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Tips For First Time Trade Show Exhibitors

Putting together a trade show exhibit for the first time? Don’t despair. These simple tips will help you make your first exhibit a successful one: 1. Communication. Ultimately what every trade show exhibitor needs to do is communicate. That’s the entirety of the job. A great display with staff who don’t know how to communicate will fail every time. Luckily, communication is something you can prepare for. It helps to bring staff who are good communicators and enjoy talking about your products, but you should still make sure to prepare talking points, go over the product specs, and do some practice runs with each other before the show.

2. Attend trade shows. One of the best ways to figure out what you like and don’t like in a trade show is to go to shows yourself. You’ll quickly get a feel for what makes a booth stand out, which layouts work, and what salesmen did that put you off. Make notes and try to make your own booth into your ideal trade show exhibit.

3. Start small. Doing your first trade show will be a learning experience, and you’ll have a much better idea of what you want out of your trade show exhibit the second time around. That means it’s not wise too over invest in the first event: rent one of the smaller sized booths and come with a strong marketing message. Then decide what works and how you want to expand for next time.

4. Stand, don’t sit. Sitting down is a death knell for good salesmanship. Stand in the main booth area and get to know people as they come in. Chat with them and build relationships.

5. Use an open layout. Even if you don’t have the largest space, you can use an open layout to create a sense of largeness. That means people are more likely to come in, will feel more comfortable when they’re there, and will stay longer.

6. Secure electronics. Make sure that laptops, tablets and other expensive items are secured in your trade show exhibit so they can’t be stolen.

7. Give each other breaks. Your exhibitors may just love talking all day, but everyone needs a break eventually. Look out for each other and proactively offer to cover the booth for your partner while they take a breather. What other tips do you have for first time trade show exhibitors?

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Tips for first time trade show exhibitors  

Attend trade shows. One of the best ways to figure out what you like and don’t like in a trade show is to go to shows yourself.

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