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District ISSUE NO. 8

Published April 8, 2015. All views in the magazine are individual and do not show the views of everyone involved in the production of this magazine. All stories are opinion and no stories were sponsored by brands unless otherwise stated. All images have been credited on pages 50-51 to their rightful owner, including the web address. If there is no listing, the photo is District’s property.





Editor’s Letter A

pril. A month of flowers, spring, and Easter. A month where you finally get to see the sun and blooms without the sleet and snow, or in Texas you can start wearing shorts again. This month’s issue is all about travel. When Pacelli and I got together to finish the March issue we were struggling with what our April theme would be. Then I suggested our colors be pastels {mainly for the Easter holiday} and Pacelli said “ ‘Oh the places you’ll go!’” and that was where our idea of “The Travel Issue” came from. I am incredibly proud of this issue. Our articles are fascinating and definitely off-the-beaten path. We have stories ranging from spending a week in Slovenia, what to wear on the dreaded airplane, how to pack for the last of the cold weather and a guide to traveling with your significant other. We have stories about contributor’s favorite foods from around the world and I loved the idea so much that I made my own for the issue and we are going to make it a reoccurring travel story each month. There is an article about things a contributor learned from her time in Iran which is fascinating. Don’t forget to check out Culture Shock {I am dying to see “Woman in Gold” and read Harper Lee’s new book}. And celebrate Emma Watson’s birthday! As always, remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and that District is “your right to a beautiful life.”

Keep It Beautiful,

Hayden Pigott

Editor-In-Chief 4

Insta: @hayden213 Tweet Me! @haydenpigott



Hayden Pigott Editor-In-Chief Haute Table

Pacelli Iglesias Assistant Editor

Hannah French University of Texas at Austin Student

Anshuman Singhal University of Texas at Austin Student

Hoda Katebi JooJoo Azad

Sonia Wade Sisterhood Redefined

Kate Kate The {almost} 6 Great

Tiffany White Endless Bliss

Sara Sara Laughed

Jenna Rue Sparkly Kid

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CONTENTS Our Travel issue is one of our biggest yet. Check out all of the stories from contributors around the world.

Pg. 18 Flyin’ In Style | Check out two writer’s what-to-wear on an airplane.


Pg. 14 Culture Shock | Rounding up the best in music, movies, & books coming out in April.

Pg. 20 How To | Packing for the last of the winter weather of this season.

Pg. 36 11 Things About Life I Learned in Iran | Life is worth living.

Travel Tips for Couples Pg. 44 From the Cover 8

Pg. 38 Good Food Good Places | Three writer’s favorite foods from the world.

Pg. 46 SB Destination: Slovenia | Check out tips for visiting a new country.



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Travel Issue 2015





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Culture Music

How Do You Feel Now? // Joywave // Joywave is an interesting mix of lyrics, house music, and disco playfulness and some hip-hop. Check out “Somebody New,” ‘Tongues, “In Clover,” and “Who Do You Like.”



Kindred // Passion Pit // Passion Pit has been one of my favorite bands since my best friend introduced me to them in middle school {one of their songs was on a runway playlist}. This new album should be nothing short of perfection as well.

Sound & Color // Alabama Shakes // I will be honest when I say I first heard them on SNL a few weeks ago, but I fell in love with them then and have not stopped listening! Check out “Don’t Wanna Fight” and “Future People” to get in the right mindset before the album comes out.


Woman in Gold // Maria Altmann, an octogenarian Jewish refugee, takes on the government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family.

Child 44 // A disgraced member of the military police investigates a series of nasty child murders during the Stalin-era Soviet Union.

The Age of Adaline // A woman, born at the turn of 20th century, becomes ageless after an accident. After years of a solitary life, she meets a man who might be worth losing her immortality.

The Dream Lover // Aurore Dupin leaves her husband and starts a new life in Paris. While there she pursues her dream of becoming a writer & embraces a scandalous lifestyle.

In the Unlikely Event // In Elizabeth, New Jersey within a three-month period a series of passenger airplanes crashed. 15 The story tells of the affects.


Go Set a Watchman // Set 20 years after Mockingbird, Scout struggles with personal & political issues involving Atticus & the small Alabama town that shaped her.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About...


mma Watson, we all know her from playing Hermione Granger in the beloved Harry Potter series, but this young woman has taken on the HeForShe campaign and spoken to the UN on countless occasions. But that is not all there is to know about the sometimes model, sometimes student, sometimes actress, and full-time cat mom. Check out these 15 facts for more information on one of our favorite ladies {who can seriously pull off a pixie cut}.


N5 o N7 o

Her favorite color is light blue.

Her favorite movie is Notting Hill.


She is a certified yoga and meditation instructor.

N 11

She missed the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party because she accidentally fell asleep in her hotel room after the show and ate pizza




N 13

Compiled by, Hayden of Haute Table


No1 N2 o N3

She was born in Paris, France.


N4 o N6

Her favorite school subjects are art, history, and English. Her least favorites are math & geography. At the age of 12, she had a crush on her Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton. Her favorite Harry Potter book is the Prisoner of Azkaban.

She is a certified scuba diver.



Her favorite drink is Gin and Tonic.


N 10

She never acted before Harry Potter.

N 12

Emma drives a Toyota Prius.



Emma received a degree in English literature from Brown University. She studied abroad at Oxford University.

N 14

If she could escape from being a celeb for one day she would go into a mosh pit at a rock concert. She has two cats named Bubbles 16 and Domino.


N 15

For More Check out: All of the Harry Potter Films The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Flyin’ in Style Two contributor’s perfect travel ensembles.


irports are fair game for sitting flocks of young women in over-sized college sweatshirts and leggings, over-sized t-shirts and sweatpants, and even overly made-up women in cocktail dresses and 6-inch patent leather stilettos, sharp enough to pierce through the emergency raft of an airplane. When it comes to traveling, the perfect outfit entails an outfit that is simple, classically chic, and well-put together. With the key being to aim for comfort and presentability, finding the ideal outfit for traveling is uncomplicated. Airports can be stiflingly warm, while airplanes can be icy and unbearably chilly. Thus, the unsettling nature of these two polar opposites in temperature can be abated by layering. With the notion of keeping looks simple, yet effective in terms of comfort and style in mind, layering is simply putting on easily removable pieces of clothing, to maximize comfort and accessibility when going through frenzied airport security mediums. An ideal travelling outfit is one that is kept simple -- in example, a pair of sleek, yet easily removable shoes such as ankle boots in leather or suede, patent leather flats, or menswear inspired penny-loafers are an ideal basis option, keeping practicality and style at the forefront. As for pants, avoid the often frequented choice of sweatpants or yoga pants, and instead opt for a pair of dark-colored, skinny-fitting pants in denim, twill, or corduroy, and a simple, solid-colored t-shirt or blouse. Layer atop the initial shirt an easily removable sweater, cardigan, or comfortable blazer, bearing in mind that airport security often has one remove such items during screenings. To prevent chill from airplanes and further tie together the outfit, layer on a scarf and a few delicate pieces of jewelry for added dimension, 18 noting that such items may also have to be removed during airport security.

By, Anshuman Singhal

Part I

Leggings also make for an immensely comfortable and stylish basis when constructing a travelling outfit, when done right. The key to wearing leggings when traveling is to make sure that opted for top is looser and longer than you would think, long enough to prevent unsightly camel-toe or such harrowing issues. Layer atop a pair of black or dark charcoal leggings and a chunky knit sweater, a loose, flowy blouse, or an effortlessly comfortable t-shirt and long cardigan combination with an infinity scarf looped around the neck. As of late, various brands, from designer-wear to street-wear, have accepted the idea that tight-fitting pants are not the most comfortable, as they have stylized slim-fitting, dark-colored sweatpants. When paired with a basic v-neck shirt and well-structured blazer they create an off-duty, yet chic approach to traveling in style. Celebrities often wear all-black or monochromatic outfits to look immensely trendy and chic while traveling, using different textural components to create eyecatching outfits from pieces straight off the runways. Skinny-fitting black sweatpants would do an amazing job in an all-black outfit, when paired with luxe items such as a black silk blouse, and a chic black blazer with the sleeves rolled up. The only overtly baggy item when travelling should be your handbag itself, as carrying an over-sized handbag when travelling is often deemed as a necessity, adding a bohemian vibe to a well-put-together traveling outfit. With ample room for passports, essentials to entertain oneself, and the various necessities needed when travelling, an oversized bag in supple leather or suede makes for an outstanding accompaniment to any traveling-centered outfit. Thus, do not let the baggage of finding the perfect travelling outfit be too hefty -remember to stick to simplicity, balance, and of course, comfort.

By, Sonia of Sisterhood Redefined

Part II ith the oncoming of


summer come the tough decisions of what to wear while boarding yourself onto an airplane for a week in Mexico with your closest friends. You will want to be comfortable and you don’t want to be too hot or too cold and don’t forget to make sure you have appropriate shoes. If you are typically cold, the best thing I can suggest is to wear layers. Start with a pair of skinnies or leggings in a basic color. I would probably use black because that way I can wear them again another day with another outfit. You can build in a ton of different directions from there. A screen printed tank makes for a basic light weight top. Add a cardigan or a denim jacket depending on your personal style preferences. A scarf that can double as a blanket or pillow is a useable accessory. Style your outfit with a cross body or tote and a pair

of stylish flats – sandals or closed toed. When visiting someplace warm, you may want to get off the plane ready to go to exploring or for a stroll down the beach. I would start with a solid colored tank shift dress preferably in a lightweight fabric such as cotton. A bright color will get you in the mood for a fruity drink. I would suggest that you follow the same accessories as in outfit one. A cardigan or denim jacket will keep you warm on the plane if it’s not quite as tropical as the beach. A scarf can double as a blanket if your legs are cold. A pair of t-strap sandals and a cross body bag will be easy to slip on and off at security. While speaking of security, you will probably want to avoid any and all jewelry so you don’t have to worry about putting it in a less than safe basket that others can take stuff out of too. I hope you have a fun time jet19 setting around the world!

How-To: Pack for the last

cold weather ofBy, Kate the season of Kate the {almost}


raveling can be relaxing, adventurous, or a combination of the two, and that doesn’t have to change just because you visit a winter climate. But one of the worst parts about traveling is packing. How do you pack enough without taking too much? Start by planning what you might do. Will you be skiing? Visiting museums? Out to dinner? By making a list of what you will definitely do and what you might do and noting a difference between the two, you’ll have everything you need. If you think that there’s the chance that you’ll do a certain activity, like a day at a museum instead of out on the slopes, then pack clothes for that situation that can be used in others, as well. The key to avoid bringing too much is to pack clothes that work for multiple situations. You also want to know generally how formal or informal your adventures will be. If you’re outside all bundled up for the entire trip, you can bring more casual than formal clothes. Depending on your organizational style, it might make sense to write down what you’ll be up to so that you have a visual reminder of what you’re preparing for. This way you can also check off when you have outfits for certain events so that you don’t overpack. Then think about outfits, starting with basics that you can mix and match. If you’re going away for seven 20 days, pack at least three pairs of


bottoms. The only reason why you would need to pack five pairs or more is if you have a special occasion that you are dressing especially for. These might be jeans or basic pants in a color like black; the point is that they will work for multiple outfits. Just be forewarned that being outside in jeans in below freezing temperatures causes them to freeze, making them stiff, cold, and uncomfortable. If you will be outside in weather below twenty degrees for longer periods of time, you might want to throw in a few pairs of leggings to wear underneath your jeans to stay warm. Once you have your bottoms set, grab several sweaters and tops in basic colors like black, white, grey, and navy. The key is to have clothes for mixing and matching. You want to have seven to ten possible outfits for seven days – and that includes extra outfits for dinners out, etc. – so what works best is four to seven sweaters or tops in basic colors. And check that what you’ve packed goes with the pants you started with. Think about colors as well as styles; some shirts only work well with one style of pant, and the other can be true, as well. After basics, move on to fun pieces. These can be tops, sweaters, pants, scarves, or any other type of clothing you can think of. Think specifically of colors and patterns that go well with the basics that you picked out first, and keep in mind that you’re creating outfits and not just adding clothes for

the heck of it. If you picked out three basic sweaters, add two or three fun ones. If you packed four basic tops, add one or two fun ones. Since this is a winter trip, you want to plan on layers, and while that can mean you pack a larger bag than you would if it was a summer trip, it also means you have more room to play with your outfits. A simple top and jeans is one outfit, but if you add a colorful cardigan it’s another, and if you switch for black pants and a printed scarf it’s another. Break out the Pinterest boards for inspiration and see what you can come up with! Every outfit needs the perfect accessory. This is another area where it’s really easy to pack too much. You may have included scarves in one of the previous categories, but if you haven’t yet, now’s a great time to pick some out. For a week’s trip, two is plenty, but three could be understood if you plan on wearing multiple outfits a day. It depends on what activities you have planned. The same goes for statement necklaces: you definitely don’t need more than two, especially if you’re bringing others. You will not need more than three or four necklaces total for one week. When it comes to packing other jewelry, look at your plans first and your possible outfits second. You’ll know how much jewelry to pack based on what you plan on doing. But like with clothes, prepare to mix and max your jewelry. This will keep you from taking more than you need. And don’t forget about packing for the elements! This means outerwear as well as layers.

Not only will you want to wear more than one layer inside, you’ll also want to plan on wearing multiple under your coat if you’re going to be outside for an extended period of time. And make sure you have a nice warm hat, thick scarf, and gloves or mittens. You also have to plan for the elements when it comes to your shoes. You don’t want to wear or pack anything that would be ruined by walking through the mud or snow, and unless you go to dinner inside your hotel, you should probably avoid heels unless you have a death wish. The best bets are boots, booties, and wedges so that you can stay fashionable, warm, and safe. Before you pack everything in a suitcase … … lay your clothes and shoes out to see how they look together and if you truly do have multiple possible outfits. If you’re bringing seven to ten completely separate outfits with nothing that can be worn more than once for a seven-day trip, you’ve packed too much.


Globe Trott Travel-fashion blogger, Sabina Trojanova has been blogging at Girl Vs. Globe since January 2014. She has turned her passion for fashion, travel, and food into a business that she is working on expanding to include lifestyles. District caught up with Sabina on the cusp of planning summer travel We talked exploding volcano fashion shoots, New Zealand, high heels and so much more. 22


Check out Sabina on: Twitter: @GirlVsGlobe Instagram: @girlvsglobe Facebook: Girl vs Globe And always at: 23

What is Girl vs. Globe all about?

How long did it take for your blog to take off?

It’s all about meee! I’m sorry, that’s possibly the most egotistical introduction I’ve ever given to anyone. Yes, Girl vs Globe is about me - but it’s also about inspiring women from all over the world to get out of their comfort zone and start experiencing the world on their own terms. Girl vs Globe is a place where travel, fashion, food and female empowerment meet to create a safe space for women want to take charge of their lives and make the most of them.

When I launched Girl vs Globe in January 2014, I knew I was all in. I wanted it to be a success and was willing to work very hard to fulfil that goal. It took me about six months to figure out how travel blogging worked - although that is not to say that I fully understand it now. I doubt anybody does! In the summer of 2014 I started working ten hour days, writing and promoting my posts and growing my social media following. Somewhere around then people began to pay attention and my traffic really started growing. I would not say I’ve “made it” as a blogger now - there is always room for improvement and I am definitely my biggest critic. But it’s really nice to have dedicated readers who regularly visit my site and make it all mean so much more!

How did you get started blogging?

I actually started blogging back in 2009. I had a fashion blog called Sabina Supernova ( where I shared photos of my outfits and What is your favorite thing about April? snippets from my life. Looking back, it was actually more popular than I realI like seeing the world come alive with colors ized - but I had no idea what the hell I after all the greyness that is winter in a big was doing at the time! European city.

Are you working on any exciting projects?

What do you want to do in the future with your blog?

Always! There are a few really exciting collaborations on the cards, but nothing My blog has given me so many incredible opportunities already and I love seeing it grow. I can publicly disclose yet. Stay tuned I definitely want branch out from travel and for more info! If you had to get on a plane right incorporate more fashion shoots and lifestyle advice - I’m doing both already, but my readnow, where would it be to? ers seem to enjoy both so I’d like to up my Well, if my fare was paid for I’d love to game in that area. jet off to New Zealand. Those tickets are What are you most excited damn expensive and the country looks about for the spring? incredibly beautiful. Wearing more dresses and hence travelling lighter, eating healthier (vegetables just don’t 24 cut it for me when it’s cold) and finally getting a tan!





What is your favorite place to travel? I would not say I have a favorite place per se - although there are many countries I really enjoy returning to, I love exploring new destinations! Getting to know a country is like starting a relationship - will you get along? Will they have what it takes to keep you interested and entertained? Could you imagine yourself settling down with them?

What outfit is your go-to for plane travel?

I’m pretty passionate about this topic - I’ve actually written a post about this on my blog (http://girlvsglobe. com/2014/01/how-to-dress-for-a-flight. html)! Putting on baggy sweatpants or stretchy jeggings takes an equal amount of time… and they’re equally comfortable, too. I don’t judge people who dress down, but I think everyone feels better knowing they look presentable. There’s no reason why flying should be an exception to the rule!

What are your top three countries to visit? In terms of the ones I have not visited it’d have to be South Africa, Thailand and Iceland. From the list of places I’ve been to, probably Morocco, China and Greece. I also love the UK where I currently live - there’s a lot more to it than just London! 29




What are you three travel accessory pieces? Scarves, high heels and bright lipstick. Scarves are amazing because you can use them for covering up, sleeping on, using as a makeshift umbrella… They’re so versatile and so pretty! High heels can instantly glam up any outfit which is definitely a perk when you’re travelling and have limited resources. The downside? They’re not always very comfortable to walk in and they take up a lot of space in your luggage. I rarely go on a trip without at least one pair though. Bright lipstick has a similar effect but is significantly more portable. A bold red lip looks good on everyone and can transform your face - and entire outfit - from meh to hey-girl-howyou-doin’!

What are some top destinations for summer travel this year? It obviously depends on everyone’s preferences, but I have spent many a summer in Greece and can only recommend it. Some destinations get very busy in the high season, but there are some fabulous lesser known places you could explore on a fairly low budget. In fact even popular hotspots like Santorini can easily be explored on a budget! The capital of Athens should not be overlooked either - it makes for an amazing city break and is a perfect departure point for many of the country’s stunning islands. 33


Where in the world would you love to do a fashion photo-shoot? Somewhere unexpected and slightly out there like Iceland. I can totally see myself slo-mo walking in high heels and a sparkly ballgown as a volcano explodes behind me. I’m actually going to Iceland next week, but unfortunately I can hardly fit my trekking clothes into my carry-on (I’m flying with a low cost airline to save money) let alone an evening dress.

If you could only choose one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be? Something fun and playful, but with an edge. I’d probably die in most climates, but my pick would be a colorful short summer dress with ankle boots, stud earrings and a long gold necklace. The real question is… what would I wear while I wash it?

How can we all be more like Sabina?

Sabina’s Mind

Instagram or Twitter? Favorite thing to bake?

Twitter Does putting blue cheese gnocchi under the grill for 10 minutes count?

Fall or summer? I collect...

Summer memories

Favorite City?


Bloom of choice?


Style icon?

I want...

I don’t really have one to be honest. Living in London, I often get inspired by a random passer-by’s outfit though. I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school…

Being me is all about being openminded, curious and always ready to have fun. It’s also about working hard and being Most prized My passport extremely ambitious. possession? But I’m not sure you should aspire Favorite accessory? Escada shades to be more like Sabina to be honest! The from Santorini beauty in being alive is exploring who you Nail polish color? French are and what makes you unique. I definitemanicure ly think being more open-minded, curious Terry Pratchett’s and playful would do most people a world Currently reading? “Nation” of good, but everyone needs to put their own spin on it. Favorite movie? Fight Club 35

11 Things About Life I Learned From Iran By, Hoda of JooJoo Azad


s the only place I can truly call home, Iran is always a magical experience for me--one of personal growth, self-discovery, and immense learning and exploration. Reflecting in the breeze of the Caspian Sea and from within the encompassing Alborz Mountain range with my notebook and pen in hand, I put together a quick list of a few of the things I learned in my month stay in Iran.


Escape. Into nature | taking time away from reality and spending days simply consuming your landscape breathes new life into your being. Life seems new again. Do this

N1 o




Step out of your comfort zone now and then | because see no. 9


N4 o

Life is more important than a schedule | life will get in the way of crossing things off your to-do list. This is inevitable and not worth the stress


Poetry can teach you how to live | and how to love. Translated, Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it -Rumi. Read more Rumi


Mid-days are for naps & tea because in Iran, you don’t have much of a choice to do otherwise as the whole city shuts down at noon to eat lunch, take a nap, pray, and drink tea. This is actually incredibly energizing and try to continue |




Don’t take yourself so seriously | Seriously though

You’ll probably regret not acting on something more than not | trust your feels; live a little


Language is really so important | try not to lose it. Especially not your mother tongue


Everyone has something to teach you; listen | & talk to anyone you get the chance to. In my time in Iran, I came to learn that the people who are forgotten by society have the most to say, the most to teach.








You’re never too young (or old!) | don’t shy away from opportunities that may seem bigger than yourself

People are truly beautiful


Good Food in Good Places By, Hannah French


have two favorite hobbies: traveling and eating. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate enough to do plenty of both. From every trip I’ve ever taken, there has always been those one or two restaurants that really stand out; the restaurants you can’t wait to go back to one day. I have compiled a short list of some of those stand out restaurants below. If you ever get a chance to try any of these places, I highly recommend them! Enjoy! xoxo

Part I

New York Katz Deli is a one-of-a-kind place. It’s an old-fash-

ioned deli with the absolute best pastrami sandwiches. When you walk in, you get a cute little ticket and take it to the men behind the meat counters and tell them what you want (order the pastrami, just trust me). They’ll make your sandwich for you right in front of you and, while you wait, if you tip the meat cutter, he will give you several slices of pastrami to eat! Katz never disappoints and I look forward to eating there every time I go to New York. Fun Fact: A scene from “When Harry Met Sally” was filmed here in 1989!

The City Bakery is a wonderful little cafe filled

with delectable treats and drinks. They are known for their creamy hot chocolate and thick homemade marshmallows, which are absolutely amazing. I also tried one of their chocolate chip cookies and, oh my goodness, it was so good! I would have tried one of everything if I had had the chance! I definitely recommend City Bakery if you have a big sweet tooth.



Pike Place Chowder is an award-winning

restaurant, with probably the best chowder on the West Coast. Their chowder is thick and creamy and absolutely scrumptious. When I went to Seattle, I had it on my first day and, I loved it so much, I went back on my last. Be forewarned, there is almost always a line (it’s just that good!), so I suggest getting there when they open!

San Francisco House of Nanking is located

right inside of Chinatown and has some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever tasted. The restaurant was fairly small and there was a short wait to get a table, but , oh man, it was well worth it. Their pan fried dumplings are out-of-this-world delicious, I could have eaten three plates of them by myself! And their sesame chicken was absolutely amazing. Love this place.

Chantal Guillon Macarons Oh how

I love me some sweet macarons! Chantal Guillon Macarons are so light, fluffy and delicious. The bakery itself is bright and cozy, with a glass case counter filled with many different flavors of macarons. It was so hard to just pick six and not try one of every flavor! The almond and vanilla were my favorite (What can I say, I’m girl with simple tastes). My parents loved the pistachio. This place is a must for all you macaron lovers out there!


Voodo Doughnuts is Portland’s not-so-well-

kept secret. Voodoo is known for its outrageous doughnuts, like the Memphis Mafia (a tribute to Elvis Presley). It is a fried cinnamon, banana doughnut topped with chocolate frosting, peanut butter, peanuts and chocolate chips (crazy, right?). My favorite doughnut is Voodoo’s Marshall Mathers, a plain cake doughnut with vanilla frosting and M&Ms. The cake doughnut was so tasty, I could have eaten ten of them! The Portland Cream was quite delicious as well. Voodoo Doughnuts is definitely a Portland must do.

MemphisThe Arcade

Restaurant is a clas-

sic American diner; I don’t think it’s changed much since the 1950s. Pictures of Elvis Presley adorn the walls and you can get a milkshake at any time of the day. My personal favorite menu item is the french toast. The Arcade’s french toast is made from thick french bread and deep fried. It. is. heavenly.


Good Food in Good Places By, Tiffany White of


here are so many things to love about traveling, but Endless Bliss my favorite is easily the food. You can travel many places and visit the highlights of the cities, experience breath-taking views, mingle with the locals, and find little gems while getting lost, but sampling local cuisine is such a unique way to really dive into a new culture. Foods are unique to different locations, which is why people associate fish and chips with England, pasta and pizza with Italy, Philly cheese steak with Pennsylvania, sushi with Japan, crawfish with Louisiana, and so on. While there are so many more countries and cities I’d love to eat my way through, these are some of my favorite dishes that I’ve eaten on my journey to explore this beautiful world. My mouth is watering just thinking about eating all of these foods, and my taste buds are excited to explore different cities and taste even more delicious and unique dishes in cities worldwide.


Part II

Fish & Chips London wasn’t my favorite place

to eat because most of the food I had was pretty bland. While fish and chips was no exception to that, you just have to have some of it while you’re visiting. I usually like my fish grilled or baked, which is why I didn’t think it was great, but it was good! much everything I ate in Rome RomePretty was delicious. If you’re ever in Italy,

Mussels These are even

you’re likely to eat pasta and/or pizza every day of your visit, which is totally okay, because it’s all delicious everywhere. Some of my other favorite things I sampled in Rome include:


better when you eat them outThere are so many flavors, and it’s not as side along the beach in the sun- heavy as American ice-cream. They’re served on a shine with a glass of wine. cone, forcing you to eat it as fast as possible, which is never really a problem.


Paris Escargot I know most people are

grossed out by the fact that you’re eating snails, but these things are a delicacy for a reason. They’re so good and fun to eat!

French Onion Soup I was never a fan of French Onion Soup until I went to Paris. This was easily one of my favorite things that I ate on my trip there. I’ve tried to eat French Onion Soup since, but none of the soups I’ve eaten have been as good as the soup I had in Paris

Lobster I’m a huge fan of cruises. It’s a great

At Sea

way to explore a new country (or countries) in a fun way. Plus, there’s so much food! I love lobster, and the lobster I had on my Carnival cruise to Mexico was delectable.

Galveston, Texas

Mahi Mahi Sandwich I think when

you’re by the beach, it’s almost a requirement to eat as much seafood as possible. I had the most amazing mahi mahi sandwich at The Spot in Galveston, Texas.

New Orleans

Shrimp & Grits New Orleans is one of my

favorite places to eat, because I literally can’t think of one thing that I’ve eaten in New Orleans that I haven’t liked. Everything is full of flavor and spices, and the Shrimp and Grits I had at Pat O’Brien’s is a perfect representation of that. Grits is a southern delicacy, and Pat O’Brien’s serves it in a unique way.

Raw Oysters I am a huge fan of seafood, and

oysters are so delicious. I love squeezing a lemon on top, dumping some Louisiana hot sauce on it, putting it on a cracker and diving in.


Good Food in Good Places By, Hayden of


o food is kind of one of my things. I was a restauHaute Table rant critic from a young age & on my blog I still do them. When I came up with this story idea and two of our contributors loved it I thought why not do it too? There were so many places I wanted to include but it came down to where I had decent photos and I tried to get restaurants from all over the states {and I couldn’t not include the two from abroad}. Enjoy!

Part III

Los AngelesLanger’s is a special place. And I’m going to have

to disagree with Hannah, Katz is good but Langer’s is way better. It is not in the best neighborhood in LA but it is relatively close to downtown {so if you’re staying at the Bonaventure}. The pastrami sandwich is piled high, to the point where you cannot physically get it in your mouth, and it is so fresh and delicious. The bread is always warm and the waitresses are typically sassy. You can see everyone in there from LAPD to celebs, because everyone realizes how good it is.

Cafe Landtman has


multiple locations all over Vienna but I visited the one at Schonbrunn Palace {which is my favorite place in Vienna}. The cafe is by the Tiergarten and it is a great place to grab lunch and enjoy the weather. Their tomato soup with whipped sour cream is fabulous. I would also suggest the limemade and any of the salads as they are all perfection.

Paris Berthillon is probably my fa-


vorite ice cream shop {if you can even call the beautiful restaurant a shop} in the whole world. My grand-mama and I loved it so much we went back before we had to leave to get on our train. I would highly suggest the orange and vanilla without all of the whipped cream {it can be a little too much}. But make sure to get a piece of waffle cone! Their pastries are also delicious and you can have ice cream with them! Now I am craving it...

San Francisco The Melt has locations all over Cali-

fornia but I went to the original in San Fran. My dad and I had read an article about them in the USA Today and were fascinated by the concept of a restaurant with {mainly} grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was delicious! There are all different kinds of grilled cheese you can get {the original is my favorite} and you can get all-natural soda to wash it down with!

Frost Top So this place is

Baton Rouge

not located in the greatest part of town. However, if you love root beer floats even remotely you have to get one here. I would probably never eat any of their food, and sometimes none of the tables are clean but I can look past it all to enjoy one of their delicious floats. The root beer is made in house and is the perfect blend of spicy and smooth. The soft serve vanilla is creamy and flavorful. Just go get one of these bad boys after an afternoon game at LSU and you will understand the beauty of a Frost Top Float.


Mother’s Bistro is Portland’s go to brunch res-

taurant. They even do the thing where they text you when your table is ready {so if you go on the weekend be prepared to wait}. I remember loving the atmosphere of the place and the people watching was just as awesome. You have a mix of hipsters who are brunching ironically, older ladies brunching for the gossip, young mothers with their children gossiping, and the occasional tourist. The chocolate chip pancakes were light, fluffy, and perfect.

Austin Maudie’s is my favorite place for

Tex-Mex in Austin {and there are a lot of places that offer that in the live music capital}. Their tacos are just the right amount of spice and their queso is second to none. Don’t forget to grab a slice of tres leches cake because it is phenomenal.



Tips for Couples T

By, Sara Laughed

Because traveling with your s.o. can be a wonderful thing.

raveling in a couple can make or break a relationship. On the one hand, traveling together can be an incredibly romantic experience; it can allow you and your partner to follow your passions, spend time together, and explore a new part of the world. On the other, the stress that travel brings – planning stress, financial stress, and even the stress of getting from A to B – can affect even the strongest of couples. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prepare to make sure that your trip is as fun and stress-free as possible. Read on to find out how to make the most out of your travels with your partner.



Clarify expectations before your trip

Unless you and your partner have identical interests, chances are that you’ll both be interested in doing different things on your trip. To avoid any conflict during your travels, clarify your expectations beforehand. Ask your significant other what their hopes and plans are for this journey. What do they want to get out of it? What things they want to try? What sights would they be heartbroken to miss? State your own wishes and expectations as well, and then try to make a balanced list of things both of you are willing and excited to try. This step will take only a few minutes, but it ensures that both of you walk away happy and be able to make the most out of your travels.



Talk budget before you go

Money can be one of the biggest stress factors in an otherwise healthy relationship. Making a budget and deciding who pays for what is just as important as discussing your expectations – and perhaps even more so. Is one person always going to pay for food, while the other pays for lodging? Will everything be split 50-50? Make sure that you agree on these things before you leave, so that there are no awkward blips during the journey itself.



Spend time together...and apart

Every couple is different, and maybe you and your partner love to spend every waking moment together. Many couples, however, benefit from some separate time every day to balance out time spent together. This is especially important when travelling, when stress can run high, and couples-time may be more intense and involved than it may be at home. Think about 44 what’s best for you: maybe an hour a day of alone time on your trip can balance out the many hours spent together and bring some peace to your relationship.



Walk off the beaten path

Especially in big cities like Paris, Rome, and New York, there are plenty of romantic things for couples to do - and usually, those things are packed with other tourists. For a trip that really allows you to focus on you and your partner, try stepping off of the beaten path. Instead of a hotel or hostel, consider staying an apartment for a few days through a site like AirB&B or Couchsurfing. This will allow you to explore and experience parts of the city that you might not otherwise see as a tourist. Ask a local for a recommended restaurant, rather than trying one from your guidebook. These things will not only give you a more authentic travelling experience, but they may give you and your partner some more time to focus on and enjoy each other, away from the hustle and bustle of busy tourist spots.


N 5 Photograph each other

On your trip, you may be tempted to snap one hundred pictures of beautiful local churches or landmarks. Feel free to take as many pictures as you want, but remember to also take pictures of you and your partner, separately and together! There are plenty of photos floating around of the Colosseum and the Fontana de Trevi, but the photos you take are the only chance you have to show yourselves and your experiences. Those photos will be worth a lot more to you in ten or fifteen years than a dozen shots of the Eiffel Tower.

o Find unique ways to document your trip


Photographs aren’t the only way to document your journey. Try something unique and fun, like sketches of local landmarks, reviews of the restaurants you go to, or short travel diary entries! Finding something new that you and your partner can explore together as a way of keeping track of your trip can make your experience more interesting and memorable.



Keep perspective and stay grateful

It’s easy when you’re in the thick of a trip to lose perspective. Maybe something small goes wrong and it feels like a disaster, or maybe after a week on the road, your partner’s cute little quirks start to get on your nerves. In those moments, try to keep some perspective and remember how lucky you are to be travelling with the person you love. Make a mental checklist of some of the things you’re grateful for on this trip and try to keep those in mind when things get hectic! 45

SB Destination: Slovenia


By, Jenna of Sparkly KId

pring break is here again and many students are looking for a way to go on vacation for a reasonable amount of money. If you decide to visit Europe don’t let Slovenia, that tiny country next to Italy, fool you with its size because it’s packed with diversity that attracts many tourists. Here are some of the most popular places in Slovenia and if you do decide to visit Europe, I can guarantee that traveling fees will be the only major cost.


This city is Slovenia’s number one destination. What’s so special about it? There’s a lake where you can ride a boat called Pletna that takes you to a tiny island in the middle. On top of that island there’s a church with a bell that supposedly brings you luck if you ring it. The mountains surSpeaking of mountains, rounding the lake complete the postonce the ice melts, spring card panorama. is the perfect time to go to Triglav (literally translated as three heads), the highest one in Slovenia. It is 1864 meters high and to get to the top you need to be very fit. At the top there’s a tower called the Aljaž Tower, named by Jakob Aljaž who helped making the path to the top of Triglav.


Logarska dolina

The Logarska valley is situated in the Alps only a few kilometers from the Austrian border and is the perfect place to go when you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s rather remote so it’s great for getting away from everything to relax and breathe some fresh air. With all the mountains around you can have a nice hike along with 46 some home-made traditional food in mountain cottages.

Postojna Cave

The South-West of Slovenia is the biggest karst area in the country. The jewel of that region is the Postojna Cave with stalagmites and stalactites. You can see it while riding a touristic train through it and it is really an adventure. In there you can find the Slovenian endemic – Proteus, or as we call it, the human fish.

The Coast

Even though 43 kilometers of coast is not much, Slovenia is pretty fortunate to have that according to its size. The most important coastal cities include Portorož, Piran, Strunjan, Izola, Koper and Ankaran. All of these are culturally and historically rich and along with sightseeing you can also dip in the for-now-cold Adriatic sea.

Ljubljana You probably know that Slovenia’s capital is Ljubljana. It’s where one of the three public universities we have is situated and it’s also the most vibrant and lively city around here. Among other things you can visit, there’s also the Ljubljana castle, river Ljubljanica and subsequently a lot of bridges - Tromostovje (Triple bridge), Dragon bridge, the bridge of locks, the bridge of shoemakers, etc. 47


Obsessions The Editors Share Their April Picks

Laser-Cut Circle Midi Skirt // J. Crew

Loving this J. Crew skirt! I’ve noticed that laser cuts are really big right now on the runways so why not add this one in the pretty pink color? HAYDEN

Serpui Marie Embroidered Owl Clutch // Anthropologie

Can we just talk about how cute this clutch is? It seems like the perfect thing to use with a delicate dress when you are going to brunch or lunch with your girl friends. HAYDEN


Marysia’s Antibes Scallop One Piece Wide Strap Tank // Everything But Water

Scallops are one of my favorite design elements and on this bathing suit they seem perfect. HAYDEN



Silk Sleveless Dress // Brooks Brothers

Talk about utter prep perfection. Gingham {huge on the spring runways} and Brooks Brothers. These two make for a perfect match. HAYDEN

Oceana Blue // KJP

I love these shirt! They are the perfect Oxford but they also have the scalloped collar...which is something any prep can dig. HAYDEN

Splash Out Crab // Kate Spade

Why is this not in my life? And also, why does Spade keep making such amazing whimsical pieces? This is absolutely perfect. HAYDEN


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