire Autumn District Conference York, England

13-15 November 2009

Starting A New Club

District Conference

Already this year we have chartered Strictly Speaking Harrogate and are about to charter Dominion speakers in Warrington. On top of that we have club that looks like it will charter very soon in Lytham St. Annes called Fylde Coast Orators.

There may still be the opportunity to book for the Spring District Conference in Killarney – go to and follow the links.

I’m in the process of planning a launch in Scunthorpe and we are gathering a number of interested people to launch in the Darlington area. Others are telling me they are looking at Salford, Hull, Leeds/Wakefield and Sheffield. Anyone can start a new club, but the best way to succeed is to ask for help from experienced members who are happy to run demonstration meetings. The key to getting people interested in a new club is to run organised and structured meetings. On top of that they can also answer the questions that are always going to be asked. The keys to starting a successful new club are a team to deliver excellent meetings, a venue that is attractive and welcoming and most of all a desire of all to succeed.

But if you aren’t able to attend can I ask that you talk to those who do go, or have been to a past Conference. I was like many fellow members who couldn’t see any value in going to District Conference – until I went. Talk to those who have been and ask them what it was that they found so wonderful about attending. They will tell you about meeting people who are just like them – wanting to develop and grow. They will tell you about the wonderful parties where everyone lets their hair down – if they have any. And most of all they will tell you about the wonderful experience they have had meeting, listening and talking to lovely people. That is why so many, like myself, who attend one Conference, want to go back and enjoy the experience again and again. So keep looking at for details of the next Conference in Kilkenny in November 2008 or the ones in the UK in 2009 (hopefully York in November 2009)

Distinguished Club Programme Each Toastmasters year, every club undertakes what is called the Distinguished Club Programme. This is a ten goal programme that if achieved both brings reward to the club and ensures the club is successful and thriving. Let me succinctly take you through all ten goals; you will see how it addresses all areas of a club’s activities. Goal 1 is for the club to achieve two members attaining the Competent Communicator award. Goal 2 is for a further 2 members to achieve the CC award. Goal 3 is for a member to achieve the Advanced Communicator award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. Goal 4 is for another member to achieve the Advanced Communicator award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. So the first four goals revolve around member’s developing their communication skills. Goal 5 is for a member to achieve either the Competent Leader award or Advanced Leader Bronze or Silver or Distinguished Toastmaster. Goal 6 is for another member to achieve either the Competent Leader award or Advanced Leader Bronze or Silver or Distinguished Toastmaster. So the next two goals revolve around member’s developing their leadership skills. Goal 7 is achieved by the club gaining 4 new members and Goal 8 is achieved by the club gaining another 4 new members. These two goals revolving around the growth of the club. Goal 9 is achieved by at least 4 committee members attending Officer training when it is run twice in the year in July/August and January/February. This goal revolves around the strength of the club going forward through properly trained officers. Goal 10 is achieved by one membership renewal report and one club officer list being submitted on time. This goal ensures that the administration of the club is in good order. Achieving 5 goals earns the club Distinguished club, 7 goals Select Distinguished club and 9 goals President’s Distinguished club. The club earns only one of these awards and receives a ribbon for the club banner.

Role Review – Table Topics Master I have to admit I’m not that good at being Table Topics Master, but I do know a good one when I see and hear them. I’m going to share with you some tips that I believe will result in a superb Table Topics session. My first point; is make it simple. Sounds straightforward, but what tends to happen is that what the TT Master thinks is simple, through their familiarity with the theme, is difficult for the audience to grasp from ‘cold’ on the evening. Second point is; make the topics short. Two reasons for this; one it makes it easy for the speaker to understand and second it is easier for the timekeeper to write down for when they feedback on timings. Third point is; the topic should be communicated to the speaker before they get up from their seat to come to the front. Many times over the past few months I have seen speakers having to come to the front and choose a slip from a ‘bag’ and go straight into the topic. This is unfair on the speaker and not what Table Topics is really about. These are three simple tips to improve the Table Topics in your club.

Did You Know? Did you know that there are a number of recognition awards that every club and every member can achieve each year? For members you can achieve the following recognition awards. If you sponsor 5 new members to join the club you will be awarded a unique pin. For 10 new members you will be awarded a Gold Star pin and for 15 new members a Toastmasters necktie or scarf. To gain the award your name needs to be shown on the membership application form. For the club there are three times during the year when it can earn recognition for gaining new members. Gaining 5 new members between 1st August and 30th September the club will achieve the Ralph Smedley award and a ribbon for the club banner. The Talk Up Toastmasters! Contest! is adding 5 members to the membership between 1st May and 30th June entitles the club to claim a free module form either the Better Speaker series, the Successful Club series or the Leadership Excellence series. The Beat The Clock Contest! is adding 5 members to the membership between 1st February and 31st March entitles the club to claim a free module form either the Better Speaker series, the Successful Club series or the Leadership Excellence series. So get planning for the new Toastmasters year and Beat The Clock this year.

Club Roles Time has come for you to decide whether you are going to nominate yourself for the club committee roles for the Toastmaster year starting on 1st July 2008. Your President, and/or Secretary should have already have asked for nominations and have set a club meeting at which to elect the new committee. To help you decide whether to step up to the mark here are the roles that any member can stand for election to. Remember my message of earlier that if we all wait for someone else then we have no club officers and very quickly no club! To progress as a Toastmaster you have to take on a committee role at some stage, so why not now? If unsure then ask what is expected. •

Club President

Vice President – Education

Vice President – Membership

Vice President – Public Relations



Sergeant at Arms

Stop Press: Celebrate The End of the Year in Style York EbOrators are celebrating their year with an exciting banquet at the Elizabethan Bedern Hall. They are extending the invite to fellow members in the Area to come and join them in celebrating the end of the Toastmasters year. The banquet is on Friday, 20th June 2008 and includes a welcome drink, 3 course gourmet meal and coffee and mints. There will also be entertainment tailored towards Toastmasters. The cost of the evening is £ 27.00. Details, including the menu and booking details, will be sent to you all by way of an email flyer in a few days. Places are limited and a deadline for booking of 31st May 2008 has been set – after that date bookings cannot be guaranteed. I was privileged to attend the Christmas dinner that York EbOrators hosted at Bedern Hall in December 2007. I have to say the food was truly wonderful and the venue was truly special. I can recommend, without any hesitation, this evening and urge you all to book your place as soon as you receive the flyer. I was going to include some photos from the Christmas event at Bedern Hall, but they made the file enormous and too big to send out. Happy to send on if you wish to look at them. Look forward to seeing you there.

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