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Tache Freezes Development in Landmark By Marianne Curtis After approving a 100-lot subdivision on the east side of Landmark, the RM of Tache council has shut the door on development in the community for the second time in a decade. A moratorium on development within Landmark was placed about ten years ago, and lifted in 2009 after the community expanded its lagoon. However, according to Mayor Bill Danylchuk, the community has a new problem. “We are not capable of providing the water pressure for additional construction and additional homes,” confirmed Danylchuk. “We have a low pressure system in Landmark which means the lift station needs to be upgraded along with the force mains.” The RM of Tache says that Landmark will need to look at a new water treatment system instead of relying on several smaller systems. The municipality estimates that it will cost millions of dollars, which it cannot afford. “The RM of Tache will apply for infrastructure funding that is supposed to become available next year,” stated Danylchuk. “As much as we don’t like it, we have been put in this position.” Danylchuk says the province has insisted on the development freeze until the upgrade is complete. “We cannot get a license to do any more development until these facilities are upgraded,” he confirmed.

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La Broquerie Sewer Rates Skyrocket For the first time in eight years residents living within the Village of La Broquerie will see a sewer rate increase and it is a significant one. According to Roger Bouvier, CAO for the RM of La Broquerie, residents will notice that their sewer rate service charges have risen by 648%, from $5 to $37.40. “The actual sewer rate services has gone up 27% from $77 to $97.88,” explained Bouvier. “If a revised rate had been approved sooner, the increase would have been more gradual but it has been eight years since they were revised.” The RM of La Broquerie applied for the rate increase back in January 2013 but the process took a year for approval from the Public Utilities Board.


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January 2014

Snowmobile Accident Claims Steinbach Teen By Marianne Curtis The community of Steinbach was left reeling after sixteen-year-old Jonah Crookes died because of a snowmobile crash on December 14. Crookes, a Grade 11 student at Steinbach Regional Secondary School, died after a crash at around 7 pm on Saturday, eight kilometers east of Marchand on a fireguard near Highway 210. Crookes was with five others including his father when he lost control on a curve and hit several trees, RCMP said. He was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Some of the rescuers are worried the grounding of STARS Air Ambulance earlier this month may be a problem. Due to the inaccessibility of the accident site, emergency crews were forced to put Jonah in the back of a pickup truck and take him back to the highway where an ambulance was waiting. RM of La Broquerie Fire Chief Alain Nadeau was one of the responders who attended to the accident. “I’m not the professional that’s going to say that STARS would have saved his life, but I cannot believe during the worst season for crash trauma that the STARS program is grounded,” said Nadeau. Police said they do not think alcohol was a factor in the crash and Crookes was wearing a helmet, but speed and lighting conditions may have contributed to the crash. Crookes was well known in the community. His father is a volunteer with the City of Steinbach fire department and he was employed at SAR in Steinbach. Randy Wolgemuth and employer at SAR said the family wants privacy, but offered his own description of Crookes. “With his thoughts and his beliefs, there is no doubt that he is in Heaven now,” he said. “He was very thoughtful.” Hanover School Division Superintendent Randy Dueck said it was extremely difficult for students when they returned to school the Monday following the accident with grief counsellors present to help deal with the tragedy. “It is a tight-knit community,” Dueck said about Steinbach. “We do whatever we can at a difficult time like this.” Jonah was a member of the SRSS Class of 2015 while studying in the Building Construction vocational program. Classes continued but counsellors were available to any students or staff who needed them in the guidance area of the high school. There was also a memorial area in the school library that included a book of condolences, and an online memorial on the school website.

A wooden cross marks the spot where 16-year-old Jonah Crookes lost his life December 14 because of a snowmobile accident.

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Tourism Stakeholders Invited to the Table By Marianne Curtis The Eastern Manitoba Tourism Association (EMTA) is kicking off the new year by bringing all tourism stakeholders throughout the region to discuss the future of the organization. Georges Beaudry, Chairperson for EMTA says that regional tourism associations are faced with a new reality that must be addressed as soon as possible. Along with the advent of a new provincial tourism strategy and the latest launch of Travel Manitoba‘s marketing campaign the regional association is now at a crossroads. “Although continuing to provide adequate marketing for the eastern region we recognize that to be effective we need the tools to provide more resources, expertise and comprehensive benefits to our members,” explained Beaudry. “This will require us to undertake an aggressive marketing campaign, to have a product development strategy and eventually become a bona fide booking agency to better service the traveler`s needs. The hiring of a full time Executive Director and our product development plan will become essential components in this strategy.” Beaudry explained that since the late 90s, the association has not adequately serviced the tourism industry in eastern Manitoba. “It has functioned on shoe string budgets, has not had an appropriate governance model to deal with regional challenges and has not been able to keep pace with modern marketing techniques,” Beaudry continued. “Although past initiatives have managed to keep the association relevant to its members, with representations at trade shows and the publication of the Eastern Manitoba Tourism Guide, it has constantly been struggling to progress beyond these limited marketing efforts.” The Eastern Manitoba Tourism Association in conjunction with Community Futures Triple R and Winnipeg River is holding a stakeholder consultation meeting on Tuesday, January 7 at the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach and on Thursday,

January 9 at the Sun Gro Centre in Beausejour at 12 – 4 pm. “We are therefore inviting all stakeholders involved in the tourism industry of eastern Manitoba to participate in either one of two forums. We want to better understand their needs, how to better service those needs and what tools should we acquire to achieve this,” Beaudry added. “We must address the need for government and industry to unite in making tourism a pillar that can strengthen and grow our economy.” Once the consultative meetings are over, Community Futures Winnipeg River will produce a report, which will give EMTA a clearer path for the near future in governance, membership, sustainability and service delivery. The luncheon meetings will be specifically designed to focus on these four crucial points in a most effective manner, Beaudry added.

RHA Eyes Surplus As Southern Health closes the books on the first seven months of operations, the health authority is looking at almost a $1.3 million surplus. Southern Health Vice President of Finance, Ken Klassen said that at the end of the first seven months of their fiscal year, the health authority is reporting a small surplus of $1,289.296. “This may seem like a large number but it amounts to less than one percent of our overall budget, so it is modest,” Klassen explained. According to Klassen, the surplus comes from staff vacancies in certain programs, like home care, which the health authority has had difficulty filling. Historically, a surplus half way through the fiscal year is an indicator that Southern Health should have either a balanced budget or a surplus at the end of the fiscal year, Klassen added.

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Winter By-election Called for Morris

January 2014


St. Pierre-Jolys Loses Councillor The Village of St. Pierre-Jolys is one councillor short after the recent resignation of Guy Gosselin after serving three years on council. In December, Gosselin notified council that he was resigning due to “personal reasons.” Gosselin was elected to the Village of St. Pierre-Jolys council during the last municipal election. Prior to his resignation, he served on the Village’s finance and personnel committees as well as a community representative on the Rat River Health Council and Arena Board.

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Liberal candidate Jeremy Barber

Voters in the Morris Constituency will be heading to the polls at the end of the month after Premier Greg Selinger recently announced that byelections for Morris and ArthurVirden will take place on Tuesday, January 28. The long awaited Morris by-election was finally called after the seat remained vacant for a record 350 days. While nominations will officially close on January 13, perspective candidates are already in the running. Shannon Martin, has stepped forward as the Tory candidate for the riding. “A better Manitoba starts in Morris. We need to turn the page on almost 15 years of NDP rule. We need to say no to a government that will say anything to get elected and do anything to stay elected,” said Martin. “We need to send a message to Greg Selinger and the NDP, that it’s time to aim higher,” Martin added.

NDP candidate Dean Harder

Progressive Conservative candidate Shannon Martin

The NDP have nominated Dean Harder who farms with his family in Lowe Farm. Harder, who also runs a multimedia production company, said he was encouraged to run, and wants to make a positive change within the riding. “I definitely know that I want to be involved,” said Harder. Jeremy Barber, candidate for the Liberals, said that he wants to include and represent the younger generation living within the constituency and bring some of their issues forward. “We are facing a new world with new issues. I want to provide that energy and that commitment to tackle the issues of Morris head on rather than being content with the status quo,” stated Barber. Advance polls for both byelections will be open from January 18 to 25 and on voting day January 28, polls will remain open from 7 am

to 8 pm. Currently the Manitoba legislature is comprised of 2 vacant seats, 37 New Democrats, 17 Progressive Conservatives and one Liberal.

Journey for Sight Trail Adventure to Raise Funds By Marianne Curtis The Steinbach Lions Club is looking for a few adventurous people to come out and hit the trails with them during the upcoming Journey for Sight. Sam Slobodesky, from the Steinbach Lions Club invites anyone with a snowmobile and in the mood for adventure to come out and join the group for a one-day ride on January 18. “We are doing the ride again this year and we welcome anyone that wants to participate,” explained Slobodesky. “At this point I am in dire need of more riders and pledge collectors.” The Ride starts with breakfast in Steinbach and then spending the rest of the day on a scenic snowmobile ride, with coffee and snacks in Beausejour, Pinawa and Whitemouth followed with a lunch in Lac du Bonnet and a closing supper before the ride back to Steinbach. The event stops and food are all coordinated and supplied by the local Lions Clubs from each of the towns. The annual Journey for Sight Snowmobile Ride is the major fund raising event for the Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba. The Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization that provides funding assistance for the fight against corneal disease and injury, adaptive technology for the visually impaired, eye exams and eye wear for those in need of assistance, necessary equipment to health facilities and collecting used eyeglasses for developing countries. While on the trail, riders from northern, central and southern Manitoba, make stops to accept donations. The Journey for Sight, which includes a snowmobile raffle has raised over $1.7 million over the years. Anyone wishing to join the ride can call Sam Slobodesky at 204-3674379 or Hank Klassen at 204-392-6787.

Before temporarily shutting the door on development in the community the RM of Tache approved a 100 lot subdivision by Schinkel Properties on the east side of Landmark. “We are short on urban lots and urban development within both Landmark and Lorette,” says Danylchuk. “There are things we need to work out with water and sewer before it can proceed but we are working on it.” One of the conditions the RM of Tache is looking at is a request to the developer to dig their own wells and pump house to service the subdivision instead of allowing it to hook up to the existing system.


January 2014

No More Excuses It seemed that 2013 was the year of the excuse for Manitoba’s NDP government. Early in the year, the NDP told Manitobans that they needed to raise the PST from 7 percent to 8 percent and then they rolled out the excuses. First, they told Manitobans that it was because of a looming spring flood. When that didn’t materialize, they said it was necessary to pay for infrastructure. When it turned out that infrastructure to the NDP meant paintings and splash parks, they tried to redefine infrastructure by the end of 2013. In the end, Manitobans knew that all of these excuses were just that, and the real problem is that the NDP are unable to control their spending and it’s Manitobans who have to pay the price. To bring about the increase in the PST, the NDP had to ignore the law that required a referendum. There were a number of excuses that Premier Greg Selinger rolled out for this also. First, he said a referendum was costly. Then he said a referendum couldn’t happen quickly enough. Then he told Manitobans they could express their concerns to him at committee, unfortunately Mr. Selinger didn’t actually come to any of the PST committee meetings to hear from Manitobans. But, the excuses were not limited to the PST increase. For nearly a year, the residents of the Morris constituency waited for the NDP to call a byelection so they could elect an MLA. The excuses piled up for this as well. Mr. Selinger didn’t like the spring for a by-election because he expected a flood. When the flood didn’t happen, he didn’t want it in the summer because the Legislature was in session. When the summer was over, he didn’t want it in the fall because there were federal by-elections. Finally, the excuses ended when it was called for the dead of winter on January 28. Just before the year ended, the NDP previewed its latest excuse. Faced with a promise to balance the budget in the 2015-2016 fiscal year, they are beginning to create excuses there as well. In December, the NDP said that Statistics Canada has “misplaced” 18,000 Manitobans and as a result, the NDP were not getting enough money from Ottawa. This excuse came even as Manitoba is receiving record transfer payments from Ottawa and has over the past decade. The fact that the NDP have squandered these revenues is hardly an excuse to break yet another promise but it appears to be one they are looking at. The most concerning thing is that all of these excuses come at a price to Manitobans. The inability of the NDP to manage government or finances ultimately costs Manitobans and the future of our province. 2013 was the year of the excuse for the NDP. Hopefully the excuses don’t continue into the New Year. I appreciate your comments and concerns. If you have any comments on these or other issues, you can contact me by writing, #3 - 227 Main Street, Steinbach, MB R5G 1Y7, by phone at 204-326-5763, by fax at 204-346-9913, by e-mail at kelvin.goertzen@leg.gov.mb.ca or by visiting my website at kelvingoertzen.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Judge Them on a Canadian Record - The Refugee Scandal At one time Canada was a country, which conveyed to world a first class sense of fair play, integrity and an honest broker where refugees had a decent chance for new beginnings. Now we appear arbitrarily petulant and act like mean spirited scrooges. The Immigration and Refugee Board members have such an uneven record of accepting claimants that this discrepancy in approval and refusals should be questioned by all Canadians. Reporting what transpires in a hearing is forbidden, apparently to protect the claimant. I would venture that the board member is the one who embarrasses too easily by his or her inane pronouncements. Here are the names of some Board members with the number of hearings and percentage of refusals or approvals, Daniel McSweeney in 2011, 129 cases heard, all claims denied, David Mcbean 1.1 % approval out of 88 cases, Gordon McRae 14% approvals out of 213 decisions, Thomas Pinkney 98.7 % approvals out of 746 decisions and Deborah Morrish 98.1 % approvals out of 320 decisions. However, the Board members do not wish to be judged solely on statistics because of fears this would be flawed conclusion on our part. I would suggest that the bigger flaw is in some of these political appointees due to the marching orders from their political bosses. The two highest percentages of approval board members are Liberal appointees, which could again convolute the stats. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear of the present Government instituting a fix by firing those two, as they do not seem to have the good old conservative social values necessary for these tough economic times. Keep in mind that the world produces more than 10 million displaced persons per year due to wars, famine and tribal and religious strife. Many more have died trying to escape. For those attempting to settle in Canada we have a moral responsibility to elevate our game, which is now being abused by a few political appointee hacks who shall eventually receive an undeserved pension for sullying our reputation on the world stage. The government should explain their policy, all of it is not just platitude of “it is such tough economic times we must limit immigration. We have a legacy we are proud of and a future we do not wish to be sullied or embarrassed with. I have read some of Gordon C McRae questions and pronouncements to refugee claimants. According to him, it appears Somalia has no more problems. No more forced female circumcisions or tribal and religious killings. As an ex RCMP one would think he should be able to dig out some accurate information. He comes across has a simple stooge who has been ordered to refuse as many as possible and is successful at it. I would like to be proven wrong, but why is the Canadian government advising travelers to avoid Somalia and those there, to leave. One of these two contradicting entities is feeding me bullshit and as usual, I am not in the mood to take it quietly. It would stand to reason that any refugee story is at time impossible to verify, this does not make it untrue. In the absence of verification, let the refugee stay and work till his or her story can be checked out. Assess the situation every ten years. Letting the claimant earn his or her keep in the mean time, makes for a better eventual immigrant and allows for a refused refugee an eventual exit with dignity. Wasting time manpower and money on making sure a refugee does not work is silly. If he or she can work, let them. If their story can never be refuted, judge them on their Canadian record. We are Canadian we can do a better job without this civil servant siege mentality. Happy New Year and may you all experience the joy of unexpected charity.

Serving the Constituents of Provencher As your newly elected Member of Parliament, I thank you for entrusting me to represent you in Ottawa. I am proud to say that shortly after the election, my constituency office was opened and I have been busy serving constituents and tending to my duties in Parliament. As your representative in Ottawa, it is my responsibility to take your concerns to the nation’s capital. The people of Provencher understand this fact, but many people are not aware as to what kind of services that my office provides. First of all, my office will respond to any questions you may have surrounding our Government’s policies and initiatives. I am always interested in hearing your opinions on issues that matter to you! Additionally, my office will respond to a number of other requests including: - Application for Immigration; - Application for Passports; - Issues surrounding Employment Insurance; - Issues with the Disability Benefit; - Seniors Assistance Programs such as Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan, and other related federal programs; and

- Federal Grant, Bursary, and Fund Information and Application assistance. These are the most common services that I provide. If you have anything else that is of a federal nature, please bring it to my attention and I will do what I can to assist. Despite my busy schedule, I enjoy the opportunity to attend events in our communities. If there are any events in your area that you would like me to attend, please feel free to contact my office. Although I cannot guarantee my availability for every function, serving my constituents is my number one priority. As your MP, I know that it is my job to represent everyone in Provencher. I will continue to visit the many communities across the riding to ensure that the people of our constituency are equally represented. I look forward to meeting many of you in the community and I hope to hear from you soon! Should you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact my office at 204-326-9889, by email at falkt.c1@parl.gc.ca or follow me on Twitter @MPTedFalk.

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It’s Time to Open Our Eyes Dear Editor: Contrary to the 13,201 people who voted for Conservative Ted Falk, public debate is essential to a viable, open and transparent democracy and it can be argued that it protects a vital part of our civil liberties. It ensures the rights and freedoms that so many have even lost their lives to keep this alive and well. Mr. Falk, while knocking on doors, said people claimed the senate scandal was being handled properly and that the conservative government is doing a bang up job. If his statement were produced as evidence in a court of law, it would be struck down as hearsay. Public debates are ways to ensure honesty, transparency and the only measure citizens of this country have to remain democratic, free and involved. Case in point, February 2012, then Safety Minister Vic Toews introduced Bill C-30 the Internet Surveillance legislation or as it were marketed to Canadians, a way to catch child pornographers. During public and parliamentary debate, particularly regarding Bill C-30’s “lawful access” provisions, it was put on hold as it was found to violate every Canadian’s civil liberty. Earlier this year, then Justice Minister Rob Nicholson announced, “We will not be proceeding with Bill C-30 and any attempts to modernize the criminal code will not contain measures contained in Bill C30”. They justifiably killed the bill, providing wonderful news and relief for Canadian civil liberty and democracy. However, newly announced federal Justice Minister Peter McKay resurrected the dead bill, practically word for word, under a new marketing strategy, cyber bullying and with a new Bill number, C13. He was adamant that there was to be no discussion of the bill at the press release. And there has been none. The Supreme Court of Canada recently warned that it is difficult to imagine a more intrusive invasion of privacy than the search of a personal or home computer. “Lawful access” (online spying) provisions in Bill C13 renders our criminal code obsolete since police will no longer be required to go to a judge with appropriate evidence to be granted a police warrant, essentially permission to invade someone’s civil liberty, their privacy. The Bill forces telecom providers to give up your private information. Neither there is the ability for the public to sue their communication provider for breach of security, invasion of privacy, nor is there any ability for the public to gain knowledge as to whether any spying has taken place, which in turn renders our freedom of information act obsolete as well. Who exactly would be accessing your computer is not mentioned in the bill, so your private information could be contracted out to private police forces such as those used by the American military. Again, this is a very dangerous piece of legislation that The Federal Conservative government wants you to believe is the only possible way to end cyber bullying or child pornography. With the cyber bullying cases of Amanda Todd and Rhea Parsons that the Conservative government is using to promote Bill C13, there still are Canadian laws in place to arrest the people responsible for these deaths, without having to destroy our civil liberties. The law failed in this case only because the police did not do their job. A similarly dangerous piece of legislation that has not been debated and is cloaked in secrecy is the Trans Pacific Partnership. TPP has raised alarms with both the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression and the European Court of Justice. Both have raised that Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be a guiding light. Article 19 states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”. Hopefully, before 2015, the Canadian populace will wake up, demand public debate, realize what is happening to our civil liberties and take back our country. I do not understand how 13,201 constituents would vote for a government that is intent on destroying Canadian’s rights and freedoms and creating a fascist state. A ‘State’ our forefathers fought against. Canadian public debate and open media keep governments’ honest, working for ‘we the people’ and not for the benefit of an elite few. It also keeps ignorance from being part of the equation that destroys rights and freedom. T. Bell Anola, MB

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January 2014


New Year… New Role January offers us an opportunity to reflect on the year that has past, and to look forward to the year ahead. I was honoured to serve as the Progressive Conservative Critic for Children and Youth Opportunities. Children and youth deserve a strong start in this province, and this government has failed them. Our party has recently shuffled our Shadow Cabinet roles. I am now the Official Opposition Critic for Labour and Immigration, with additional responsibility for the Worker’s Compensation Board. In the New Year, I am looking forward to meeting with stakeholders from all over the province in this new portfolio. This is also the time of year to reflect on the mistakes that this government has made since the 2011 election. The NDP chose to mark 2013 as the year to raise your PST illegally. It forced municipalities all across this province to amalgamate against their will and they continually amended their definition of “core” infrastructure. A famous story at this time of year involves being visited by three ghosts. The ghost of Christmas past comes from 2011, when the Premier and each of the 57 NDP candidates promised that they would not raise your taxes. The ghost of Christmas present has raised your taxes, taken your tax dollars to fund their political operations through the Vote Tax, and continues to lie at every opportunity. The ghost of Christmas future comes from 2014 and features a government, which has lied even more. A government that still doesn’t respect the rights of Manitobans. One thing is consistent in these three stories: the government doesn’t listen to Manitobans. As we enter 2014, consider the way you’ve treated others, and the way others have treated you. Consider how your provincial government has treated you, whether it’s a higher tax bill, a higher Hydro bill or MPI bill, whether they closed your emergency room, or your Agriculture office, or whether you are feeling disrespected or angry. You have the right to be heard from this government in 2014, and it’s time they listened to you. I look forward to hearing from you with any questions or concerns you may have. I can be reached at my constituency office at 204-424-5406, my legislative office at 204-945-4339, or at dennis.smook@leg.gov.mb.ca.


January 2014

Pat Porter Active Living Centre offers programs, activities, services and volunteer opportunities, striving to promote healthy and active living for older adults of the southeast region. We invite you to come and pay us a visit and consider participating in some of our programs. For more information drop by the Centre, Monday to Friday 9 am - 4 pm, call 204320-4600 or online patporteralc.com. Membership is only $25 per year due by January 15 of each year for those 55 years of age and older. The fee after January 15 is $30. Join early and avoid the $5 late fee! Benefits include reduced program rates, a voice in business meetings, voting rights, and eligibility to serve on the board or committees. Up and Coming Events and Monthly Programs: Movie Screening: On Friday, January 3 - Light In the Darkness at 4 pm. Annual Fundraising Banquet: Thursday, January 23 at 6 pm. Tickets are $40, includes a $25 tax receipt per ticket. Raffle tickets are available at 4 for $5 and 10 for $10. Many fantastic prizes. Come down to the Centre and get your tickets! Bingo: On Tuesdays, January 7, 21, and February 4 and 18. Doors open at 6 pm, games start at 7 pm. Contact 204-320-4600 for more information. Potluck: On Thursday, January 9. Please call ahead and let us know what you would like to bring 204-320-4600. As always needed are salads, casseroles, desserts and buns. Cost is $5. We will be ordering from Chicken Chef for our Potluck. FLK Tai Chi Open House: A great opportunity to improve your health! Low impact, stretching, exercise. Open House on Monday, January 13 from 7 -8 pm and on Wednesday, January 15 from 10 -11 am. Beginner classes start on Monday, January 20. The group meets on Monday evenings at 7 pm and Wednesday mornings at 10 am. Contact 204-3261713. Fitness Classes: Low impact aerobics and strengthening fitness classes with instructor Shanley on Monday’s and Friday’s from 9:30 10:30am. Drop in fee of $4. P.A.C.E. Program: Fitness program with our Urban Poling class on Thursday mornings. We will be doing a half hour of P.A.C.E. and a half hour of poling. Classes start at 9:30 am. Contact 204-320-4600. Old Time Country Dance: With live Band – Buckskin and Satin on Friday, January 31 at 8 pm. Tickets available at the centre. Advanced tickets are $10 for members, $12 for non-members and $14 at the door. Lunch served at 10 pm. Computer Classes: Every Wednesday for 1 hour at 9, 10 and 11 am. Contact 204-320-4600 to make an appointment. January Birthday Celebrations: Wednesday, January 8 at 2 pm. Celebrate with us! Bring your friends! Guests pay $2 for coffee and cake. Breast Cancer Screening: Clinic held from Monday, January 27 to Friday February 28 at the centre. Contact 1-800-903-9290. Brain Injury Support Group Meeting: On Monday, January 27 at 7 pm. Family Search Connecting Generations: Research your family tree starting on Tuesday January 14. On Tuesday afternoons at 2:30 pm or Thursday evenings at 6 pm., get help researching your family tree. Computer Lab: Need help with your computer skills? Labs are 1 hour long and available every Wednesday morning from 9 am - noon. Contact 204-320-4600. Foot Care: On the first Tuesday and Wednesday and third Tuesday of the month from 9 am - 2 pm. Run by a professional foot care nurse. Cost $30. Bring your own towel. Contact the centre to book an appointment. Beltone Hearing: On the third Friday of each month. Contact 1-800661-2653 for appointment. Wood Carving: Try your hand at our wood carving. The group meets every Monday evening at 6 pm (excluding the summer months). The cost is $ 1 for the evening. Please bring your own supplies. Weekly Programs: Monday 9:30 - 10:30 am Low impact fitness class with instructor 12 - 4:30 pm Drop-in Pool 1 - 4:30 pm Model Trains 1 pm Canasta 7 pm Tai Chi Tuesday 9:30 am - 3 pm Circle of Friends 12 - 4:30 pm Drop in Pool Wednesday 8:30 - 9:30 am Urban Poling at Clearspring Centre 12 - 4:30 pm Drop in Pool 1 - 4 pm Cribbage 1:30 pm Floor curling 7 pm Old Time Country Band Practice Thursday 9:30 - 10:30 am P.A.C.E. Program and Urban Poling 12 - 4:30 pm Drop in Pool 1 - 4 pm Whist Friday 9:30 - 10:30 am Low impact fitness class with instructor 9:30 am - 3 pm Circle of Friends 12 - 4:30 pm Drop in Pool Noon meals are available Monday through Friday. Cost $5.50. Contact 204-320-4605 by 9 am to reserve your meal for that day. Purchase your meal ticket at the receptionist desk before noon. Monthly menus available at the office or in the newsletter. Bring a friend. Volunteer Opportunities include perogy making, decorating and setting tables, birthday party hosts, food preparation and serving, clean up, greeters, receptionists.

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Larocque Named to Olympic Team By Marianne Curtis Southeast residents watching women’s hockey during the Sochi Olympics will be cheering for one of their own after a Ste. Anne woman was officially named to the national team. Twenty-five-year-old Jocelyne Larocque of Ste. Anne is the sole Manitoban headed to Sochi to play defence for our Canadian Women’s hockey team. Although a member of Canada’s National Women’s Team since 2008, this will be Larocque’s first Olympic appearance. She was released from Team Canada’s centralized roster just before the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. This time, she is among 21 players who will head to Sochi, including 12 veterans of the 2010 gold medal-winning team. Larocque has competed internationally with the under-22 national team and made her Team Canada debut at the IIHF Women’s World Championship in 2011. She has won two silver medals and one gold medal with Team Canada. She has also won two NCAA Division 1 national championships with the University of MinnesotaDuluth Bulldogs and will be joining Team Canada as they compete for their fourth straight Olympic gold medal. While Larocque made the team, it was bitter disappointment for 23year old Bailey Bram also from Ste. Anne who did not qualify for the Olympic Team. Bram has played on Canada’s world championship team. Larocque and Bram helped Canada win gold at the 2012 World Women’s Hockey Championship in Burlington, Vermont where Canada beat the United States 5-4 in overtime. In 2013, the duo had to settle for silver when the Americans edged the Canadians 32 in Ottawa.

Jocelyne Larocque from Ste. Anne is the only Manitoban heading to Sochi, Russia as part of Team Canada’s Olympic Women’s Hockey team.

Before heading to Sochi, Team Canada are playing several exhibition games against their rival the United States, the next is in St. Paul, Minnesota on December 28 followed by a game in Toronto on December 30. If their first exhibition game is an indication of how much Team Canada wants to win Gold in Sochi,

then woman’s hockey will be the sport to watch. In their first exhibition game that took place December 21, the United States beat Canada 4-1 in Grand Forks. A line-clearing brawl broke out in the dying seconds of the game between the rivals even though fighting is banned in women’s hockey.

No By-Election for Niverville Niverville residents will not be visiting the polls before the next scheduled municipal election after council appointed Deputy Mayor John Funk to the position of Acting Mayor for the remainder of the term. During last month’s annual planning session Niverville, council passed a resolution to keep Funk as Acting Mayor instead of calling a by-election. According to Councillor Myron Dyck, council decided against the by-election partially because of costs. “By-elections are costly and we felt that things are going well and with the next election coming up, it was best for us to continue as we are,” stated Dyck. “We are just

“Whatever Greg’s duties were, John will fill some roles and as needed he will direct councillors to perform various duties.”

added. “The rest of us will have duties redistributed.” The Town of Niverville briefly ran without a mayor after Fehr’s sudden resignation at the beginning of November. Fehr was first elected to Niverville council in 2004 and became Mayor in January 2006 when his predecessor Gordon Daman stepped down. During his nine years as Mayor, Fehr oversaw the transition of staying status quo.” Niverville from a village to town As Acting Mayor, Funk will and helped prepare the community assume the duties recently undertaken by former Mayor Greg for a transition into a city, which is expected to take place either in Fehr who resigned November 5. 2014, or in 2015. “Whatever Greg’s duties were, The next general municipal and John will fill some roles and as needed he will direct councillors to school board election will be held on October 22, 2014. perform various duties,” Dyck

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January 2014



More Than Just News!

January 2014

Dawson Trail Dispatch

The Arts Come Home with Treble Teens Reunion

By Marianne Curtis The Steinbach Arts Council (SAC) is gearing up for their 35th anniversary celebrations and the event would not be complete without a Treble Teen reunion. A call-out to all Treble Teen alumni has been made. The Treble Teens was founded in 1962 by Director Shirley Penner as a community choir at the Evangelical Free Church in Steinbach. It evolved into a show choir that offered opportunities to hundreds of teens from throughout the southeast for the next twenty-seven years. In 1975, the choir sang with Piero Gamba and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in a Christmas special together with Will Millar, member of the Irish Rovers. They also performed on a television show hosted by Peter Gzowski and produced several recordings. As part of the Steinbach Arts Council’s 35th anniversary, a Treble Teens alumni vocal choir, directed by Penner along with the Treble Teens Handbell Group directed by Johanna Dyck and Karen Peters will be featured, explained Shannon Neufeld. “There will also be a reunion brunch hosted at the Shirley Penner is the founder and first Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre, a fun and informal event Director of The Treble Teens and reminiscing and reuniting,” stated Neufeld. The RSVP currently is the Artistic Director and CEO date for the brunch and alumni choir is Tuesday, April for the Youth Singers of Calgary. 15 at the SAC office. All Treble Teen alumni are encouraged to register their contact information with the Steinbach Arts Council so that members may be contacted about the concert before January 10, 2014. Information can be forwarded to Liz at events@steinbachartscouncil.ca or call 204-346-1077.

Art Council in Need of Artists and Volunteers Artists and patrons of the arts from the RM of De Salaberry wanting to learn more about the Crow Wing Arts Council is encouraged to attend an upcoming planning session. On January 16, at the Crow Wing Arts Council’s Annual General Meeting, council members will be saying good-bye to outgoing board members Susie Schellenberg and Rose Funk. The agenda for the evening also includes a search for volunteer replacements and a brain storming session for 2014’s programming. Workshops currently under discussion are herbal sessions, traditional dance, drawing and painting classes and jam sessions and coffee nights. The Crow Wing Arts Council is also looking for local area artists interested in participating in the Crow Wing Arts Council’s third Annual Art Exhibition that takes place during the Sugaring-Off Festival in April. Anyone with an interest in the arts is encouraged to attend the meeting on Thursday, January 16 at the St. Pierre Museum beginning at 7:30 pm.

The Treble Teens at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall back in 1970 recently performed twice with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in December 2013. back: Arlene Schellenberg, Mary Lou Peters, Gwen Barkman, Phyl Hiebert, Beverley Enns, Debbie Fast, Yvonne Friesen, Pam Guenther, Margarete Rempel, Debbie Friesen, Valerie Unger, Nadene Reimer, Shirley Unger middle: Melanie Rempel, Pam Penner, Tannis Fast, Brenda Friesen, Vicki Loewen, Karin Andreas, Bonniebelle Giesbrecht, Jocelyn Reimer, Sharon Gaudreau, Karin Siemens, Chris Toews, Florence Hoeppner, Yvonne Gaureau, Joyce Martens. front: Rae Peters, Sheila Reimer, Wendy Fast, Evelyn Krueger, Lynette Dueck, Val Risling, Pattie Engbrecht, Dorothy Sonya, Karin Dueck, Mavis Barkman, Grace Fast, Patsy Smuk, Lucille Friesen, Marls Pauls.

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January 2014


WSO Performs in Steinbach Contributions to Your TFSA

Hundreds of families enjoyed the Winnipeg Symphony Holiday Pops concert at Steinbach Mennonite Church on Dec 3rd, presented by Steinbach Arts Council. Thanks to all those who contributed to the Community Christmas Toy Drive.

By Marianne Curtis The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Pops pulled into town at the beginning of December and performed before a sold out crowd. On December 3, hundreds of families enjoyed the Winnipeg Symphony Holiday Pops concert at Steinbach Mennonite Church. Presented by Steinbach Arts Council the performance displayed a variety of classical and contemporary holiday music. Hanover School Division student, Evan Funk was the lucky winner of the “So You Want to Conduct the Symphony” contest. The grade 5 student of Mitchell Middle School earned the honour to conduct the WSO for one number. Funk told Steinbach Arts Council why he wanted to conduct the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and won the opportunity to do just that. “Music has been my first priority. From harmony to crashing notes, I have been almost obsessed with music. I have studied conducting a little bit. But, the Symphony Orchestra is amazing. The power of the songs are like the sweetness of honey... from dramatic to soft, it’s all lovely,” stated Funk’s entry. Under the expert tutelage of Julian Pellicano, Funk conducted the Symphony for one song. He also won tickets for his family, who were all in attendance to watch him perform. A special choir called the S.A.C. Anniversary Singers directed by Ed Hildebrand and Millie Hildebrand also performed during the night. The choir was comprised of local singers who have made significant contributions to the Arts community and has excelled to a high level in Vocal Arts in the last 35 years.

Grade 5 student Evan Funk won the honour of conducting the Winnipeg Symphony Holiday for one number during the Holiday Pops concert.

As of January 2014, the annual contribution limit for the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) is again $5,500. If you’ve never contributed, you may have $31,000 of contribution room to the end of January 2014. Since TFSAs were made available in 2009, Canadians (18+) have been able to earn tax-free investment income on contributions of $5,000 to $5,500 per year. Any interest, dividends, and capital gains earned in a TFSA are not subject to tax and you can put more than just a savings account in a TFSA. Much like Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) the TFSA can be a high interest savings account, mutual funds, guaranteed investment certificates or term deposits, shares in companies, and other types of qualified investments. Unused TFSA contribution room is carried forward to accumulate for future years. Therefore, if you haven’t contributed to your TFSA, you now have $31,000 available room to contribute. Funds in your TFSA can be withdrawn tax-free at any time for any purpose (make sure you know if there are any fees that may be charged). You can re-contribute withdrawn amounts in the same year but only if you have unused TFSA contribution room. Otherwise you need to wait until the following January. Income earned in the TFSA and withdrawals do not affect your Guaranteed Income Supplement, your GST Credit, Pharmacare Deductibles, the Age Credit, the Old Age Security Repayment and other income tested benefits and credits. So, should you buy a TFSA or a RRSP to save for retirement? That’s a common question. Generally TFSA are favoured if your taxable income is less than $44,000. Everyone’s taxable income is different, so a review of your current income and a guesstimate of your future retirement income should be completed for your own personal situation. Tax Free Savings Accounts have become important estate planning vehicles too. When one spouse passes away, the TFSA can be transferred to the surviving spouse with no tax consequences and the income earned continues to be tax-free. There are two ways for TFSA to be transferred between spouses. The easiest way is for the TFSA to have your spouse listed as the Successor Annuitant. The surviving spouse becomes the new owner of the TFSA. An alternative way is to have the spouse named as the beneficiary. This makes it a bit more complicated and not quite as smooth. The TFSA needs to be redeemed, and the spouse opens a new TFSA (or uses their own TFSA) and makes a contribution based on the amount withdrawn (actually the value as of the date of death). Plus, a form needs to be completed and sent to Canada Revenue Agency within 30 days and all this needs to be done by the end of the calendar year following the death of the spouse (if the spouse died in 2013, you have until the end of 2014 to get all this done). It’s much easier if you make sure that your spouse is listed as the Successor Annuitant. Put this on your new year’s resolution list! Finally, don’t rely on Canada Revenue Agency to find out how much TFSA contribution room you have. Keep track of it yourself to ensure you do not exceed the contribution room and face stiff penalties and interest. Happy New Year; Bonne Année, Godt Nytaar, Gluckliches Neues Jahr. Anni Markmann is a Tax Professional, a Certified Financial Planner, and a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging living, working, and volunteering in our community. Contact her at 204-422-6631, anni@SteAnneTaxService.ca or 36 Dawson Road in Ste. Anne.


January 2014

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Dawson Trail Dispatch

Steinbach Woman Fined for Role in Pyramid Scheme A Steinbach woman has been fined $3,000 for her part in a “get-rich-quick” scheme that has allegedly siphoned millions of dollars from investors across Canada. Cornelia Kauenhowen, 59, pleaded guilty in court in December to promoting a pyramid scheme, a violation of the Competition Act. Kauenhowen and her husband David were among 13 people arrested in January 2011 in connection with a pyramid scheme targeting people in the Steinbach area. At the time, three women and a man from Steinbach were arrested and charged in relation to an alleged pyramid scheme after an investigation by the RCMP. Charges against David were later stayed. Those charged includes the “Business in Motion” International Corporation, from Mississauga, Ontario and Director Colin Fox, also from Ontario. Four other individuals from Ontario, one from British Columbia and seven individuals from Manitoba were also charged. At the time of his arrest, David was an owner and realtor with Sutton Impact Team. The court heard how Cornelia hosted a series of information seminars in 2008 and 2009 at the couple’s real estate office promoting investment in a company called Business in Motion. Attendees were enticed to make individual investments of between $3,200 and $3,600 in the Mississauga, Ontario based company and promised financial rewards for bringing in investors. Court heard the company purported to sell vacation travel packages and other products but in reality sold nothing of real value. Attendees were told if they met certain recruitment goals they could make as much as $100,000. “It was clear from investigation this was a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, nothing more than a money-moving scheme,” said Crown Attorney Peter Edgett. “Under the scheme, the people who got in early made good money and those who got in later lost their investment.” Court heard Cornelia Kauenhowen made just $14,000 from her involvement with the company. Cornelia “has effectively been ruined by her involvement in this business,” defence lawyer Kristen Jones told court. “She certainly didn’t get into the business in any malicious way. She thought it would be a good thing to do for extra money on the side without fully appreciating the impact of what she was doing.” Jones said she never intended to cheat anyone and thought she was promoting a legitimate business.

Home Safely with Operation Red Nose Fundraiser By Marianne Curtis The holiday season is over and Operation Red Nose organizers are reporting that their inaugural year was a huge success. For the first time since the program’s inception, Operation Red Nose was available to people in the Steinbach and La Broquerie areas. The program was organized and operated by the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) from Ecole St-Joachim, in La Broquerie as a school fundraiser along with partners from the community including the City of Steinbach, RM of La Broquerie and Steinbach RCMP. Ecole St-Joachim PAC Spokesperson Mariette Kirouac is very pleased with the success of the group’s first season and the group has many great stories to tell. “Amongst the exciting stories our volunteers had, we heard about 2 check stops, one volunteer in serious -35 wind chill factor that changed a flat tire on a client’s car and two volunteers that spent quite a bit of time running all over the parking lot looking for the client’s vehicle, who didn’t remember that the vehicle was parked in an adjacent auto body business parking lot across the street,” Kirouac stated. “One that will probably be the most memorable had to do with one of our team of volunteers that got stopped by the police while driving a client’s car home. As you can imagine, the client and the police were so relieved to see that Operation Red Nose was involved in bringing this client safely to their destination,” she added. On the first weekend of operation from November 29 and 30, volunteers provided 18 rides to clients. The following weekend, December 6 and 7 that number jumped to 30 rides. On December 13 and 14, 42 rides were given and on December 20 and 21, 36 rides occurred. Statistics are not yet available for New Years Eve. Donations received from those using the service will go towards the installation of an electronic billboard outside of Ecole St-Joachim. Operation Red Nose is a free program that brings drivers home after a night out, along with their vehicles. The service is not exclusive to motorists who have been drinking it is also available for those who do not feel fit to drive because of fatigue or medication. Last year, 3,700 rides were provided in 11 communities throughout the province.

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January 2014


Another year has passed and we look back at the news that mattered to residents throughout the region over the past twelve months. There is always good news and bad news and some stories may depend on the perspective of the reader. Join us now for a summary of the top news stories from each issue of the Dawson Trail Dispatch during 2013.

January 2013 The community and Seine River School Division celebrated the grand opening of the newly completed Arborgate School in La Broquerie. The addition of 40,000 square feet made room for 450 students, which is up from the previous capacity of 330 students. Several months after the province forced Central Health and South Eastman Health to amalgamate the new regional health authority unveiled its logo, mission statement and policies for Southern Health. After five years as Hanover School Division’s superintendant Ken Klassen officially hands over the reins to former Assistant Superintendent Randy Dueck. Forty-six year old Brad Lambert shows up at the Marchand Country Store after he was reported missing in the forested Compiled By Marianne Curtis area near Whitemouth Lake for 21 days. The Seine-Rat River Conservation District (SRRCD) announced the results for a region wide well testing Anni Markmann and her husband, Daivid Andersen were the campaign. Only 16% of wells tested positive for coliform winners of the HSC LifeStyles Lottery prize of $1 million. Five men faced charges after a frightening home invasion that saw a and 1% tested positive for e-coli. female and her six-year-old child held at gunpoint while their New Bothwell The elementary school students at Ross L. Gray School home was robbed. in Sprague won this bench after doing their part by HyLife in La Broquerie keeping over 30,000 plastic bags out of the landfill. announced that they sold one third of the company to Itochu Corporation, a Japanese-based company. For the last two years, Itochu, which owns several food companies has been one of Over 1,200 people attended a HyLife’s Japanese customers. special meeting at the Steinbach The RM of Piney is the only Christian High School where municipality in our region that students, community leaders and briefly considers amalgamation to the public discussed the province’s meet the province’s mandate that proposed anti-bullying legislation some municipalities amalgamate known as Bill 18. Bill 18 would voluntarily by the 2014 municipal become the most controversial elections. subject on the streets throughout Provencher MP Vic Toews the region over the next six months. delivered several Community The RM of Piney puts out a call to Infrastructure Improvement Fund for volunteer fire fighters for the cheques to several communities. community of Woodridge as plans The St. Malo Arena received proceed towards the construction of $30,000 for arena improvements, the On February 1, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau the community’s first fire hall and Grunthal Recreation Committee made a brief stop in Ile Des Chenes as part Habitat for department. Humanity received $26,800 for diamond of a rally to gain national support as he After nearly ten years as MLA for Southeast upgrades and Kleefeld Recreation makes a bid for the coveted position of Morris, Mavis Taillieu announced Chairperson Sherri Committee received $25,300 for park Prime Minister. that she was leaving provincial Bueckert hands upgrades. politics. She was the first woman to Over the span of two months, 50 dogs went missing in southeastern single moms be elected as MLA in the Morris Veronica Banos Manitoba, sparking fears there is a dognapping network at work. RCMP and Maria Unrau constituency. The Premier called a insisted that there was no evidence to support this claim, while locals are the keys to their by-election 350 days later in January convinced, the animals are being used as “bait” dogs to train other dogs brand new Habitat 2014. to fight. This is further fuelled by the finding of a skinned carcass outside homes in La During a mid-February meeting, of New Bothwell, which RCMP later proved was a coyote. Broquerie. members of the Community Credit Union voted overwhelmingly in favour of a merger with Access Credit Union. Access Credit Union was comprised of 17 branches, $1.75 billion in assets with a staff of 275. Eighteen-year-old Brendan MacCuish from Landmark represented Canada at the World Junior Curling Championships in Russia. The team took home a gold medal in junior curling for the first time in eleven years.

February 2013

March 2013

Dawson Trail MLA Ron Lemieux (left) and RM of Tache Councillor Andy Rivard (right) help Ste. Genevieve Community Centre President Tashia Elias cut the ribbon and officially open the new community rink.

Forty-two cyclists and runners took on the challenge of this year’s Actif Epica, a 130kilometre adventure that started in St. Malo and ended in St. Boniface.


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January 2014

Dawson Trail Dispatch

April 2013 Two-year-old Cash Friesen from New Bothwell lost his valiant battle with brain cancer leaving thousands of people who followed his fight in mourning. The RM of Tache council chambers overflowed when a hundred residents attended in opposition of the municipality’s plan to construct a $3.75 million municipal office and library. Council conceded and dropped the plan from the budget. Residents in Grande Pointe raised concerns about recent RM of Ritchot zoning changes that could see high density urban housing similar to what is being constructed on the west side of Ile Des Chenes in their community. The RM of Ritchot fire department nearly lost the region’s only water rescue team after the municipality planned to dump the program. After meeting with council, the department successfully saved the program and funding for a new boat. Voters in two wards within the Seine River School Division were called to the polls after the recent resignation of two school board trustees. Four candidates in each ward stepped forward and Wes Keating and Jennifer Stefansson were elected.

May 2013

Above: Comedian Lamont Fergeson entertained over a hundred people during the Raise the Woof fundraiser that took place in Niverville. The event raised $1,700 for dog rescues in the province. Below: Leading Seaman Emily Parsons from 330 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Dawson was chosen to be one of two cadets to represent the province at the Seamanship competition in British Columbia.

June 2013 The province’s announcement that an 8% PST increase was in the works had Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen challenging Premier Greg Selinger demanding a valid explanation to the hike without holding a referendum. The municipal board gave the Town of Ste. Anne council permission to proceed with a proposed special service bylaw to remove a taxation exemption from community properties. The community of St. Malo swelled as hockey fans from several provinces gathered for 2013 Keystone Cup Western Canadian

Nanne Nauta, a primary school teacher and photographer from Nijmegen, Holland discovers a tree about a mile from where the Canadian Army faced off against the Germans in 1945. An investigation reveals that the initials found in the tree belonged to the young soldier Johnny Kleven from Sprague.

The community of Marchand was left reeling after a devastating fire destroyed the town’s only grocery store and the community post office. An early morning fire levelled the structure despite the valiant efforts of the La Broquerie Fire Department. Forty-eight year old Glen Brandt the manager of a hog barn in Landmark appeared in court to face allegations after admitting that he had masturbated into a female co-workers underwear in an attempt to impregnate her. He plead guilty and sentenced to house arrest. The Town of Niverville council decided to look into the development of a water park and pool facility that could be constructed adjacent to the Niverville Arena. Nearly 3,000 people contacted the Hanover School Division Board of Trustees to demand that the Hanover School Division oppose Bill 18 “as written”. The board eventually goes on record that they would support the province’s decision on the matter. Over eight hundred runners participated in this year’s Run for Mom in support of Anna’s House.

The Steinbach Pistons made franchise and Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL) history by capturing their first ever Turnbull Trophy while competing on home ice before a full house of 1,400 fans.

Junior B hockey tournament. The Keystone Cup may have slipped through the St. Malo Warriors fingers but for a few thousand spectators who converged upon the community, the event was full of excitement. Ste. Anne Collegiate and Ste. Anne Elementary Principal Yvan St. Vincent was recognized as one of six educators with an Excellence in Teaching Award.

Dean Carriere from Ile Des Chenes became the first Manitoban to climb all seven of the world’s highest summits after he successfully challenged the world’s tallest mountain – Mount Everest.

On June 1, over one hundred people came out to celebrate the official grand opening of Le Coin Magique. Attached to Ecole Ste. Agathe the new centre opens up 47 much needed licensed daycare spaces, 8 infant, 24 pre-school and 15 in the after school program.

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January 2014

July 2013 Mitchell Blostein from Lorette was found not guilty of dangerous driving charges after a brief trial earlier in the month. The charges stemmed from the accidental death of 21-year-old Brittany Murray on October 10, 2010. The community of Gardenton was gearing up for their 48 th annual Ukrainian Festival but a sudden change of plans forced the committee to cancel this year’s event. Organizers expect the festival to make a return in 2014. Seniors living at the East Borderland Community Housing have several new trees around the facility thanks to students from the Grade 7 to 10 classes at Ross L Gray who volunteered to plant a shelterbelt at the facility. Gord Daman, Board Chair for Niverville Heritage Holdings is excited to see the final pieces of the $13 million modern care centre coming into place. The project shot gunned forward when

August 2013 For the third summer in a row, residents in Landmark were told to conserve water over the summer months and problems with the community’s antiquated water system surfaced. Scott Sheldon Little, 36 and Wesley Dean Munroe, 32 from Landmark are charged with numerous offences due to their alleged involvement in a series of break-and-enters that took place in both Landmark and Winnipeg over the past year and a half. The RM of Piney is excited to announce that construction of a new fire hall in Woodridge has finally begun. In July, crews moved in and cleared the site in preparation for actual construction to begin. The sod was officially turned to the construction of two Habitat for Humanity Homes in Richer. Former Provencher MP Vic Toews personally thanked his many supporters during a farewell BBQ on July 31 held after he resigned from federal politics earlier in the month.

Organizers of the first ever Richer Roughstock Rodeo that took place in Richer are saying that the weekend event exceeded their expectations and plans are already in the works to make this an annual event.

RM of Piney and La Broquerie Fire Departments were unable to contain a fire that destroyed the Sky Blue Water bottling plant in Middlebro. The company decides against rebuilding.

Canadian Country Music Award winner Charlie Major got the crowd going at the Niverville Olde Tyme Country Fair.

Niverville Heritage Holdings took ownership of the privately owned 42bed personal-care home in St. Adolphe. The Hanover School Division hires extra teachers in preparation for the upcoming school year. In an effort to meet the province’s edict for school divisions to have smaller class sizes from kindergarten to grade 3, the Hanover School Division will have no more than 20 students per class.

Juno and Canadian Country Music Award winner Gord Bamford performed before a few thousand fans Saturday night.

September 2013 Several hundred people braved soaring temperatures to celebrate the official grand opening of the new Heritage Life Personal Care Home in Niverville. The $13.7 million community funded personal care home became an international success story because it was constructed without Ste. Anne native Graham Carter battles the waves in a kayak as he and a friend take a 175 kilometre trip government funding. from Nova Scotia to Sable Island. While Niverville celebrates the opening of a new personal care home, the residents and staff of the St. Adolphe Personal Care Home are bidding a bittersweet farewell to the community they’ve called home for the past four decades. Oakbank contractor Colin Durward is facing charges after being accused of making three false theft reports after claiming that $500,000 worth of equipment was stolen from his Falcon Lake construction business. Father Charles Fillion returned to the area of his youth to begin a sixyear commitment to the community at the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Parish and moved into the rectory. The $14 million surgical expansion at to the Ste. Anne Hospital is completed and celebrated with a ribbon cutting. With two operating rooms, a scope procedure room, a post-anaesthesia care unit and a medical-device reprocessing suite, surgical wait times are expected to decrease.



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January 2014

Dawson Trail Dispatch

October 2013

November 2013 Instead of trick or treating for candy, students from École-College Regional Gabrielle-Roy in Iles des Chenes collected bags of clothing for Siloam Mission while learning what it was like to be homeless.

A federal by-election is called and Provencher residents headed to the polls to elect a new member of parliament to replace recently retired Vic Toews. Four candidates pounded the pavement, Ted Falk (Conservative) Terry Hayward (Liberal), Natalie Courcelles Beaudry (NDP) and Janine Gibson (Green Party). Chief John Thunder of the Buffalo Point First Nation was arrested and charged with extortion after Sprague RCMP received a complaint over concerns relating to correspondence directed at a federal government official with some level of involvement with the Buffalo Point Cottage Owners Association. STARS Ambulance and the RM of Ritchot’s water rescue crew were called to St. Adolphe after a father and son had to be rescued after their canoe flipped while they were paddling along the Red River. The father later died. For the first time since the program arrived in Manitoba in 1995, the communities of La Broquerie and Steinbach will have access to Operation Red Nose. The program’s launch in the area is being organized and operated by the parent advisory committee from Ecole St. Joachim, in La Broquerie as a school fundraiser.

Ernest and Marie Froese from Grunthal were recently named as the million dollar winners of this year’s Dream Lottery 4 Kids, which is a major fundraiser for the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation and Children’s Hospital Foundation.

After two years of construction the Villa Youville Board invited the community of Ste. Anne to gather and celebrate the official grand opening of the long anticipated 24unit affordable rental complex for seniors. Thirty executives and politicians from the region took part in the first CEO Sleepout. For one night, the group camped out at KR Barkman park in Steinbach to raise funds and awareness for a growing homeless problem in the community. The Town of Landmark experiences another building boom after the RM of Tache recently approved a 100 lot subdivision developed by Schinkel Properties on the east side of the community. The RM of Ste. Anne moves into their new municipal office and subsequently sells their former Main Street location to Bernie Vermette. The Ste. Anne Mayor has opened up a business in the historical building. The community of Vassar rallies around 20 year old Katherine Barrow, the daughter of RM of Piney Councillor Sian Barrow after she was diagnosed with leukemia during a fundraiser to help the family.

Doug Wiens (third from left) from Grunthal was among six individuals dropped off on a remote island near Otter falls to raise money for STARS. Combined, the group raised over $300,000 in one day.

Two Steinbach RCMP officers were injured when this squad car was t-boned by an alleged drunk driver.

December 2013 In an exciting by-election, Ted Falk captured the support from Provencher despite a few controversial moments in the days preceding the November 25 the byelection. When all the ballots were counted, the Conservative candidate walked away with almost 60 percent of the 22,413 votes cast. Heritage Centre President Gord Damon announced the final stage of the community’s aging in place vision that will see the construction of a four-story 55 Plus Life Lease at the existing complex in Niverville. The Town of Niverville was left without a mayor after the sudden resignation of Greg Fehr after nine years on council. Council appointed John Funk to the position of acting mayor instead of holding a byelection. The Steinbach Chamber of Commerce 2013 Business of the Year award went to Penner The community helps Bethesda International for maintaining a “we deliver what we promise” approach with their customers. Health Care Auxiliary celebrate their 75 anniversary of service to health care in the region. The RM of Stuartburn has been named as one of fourteen communities and municipalities who recently joined the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative. This most recent intake brings the number of agefriendly communities across the province to 100. Falcon Lake’s Megan Imrie is looking forward to representing Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. This will be Imrie’s second Olympic appearance as part of Team Canada.

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Dawson Trail Dispatch

January 2014


Ritchot Regional Chamber Draws Strong Membership Our Creative Christmas This Christmas, our family seemed to be magnets for gifts involving our creative sides. Whether it was uncles, aunties, cousins, grandparents, parents or even friends our children we were receiving gifts of a creative nature. My oldest son, like most children his age, is mostly interested in Lego sets. With the sets that he received, he has been spending his time creating buildings and assembling an assortment of vehicles. One of the great things about Lego is that whatever is built can be taken apart and rebuilt the same or rebuilt into something that only his imagination can create. While my daughter is also at an age where Lego is desired, especially when it is the “girl” Lego with the horses and the female mini-figures, she is most interested in the different craft kits that she received. Painting suncatchers, drawing and colouring pictures and making bead necklaces and bracelets are a few of the creative talents that she possesses. She has the ability to spend hours at a time sitting at the table and working on her creations. It does a father proud when his little girl comes running up to show her Daddy what she has made. Now my youngest son is not of the age to build with Lego but he did get a wooden train set that he had his Daddy build for him and he has no problem spending time driving around the tracks and delivering logs from the mill to wherever they need to go. It’s awesome to hear him playing and hearing the cute little “choo choos” that he lets out as he makes his rounds. My wife, a scrap booker, received a few items that she can use for creating wonderful pages within our family albums. Much like our daughter, my wife too could spend hours at the table creating, of course, the children would never give her that much free time to herself but that story is too long and could be a column in itself (as I am sure that any parent reading this can agree to). While I didn’t receive any creative items, I did receive several books and I am sure that these will spark the creative, imaginative juices within my brain and who knows where that will lead me. All in all, our Christmas has been a creative one for our family and I hope that yours was a great one as well. Until next time, take care and keep your world spinning.

Chuck Davidson, President Manitoba Chambers of Commerce officially congratulates the first members elected to the Ritchot Regional Chamber of Commerce executive including Derek Roth (President), Marty Ritchot (Vice-President), Roger Perron (Secretary) and Brian Penston (Treasurer). Photo by Marianne Curtis

By Marianne Curtis

helps us identify who we are, networking with other businesses, Interest was high when the first utilizing experiences of others, annual Ritchot Regional Chamber sharing resources. As a member, of Commerce meeting took place the Chamber is one unified voice on December 10 in Ile Des Chenes. for any issues,” stated Roth. “We With nearly fifty business owners are currently working on attending and over thirty signing constructing the website for the up as new members by the end of Chamber, recruiting members, the night, newly elected Secretary welcome bags and other priorities Roger Perron called the inaugural for 2014.” meeting a huge success. Chuck Davidson, President According to Perron, the Ritchot Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Regional Chamber of Commerce was on hand to deliver a few was formed after the CDC words and to preside over the preformed a gap analysis earlier election of the first official this year that included executive committee. interviewing 47 local business “Chambers don’t just set up owners. every day; most have been around “The CDC conducted breakfast for a hundred of years. This is the meetings throughout the first one that has happened under municipality and we had 70 my watch and I look forward to businesses attend,” stated Perron. watching it grow,” stated “Businesses in every community Davidson. “As a Chamber member, feel that joining would benefit a business has a better chance to them because it provides them be heard. Businesses have with a united voice.” strength in numbers and more Chamber President Derek Roth capable of meeting challenges.” and business owner agreed, “It The inaugural Ritchot Regional

Chamber of Commerce executive consists of Roger Perron as Secretary; Brian Penston as Treasurer, Marty Ritchot as Vice President and Derek Roth as President. Other members include Jackie Hunt as RM of Ritchot Councillor representative, along with Directors of the Chamber Lori Hawkins, Jacques Page, Larry Niebel, Dan Vermette, Rob MacLeod, Norm Boulet, Marc Palud, Claire Berard, Tom Landry and Marianne Curtis. This is not the first time that a Chamber of Commerce has formed within the RM of Ritchot. The communities of Ile Des Chenes, Ste. Agathe and St. Adolphe have

all had organized groups but they eventually folded for various reasons. The Ritchot Regional Chamber of Commerce is the 65th Chamber of Commerce to form in the province. There are only six other chambers in the region, including Steinbach, Niverville, St. Pierre-Jolys, St. Malo, Grunthal and Landmark. Anyone with a business, corporation or firm, can sign up as a member of the Ritchot Chamber of Commerce. Individuals, nonprofit organization and Friends of the Chamber are two other categories of membership that non-businesses can sign up in to participate.

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January 2014


Dawson Trail Dispatch

Province Announces Upgrades Trans Canada East In a recent announcement, Manitoba is set to spend $110million in a series of highway projects to improve the Trans-Canada Highway east. “We are investing in jobs and road improvements around the province and this series of projects will make the Trans-Canada Highway east to the Ontario boundary a smoother ride and enhance this section of the national highway system,” said Premier Greg Selinger. “We have also recently announced major improvements to the southwest Perimeter Highway, Hwy 75 and the completion of the CentrePort Canada Way [Hwy 190] to enhance the North American trade route.” The Hwy 1 east projects include intersection improvements at Hwy 206, intersection improvements at Hwy 207 (Deacon’s Corner), 32 kilometres of grade widening on the eastbound lanes from Brokenhead River to the Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway, 32 km of paving on the eastbound lanes from Brokenhead River to Hwy 11, 30 km of paving from 0.5 km west of Hwy 12 to PR 302, 21.3 km of paving on the westbound lanes from Hwy 11 to PR 308, bridge rehabilitation at Birch River, east of Prawda, a new bridge at Fish Creek, 6.7 km west of Hwy 12, bridge rehabilitation at Hamilton Creek, new structure at the

inter-municipal drain, 1.3 km west of “While the work to improve the Hwy 12 and structure rehabilitation Trans-Canada Highway east of at Whitemouth River, west of Winnipeg will be underway in the Prawda. spring, we are already planning

Niverville Annexes Hanville Agri Industrial Park By Marianne Curtis On December 11, the Town of Niverville and the RM of Hanover jointly announced the purchase by the Niverville Community Development Corporation of Hanover’s 50% share of the Hanville Agri Industrial Park. The 180-acre industrial park is situated just outside of the boundaries of the Town of Niverville. The Industrial Park was established as a joint municipal venture approximately eight years ago to address agri-business opportunities that had the potential of bringing significant employment opportunities to the southeast. While considerable effort was made, success was not realized. However, new economic opportunities have become apparent. One of the conditions of the purchase of Hanville Agri Industrial Park by Niverville is that the parklands are to be annexed to the Town. This allows Niverville an opportunity to provide development and services to the area beginning in early 2014. The Town of Niverville Council has expressed that there are a number of businesses waiting for this transaction to take place. The proposal for annexation will also encompass additional lands that join the industrial park to the Town to meet future land requirements of the community. The annexation agreement encompasses the lands to the north of Niverville up to Stott Road, to the south to

Crown Valley Road and property just east of Niverville’s current boundaries. These property owners will be invited to join Niverville. The final decision to annexation rests with the Manitoba Municipal Board however; Hanover and Niverville have agreed that this is a responsible transition with a fair compensation strategy. The Town of Niverville plans to meet with property owners within the proposed annexation zone to answer questions, address any concerns and letters will be mailed shortly. Hanover Reeve Stan Toews called the agreement a “win win”. “There is a memorandum of understanding that once the town is filled up they can annex more property to the east. In return, Hanover has the ability to develop along Highway 59 without resistance from Niverville,” explained Toews.

further refinements to areas of the Trans-Canada west of Winnipeg that will enable the eventual raising of the maximum posted speed limit

to 110 km/h for designated areas,” said Premier Selinger. “These projects will be set out in detail in the new year.”

Festival of Friends Returns By Marianne Curtis After a year hiatus, fans of the region’s newest winter festival in St. Malo will be happy to know that the annual St. Malo Festival of Friends is returning to the area this year. Taking place in the St. Malo Provincial Park, the fifth annual event is expected to take place over the Louis Riel long weekend starting on Friday, February 14. The festival draws hundreds of participants to St. Malo for a spectacular celebration of culture, cuisine and traditions. “The committee known as Friends of the St. Malo Provincial Park are happy to announce that we are having our Festival of Friends this year,” stated a spokesperson. “While the venue may not be in the tent normally found in the park it will be just as exciting as a couple of businesses in town are ready to open their doors to our weekend festivities.” The St. Malo Festival of Friends was established in 2008 to celebrate and highlight the regions Francophone and Métis culture. Winter activities will include demonstrations of the local historical heritage and cuisine. While a final schedule has yet to be announced, people can already plan ahead to participate in at least two activities. This year Friends of the Park are introducing a new Beard Contest. Judging will take place in two categories, the long time voyageur category is for those who already have established beards and a novice contest for those who start with a clean face. Competitors in the novice category will have 6 weeks to grow. To register, call Sylvie at 204-746-4746. There will also be a Pea Soup Contest, which will be open to only six contestants, so register early by calling Dave at 204-712-7403. Festival and volunteer information will be available in the coming weeks on their website friendsofstmalopark.com.

De Salaberry Brings Back Oil Recycling The RM of De Salaberry Council has announced the return of a successful oil-recycling program that was designed to provide an incentive for individuals to bring used oil to the Eco Centre. At the beginning of May 2014, the RM of De Salaberry Landfill will be providing a 1-litre jug of fresh oil to individuals who deliver 4-litres of used oil to the Eco Centre Depot. Up to a maximum of 4 litres for every 10 litres or more of used oil returned will be exchanged. The program is expected to run into the fall with the oil exchange lasting as long as supplies last. Residents are also encouraged to drop off their antifreeze.

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First CFGB Cattle Auction a Success By Marianne Curtis Historically, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank focuses on grain grow projects, but for the first time ever, farmers were invited to donate cattle for an auction to help the organization. On December 10, the first-ever Manitoba cattle auction in support of Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) took place at the Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart. Livestock farmers donated cattle to be auctioned off as part of the Foodgrains Bank’s hungeralleviation programs for people in countries in need of aid. With 17 donated cattle and $16,380 raised, the cattle auction in Manitoba a great success. “It was a great experience,” said Harold Penner, Manitoba Coordinator for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. “We are grateful to the donors, the buyers and to the owners and staff of the Auction Mart for volunteering their time and services to make this possible.” Penner also expressed gratitude to the cattle auction organizer, Charles Wiens and the rest of the auction committee. “Without volunteers, things like

Merchants Create Successful Black Friday Event

Harold Penner, Manitoba Coordinator for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank receives a cheque for $16,380 from Harold Unrau of Grunthal Auction Mart.

this wouldn’t be possible,” he said. people turn out to help make it “It just seems that whenever happen.” someone has an idea for a way to A second auction is being raise funds for the Foodgrains Bank, considered for next year.

The City of Steinbach’s Chamber of Commerce Executive Director is praising the local business community for successfully hosting their first Black Friday event. Linda Peters, Executive Director for Steinbach Chamber of Commerce says that this year’s event was a huge success thanks to the businesses. “Competition is necessary for a healthy society. But right alongside that competition, there are times when we need to work together to make our countries and our communities stronger,” Peters stated “This concept was displayed in a positive example recently when our local merchants banded together to put on our first ever Black Friday event.” Peters said that many of Steinbach’s Black Friday participants were merchants in daily competition with each other. “Sometimes it’s the small independent retailer versus the big box stores. Sometimes it’s one big box store versus another,” Peters added. “But when it came to creating some excitement to attract people to shop locally on Black Friday, instead of heading to Winnipeg or south of the border, these merchants all got on the same page and offered up great sales and great prizes.” Hedy Friesen was the lucky shopper who won more than $4,000 in gift cards and merchandise that was contributed by over 40 local businesses.

RCMP Snowmobile Safety Tips With the colder weather and snow covering the ground, many snowmobile enthusiasts are trailering their sleds to head to various parts of Manitoba and enjoy some time on the trails. Keep it fun, practice safe riding and respect private property. Every year, RCMP members are called upon to assist in dealing with complaints concerning snowmobilers or to deal with the tragedy of accidents. Here are some tips to make your ride an enjoyable one: - Always, check the weather conditions before you leave. - Never, ride alone. - Let someone know your plans, where you are going, the route you plan on taking and the time of your expected return. - Always, wear protective clothing, including a helmet, gloves and eye protection. Wear layers of clothing to keep warm and dry. - When possible, avoid crossing bodies of water. If you are crossing bodies of water, never ride in single file and wear a life jacket over your outer clothing. - Ride at a reasonable rate of speed. Know your riding partner’s driving limitations, as well as your own, and

operate only at a speed that allows you to remain in total control of your snowmobile. - Ride sober. Drinking and operating a snowmobile do not mix. Don’t drink and drive and don’t tolerate others who do. - Always be alert. You don’t always know what is coming at you: be ready to react to any situation you may encounter.

January 2014


Creative Classes… 10% off Winter Classes before Friday, January 10, 2014. 10% off Creative Wellness: NEW! Easyoga and Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga with instructor Bettianne Jolicoeur, Rhythmic Vinyasa Flow Yoga – welcoming Maia Cruz as instructor, Pilates Core Basic, On the Ball Pilates and Pilates Fusion with Kimberley Koop, Noon Zumba – welcoming Tammy Schroeder, Zumba with Eddie Miller. 10% off Visual Arts: Adults – Digital Photogrpahy, Exploring Acrylics, Mixed Art for Adults, Intro to the Pottery Wheel, NEW! The Wonderful Wheel & Other Things; Teens – Digital Photography, Cartoon Illustration, Exploring Acrylics, Pottery Passion; Kids – NEW! Saturday Morning Create with Clay, Hand Building with Clay, Cartoon Illustration, Art Adventures, Art X-Travaganza. 10% off Cooking: NEW! Dessert Art, Creative Cooking, Kids in the Kitchen. 10% off Language Classes: French for Kids, French Level 1 & 2, Spanish Level 1, 2 & Intermediate. Saturday Workshops: NEW! Gorgeous Glass Fusing, NEW! Introduction to Silk Painting. JOIN NOW! Ages 5-15 can sign up now for the Backyard Theatre Company at the Arts Centre. Our Winter/Spring session runs January to April. You’ll love our props closet, learning improvisation and working on lines for the end-of-year recital. You’ll also love our talented instructors Jeremy Plett and Michaela Senkiw, who make each class unique and fun! A few spaces left. Preschoolers will love Arts4Tots! Do you know a little one who has just turned three years old? Sign up now for the January to June session at the Arts4Tots Preschool Program. Spaces open in our Monday & Wednesday 1 - 3:30 pm classes. Family Show with Prairie Theatre Exchange! Portage & Munsch: 50 Below on Friday, January 17 at 6:30 pm at the SRSS Theatre. See the indelible and charismatic characters of Robert Munsch brought to vibrant life on stage. It’s a pajama party with milk and cookies. Laugh Along with the Royal Manitoba Theatre –Tickets on sale now for Miracle on South Division Street by Tom Dudzick. Don’t miss Manitoba Theatre Centre in Steinbach on Monday, January 27 at 7:30 pm at the SRSS Theatre. Up to 50% off – Check out Daylon Brown’s artwork online at www.steinbachartscouncil.ca. Beautiful works with slashed prices. Don’t miss this incredible art sale. Calling Treble Teens Alumni – Send us your contact info by Friday, January 10… The Steinbach Arts Council is celebrating our 35th anniversary, and we are excited to be bringing artists from the last 35 years back to the home stage on Friday, May 23. Our anniversary concert Ovation: Showcase of Stars will feature Judy Kehler Siebert, Che Anne Loewen, and more… plus The Treble Teens alumni choir directed by Shirley Penner. The proposed rehearsal dates for the choir are Thursdays, May 15 and 22. We are also excited to be hosting a Treble Teens alumni brunch on Saturday May 24. Singers, crew, staff and volunteers – get in touch with the Steinbach Arts Council by contacting Liz, our Events Coordinator, at events@steinbachartscouncil.ca and joining ‘The Treble Teens’ Facebook page. We are also searching for Treble Teens costumes, photos, video clips and memorabilia. Coming up in the Hall Gallery – Join us at the Cultural Arts Centre on Wednesday, January 8 for the Opening reception for This & That featuring artwork by Don Hoeppner. Don works primarily with watercolors and his paintings are really something to see. The exhibit runs from January 8 – February 15. CONCERT WITH A CAUSE – A fundraising event to help us bring “The Recycled Orchestra” from a slum in Paraguay to Steinbach! Join us at Steinbach Mennonite Church on Thursday, February 13 at 7:30 pm. The evening will feature Sweet Water Creek in tribute to Garry Dueck, Blues Singer John Lepp, Storyteller Clint Toews, and Magician Chris Loewen. Proceeds will go towards bringing the orchestra to Steinbach and to the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre. Presented by G&E Homes, Global Family Foundation and Steinbach Arts Council. Call now for tickets. For more on “The Recycled Orchestra” see globalfamilyfoundation.ca. STEINBACH’S GOT TALENT – Check for applications online! Welcoming amateur acts of all ages from the Southeast. To be held Tuesday, April 8 at the SRSS Theatre, Steinbach. Performers and Visual Artists – We are taking applications to perform at the Summer in the City Festival on June 20-21, 2014. Get applications at steinbachartscouncil.ca. Due on Saturday, March 1.


January 2014

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Dawson Trail Dispatch

Who will be the Messengers in 2014? Romans 10:13-15 . . . 13) “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” 14) How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15) And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (NIV). Paul says that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. However, there is a process involved in bringing the grace of God to a human life. While it might culminate with the person calling on the name of the Lord, there is much behind that belief. How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? There must be a faith in the one on whom they call. In other words, if we are not brought to the place where we truly believe that the Lord is real and can do something about our situation, we will never call on His name. Behind the belief is the message heard. How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? In other words, faith always has an object. Faith is not some unearthly, weird feeling or sentiment. It is grounded in Biblical truth. Therefore, there must be a message of that truth. So, the message of Christ must be told if people are going to be able to believe. It is faith in the truth that makes the difference. Today we have folks saying, “Since their faith is sincere that is good enough.” However, I might have all the misguided faith in the world that I can fly if I leap off a tall building. But, when I leap and hit the ground, that type of faith will give way to reality. Faith must be grounded in Biblical truth to have any value. But, who are the messengers? Does it have to be someone standing behind a pulpit? The message is always delivered by a messenger... or could it be that every one of us is a preacher of the Gospel? I believe that is how it should be done. I believe this has always been God’s plan. The message is to be communicated by someone who believes it and has had their life changed by it. This ministry is not just for pastors, this ministry is for everyone who has come to faith in Christ. All of us are ministers. All of us are living-epistles-living letters of the grace of God read by all people. All of us carry on our lips and in our lives the testimony of the salvation that can come by faith in Jesus Christ. Does that mean we all have a responsibility to let that Good News be known? Yes, I believe it does mean that. Behind each messenger is the sender. How can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news?” There should be no doubt who does the sending. It is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He sends us all to spread the message. The clergy alone will never win the whole world to Christ. If the preachers think that they are the only ones who are spreading the Gospel, then many or even most people will never be reached. Grace is a process. It is like flipping a light switch. We flick the switch on the wall and the lights go on. It seems like a simple thing. Yet behind it is a very complicated process: The transmission towers, the substations, the dams that were built to hold water, and the poles on which the wires are strung. A tremendous complexity lies behind the simple act of flipping a light switch. But, every time we do it, power surges forth and it comes only because that complicated process has no breaks along the way. We know that every time an individual comes to the place where in quietness they call out to the Lord for salvation, a tremendous process has led to this place of decision. Remember Mary the mother of Jesus. Remember the birth of Jesus at Bethlehem. Remember the betrayal of Jesus. Then there was the mystery of the Cross. What about the wonder and miracle of the Resurrection? God sending the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. All believers who have had their life changed by faith in Jesus Christ. All this is a process behind a single individual who calls on the name of the Lord. God is behind it, He has started it. To God is the glory. Would you pray this prayer with me ...“Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Forgive my sins. I want my life to change. My thoughts and my attitude need to change. I do not have the peace in my heart that I yearn for. I really want that Peace, joy and happiness that will fulfill my heart’s desire. Please let the Holy Spirit help me be the kind of Christian that will honour Your Name.” Amen.

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Goertzen Critical of How MPI Handles Operating Expenses Autopac rates will increased for nearly half of the vehicles registered in Manitoba by one percent for private passenger vehicles. The Public Utilities Board (PUB) had received a request to approve a 1.8 percent increase, but it told MPI to control its costs instead, warning about the Crown’s excessive operating costs. “The PUB has sent a clear signal to the NDP that there are concerns with the operating costs at MPI and it’s Manitobans who end up paying more as a result,” said Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen, who is also the critic for MPI. “We’ve seen the NDP try to raid MPI for money to pay for a number of things not related to vehicle insurance and it’s important that the money going into MPI is being used both efficiently and for the purposes Manitobans expect. This increase and the warning by the PUB make me concerned that it is not happening.” Goertzen further expressed his concerns and said, “The key to strong Crown Corporations, whether Hydro or MPI, is ensuring that the money paid in by ratepayers is used as efficiently as possible. Under the NDP, that seems to be a principle that is not being followed.”

Guided by Your Conscience or the Bible Is it acceptable to let my conscience be my guide? We have heard the old adage all our lives and it sounds good on the surface, but let’s take a closer look at its ramifications. Our conscience is that inner sense of what is right and wrong in one’s conduct or motives. If these promptings were uniform or standardized in all humans, then there would be no problem letting our conscience be our guide. But, unfortunately our culture, our individual character or personality, our upbringing and our education affect our conscience. Some cultures teach that if you don’t believe their way, then you deserve to die and their conscience would confirm this teaching as true and acceptable. Others who have been raised hearing and being told lies all through their childhood, believe it is an acceptable practice to lie. Also if children go to school and are taught that evolution is a scientific fact, most will accept that teaching as truth. Our conscience is an important tool given to us by God to help us do right and interact properly with our fellow man. So we must be careful doing anything that adversely affects our conscience from working properly. God has given us His Word, the Bible, as a guidebook to govern our lives. If we live contrary to the Bible, our conscience will be altered and then can’t be trusted. In fact, I Timothy 4:2 says we can sear our conscience with a hot iron. An illustration from my veterinary background will help us understand. When a calf is branded with a hot iron, or if an animal has had a severe burn, then after it heals, you can poke that scarred area with a sharp instrument and it has no effect on the animal. It has been seared in that area. We can do the same thing to our conscience by embracing wrong thoughts and beliefs. If we expose our conscience to right teachings according to the Bible, when we go to do wrong we will be convicted by our own conscience. But, if our conscience has been altered or seared, then there will be no conviction of wrong. In fact, what is happening today is just the opposite. Our society has been so bombarded with the need to accept every opinion and life style that people’s consciences have been altered to tell them right is wrong and wrong is right. They become firmly convicted that this altered view of right and wrong is not only right, but must be enforced upon all society. The truth is, if our conscience goes against the clear teaching of the Bible, then our conscience is wrong and is leading us astray. We may not like to accept this but it’s true. Therefore, especially today, be careful allowing your conscience to be your guide, unless you can also back it up from the Bible. God bless you as you seek truth.

January 2014


Rat River Health Commission Reveals Plan A year after a historic meeting between the Rat River Health Council and members of the Southern Regional Health Authority Board of Directors, the commission is optimistic for the next year. Last December, members of the Rat River Health Council met with representatives of Southern Health to discuss the next steps needed for a stable medical clinic at the De Salaberry Health Centre and St. Malo. Emphasis was made on finding staff that will fit well in the community. As a result, the Rat River Health Council has come up with a plan of action for the coming year to make this a reality. “We will be following up with members of the community who are pursuing students in health care and connect them with Southern Health who can assist with employment, location,” says the council. “We will provide Southern Health with up-to-date information about our communities to help recruit health care professionals, nurse practitioners, and nurses.” “We will work towards ensuring that as the demand grows for services in the St. Pierre Clinic, as well as the proposed St. Malo Clinic, so will the number of physicians and nurse practitioners grow,” stated the council. The Rat River Health Council also plans to support the clinic by helping people stay healthy through regular physicals, screenings, vaccinations, medication reviews and strive for continuity of care through a group practice.

Niverville Shows Appreciation to Son City Volunteers In December, the Town of Niverville and council awarded the Volunteer Appreciation Award for the month of December to Son City Lunches. The Son City Lunch volunteers are being recognized for their contribution to the community as they have been providing meals for under $5 to the high school students every Tuesday since 1986. Lois Wiebe, one of the volunteer chefs at Son City, said that there has always been a very good turnout. “On average we feed about 135 kids per week,” stated Wiebe. For $4, students get an all-you-can each meal that includes favourites such as lasagna, pizza buns, chicken fingers, perogies and farmer sausage. Son City is currently looking for four more volunteers for the lunch program and anyone who is interested in helping out, simply has to drop by Son City at 9:30 am on a Tuesday. Son City is located on the north side of 3rd Street South, directly across from Niverville Collegiate Institute.

Shadow Cabinet Shuffled Sees Goertzen Back to Justice On December 6, Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen was given a new portfolio when the Tory’s shuffled their shadow cabinet. “Every one of our caucus responsibilities have been shifted except my own,” stated PC Leader Brian Pallister. It has been fourteen months since the last shuffle and Pallister says that it was time. “We have an education critic who comes from a full-time background, we have a health critic that comes from the front lines of health care and a finance critic who knows how to balance a budget and manage money,” Pallister adds. Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen returns as justice critic, after Lac du Bonnet MLA Wayne Ewasko was named as education critic. Pallister says that Goertzen was given the familiar responsibility of justice critic because he’s “great at them” and believes that working on a very different portfolio over the past year has helped round out his understanding of the issues. Goertzen will also remain as house leader and as critic of MPI.

Top Feta Maker in Grunthal For the fifth consecutive year, the Grunthal Cheese Plant that is owned and operated by Parmalat Canada has taken home a first place award for their feta cheese. The award was handed out at the British Empire Cheese Show at the beginning of December. Plant Manager Yvonne Rowe says the award is a testament to the work of a dedicated group of employees who work in the Grunthal plant. “Our employees are committed to producing a high quality product that is enjoyable to eat,” stated Rowe. “What makes Feta special is that it’s more of an artisan cheese, it’s made in a more traditional method.” The Grunthal plant produces Feta cheese, specifically for restaurants and not available in retail outlets. Other products made on site are cheese ingredients, which are shipped to other Parmalat plants.


January 2014


Friedensfeld Final Footloose Dance - Ever- On Friday, January 31, last evening of fantastic music and fun at the Friedensfeld Community Centre. For ages, 11-17 from 7 - 11 pm. Parents can drop off their kids to a safe environment where there is no alcohol or smoking permitted and there is adult supervision provided by St. Pauls Lutheran Church. Will be a coat/jacket/bag check and a security check before going in. Cost $10 at the door, includes one drink token at the door. Available additional pop/water and snacks. Music provided by Summer Bounce Entertainment. Contact Dana dana_kihn@hotmail.com.

with a large open space for the kids to play while the moms visit. Contact Karen at klenzrpeters@hotmail.com.

Kleefeld Community Playgroup - for parents, caregivers and children ages 0-5. Activities include time for playing, stories, songs and snacks. Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the Kleefeld Rec Centre. Contact Irene Ascough 204-377-5013.

Richer Recovery AA - Group meets every Thursday and Saturday from 7:30 - 8:30 pm at LUD Hall in Richer. Contact Lee at 204451-0255.

Piney Piney Car & Snowmobile Poker Derby – In January, TBA. Bingo - Every 2nd Friday.

Prawda Circuit 30 - Alternate aerobic and weight exercises, with cool down and stretch exercises. Wear comfortable clothing, clean runners, and bring a bottle of water. Cost $2/class, Mondays and Thursdays at 7 pm, in the Reynolds School Gym. Contact Hadashville Tae Kwon Do - Every Wednesday at 6 pm at the Hadashville Wendy 204-348-2433. Community Club (Reynolds Recreational Centre) from 6 years old to adults. Pursue a black belt or learn new skills, great stress Busy Bodies Playgroup – Every Wednesday from 9 - 11 am at release and have an excellent workout at the same time. Cost the Reynolds School Gym. Free to parents and children. after registration fee is $40/month per person. Ask about 2 Snacks provided. Contact Cassie 204-793-8290. week free trial. Contact Shelly at 204-426-5266 or Richer KSTA.academy@gmail.com. Seine River Services for Seniors Programs: Tai Chi for Seniors – On Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Richer Ile-des-Chênes Our Lady of the Roses Prayer Group – Meets on the first Saturday School, Gym. Free. Instructor Sara Trudeau. Seniors are of every month, at 6:30 pm to recite the Rosary and learn about encouraged to consult with a doctor before starting this Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers and receive Blessed program. For all programs, you must register with Seine River Rose Petals and other Sacramentals from Blessed Mother’s Services for Seniors – Contact Juliette Rowan Community place of miracles. Contact Corinna 204-878-4908 or email her Resource Coordinator at 204-424-5575 for Richer services or email labseinerss@gmail.com. at corinnaswetz@hotmail.com for more info and register.

Monday Night Bingos - To raise funds for Stacey Pchajek Memorial Foundation Inc. The foundation provides scholarships, bursaries and prizes to students graduating grades 8 and 12. Children Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult to be on premises and must play bingo. Doors Open at 5:30 pm at the Young at Heart Club 22 Dawson Rd. in Richer. Contact Doreen Pchajek at 422-5243 or doreen@spmf.ca.

La Broquerie Wii Love Seniors Bowling Challenge 2013-2014 - 5 challenges in different towns including La Broquerie, Lorette, Ste-Anne and St. Adolphe and then one more day of fun to end it all. Next challenge on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 in St. Adolphe at Le Club Amical - 344 Main Street. Challenges are on Wednesdays from 1 - 3 pm. Refreshments provided. We ask for a donation of a Loonie each event. Beginners welcome. Contact Sprague Bingo - Every 2nd Wednesday. Juliette 204-424-5285 or Denise 204-883-2880. Seine River Services for Seniors- Health Centre/Centre de Santé from Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4 pm. Services and programs for seniors. Income Tax help, Lifeline, mobility equipment, foot care, hair care, transportation, home maintenance, yard maintenance, Telecheck, E.R.I.K. program, puzzles and games. Contact Community Resource Coordinator Juliette Rowan, 204424-5285 or labseinerss@gmail.com. Shopping Trips to Winnipeg’s St.Vital Mall every first Thursday of the month, leaving at 10 am - 3 pm. Cost $15. Steinbach’s Clearspring Centre every last Thursday of the month, from 10 am - 1 pm. Cost $10. Lorette Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) – Volunteer opportunities. If you go for walks, bike rides, jogs or even just drive around the community, please put on a COPP vest and show your support or help with administrative duties. Can you donate an hour per month? Contact Trevor, 204-955-3434 Lorettecopp@gmail.com.

St. Adolphe Open Ice - Come Give Curling a Try! Curling Club will open the ice to anyone who would like to give curling a try! (recommended minimum age is 8 years old) The ice will be open from 10 am – 12 pm on Sunday, January 5. Clean, indoor shoes required. Bring a curling broom if you have one available! Free Hot Chocolate for the kids! Wii Love Seniors Bowling Challenge 2013-2014 - 5 challenges in different towns including La Broquerie, Lorette, Ste-Anne and St. Adolphe and then one more day of fun to end it all. Our next challenge on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 in St. Adolphe at Le Club Amical - 344 Main Street. Challenges are on Wednesdays from 1 - 3 pm. Refreshments provided. We ask for a donation of a Loonie each event. Beginners welcome. Contact Juliette 204-424-5285 or Denise 204-883-2880.

Winter Carnival - From Friday, January 24 –Sunday, January New Horizons Seniors - Play cards, Scrabble, Wii and more. 26. Starts at 5:15 pm with a Novice Tournament. Karaoke at Drop in Tuesdays 1-5 pm at Foyer Notre Dame Lorette 12 9 pm at St. Adolphe Motor Inn (50/50, hourly prizes, silent auction) Saturday, January 25 at 8 am, Novice Tournament, St.Amant Ave. Contact Iris 204-878-3552. 10 am a Kiddie Carnival, 12:15 pm Taylor Christensen Memorial Game, 3 pm Afternoon at the Movies, 6 pm Preteen Mitchell Breakfast and Social - every Tuesday morning, 7:30 - 9 am Dance (up to Grade 4), 8:30 pm Youth Dance (Grades 5-9). except the last Tuesday of the month when the social is held On Sunday, January 26 at 12 pm an outdoor Carnival with instead. Lunch starts at noon at the Mitchell and Area Seniors bonfire, hot chocolate, tobogganing, broom ball, sleigh rides at Community Club, 345 St. Adolphe Rd, From 12 – 4 pm Free Centre. Contact 204-326-6944. skating at St. Adolphe Park, 1 – 5 pm Novice Tournament Consolation & Championship games, 1 pm, Indoor Activities New Bothwell Annual Winter Carnival - Starts on Friday, February 14 with a at Pioneer Hall, 6:30 pm Family Bingo at Pioneer Hall (Early crib tournament as well as youth night. The annual sponge bird draw at 6 pm. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Website hockey tournament is on Saturday, along with all sorts of contests stadolphecc.com. and bingo. Evening events include the candy, money, and grocery scrambles. There are door prizes and an auction. See Open Bonspiel - At the Curling Club from Wednesday, February 5 - 9. Open to any combination of curlers (all women, all newbothwell.com. men, 3 & 1, 2 & 2). Contact to register curlstadolphe@gmail.com. Niverville GriefShare - If you or someone you know has experienced the loss of a loved one we wish to help, you get support and learn St. Malo about the grieving process. Contact 204-381-1155 to register Winter Festival of Friends/Festival des Amis - Begins Friday, February 14 at 6 pm - Monday, February 17 at 9 at St. Malo or go to Nivervillegriefshare.com. Provincial Park. A spectacular celebration of culture, cuisine Moms N’ Tots Playgroup - Moms with children up to age six. and tradition, fantastic regional cultural entertainment and Wednesday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30 am located in the wonderful winter family activities. Beat the cold and make lower level of Fourth Avenue Bible Church (62 4th Avenue S.). the St-Malo Festival of Friends a family tradition. See Free drop-in program with coffee and snacks provided, along friendsofstmalopark.com.

More Than Just News! St. Pierre-Jolys Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba – Depression support group meetings held on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7 pm. Located at the Health Corner DeSalaberry Hospital. Contact Judy Dunn 444-5228.

Dawson Trail Dispatch apartments. Contact Nadine Konyk, Rural Client Services Coordinator at 1-800-268-7582 or email nadine.konyk@mssociety.ca.

Re-branding Ritchot

MS Lunch Group- on fourth Thursday of every month, from 12 – 1 pm at the Village Green Restaurant. Contact Nadine Konyk, The RM of Ritchot is in the Rural Client Services Coordinator 204-326-1434 or email Ste. Anne process of updating its logo, slogan Seine River Services for Seniors – Invite to all seniors interested nadine.konyk@mssociety.ca. and overall brand to ensure it better in the Wii Bowling game to come, try it out and have fun. On Monday at1 pm, at Le Club Jovial. Contact Juliette Rowan at Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba individual and support represents the Ritchot region of 204-424-5285 Community Resource Coordinator for local groups - for persons experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, today. “Creating a new brand and logo bi-polar disorder and other mental health/emotional concerns. services or e-mail labseinerss@gmail.com. Meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Jake Epp Library has been a priority for a number of years,” said Roger Perron, Economic from 7 – 9 pm. Contact Judy Dunn 204-444-5228. Ste. Geneviève Development Officer for the Ritchot Library Night - Bibliothèque Taché Library at the Community Development Centre on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, from 6:30 The Bethesda Regional Healthcare Auxiliary - meets on the first Community Corporation (CDC). - 8 pm. Selection of books in both French and English, all Tuesday of every month except for the months of July and August The current logo, which features a ages. Over 21,000 books including audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, at the Bethesda Hospital. We welcome anyone interested in Holstein cow and the Latin phrase large print books and magazines plus they can import books auxiliary work. Contact Verna Thiessen at 326-3028. ‘work conquers all’ is a good repfrom any library in Manitoba. Special requests can be made Steinbach and Area Lions Club resentation of the past, but clearly to the librarian, Brandi Schmitz at 204-878 - 9488, Lions Club - meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of needs to be updated to reflect the bibliotachelibrary.com or in person. every month at the Magnolia Restaurant. Contact 204-326- changing times. “The first step in this process was 2313. Steinbach to consult with residents to gain an Tourism Stakeholder Consultations - On Tuesday, January 7 understanding of what they believe from 12 – 4 pm, lunch served for all tourism industry Carillon Toastmasters - meetings are open to adults who want stakeholders including Towns, Villages, Municipalities, to improve their leadership and communication skills. Thursday makes Ritchot a good place to live Destination Marketing Organizations, Businesses, evenings starting at 7 pm at the Jake Epp Public Library 255 and do business today,” said Perron. “This feedback will be Campgrounds, Bed and Breakfasts, Operators, etc. to realign Elmdale Street, Contact Doreen 204-326-7525. instrumental in guiding the tone, priorities with the new provincial tourism strategy and to better define our brand alignment with Travel Manitoba’s marketing Steinbach AA 12 Step Recovery Program - Meetings are held on nature, theme and personality of our efforts. Eastern Manitoba Tourism Association in conjunction Wednesdays at 7 pm. Steinbach United Church, 541 Main St. new brand.” An online survey was conducted with Community Futures Triple R and Winnipeg River Ring the front door bell. in the fall as part of the re-branding consultations at Mennonite Heritage Village 231 Hwy 12 N, Contact 204-326-9661, Georges Beaudry Chair Eastman Young moms to be - Bi-weekly support group starts at 4:30 pm process. The results have yet to be released. at Anna’s House B-11, Hwy 12N. Contact 204-346-0413. Tourism Association. Vita Beef & Forage Day – Seminar on Monday, January 6 at Vita Ukrainian Hall MAFRD, Vita GO Office. One day Beef & Forage seminar with guest speakers covering topics in beef market outlook, new forage insurance, research, production, and. Contact Jenelle Hamblin, Farm Production Extension Specialist Certified First Aid/CPR Training – On Saturday, January 25 at – Forage, 204-266-2879, jenelle.hamblin@gov.mb.ca or 2-90 Brandt St. Contact Brent McNaughton 204-346-9840, Vivian Giesbrecht, 204-425-5050. brent.openingdoorstosuccess@gmail.com. Woodridge Book Sale - Bethesda Healthcare Auxiliary – On Tuesdays Bingo - Every 2nd Sunday night at 7 pm. (gently and not-so gently) used book sale at Clearspring Centre. Book donations accepted year round at Clearspring General Get Better Together - Take control of your health and learn to Centre from 9:30 am – 4 pm. live better with your ongoing health condition with a free 6Healthy Eating Cooking Classes - Every other week on week health awareness program in your area: Thursdays at South East Helping Hands. No Charge, enjoy a Steinbach - Mondays from 6:15 - 8:15 pm. meal with other community members and learn how to plan Landmark - Thursdays from 6:45 - 8:45 pm. & prepare healthy meals on a budget. Contact and register Marchand - Wednesdays from 7 - 9 pm. St. Malo - Mondays from 1:30 - 3:30 pm. 204-326-2599 or southeasthelpinghands@gmail.com. Contact to register Madeleine at Southern Health-Santé Sud at Adult Book Club - Tuesdays from 7 – 9 pm. Bring book 204-346-6692. suggestions or peruse our book lists. Meet some other book lovers too and bring a friend. At the Jake Epp Library 255 Free Monthly Bus Trips to the Casinos of Winnipeg- Join us for Elmdale St. Contact Tracey Pankratz 204-326-6841 a great day of fun and friendship. We visit McPhillips Street Station in the morning and Club Regent in the afternoon. Pick programming@jakeepplibrary.com. ups in Steinbach, Ste. Anne and Paradise Village. Must be 18 Ladies Get Fit Classes - Sponsored by Eastman Immigrant years of age or older. Prizes and cash giveaways every trip. Services, every Wednesday at 7:15 pm at the Woodlawn School Bingo played on the bus to and from the casinos for those gym. Aerobic, circuit training, weights, mats and stretching wishing to play. Contact Marilyn at 204-326-4939 to reserve exercises. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Register your seat. The next scheduled trips are on Tuesdays, January 14, Tuesday, February 11, and March 11. contact Lois 204-346-6609. Grand Opening Ceremony - Essential Skills Training – Ribbon Cutting at 4 pm in Steinbach serving the South Eastman Region on Thursday, January 16 from 3 – 6 at Unit 2- 90 Brandt Street. Contact Donna Whyte-Watts and Carole Tetreault, 204-3711238, west.steinbach@wem.mb.ca.

Steinbach Girl Guides - Every Tuesday at the United Church of Steinbach, 541 Main St. Registration for girls 5-17. Develop personal values and well-being, self-respect and respect for others; promote fun, friendship, adventure and challenges through new experiences; develop leadership and decisionmaking skills; give service to the community; value the natural environment. Green Drinks South Eastman - South Eastman Transition Initiative presents Green Drinks South Eastman. On the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7 pm at LBees, 5-275 Main St. Grab a coffee and discuss sustainable living. Contact rebecca_hiebert@yahoo.com. The Steinbach Rotary Club - meets every Monday at noon at the Pat Porter Centre for active living. Contact Cornie at 3263155. Mental Health Information and Support sessions - for family and friends of people with mental health issues are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 7 – 8:30 pm at the Eden East building, 21 Loewen Blvd. Contact Kim at 371-0824 or email eastmanmss@mts.net MS Monthly Self-Help group meeting - for people living with multiple sclerosis. The group meets on the second Thursday evening of each month from 6 - 7 pm at Fernwood Place

Super Start Program - A Healthy Baby program with the Southern Regional Health Authority. Program for pregnant women and families with infants up to one year of age. Sessions include song and rhyme time, discussions and games on topics related to healthy babies and healthy moms. Door prizes, nutritious snacks and milk coupons for all participating expectant moms or mothers who have babies up to six months of age. Contact: Terry from Super Start at 346-7021 or just drop in. Niverville - Community Fellowship Church on Tuesday, January 14 at 10 am – 12 pm Ste. Anne - Dayspring Fellowship Church on Thursday, January 9 at 10 am – 12 pm Kleefeld – Mitchell Fellowship Church on Thursday, January 23 at 10 am – 12 pm St. Malo – St. Malo School on Wednesday, January 15 at 10 am – 12 pm St. Pierre-Jolys - Health Corner on Thursday, January 16 at 10am-12pm Ste. Agathe - Community Hall Centre on Tuesday, January 21 at 10 am – 12 pm Lorette - Seine River Church on Tuesday, January 28 at 10 am – 12 pm Mitchell - Fellowship Church on Thursday, January 23 at 10 am – 12 pm Grunthal – South Oaks School Family Hut on Tuesday, January 7 at 10 am – 12 pm

Teen Girls Charged with Assault and Robbery Two teenage girls from Steinbach have been charged with robbery after they allegedly assaulted another teenager and stole her purse on Christmas Day. According to Steinbach RCMP, the 14-year-old girl was walking along Main Street shortly before 6 pm on Christmas Day when she was approached by two girls who asked her for cigarettes. She tried to run away but the girls caught up with her and assaulted her before taking her purse, the RCMP said. The victim was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. Steinbach RCMP was able to arrest both of the female youths responsible for the robbery with assistance of the victim’s siblings. The older brother chased after the two girls in his socks while the older sister followed in her car. They were able to lead RCMP to the two youths. Both the 12 year old and 13 year old have been charged with robbery and will appear in Steinbach Provincial Court on February 13.

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St. Adolphe Business Wins Make-Over

Affinity Insurance in St. Adolphe will receive an exterior makeover valued at $10,000 thanks to a local Main Street contest.

A St. Adolphe business will be receiving a storefront makeover as part of a RM of Ritchot initiative. Earlier in the fall, residents had the chance to vote for one of nine Main Street storefronts in St. Adolphe that they felt was most deserving of an exterior makeover valued up to $10,000. The winner was announced at the beginning of December. “The results are in,” stated St. Adolphe Councillor Jackie Hunt. “We would like to congratulate Affinity Insurance who will receive an exterior makeover designed by a professional.” The $10,000 storefront makeover includes new paint, signage, fencing, landscaping or other elements to help make the business a more attractive addition to Main Street in St. Adolphe, added Hunt. The project was organized by the Ritchot Community Development Corporation, Quiring Minds, the St. Adolphe Main Street Beautification Committee and local resident Bahia Taylor whose company, Benjamin Moore Envy Paint & Design, sponsored the contest.

Ste. Agathe Fire Destroys Home

January 2014


Smell the Roses Mindful Moments Well, it’s all finished. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over. It is such a ‘go, go, go’ time and so much to do for family and friends. It is supposed to be a magnificent time. But, let’s be honest, once it’s all done we are relieved and grateful that these holidays come only “once a year.” The sleep deprivation and rich food doesn’t give the body a lot of energy for the “do, do, do and the go, go, go.” Is this why I can never remember the details of Christmas, and what I did on that special New Year’s night. I don’t drink much so I know I can’t blame that. I really think it’s because the lifestyle during the holidays is faster than the mind can absorb. It appears that I was addicted, as so many are, to getting things done. The busier I got, the more of me (my mind) got left behind. I was not aware of life unfolding around me. I was not in the ‘now’, in the ‘moment’. I was seeing a lot, but not ‘ seeing’. I was hearing a lot, but not ‘hearing’ and of course the busier the day, the less we need to ‘feel’. Without active, open attention, we lose the ‘moments’. Life’s moments don’t stay. Mindfulness is defined as a psychological concept focusing on attention and awareness. This practice is a way of approaching life that encompasses certain attitudes such as acceptance, patience, nonjudgmental and compassion for all living things and all living moments. It is an act of love and an act of sanity. It is not so much about ‘doing’ as ‘being’. And mindfulness can be done and practiced while you are ‘doing’. It is not a state of empty mind! A full mind should be aware and totally clear. It is something everyone can learn to do. It brings the ‘doing’ and the ‘being’ together.( Mindfulness , by the way, at one time came naturally to humans and did not need to be a learned activity). Mindfulness will help you to absorb any of life’s moments fully. There are no boundaries to awareness. It will expand every sense and make every moment more meaningful and memorable. Real mindfulness is real life and how much of it you are feeling. This skill can help you during a business meeting, on the job or even when you are making love. Sense and feel each moment. BE THERE! This takes the practice and desire to be happier with all aspects of your life. And it doesn’t mean you need to STOP to smell the roses, it means you need full awareness of the sight and smell as you pass by. Mindfulness is an adventure of absorption and being extremely present. It is a wonderful, healthy way to live. So, my friends, this is my wish for you in this brand-new, untarnished year... 2014: I wish for you to develop mindfulness in all you do. To begin the journey, try going to You Tube and find mindfulness with Jon KabatZinn. You will start to LOVE every moment and BE while you DO. Raylene Snow is a health advocate, retired teacher and owner/operator of Raylene’s Wellness Spa located south of Ste. Anne on Hwy. 210 S. You can reach her at 204-422-6234.

RCMP Catch Ecstasy Traffickers On December 13 at around 5 pm, Steinbach RCMP initiated an Ecstasy Trafficking investigation during a traffic stop. While talking with the occupants of the vehicle, RCMP detected an odour of marihuana emanating from inside the vehicle. Police arrested the driver and passenger for the Possession of Marihuana and the vehicle was searched incidental to their arrests. Upon searching the vehicle, police located and seized a large number of ecstasy pills located inside the vehicle. Charriere’s vehicle was then towed by police. The driver of the car, 20-year-old Tyler Charriere of Steinbach was arrested and charged for Possession For the Purpose of Trafficking Ecstasy and he was released on a Promise to Appear to attend Steinbach Provincial Court on February 6. The passenger of the car, 19-year-old Jaylen Plett of Steinbach was also arrested and charged for Possession of Ecstasy and released on a Promise to Appear to attend Steinbach Provincial Court on the same day as Charriere.

Smoke still rises from the scene of a house fire that destroyed a Ste. Agathe home three nights before Christmas. Photo by Marianne Curtis

On December 22, the RM of Ritchot fire crews and St. PierreJolys RCMP responded to a fire that destroyed a home north of Ste. Agathe. St-Pierre-Jolys RCMP was dispatched to the scene around 9:35 pm to a house fire in the RM of Ritchot, on PTH 75, just north of Ste. Agathe. Upon arrival at the residence, police discovered that the

structure was fully engulfed in flames. Volunteer fire crews from the RM of Ritchot and the RM of Tache also responded and battled the blaze for over six hours in -40 weather. There was no one was in the residence at the time of the incident and there were no reports of human injuries or damage to other buildings. Fire

crews did manage to save the lives of three cats but a small dog was unable to be rescued. RCMP report that the residence is a total loss and that the value of the damages is not known at this time. The Office of the Fire Commissioner was notified. The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.


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January 2014

Green Valley Takes Provincial Championship Grunthal’s Green Valley Pirates ended this year’s volleyball season by claiming the 2013 Provincial ‘AA’ High School Volleyball Championship title. The team also played host for the event on the first weekend in December. In the Champion match, the Pirates took on the Major Pratt Trojans. The

Local Schools Get Funding for Upgrades The Manitoba government is using almost $55 million to maintain and improve more than 100 schools throughout the province, including several projects in the southeast. Important repairs to be covered by the capital funding from this year’s record $55-million school infrastructure budget include more than 23 heating and ventilation upgrades, 17 roofing replacements, 21 structural projects, 16 improvedaccess projects and 31 skills programming and other capital projects. In our region, the Hanover School Division is receiving funds for two roofing and building envelop projects for the Steinbach Regional High School. Improvements are also approved for the Woodlawn School for a building envelope replacement. Various schools within the Seine River School Division will also receive funding for window and locker replacement projects under skills programming and other capital projects.

Trojans took the first game 25 to 20. Green Valley battled back in the second game and won by a score of 25-23. The final match saw Green Valley pull through for a win 15-12. At the end of the weekend, Matt Friesen from the Green Valley Pirates was named tournament MVP. Tournament all-stars included Justin Hildebrand and Kyle Braun, both from Green Valley and Jon Gerrecht from the Niverville Panthers. Grunthal’s Green Valley School Pirates and Provincial hosts are this year’s AA Varsity Boys Volleyball Champions.

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Swearing in Ceremony for Falk

Ste. Anne Student Named Tri-Star The Ste. Anne Collegiate Lynx have another star athlete in their midst after the Manitoba High School Athletic Association honoured a member of the boy’s basketball team. On December 19, Raymond Hiebert of the Ste. Anne Collegiate Lynx boy’s basketball team was named Tri-Star Rural High School athlete of the week. According to his Coach Erik Leefe, Raymond led his team to victory to a tournament win that took place in Niverville where he averaged 35 points and 25 rebounds per game. “Ray is the hardest working player I have ever coached or seen at this level. He is always in the gym working on his game and helping his teammates with theirs,” stated Leefe. “He never stops working during a game no matter

January 2014

what the score or stakes.” The 6’4” Forward led the team to a perfect 7-0 record during the preseason added Coach Leefe. A grade 12 student, Hiebert maintains an 85% average, while also participating in Volleyball, Badminton and Track and Field.

St. Malo Food Drive Huge Success

Ted Falk attended the House of Commons Swearing in ceremony in Ottawa earlier in December accompanied by his wife Irene.

What Goes into a Home Emergency Kit? Severe winter weather, ice storms, blizzards or prolonged cold spells can cause an unexpected power outage and may isolate you in your home for an extended time. Preparing ahead and having an emergency supply kit can help you cope. A standard emergency kit should provide supplies for your family’s needs for at least three days. The essentials of any emergency kit are: - Water - for drinking, food preparation and sanitation - Non-perishable food that requires no refrigeration, cooking and little to no water, such as ready-to-eat cereals, canned meats and fruits - Specialty foods for infants and others who have special dietary needs - Pet food, if required - Manual can opener - Candles and matches - Battery operated flashlight, radio and extra batteries - Medications and important prescriptions - Extra cash Other practical items to include in your emergency kit are: - A first aid kit - Extra clothes for each family member - Warm blankets or sleeping bags - Toilet paper and any other personal care supplies - Disposable cups, plates and cutlery - Keys for both your house and car The kit should be checked twice a year and food, batteries and medicines should be replaced if necessary. Pick two days that are easily remembered to ensure that this check is not forgotten. You never know when a storm will happen, so make sure you’re prepared with an emergency kit when it does.

St. Malo parish youth and parents bundled up for a very successful food drive.

Over forty families from the St. Malo and area were treated to a special Christmas due to the hard work of over two dozen children from the community. On December 1, the Parish of St-Malo youth group along with the local Catechism youth successfully traveled through town in support of the community’s Christmas hamper program. “The spirit of Christmas and the spirit of giving was alive and well! Enough food was gathered to provide for more than 40 Christmas hampers,” stated organizers from the Parish of St-Malo. “This year’s food drive was a success.” About 30 children and their parents used trucks and trailers to help with carolling, collecting non-perishable food items and funds from local residents.

Backyard Theatre Comes Together for Holiday Recital “Frosty the Snowman” was just one of the holiday skits presented at the Backyard Theatre Company’s Christmas recital at the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre on December 11.


January 2014

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The “Big Guy” Pays Visit to St. Malo The community of St. Malo gathered to celebrate the early arrival of Santa when he paid the community a special visit on December 7. Hosted by the St. Malo Chamber of Commerce, young and old gathered for a community pancake breakfast, face painting, children’s crafts, a magic performance by Lou Lou the clown and of course a visit with Santa. St. Malo Chamber of Commerce President Lorraine Jones-Racine said the turnout and community support for the event was, “Fantastic and everyone had a great time.”

According to our sources, Santa also paid preChristmas visits to Richer, Ste. Genevieve, Steinbach and many other communities throughout the southeast.