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Banner stands come in a huge selection of styles for any promotional campaign, event, or tradeshow!

We have Banner Displays, Flags, & Portable Graphic Displays In-stock and ready to ship to you!


Banner Displays Self-Contained Banner Display System

TSBNSR4790 - 47"w

TSBNSR3590 - 35"w

TSBNSR3190 - 31"w

Best Seller!

Best Selling Retractable Banner Displays Our best selling traveling banner displays. Sets up in seconds and retracts into its own stand for added protection during travel and storage. Displays your own custom banner up to 90" high in your choice of 31", 35", 39", or 47" widths. Because this display accepts banners as short as 28-1/4" (33" total system height), it’s also great choice for tabletops or positioning in front of lecterns during speeches or presentations. Telescopic pole and base are constructed from anodized aluminum. Includes carrying case. Wt.16lbs.

TSBNSR3990 - 39"w


1-4 $308.75 $330.44 $345.25 $368.38

5 211.46 229.68 242.13 261.56

10 199.29 216.97 229.04 247.89

25 189.74 206.88 218.57 236.84

Portable Impact!

Pole Banner and Stand 78-3/4"h

New wider size available!

Banner Width 31" 35" 39" 47"

Pole Banner and Stand Adjusts to fit banners 23-1/2" wide up to 783/4"high—you choose the length! Banner attachments allow you to position the included banner at any height along the 80"h pole. A breeze to set up and take down. “X” design base for stability. Measures 23-3/4"w x 82-3/4"h x 25-1/2"d assembled. Packs to 30-1/2"w x 2-1/2"h x 3-1/2"d. Please indicate desired banner height. now offers this same great Pole Banner and Stand in a 31-1/2"w version! Width 23-3/4"w New! 31-1/2"w

Code TSBNCS2378 TSBNCS3178

1-5 $192.39 $227.41

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Many more banner sizes & styles available at 12"h You choose your banner’s length and position on poll TSBNCS2378

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Economy Banner Style. Packs to just 28-1/2" long and weighs only 5 lbs. Includes a custom printed 35-1/2"w x 78-3/4"h vinyl banner (see submission guidelines online). Folding satin aluminum pole and base. Overall dimensions: 35-5/8"w x 80-1/2"h x 20"d. Code TSBNQB3578

1-4 $218.84

5 135.90

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Economy Banner Style

Order by phone 800.572.2194 (8:00AM - 5:30PM EST)

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Event Banners Custom Retractable Banners •Combines 3 Banner Stands to Create a Single Mural Effect •Makes a Great Backdrop at Events or Alternative to Pop Ups •Packs Down into 3 Carrying Bags for Easy Transportation •Retractable Design Protects Graphics and is Easy to Use

MediaScreen XL Graphic Wall A great backdrop for trade show booths, press conferences, and other promotional events. This 12’ wide “Graphics Wall” combines three large banner stands to create a single mural effect. Standing 118" tall, this mural display towers above the competition and ensures that your message is always visible. this graphic mural is constructed from the highest quality materials and features a one-ofa-kind Swedish design. Each banner stand features a polished chrome aluminum construction that is durable yet attractive. Overall Dimensions are 142-1/2"w x 118-1/8"h x 3-3/4"d (15-1/2"d wth feet exstended). Code EXPXLWALL

1 $2,220.40

2 2,102.87

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Banner Displays w/ Replaceable Graphics Cassette This removable cassette banner stand was specially designed for maximum convenience and ease of use. This banner stand combines all of the great features of a retractable banner display with the ability to change your graphics easily. This retractable banner stand comes with one 31-1/2"w x 83-7/8"h, full-color banner that is custom printed with your artwork. Your graphics are printed onto a high quality, 12oz white vinyl banner for bright color images that will look great anywhere. This retractable banner stand is easy to use and sets up within minutes. We sell this banner stand with a high quality, foam padded bag for travel. Code BNIMGN31

1 $476.99

2 427.87

6 397.65

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See more economy retractable banner stands online at Economy Banner Displays These inexpensive banner stands, also known as banner displays, combine affordability, durability, and quality. Featuring a retractable design, these inexpensive banner stands are easy to use and setup within minutes. Each banner stand is sold with a 31"w x 77"h custom printed graphics that come pre-installed inside the base. These economy banner displays come with padded travel bags and optional use 120 Volt, 35 Watt spotlights. BSJ39BKLG


1 $203.62

2 196.09

5 181.31

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Giant Three-Sided Banner Stand This 3-sided banner stand is a great display for trade shows, conventions, expositions, and other marketing events. A 3-sided banner stand offers a high impact design for when 360Ëš visibility is important. Sold with 3 printed vinyl banners, this banner stand will draw attention from any direction. Each 3-sided banner stand is made up of three joined panels measuring 10' high and available in either 2-1/2' or 3' widths. The aluminum frame packs up for easy portability Banner Size 2-1/2'w x 10'h 3'w x 12'h


1-2 $935.68 $1,187.37

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Patented Pole Allows Graphics to Bend in Wind

This giant three sided banner stand packs away for easy storage and transportation

Double-Sided Expand MediaScreen Outdoor Banner Display This banner display is the first fully portable retractable banner stand made for outdoor use. The MediaScreen 2 outdoor banner display features heavy-duty, aluminum construction. Each banner display is manufactured from the highest quality materials to resist both wear and tear, and component "breakdown" by adverse weather. Display banners on sand, snow, grass and asphalt. Includes custom printed banners. Banners measure 33 1/2"w x 70 7/8"h each and the display measures 34"w x 3"h x 7"d when packed away.


All-weather design is suited for indoor & outdoor use

Code EXPD3370OD

23" 82" 43"

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All-Weather Adjustable Banner Stand Usable indoors and out, this adjustable banner stand can accommodate banners from 23"w x 43"h up to 39"w x 82"h. Durable 23"w x 15-1/2"d plastic base holds up to6 gallons of water providing plenty of weight to keep your banner stand in place. Banner sold separately. Custom printed banners available online. Code IPOLE39

Stand adjusts to hold banners from 23"w x 43"h up to 39"w x 82"h

1-2 $1,091.61

1-9 $96.34

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More Sizes Available! Looking for an alternative to hanging banners on walls and from ceilings? If so, this banner stand display is what you need! With two aluminum horizontal bars that extend to various widths, this display stand can hold multiple banner sizes. Size up to 27" x 82" up to 39" x 82" up to 59" x 82"


Order by phone 800.572.2194 (8:00AM - 5:30PM EST) * * * All pricing subject to change without notice. * * * Please refer to for up-to-date pricing.

1-9 $277.81 $299.30 $374.82

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Promtional Banners Indoor/Outdoor Promotional Flag Stands

Custom Silkscreened Banners & Flags Are Available Online! Perfect For Large Orders!

Digitally Printed Bowhead Banners These bowhead banners offer a great way to advertise your company's products indoors and out. These bowhead banners stand about 11 feet tall and have a unique curved shape. A flexible pole keeps the fabric taut and visible at all times. These event flags, come with a cross base with water bag for weight, and a ground screw for mounting in grass and dirt. Two canvas carrying bags are also included for transportation and storage. Each bowhead banner is lightweight and portable, so setup takes just a few minutes. Flag measures 28-1/2"w x 125-3/4"h with an overall banner display height of 136-3/4".

Digitally Printed Promotional Flags This large promotional flag stands 15ft tall and has a unique curved shape. Each promotional flag, also known as a marketing flag, comes with indoor and outdoor bases. Made especially for outside use, each promotional flag is durable enough to withstand moderate winds and weather. Made to be lightweight and portable, this flag sets up in minutes and packs down into its included carrying bags. This promotional flag includes a custom digitaly printed flag measuring 31-1/2"w x 163"h. Promotional flag packs away in included carrying bag Code AFLG372DP

1 $367.44

2 261.07

8 183.35

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1 $449.19

Order online * * * All pricing subject to change without notice. * * * Please refer to for up-to-date pricing.

2 640.42

6 268.39

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Indoor/Outdoor 15' Event Banner Lightweight and portable, this flag sets up in minutes and packs down into its included carrying bag. Measuring 31-1/2"w x 163"h this large digitally printed graphic is perfect for promoting sponsors, building brand awareness, and advertising new products. The 4-color digital printing process creates vivid colors for even the most complex artwork or photographic images. Each flag is printed onto one side only which means that while your images are visible on the back, they are not as vivid as the front and are reversed. Each banner kit includes, a banner pole, ground screw, crossbase, waterbag, and custom printed flag. Artwork templates and guidelines are available for download on our website. Unit measures 175"h (without base) and weighs approximately 4 lbs. Carrying bag measures 32" x 14". 15' Promotional Flag with Digitally Printed Graphic Code 1-4 5 10 $448.52 233.00 185.48 FLYBN492DP

Includes water bag for extra stability


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Visit us online for more sizes and styles!

Travels easily from event to event or store to store!

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Order by phone 800.572.2194 (8:00AM - 5:30PM EST) * * * All pricing subject to change without notice. * * * Please refer to for up-to-date pricing.

Promotional Banners Indoor/Outdoor Banner Stands & Event Flags Indoor/Outdoor Portable Flag Stands These durable lightweight aluminum flagpoles can be easily assembled and raised by one person. Flag support arm extends along the top of the flags to ensure they are always viewable—even in little or no wind. The flag is free to rotate around the flagpole with the wind creating eye catching motion. This allows the flagpoles to function in higher winds than other stands. In fact, we’ve flown them in winds of up to 30 m.p.h. without them tipping (when stand is filled with sand or water). Includes carrying bag with inclosed zipper pouch for flag attachment hardware.

Standing well over 17ft, tall this flag stand is built to hold a 43-3/8"w x 130"h Custom Flag

Best Seller!

Built to hold a 31-1/2"w x 94-1/2"h Custom Flag


Custom Printed Banners & Flags Are Available Online! Great for festivals and other outdoor events—6 flag stands and banners easily fit in the back of a standard SUV! Flag spins around pole to accommodate heavy winds without tangling Flag spins around pole to accommodate heavy winds without tangling Lightweight base has molded handle for easy carrying

Lightweight base has molded handle for easy carrying

GiantPole Event Flag Stand This 4-piece telescopic flagpole measures 17' 8" (212") extended and is designed to fly a custom 43-3/8"w x 130"h flag. Pole packs to only 611/2"long. Base measures 31-1/2"dia x 7-1/2"h and weighs only 28 lbs when not filled with up to 18 gallons of sand or water. Flag not included.

TriPole Event Flag Stand Designed to fly a custom 31-1/2"w x 94-1/2"h flag. 3-piece telescopic flagpole measures 13' 1" (157") extended, packs to only 59"long. Base measures 26"dia x 7-1/2"h and weighs only 20 lbs when not filled with up to 11 gallons of sand or water. Flag not included.



1-4 $157.08

5 144.48

10 141.12

25 136.92

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1-4 $186.16

5 171.23

10 167.24

25 162.27

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Get Noticed!

Order online * * * All pricing subject to change without notice. * * * Please refer to for up-to-date pricing.

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Available in Flat or Curved Wall styles Choose from 88" or 120" wide Pop-Up Trade Show Booths



Best Seller!

Sets up in under 10 minutes!

TEPUV8BLH Travel case converts to display counter

PopUp Booth w/VELCRO® Fastener Receptive Fabric Create huge impact in under 10 minutes with these impressive PopUp backdrops. Cover fabric allows accessories to be attached with VELCRO® brand “hook” fasteners (see p.70) to adapt to changing promotions. Includes rolling molded travel case which doubles as a display counter. Curved Wall frames measure 17" deep with the Flat Wall Frames measuring 13" deep. For custom headers, please refer to our online submission guidelines. Custom header lead time: 5 to 6 days (lead time starts after artwork has been approved).

Includes travel case


Curved Wall PopUp Booth 88"w x 88"h Curved Wall Color Without header Blue Black 12"h Custom header Blue Black 120"w x 88"h Curved Wall Without header Blue Black 12"h Custom header Blue Black


Price $482.59 $493.68 $625.39 $612.09


$574.09 $563.23 $716.89 $706.03

88"w x 88"h x 13"d 12"h Custom header

Color Blue


Price $559.73

117"w x 88"h x 12"d Without header




Custom Headers If you are ordering a custom header, please refer to our online submission guidelines by entering the sku number (product code) on our home page, then clicking the “art submission guidelines” link.

Trade Show Booth Accessories Mix and match accessories that make customizing any of our fabric booths, table top panels, or standard displays a breeze. Constructed of high-quality crystal clear acrylic. Accessories include VELCRO® brand fasteners with adhesive backing.

11" x 8-1/2" sign display

8-1/2" x 11" sign display

Size 11"w x 8-1/2"h sign display 8-1/2"w x 11"h sign display 11"w x 14"h sign display 22"w x 28"h sign display 4"w brochure pocket 8-1/2"w brochure pocket

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Code TEFL1185 TEFL8511 TEFL1114 TEFL2228 TEBR40 TEBR85

11" x 14" sign display

1-49 $7.00 $7.00 $9.70 $58.00 $5.34 $9.90

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22" x 28" sign display

8-1/2" brochure pocket

4" brochure pocket

All of our trade show add-ons are stock units, ready to ship same day.

VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Strips The "hook" side of these fasteners can be used with any of our receptive fabric booths, exhibits and displays. Adhesive backing attaches securely to foam core, acrylic, and other surfaces. Size 1"w x 2"h - 100/pck 1"w x 5"h - 100/pck


Order by phone 800.572.2194 (8:00AM - 5:30PM EST) * * * All pricing subject to change without notice. * * * Please refer to for up-to-date pricing.

1-99 $23.00 $53.00

100+ Call Us! Call Us!

Tradeshow & Special Event Booth Displays & Banners PopUp Booths with Custom 6-color Graphic This huge trade show booth display is sure to get the attention of potential clients and customers. Standing 88" tall and 88" wide it makes a great background for 8ft booths. Features Include: • 720 dpi resolution (most other fabric PopUps are 600 dpi or less) • Wrinkle-free stretch fabric, not lesser oxford cloth fabrics that often wrinkle in transit • Vivid 6-color process printing. Assembles in minutes. Just remove from the durable plastic carrying case, expand the frame and close the securing latches. Fabric stays attached to the frame between shows, so there is no need to position or attach it. 8 ft. Measures 88-1/4"w x 88-1/4"h x 20"d. Live image area: 88-1/4"w x 88-1/4"h. 10 ft. Measures 117-1/2"w x 88-1/4"h x 20"d. Live image area: 117-1/2"w x 88-1/4"h.

Best Seller!

Includes 3 Halogen Lights

7 day lead time Code 1-4 5+ POPUP8ST $1,244.41 Call Us! 8 ft POP10UPST $1,573.88 Call Us 10 ft *Lead time starts after artwork has been approved. Includes Travel Case!

Custom Graphic Requirements Please refer to the submission guidelines provided for each product online by entering the sku number (product code) on our home page, then clicking “art submission guidelines” link. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-572-2194


“From beginning to end, my experience with was fantastic! Their customer service is superior, and the custom pop-up exhibit booth we ordered couldn’t look better. The turnaround time was terrific - better then expected. I would highly recommend to anyone considering a portable or custom printed exhibit booth.” – Restivo Monacelli, LLP

Includes travel bag w/ shoulder strap

Deluxe Retractable VELCRO® Receptive Fabric Banner Display This banner stand sets up in seconds to create a black 34"w x 80"h backdrop that is specially designed to be receptive to hook and loop type fasteners. This fabric can hold graphics and literature dispensers backed by VELCRO® brand fastener – letting you change promotions at a moments notice. Fabric retracts into base for storage and transportation keeping it clean and wrinkle free. Measures 35-3/8"w x 86"h x 8-5/8"d assembled, 35-3/8"w x 8-5/8"h x 5-1/2"d collapsed. Includes travel bag w/ shoulder strap. Lead time: same day. Color Black


1-9 $483.12

10+ Call Us!

Easy Change VELCRO® Receptive Fabric Banner Display Create an instant backdrop for your graphics, then change them any time you want. The special fabric securely holds graphics printed on paper or mounted on foam core backed ® Retractable base by VELCRO brand fasteners. Lets you change promotions while your show is in progress. Great for posting show keeps fabric clean & wrinkle free specials or daily giveaways. Easy 1 minute set-up. Measures 31-1/2"w x 86"h assembled. Includes storage tube and Add-on carrying case. Lead time: same day. Accessories sold online Black TEBRETVFBK

Color Blue Black


1-5 $265.00 $265.00

6+ Call Us! Call Us!

Sets up in under a minute! Durable canvas travel bag is included. Add-on Accessories sold online


Order online * * * All pricing subject to change without notice. * * * Please refer to for up-to-date pricing.

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New Products Weekly! Sale items available online.


Int’l. 401-247-0333 Fax 401-247-0392

Discover the Advantage See our full selection of Selection Outdoor Banner Stands From trade show displays to outdoor Event Flags, Portable banners, we have you covered with the widest selection of displays in the USA. Graphic Displays, & Banner Poles online! In Stock We have thousands of items in stock and ready to ship.

Knowledgeable Operators Send us your posters, brochures, and inserts along with your mailing list and WE will do the rest! operators really know our products and are here every business day from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST.

We’ll do the fulfillment!

Manufacturing Expertise

We deliver straight to your home or business.

We make all of our custom displays and many of our in stock displays right in our Rhode Island factory. That means high quality standards without long lead times!

We pack your inserts and instruction sheets with the display – then ship straight to your home, business, or institution. Anywhere in North America!

Same-Day Shipping

Promote it.

Brand it. has thousands of eye catching Banner stands that will help you get your message out.

We specialize in getting your company’s name out front with logo imprinting and custom designs.

Customize it.

Sell it.

Our Banner Stands make it easy to update promotions using your own graphics.

From the simplest display to the most elegant, we ensure your message shines through.

We ship orders for in stock items received by 1:00 p.m. EST the same day!

Guaranteed Satisfaction These banner displays, such as these portable graphic displays, teardrop banners or promotional flags, are available in 100's of display styles. All available at

We back all of our displays with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s one big reason why customers rely on us again and again.

30 Years of Manufacturing Experience!

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Banner displays, like banner stands, exhibition stands, and portable displays, offer a great way to increase the exposure of your business....

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