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Rustic Oak range .

BX-RMK-37 1 Drawer Bedside

BX-RMK-33 3 Drawer Bedside

H 550mm W 550mm D 400mm

H 625mm W 530mm D 410mm

BX-RMK-133 Small 2 Drawer Bedside H 560mm W 330mm D 340mm

BX-RMK-55 4 over 3 Chest H 1190mm W 978mm D 435mm BX-RMK-15 Wellington Chest H 1175mm W 530mm D 410mm

BX-RMK-53 2 over 3 Chest H 980mm W 920mm D 435mm

BX-RMK-58 3 over 4 Wide Chest H 780mm W 1511mm D 435mm

BX-RMK-24 Single Dressing Table H 775mm W 1065mm D 486mm

BX-RMK-75 Double Dressing Table H 775mm W 1465mm D 486mm

BX-RMK-16 Blanket Box H 515mm W 910mm D 475mm

BX-RMK-25 Stool H 435mm W 460mm D 340mm

BX-RMK-3120 Swing Mirror H 570mm W 550mm D 90mm

BX-RMK-45D 2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe

BX-RMK-47 3 Door Wardrobe

H 1812mm W 970mm D 565mm

H 1922mm W 1650mm D 580mm

BX-RMK-45 2 Door 1 Drawer Wardrobe

BX-RMK-48 2 Door Wardrobe

H 1922mm W 1120mm D 580mm

H 1922mm W 1120mm D 580mm

BX-RMK-63 4’6 Panelled Bed BX-RMK-13 4’6 Bed

H 1050mm W 1545mm D 2115mm

H 1050mm W 1486mm D 2095mm

BX-RMK-64 5’0 Panelled Bed

BX-RMK-14 5’0 Bed

H 1050mm W 1698mm D 2191mm

H 1050mm W 1638mm D 2171mm

BX-RMK-123 Small Wall Mirror H 1200mm W 900mm D 40mm

BX-RMK-124 Large Wall Mirror H 1440mm W 540mm D 40mm

BX-RMK-140 Shoe Cupboard H 919mm W 710mm D 320mm

BX-RMK-23 Corner TV Unit BX-RMK-22 TV Unit

H 558mm W 1020mm D 510mm

H 497mm W 1340mm D 442mm

BX-RMK-93 Corner Unit H 1915mm W 661mm D 337mm

BX-RMK-40 2 Door Cupboard H 700mm W 700mm D 340mm

BX-RMK-91 Display Cabinet H 1915mm W 880mm D 370mm

BX-RMK-41 Mini Sideboard H 800mm W 800mm D 340mm BX-RMK-42 Small Sideboard H 795mm W 988mm D 470mm

BX-RMK-44 Medium Sideboard H 865mm W 1391mm D 470mm BX-RMK-90 Glazed Dresser Top H 1070mm W 1391mm D 327mm

BX-RMK-43 Large Sideboard H 844mm W 1760mm D 480mm

BX-RMK-94 Hi-Fi Cabinet

BX-RMK-120 Small Console Table

H 810mm W 630mm D 470mm

H 810mm W 910mm D 305mm

BX-RMK-128 1 Drawer Console Table H 760mm W 600mm D 320mm

BX-RMK-121 Console/Wine Table H 810mm W 1500mm D 450mm BX-RMK-122 Wine Rack Insert

BX-RMK-21 Storage Coffee Table

H 480mm W 630mm D 390mm

H 531mm W 1108mm D 520mm

BX-RMK-1142 Small Nest of Tables

BX-RMK-142 Nest of Tables

H 620mm W 500mm D 380mm

H 530mm W 650mm D 422mm

BX-RMK-36 Lamp Table

BX-RMK-136 Small Lamp Table

H 550mm W 500mm D 500mm

H 550mm W 275mm D 275mm

BX-RMK-134 Small Coffee Table

BX-RMK-34 Coffee Table

H 473mm W 915mm D 610mm

H 483mm W 1200mm D 600mm

BX-RMK-76 Corner Computer Desk

BX-RMK-73 Single Computer Desk

H 790mm W 1891mm D 1140mm

H 790mm W 1500mm D 552mm

BX-RMK-28 Filing Cabinet H 790mm W 640mm D 552mm

BX-RMK-30 Tall Bookcase H 2022mm W 985mm D 315mm BX-RMK-31 Medium Bookcase H 1564mm W 985mm D 315mm BX-RMK-32 Low Bookcase H 1107mm W 985mm D 315mm BX-RMK-108 Mini Bookcase H 911mm W 740mm D 315mm

BX-RMK-114 Small Extending Table H 783mm W 1250(1650)mm D 900mm BX-RMK-115 Extending Table H 783mm W 1380(2030)mm D 900mm BX-RMK-517 Large Extending Table H 783mm W 1800(2500)mm D 1000mm

BX-RMK-200 Ladderback Chair - Wooden Seat

BX-RMK-201 Ladderback Chair - PU Seat

H 1080mm W 465mm D 500mm

H 1080mm W 465mm D 500mm

BX-RMK-203 Dark Brown Leather Chair

BX-RMK-204 Ivory Leather Chair

BX-RMK-205 Suede Leather Chair

H 1035mm W 440mm D 640mm

H 1035mm W 440mm D 640mm

H 1035mm W 440mm D 640mm

Classic Furniture (Binbrook) Limited 2011 Š


Fabric and Leather Sofas  

Fabric and Leather Sofas range.