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Extra! Extra! Southwest student reporters create a digital school newspaper


Technology Spotlight: the ActivTable Elementary students take an active role in learning


GMS Life Skills Program


Remembering Grandpa


Wearing the blue,

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Geneseo FFA: Hard Work, Talent & Leadership


Building Trades: Phase 3


A Day in the Life of GMS Food Service Staff


Wrestling “Team” State A season you could have never imagined


District 228: Board of Education



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Pictured: Jacob Miller, senior

“FFA is arguably the most successful program at GHS. It has produced over a dozen state titles, and even a national title. Aside from all the acclaim that the chapter brings to GHS, it also produces some of the best leaders not just within the school, but in the real world as well.”

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growth On behalf of the Board of Education and the entire School Community, I would like to welcome you to the Spring Edition of our award winning Leafprints magazine. Spring is a time for better weather, new growth, and exploring, which is why I think it’s great we highlight our FFA in this edition. We have an excellent FFA program led by Mr. Brian Stahl, an Agriculture teacher at the High School. FFA is about building future leaders, employers and quality citizens for our community. We are thankful for all the many hours Mr. Stahl and others devote to these kids. That’s the way it works in District #228. On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to congratulate our Wrestlers for an amazing run this season. You were quality on and off the mat and for that we say “Well done”. Our wrestlers don’t get second in the state without teachers, parents, coaches and the entire Geneseo community spending many hours in support of this program. So take a walk this spring around the walking track at the Middle School and just spend a few moments being thankful for the quality people in District #228 and the community who invest many hours in each and every student to make them better leaders, employers and citizens. Thanks for your service,

Douglas Ford

Douglas W. Ford, President Geneseo District #228 Board

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In the




Do not be fooled! We are still in Western Illinois and there are no oceans near us. You wouldn’t think that if you walked down the 2nd grade hallway at Northside Elementary School! Using an immersion teaching strategy, the 2nd graders in Mrs. Nelson’s and Mrs. Monier’s class have been studying the ocean and have transformed the hallway into an ocean wonderland with help from their Northside classmates. Travelling down the hallway, you will see various ocean inhabitants including pufferfish, clownfish, eels, see weed, scuba diver stories, sharks, and even hearing whales! The Ocean Unit is a large part of the 2nd grade science curriculum and students study the world’s oceans, ecosystem, ocean layers, predator/prey relationships, tide pools, and pollution. The unit is also incorporated into the entire 2nd grade curriculum, including technology, language arts, art, math, reading and character education. This year, other grades have been invited to participate in the project. The Early Childhood, Kindergarten and 1st grade classes have all joined in to create under-the-sea creatures. The hallway is a calming, quiet, learning environment. Many students go out to the ocean to read, play educational games, do ocean projects, watch an ocean movie or just listen to the waves crashing. Stop in and enjoy this peaceful environment - just stay away from the shark! Ellen Nelson & Tami Monier, 2nd grade teachers leafprints | 9

We can do

big things

when we

work together

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sharing with

friends and family makes you


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Extra! Extra! Southwest student reporters create a digital school newspaper Southwest School is a happening place. From classrooms to specials, the lunchroom to the playground, and students spending time together outside our school doors, Southwest students are busy, busy. One group of these Southwest students is particularly busy bringing the happenings of the school to you! The Southwest Scoop is a team of 19 fourth- and fifthgrade students. These students are exceptional writers with impressive detective skills. They enjoy writing, crating, and creating. They enjoy working on a team. In their free time they seek out news stories and talk to people to dig up information. “The SCOOP,” as it’s known as around here, brings readers a little bit of everything. SCOOP reporters put out a monthly digital issue with summaries of the news in each grade level, teacher trivia and teacher interviews, news from the library, community interviews and community news, book reviews, columns on how to be successful students, and tips for having healthy habits. They write “my turn essays” where they share their opinions and hopes for the world, a parents’ corner, the science times, sports coverage, a “cheers” feature that focuses on spreading good news, jokes, and even a comic. SCOOP reporters also host a monthly writing contest that all students in the school can enter and each issue has a scavenger hunt for things readers can find in the month’s issue. Keep a watchful eye for new and exciting features. These writers are always brainstorming! You can find The SCOOP on the Southwest website under the newsletter tab. We hope you enjoy reading our articles as much as we enjoy writing them for you! Happy Reading! Jenifer Rank, 4th grade teacher SCOOP REPORTERS Abby, Ali, Allie, Charlie, Cora, Ella, Emily, Hannah, Holly, Kailtyn, Kelly, Landon, Marissa, Megan, Nathan, Quinne, Riley, Sylvia, Tannen

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write, write, write! type, type, type! Fourth and fifth graders of Southwest School love to write stories for the Southwest Scoop. When Miss Rank sent out applications for the Scoop I was delighted. It felt so professional because we had to have teacher recommendations and writing samples. As soon as I got the letter that stated I was accepted to write for the Scoop I was overjoyed! Soon, we started writing stories for the whole school. I was glad to have friends and amazing writers on the Scoop. I think the Scoop is great because it shows kids what is going on around school. We write great stories, cartoons, interviews and other fun activities for kids at Southwest.�

- Ella

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Technology Spotlight: ActivTable Elementary students take an active role in learning with interactive tables

“Is that a giant iPad?” many students ask when they see the ActivTable for the first time. Although the ActivTable resembles an iPad on legs, it is actually a multi-user interactive table that promotes collaboration between as many as six learners. Students work together on the table to take an active role in their own learning. The ActivTable’s 46 inch screen provides plenty of room for students to use individual tools to solve problems. The tools include a keyboard, white board, calculator, and web browser. Currently, the software has over 70 educational activities. The activities come with student objectives and are aligned to Common Core Standards. There is also a sound system that is imbedded into the table. The ActivTable empowers students to take a leading role in their own learning. It drives engagement by encouraging students to participate in problem solving activities. Those activities build important 21st Century skills that include: critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Stephanie Rickman, Elementary Technology Coch

The ActivTable has activities for a variety of subject areas. Language arts activities include: Phonics Monsters: an activity that helps students

distinguish between long and short vowels Making CVC Words: students make words using the consonant, vowel, consonant pattern Opposites Bingo: vocabulary skills are improved when students work with antonyms and synonyms Collaborative Storytelling: six students each take a part in creating a short story Newspaper Maker: students work together to design a newspaper *Most activities can be adjusted in difficulty depending on the grade level of the students.

Math activities include:

Addition and subtraction problems Measuring lengths and angles Distinguishing equivalent expressions Multiplication and division activities Fractions

Problem solving Comparing numbers Time Money

Science & Social Studies activities include: Road Trip: students practice map skills while locating different

towns in the United States Space Discovery Timeline: research skills are used to track the

history of space travel Heroes of Science and Invention: students explore the works of

various scientists and inventors leafprints | 17

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GMS Life Skills The Life Skills program at Geneseo Middle School consists of students who require an alternate curriculum. The students are from Geneseo and Galva school districts, and are taught by Mrs. Andrea Hogue. The goal of the curriculum in this program is to promote independence in the functional areas of school, home and community. Classes still focus on math, reading, writing, science and social studies, but provide objectives and activities that foster independence. For example, basic skills, such as money counting, demographic information, and vocabulary used in stores and restaurants, are just a few of the units taught. When possible, practical, hands-on activities are used. Cooking units, tied to social studies and science curriculum, are used to teach basic kitchen skills. Of course, their favorite part of cooking is the eating of their product! Students are mainstreamed into general education settings as deemed appropriate for their academic and functional performance levels, which for each child is individualized. Some students are enrolled in general education sections of homeroom, P.E. and electives (art and music), while others participate in Mr. Kevin Reed’s Adaptive P.E. and Mrs. Sharon Neumann’s Job Skills, which are especially geared toward individual needs. In Job Skills, they complete tasks around the building, like resupplying the vending machines. Enrichment opportunities help the Life Skills students make connections with those outside their classroom. “Fun With Friends” is a weekly mentoring time for these two groups to work cooperatively in activities and create bonds that will follow them into other school settings. The general education students gain a better understanding of this special population. It encourages the general education peers to have compassion and become advocates for others. Once a month, the students and staff attend a special library time at Geneseo Public Library called S.P.E.L.L. (Special People Encounter Library Learning.) In this program, Miss Susan Buchanan-Pierce, director of children’s programs, provides the students with time to explore the areas of the library and familiarize themselves with the services it can provide.

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grandpa Northside 5th grader, Ayden Ristau’s touching essay rewards him with Honor Flight opportunity read Ayden’s essay on the next page

Tell us about what you will experience when you fly on the plane? Ayden: On Thursday, April 25th, I will be going on the Honor Flight as a student reporter with KWQC TV6. During that day, I will be spending time with the different veterans on the flight, taking pictures, asking questions and listening to stories. After the Honor Flight, I will be working with Gary Metivier in the sound booth at KWQC TV6 to make a documentary (with all my stories, pictures, etc) about the flight. It will then be aired on TV! how does this experience make you feel? Ayden: I am really excited that I get to experience this; most people don’t. It makes me really happy in my heart to know that I get to spend the day with veterans that were in the same war as my Grandpa and the same age. It will be like being with my grandpa. if you could spend one day with your granpda, what would you do? Ayden: Well, if I got to spend an entire day with my Grandpa, I know exactly what I would do. We would be flying in his planes! Because that is what he LOVED to do and I love to fly too. We would fly places to go to eat breakfast and meet new people or just fly over Geneseo and do stunts in his plane. I would totally love that! After we got done flying, we would probably just hang out and do things together, he loved to cook, too, and visit with people. I really wish I could of met him, but I know he will be with me in spirit that day. I hope that someday when I join the military I can make him proud.

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I hope some day a long, long time from now, I can meet you and

we can sit on a cloud in heaven and I can hear all about your war stories. You are my hero grandpa!

Dear Grandpa Clyde, I know you have never met me, because you were already in heaven when I was born. My name is Ayden Jarrett Ristau and I am your grandson. You are one of my biggest heroes. I have always wanted to learn more about World War II, my mom told me that you were in the Navy and served in the Pacific Ocean during the war. Since I was very little I have always wanted to join the military myself and sure wish I could talk to you about it. I do know that our family has had a lot of people serve our country and I want to be able to do the same thing when I turn 18. My mom is on the Fire Department just like you were and when she had a friend on the Fire Department come home from Afghanistan, the whole fire department took trucks out on the interstate to salute the soldiers as they drove by in the bus. I stood out there with a flag and waved at them. I asked my mom if they did that when you came home too? She said she doubted it because a lot of the soldiers were not welcomed home by our country during different wars like they are now a days. I think that is sad. There is this flight called "The Honor Flight" and it honors veterans. They started it a while ago. They get to go to Washington DC for the day and visit the war memorials. I have seen a lot about it on the news because my mom and I watch the news during dinner. It makes my mom cry when she sees the veterans because she thinks of you. I think it would be a really great experience to be able to go with them and spend the day with some of the veterans. There are sponsors that get to go with the vets and push them around in wheel chairs (if they need one) and talk/visit with them all day long. It would be like I was with you for the day!!! I think it would be neat because even though I never met you, it would be like getting to hear your experiences and stories from the war. My mom says I am a lot like you because I will talk to anyone and am not shy at all. She said you were the same way, that you loved meeting new people. What kind of questions do you think I should ask them if I get to go? I found your Navy hat in a box downstairs last weekend and it fit my head. I also found your American Flag from your funeral. Mom said you didn't die in the war, but you had military burial when you passed away. Can I keep your flag? Someday I am going to be in the military. I am thinking about joining the Marines, so don't be too upset if I don't join the Navy, ok? I hope some day a long, long time from now, I can meet you and we can sit on a cloud in heaven and I can hear all about your war stories. You are my hero grandpa! I salute you!

Love, en Ayd

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getting the gold. Premier Leadership. Personal Growth. Career Success.

| Geneseo FFA.

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learning to do. doing to learn. earning to live. living to serve.


Kyle Freebern President MY ROLE I am the current president of the Geneseo FFA Chapter. I was elected as vice president for this next year. I represent Geneseo on the Section 3 FFA Officer team. I hold the position as the section historian. I am the “go to guy” when it comes to helping out other people.

MEMORIES My fondest FFA memories are competing at the state level in Ag Sales, Ag Issues, and presently my Emerging Ag Technology SAE record book. I am looking forward to June when I will receive my State Degree at the Illinois FFA State Convention. The State Degree is the highest honor you can receive at the state level. I would also have to say a great memory is attending the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis and seeing all of the blue jackets. It was also a great experience when I attended the Washington Leadership Conference and meeting FFA members from across the country. I will treasure those memories and friendships forever.

FAMILY The Geneseo FFA Chapter is more than an organization, it is a true family. All of the members strive to do their very best and help others to do their best. You don’t have to live on a farm to be a part of this great organization. There are many areas that you can participate in that don’t involve production agriculture. I do not live on a farm, but my mom grew up on a farm and her father was very involved in FFA. 32 | leafprints

Through hearing about those experiences, I knew I wanted to be a part of FFA in high school. Geneseo FFA Chapter has members from all different back rounds. Mr. Stahl helps you to know what area you would like to participate in and supports you every step of the way. Because of the dedication, hard work, and team effort our Chapter is one of the best in the state of Illinois. FFA is one of the greatest things that have happened to me high school. It has made me the person I am today and gives me leadership skills for my future.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS We have fourteen state championships from different events, one national championship, and one state officer with another person trying to obtain a state officer position this year. The Geneseo Ag Alumni supports our Geneseo FFA Chapter more than people know. The alumni members assist the students with projects, judging our contests, college scholarships, scholarships to attend conventions and leadership camps and other support we need.

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Haley Haverback Reporter MY ROLE

I am the Reporter for the Geneseo Chapter. I am the backbone of the communication aspect for the chapter. I take pictures, create a scrapbook, and update the website and Facebook page. I represent the chapter when competing at various Career Development Events.

FOND MEMORIES I have had so much fun throughout the last three years in FFA, so it becomes hard to narrow it down to just one thing. For me some of the most fun memories have taken place in Mr. Stahl’s room. With every award we bring home there are hours and hours of hard work and persistence that went into winning it. I love spending my weeknights selling lawnmowers to my classmates, or making a motion to never have homework. Overall it is those nights that lead to the opportunities and in turn, fun, that goes with winning.

COMMUNITY Many communities have a chapter, yet there are a few things that separate us from the rest. One of those things is an established alumni. A chapter is only as strong as the people who support us. We could not ask for a stronger support system from the community. Another thing is the students. Our chapter has students who want to compete, and want to be successful. We have seen the success from the students who have come before us and try to live up to these high expectations.

OUR SUCCESS FFA is the biggest youth organization in the Nation. The Geneseo FFA Chapter was establish in 1929 and has been successful throughout its course. This becomes obvious when you come into town and see all of the state winning signs from our chapter. Our chapter is very well known for competing successfully in the contests. Many people within the community have little idea what the contests we compete in are. FFA mission statement is premier leadership, personal growth, career success. The contests we compete in allow us to gain these skills in the field of agriculture.

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Eric Johnston Secretary MY ROLE Currently I serve as the Secretary. In the opening ceremonies I state that I “keep a record at all meeting and correspond with other secretaries wherever corn is grown and FFA members meet.” Another important part of being a very active member is regularly participating in CDEs (career development events) such as archery, trap shooting, prepared public speaking, and parlimentary procedure, all of which I participate in. Also, I have a SAE, (supervised agricultural experience) which you do a certain ag related project and keep a record of everything you do and the finances that go along with it. Finally, I am the only member who is going to participate in the State band and hopefully the national band.

MEMORIES    Hands down it is National FFA Convention. 4 days of nothing but FFA was awesome! One activity that is encouraged at national convention is for members to get signatures of other members from other states and hopefully get all 50 plus the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Getting to see Bankers Life Field House in Indianapolis FULL of FFA members and hearing the national ffa officers speak was truly inspiring.

What makes the GHS chapter special? Talent. On the back of our shirts it shows our legacy since 1929 which is 1 state officer, 3 state team champs, 14 state individual champs, 1 national team champion, and 1 national individual champion. All those are pretty high honors. Also, there aren’t many competitions that we go to that we don’t finish in the top three. All of this is thanks to an awesome advisor. Mr. Stahl works more than I care to know to make sure that all of us are the best we can be and more. Having such a great advisor makes a huge difference and is key to having such an awesome chapter.

passion We are a tight knit group of teens who share a passion for agriculture. Our chapter does what it can for our community since our community does so much for us. It is my personal hope that anyone who reads this will take time to think about how important agriculture is in our community and nation. All of us FFA members are committed to making a difference in the world of ag. As for me, I have been elected for president for the 13-14 school year and I am super excited about it. Also, I have set high personal goals and hope to add 1 to 2 of the areas mentioned on the back of our shirts.

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Jacob Miller Treasurer MY ROLE I am currently serving as the chapter treasurer. Along with the chapter reporter, Marcus Gagnon, I am a co-founder and co-chair of the archery club. Along with these responsibilities I compete in many contests.

MEMORIES My fondest memory so far is winning the state public speaking contest my freshman year.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS FFA is arguably the most successful program at GHS. It has produced over a dozen state titles, and even a national title. Aside from all the acclaim that the chapter brings to GHS, it also produces some of the best leaders not just within the school but in the real world as well.

INDUSTRY I think the most important thing to understand about FFA is that it is not a farming organization. It is a leadership organization focused through the agricultural industry (encompassing thousands of occupations beyond farming) which is the most important industry we have.

leafprints | 33

Callie Miller


My role in the FFA is to be a leader, not only for fellow FFA members but also for other classmates and everyone in my community.

MEMORIES My fondest FFA memory - like I could tell you just one! Everything you do in the FFA is a great memory that you will carry with you forever. If I had to pick just one so far I would say the 212 Conference. This is a Leadership Conference for freshman to learn how to be a strong leader for their FFA chapter. We made so many great memories there and met some amazing people from other FFA chapters.  


The Geneseo FFA chapter is very successful because we have an amazing advisor. Mr. Stahl spends every spare minute he has with his FFA chapter. I have never seen anyone, whether it be a coach or a teacher, so dedicated to helping their students get ready for competitions and anything else they need help with, whether it be FFA related or just life related. We also have students in the FFA who are willing to get out there, work hard and do their best at every competition, conference and meeting. Geneseo has an amazing FFA chapter; we do well at every competition we attend. The FFA is a great organization that helps kids learn skills that will help them in the real world.


Accomplishments *

Team: State winning Horse Evaluation Team The Ag Sales Team (Kyle Freebern, Haley Haverback, Jenna Freebern, and Callie Miller) will compete at Nationals in the fall The Trap Team won the Section Contest The Archery Team won the Section Contest Both Greenhand and Varsity Parliamentary Procedure Teams will compete at the District level

Individual: Jacob Miller ranked GOLD with his National Speech Eric Johnston placed first at the Section Prepared Public Speaking Contest and will compete at District Jacob Miller placed first at the Section Extemporaneous Speaking Contest and will compete at District Kyle Freebern received his State FFA Degree Travis Jodts received a scholarship to the 212 Leadership Conference Kolby Haars, Haley Haverback, Eric Johnston, and Kyle Freebern won the Section Recordbook Contest and will compete at District Callie Miller placed 6th in the State Ag Sales Contest Jacob Miller is applying for a State Officer Position

*at the time of print

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Be on the lookout for


of the Building Trades House Project in the Summer 2013 Leafprints Issue!

36 | leafprints

Building Trades House: The progress Geneseo High School students help plan and build a 1487 sq. ft. home in our community.

The Building Trades Home is progressing well. We are on track for completion by the end of this school year. Students have had the opportunity to work alongside HVAC contractors, electrical contractors, and have even been able to follow the natural gas company as they install the natural gas main through the development. Everyday I am amazed by the dedication and hard work that these young men put into completing this house. Everyone shows up ready to work each day. The students have even been willing to give up some Saturday mornings to come and work on the house. This is a testament to their willingness to learn new construction skills. As we get closer to the end of this school year, the students will have the opportunity to work on drywall, flooring, cabinets, and trim work. I would like to personally thank everyone who has donated their time and efforts to make this project possible for these young men. Kyle Bess, GHS Vocational Teacher

! LD


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Our GMS lunch staff have a very busy job providing food to students and staff members each day. They do this job with a smile and are always accommodating to the students. I’m proud of this group and

appreciate the student focus and quality work they produce.

Matt DeBaene, GMS Principal

A day in the life... of a GMS food service team

The sun is not up yet and the dedicated food service employee awakes for another busy day. The GMS Food service Manager, Diana Fisher arrives to a nearly empty building to start preparations for the average 90 breakfasts and 425 lunches served daily to Geneseo Middle School Students. She is assisted by a great team of co-workers, some veterans and other fairly new faces to the department. The food service employee’s day is filled with a variety of tasks. The day starts with breakfast which is an essential part of fueling the student’s bodies so their minds are ready to learn. Jackie Esser also arrives early working with Diana to prepare and serve the students their breakfast. This is followed by the preparation of fresh cut vegetables, green salads, deli sandwiches and fruits for lunch. By late morning the remainder of the team reports to prepare for the lunch rush. Connie Allison, Deanna Danielson, Ronni Goffe, Jo Mapes, Jennifer Milroy, and Erica Stout each have their own areas of responsibility to complete, but are willing to pitch in and help where ever needed. The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) recently had a makeover. While the program has always been under federal and state regulations, with the signing of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids act of 2010 some updated regulations have changed the look of school lunch. Schools are now required to serve more fruits and vegetables and more whole grain rich foods. Geneseo School meals continue to meet tough new federal nutrition standards, ensuring that meals are healthy, well-balanced and provide students all the nutrition they need to succeed at school. Michele Hepner, Director of Food Services leafprints | 39 41

2a IHSA dual team state tournament

wrestling GENESEO 2nd place maple leafs When we first came into the 2012-2013 Wrestling Season we didn’t imagine what was going to happen. We knew we had a lot of good athletes that could do some pretty great things individually. Wrestling is one of the toughest sports both physically and mentally that I have ever been involved in. Wrestling is often considered an individual sport but we proved this year it is both an individual and a team sport. Because of the depth on this team there was never an easy practice, we were always being pushed and in the process we all became better wrestlers because of it. Along the way, between all the long hours of practices, meets and tournaments we became a tight group of guys that would do anything for one another to see each other succeed. Our coaching staff had a great deal to do with our success. They saw potential and they pushed us hard, never let us give up, got down to business when needed but they let us each be ourselves. They are a great group of guys. This mutual respect allowed us to loosen up and go out on the mat and do what they taught us to do and have fun while doing it.

Geneseo was a crazy experience for all of us and one I am sure I will cherish long into the future. Success breeds success and I look forward to next year and coming back with a target on our backs instead of being the underdog.

Bringing home the first non-football boys state trophy to

Nick Verbeck, junior

Look at any group picture of us and the huge smiles on our faces will tell you how it felt to be a part of this wrestling team.

leafprints | 41

106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285

Tumbo Tumbarello Jon Warner Gunner Gaines Hunter Grau Elliot Koster Clayton Kennedy josh Dodge Jarred Bruce Josiah Cropp Joey Medina Cole Hunzeker Ryan Pitra Brandon Mizlo Justin Scott Mitch Miller Lane Akre Cameron Panicucci AJ Marmion Nick Verbeck

Jon Murray, Head Coach Tim Cain, Tom Ferguson, Shane Oleson, Darin Pardoe, John Puls, Tom Rusk, Rich Sheley, Mel Snook, Randy Wolf Assistant Coaches

Look at any group picture of us and the

huge smiles on our faces will tell you how it felt to be a part of this wrestling team. Nick Verbeck

42 | leafprints

Christy Coleman Member since 1989

Doug Ford President Member since 2003

Curtis Frerichs Secretary Member since 2005

Jackie Mickley Vice President Member since 2003

John Puentes Member since 1999

Barry Snodgrass Alan VanDeWoestyne Member since 1989 Member since 1997

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL OF THE YEAR AWARD Mr. O’Dell is very deserving of this award and has shown tremendous growth in his role as Assistant Principal the past couple of years. He has a number of roles and responsibilities that keep him busy and engaged with students and staff throughout the school day and year. Mr. O’Dell has been a leader with the RTI (Response to Intervention) program at GHS and has worked very hard at tracking data and implementing program changes to help GHS students succeed. He has done a tremendous job of leading the special education and fine arts departments the past couple of years. He is constantly looking for ways to ensure that all of the stakeholders in those departments have all of the necessary resources, materials, etc. to be successful. One of the other “hats” that Mr. O’Dell wears is that of Activities Director. Mr. O’Dell works with all of the activity sponsors and directors, ensuring that those students and staff members can be successful in whatever fine arts pursuit they are involved in. Mr. O’Dell has a tremendous work ethic and puts in a lot of hours to help GHS run smoothly. He is a very studentcentered and passionate professional. His dedication to the 44 | leafprints

The new District Unit office is becoming a creative place! This wall of chalkboard panels will become a revolving art installation, showcasing a different display of District 228 art every year. The first masterpiece was created by the district’s art faculty - Joel Delp, Heidi Hamer, Logan Hamilton, Heidi Hernandez, Katherine Marsan and Nicole Walsh.

students and staff of GHS are of great value to District #228, and his contributions to the administrative team on a daily basis have gone a long way in helping GHS improve and our students succeed. Mike Haugse, Principal

We are thrilled to announce that on April 13, 2013, our District will again receive recognition from the National School Board Association as one of the Top 10 Digital Districts in America! This year the District will receive a 1st Place Designation for Districts under 3,000 students. In 2010, the District was 4th, in 2011 the District was 3rd, and in 2012 the District was 6th. This is truly a testament to the District’s commitment, perseverance and professionalism towards using technology to provide inspirational and informational data. The push for excellence that is validated externally by this award is demonstrated internally by the advancement of our website, use of social media, expanding web-based services for parents and staff, and utilizing the technology we have to promote our District through our own devices, not dependent upon the media. Criteria for selection is based upon the ways the District utilizes technology for School Board communication, connecting with parents and the community, availability of information via the website, use of technology for professional development, digital approaches to teaching and learning, and planning for future implementation. The full list of schools will be available at the National School Board conference and more details will be available at that time on the District Website.

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Leafprints Magazine {Volume 2, Issue 3} Spring 2013  

A publication showcasing the academics, the arts, the athletics and the activities of District 228.

Leafprints Magazine {Volume 2, Issue 3} Spring 2013  

A publication showcasing the academics, the arts, the athletics and the activities of District 228.