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January 2012


Reflections As I sit here at home working at my laptop from my kitchen table, I look out the window and I see the gentle breeze moving through the pine trees outside. The branches bob up and down as if conducting the winter wind orchestra. The sun is shining bright on the brown and dormant grass, trees, pastures and plants as they lie in wait, preserving themselves until the spring season unfolds. I am warm and comfortable. I have prepared for the winter season by filling the propane tank, cleaning and maintaining the furnace, recently added insulation to the attic and prepared the yard, shed and our outdoor animals for the winter. From experience, we know that the fall season will lead to winter and we needed to prepare. I also reflect on myself and my work skills. How prepared am I to meet the jobs and tasks that I see coming? Do I need to focus more on delegation, organization or the basics of communication and time management? Do I have the resources and support that I need for the upcoming workload and projects? If not, what do I need to do to secure them? What about you? Do you have the tools that you need for the New Year? Looking ahead and planning is what has made mankind prosper. We need to be able to determine what is needed to keep us safe and warm during a harsh Iowa winter or what is needed to tackle a work project and complete it successfully. Our families, neighbors and communities help us with the Iowa winter planning. Toastmasters International manuals, your home club, and Area, Division and District are also tools that help you hone your work skills. Another tool to assist you in your preparations is the Toastmaster Leadership Institution sessions scheduled for January and February. Inventory your tools. Are you prepared? Could you be better prepared? Can you add to your tool collection? There are great resources available to you at the Toastmasters International website at For information about the District 19 resource center (bookstore), contact Cliff Scherrer Sr. at dtmcliff@ And don’t forget the District 19 Lending Library. Contact District 19 librarian Caryn Young at

--from the district governor LeAnn Blankenburg District 19 2011-2012 Public Relations Team Public Relations Officer/Diane DeBok Database Coordinator/Michelle Lessmann

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Webmaster/Ann Mangan Transmitter Editor/Beth Simmons

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Toastmaster Resolutions Kelly Nielsen, Lt. Governorof Marketing

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It’s that time of year for reflection and planning for the future. Some of us make personal New Year’s Resolutions. What is a resolution? I think of it as creating a goal, something to push me into my better self. What do you think a resolution is? states a resolution means determination, strong will. It’s having the courage to make a decision then using your energy, fortitude, perseverance and willpower to make it happen. It sounds simple. It just takes you to make it happen. Now let’s think about your clubs. Has your club made a New Year’s Resolution? No? Why not? We are moving into a new calendar year and you are in the middle of your Toastmasters year. Now is the perfect time to reflect on what your club has accomplished and what your club wants to accomplish by June 30, 2012. I have heard many of us are wondering, “How do I get new members?” Great question. You also want to accomplish this resolution in a cost effective manner. What are inexpensive ways to get the word out about your club? Here are some ways to think about: • Word-of-mouth (What is your two-minute elevator speech about your club?) • Distributing cards, fliers, brochures, magazines, and DVDs around your city • Posting information on local bulletin boards, in newspapers, and in magazines • Publishing public service announcements in local media such as radio and public access cable TV stations • Writing articles for local publications, for corporate clubs and other organizations, using internal communication channels You will also want to tailor your message in a way that grabs the interest of potential members. How do you craft an appealing message? Lisa Johnson, author of Mind Your Xs and Ys: Satisfying the 10 Cravings of a New Generation of Consumers, categorizes the combined Generation X and Generation Y as the Connected Generation. She examines the buying behaviors of 18- to 40-year-olds and depicts these “multitasking, constantly upgrading customers who grew up in the Internet era” as people who base their decisions upon ten “consumer cravings.” You and your club are marketing continued p. 16

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Like many of you, I recently wandered through stores in search of the perfect gift for the people and pets on my Christmas shopping list. Occasionally, I saw something that evoked a memory from my past. One day, I stumbled across the Magic 8 Ball. I remember a sibling receiving a Magic 8 Ball as a Christmas gift when I was just a child. It amazed us children how an oversized spherical shaped fluid-filled object dispenses an answer to any question by inverting it with just a flip of the wrist. That got me thinking, “If I could build a Toastmasters Magic 8 Ball, what answers would I put in?” The first answer would be, “The DCP (or Distinguished Club Program)”. And next would be, “Try again later.” Why these answers? We are now in the second half of this Toastmasters year. What lies ahead? New Year’s resolutions, winter club officer training, spring speech contests and the push to make our club distinguished by June 30, 2012 are just a few of the ideas that popped into my mind. “The DCP” or “Try again later”, are answers that are applicable to a number of questions. I often hear someone ask, “If I was already trained as an officer last summer, and I hold the same office all year, why do I have to attend training this winter?” There are many reasons to attend training a second time. First, it reminds us what to focus upon for the remainder of the year. Second, it gives you a chance to network with other club officers throughout the district. Third, if all seven officer positions are trained, your club may win a free registration to the spring conference. The ultimate answer is “The DCP”. Having a minimum of four club officer positions trained during each of the two training periods is one of the 10 goals in the DCP and it is one of the easiest goals to achieve. “Why do I have to give manual speeches?” is another question. First, giving manual speeches is important when working through the Competent Communicator manual. That’s how we learn to accomplish the goals of each of the 10 projects in that manual. Second, each manual project presents us with a challenge while providing at least one means of fulfilling that challenge. Third, speech projects give our evaluators specific areas to consider or examine in order to provide valuable feedback on a topic’s value, quality or importance. continued p. 16

Magic 8 Ball Cliff Scherrer Sr., Lt. Governor Education and Training

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It All Adds Up Diane DeBok Public Relations Officer This is the time of year when we talk a lot about resolutions and goals. This year we’re going to make big changes, right? Maybe, but in doing so, don’t overlook the small stuff. In this issue is a list of Education Awards. How many people from your club are on it? If you’re disappointed when you look through the list, what can you do between now and the end of the Toastmaster year to get a name or two on it? Revisiting a few basics might get you on track. Does your club track members’ progress as they work through their manuals? An occasional encouraging word from the club president or VP/Education can go a long way toward getting members busy again.

Revisiting a few basics might get you on track

What about mentors? All newer members should have one. Mentors don’t have to know all the answers; answers can be looked up. The best mentors are proactive. They pay attention to when their “mentees” are taking on a role for the first time and make sure the member understands how to properly fulfill that role. Mentors also encourage their mentees to try something they might not otherwise consider, like helping with a club contest or the club website.

And don’t forget about the Competent Leadership manual. Are your members working to get a CL behind their names? Too often, this is overlooked. Credit is given for activities and roles like Table Topics Master, General Evaluator, and (guess what?) Mentor, among others. And finally, do you observe protocol at every meeting or are you letting things slide a little? This isn’t something that directly gets us on an awards list, but it influences our performance. Paying attention to formalities influences us to take meetings more seriously. It makes us better leaders. In other venues, we notice and appreciate well-conducted events thanks to the protocol we learn in Toastmasters. These are just a few ideas. They might seem mundane, but it’s worth it to sweat the small stuff. In the end, it all adds up.

the district 19


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District 19 Fall Conferen

District 19 Lt. Governor Marketing Kelly Nielsen interviews Brian Fitzpatrick of North Dodge Toastmasters #878932 in Iowa City, Iowa, winner of the Humorous Speech Contest.

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nce, Cedar Rapids, Iowa District 19 Lt. Governor of Education and Training Cliff Scherrer Sr. (l) and District 19 Governor LeAnn Blankenburg (r) with Duane Corpe of Crossroads Storytellers 1443 in North Liberty, Iowa, winner of the Evaluation Contest.

the district 19


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District 19 Fall Conference, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Clubs take part in the Parade of Banners at the 2011 Fall Conference.

the district 19


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Hilltop Invitational Contest Michael Anderson, DTM, Marion Sunrise Club; Peggy Hansen, CC, Burlington Area 6628; and Julie Reuter, ACB, ALB, Hawkeye 617 On November 16, a group of Toastmasters gathered for the Annual Hilltop Invitational Contest. The Hilltop Toaster Club #7889 is made up mostly of inmates of the East Moline Correctional Center. Obviously, this is a group that cannot attend Area or Division contests, so the club hosted its own contest. Nearly a dozen "outside" Toastmasters, led by Division E Governor Don Wadleigh and long-time club advisor The Hilltop Gil Norris, met outside Toaster Club the East Moline #7889 is made Correctional Center. We went through up mostly of security and inmates of the then arrived at the chapel, the site East Moline of the contest. Soon, Correctional the Hilltop Toastmaster Center. members joined us in the chapel. They welcomed us and thanked us for coming. As club members and outsiders were setting up, a group of 25-30 additional inmates arrived as guests. Everyone was surprised at the number of attendees. We enjoyed watching the faces of the club members as they truly were overwhelmed at the stream of guests who came through the door. Many of the men in attendance were very outgoing, coming up to shake hands and introduce themselves. Throughout the evening, the majority of these men showed a determination to change. They were eager to learn and were looking for direction. These prisoners were eager to learn more about Toastmasters. Even before the contest started, they asked questions. When was Toastmasters founded? What is Toastmasters? How can Toastmasters help me? When does Toastmasters meet? How can Toastmasters help me transition once I leave prison? How do I join Hilltop Toasters?

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The contest chair, Ramiro Rodriguez, did an amazing job of keeping the contest running smoothly. The speech contestants included Hilltop members LaDural Bond and Cruz Rivera and outsiders Reginald Williams, DTM and Michael Anderson, DTM. All four speeches were of great content and inspirational to everyone in the room. All involved in the contest put forth a lot of effort to make this contest a huge success. After the contest, while everyone enjoyed cake (a special treat for the inmates), the group talked about the contest and Toastmasters. Several, for example, offered comments to Mike about his speech. They mentioned not only his message, but the communication elements they could immediately apply such as delivery, gestures, and confidence. It wasn't the big picture, abstract concepts they were most interested in, but rather the concrete skills. The hearts of the Hilltop club members seem to be looking forward. It was an impressive group of men who were as interested in growth and selfimprovement as any other Toastmasters group. These Hilltop Toasters have plans for the future, and they see Toastmasters as an important part of helping them to find a new path. Once they are released, members plan to be ministers, drug abuse counselors, engineers, and developers of a Boys and Girls Club type institution. These men have great potential if they can stay on track once they are released. They see how Toastmasters is helping them and how it can continue to be a benefit to them once they are released. For us visitors, it was an opportunity to see Toastmasters at its best, as a vehicle for hope and growth. This club has a mission, and continuing the legacy of the Hilltop club is important. If you would like more information about the Hilltop Toasters Club, would like to donate Toastmasters materials or would like to make a monetary contribution to support the club, contact Don Wadleigh, R.R.1, Box 201, Oquawka IL 61469 or Gil Norris, 2623 34th Ave. Ct., Rock Island IL 61201.



The CONscious Communicators Toastmasters club at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison, Iowa is a remarkably well-organized club in a very challenging environment. Working within the limitations of maximum security incarceration, and with few resources, they conduct club meetings, publish a regular newsletter, organize activities (including an annual awards banquet, speech contests, thematic debates, etc.), conduct an ongoing fundraiser to help pay membership dues, and even manage to offer a helping hand to those on the outside. Recently, the club sponsored a poetry contest. According to Betty Krueger, participants were invited to contribute original poetry about the value of communication in prison life. There were 21 entries, nearly all from inmates who had not yet joined Toastmasters, indicating broad interest in language and communication throughout the facility. “The talent and sophistication of the entries was stunning and commented on by all of the outside judges,” said Jean Symington Craig. “I was a judge and had a very difficult time even eliminating on a first pass.” The five winners, whose entries were chosen by eight outside judges, will be invited to the January 7 meeting to receive their awards. In addition to being a creative outlet, the poetry contest has been an engaging recruitment tool. The club has already signed up eight new members for the year. In October, the club made an exciting announcement about another initiative. The CONscious Communicators’ fundraiser, through which snack foods are sold to the rest of the Maximum Security inmate population, has been so successful as to enable the club to offer an annual scholarship award to prospective students at Southeastern Iowa Community College in Burlington, Iowa. An announcement about the award published in the club’s newsletter stated, “The award’s targeted audience is former inmates of the Iowa Department of Corrections, or the immediate family members of current or former inmates. The $500 yearly restricted award will be directed at students who are contemplating enrolling in the school’s communication program. The club’s members are excited to be a part of this inimitable endeavor.” Club members are glad to offer this opportunity to those who need assistance and also look forward to promoting their club, the institution, and the Toastmasters program. CONscious Communicators declared September 2011 as Toastmasters Month and created a proclamation to make it official. The proclamation and the August 2011 newsletter are included in this issue of the Transmitter. Be sure to have a look at these well-designed and well-written pieces.

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TLI Sessions – Winter 2012 Toastmaster Leadership Institutes (TLIs) are offered twice a year within each division to train club officers. If you are a club officer, be sure to attend. You will learn how to carry out your responsibilities and can share ideas with other officers in your division. Also, having as many of your club’s officers trained as possible can help your club meet the goals necessary to achieve Distinguished Club status. Keep an eye on the District 19 calendar on the D19 website and watch the Updates for additional TLIs and makeup sessions. Divisions D and C Saturday, January 28 10:45am – 1:00pm Oakwood Road Church 2400 Oakwood Road Ames, IA 50014 Registration at 10:30 am Contact: Dayna Weltzin at 515-250-4824 or Division E Saturday, February 4 Butterworth Center, 1105 8th St. Moline, IL 1-3 pm Contact: Divisions D and C Make-up session Monday, February 6 Urbandale Public Library Conference Room 3520 86th Street, Urbandale, IA 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM RSVP to Erik Johnson at

Session Hosted by Johnston Club: Thursday, February 16 Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. (check in at entrance), Carver Center Room 1D 7000 NW 62nd Avenue Johnston, IA 50131 Sign-in begins at 5:15 p.m.; training 5:30-6:45 p.m. Pre-registration required by company policy. Contact Shai Lawit at 515-535-4420, or shai. Include name, TM club name/ company, phone number, and email address. On same day, call recepƟonist at 515/535-4500 unƟl 5 p.m. Contest Information Area 32 Contest Wednesday, March 21 St. Luke’s Resource Center Cedar Rapids, IA Contact: Paul Wood at

Cliff Scherrer Sr. continued from p. 4 Again, the ultimate answer is, “The DCP”. Achieving Competent Communicator (CC), Advanced Communicator (AC), Competent Leader (CL), Advanced Leader (AL) and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) awards are six of the 10 DCP goals! Others ask, “So why should I enter a speech contest? I never win.” First, speech contests take us out of our comfort zone. Second, if we continue competing in speech contests, our comfort zone will expand whether or not we win. Third, participation in contests gives you a chance to have experiences that you cannot have in your own club.

The ultimate answer is, “Try again later”. Speech contests not only help you become a better speaker and competitor, you are helping the other competitors be better as well. Keep trying until you win. Christmas is past but there is still time to search for that perfect gift for the members of your Toastmasters club. Focus upon the outstanding DCP goals needed for your club to become a distinguished club this year. Then, every time your club achieves a DCP goal, do two things: celebrate the achievement and “Try again later”. Happy New Year!

the district 19


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Kelly Nielsen continued from p. 3 Toastmasters to these 18 to 40 year olds. Knowing how to engage them will entice some of them to become new members. Lisa identifies these ten cravings as: 1. Extreme personalization 2. Adventure 3. Loose connections by way of social networks 4. Intuitive design 5. Helping to sift through the clutter by way of interpersonal editors and filters 6. The rejection of push advertising and the rising influence of peer-to-peer networks 7. Connected citizens explore their creative power and influence change

9. Finding common ground through spiritual hunger and modern media 10. And finally, by giving back through volunteerism and the meaning of contribution Although an entire article could be devoted to the myriad ways all ten of these cravings can be used to better market Toastmasters, what is immediately pertinent is the channel that most engages the Connected Generation—the Internet, and especially social media. By simply leveraging social media services such as blogs, YouTube, Facebook and many other related services, your club can engage those in your own communities by way of media that is already more intuitive to them. You now have some simple ideas to market your club to potential members. You may even have found an idea for a New Year’s Resolution for your club. Have the courage to make a decision then take your energy, your fortitude, your perseverance and your willpower to make it happen. It just takes you to make a change.

8. Delivering “a dramatic sense of theater”

Seth Braun Presents Next Greatest Version by Kelly Nielsen Seth Braun, Past President of Golden Speakers and President of the new advanced club, Speaker’s Trust, is booking speaking engagements over the next 12 months. His tour is called “The Next Greatest Version of America Challenge.” Seth will be doing a 20-stop portion of his tour at clubs in district 19 to promote the distinguished club program, our “Next Greatest Version”. He will bring his latest book, Indestructible Success along for interested Toastmasters. To book Seth as a guest at your club, contact him at or telephone him at 303-443-6543.

p. 18

FreeToastHost Upgrade Coming If you use FreeToastHost for your club website, sign up for an upgrade to version 2.0 as soon as possible. On February 17, 2012, FreeToastHost 1.0, the version currently in use, will be shut down. To sign up for an upgrade, or if your club does not currently have a website and would like to start using the FreeToastHost platform, go to

You will also find guides for moving your site, sample websites, and other information. Version 2.0 has new features such as •new methods of managing club member information and files, •a new calendar, •custom web pages, and •new mail lists. A step-by-step guide on how to set up your new club website is available at

the district 19


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New Club, Talkin’ Trash, Holds Charter Party By Michael Schubert In July of 2010, a group of Engineers at HDR, Inc. in Des Moines had an idea—to found a Toastmasters club in the East Village that would provide local residents and professionals a lunchtime option for Toastmasters involvement. With the support of a number of experienced Toastmasters in the area, the club started meeting in September 2010 in the Metro Waste Authority Building. Before long, the club had formed a solid nucleus and its dis-

J T a

t i q r 2 p T

W D w d o A J

W s i o

Mike Schubert speaks to Rosanne Paul, Claude Hartman, and Joe Spradling during a meeting of Talkin’ Trash Toastmasters.

p. 20

2012 Speech Contest Rulebook Available

Jeff Steiff (facing camera) smiles during a Talking Trash Toastmasters meeting with Adam Bender, Aaron Brinks, and Joe Spradling

tinctive personality trademarked by amusing speeches and Des Moines Register-inspired Table Topics. As the club gained momentum, membership grew quickly. When it came to naming the club, the name “Talkin’ Trash” stuck, in reference to the building where the group meets. A year later, in September 2011, the Talkin’ Trash Toastmasters’ membership reached 20 (thanks in large part from the support of Division C Governor Claude Hartman) and the Talkin’ Trash Toastmasters became official.

We held our charter party on December 6 at the Hessen Haus in downtown Des Moines. We were joined by LeAnn Blankenburg, District 19 Governor, who welcomed the club to the District 19 community. As the charter president, I would like to thank everyone from the TM community who has helped our club get off to a great start. I would also like to give a shout-out to the Affirmationists Toastmasters, the club that gave both fellow charter member Jeff Steiff and I our start.

Want to see us in action? Contact me at 515.280.4949 or at michael. or stop by the MWA conference room at 300 E. Locust in Des Moines on a second or fourth Monday at 12 noon where Talkin’ Trash is our name and speakin’ up is our game!

The Speech Contest Rulebook 2012 (Item 1171) is available for purchase in hard copy or as a free download through the Toastmasters Online Store. Revisions, based on members’ suggestions, are indicated by a mark in the left margin. A complimentary copy of the rulebook is being mailed to all club presidents, district governors and lieutenant governors. The previous version is no longer available in print or as a digital file. Be sure you have the 2012 version, and read the rules carefully so that your speech contest goes smoothly. Link directly to the rulebook at News/Announcements/ TheSpeechContestRulebook2012.aspx

or order the rulebook and other speech contest materials through the Toastmasters Online Store at speechcontestkits

Answers to many commonly asked questions about speech contests are at speechcontestfaq

or help with questions or issues not addressed by these resources, email

the district 19


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Division 4477 C 1752636 B 184 D 4477 C 7515 E 605919 C 645182 C 605919 C 5654 B 972362 E 1564 B 1274432 B 684 B 187 C 6787 A 7515 E 875 D 617 B 1478314 C 1174776 C 1209 B 684 B 1325 E 1209 B 184 D 605919 C 605919 C 1443 B 1174776 C 2187 D 1174776 C 7858 C 4991 D 4991 D 184 D 3135 D 1282753 B 4737 E 972362 E 8669 B 875 D 184 D 1478314 C 3135 D 4605 D 605919 C 3193 D 4804 C 4804 C 187 C 2791 A 972362 E 1588583 B 8826 D

Area 51 32 74 51 92 55 54 55 36 91 34 36 32 55 11 92 74 34 55 53 36 32 94 36 74 55 55 34 53 74 53 51 75 75 74 72 32 93 91 31 74 74 55 72 75 55 73 53 53 55 12 91 34 72

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Date 8/23/2011 8/23/2011 8/24/2011 8/24/2011 8/25/2011 8/25/2011 8/26/2011 8/26/2011 8/30/2011 8/31/2011 8/31/2011 9/1/2011 9/1/2011 9/1/2011 9/2/2011 9/7/2011 9/13/2011 9/13/2011 9/13/2011 9/14/2011 9/14/2011 9/16/2011 9/17/2011 9/19/2011 9/20/2011 9/22/2011 9/23/2011 9/26/2011 9/26/2011 9/26/2011 9/26/2011 9/27/2011 9/28/2011 9/28/2011 10/1/2011 10/3/2011 10/4/2011 10/4/2011 10/5/2011 10/7/2011 10/9/2011 10/9/2011 10/10/2011 10/11/2011 10/12/2011 10/13/2011 10/19/2011 10/20/2011 10/24/2011 10/24/2011 10/24/2011 10/27/2011 10/27/2011 10/28/2011

Member Chen, Henry Wood, Paul Chen, Henry Chen, Henry Cole, Livia Hager, Matthew S Sandin, James K. Canas, Antonio Boland, Rick T. Nielsen, Kelly Hughes, Lauri J. Dizard, Betty J. Stramel, Michelle M. McGhee, Lamar Fitzgerald Blaise, Paul M. Braun, Seth Paudyal, Durga Reuter, Julie C. Fazio, Joseph M. Grandgeorge, Jenni Kang, Lu Hart, Ruth Michelle Bruchmann, Kristin K. Wang, Zheng Lau, Chooi Kim Dawson, Carol Ann Ellwanger, Melinda Bruchmann, Kristin K. Cochrane, Barbara E. Steven, Matt Shannon, Julie Niesen, Melissa Nicewarner, Michael Forest Johnson, Gina R. Ng, Kam Weng Main, Raymond G. Murphy, Ryan C. Chard, Kevin M. Gruhn, Tracey Marie Umthum, Mindy M. Byg, Alta Jean Oyama, Katsunori Peshak, Brenda Ann Vonderhaar, Jan Newman, Adam Goen, Michaela M DePauw, Adam Martin, Rhonda L Seiler, Julie E. Nehring, Troy D Laborde, Robert A Cook, Marie V. Koeppen, Catherine E. Weedman, William E

Name Location Ankeny Club Ankeny Speakers of the Corn Palo iToast Toastmasters Club Ames Ankeny Club Ankeny Golden Speakers Club Fairfield 1100 Toastmasters Des Moines Nexus Toastmasters Club Des Moines 1100 Toastmasters Des Moines River City Club Coralville Tri-State Toasters Dubuque Kirkwood Keynotes Club Cedar Rapids GEICO Dynamos Coralville Downtowners Watts of Talk Cedar Rapids Toast I.T. Des Moines Future Communicators of America Cherokee Golden Speakers Club Fairfield Town And College Club Ames Hawkeye Toastmasters Club Cedar Rapids CDS Global Toasters Des Moines Mercy Speakeasy Toastmasters Des Moines Affirmationists Club Iowa City Downtowners Watts of Talk Cedar Rapids Quad Cities Advanced Toastmasters Club Moline Affirmationists Club Iowa City iToast Toastmasters Club Ames 1100 Toastmasters Des Moines 1100 Toastmasters Des Moines Crossroads Story Tellers Club North Liberty Mercy Speakeasy Toastmasters Des Moines Ames Toastmasters Ames Mercy Speakeasy Toastmasters Des Moines Crosswinds Toastmasters Club Marshalltown John Deere Financial Toastmasters Club Johnston John Deere Financial Toastmasters Club Johnston iToast Toastmasters Club Ames Early Risers Toastmasters Club West Des Moines Aegon Articulators Cedar Rapids GPC-KFI Club Muscatine Tri-State Toasters Dubuque Loud Speakers Club Waverly Town And College Club Ames iToast Toastmasters Club Ames CDS Global Toasters Des Moines Early Risers Toastmasters Club West Des Moines Johnston Club Johnston 1100 Toastmasters Des Moines Regency Club West Des Moines Tower Toasters Club Des Moines Tower Toasters Club Des Moines Toast I.T. Des Moines Ah Masters Club Fort Dodge Tri-State Toasters Dubuque Imagination Speakers Cedar Rapids Stagecoach Speakers West Des Moines


Division 8826 D 1478314 C 711779 E 760340 C 7515 E 7515 E 1951 E 1567904 E 101 B 2382 A 3595 D 4804 C 4605 D 6582 D 2791 A 4477 C 972362 E 101 B 7987 D 4991 D 7515 E 7515 E 7515 E 1478314 C 875 D 875 D 617 B 1529 B 878932 B 7978 A 3595 D 2670 A 1567904 E 1567904 E 1478314 C 951838 E 9513 E 951838 E 184 D 2670 A 2670 A 7858 C 7889 E 7889 E 7889 E 2388 C 184 D 1282753 B 8826 D 1463191 B 9513 E 4605 D 7889 E 2791 A

Area 72 55 94 54 92 92 93 91 31 11 74 53 75 72 12 51 91 31 75 75 92 92 92 55 74 74 34 32 36 13 74 11 91 91 55 94 92 94 74 11 11 51 94 94 94 52 74 32 72 34 92 75 94 12


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Member Name Location Weedman, William E Stagecoach Speakers West Des Moines Stokka, Corinna M. CDS Global Toasters Des Moines Bruchmann, Kristin K. Quad Cities Executive Toastmasters Club Davenport Dennis, Brian Steven High Voltage Club Des Moines Adhikari, Jyoti Raj Golden Speakers Club Fairfield Byrnes, Robert J. Golden Speakers Club Fairfield Oppel, Natalie J. Monsanto Club Muscatine Hayes, Ann M. McGraw-Hill Winspirational Speakers Dubuque Brown, James Nevell Waterloo Toastmasters Club Waterloo Bass, Jennifer Lee Rose Sweet Talkers Toastmasters Club Le Mars Soderstrum, Marcus James NADL Early Risers Club Ames Schroeder, Ronald J. Tower Toasters Club Des Moines Turnbull, Lee D Johnston Club Johnston Lugar, Melissa L. Hy-Vee Corporate Club West Des Moines Laborde, Robert A Ah Masters Club Fort Dodge Breaux, Harry Bruce Ankeny Club Ankeny Brockling, Timothy James Tri-State Toasters Dubuque Brown, James Nevell Waterloo Toastmasters Club Waterloo Weltzin, Dayna L. Los Oradores Club Urbandale Weldon, Patrick J John Deere Financial Toastmasters Club Johnston Tamang, Mangal Golden Speakers Club Fairfield Craig, Dan A Golden Speakers Club Fairfield Dyer, William Golden Speakers Club Fairfield Schultz, Heidi Ann CDS Global Toasters Des Moines Srinivas, Geetha Town And College Club Ames Kong, Sunny Town And College Club Ames Woerdeman, Ladonna OSF Hawkeye Toastmasters Club Cedar Rapids Nielsen, Kelly Five Seasons Parliamentarians Cedar Rapids Fitzpatrick, Brian James North Dodge Toastmasters Iowa City Kock, Russell E WIT Masters Toastmasters Club Sioux City Baker, Allan E. NADL Early Risers Club Ames Crofutt, Laura Ellen Siouxland Ciceros Club South Sioux City Gehl, Jennifer Lynn McGraw-Hill Winspirational Speakers Dubuque Lewis, Jennifer J. McGraw-Hill Winspirational Speakers Dubuque Noll, John E. CDS Global Toasters Des Moines Roecker, Christopher BernardPalmer College Toastmasters Club Davenport Feather, James Eagle Conscious Communicator Club Fort Madison Shuppe, Jacob Palmer College Toastmasters Club Davenport Baenziger, Mardith Ann iToast Toastmasters Club Ames Haas, Marty E. Siouxland Ciceros Club South Sioux City Crofutt, Laura Ellen Siouxland Ciceros Club South Sioux City Hosek, Jamie Lynn Crosswinds Toastmasters Club Marshalltown Rodriguez, Ramiro Hilltop Toaster Club East Moline Garcia, Miguel Hilltop Toaster Club East Moline Manning, Shawn Hilltop Toaster Club East Moline Waters, Gary Esquire Toastmasters Club Des Moines Fujita, Hiroyuki iToast Toastmasters Club Ames Scoles, Barbara A. Aegon Articulators Cedar Rapids Hoos, Norma J. Stagecoach Speakers West Des Moines Hatter, Christy Financial Park Toastmasters Cedar Rapids Aguirre, Gregory James Conscious Communicator Club Fort Madison Metcalf, Robert S Johnston Club Johnston Bond, Ladural Hilltop Toaster Club East Moline Carlson, Doyle R Ah Masters Club Fort Dodge

the district 19


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Stoney Creek Inn & Conference Center ͷʹͻͳ–‘‡›”‡‡–Ǥ ‘Š•–‘ǡ ͷͲͳ͵ͳ ‡Ž‡’Š‘‡ǣͷͳͷǦ͵͵ͶǦͻͲͲͲ

Conference Registration Form ƒ‡ȋ–‘„‡’”‹–‡†‘„ƒ†‰‡Ȍ




††”‡••Ȁ‹–›Ȁ–ƒ–‡Ȁ‹’̴̴̴̴̴̴̴ Š‘‡ǣ 



̴̴̴̴̴  •–Š‹•›‘—”ˆ‹”•–‹•–”‹…–ͳͻ‘ˆ‡”‡…‡ǫ‡•‘ 


Full Conference Registration

Ž—„—„‡”ǣ ̴̴̴


Individual Event Registration

Š”‘—‰Š ƒ—ƒ”›͵ͳ  ̈́ͻͷ ‡„”—ƒ”›ͳȂ’”‹Žͳͷ  ̈́ͳͳͲ   Ǧ‹–‡‘”ƒˆ–‡”’”‹Žͳͷȗ ̈́ͳʹͲ    Meal Selections (pleasecircleoneifapplicable):

‡‰‹•–”ƒ–‹‘Ž›ȋ‘‡ƒŽ•Ȍǣ  Ž—•ǣƒ–—”†ƒ›—…Š   Ž—•ǣƒ–—”†ƒ›ƒ“—‡–ȗȗ 

Saturday Banquet:




̈́ͷͷ  ̈́ʹͷ ̈́ͶͲ

ȗ‡ƒŽ•…ƒ‘–„‡‰—ƒ”ƒ–‡‡†ˆ‘””‡•‡”˜ƒ–‹‘•”‡…‡‹˜‡†ƒˆ–‡”ƒ›ͳͳ–ŠǤ ȗȗ––‡†‡‡•™‹ŽŽ„‡…‘–ƒ…–‡†’”‹‘”–‘–Š‡‡˜‡––‘…‘ˆ‹”‡ƒŽ…Š‘‹…‡‘”†‹‡–ƒ”›”‡“—‡•–•Ǥ Make check payable to: “District19Toastmasters”andmailwithregistrationformto:  ‘‡‹ˆ‡”–ǡ’”‹‰‘ˆ‡”‡…‡‡‰‹•–”ƒ–‹‘Šƒ‹”  ͳͶ͵͹—„—“—‡”‹˜‡  –Ž‡›ǡ ͷͲʹͳͶ  Questions?ƒ‹Ž‡”‹’Œ‘Š•‘̷‰ƒ‹ŽǤ…‘‘”‹†ƒƒͶͲ͸̷ƒ‘ŽǤ…‘ Accommodations: „Ž‘…‘ˆ”‘‘•‹•”‡•‡”˜‡†ƒ––Š‡–‘‡›”‡‡ Ƭ‘ˆ‡”‡…‡‡–‡”ǤƒŽŽͷͳͷǦ ͵͵ͶǦͻͲͲͲƒ†ƒ•ˆ‘”–Š‡‘ƒ•–ƒ•–‡”•”ƒ–‡‘ˆ̈́ͻͷǤͲͲǤŠ‡‘ƒ•–ƒ•–‡”•”ƒ–‡‹•‘–ƒ˜ƒ‹Žƒ„Ž‡‘Ž‹‡ǡ•‘ ’Ž‡ƒ•‡…ƒŽŽ–‘ƒ‡”‡•‡”˜ƒ–‹‘•„›’”‹Žʹ͹ǡʹͲͳʹǤ ‘ˆ‡”‡…‡‡˜‡–•ǡ•…Š‡†—Ž‡•ǡ‘Ž‹‡”‡‰‹•–”ƒ–‹‘™‹–Šƒ›ƒŽǡƒ†•‘—…Š‘”‡™‹ŽŽ„‡’‘•–‡†‘Ž‹‡Ǥ Ž‡ƒ•‡˜‹•‹–™™™Ǥ†‹•–”‹…–ͳͻǤ‡ƒ†•‡Ž‡…–Dz‘ˆ‡”‡…‡•dzˆ‘”…—””‡–‹ˆ‘”ƒ–‹‘Ǥ

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Transmitter January 2012 Edition  
Transmitter January 2012 Edition  

Hear from your District 19 Executive Officers, check out events district wide and learn more about the 2012 Spring Conference in this info p...