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Area 15 Chronicle

District 20, Division K, Area 15 Area 15 Annual Contest & Conference 2013 - 14 AGENDA District 20 Governor Vicky Mustafa, DTM Lt. Gov Education & Training Subha Anupindi, ACS/ALB Lt. Gov. for Marketing Yasser Sulaiman, DTM Division K Governor Premlatha, DTM

28th March 2014, Elite Resort & Spa, Muharraq 08:00 am Registration and Socialization 08:30 am Briefing for Evaluation & Humorous Speech Contest 09:00 am Chief SAA introduces the MC

TM Shakeel Ahmed

09:02 am Master of Ceremonies takes over

TM Mona Al Gaith

09:05 am

Banner March

09:19 am Meeting Called to Order

TM Abbas Akbar

Area 15 Governor Abbas Akbar, ACG\ALB

09:20 am Area 15 Contest Chair Address

TM Mohammed Hassan

09:25 am Division K Governor Address

DTM Premlatha N.S

Area 15 Contest Chairman Mohammed Hassan, ACB\ALB

09:30 am Area 15 Governor Address

TM Abbas Akbar

09:35 am MC introduces Evaluation Contest Chair

TM Raghunadha Babu

Area 15 AAGET Hiren Pandya, ACB\CL

09:40 am

Area 15 AAGM Mohammed Hassan, ACB\ALB

10:45 am

Area 15 Humorous Speech Contest

11:40 am


Area 15 Secretary TM Buhran Moiz, CC/CL

12:40 pm Briefing for Table Topics & International Speech Contest

Area 15 Evaluation Contest

10:40 am MC introduces Humorous Contest Chair

TM Shaukat Lokhandwala

01:00 pm Chief SAA introduces the second MC

TM Shakeel Ahmed

01:02 pm Master of Ceremonies takes over

TM Fatima Fakhro

01:05 pm MC introduces T.T Contest Chair

TM Mathew Issac

01:10 pm

Area 15 Table Topics Contest

01:55 pm MC introduces Int’l Contest Chair 02:00 pm

TM Ahmed Al Ghayab

Area 15 International Speech Contest

03:15 pm Vote of Thanks

TM Hiren Pandiya

03:20 pm Awards and Recognition Ceremony

TM Shakeel Ahmed

03:55 pm Closing Remarks by Area Contest Chair

TM Mohammed Hassan

03:59 pm Adjournment of meeting

TM Abbas Akbar

Chief Judges : TM Emarilyn Quitevis, DTM Ahmed Rizvi

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. - Henry Ford

District 20 Governor Speaks

District Governor’s Message Victoria Ferrer Mustafa, DTM, MDC, CIPT Area 15 March, 2014 Warmest Jordan!




It is my pleasure to give a message and be a part of the historic contest for the Area 15. It is a proud moment for the leaders and members. We shall be choosing the best among the best! We all had joined this wonderful movement for a reason- to improve our communication and leadership skills.

DTM Victoria Mustafa

After sometime we will realize that we gain something far beyond that. We will meet friends who have the same goals as we do and they will become our extended family! We will learn how to be mentors in an unselfish way. We will be able to arrange our schedules in a balanced way through proper time management. We will discover that we are not alone in this quest for knowledge and skills.

Dear leaders and members let us learn and enjoy the communication and leadership journey through Area contests. I believe that whoever experiences the magic of Toastmasters will never look back and instead would say” I wish I knew about Toastmasters before.”

In participating in Area Contests we are able to challenge ourselves- to be a better speaker. We become the role models for others to learn from. Let us not forget that all contestants emerge as winners. You have the opportunity to set a higher standard for yourself. And that is what contests are all about –“raising the bar” every time it is held.

Congratulations to Area 15 Governor Abbas Akbar and his dynamic team. I wish all the leaders and members of Area 15 the very best! Kudos to the winners and contestants! Thank you to all the role players! - Victoria Ferrer Mustafa, DTM, MDC, CIPT District 20 Governor

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. - Confucius

District 20 LGET speaks

Fellow Toastmasters Greetings from Doha, Qatar "Seize the day and make the most of every opportunity. Be proactive and make a difference today." author unknown. While the past may give you lessons to build on, just remember, constant focus is on the moment right now, as you prepare to tackle the unknown. Success, rewards, accolades, fame, and fortune are merely byproducts for those who are able to seize the moment - not those who look beyond it. The fruits of labour are best seen in the process to achieving these goals and succeeding in what you intend to do at this moment, rather than the final goal itself. Congratulations for seizing the moment and achieving President’s Distinguished Area so early in the Toastmasters year... Mobrook to three clubs Bahrain TM, MJS TM & Krypton Advanced TM for achieving Select Distinguished Club status. Three Cheers for forming a new club Indian Academy TM and finally Bohra TM for becoming one of the Top 10 clubs with highest education awards (13) per 7/1 base membership. Fellow Toastmasters the very fact that you are here shows that you are a great enthusiast of learning. So, Seize the moment and witness the best of the best competing against each other. Seize the moment and learn Communication skills, from the more prolific and proficient speakers. Seize the moment and learn leadership skills from the organizers, while witnessing this systematically well arranged memorable event.

TM Subha Anupindi Contestants, you are the best. The best own the moment rather than let the moment consume them. To seize the moment, don’t let your fear define you; let it fuel you…face it and embrace it... Let it be the inspiration that wins you that trophy. Your belief in yourself, the ability to stand in the moment is greater than any score, performance, or outcome. You are the winner irrespective of whether you are the trophy holder or not. The simplicity of giving yourself to the moment and trying without heed for the outcome: Win or Lose... puts you in the forefront to achieving those goals that you set for yourself. Win and you're there, lose and you learn to better yourself to get there. You are still on the path to greatness. Remember, you are one step closer to the perfection you are seeking. You know what not to do next time and what would better your performance by witnessing the more accomplished speakers. So live a little, live in the present “now”.... Seize the moment and enjoy your contest to the fullest extent.

- Subha Anupindi, ACS/ ALB Lieutenant Governor - Education & Training, District 20, Toastmasters International

Words of Wisdom

Dear Area 15 Members,

TM Abbas Akbar

Warm Greetings!! I express my hearty congratulations to the Area 15 Governor AG Abbas Akbar & his Area 15 Council, Area15 Contest Chair TM Mohammed Hassan and his committee members; and also to the Toastmaster clubs in the Area. DTM N.S Premlatha The difference between Champions and Winners is that: winners stop once they excel, but champions, their journey has just started! - Abbas Akbar

Area15 is a unique blend of different clubs and so proud to watch that all through the year, there are lot of activities going on in Area 15 apart from the regular meetings viz youth leadership programs, camp special meetings, Advanced speech contests, etc.

Area 15, the House of Champions, was a huge mammoth responsibility when the term begun, not knowing how everything just kept falling into place, and today its time, yet again, to celebrate CHAMPIONS.

I wish all of you to enjoy and truly learn in your toastmaster journey to the fullest in the future too. I request all upcoming leaders to utilize every leadership opportunity that comes across and prove yourselves.

My dearest members, backbones and movers of Area 15, lets congratulate our Contest Chairman, TM Mohammed Hassan to have taken up this mammoth event, and justifying its success totally. I owe each of my 5 clubs a great piece of Appreciation, because of whose efforts we have been Presidents Distinguished Area already.

Its remarkable to quote that last year all the division winners were from Area15 and this year, as on date, Area15 stands first in the educational awards in the dist 20 with skyrocketing results... stunning!

I would also like to thank my mentors: DTM Shaukat and DTM Zulfikar, TM Asrar and TM Maisa without whose efforts, push, and continuous support; this journey would not have been possible.

We, the division K council wish this wonderfully arranged Area15 conference 2014 a great success! -

Area 15: Let’s Seize the Moment, and shine, shine bright. - Abbas Akbar Area 15 Governor

Premlatha N.S, DTM Division K Governor District 20

Anyone whose goal is 'something higher' must expect someday to suffer vertigo. What is vertigo? Fear of falling? No, Vertigo is something other than fear of falling. It is the voice of the emptiness below us which tempts and lures us; it is the desire to fall, against which, terrified, we defend ourselves. - Milan Kundera

Area 15 Contest Chairman Speaks “ You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.” ― William W. Purkey— Today we get together to make our area the most distinguished area in the whole earth. We will compete like there are no judges, we will be together no matter our differences and we will sing and speak like every one enjoy, and we will think we are in heaven not earth to seize the moment. I would like to wish the best of success to our area contest and to the participants; also I would like to thank our division governor DTM Premlatha and our area 15 governor TM Abbas Akbar for their continuous support for the contest and for me. Also I would like to thank my team , TM Khalifa Ahmed the head of education, TM Hiren the head of marketing and PR, TM Mohammed Abdeen the head of Finance, TM Raghunadha the head of logistic and TM Suresh the head of registration. Dear leaders, lets learn, teach, encourage, motivate and enjoy. Good luck to all - TM Mohammed Hassan, ACB/ ALB Area 15 Contest Chairman

I wish the Area 15 Conference A fantastic success, and more over to our Area Governor – TM Abbas and the Area Contest Chairman – TM Mohammed Hassan. - DTM Zulfikarali Moiz President – Bohra TMC

Words from Area 15 Presidents "Success will not lower its standard to us. We must raise our standard to success." - Rev. Randall R. McBride Our success in Bahrain TM is seen when we support, help, encourage, and motivate each other in a friendly positive family atmosphere, when we learn from each other and we share with each other. And this is the result of our great family, which makes BTM a club of success since it was established back in 2002 and since that we get a 10 on 10 DCP yearly. Our aim not only being the president distinguished club, but also to make our club members feel proud that they are a part of this family. Also BTM always make sure to put its magical touch on each area and division contest, not only by making the champions but also participating in the organizing committees.

TM Mohammed Hassan

Having such a great history, we aspire to keep improving the quality of the club to make sure that our standers is always "success standers". -

TM Mohammed Hassan President – Bahrain TM

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

TM Hiren Pandiya TM Elamurgu TM Raghunadha

It gives me great honor & immense pleasure to address you (the Fellow Toastmasters in the Area 15), on the occasion of the Dream Event (Area Contest 2014). Indeed we have come a long way by learning, sharing & leading every moment, thought, idea and nurturing the proficiency of our co-members. By sharing our strengths with our co-members, we got what we wanted “Our Growth” “Dreams that seem impossible can be realized by doing what is necessary & possible with Determination & Persistence”. We just did this and together we witnessed so many achievements. Examples include KAT being recognized as the leading Advanced Club in the Island, KAT always leads in awards & accomplishments, KAT is considered a resource centre for clubs that need help in their growth plans, KAT has a proven track record of conducting its signature events (Kryptostar, KATAC etc.).

Dear Area 15 Family Members, I am privileged to get an opportunity to communicate with you through the medium of the Area 15 Newsletter. I congratulate Area 15 clubs for the progress made on DCP so far. It is a great honor for me to lead a Corporate Club like MJS TM as well as be a part of Area 15 Excom as an AAGET for the term 2013-14. There is no alternate to hard work to achieve success. I am sure, with lots of hard work going into planning & execution, Area 15 Contest will be a grand success. With a meaningful journey of last 4 years and 9 months, now MJS Toastmasters has an ideal blend of experienced and fresh toastmasters which makes it special. For the year 2013-14 we set a simple but optimistic theme “Toastmasters…. Strive for the excellence”. I take this opportunity to convey my heartily thank to Past District Governor and my mentor DTM Philip D’Mello, Div K Gov - DTM Premlatha, AG Abbas Akbar & all the members of MJS TM for the guidance and co-operation. - TM Hiren Pandiya - President – MJS TM Club

There are so many people that I would like to thank for this, from previous committees to all the club members (past and present), who have made Krypton Advanced Toastmasters a flourishing and exciting place for us to improve our communication and leadership skills. “We are dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants.” - Raghunadha Babu President – Krypton Advanced TM

Greetings from The Indian Academy TM. We at Indian Academy Toastmasters Club have begun well and are privileged to participate in this year's Area 15 contests. Our Club mentor DTM PB Dinesh has been busy preparing the Five contestants for the all the categories. With five regular club meetings and 2 DCP goals met, we also have 5 contestants geared up for the Area 15 contests. We wish the contestants, assignees and organisers, all the very best. - TM Elamurgu President - Indian Academy TMClub

Area 15 Champions

Evaluation Contest

Area 15 Achievements (2013 – 14)  All 7 out of 7 officers completed the COT Training in July and December.  Chartered a new club on 31st January 2014, namely Indian Academy Toastmasters.  Produced 4 DTMs this year, the first 4 DTMs of

TM Omar Adel

TM Taher Saeed

Division K.  3 out of 5 clubs have already achieved the “Select Distinguished Status”.  Achieved the “Presidents Distinguished Area” status on 20.03.2014

TM Asrar Merchant

TM Maisa Abbas

Humorous Speech Contest

TM Vilas Deshmukh TM Sathish Kumar

TM Dilip Jain

TM Ahmed Al Aradi

TM Maisa Abbas

TM Khalid Amin

TM Ossama Jabri

TM Asrar Merchant

TM Dilip Jain

TM Jitendra Hate

TM Suresh S

TM Bhumika Son

TM Jaishankar

TM Narayanasamy K TM Sudhir Bangalore

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success. - Swami Vivekananda

Area 15 Champions

DTMs of Area 15 (2013 – 14)

Table Topics Contest

DTM Shaukat DTM Premlatha

TM Mohd. Abdeen

TM Zulfikarali M

TM Ebrahim S

TM Shaukat L

TM Vilas Deshmukh

TM Jitendra Hate

TM Dilip Jain

TM Babu R

TM Suresh S

TM Sudhir Bangalore

DTM Zulkfikarali DTM Khalid

International Speech Contest

TM Suja Al Zayer

TM Mohd. Hassan

TM Vilas Deshmukh

TM Maisa Abbas

TM Burhan Moiz

TM Godley Shaji

TM Khalid Amin

TM Jaishankar

TM Bhumika Son

“Make a pact with yourself today to not be defined by your past. Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn't what you get for it, but what you become for it. Shake things up today! Be You...Be Free...Share.” ― Steve Maraboli

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Newsletter, March 2014

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