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From Idea to Conception: How to turn your idea into a proposal. Presented by: Robyn Remotigue, CRA – Assistant Director

Sponsored Programs Administration

Topics for Today 

Understanding Sponsored Programs Administration

Finding a match for your Research Idea

Identifying available resources

Sponsored Programs Offices 

Sponsored Programs Administration 

 

Review and Submit proposals Receive awards Negotiate and sign Awards Non-fiscal (Banner) post award issues

Sponsored Programs Accounting     

Fund set up in Banner Invoicing Fiscal functions Final fiscal reports Collections

Sponsored Programs Fund Process SP Admin submits proposal

SP Admin receives award

SP Admin negotiates and signs award

SP Admin ‘awards’ the project internally

SP Admin emails out ‘Notice of Award’ and sends paperwork to SP Accounting

SP Accounting assigns fund number in Banner and emails out

Understand Your Research 

What are you trying to accomplish?

What is your target audience?

What expertise do you have available to you?

What else has been done in this area?

Who will benefit from this research?

Things to Consider When Researching 

Ask Other folks in Your Field What Sources they Consider to be Successful Be Flexible and Look for All Sorts of Funding Agencies. 

Your First Approach May be to go after what is Currently Being Funded Be Aware of Agency Funding Cycles… Be Prepared

Funding Opportunity Sources 

NIH – RFP Directory –

NIH – Funding opportunities and notices –

NSF – Active Funding Opportunities – &ord=date

Funding Opportunity Sources 

 

 

Foundation Center RFP Bulletin – Free Resource Basic Information on Private & Community Foundation & Corporate grant-makers in U.S. Foundation Finder-includes details about awards made, contact info, board members Search RFP’s or Browse for Specific Opportunities Click “Newsletters” to Register for “RFP Bulletin” – Free Newsletter

Funding Opportunity Sources 

U.S. Department of Education –

U.S. Department of Justice –

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You Have Your Research Idea 

Now What?

Write an Abstract or White Paper

Seek Guidance from Department Head

Seek Guidance from Associate Dean for Research

Seek Guidance from Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) – Dr. Teresa Gammill (662) 325-3570

Know Your Potential Sponsor 

What is the mission of the sponsor?

What do they typically fund?

What kind of money do they have and how big is a typical project?

Who is their constituency base?

How will this proposal be reviewed?

Making Agency Contact 

Plays a Huge role in the success of funding

Identify a Program Officer in the PA or RFP

Email a White Paper to PO and ask for Feedback

Follow-up with Phone Call to PO

Assess Fit with PO Priorities

Research Awards Made 

Check Funded Projects Through Agency Web Sites. Look at Annual reports or Awards Made 

Go to

Read Successful Proposal if possible (ask sponsor for an example or a recipient to share their proposal)

A Tip to Consider 

Volunteer to be a Reviewer  

Contact a Program Officer Submit Your Vita for Consideration

Agency Limited Submissions   

Some RFP’s and PA’s have Limited Submissions Screened Internally by ORED (Dr. Teresa Gammill) Internal Screening Process to Decide who Submits from MSU If Selected to Submit, an ORED approval # is assigned to the proposal. For more information:

MSU Internal Opportunity 

Collaborative Proposals Sponsored by ORED     

Seed grants in the amount of $2,000 planning money White Paper submission Time limited – so check the deadline for submission Last year 30 were submitted and all were funded Stay Tune for Announcement

MSU Internal Opportunity 

ORED Faculty Research Support Program 

Intended to Provide Limited and Shared Support for faculty that require a financial investment to pursue research successes

Priority Given to Requests for Faculty Travel

ORED Faculty Research Support 

Provides an Opportunity to Meet and Discuss Research Ideas with Program Managers. All Research Support Request should be sent to Dr. Ray Vaughn, Associate Vice President for Research Forms and Specific Information for this Opportunity

Communicate 

 

Contact your Sponsored Programs Administrator as soon as you find out that you are submitting a proposal Be Prepared to Provide Guidelines Be Prepared to Provide a Draft Budget 

ORED has a budget person that can Provide Support

Upcoming Training Opportunities 

September 19 - Successful Grant Writing

September 26 -Submission Process: How Do I Submit a Proposal

Register at

For More Information 

Contact Sponsored Program Administration 

Call 325-7404 or Visit our website

From Idea to Conception  

Sponsored Programs Administration How to turn your idea into a proposal. Robyn Remotigue, CRA –Assistant Director Presented by:  Understand...

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