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I see the canvas plane as an ‘arena’ where our struggles, anxieties and preconceptions between old and new can be played out in an ever changing and evolving urban environment. In a way, the work can be suggestive (negatively or positively) of such things as the erosion of history, changing fashions, a multicultural society and conflicting ideologies.


Architectural spaces, the function of which have long expired. They are neither blank space, nor are they devoid of their history literally the Space In-Between.


The Relentless City.

Inexorable rhythm, constant tidal force, we bow and sway in the wind of it's rising wake. Developing, metamorphosing, cleaving our paths, re-shaping lives as we adapt and navigate. Organic, mechanical, born of our invention, our needs en masse dictate the concrete angles we create. Evolutionary construct, functioning as an organ, providing and pulsing as steel is stamped firmly into place.


Up until now my practice has revolved solely around escapism; from everyday life into the natural world. However, in recent work my focus has shifted from vast landscape vistas to geometric shapes and patterns. I believe that this adaptation of my practice is due to the fact that, having spent the last two years in a city that I love, escapism is no longer a major concern within my work. It is the details and intricacies of the city, such as repetitive architectural patterns, light reflecting from windows, and shadows cast by buildings that are currently influencing my paintings. I aim to convey these aspects in a contemporary way, by depicting what I see around me as simplified motifs.


Anamorphic projection of images and their ability to create new visual narratives within an urban environment. Investigation into different types of image projection onto various surfaces, both two-dimensional and three dimensional, has revealed the ability to adapt specific points within the urban environment into new visual narratives. Once a significant location is chosen, an image can be placed on the urban environment that relates to this. The image is only visually coherent at this unique point. When the viewer begins to move from this location the image gradually deforms and turns into a projected ornament on the environment.

Contributers COVER - Michael Thorp 2 - Nick Dediics

4 - Cara Campbell

6 - Clair Graubner

8 - Lisa Denyer 10 - Anthony Whittaker

Cities, in their nature, are constantly changing and evolving. Buildings spring from the earth, whilst others are torn down to make way for shopping centres and office blocks in an ebb and flow of concrete and bricks. The force from these movements can be overwhelming, but every action has a reaction. Even as the walls grow taller, life learns to adapt, to pervert, to misuse and to transform the built environment around us. A big thank you to all of our contributors. .

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Guest Editor Michael Thorp

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