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Preparing For Disney Channel Auditions 5 Basic Rules. Attending any audition is a nerve – wracking experience. When the auditions are being held by the biggest television network, it is pretty scary. I mean, this is Disney Channel – home of the iconic Hana Motana, Wizards of Waverly Palace and That’s So Raven! How do you even prepare for its auditions? Well, the first rule is audacity! The thing is, by simply signing up for the Disney Channel Auditions, you did what most people wouldn’t even dare. Now, it’s those very guts which you will need at the auditions. It’s all about daring. You dare to hope! You dare to believe! You dare to step onto the stage and give it your best shot! You dare to look into audition judges in the eye, and tell them “am the one you’ve been looking for”. And then you go and blow them off with your act. The second rule – which should have come first – is to do your homework. You know the basics: maintain eye-contact, speak audibly, dress to impress, and all the other tips. Make sure you master them. Select an act which will blow the judges off their feet and then, practice, practice, practice! Make sure you perfect the act so well that even if you are awoken from your sleep, you can deliver it extempore! This is your big chance; you cannot afford to blow it.

The third rule is to find your “why”. Why are you going to the Disney Channel Auditions? You need a very strong reason to propel you to the auditions. This is because there will be discouragements along the way. You may have a hard time memorizing your lines. Someone will tell you that it is a waste of time. You will feel like quitting. In fact many people sign up for Disney Channel auditions, get freaked out and don’t even attend. You need a reason strong enough to motivate you to at least attend auditions. The fourth rule is not to quit. No matter what happens, don’t quit. Fortune has a way of coming in the wiliest disguises. You might think you absolutely have no chance, and then you actually win. You are better off stepping onto the stage and displaying a “weak act”, than not getting there at all. You never know, this could be your lucky day! The fifth rule is to have fun. This may seem a bizarre piece of advice. I mean, how you can have fun when you are all tensed up? The answer is simple; you resolve to have a great time. Deliver your act as though it were your hobby. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Audition judges generally tend to rate acts which are performed in an atmosphere of freedom, relaxation and enjoyment higher. This does not mean you fake enjoyment. It means that you select an act you can truly enjoy.

When all is said and done, your Disney Channel Auditions will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You have to put yourself in a frame of mind to deliver the best performance ever. The above rules will help you in your preparation. If you are to select just one to apply, please go for the last one “have fun�! Life is short, nothing should take away your opportunity to enjoy it, not even Disney Channel Auditions. For More Information Click Here Original Source: -

Preparing for disney channel auditions 5 basic rules  

Preparing for disney channel auditions 5 basic rules