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Yammer Or Slack - which one is best for Team Messaging 20 Apr '2019

Md Mohsin Ansari

Be er communication creates be er solutions! Enterprise collaboration pla orms act as a gateway to connect team members of the organization and to the wide number of users across the globe. A single pla orm mingles all at one place to build empowering solutions to the world!   Technology is primarily engaging people, a possible reason why we see an immense rise of chat collaboration applications these days. The ultimate use could be personal or workplace engagement- tools are available for every need at every place to stay always connected.   The results of poor communication across teams could prove expensive to the organization. To a end such situations, we have many enterpriseready chat applications like Yammer, Slack, Flock, etc., to ensure the best business productivity.   People knew Yammer since 2008 when it has been launched at the TechCrunch50 by one of the founders David Sacks. Later in the year, 2012 Yammer has been acquired by Microso for US$1.2 billion.

Slack has been launched in the year 2013 with more than 30% of paying customers. It is a cloud-based application that serves all team sizes founded by Steward Bu e ield. Though teams are segregated as per project, client, remote location, or based on geographical area, these collaboration tools keep them connected.   And in case, where if teams of the entire organization would want to communicate with each other; to asce ain this scenario, we have a private social networking team collaboration application like Yammer to ll this gap.

Slack has also been integrated into a myriad number of social media networks to stay upgraded. Having said this, it is time to draw upon the di erences between the two for facilitating informed decision making. Take a look.

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Product Tour Features Comparisons Pricing Comparisons Integration Comparisons UI/UX Comparisons Security Comparisons Suppo Comparisons Analytic Repo Comparisons Search Comparisons  

Product Tour – Which application has a seamless work ow approach?

Yammer-Product Tour   Yammer is available across diverse pla orms such as Windows, Mac and Mobile phones. It is a pa

of your O ce 365 suite and comes in the

variants of Yammer users, Yammer groups and Yammer networks. Yammer is exclusively built to have its presence in both internal organization’s users and external networks. The latest entrant in the block is its Windows desktop application, which enables the easiest way to join group conversations.   Yammer is a tough competitor when it comes to ranking the best social network for the workplace where it brings remote teams together. The sign-up process of Yammer is quite simple. Anyone can simply connect with this private social networking application with their work email. Yammer sends a veri cation mail to a new user to complete the sign-up process. Once you login to the application, Yammer asks you to join the relevant groups to keep you updated.   With Yammer, you can: Write your rst post Follow your co-workers Sta

a Group

Check your Inbox Check Private Messages Check Noti cations Browse External Networks Create a new network and invite people. View recently accessed les.

Slack – Product Tour


Product Tour

“A single workspace for your small-to-medium size company or team”, is what Slack Says. Small organizations or teams can rely on Slack totally for an unlimited period of time. Based upon the pricing plans the users choose, they can create a wide number of workspaces and switch between them, and also could share channels among diverse workspaces. The hassle-free sign-up process allows a new user to join an existing workspace or a new workspace with any of the public domain mail ids. Slack facilitates an URL for each workspace, and now the Slack users can log in to the application with these workspace URLs. With Slack, your teams are be er connected with all the information being transferred just at their nge ips. The project name you give at the time of the Sign-up process can be seen as a channel within the application's inte ace.

With Slack, you can: Add Public and Private Channels Invite people Talk with Slack bots Integrate a wide range of Apps Install Google Drive Check Analytics Customize Slack Sign into another workspace Access the application with feature-based keyboard sho cuts.

Our Verdict Yammer allows the users to prioritize conversations and announcements through Inbox from the application itself, whereas we don’t see this provision for Slack.

Features Comparisons – Who is the leader? Yammer One of the primary functionalities of Yammer would be connecting and engaging people across organizations via private social networks. An exclusive social networking pla orm for businesses and companies to communicate on myriad topics of the world! The users can toggle between Discovery, All and Following feeds to view the conversations. Few Functional Features: Secure and transparent communication across teams to organize projects. Simple to use UI and easy to understand UX. O ers two kinds of networks: internal and external. Each internal network is allo ed with one primary email domain. Integrates with other tools of O ce365. Invite people to join networks. People Directory to send an invite Like or share conversations across groups. Poll and Post

 

 Slack 

Communication in Slack happens through channels and it suppo s a vast app directory to enhance teams collaboration. It o ers high-end data security like 2FA and SSO to protect all your organization’s information. Slack keeps a back-up of your work for fu her retrieval through Archiving feature. Few Functional Features:


u ct o a

eatu es:

Organized Conversations Private and Public channels Searchable message history Slack app directory with more than 1500 apps to integrate. Voice and Video calls. Screen Sharing Con gure Slack to suit your business needs. High-level data encryption while in transit. Admin-level se ings and permissions

Our Verdict Though Yammer is simple to use, Slack’s feature-stack is quite vast, powe ul and functional. For be er team communication, we might need highly workable and convincing collaboration features like Troop Messenger.

Pricing Comparisons – Can Slack replace Yammer?

Yammer Yammer comes absolutely free with its basic version for an unlimited amount of time. Any user can log into Yammer with their work email id and add other co-workers to sta

conversations across the internal and external networks.

Subscription to O ce 365 is not required to sta

using Yammer.

But, of course, to gain enterprise and administrative access, one needs to purchase an O ce 365 suite license.

Slack Slack as a freemium application has pricing plans to accommodate everyone’s need. It o ers limited numbers of features for free for an unlimited amount of time, but to experience the full-level feature stack, one needs to opt for paid plans. Slack comes with three di erent pricing plans of Standard, Plus and Enterprise Grid with features segregated according to each. The free plan comes with few basic features along with 5GB storage(total), 10k searchable messages, 10 app integrations, and two-factor authentication. The standard plan is at $6.67 per active user/per month Plus plan is at $12.50 per active user/per month The Enterprise Grid Plan o ers 1TB of storage per member, along with the features which suit enterprise-level companies.

Our Verdict Yammer is cheaper when compared to Slack!  

Integration Comparisons – Which tool suppo s more? Yammer Integrations help to get your work done easily and e o lessly! We know Yammer is as a pa

of O ce 365 suite and it also suppo s a good

number of integrations. Integration with Share point enhances Yammer usage experience. Users can add their Yammer feeds to Share point pages. Yammer simply lets you integrate with other operations of O ce 365 even while you are in conversation on Yammer. Users can open Outlook to set a meeting invite, can go with Skype video conferencing, work on excel sheet, upload les and many more... One of the integrations includes Yammer feed. It extends an embeddable JavaScript widget to display a snapshot of a speci c feed to

One of the integrations includes Yammer feed. It extends an embeddable JavaScript widget to display a snapshot of a speci c feed to applications like Skype for Business, CRM, and CMS tools. You can integrate Microso Dynamics CRM with Yammer to add a social network layer for enhanced communication across business owners. Yammer can be integrated with other applications such as Microso Flow, Yammer Connect, Sales, and Yammer APIs. Check out the app directory for all Yammer Apps.

Slack Slack says, “Add apps, get work done”. There is an endless number of apps that you can add to your workspace to pull repo s, make calls, store data in the cloud within the Slack itself.   Slack users can pick from a wide category of App integrations; such as apps for daily tools, Essential apps, New&Notewo hy apps, brilliant bots, app collections and from many more... Slack helps to integrate Google Drive, Microso One-Drive, DropBox, and Box applications for le management. Other integrations like Jira-Integration+ for Productivity, Azure Pipelines for Developer tools, Kudoboard for HR and Team Culture, Zoom for communication, etc., can be bought to the Slack.  

Our Verdict Comparatively, Slack suppo s a number of integrations to Yammer. The App Directory of Slack is quite immense.

UI/UX Comparisons – which gives the best intuitive and immersive user experience!

Yammer Yammer user inte ace is quite simple to use and easy to understand. The user is allowed to create an internal or external group or even can post or send a private message from the functionalities derived in the le pane. An easy to navigate user inte ace helps Yammers to get into to the use of the application faster.

Slack Slack’s inte ace is promisingly impressive with colou ul background hues. The user can invite people, create a channel or search for a group of channels from the le user-pane. Slack bots welcome the rst timers to facilitate the necessary suppo

services, and they also help the user to

check Slack help centre page from the UI itself only.

Our Verdict Slack’s inte ace appears more appealing than Yammer.

Security Comparisons – Which one to trust more? Yammer Yammer from O ce365 comes with enterprise-level security, and compliance to provide secure online space for business enterprises, whereas the basic version doesn’t extend any admin security controls. All conversations and feeds in transit and at rest are encrypted with AES-256 bit key encryption. Yammer data is totally secured under strict guidelines at Microso ’s global network of data centres with round the clock video surveillance, biometric and pin-based locks, strict personal access controls, and detailed visitor entry logs.

Slack  All workspaces data is super-secured at Slack. It does provide safety to data through security bots. Slack is a ce i ed ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017 ISO/IEC 27018 and HIPAA accredited team collaboration business chat application Slacks GDPR policy is made available for the users at

27017, ISO/IEC 27018 and HIPAA accredited team collaboration business chat application. Slacks GDPR policy is made available for the users at their website. The other security features include; SAML-based SSO, SCIM provisioning, Granular app management, Custom Message Retention, Slack Enterprise Key Management (Slack EKM) and Suppo

for Data Loss Prevention(DLP).

Our Verdict Yammer and Slack are both up to the standards in providing data security and data prevention and loss.

Suppo Comparisons – who is available round the clock?

Yammer Yammer users need to describe their issue by navigating to Contact O ce Suppo

page of Microso . Its help centre educates Yammers with an

in-detailed Feature-training material like a aching a le to a message, Enable or Disable email and Phone noti cations, Keyboard sho cuts and more to go on...

Slack Slacks help centre leverages an extensive help-suppo

for its users. Slack users can post their queries to Slack bots within the application itself. In

the Slack help-centre page, the users can nd Slack education column from which they can get to know about Slack Demo, Slack Foundry and Slack Tips.

Our Verdict An interesting point to be noted here would be; Slack’s help-centre suppo is quite extensive and advanced when compared with Yammer.  

Analytic Repo Comparisons – Which tool share the market share?

Yammer We know that many users of the world use O ce 365 for their daily o ce work procedures. According to recent analytics, it is observed that the Fo une 500 companies across the globe collaborate via Yammer.  

Slack Slack is one among those trusted business chat applications brand across the world used by diverse sizes of organizations. Slack’s analytic repo s say that there is an immense change in the work culture a er adopting Slack. At around 80.4% of respondents conveys, “the use of Slack has increased transparency in work collaborations which nally has yielded productive results”.  

Our Verdict Yammer is the social networking people collaboration application, there are chances that it might dominate Slack in this arena.

Search Comparisons – which is more powe ul?

Yammer The search functionality of Yammer seems to be simple and limited. Yammer users can enable search option on internal and external network groups and sta


conversations as per the choice they make.

Slack Slack’s search functionality provides search on channels, messages, and les to simply selection. Simplify your le search from the search facility of your les and all les.  

Our Verdict Yammer and Slack’s both make a good search result to a ce ain extent. When it comes to the case of Search comparisons, Troop Messenger has the most advanced search options to lter images, videos, contacts, location, text, les, and URLs.

Wrapping it up Yammer and Slack both are good for team communication. Each has got its own set of pros and cons. Like if we take Yammer, it is popular across the world for its private social networking among internal teams and external networks. Slack has also gained its global share consistently. The latest entrant in the block, The Troop Messenger is no less competitor to any other business chat applications. Give a sure shot for it to a ain reliable, secure and seamless team communication! To sum it up, it is up to the reader’s discretion to choose the best-suited collaboration tool as per their teams need.


The aim of the a icle is to be informative. We intend users take an informed decision for an e ective and productive experience. The comparison shown between Yammer vs slack in the blog is only towards that end and has no intention of pi ing one against the other team collaboration app brands. The images, logos, any concepts etc., used in this blog, purely belong to their respective companies or applications (Yammer and Slack). Readers are advised to consult and con rm from the respective service providers regarding details of features, latest updates, prices, and their policies before utilizing any of their services. This fu her informs the reader that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this blog solely belong to the author’s perception, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, commi ee or other group or individual.   YAMMER VS SLACK


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