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Technical Evaluation: Diskeeper and Windows 7/Vista — A WINNING COMBINATION. page 03

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invisitasking questions and answers. page 08

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diskeeper cuts nightly backup time in half! page 10

PLUS! 10 Things You May Not Know About Diskeeper. page 06

in this issue feature article 03 Technical Evaluation: Diskeeper and Windows 7/Vista — a winning combination.


07 The Future Of Competition.

tech article 08

10 Things You May Not Know About Diskeeper.

invisitasking questions and answers. An interview with George Dzieciol, Diskeeper Corporation Senior Technical Manager.

testimonials 09 All systems suffer from fragmentation and contribute to network bottlenecks — until you install Diskeeper. case study


diskeeper cuts nightly backup time in half!

WORLD news


here’s what industry leaders are saying about diskeeper.

Diskeeper Corporation’s knowledgeable customer relations representatives are available to answer your questions, give a custom ROI analysis of your system

Diskeeper Corporation, Innovators in Performance and

needs or provide quick, no commitment

Reliability Technologies® founded in 1981 is a multinational

quotes. Call direct 800-829-6468, send an email to or to one of these professionals: Rick Grassi

corporation with headquarters in Burbank, California, and corporate offices in England and Hong Kong. The Diskeeper product line is distributed widely across the globe. Launched to an overwhelming success, Diskeeper Corporation

Holleigh Taufer

has sold over 35,000,000 copies of its flagship product —

Rachel Jackson

earth. In the United States alone, over 450 of the Fortune 500

Media Contacts Colleen Toumayan

making it the most widely used automatic defragmenter on and thousands of businesses and government agencies rely on Diskeeper software to provide constant speed and reliability to their Windows-based laptops, desktops and servers.

Derek De Vette Tech Support General information Diskeeper Corporation 7590 N. Glenoaks Blvd. Burbank, CA 91504 USA TEL 800.829.6468 FAX 818.252.5514

Real-Time Defragmentation, Zero Overhead.™

Virtual Platform Disk Optimizer for Hyper-V.™

Solid State Drive Optimizer for PCs.


Real-Time Protection. Real-Time Recovery.™

Zero System Overhead Application Technology.

f e at u r e a r t i c l e

teChniCaL evaLuation:

diskeepeR and WindOWs 7/VisTa a winning CoMbination.

Defrag strategies for Windows 7/Vista that maximize OS benefits, lower network operating costs and boost system performance are easily within your reach.

Tests1 have been run that identify 21 vital areas where you can cut operating costs and increase system performance across your network with windows 7 and Diskeeper. This article is condensed from a newly released white paper. (see page 11 for the download address) 1. GO wITH THe leaDeR. 803 of the Fortune 1000 global companies have implemented Diskeeper and consider it indispensable. Diskeeper has been tested and proven in mission critical environments and continually meets constantly evolving challenges of network performance with innovation. The built-in defragmenter in Windows 7 is essentially the same as the one in Vista.

3. GeT THe JOB DOne wITH zeRO IMpaCT On aCTIVe sysTeM ResOuRCes. If a defragmenter competes with active system resources, requires downtime or must be scheduled off peak production times, it will cost a company additional time and money to run. Diskeeper 2009 is the only defragmenter with InvisiTasking® technology. It provides robust, real-time defrag using only idle system resources allowing complete defrag even during peak traffic times.

[fig 3.0: InvisiTasking graph depicting invisible operations]

2. COnsIsTenTly supeRIOR peRfORManCe ResulTs. Diskeeper consistently achieves superior results due to proprietary technologies.

[fig 2.1: Tests show Diskeeper installed on Windows 7 provides greater system performance.] 1

4. BeyOnD DefRaG: GeT THe DaTa yOu Rely upOn fasTeR. Only Diskeeper ® software has I-FAAST® Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology that strategically places the most relied upon files to increase their access speed. While a defragmented file will typically outperform a fragmented file that is optimally placed or sequenced on a disk, Diskeeper gives you both – boosting speed up to 80% more, with 10-20% being the average. Remember that without I-FAAST, a defragmenter can move key files to physically slower regions of the disk, slowing access.

The industry standard desktop benchmarking program, Futuremark Corporation’s PCMark Vantage, was used to measure system performance before, during and after defragmentation with the respective programs.

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f e at u r e a r t i c l e

[fig 4.0: Disk benchmarking program depicting drop at “higher” clusters (65MB/s to 35MB/s]

5. Consolidating free space for optimum filewrite performance. Free space fragmentation is often overlooked, but is just as significant as file fragmentation. Diskeeper includes advanced solutions to consolidate space into a small handful of very large segments to improve future file-write performance.

8. Keeping the MFT from fragmenting. While Windows maintains a reserved zone for expansion of the Master File Table (MFT), as the MFT grows, the size of the reserved zone adjusts dynamically and may move around the volume. While this design reduces fragmentation of the MFT, it does not prevent it. The Diskeeper Frag Shield® technology invisibly provides added protection to gaps left behind, proactively eliminating the need to defrag the MFT. 9. Directory consolidation: Improving data transfer rates. As directories must be navigated when accessing files for particular tasks, consolidation of directories can typically improve data transfer rates. File-based backup solutions are one such example.

[fig 5.0: Comparison of free space consolidation on Built-In Defrag.]

6. Critical technology: Solving fragmentation on metadata and system files. Fragmentation of critical system files can unstabilize an entire operating system. Defragmentation of many system files can be done only when the computer system is offline. But built-in defragmenters offer only online defragmentation modes and cannot defrag important metadata files, the paging file and the hibernation file.

Diskeeper offers a proprietary offline defrag which is specifically designed to defragment these vital system files.

7. Immediate productivity: Increasing boot-up speed. Diskeeper’s ability to defrag more thoroughly and address system files results in faster “cold” system boots.

[Figure 9.0: Directory consolidation improves backup performance.]

10. Eliminating the “full disk” defrag barrier. Built-in defragmenters normally need 15% free space to run a full defrag, though can be forced to run “partial” defragmentation if less space exists. However, the built-in defragmenter becomes increasingly less effective as available free space becomes sparse. Only Diskeeper is designed to defragment drives in a variety of free-space scenarios. 11. Breaking through the large volume (100GB plus) online defrag barrier. The Diskeeper defragmentation engines are built specifically for enterpriseclass servers and that same technology is ported into the desktop versions. The Terabyte Volume Engine™ defrag technology is specially designed to defragment volumes over 100GB with greater efficiency, resulting in less resource usage (memory) and faster run times.


[fig 7.0: Windows Vista systems boot faster with Diskeeper.]


12. Peak system speed all the time and the “daily grind”. Waiting until fragmentation affects performance results in increased help desk calls preceded by weeks

of reduced productivity. Scheduling tasks exposes gaps that incur risk and complications. Only Diskeeper provides true real-time continuous fragmentation technology, eliminating any fragmentation related performance loss before it occurs.

[fig 12.0: Studies carried out prove fragmentation builds up daily, and at a rapid pace.]

13. Excluding files that should not be moved. Some files should NOT be moved. For example an anti-virus quarantine folder. Or a whole-disk encryption “boot loader”. Diskeeper offers an exclusion list feature to add these types of files so they will not be moved during the defragmentation process. 14. Optimizing the Solid State Drive (SSD). SSDs suffer write-performance degradation due to free space fragmentation. Only Diskeeper offers HyperFast™ solid state drive optimizer specifically designed to detect SSDs and maintain their write performance at peak levels.

with V-locity™: the first-ever virtual platform disk optimizer for Hyper-V™. 16. Complimentary Windows 7 “XP Mode” licensing. Diskeeper provides an additional complimentary license for XP mode on select Windows 7 editions that support this feature. Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter cannot be used to solve fragmentation in that virtual Windows XP environment. 17. Saving space; Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) compatibility. Diskeeper includes superior compatibility with the Volume Shadow Copy Service. Test runs comparing the impact to the VSS difference area by Diskeeper and Windows Vista WDD show that the Diskeeper design is more effective at preventing unnecessary VSS snapshot activity. 18. End user access. With Diskeeper 2009, system administrators have the flexibility to allow nonadministrative end-users access to the Diskeeper UI. While this is disabled by default, the numerous Diskeeper management tools provide the ability to adjust this easily. Non-privileged access to the interface can assist with troubleshooting efforts that require end user involvement (such as remote users). 19. A GUI that offers full graphical administration. Unlike either Vista or Windows 7, Diskeeper offers full graphical control over all features and functions of defragmentation as well as comprehensive local system reports.

[fig 14.0: As free space fragmentation increases, write throughput decreases.]

15. Adding intelligence to Virtual Desktop defrag. Only Diskeeper Corporation offers a solution that provides system administrators completely invisible and automatic optimization across virtualization platforms

[Figure 19.1: Diskeeper local system logging, analysis, performance and trend information] Continued on page 11

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Issue 15





1. Diskeeper was designed to be utterly bug-free from the beginning. That’s why today as few as five technical support staff can support 35 million installations.

6. When Diskeeper is installed on a server that is just downright flaky and impossible to diagnose, 9 times out of 10, the server settles down and runs fine.

2. Diskeeper version 1.0 was so efficient, it consisted of only 4,000 lines of code (in assembly language!), consuming 16KB of memory. Diskeeper v2009 continues that tradition of efficiency.

7. Computers running Diskeeper last 40%-50% longer than computers without Diskeeper.

3. When Diskeeper was introduced, lack of an automatic way to defragment datacenter storage was the No. 1 complaint of system administrators, by double the votes of the No. 2 complaint. Today, Diskeeper is the only way to resoundingly eliminate that complaint, and is considered indispensable at 804 of the Fortune 1000 companies. 4. Diskeeper has the best ROI of any software anywhere, as fast as 3-6 months. This is unheard of in the computer industry. 5. A computer running Diskeeper is typically 20% faster than the same computer without Diskeeper.



8. Computers running Diskeeper consume 12.5% less electricity than the same computers without Diskeeper. 9. Diskeeper is the only computer program in the world that makes Windows computers faster, more reliable, longer-lasting and energy efficient. 10. At 23 years, Diskeeper is one of, if not the longestlived continuously best-selling computer programs of all time. IF YOU DON’T HAVE DISKEEPER RUNNING ON ALL THE WINDOWS SYSTEMS ON YOUR NETWORK, FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN GET A site license DISCOUNT TODAY. Call us at 800 829-6468 for details. Try Diskeeper FREE now at

the future of


There is a lot about today’s technology that tends to level the corporate playing field. Virtualized resources and services can be as easily leveraged over the Internet by a small company as an enterprise corporation. Communication infrastructures are global, scalable and cheap. They allow businesses of all sizes to jump on the bandwidth wagon. Prices don’t always change but technology continually does. Companies of all sizes must innovate or die. Because of this functional equality, achieving a competitive edge comes down to increasing efficiency in every aspect of an operation. In this economic environment, a company’s cost of operations has become as vital as its product value proposition. And this is no longer just a C-level concern. Napoleon said an army marches on its stomach. But in a world where business is composed of data, today’s corporations ride on the back of their IT networks. There are two types of IT network. One is consumed with Help Desk calls, planned and unplanned downtime, extensive hands-on administration, time-intensive tasks (such as data backup) and the continual need for hardware upgrades. This network is largely an overhead expense. The other network is composed of fast, reliable and long-lived systems that require little to no management. System managers are able to make progress on proactive initiatives without being constantly interrupted with break-fix emergencies. This network is an investment with good bottom line return. And it is within this second IT network that the future of competition lies. Its efficiency allows a company the ability to more fully exploit the potentials of virtualization, new server platforms and applications. It gives a company the nimble feet necessary to seize strategic opportunities. It provides the escape velocity needed to get from internal bureaucracy to “first to market.”

napoleon said an army marches on its stomach. But in a world where business is composed of data, today’s corporations ride on the backs of their iT networks. Understand this and you understand the Diskeeper Corporation mission. Our performance technologies restore and maintain performance at such a core level they return competitive efficiencies of a value far beyond their licensing costs. An interesting parallel exists in the world of Formula One racing. For decades Ferrari and Mercedes dominated these high performance races. But with the recent development of a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) — adding as much as a 50HP bursts of speed — the field was cracked wide open. The competitive advantages are so significant that this technology will be mandatory in 2010. IT networks with Diskeeper performance technology on every Windows system have innovated efficiency far beyond the norm and returned a staggering amount of bottlenecked energy to the system. More importantly, they enable their companies to take the first-strike initiative on what the future will bring.

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issue 15


TECH a r t i c l e

Questions and

Answers. An interview with George Dzieciol, Diskeeper Corporation Senior Technical Manager.

Question: What actually is InvisiTasking® technology? GEorge: It is a brand new technology that allows a background process to determine when system resources are idle and perform a task without affecting any other processes on the system. There is no other technology like this.

What we came up with was a way to cause the system to allocate its various resources (CPU, memory, disk and network) separately to the processes that need each one. This allows overlapping use of separate resources, not just reducing system overhead, but eliminating it altogether! Interestingly, because of this, systems actually run faster when InvisiTasking is active than when it is paused.

Question: What makes InvisiTasking unique?

Question: Can InvisiTasking be used in any software application?

GEorge: Previous technology required that you lower priority of background processes — but that never achieved zero system resource conflicts. It would compete with other low priority processes.

GEorge: InvisiTasking can be used for any process that is best run in the background. The SDK integration process is simple and straightforward. It requires signing a licensing agreement.

InvisiTasking, on the other hand, is a true zero conflict technology that allows the process to run robustly and get its job done fast. It’s a first in anyone’s book and offers a level of performance gain unavailable anywhere else. Question: What were the challenges involved in creating InvisiTasking? GEorge: Well, first off, to find a way to determine when the system is in a truly idle state. Since the 1960’s, the scheduler in the operating system has been considered sacred and untouchable. In view of the dramatic shift in the balance of performance (CPU vs. memory vs. disk vs. network) over the past 40 years, we decided to question this.



We have integrated InvisiTasking into our flagship product, Diskeeper® defragmenter and in Undelete® data protection software. Recently, we released V-locity™ virtual platform disk optimizer with InvisiTasking. This program can determine the idle state in a virtual environment and synchronize disk optimization across all virtual machines within a physical host. George Dzieciol holds a Masters in Computer Science from the Warsaw Technical University in Warsaw, Poland and has over 20 years of experience in software development. Prior to joining Diskeeper in 2008, George spent over 12 years with Symantec Corporation as managing engineer for the corporate AntiVirus product.


all sYstems suffer from fragmentation and contribute to network bottlenecks — until You install diskeeper. “Absolutely a must have tool. Would I put a system together without it? No!” — Kevin Moermond, General Electric Infra, Aviation

Breakthrough technology. Breakthrough pricing.

VIRTUAL PLATFORM DISK OPTIMIZER FOR HYPER-V™ Virtual machines are the future and loaded with potential benefits. However, unknown until now, virtualization can become a costly experiment in bottlenecked performance and wasted disk space. We have a solution. V-locity is the only solution for full virtual disk optimization: Completely eliminates the "fragmentation on top of fragmentation" accumulation that plagues all virtual platforms. Optimizes virtual platform performance without impacting active resources on the host or guest systems.

“We’ve been using Diskeeper for nearly 8 years and have found it to be a critical part of our system configurations. Drives are always set to peak performance. Whether we run the product under a NAS, SAN or DAS, Diskeeper has proved that it can manage any type of hardware design and configuration including virtual servers. Once we installed Diskeeper we saw nearly 40% better performance.” — Steven Bond, HBR Solutions Inc

“I wouldn’t have a client machine or a Windows based server without Diskeeper on it. PERIOD.” — James Moore, Boeing

“It’s a proven product that is part of the fabric of our enterprise.” — C.B., U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command

“I swear by Diskeeper and would not deploy any PC without it.” — Fred Wilburn, Bayco Products

Analyzes waste in a virtual disk space and allows one click VHD compaction.

Call 800-829-6468 800-829-6468 or try V-locity V-locity free for 30-days at:

Keep your systems

up and running: Continue getting cost-effective Diskeeper upgrades automatically! • Stay current with the latest system performance technology. • Automatically receive free upgrades during your contract period. • Save up to 50% on the cost of a full software upgrade. • Get immediate website downloads of new Diskeeper builds as they’re released. • Maintenance licenses are 100% transferrable should you upgrade your machines or operating systems. A Diskeeper maintenance agreement on your volume license contract is the most effective way to allocate even the tightest IT budget. Not only does Diskeeper eliminate the need for hands-on management, it also reduces Help Desk calls and can extend the life of your servers and workstations as much as 3 additional years.

Contact us now for a special maintenance agreement discount at Vo lu m e 4


issue 15


c a s e s t u dy

diskeeper cuts nightly backup time in half! THE COMPANY: Altercare of Ohio, Inc. is an advanced medical rehabilitation specialist company. With a staff of 2500, Alercare is necessarily computer intensive, providing a range of services that includes nursing home care, rehabilitation, pharmacy, billing and medical supplies. This multi-faceted healthcare corporation runs a Windows 2003 64 bit server with a 3 TB RAID5 array and Backup Exec™ to do disk-to-disk-to-tape of all servers every night including a new ERP system. There is also a virtual server on this machine. This busy server hosts target directories for SQL® maintenance plans which copy backups of databases and transaction logs.

“Diskeeper is the only thing keeping our multi-terabyte disk array able to perform as a repository for all the Backup Exec and SQL backup jobs. We have records in the Backup Exec logs showing backup performance degradation over time, and the later improved results after installing Diskeeper EnterpriseServer,” he added. THE RESULTS: Backup Time Examples from our Backup Exec logs before and after: Server A 232GB Before 8:41 elapsed time After 1:42 elapsed time Server B 100GB Before 5:58 elapsed time After 3:53 elapsed time Server C 30GB Before 6:30 elapsed time After 1:46 elapsed time

THE PROBLEM: As more servers were added onto the backup system, the disk-to-disk storage requirements grew. Overall speed slowed noticeably and nightly backup time took much longer. In fact, nightly backup continued throughout the day! Some servers were taking 3 times longer to backup than before. The disk-to-disk performance problem was affecting the disk-to-tape jobs as well. Eventually they were not even backing up current data, only backlogged data from days before. Ideally, they wanted the backup window to be as small as possible and still catch everything. It was not only a LAN issue. The servers were all connected to new GB Ethernet switches. THE SOLUTION: In an effort to handle this, Bill Louth, Senior Administrator for Altercare, installed Diskeeper. According to him, “If we hadn’t implemented Diskeeper EnterpriseServer when we did, our backup jobs would not have been able to complete within 24 hours. Even if they did, what do you do if you need to restore data? You have to wait many hours until the current backup is finished or start cancelling jobs. If I need to restore data, I don’t want to tell the users we’ll have to wait until afternoon to get it,” he said.



Server D 73GB Before 7:33 elapsed time After 2:56 elapsed time

“Before Diskeeper, the fragmentation got out of control. Every day Diskeeper moves about 500-800GB of new data,” said Louth. “We have a 3TB array with the EnterpriseServer installed. Without Diskeeper running there was no way to defrag the volume and those backups were taking at least 2-3 times longer. Here are the more serious results: Our nightly Backup Exec 12-hour window has been reduced by 6+ hours.” Then Louth told us more about the return on investment: “The ROI is that our backup jobs would never finish without Diskeeper. I also appreciate Diskeeper’s excellent and courteous technical support. It’s among the best in the industry.”

Put Diskeeper on your entire network and save up to 25% — Call us at 800 829-6468 for details.

How has Diskeeper improved performance at your company? Contact with your story.

world news f e at u r e a r t i c l e

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20. CenTRalIzeD peRfORManCe ManaGeMenT RepORTs. The built-in defragmenter lacks the comprehensiveness of Diskeeper’s reports. What it is capable of is only single system reports — no aggregated central reporting. Although Diskeeper is designed to require zero management, the Diskeeper product family includes enterprise-class central management pieces that offer a window on network performance via full centralized reports and a critical events alerting system

here’s what industrY leaders are saYing about diskeeper.

“ After independent testing, we found that Diskeeper´s automatic defragmenter not only exploits Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V capabilities but also is designed to meet mission-critical expectations in a virtualized environment.” — Eric Jewett, Product Manager for Windows Server Marketing, Microsoft Corporation

“Our customers are asking for us to help standardize both their virtualized and non-virtualized environments, and to have consistent tools to manage systems and applications. Disk fragmentation can be worse in virtualized environments because physical drives serve multiple OSes and applications. Partners such as Diskeeper are offering a familiar approach to optimizing I/O performance, and are broadening the portfolio of products that customers need as they deploy Microsoft virtualization solutions in the enterprise.”

21. CenTRalIzeD COnTROl. Just as important as centralized reports is the ability to take action on that data. Only Diskeeper offers complete process control scalable to any size enterprise. ReaD THe full wHITe papeR: 21 Technical Considerations for Enterprise Disk Optimization, at

find out how much fragmentation you have across your network. Download the fRee Disk performance analyzer for networks now at

— Dai Vu, Director, virtualization products at Microsoft Corporation

Save time and money with the “faster than going to backup” solution! Accidents can happen every day — with backups done daily at best, and snapshots only occurring occasionally throughout the day, there is a critical gap in your data protection strategy. Those accidents can cost you serious time and money. You need a solution that fills the gap, ensuring that no data is lost — ever! Just one instance using Undelete® real time data protection saves you more than the cost of the purchase — and your valuable data! Site-wide pricing incentives are available.

Contact your Diskeeper Corporation Sales Representative now for a discounted volume license quote. Call 1-800-829-6468 now! 11 Vo lu m e 4 | i ss u e 1 5 Try it FREE for 30 days. Visit

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diskeepeR is indispensaBLe

TOTaL neTWORk peRfORMance. fOR

IT COSTS MORE TO RUN YOUR NETWORK WITHOUT DISKEEPER ON EVERY MACHINE. WE’LL PROVE IT. FACT: • Every system suffers from fragmentation until you install Diskeeper® real-time disk defragmenter on it. • Any fragmentation at all will bottleneck performance at its weakest link: the hard drive. • Every system connected to a network can affect overall performance. • Our customers who put Diskeeper on every system across their networks find their operation costs actually drop!


Newskeeper Vol 4, Issue 15  
Newskeeper Vol 4, Issue 15