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How To Use Social Media To Boost Your Trade Show Exhibit Having a trade show exhibit can be a source of new prospects, new sales and buzz. But how do you get the word out? Social media makes a great compliment to traditional marketing if it’s done the right way: Reach out to bloggers and mavens. Bloggers and social media mavens in your field likely see trade shows as highly valuable. For them it is a chance to try products, to interview leaders and to boost traffic to their sites. Identify who these key bloggers are and develop a relationship with them. That does include reaching out and directly inviting them to stop by your booth, but it also means interacting with them more regularly. Take time once a week to catch up on their blog posts and leave a few comments.

Have a contest or giveaway. Lining up a competition with the dates of your trade show is a great way to build buzz and get more people stopping by your trade show exhibit. Contests and giveaways are easy to promote via social media, and will often get a lot more shares and likes than other types of content— especially if one way to enter is by sharing it.

Build anticipation. Several weeks before the trade show dates, start mentioning it regularly in your Facebook and Twitter updates. The companies who might buy your product should know that you’ll be at the trade show—and that you have something new to unveil or a special discount to offer them (or both). Some experts recommend directly reaching out to your prospects on social media, but that can also seem pushy; consider a short business email instead to let them know about your trade show exhibit.

Comment, comment, comment! If the trade show has an official website with blog posts or a FAQ page, comment! If the trade show is mentioned in blogs or websites relevant to your industry, comment there too. If other companies are tweeting about the trade show, reply or (where appropriate) retweet their messages.

Keep it going. During the trade show itself, post updates and pictures to your social media. And most importantly, now is the time to tweet at your prospects and invite them to stop by—in a friendly, not pushy manner. For read more information visit

How to use social media to boost your trade show exhibit