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Volume 2, Issue 2 | Winter 2013



contents 05 Letter from the Board President 08 Meet the Control Freaks! District 228 First Lego League goes to State Competition


Fill it up! Millikin & Northside’s Character Education program


DREAMING BIG GMS Boys Cross Country team wins IESA State Championship


GHS Academic Enrichment Program


Building Trades House: the progress


Deck The Halls!

Madrigal Singers fill the community with beautiful music


Then & Now: High School COOP program Success stories from GHS Cooperative Work Study program


A BOY & his camera

Ryan Zum Mallen (Sr.) and the Green Zone Sports show

38 A Day in the Life of GHS Office Staff 40 Teamwork. GHS Gymnastics team partners with Geneseo Park District



on the cover

Deck The Halls! Pictured: Allison Yerkey, senior “Madrigal is more than the most festive and traditional extra-curricular in the school-it brings the students, their parents, and the community together to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. I love it!”

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opportunity On behalf of the Board of Education and the entire School Community, I would like to welcome you to the Winter Edition of Leafprints Magazine. In this edition, we highlighted some of the opportunities that are afforded the students of Geneseo District #228. What makes these opportunities different is they are an extension of the school day. We believe it’s our charge as a district to create an excitement for learning in and out of the classroom. As you will see in this edition, we have an extremely talented Madrigal cast that perfected their talents to entertain at the holiday season. Our Middle School cross country team had great success and learned the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. We have Lego competitions, robotics clubs, Scholastic Bowl and even Ping Pong Club all to excite and enhance student learning. How many schools have their own radio station and “ESPN” style weekly sports highlight show? We as a District are proud of our student’s accomplishments and amazed by the amount of talent these young people have. Thank you to all the Administration, staff and parents that make these kinds of activities happen. That’s the culture that makes Geneseo District #228 great. Please enjoy this edition of Leafprints magazine. With Maple Leaf Pride,

Douglas Ford

Douglas W. Ford, President Geneseo District #228 Board

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FFL Control Freaks Front Row (L-R) Elizabeth Roodhouse, Hannah Hogue, Vincent Chan, Carson Chasek Middle Row Ben Urbaniak, Logan Loitz, Marissa Keogh, Ava Bieneman, Chase VanKlaveren Back Row Kathy Heller, Lyndsey Shehorn, Matthew Eggen, Anne Ryerson, Michelle Craig

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Meet the

Control Freaks! The Control Freaks are the Geneseo School District’s first FIRST LEGO League team, and this group of 5th graders is showing everyone that engineering can be cool! FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is a robotics program for 9 to 14 year olds designed to get children excited about science and technology - and teach them valuable employment and life skills, all while having fun! How fun? It’s so fun that over the last few months, these students have given up two evenings a week for team practice, where they work on their robot designs and their project. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings this fall, these 10 students from all three elementary schools have been hard at work on this year’s FLL Challenge. There are three elements - the Robot Game, Project, and FLL Core Values – which make up the yearly FLL Challenge. In the Robot Game, teams program an autonomous robot to score points on a thematic playing surface. For the Project they create an innovative solution to a problem. And all the while they are guided by the FLL Core Values. For this year’s project, teams were asked to research a problem facing seniors today and develop a solution to that problem. After meeting with the residents of Liberty Village, the Control Freaks learned that sometimes when using a walker, it can be hard to see curbs, ramps, and other obstacles in their path, especially at night. Armed with this information, they designed the “Sidekick Walker,” an innovative walker with LED lights that light up the area in front of the walker. On December 15, the Control Freaks participated in a Regional Qualifying Tournament held in Rock Island. At the tournament, they received the “Rookie Team Award”

FLL Core Values We are a team. We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors. We know our coaches and mentors don’t have all the answers; we learn together. We honor the spirit of friendly competition. What we discover is more important than what we win. We share our experiences with others We display Gracious Professionalism© and Coopertition© in everything we do. We have FUN!

for the best new team, and finished as one of the top four overall teams to earn a trip to the Illinois State Competition in January. We’ll be cheering on the Control Freaks as they go up against the best teams in Illinois, and prove once again that engineering is awesome. Anne Ryerson, FLL Mentor leafprints | 9

Engineering is

“We’ve had a great experience in First Lego League. Our team is very energetic. We’ve work hard every Tuesday and Thursday for the last three months. We had a lot of fun working together as a team and problem solving. We learned a lot about each other over the past few months. We believe FLL is a great way to prepare us for our future. We have done great at our competition. We were one of the only four teams from Rock Island area to go to state.

-Ava, Ben, Carson, Case, Elizabeth, Hannah, Logan, Marissa, Matthew, and Vincent 10 | leafprints

awesome. We won the rookie award. That means we did the best out of the eight rookie teams. We’ve had a great year so far and we hope to advance to nationals. If we don’t we are still happy and proud of our accomplishments.”

For more information about FIRST LEGO League, scan this code with your smartphone.

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As kids, we can Marissa K Ke e o g h, S o u thwe st 5 5th th g r ra d e:

I loved meeting new people and prog programming the robot.It was fun to hav have the challenge of making the rob robot go the perfect length or turning t the robot perfectly. It was also fun to build everything out of Legos. I made 9 new friends this year! M a tthew Eg g e n, M i llll i k i n 5th g ra d e:

My favorite thing that I did in i FLL was working on the presentation presenta and working on the brochure for the presentation. I also liked making the models for the robot game. Ava B i e n e m a n, M i l l k i n 5th g ra d e:

My favorite thing I did in First Lego League was meeting new friends and finding out how to fix problems. I also like doing the skit to advertise our walker. I learned that as kids we can do a lot.

12 10 | leafprints

H a n n a h H o g u e, N o rth s i d e 5th g ra d e: I think that FLL is a great way to combine great minds with problem solving and robotics. I have made many friends and think that FLL is an amazing opportunity kids to learn what people can do when they try hard. E l i za beth Roo d h o u se, N o rth s i d e 5th g ra d e: The thing I liked best about FLL is how everyone worked together and acted as a team should. I also liked Working with the robot. Great learning experience! C h a se Va n K l a ve re n, S o u thwe st 5th g ra d e:

My favorite thing about FLL is building the robot arms. I think it was challenging to program the robot to go the right distance and to turn the right amount.

V i n ce nt C h a n, S o u thwe st 5th g ra d e: FLL was very fun.I enjoyed programming the robot. The hardest part was to make the robot go to a certain place.

do a lot. Lo g a n Lo i t z, M i l l k i n 5th g ra d e:

The thing that I liked about FLL is when I got to work on the play. I also liked when I got to work on the brochure. The last thing that I liked about FLL I was when I got to work on the strength test for the robot table.

C a rso n C h a se k, M i l l i k i n 5th g ra d e:

I think the hardest part about FLL was to assemble the robot.The easiest part was to help build our set for skit.

Be n U r b a n i ak, N o rth s i d e 5th g ra d e: I like working with other kids my age. I loved working especially on the play because I get to move all the props. I liked building the attachment that we used for the bowling. The next thing I like about FLL was building the sets for the table. The last thing I liked about FLL was that I made new friends.

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Millikin Students Annabell Goodwin, Kindergarten Miah Shoemaker, 3rd grade Ava Perrigo, 4th grade Jordyn Seklock, 2nd grade

Fill it up! Elementary students encourage each other to be “Bucket Fillers” To go along with the monthly Operation Character Education Program, Millikin and Northside Elementary Schools have begun a “Fill Your Bucket” philosophy. Bucket filling is a concept taught through a wonderful book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. The book teaches us that everyone has an invisible bucket that we carry with us. When we interact with people our buckets can be filled or emptied based on the words we choose. If we choose to be polite and kind, it fills our bucket as well as the other person’s bucket. If we choose to be rude and mean, it empties our bucket as well as the other person’s bucket. We refer to people who fill buckets as “Bucket Fillers” and people who empty our buckets as “Bucket Dippers.” Bucket Fillers fill buckets by using good manners, smiling at others and essentially being nice. Bucket Dippers dip into buckets by bullying, being rude and mean to others. Millikin has a “Bucket” in their courtyard to collect the names and bucket filling acts. The principal recognizes the students whose names have been placed in the bucket by announcing them during morning messages. Bucket filling has been a tremendous asset in helping launch positive interactions. Teachers help children think about what they might say or do to fill someone else’s bucket. The Bucket Filling initiative has created a positive school environment for all students. Denise Ford, K-5 Social Worker

BEHIND THE SCENES After this photoshoot, a student displayed the perfect example of Bucket Filling. She offered to help a younger student with her untied shoe! Great job! leafprints | 21

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Seriously, did it really happen? State Champions was the only thing left off the checklist. Th is is truly something we will not forget for the rest of our lives. Congratulations on a historic year and I wish you luck in everything you do. Here is a list of our accomplishments this year:

• We had 65 team members - a record for the middle school. • Girls team won 6 meets, boys team won 7. • Megan Coulter & Anthony Bravata won individual titles at meets. • girls team won conference, the 6th in a row. • boys’ team won conference, the 2nd in a row. • Both teams qualified for state. • The girls had the 2nd highest team finish for a middle school team, placing 9th at the state meet. • The boys team won the IESA State Championship. The 1st state title in Geneseo Middle School History and only the 5th state title in District 228 history. The other 4 state titles were in football. Todd Ehlert, Head Coach

18 | leafprints

There are only two words to describe this year’s season. Mind Boggling. Who would have thought that we could win State? With hard work, dedication, motivation, and big dreams, it’s amazing what you can achieve. You can achieve anything to which you put your mind. This whole season our coaches, Coach Ehlert and Coach Schauland, not only pushed us to be the best runners we could be but pushed us to be the best people we could be. Whether it was on the course or walking down the hall, they taught us to respect others, as well as ourselves. For this, I am very thankful. It has inspired me to be not only a better runner but to be a better person. At the beginning of the season, winning state was just a dream. As Coach Ehlert would say we were “dreaming big.” My fellow teammates and I pushed hard from the beginning of the season to the end. Whether it was running a half-mile, a hard track workout, or running 5 easy miles, we would try our hardest. Although we would mess around in practice, we got done what needed to be done. One of our mottos was “Leave it on the course, no excuses”. At sectionals, we realized this race was very important. It could make or break our season. We proved to ourselves that all our hard work paid off. Not only did it make

the boys’ season, it made the girls’ season too, which made this even more special. Both teams (Boys and Girls) made it to State, our ultimate goal. After a three hour rain delay at the State Meet, we finally had our chance to run. It was a fun-filled muddy race, one I know we all will remember. When the race was over, we headed to hear the final results. It was a very exciting moment when they announced the 2nd place team. We knew we had won and everyone went crazy! On the way home, no one could believe what we had done, even Coach Ehlert was at a loss for words. The memories I have from this incredible season will not be forgotten. Not only did we have a great season, but we also made great friendships. These friendships were not only shared with my teammates, but with other teams as well. Our friendly competition with other teams helped push us to our dream. This season’s success couldn’t have been possible without the help of our two coaches. They believed in us, they inspired us and they taught us to respect ourselves. This is also something that will not be forgotten. Thank you for such a memorable season. Charlie Schlindwein, 8th grade

Champions! Pictured opposite Front Row (L-R) Kyle Sellers, Nathan Soria, Brandon Ramos, A.J. Miller, Charlie Schlindwein Back Row (L-R) Tate Neff, Andrew Benhart, Anthony Bravata, Reed Vanderheyden, Cameron Darin

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Academic Enrichment

Geneseo High School’s daily ASAP period allows students to improve academically

ASAP (Academic Student Assistance Period) is a 24 minute period during the school day that is set up to provide academic remediation and enrichment for core class instruction. Some examples of learning programs that take place during ASAP include, but are not limited to, Silent Sustained Reading, Learning Centers (Math, English, Science, Foreign Language), ACT prep, and Special Education Homerooms.  Silent Sustained Reading is 24 minutes of daily quiet time for students to read a book or magazine of their choice in order to focus over 100 minutes a week reading in an engaged manner.  Learning Centers are core course assistance and enrichment programs set up for students that may struggle, with low course grades or on EPAS standardized testing.  ACT prep is a 44-day rotation program where all juniors will receive specific ACT test preparation before the April exam in the areas tested of Math, Science, Reading, and English.  Special Education Homerooms set up weekly checkins where teacher advisors work directly with our students with disabilities to maximize achievement in individual deficit areas.  Additional programs that Geneseo High School is working hard to promote in the near future during ASAP are: additional classes supported with learning centers, seniors retaking the ACT exam getting ACT prep support, and Enrichment opportunities for Advanced Placement and Honors Course students. Nathan O’Dell, GHS Assistant Principal

ASAP SUCCESS STORIES FROM TEACHERS “I do an ACT bell work everyday and today’s prompt was “Pretend you work for the ACT and come up with your own wrong answer to the question. Then explain why a student might choose your ‘answer’.” A student very proudly proclaimed: ‘I got this Mrs. Hamilton. I learned all about weasels and extremes in Mrs. Bott’s ACT prep class.” - Rachel Hamilton My students used to grumble when they first had to leave SSR to come to my learning center for IEP transition work. However, I’ve had two students share with me that they actually understand their IEP so much better now and can articulate what their disability is and what they need to accommodate for it. I do not hear any grumbling from my students now that they see the value in what we are doing during ASAP. - Michelle Ganson My true success during ASAP is the number of smiles that I have seen on student’s faces while we work on improving skills. I have tried to turn every ASAP into a competition amongst students to truly achieve more. Whether it is a mental math battle or reading comprehension show off, we are having fun while we are learning in ASAP. - Nick McCauley

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Be on the lookout for


of the Building Trades House Project in the Spring 2013 Leafprints Issue!

43 | leafprints

Building Trades House: The progress Geneseo High School students help plan and build a 1487 sq. ft. home in our community.

“The Building Trades Home is progressing well. Right now the students are working on closing everything in for the Winter. Our goal is to have the roof finished as well as windows and doors installed before we leave for break. Windows and doors will be arriving later this week. Currently students are working on finishing the roof. The roof is complex, yet the students are handling it very well. It is great to see them faced with a challenge, think through it, create a solution, and make it work. They are doing an outstanding job. This class is a life changing opportunity for some of our students. Many of them have directly expressed that they will be going into the construction field post high school. Students have even given up Saturday mornings to come in and work on the home at 7:30 A.M. This is a testament to their dedication to learning the trade and their excellent work ethic. They have worked hard this semester and will continue to work hard to ensure the successful completion of the home.� Kyle Bess, GHS Vocational Teacher

leafprints | 23

Com swe close Feet Swee shows Kings! g 24 | leafprints

Madrigal is more than the most festive and traditional extra-curricular in the schoolit brings the students, their parents, and the community together to celebrate


queen Allison Yerkey,

I, believe I’m too silly (I laugh too much) to be a real r queen. However, I think I could be elegant. I would also try to be the most caring, helpful queen I could be for my subjects and the kingdom. “In Madrigal, we all share a fantastic work ethic and the love of music. We sing from our hearts, hoping to enter our listeners’ souls. We all become the best of friends. It’s unlike anything else I have ever experienced.

It makes me want to share this wonderful tradition with everyone in the world!”

the Feet of God. Sweet spring p g full of ed lie; Myy music shows ye y have your y gs, ye y Kings, g ye y Kings! g And kiss the ye Kings! g And kiss the Feet of God. re sweets compacted p lie; Myy music n, Come in, yye Kings, g yye Kings, g yye Come in, yye Kings, g yye Kings, g yye Kings! g And leafprints | 25

The prince p himself is come from heaven. H pomp is prized there. Waye not his crib. T pprince himself is come from heaven. H His ppom is prized there. Waye not his crib. The prin himself is come from heaven. His H pomp p p is priz p there. Waye not his crib. The prince himself come from heaven. His pompp is pprized ther ce himself is com prized there. Wa “I love the fact that I’m a part of something that’s been going on for 33 years. It’s astounding to me to look back at all the people who have given their time to make the madrigal a success and to know that


I’m part of something that big.”

Hunter Kuffel, K

I, would like to think hink I’d make an alright king. I’m not really sure what their job descriptions were, e, but with that tha much money and food all the time, it couldn’t have been all that bad. 26 | leafprints

j jac jack

H T m n z I, Dan Sears, as Lord Chamberlain of the court, am kind yet stern. People respect me and feel comfortable around me. f r m a Nations proclaim him their Lord and th Savior, but Mary S M y will hold him and singg him sleep. Nations proclaim him their Lord and th Savior, but Mary will hold him and sing h S to sleep. Nat their S Savior, him to sleep. N and their S Savi singg him to slee Lord and their S “The warm and jovial atmosphere produced by the cast and decorations during dinner is unforgettable.�

leafprints | 27

Kin ros l mu Kings! g And kiss the Feet of God. Come kiss the Feet of God. Sweet spring p g full compacted lie; My music shows ye have y 28 | leafprints



Lily Kluge, as a Court Jester, am generally silly and employed to entertain our rulers. I put on plays and do tricks, like juggling. I’m funny, clever......and able to get away with a lot!

We are all so lucky to be able to experience any part of Madrigal, but the most amazing thing is being able to spend so much time

making such high quality music with genuinely awesome people.

I don’t know if I can really put into words how special this activity is. We learn so many things that can only be taught through music and the friendships made because of it.

Grace Lillis,

am supposed to entertain I, the lords and ladies, not exasperate them (although exasperating is very fun on my part!) There are a lot of wonderful things that come from Madrigal. One of the best parts, though, is to see people’s faces when they experience the Madrigal dinner for the first time. It’s really spectacular to be able to

impact someone in such a meaningful way.

y Kings! ye g And kiss the d kiss the Feet of God. mpacted p lie; Myy music Kings, g yye Kings, g yye Kings, g yye Kings! g And A box where sweets ust die. Come in, Come in, leafprints | 29

memories My favorite Madrigal memory is practicing the night before the first performance. We all close our eyes and sing from the heart. Though no one can see one another,

our music magically weaves together and sounds brilliant. I cry every year

because of the emotion and love we all put into our music. Allison Yerkey

What I’ll always remember is how much fun every Madrigal performance was. Madrigal is unlike any other theater activity in high school. We are close to the audience and have time to joke and interact with them. Madrigal includes improvisation and that always makes for unique performances. I will never forget the

music we have created either, I have never sung with a group as dedicated and talented. The memories we have made will make me laugh and smile for many years to come. Ryan Zum Mallen

During tech week my sophomore year, Mr. Lacroix was urging us to sound more together as a section and a group. He always has interesting ways to get the desired result. After a run through of the show, he told us to lay on the ground in a circle with our heads in the center and close our eyes. We sang the song....and it was amazing. We weren’t able to rely on watching each other anymore, we had to listen to each other and really feel the music. It was incredible, and I constantly ask if we can practice a section of music like that again! Emma Evans-Peck

Madrigal Seniors

Back Row Dugan Kuffel, Ryan Zum Mallen, Hunter Kuffel, Dan Sears Middle Row Taylor Heppner, Lily Kluge (junior), Grace Lillis Front Row Hannah Johnson, Allison Yerkey, Emma Evans-Peck, Gabby Cooney

leafprints | 31


STACY KEPNER CLASS OF 2003 DENTAL HYGEINIST, DR. FEHLMAN & DR. HIRSCHFELDER STACY’S COOP EXPERIENCE “My experience with the COOP program was amazing. It was everything that I needed it to be. It was nice to have handson experience immediately. It gave me the opportunity to learn about the dental field while fi nishing high school. COOP gave me the ability to decide if dental hygiene was what I really wanted to do with my life. It sealed the deal for me.”


WHAT SHE LOVES ABOUT HER CAREER “What is there not to love about Dental Hygiene?! I love cleaning teeth. The dirtier they are the more fun I have. Not that I don’t encourage good hygiene because I absolutely do! There is just something about getting all of that tarter and plaque off for a patient. I love knowing that their teeth feel so much better afterwards. Plus, their overall health will have improved!” WORDS OF WISDOM “Job shadow! Find a job for COOP that is in the field you want to enter. Sometimes the research you do online is completely different from what the career actually is in reality.”

32 | leafprints

Then & Now: High School COOP Program Cooperative Education (COOP) is a capstone course designed to assist senior level high school students in the development of effective work skills and attitudes through practical and advanced instruction in school and on the job. Students are released from school for half the school day to their paid cooperative education work experience. This year marks the 43rd year that the Cooperative Work Study Program has been offered at Geneseo High School. Many former Cooperative Work Study students are still employed at their COOP training site in the community.

MORE COOP Success Stories

dustin olson




DUSTIN’S COOP EXPERIENCE My experience with Coop allowed me to see the day to day operations for our family farm. I had always seen it on weekends, summers, and holidays but not during our busiest seasons. I have always wanted to farm and working with my Dad through Coop made me realize that this was what I was going to do. During Coop my Dad gave me tasks that I normaly couldn’t do because of school. I rented a farm the year I graduated from High School and started my farming career. WHAT HE LOVES ABOUT HIS CAREER I enjoy everything I do in my career. Not many people can say that. My biggest reward is in the fall at harvest. We work all year to grow a crop or raise a calf and it is neat to see what rewards we recieve in the fall. WORDS OF WISDOM Follow your dreams. Farming is a hard career to get started in. Many people told me to try something different but I knew I wanted to farm. I started driving tractors and helping my Dad at age 8 so it was all I knew how to do. If you have a vision of what you want to do it will happen.

JULIE’S COOP EXPERIENCE My experience with the COOP program was very positive, the job skills of any kind are always a good teacher for any student. The COOP program helped with my career plan because I thought I wanted to have a future with Child Care and Development until I worked at the Geneseo Good Samaritan Village and realized how much I truly enjoyed Geriatric Care. This would have never happened had it not been for the COOP program! WHAT SHE LOVES ABOUT HER CAREER What I enjoy most about my career is the true fulfilment of helping those in need, and playing a vital role in placing those who’s needs are so much that they are unable to be at home any longer. The services that the Genesis Senior living facilities provide are something to be proud of! WORDS OF WISDOM A word of wisdom would be to take advantage of all the experience of any kind provided to you, the more you know, the brighter the future can be!

leafprints | 33

“The Green Zone is a great example of a student initiative. Ryan ZumMallen and I sat down and talked about an idea or a concept. He has taken it to a different level. Each time he and his team has put out a quality product that Geneseo can be proud of.� - Travis Mackey, GHS Athletic Director

34 | leafprints

a boy & his camera Geneseo High School senior, Ryan Zum Mallen, teams up with his friends to create a TV show series starring the Maple Leafs!

the creation of “Green Zone”

Last spring, Athletic Director Mr. Mackey, approached Dylan Dale and me and asked if we would be interested in producing a sports show for the athletic department. I was excited to be presented with such an opportunity, but also a little apprehensive. I knew how much work such a show would take and the responsibilities involved. We talked to our friends, got a crew together, and told Mr. Mackey that we accepted the challenge of creating the show. I started to work on the show during the summer. Hours were spent creating the digital backdrop of the “Green Zone Studio” and putting together the Promo that was released in early August. I’ve had many people ask me how much time is required to create a regular series like Green Zone Sports. It’s important to understand, that, for me, this isn’t work. I love the process from start to finish. From filming the high school’s sporting events to editing the final clips of the latest episode, I’ve enjoyed it all.

The Two-Week Cycle

Production for each episode starts with the GHS weekly calendar. I receive it on Sunday nights and take a look to see what lies in store for the week ahead. I figure out what events I can film, and then I send text messages out to Dylan Dale or Tyler Ford to see if they can pick up the events I will be missing. In this way we can cover almost all home events in Geneseo athletics. The first week of the cycle is spent filming and organizing events. Then on Sunday we film the majority of the episode. Dylan, Tyler, and Hunter Kuffel come to my family’s basement where we film in front of a leafprints | 35

snapshots from episode 6 Participating students: Grant Burress, Dylan Dale, Zach Denney, Shawn DePauw, Tyler Ford, Dugan Kuffel, Hunter Kuffel & Ryan Zum Mallen

green screen the necessary information that we need to get out to our audience. Filming this part is always something to look forward to; the guys are great hosts, and we all have a lot of fun. I spend the next week adding music, game clips, and the effects to the footage. Also added during this time is commentating over game footage; typically, Dylan comes over after school to do voiceovers. However, I feel like we haven’t made a true Green Zone Sports episode until the Sports Tip with Grant Burress has been filmed. I get together with Grant and a guest athlete and we create what is many viewers’ favorite segment. Once all footage is edited and the episode is finally finished, I upload the new Green Zone Sports to YouTube, email Mr. Mackey the link, and receive the schedule for the next week’s sporting events.

ryan’s future

I plan on attending DePaul University in Chicago and studying film and digital media. As of now, I am unsure whether I want to go into editing or actual production, but I am sure that four years in a film program will help me discover the answer to that question. I can’t wait to see what opportunities lay ahead. I’m looking forward to my future at DePaul and (fingers crossed) Hollywood.

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It is reassuring to know that the daily operations of the school are in such capable hands at GHS. Often times, the high school offices are the first and regular point of contact for the stakeholders of District 228. Our office staff does a tremendous job of helping students, parents & staff members, answering questions, providing direction & guidance, and most importantly,

making sure everyone feels welcome at GHS.

Mike Haugse, GHS Principal

Front Row (L-R): Jill Harrington, Tamara DeBisschop, Denise Rushing Back Row (L-R): Julie Stradt, Cheryl Dichiser, Brooke Bailey, Teresa Bowles, Stephanie VanOpdorp

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We have a team of people at GHS who support our students, stud staff and administrators and work to create a safe, caring environment while being effective, efficient, and good stewards of the District’s finances.

In our Main Office, Teresa Bowles manages visitor traffic, phone calls, announcements, student issues, administrator assistance, and more. Stephanie VanOpdorp, the attendance secretary, in addition to other duties, tracks student attendance every period. Our clerical aide, Brooke Bailey’s many tasks include photocopying, scanning, errands, etc. Also in the front office is Julie Stradt, office manager and secretary to Principal, Mike Haugse. Tamara DeBisschop and Cheryl Dichiser are secretaries for Assistant Principals, Nathan O’Dell and Tim Gronski. They manage discipline referrals and activity and maintain reports regarding extra-curricular and parking eligibility, activity fundraising, and Activity Code of Conduct and assist with awards, including Student of the Quarter, academic letters, Elks nominations, and more. Denise Rushing in the Guidance Office helps to create and update student class schedules and the Course Planning Guide. She assists with enrollment and withdrawals, schedules fall parent-teacher conferences, visits from college and military representatives, manages transcripts and records, assists with high-stakes testing, scholarships, senior awards, and more. Jill Harrington, secretary to Athletic Director, Travis Mackey, works with him to handle all aspects of our Athletic Office, including working with other schools, coaches, officials, and volunteers to schedule and oversee all GHS athletic events.  Jill maintains the GHS events calendar and regularly updates the GHS Athletics website with rosters, schedules, directions, and more.

Sports Medicine Services • Athletic Event Coverage • Complimentary Athletic Injury Screenings • Sports Injury Rehabilitation • ‘The Summit’ Sports Performance Enhancement - Team & Individual Programs - Adult Summit & Running Club - Speed Camp To schedule an injury screen or appointment call

(309) 944-9150

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John S. Puentes Owner

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Grocery Dept. 944-6702 540 Pritchard Dr., Geneseo (Just off Rt. 6) Meat Dept. 944-6703 Store Hours: Mon. thru Sat. 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Closed Sundays

Since 1995 the Geneseo Park District and the Geneseo School District have partnered to afford Geneseo gymnasts the opportunity to participate in IHSA competition. Several gymnasts have qualified for sectionals and Geneseo’s Dawn (VerHecke) Carlson qualified for state three consecutive years. Coaches Larry and Chris Ward have provided consistency, leadership and excellence to this varsity sport since its inception. The Park District’s recent purchase of a spring deck floor has been a marked improvement as athletes are able to work more advanced tricks. This new equipment also allows Geneseo to host meets at the Community Center where the team practices throughout the week. The team travels to compete in Illinois and in Wisconsin. Through cooperation and shared responsibilities, the School District and Park District remain focused on the students and the rewarding experience that each gymnast gains by being a part of the Geneseo High School Gymnastics Team. - Molly Hamer, Geneseo Park District Executive Director

team for three years has given me so much to hold on to and remember about my high school career. A gymnastics team is such a unique sport to have for high school athletes at Geneseo. There are no local schools with a gymnastics team, requiring our team to travel long distances to compete. These long distance bus rides have allowed us to experience many memories that make each team unique and unforgettable. One big memory that our team gets to share is hosting a home meet each year. Hosting a home meet requires a lot of preparation, but it is always an exciting feeling when we are performing in front of our family and friends that sometimes are unable to travel to the other meets. Being on the gymnastics team is not only about competing as individuals, but sticking together as a team. Th roughout the past three years, I have learned teamwork always pays off. Pushing one another at practices and always cheering each other on during competitions are ways we display teamwork. When we get to the meets we each know it’s our time to represent Geneseo to the best of our ability. Our team’s positive approach has impacted my life incredibly. Going to practice and seeing each girl improve every time and seeing our team encourage and help one another makes my own positivity increase. Each season our team improves all together and as individuals. Receiving a spring floor and a room just for gymnastics has made a huge difference to our gymnastics team and each girl is extremely thankful for it. All of this, as our team knows, would not be possible without Mr. and Mrs. Ward. They have both impacted our lives in many ways. They coach us in gymnastics, support us in all we do, and set the example of patience and kindness to all.” Emilee Livesay, GHS Junior leafprints | 43 to view photos of district 228 & subscribe to magazine

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Christy Coleman Member since 1989

Doug Ford President Member since 2003

Curtis Frerichs Secretary Member since 2005

Jackie Mickley Vice President Member since 2003

In March, 2007, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills released an updated version of its 21st Century Framework, which encapsulates the outcomes and support systems needed to prepare students for 21st century life. While the frameworks primary focus is forward-looking in identifying the learning needs, in the future it may be less apparent that the framework is bolstered by time-honored learning practice and theory as well as more recent research on the modern workplace.

John Puentes Member since 1999

Barry Snodgrass Alan VanDeWoestyne Member since 1989 Member since 1997

You can learn more about how the State of Illinois is working with the Partnership for 21st Century Skills at this link. tent&view=article&id=197&Itemid=273 or scan this code with your smartphone.

District 228 hopes to respond to both requirements and needs from the State Board of Education, but also from our own local needs and those of a greater nation. While our district prepares for full implementation of the Common Core Standards, and a new era of state testing, we are also cognizant of the need for those traditional pieces of knowledge and information that are required for all students to be successful today and in the future. While we continue to deliver effective instruction in the core subjects, we also look to enhance our ability to create interdisciplinary themes and develop skills for the 21st Century such as greater collaboration, communication, and innovation. We recognize the preponderance and pervasiveness of technology and must constantly strive to incorporate digital means for teaching and learning, because this is where students live. School is definitely much different than it was when many of us were students, but life is also different than it was when many of us were students. It is imperative that those of us in District 228 who work and support students, and their parents, recognize how quickly the world is changing, and we continue to prepare our students for a global workforce that will require new knowledge and new skills.

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Leafprints Magazine {Volume 2, Issue 2} Winter 2013  

A publication showcasing the academics, the arts, the athletics and the activities of District 228.

Leafprints Magazine {Volume 2, Issue 2} Winter 2013  

A publication showcasing the academics, the arts, the athletics and the activities of District 228.