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Live your passion through innovation Finally, it is here. a solution, which helps football (some call it soccer) coaches in daily life. We merged modern technologies with best practices from football experts to deliver a comprehensive tool for you to:

Manage teams and players All your teams and player details are now in one place. Add player’s picture, contact information and personal details to have it when you needed. Do you have player list available in your computer? Import it to and save time. Form your teams by adding players.

Plan season The whole training season can be planned – just define start and end dates, training days and training time. Have one calendar for all the training sessions and games of your teams, know exactly when you are involved in your teams’ events.

Use predefined training plan and exercise videos Save time in planning training sessions by using predefined training plans, tailored for specific player groups. Training plan includes training sessions and exercises to develop particular skills. There is over 100 exercises with videos available for you – to make your trainings more efficient.

Rate games and trainings Capture every moment in time during the game: all events can be logged with just few clicks, players can be instantly rated. Event logs of your teams’ games are accessible in the future, ready for deeper analysis. During trainings, evaluate individual player’s skills.

Track player skills Advanced and unified skills tracking system helps you to accurately plan trainings, measure players’ skills and see team development. Compare each player to team average, understand and explain player’s merits and weaknesses, motivate them for progress.

Analyze and get reports Training and game rating statistics are clearly represented in an overview, deeper analysis can be performed from different perspectives. At any time you can see which skills you are focusing on in trainings, what are team development results – to make corrections instantly, if needed.

Share on social networks and team website Integration with social networks helps spreading the news to the fans of your team, update your website without programming skills. Just a few clicks – and your fans get the latest news from your team. Enlarge your fan community and attract sponsors for your team.

Live your passion through innovation

READY FOR MOBILE is also available as mobile application for your iPad.


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Who is it for? Manage teams and players Plan season Predefined training plans Exercise videos Rate games Rate trainings Track player skills

FN Team For coaches, which have one team only. One team only, up to 20 players      

FN Club For clubs with several teams. Up to 5 teams, up to 20 players each      



FN Club Plus For clubs with up to 15 teams. Up to 15 teams, up to 20 players each       Full, optional custom reports 

 

 

Optional 

14.99 Eur

59.99 Eur

224.99 Eur

Analysis and reporting Manage organization Organization-wide dashboard and analysis Team website Mobile application ready Share on Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress Monthly fee

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New generation training and evaluations with affordable metering solutions; Application for players; Better connections with your fans; Loyalty program; Share your exercises and training plans.

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Live your passion through innovation

FootballNote Factsheet v3  
FootballNote Factsheet v3  

FootballNote Factsheet v3