Dawson Trail Dispatch January 2016

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Local Veterans Awarded France’s Highest Honour By Marianne Curtis Three local veterans were recently awarded France’s highest military award, the prestigious French National Order of the Legion of Honour for their service during WWII. According to Bill Richards, President of Branch 190 in Steinbach, this medal was awarded following applications made by the Steinbach Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and family members of these veterans to the government of France with the assistance of Veterans Affairs Canada. The three recipients are John Owczar, Bennie Klick and Lloyd Lehman. Richards said it is a huge honour for these veterans to be recognized with this award. “All three of these distinguished veterans are members of the Royal Canadian Legion,” said Richards. “This is a proud moment for these three deserving veterans, their families, Royal Canadian Legion and our community.” The criteria and process to be nominated for this honour was strict and rigorous. It required verification of military records by both Canada and France. The fundamental requirement was that each nominee had to have participated in the D-Day landings of June 6, 1944 and involved in a significant way, in direct combat towards the liberation of France and John Owczar from Sprague is one of three veterans to receive the prestigious French National Order of the Paris specifically. Each accepted Legion of Honour Medal for his service during WWII. candidate’s file was then sent to the Photo by Marianne Curtis desk of the President of France himself for final signature. take place at the Steinbach Branch of the Royal 2016 where it is hoped a representative A formal medal presentation is to Canadian Legion in the early spring of of the government of France will attend.

Steinbach Five Face Meth Related Charges By Marianne Curtis After a six-month joint investigation, the Steinbach RCMP and Altona Police Service have arrested and charged eleven people as part of an investigation into the methamphetamine trade in the southeast part of the Province. In July, the Steinbach RCMP General Investigations Section (GIS) unit, with the assistance of the Altona Police Service, launched Project Doorman, an investigation into the methamphetamine trade going on in the region. On December 3, 2015, Project Doorman concluded, after investigators executed the last search warrant. Project Doorman involved several different police units and sections and led to search warrants on three residences in Altona, Morris and Steinbach. An undisclosed amount of methamphetamine was seized from various individuals and locations. Eleven individuals have been arrested across southeastern Manitoba for methamphetamine trafficking offences. Out of the eleven people arrested and charged, five lived in Steinbach including Tami Renz (33) who was charged with trafficking methamphetamine and possession for the purpose of trafficking methamphetamine. Also arrested was Frank Hargreaves (41) charged with trafficking methamphetamine, and 4 counts of weapon related offences. Kelly Remier (23) faces 3 counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking methamphetamine. Tyler Myska (23) was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking methamphetamine; and Jordan Friesen (20) was charged with 2 counts of trafficking methamphetamine. From Richer, Timothy Jacques (34) was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking methamphetamine. Others charged were Jordon Demare (28) from Morris; Rachel Jacques (32) from Emerson, Cornelius Thiessen (50) from Winkler; Stephen Briggs (52) from Altona, and Keira Ball (42) from Altona. All the accused with the exception of Ball, Friesen and Demare, remain in custody. Police have also charged various other individuals for drug possession and related offences during the course of the investigation. Drug use and trafficking have become an increasing concern for law enforcement throughout southeastern Manitoba. Both the RCMP and the Altona Police Service are committed to combatting this issue in an effort to increase the safety of the communities they serve.