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2014 Workbook

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It takes more than great turf and bunkers to wow golfers. Because golfers today appreciate the role accessories play in course conditions. They see, touch and feel them on every hole. To wow today’s golfer, you also need the appropriate mix of properly maintained accessories. It is cost effective and contributes to a positive and lasting impression on golfers, reinforcing the course’s reputation. And yours. The purpose of this workbook is to help you better manage this important part of course conditions. The products in it are designed to make your course more enjoyable to play while requiring less time to maintain.

58..........360° Hole Painter 78...........Accuform® AccuLevel 80..........Ball Mark Repair Tool — Green-Saver 14...........Ball Washer Detergents 9.............Ball Washers 26...........Benches 75...........Bunker Rake Handles and Accessories 25...........Club Washers 50..........Club Washer — Range Pro 66...........Core Hog 65...........Crew Caddy 64...........Cup Hole Cleaner 66...........Cup Plugs 64...........Cup Puller 64...........Cup Setter 36...........Cups — Putting/Practice - NEW! 61............Depth Gauge 18...........Divot Mix Container — Divot Mates 49...........Divot Mix Container — Divot Pros 67...........Drag Mat — Core Buster 64...........Eight-Inch Hole Cutter Adapter 43...........Fairway Markers 35...........Flags — Practice Green 33...........Flags — Regulation 29...........Flagsticks 80..........Gloves - NEW DESIGN! 56..........Hazard Markers 62...........HiO™ Hole Cutter 65...........Hole Cutter Carrier 78...........Maintenance Tools 56..........OB Markers 61............Original Hole Cutters 15............Paint, Touch-Up 59..........Paint, Turf Marking 39...........Practice Green Markers 42...........Practice Range Signs 43...........Proximity Markers 70..........Rakes — Bunker 77...........Rakes — Maintenance 57...........Rope 56..........Rope Stakes 81...........Safety Net 54..........Scorecard Caddy 69...........Signage - NEW DESIGN! 76...........Soil Profile Sampler 20..........Spike and Shoe Cleaners 44...........Superintendent Whiteboard Sytem 42...........Sure Putt™ Practice Green System 22...........Tee Markers - NEW! 15............Tee Towels 16...........Trash Mates - NEW COLOR! 79...........Turf and Ball Mark Pluggers 32...........VinylGuard™ Flagsticks 52...........Water Cooler Stations 79...........Weed Puller 81...........Whipping Poles


Table of Contents Tee Products

Greens Tools

8, 54..........Ball Washers 16, 48........Trash Receptacles 18, 49........Divot Mix Containers 20..............Spike and Shoe Cleaners 22...............Tee Markers - NEW! 25, 50.......Club Washers 26...............Benches

61................Original Hole Cutters 62...............HiO™ Hole Cutter 64...............Greens Tools 65...............Crew Caddy and Hole Cutter Carrier 66...............Core Hog — Aeration Cleanup Tool 66...............Cup Plugs 67...............Core Buster Drag Mat 80..............Green-Saver — Ball Mark Repair Tool 80..............Mechanix Wear Gloves - NEW DESIGN! 81...............Safety Net 81...............Whipping Poles

Greens Products 29...............Flagsticks 32...............VinylGuard™ Flagsticks 33...............Custom Flags 34...............Regulation Flags 36...............Putting Cups - NEW!

Rakes and Maintenance Tools

Practice Area Products 35...............Practice Green Flags 39...............Practice Green Markers and Flag Sets 41................Wood Practice Green Markers 42...............Sure Putt™ Practice Green System 42...............Practice Range Signs

71................ProTect™ Rake Handle 72...............Accuform® Ace II Bunker Rakes 74...............AccuCurv® Bunker Rakes 75...............Deep Face Bunker Rake and Rake Handles 77...............Accuform® Maintenance Rakes 78...............Accuform® Maintenance Tools 79...............Accuform® Turf Tools

other products ECO-ENCLOSUREs 48...............Trash Pro — Trash Receptacles 49...............Divot Pro — Divot Mix Containers 49...............Broken Tee Box 53..............Range Ball Storage Box 50..............Range Pro — Club Washing Unit 50..............Clock Pro — Portable Clock 51................Cooler Pro — Ice Chests 52...............Water Pro Jr. — Water Station 53..............Water Pro — Water Station 54..............Tee Pro — Ball Washer 54..............Scorecard Caddy

44...............Superintendent Whiteboard Sytem 82..............Safe-Tee Water 83..............Away With Geese

Course Markings 43...............Contest Indicators and Proximity Markers 43...............Fairway Markers 55...............Green and White Directional Markers 56..............Markers and Stakes 57...............Rope 57...............Fairway Poles - Vinyl Covered 58..............360° Hole Painter 59..............Marking Paint 68..............Dura-Flex Signs 69...............Lexan® Signs - NEW DESIGN!

The brands Superintendents trust most. All brands owned and manufactured by Par Aide Products Co. | 888-893-2433



This Catalog has been designed as a workbook. Its purpose is to help you organize, assess and prioritize your golf course accessory needs. We hope that this helps you achieve the twin goals of providing the best possible course conditions and playing experience for your golfers while helping you optimize your budget.

your annual worksheet. We’ve prepared this worksheet to help you identify accessory needs and plan your purchases throughout the year. You can use it as a checklist for inspecting your inventory of accessories, particularly high-wear items constantly exposed to the elements like rakes, flagsticks, flags and cups. You can use the information in a cost-saving strategy we developed called “Planned Replacement.” In it, you replace or replenish products like ball washers or bunker rakes over a few years by replacing some each year, as opposed to all at once.

tee products item ball washers

Because Golfers Notice.

Golf course accessories contribute to golfer satisfaction – small investments pay big dividends. They make your course more playable, enjoyable and beautiful.

SUPER TIP: Assorted suggestions and reminders to stretch budgets and improve play.

KEY FEATURE: Something to look for in a given product that assures you’re getting the most for your money.






trash receptacles

16-17, 48

divot mix containers

18-19, 49

spike brushes


tee markers


club washers

25, 50



green products flagsticks




replacement sleeves

look for the following elements throughout this workbook, they’re here to help.

page #




practice green


360° hole painter


hole cutter blades


aeration tools


turf tools whipping poles

76, 78-81 81

fairway products bunker rakes


maintenance rakes


A product or feature only Par Aide offers, notable for giving the product better durability, performance or value.

directional markers


rope stakes


You’ll see a video icon located on many product pages. This indicates there’s an informative video for you to view at



hazard / ob stakes


marking paint


PAR AIDE Exclusive:

You’ll see the new icon located on many product pages. This indicates an innovative product that deserves your attetion.





Take some time to review the status of your accessories. Make notes on this worksheet to assess their condition, needs, cost, etc.



Purchase Date | 888-893-2433

Quantit y


Featured Products Becuase Golfers Notice. If you want to allocate your budget in the most strategic way, consider applying it to these four key areas of your golf course: greens, practice area, bunkers and tees. These are the places where the impact accessories make is most immediate and works out to be greatest in relation to their cost.

Flags, flagsticks and cups See page 28

practice area See page 38

BUNKER RAKES See page 70

Tee PRODUCTS See page 8

Flags, flagsticks and cups

practice area

Golfers see and touch these accessories on every hole. Make sure they shine.

It’s the first introduction golfers have to your golf course. Make sure the impression it makes is positive.


Tee Products

Stock up. Sooner or later either the elements or a mower blade will catch up with them.

Add luster to your golf course. Find out about our affordable plan for replacing your ball washers. | 888-893-2433


2014 New Products

Regulation U.S. Golf Flags See page 35

Custom Decals See pages 23, 36, 48

Redesigned Lexan Signs See page 69

Mechanix Wear Gloves See page 80

Event Tee Markers See page 24

Pink Ever-white sleeve See page 36

acculevel See page 78


Custom Decals

Lexan Signs

Customize your Branch Tee Markers, Ever-White Sleeves and Eco-Enclosures with our full-color decals.

Redesigned for a cleaner, more contemporary look.

Regulation U.S. Golf Flags Fly U.S. flags on your flagsticks for the next holiday.

A great finishing touch for breast cancer pink-out tournaments, it can be further customized with a decal.

Event Tee Markers


Make an event extra special for golfers by marking the tees with personalized messages.

From breaking it up to smoothing it out, the AccuLevel is perfect for soil preparation of all kinds.

Mechanix Wear Gloves


Choose from two new styles offering great comfort and durability. Choose great fitting Utility Gloves or highly protective Material 4x Gloves.

Encourage golfers to recycle by dedicating a Blue Trash Mate Receptacle to the job.

Pink Ever-white sleeve | 888-893-2433

par aide

Ball Washers

This is as close as a golf course can get to shaking hands with a golfer. Be sure to give a solid feeling of precision and quality – the unique feel of a Par Aide Ball Washer. Crafted in the U.S. A., with the highest quality castings and components.


Deluxe Ball Washer Washer at the th a Par Aide Ball Greeting golfers wi ent. To make e a positive statem ad m ys wa al s ha tee sh paint ake sure it has fre m t, en m te sta t ea it a gr r, detergent ys has clean wate each year, and alwa ion to detail. and towels. Attent

Notice. -Because Golfers

1. Deluxe Ball Washer Our most popular model. Drain plug located in front for easy cleaning and flushing. Patented internal overflow sends excess liquid down the inside of the pipe stand. Capacity: 7 pt. (3.3 l) 203-01 Par Aide Red 203-02 Hunter Green 203-00 Black 203-99 Other colors, please specify


Par Aide Red

Deluxe Ball Washer

Hunter Green




Imperial Blue

Par Aide Blue | 888-893-2433

Industry Brown

camel beige

Any Custom Color


Master Ball Washer TO GENERATIONS OF GOLFERS, THERE’S NO OTHER BALL WASHER. Asked to draw a picture of a ball washer, a golfer would probably produce an image very similar to the photo on this page. What this proves is, the Par Aide Master Ball Washer is literally the picture of an accepted, expected and appreciated part of the golfing experience. Since 1954, it has earned its place by providing reliably excellent results for golfers and easy care for Superintendents and their crews.


Master Ball Washer

2. Master Ball Washer The classic. Original design assures reliability: durable aluminum castings and just one moving part. Easy to maintain and update, eliminates leakage with tamper-resistant drain plug and gasket. Unlimited color options. Capacity: 5 pt. (2.4 l) 205-01 Par Aide Red 205-02 Hunter Green 205-00 Black 205-99 Other colors, please specify

King and Twin Ball Washer available, but not shown.

Par Aide Red

Hunter Green




Imperial Blue

Par Aide Blue | 888-893-2433

Industry Brown

camel beige

Any Custom Color


Ball Washer Construction

1 Agitator Assembly

2 Cap Screw 3 Foam Gasket

4 Cover Locking Screw

5 Brush Assembly 11 Agitator Rubber Grommet 6 Towel Clip 10 Base Locking Screw (not shown) 9 Agitator Lock Nut

7 Drain Plug 8 Drain Plug Gasket

1. Agitator Assembly

5. Brush Assembly

8. Drain Plug Gasket

11. A  gitator Rubber Grommet

200-30 Includes hex nut, grommet and top knob


203-50-10 Package of 10

200-11-4 Package of 4

6. Towel Clip

9. Agitator Lock Nut

12. Drain Plug Wrench

2. Cap Screw

200-60-4 Package of 4

200-80-4 Package of 4

200-21-4 Package of 4

(Not Shown) 203-10-4 Package of 4

10. Base Locking Screw 3. Foam Gasket

7. Drain Plug with Gasket

204-70-6 Package of 6

203-40-4 Package of 4

13. Allen Wrench (Not Shown) 203-16-4 Package of 4

203-25 Deluxe 205-25 Master

4. Cover Locking Screw 203-70-6 Package of 6 Can’t find the product or information you need? Call us for details or visit | 888-893-2433


Master Ball Washer Ensembles These are a few of the ensembles created to make ordering easy for you. With all of these options, you can place your ensemble design where it’s most needed. You may opt to put an ensemble with a Club Washer on the tee of a par 3 hole, for example, or one with a Trash Mate® double unit on the tee following the halfway house. Just start with the combination you like and pick a color. If you don’t see the combination you are looking for, simply mix and match by choosing the individual items that best fit your situation.



1. Master Ensemble 50-01 Par Aide Red 50-02 Hunter Green 50-00 Black 50-99 Other color, please specify

Add a 552-11 spike brush 55-01 Par Aide Red with spike brush 55-02 Hunter Green with spike brush 55-00 Black with spike brush 55-99 Other color with spike brush

2. M  aster Ensemble with Trash Mate Single Unit*

3. Master Ensemble with Trash Mate Double Unit*

51-01 Par Aide Red 51-02 Hunter Green 51-00 Black 51-99 Other color, please specify

52-01 Par Aide Red 52-02 Hunter Green 52-00 Black 52-99 Other color, please specify

Add a 552-11 spike brush 53-01 Par Aide Red with spike brush 53-02 Hunter Green with spike brush 53-00 Black with spike brush 53-99 Other color with spike brush

Add a 552-11 spike brush 54-01 Par Aide Red with spike brush 54-02 Hunter Green with spike brush 54-00 Black with spike brush 54-99 Other color with spike brush

*Trash opening lid included

*One trash and one “Cans Only” lid included


Par Aide Red

Hunter Green


OPTIONAL COLORS No additional charge




Imperial Blue

Par Aide Blue | 888-893-2433


Industry Brown

Camel Beige

Any Color


Deluxe Ball Washer Ensembles SUPER TIP: t, To Work Within Your rsBuindgePh ases she Wa Replace Your Ball l At Once. Al Rather Than



4. Deluxe Ensemble

5. Deluxe Ensemble with Trash Mate Single Unit*

30-01 Par Aide Red 30-02 Hunter Green 30-00 Black 30-99 Other color, please specify

31-01 Par Aide Red 31-02 Hunter Green 31-00 Black 31-99 Other color, please specify

Add a 552-11 spike brush 35-01 Par Aide Red with spike brush 35-02 Hunter Green with spike brush 35-00 Black with spike brush 35-99 Other color with spike brush

6 6. Deluxe Ensemble with Trash Mate Double Unit, Spike Brush and Club Washer* 34-01 Par Aide Red 34-02 Hunter Green 34-00 Black 34-99 Other color, please specify *One trash and one “Cans Only” lid included

Add a 552-11 spike brush 33-01 Par Aide Red with spike brush 33-02 Hunter Green with spike brush 33-00 Black with spike brush 33-99 Other color with spike brush *Trash opening lid included

Towels (not included on above models) may be purchased separately. (See page 15) Spike brushes can be added to any ensemble. (See page 20) | 888-893-2433


Ball Washer Accessories



Ball Washer Bracket


Portable Base

Mounting Pipe

Keep Your Ball Washers Fresh with Two Detergent Options.


Ball Washer Detergent Tablets


1. Ball Washer Bracket

3. Mounting Pipe

Powder-coated Black aluminum bracket used to mount Master and Deluxe Ball Washers to any flat surface 3 in. (8 cm) or wider. 215-00 Black

Lightweight, no-rust aluminum pipe for your ball washer installation. Powdercoated Black, Hunter Green or custom finish. 2-3/8 in. (6 cm) outside diameter. 34 in. (86 cm) Mounting Pipe Use with portable base. 210-00 Black 210-02 Hunter Green 210-99 Other colors, please specify*

2. Portable Base 18 in. (46 cm) diameter. The five-rib design and hold-fast clamp eliminates the use of set screws. Made of durable, lightweight cast aluminum. Spikes included for extra stability. Clamp now only in Black. Patented design. Portable Base 310-01 Par Aide Red 310-02 Hunter Green 310-00 Black 310-99 Other colors, please specify

Ball Washer Liquid Detergent

4. B  all Washer Detergent Tablets

5. B  all Washer Liquid Detergent

Lemon-scented, non-sudsing formula. Use one or two tablets with each clean and fill servicing. Large tablets provide a longer lasting cleaning solution. Eliminates the need for measuring proper amount. 4102 5 lb. carton

Lemon-scented and non-sudsing concentrate, formulated with antibacterial and odor-control agents. Less than 1 oz. is all that is needed per clean and fill. Won’t damage internal parts. 4110 1 gal. (3.7 l) container

4112 Case of 4 (1 gal. [3.7 l] containers) 4103 Case of 4 cartons

48 in. (1.2 m) Mounting Pipe For permanent in-ground installation. 211-00 Black 211-02 Hunter Green 211-99 Other colors, please specify*

*Add $2.00 for other colors. | 888-893-2433


Ball Washer Accessories

SUPER TIP: Washable and Reusable. 6



Trifold Cotton Tee Towels

Corner Grommet Cotton Tee Towels


Touch-up Paint

6. Trifold Cotton Tee Towels Large 18 in. x 18 in. (46 cm x 46 cm) size with brass grommet. 403 Hunter Green/dozen

404 Hunter Green/case of 12 dozen

7. Corner Grommet Cotton Tee Towels 18 in. x 18 in. (46 cm x 46 cm). 403-2 Hunter Green/dozen

404-2 Hunter Green/case of 12 dozen

Ball Washer Repair Kit

8. Touch-up Paint*

9. Ball Washer Repair Kit

Matches the three Par Aide colors listed below. Adjustable fan spray can for expert results. 1310-00 Black 1310-01 Par Aide Red 1310-02 Hunter Green

Everything you need to refurbish our Master or Deluxe Ball Washer models. 200-10 Complete Kit

*Note — ground shipping only.

405 Black/dozen

406 Black/case of 12 dozen | 888-893-2433


Trash Mate® Trash Receptacles Trash Mate Trash to worry about with our The only thing you have ke sure you have the ough for your golfers. Ma en g vin ha is s cle pta ce Re on the first and . That means doubling up ces pla ht rig the in nt ou right am tee following the h-volume points, like the tenth tees and other hig halfway house.

-Because Golfers Notice.

• Polyethylene: impervious to rusting and denting. • Maximum UV protection added to prevent brittleness and fading. • Capacity: 9 gal. (34.1 liter) also accepts trash bag liners. • Windproof, snap-on lids available in three styles, all Black: solid (no opening) to resist pests, trash opening and “Cans Only” opening. • Convenient attachment to ball washer pipe reduces number of objects to be moved before mowing. • Flexible design allows you to add a second receptacle for recycling. • Stackable/nesting design saves storage space. • Mounting hoops are pre-treated for added protection and then powder coated. Go to for Trash Mate Mounting Options

23-1/2 in. (60 cm)

Molded in Blue – the familiar color of recycling bins – these durable new Trash Mate Receptacles help golfers to segregate recycling from trash. | 888-893-2433

SUPER TIP: • Use Armor All® To Clean and Keep Looking New. • Stagger Double and Single Trash Units Every Other Hole.


Trash Mate® Trash Receptacles & Parts






Trash Mate Single Unit


Trash Mate Double Unit


Trash Mate Single Unit with In-Ground Trash Mate Stand

Back Clamp Mounting Bracket

Hoop Frame

“Cans Only”




Complete Mounting Kit



1. T  rash Mate Single Unit

3. Low Stand

6. Complete Mounting Kit

7. Lids and Containers

Comes with one trash opening lid and all necessary mounting hardware. 3005-00 Black 3005-01 Red 3005-02 Hunter Green 3005-03 Blue

Makes Trash Mate trash receptacles freestanding. 3030 Black

All three pieces including hardware. 3019 Complete Kit

Lids 3010 “Cans Only” Lid 3011 Trash Lid 3012 Solid Lid

2. T  rash Mate Double Unit Includes two lids: “Cans Only” and trash, and all necessary mounting hardware. 3001-00 Black 3001-01 Red 3001-02 Hunter Green 3001-03 Blue

4. In-Ground Trash Mate Stand Make your Trash Mates freestanding and position them wherever they are needed. Steel bracket with double spikes keeps the Trash Mate in place and sturdy. 3031 Black

Hoop Frame 3015 Black

Mounting Bracket 3016 Black

Containers 3014-00 Bottom Container (Black) 3014-01 Bottom Container (Red) 3014-02 Bottom Container (Hunter Green)

3017 Hardware

8. Wall Mount Bracket 5. T  rash Mate Single Unit with In-Ground Trash Mate Stand

Back Clamp 3018 Black

3004-00 Black 3004-01 Red 3004-02 Hunter Green | 888-893-2433

(Not Shown) For any vertical surface. Includes all hardware. 475 Black


Divot Mate® Divot Mix Containers shows golfers s on par-three holes er ain nt co ed se d Providing sand an ssible. Not aying conditions po pl st be e th ing id ov pr ble your dedication to n also save you valua affordable, they ca s er ain nt co e es th only are urse conditions. yone in improving co er ev e olv Inv e. tim maintenance

otice. -Because Golfers N

• Polyethylene construction prevents denting and rusting. • Maximum UV protection added to prevent brittleness and fading. • Durable frame construction, either powder-coated steel or anodized aluminum.

•L  arge 4 gal. (15.1 liter) capacity. • Handy 8 oz. (237 ml) plastic scoop included. • Usage decal sheet included.


Divot Mate

KEY FEATURE: Self Closing Lid. 1. Divot Mate (No stand)

2. Divot Mate Accessories

Includes a small scoop and a 4 in. (10 cm) spike for additional stability on the ground. 425-00 Black 425-02 Hunter Green

(Not Shown) Clear Plastic Hand Scoop 400 8oz (237 ml)

456 16oz (473 ml)

Ground Mounting Spike Package of 4 457-4 | 888-893-2433


Divot Mate® Divot Mix Accessories


Divot Mate with Low Stand


Divot Mate with Hard Surface Stand


Wall Mount Bracket

SUPER TIP: Also Great For Par Threes. 5

3. Divot Mate with Low Stand 435-00 Black 435-02 Hunter Green

Low Stand Only 3030 Black

Practice Range Ensemble

4. Divot Mate with Hard Surface Stand 430-00 Black 430-02 Hunter Green

Hard Surface Stand Only 470 Black

5. Practice Range Ensemble

6. Wall Mount Bracket

(Towel not included. See page 15.) 460-00 Black 460-02 Hunter Green

Includes all hardware. 475 Black

Replacement Parts 24 in. (61 cm) Mounting Pipe 212-00 Black 212-02 Hunter Green 212-99 Other colors, please specify

Top Cap for Pipe 458 | 888-893-2433


Spike & Shoe Cleaners it could be l, their most outstanding tra Stil ys. wa ny ma in f tur and h golfers e Spikeless shoes benefit bot rs on every hole will improv shoe wearers, shoe cleane ess kel spi For ss. gra of s lot the ability to collect playability. course accessories for better onh wit ent ipm equ s’ fer footing. Complement gol

-Because Golfers Notice.

• Bristles made from the toughest nylon fiber available to prevent them from matting down. • Base is made of Black anodized cast aluminum, so there’s no paint to chip.

•B  ase brush available with stiff nylon bristles (for traditional steel spikes), or crimped bristles that are softer and denser (for alternative plastic spikes). Both styles are fully interchangeable.

• More important than ever for on-course use with popularity of plastic-spiked shoes.

Alternative brushes for plastic-spiked shoes

Traditional brushes for steel-spiked shoes


Floor Mount Combination Spike and Shoe Cleaner



Single Pipe Mount Spike Brush

1. F  loor Mount Combination Spike and Shoe Cleaner 549 Traditional Brushes 549-11 Alternative Brushes

Double Pipe Mount Spike Brush

Base Brush

Side Brush

Back Clamp


2. Single Pipe Mount Spike Brush

4. Spike Brush Parts

Mounts easily to ball washer pipe. 552 Traditional Brushes 552-11 Alternative Brushes

Base Brush Fits all models. 554 Traditional 554-11 Alternative

3. Double Pipe Mount Spike Brush

Super Tip: Give Your Golfers Be By Adding a Spike Brttuserh Footing Ball Washer Pipe.on Any

Mounts easily to ball washer pipe. 553 Traditional Brushes 553-11 Alternative Brushes

Side Brush 548 Fits 549, 512 & 513 models

Pipe Mount Back Clamp 552-3 With hardware | 888-893-2433


Portable Spike Brush Stand Our Portable Spike Brush Stand offers the stability and cleaning effectiveness of a fixed-position brush stand, and yet you can move it to wherever it’s needed on any surface. •P  atented design features traditional or alternative base brushes and side brushes to thoroughly clean shoes. • Holds steady on hard surfaces with integral rubber pads; spikes available to secure to turf. • Hunter Green and Medium Gray models available. • Includes one set of message decals.

Super Tip: Extremely Portable Put at the Cl house, Halfway House, atubth e Range... Anywhere.Driving 1

Portable Spike Brush Stand

1. Portable Spike Brush Stand Replaceable brushes available in two styles for use with traditional or alternative spikes. 512 H  unter Green — Traditional Brushes 512-11 Hunter Green — Alternative Brushes 513 M  edium Gray — Traditional Brushes 513-11 Medium Gray — Alternative Brushes

Turf Mounting Spikes 321-3 Package of 3 Can’t find the product or information you need? Call us for details or visit | 888-893-2433


Event Tee Markers

Personalize tee markers for any kind of event.

Make an event extra special for golfers by marking the tees with personalized messages. These cube-shaped markers allow you to display whatever you want–whether it’s event graphics, the name of the hole sponsor or other information–on four surfaces. This popular capability can be marketed to outside event organizers or used for internal club events. The do-it-yourself decals can easily be printed at your facility using any color inkjet or laser printer. Designed with special adhesive, the decals hold securely, but can be removed leaving minimal residue after the event. 1. Event Tee Markers Constructed of high-density plastic, each tee marker has four 4-in. x 4-in. “windows” to place decals. Decals sold separately. Stainless steel spike. 670-1 Red 670-5 Black


Event Tee Markers

670-10 Do-it-yourself Easy-Peel Decals 80/pack (4" x 4") compatible with inkjet or laser printers

Tee Markers

KEY FEATURE: Virtually Indestructible.






banded tee markers Red





2. Banded Tee Markers

Individual Replacement Bands

Designed to give your course an upscale look. These 5 in. (13 cm) diameter high-density plastic tee markers are virtually unbreakable and unsinkable. They identify tee locations through subtle color bands. Choose the natural color that best complements your course’s scheme. Ordering is easy. Simply choose the color tee marker, then add the two-number code for the specific band color.

(Not Shown) 660-1__ ( Specify band, see options below)

660-__ Charcoal Granite 661- __ Gray Granite 663-__ Sand Granite

Band Colors 01 Red 02 White 03 Blue 04 Yellow | 888-893-2433

05 Black 06 Hunter Green 07 Gold 08 Silver

Hunter Green




Tee Markers

every hole. They are as much Tee markers say a lot about your attention to detail, setting the stage for design or a classic branch model, ornamental as they are functional. So, whether you choose a simple “ball” so hard to maintain. choose Par Aide to further enhance the condition of the course you work

-Because Golfers Notice.

• Materials carefully chosen to maintain best appearance. • Designs are simple and classic; their looks won’t become outdated.

•A  ll tee markers have stainless steel spikes to prevent rusting and bending. • All plastic and resin markers float.

• Durability to stand up to the elements and golfer abuse.

ive: PAR AIDE Exclus All Tee Markersee Feature Rust Frikes. Stainless Steel Sp




3. Satellite Tee Marker

4. Cast Aluminum Tee Marker

5. Spherical Plastic Tee Marker

Satellite tee marker is made of solid ABS plastic. It won’t split or crack, there’s no paint to chip and UV protection makes it fade resistant. A full 4-1/2 in. (11 cm) diameter. 650-1 Red 650-2 White 650-3 Blue 650-4 Yellow 650-5 Black 650-6 Hunter Green

Durable cast aluminum with stainless steel placement spike. Can be repaired and repainted for a lifetime of use. A full 6 in. (15 cm) diameter. Contact Par Aide for custom color options. 655-1 Red 655-2 White 655-3 Blue 655-4 Yellow 655-5 Black 655-9 Custom

Our most economical marker. Features welded, twopiece construction with cast-in stainless steel spike attached. A full 4 in. (10 cm) diameter. 640-1 Red 640-2 White 640-3 Blue 640-4 Yellow 640-5 Black | 888-893-2433


Tee Markers

KEY FEATURE: Customize to Match Your Tee Color Locations.


Personalize your branch tee markers with your logo.




Branch Tee Markers

Cast Aluminum Low-Profile Tee Markers

6. Branch Tee Markers

7. Cast Aluminum Low-Profile Tee Markers

Incredibly natural-looking Dogwood or Pine Tee Markers are made from a durable resin and are hand painted. Ends are slanted for visibility and molded-in stainless steel spikes prevent rusting and bending. 12 in. x 2 in. (31 cm x 5 cm) — Dogwood 10-1/2 in. x 3-1/2 in. (27 cm x 9 cm) — Pine

Designed for a more subtle, lower-profile look, these tee markers are made of powder-coated cast aluminum, with attached stainless steel spikes. Easy to repaint and refurbish. They’ll add a classic look to your course. Contact Par Aide for custom color options. 1-3/8 in. (4 cm) H, 4-1/2 in. (11 cm) diameter. 647-1 Red 647-2 White 647-3 Blue 647-4 Yellow 647-5 Black 647-6 Hunter Green 647-7 Gold 647-8 Silver 647-99 Custom

Dogwood Branch 632-1 Red 632-2 White 632-3 Blue 632-4 Yellow 632-5 Black 632-6 Hunter Green 632-7 Gold

Pine Branch 630-1 Red 630-2 White 630-3 Blue 630-4 Yellow 630-5 Black 630-6 Hunter Green 630-7 Gold

Custom Decals 520-2 Minimum order of 36 decals, no art charge if vector art is supplied. Decals applied by customer. | 888-893-2433


Club Washers Built to work for the golfer and to minimize work for you. That’s our club washer in a nutshell. •U  ltra-resilient, color-impregnated polypropylene cover and base; provides years of service. • High-grade reversible bristles for extended life. • Twist-lock cover can be removed quickly, which makes cleaning easier. • Versatile design can be mounted to vertical and horizontal surfaces, or a ball washer pipe. (See photos for suggestions.)

Club Washer Mounting Options


Super : Club Washers Can AlTip Higher on Ball WashesorsBe Mounted For Easier, More Convenient Us e.


Single Spike Mounting Kit


Club Washer

Optional Mounting Bracket

1. Club Washer

3. Optional Mounting Bracket

5. Ground Mounting Spikes

Capacity: 3.5 pt. (1.7 l) 250-00 Black 250-01 Red 250-02 Hunter Green

Mounts a Club Washer to any 2 in. (5 cm) pipe or any flat surface 6 in. (15 cm) or wider. Made of Black anodized cast aluminum. (Nuts and bolts included) 275 Black

(Not Shown) Easily attached to the four pre‑drilled holes in the Club Washer base. 255 Set of four

2. Single Spike Mounting Kit Bolts to bottom of Club Washer, and moves as easily as a Tee Marker. Hardware included. 260 Black

4. Replacement Brushes (Not Shown) Tough, long-lasting bristles won’t mark or scratch clubs. Plus, the brushes are reversible, for twice the life span. 254 Set of two | 888-893-2433

6. 1 2 in. (31 cm) Mounting Pipe (Not Shown) For use with Portable Base (see above). 209-00 Black 209-99 Other colors, please specify


Legend Series Teak Benches fficient on-course seating a sign saying, “Welcome Golfers.” Insu is ch ben a , iture furn of e piec a More than probably know d? Clearly, if it was a turf issue, you’d rise Surp ers. golf from r hea n ofte is a complaint we e the round is over, the lack of tioned it. But seating is different. Onc about it long before a golfer even men te benching is a must. your course is heavily walked, adequa if , Still n. otte forg be ld cou s che ben

-Because Golfers Notice.

Super Tip: Perfect Seating for 2 On Any Tee Box



The durable Legend Series of Teak Benches come unfinished and are meant to weather naturally, to a silver/gray patina, enhancing the beauty of the wood. These comfortable benches will dress up your course and last for years to come. Choose from the Traditional 6 ft. (1.8 m) bench with back rest, or our 4 ft. (1.2 m) Junior Bench, the perfect size for two golfers.

1. Traditional Teak Bench

2. Junior Teak Bench

1480 6 ft. (1.8 m) Unfinished Teak Bench with Back Rest

1486 4 ft. (1.2 m) Unfinished Teak Bench – No Back Rest | 888-893-2433


Classic & Park Benches Have a seat on one of the most durable, longest-lasting benches available. Our Classic Bench features 16-gauge steel panels that are UV-stabilized for all-climate protection, and PVC-coated to eliminate corrosion. It’s easy to assemble, and the panels retrofit existing Classic Bench end frames, too. Our Park Bench features heavy-duty formed steel frames and premium-grade boards.

KEY FEATURE Very Low Maintenance.


Classic Bench


Park Bench

1. Classic Bench

Classic Bench (cont.)

2. Park Bench

5 ft. (1.5 m) Classic Bench with PVC-Coated Steel Panels 1440-00 Classic Bench with Tan Panels and Black End Frames 1440-01 Classic Bench with Tan Panels and Red End Frames 1440-02 Classic Bench with Tan Panels and Hunter Green End Frames 1440-99 Classic Bench with Tan Panels and Special Color End Frames 1443-03 Classic Bench with Hunter Green Panels and Frame 1443-99 Classic Bench with Hunter Green Panels and Special Color End Frames

Classic Bench Replacement Panels 1441 Tan Seat Panel for Classic Bench Also fits old style (includes hardware) 1444 Hunter Green Seat Panel for Classic Bench Also fits old style (includes hardware)

This 6 ft. (1.8 m) Park Bench is a great value. Heavyduty formed steel frames — stock finish is Hunter Green powder coating (other colors available). Premium-grade boards now in classic natural finish, or you can purchase the Frame Kit only and use your own wood. 6 ft. (1.8 m) Park Bench with Premium‑Grade Boards 1455-02 Hunter Green Frame with Natural Stained Boards

1442 Tan Back Panel for Classic Bench Also fits old style (includes hardware) 1445 Hunter Green Back Panel for Classic Bench Also fits old style (includes hardware)

Frame Kit No boards, complete with hardware. 1460-02 Hunter Green 1460-99 Other colors, please specify

Can’t find the product or information you need? Call us for details or visit | 888-893-2433

par aide

Flagsticks,Flags & Cups Want to make an instantly noticeable improvement to your golf course? Golfers see or touch flagsticks, flags and cups on every hole, so start there. We can help with distinctive options in each area – each adding to course conditions with a crisp, clean look to compliment your greens.


Fiberglass Flagsticks


PAR AIDE Exclusive: All Flagsticks Feature our 2 Patented Non-Stick Ferrule.

30 in. (76 cm)

1. Solid Regulation Fiberglass Flagsticks 1/2 in. (1 cm)

2. Striped Regulation Fiberglass Flagsticks 1/2 in. (1 cm)

Striped Regulation Fiberglass Flagsticks 1/2 in. (1 cm) (cont.)

7 ft. (2.1 m) Tall Boxes of 9 — Best Value 730-079 Bright White 740-079 Bright Yellow

5 ft. (1.5 m) Tall Boxes of 9 — Best Value 720-059 Red & White

8 ft. (2.4 m) Tall 725-089 2 Stripe Red & White 752-089 2 Stripe Black & White 747-089 2 Stripe Black & Yellow 720-089 3 Stripe Red & White 750-089 3 Stripe Black & White 755-089 3 Stripe Green & White

8 ft. (2.4 m) Tall 730-089 Bright White 740-089 Bright Yellow

Individual flagsticks are available. Add $0.75 per flagstick for individual quantities other than box of 9. Call dealer for details.

7 ft. (2.1 m) Tall 725-079 2 Stripe Red & White 752-079 2 Stripe Black & White 747-079 2 Stripe Black & Yellow 720-079 3 Stripe Red & White 750-079 3 Stripe Black & White 755-079 33 Stripe Green & White

745-079 Bright Yellow with 30 in. (76 cm) Black Bottom 754-079 Bright White with 30 in. (76 cm) Black Bottom | 888-893-2433

745-089 Bright Yellow with 30 in. (76 cm) Black Bottom 754-089 Bright White with 30 in. (76 cm) Black Bottom

Flagsticks are available in 10 ft. (3.1 m) and 12 ft. (3.7 m) tall. Special shipping required. Contact Par Aide for available models.


Tapered Tournament Flagsticks allows sand and tented Par Aide ferrule pa the ly On es. rul fer d with knock-off groove g ours the only Don’t settle for a flagstick claim this feature, makin n ca e Aid r Pa ly On . cup letely pass through the other materials to comp the market. true non-stick ferrule on ice.

-Because Golfers Not


Super Tip:k Life ic Extend Flawgst Easily ithearrule. Replacement F

Tapered Fiberglass Tournament Flagsticks 3/4 in. (2 cm)

Swivel for Tie-Style Flags

Acorn Nut


15 in. (38 cm)

Flagstick Parts Patented Ferrule

Top Stud

18 in. (46 cm)

3. T  apered Fiberglass Tournament Flagsticks 3/4 in. (2 cm) 30 in. (76 cm)

30 in. (76 cm)

7 ft. 6 in. (2.3 m) Tall Boxes of 9 — Best Value 706-079 Bright White 707-079 Bright Yellow

708-079 British Stripe Black & White 712-079 British Stripe Red & White 713-079 British Stripe Green & White 714-079 British Stripe Black & Yellow

Tapered Tournament Flagsticks measure 7 ft. 6 in. (2.3 m) high and taper from a 3/4 in. (2 cm) diameter in the middle to 1/2 in. (1 cm) at the ends. They’re more visible and offer a solid and sturdy look and feel.

709-079 Bright Yellow with 30 in. (76 cm) Black Bottom 711-079 Bright White with 30 in. (76 cm) Black Bottom

Individual flagsticks are available. Add $0.75 per flagstick for individual quantities other than box of 9. Call dealer for details. | 888-893-2433

4. Flagstick Parts 1715 Swivel for Tie-Style Flags

1729-6 Patented Ferrule Package of 6

1732-6 Top Stud Package of 6

1733-6 Acorn Nut Package of 6


Aluminum Tournament Flagsticks 1 in. (3 CM) Aluminum/Fiberglass Tournament Flagsticks A full 8 ft. (2.4 m) tall, this lightweight exclusive Par Aide design meets USGA regulations. • Ultimate visibility.

•F  lagstick body is 1 in. (3 cm) diameter aluminum.

• Top and bottom shanks are 1/2 in. (1 cm) diameter, color-impregnated fiberglass in Bright Yellow, Bright White, or Black.

• Powder-coated body allows for a completely custom look. Colors and patterns can be changed to accommodate your course needs.

15 in. (38 cm)

48 in. (122 cm)

15 in. (38 cm)

7 in. (18 cm) 15 in. (38 cm)

18 in. (46 cm)

18 in. (46 cm)

KEY FEATURES:Highly Visible e. Easy To Customiz

15 in. (38 cm)

18 in. (46 cm)

5 11 in. (28 cm)

Aluminum/Fiberglass Tournament Flagsticks

18 in. (46 cm)

5. A  luminum/Fiberglass Tournament Flagsticks 1 in. (3 cm) 8 ft. (2.4 m) Tall Boxes of 9 — Best Value 701-089 Bright Yellow 702-089 Bright White

703-089 One Black Stripe (As shown)

703-99 One Custom Stripe*

704-089 Two Black Stripes (As shown)

704-99 Two Custom Stripes*

705-089 Three Black Stripes (As shown)

705-99 Three Custom Stripes*

*For all other colors/combinations, please clearly indicate color(s) and patterns when ordering.

Individual flagsticks are available. Add $0.75 per flagstick for individual quantities other than box of 9. Call dealer for details. | 888-893-2433


Vinyl-Covered Flagsticks Through our exclusive partnership with VinylGuard,® makers of the popular vinyl shrink-wrap coverings, we have created a full line of vinyl-covered flagsticks — your most durable flagstick option. These flagsticks are available in popular colors and striping patterns in both 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. models. All flagsticks come pre-applied with VinylGuard vinyl shrink-wrap coverings to save you time and money when considering a vinyl-covered flagstick option. • Vinyl-covered flagsticks last longer and perform better. •W  ill not fade, splinter, crack, nick, scratch or stain. •P  rotection against damage from abrasion, UV rays, chemicals and the elements. •P  re-assembled for convenience, no heat gun use required.


Vinyl-Covered Flagsticks

See page 36 & 37 for pink cup options

PAR AIDE EXCLUSIVE: Preapplied Vinylguard Covered Flagsticks.

15 in. (38 cm)

18 in. (46 cm)

30 in. (76 cm)

30 in. (76 cm)

3. Vinyl-Covered Flagsticks

Vinyl-Covered Flagsticks (cont.)

Vinyl-Covered Flagsticks (cont.)

1/2 in. Fiberglass Flagsticks — 7 ft. Tall Boxes of 9 — Best Value 730-079-2 Bright White 740-079-2 Bright Yellow

1/2 in. Fiberglass Flagsticks — 8 ft. Tall 730-089-2 Bright White 740-089-2 Bright Yellow

3/4 in. Tapered Fiberglass Tournament Flagsticks — 7 ft. 6 in. Tall 706-079-2 Bright White 707-079-2 Bright Yellow

752-089-2 2 Stripe Black & White 752-079-2 2 Stripe Black & White

708-079-2 British Stripe Black & White 745-089-2 Bright Yellow with 30 in. Black Bottom

745-079-2 Bright Yellow with 30 in. Black Bottom

710-099-2 Pink Individual flagsticks are available. Add $0.75 per flagstick for individual quantities other than box of 9. Call dealer for details. | 888-893-2433


Embroidered & Screen-Printed Flags Screen-Printed Flag Examples

Embroidered Flag Examples


Better materials, superior workmanship and faster delivery make our custom flags a better choice for your course. Par Aide embroidered and custom screen printed flags offer: • Color-protected fabric for maximum resistance to fading. • Colorfast thread, specifically designed for outdoor use. • Reinforced stitching. • Your choice of tube-style or tie-style (with grommets) – Jr. Flags available in tube-style only.

KEY FEATU RE: Un “Reverse Biqoue b Stitchingb.ined”

Our embroidered flags offer: • 400 denier nylon – this durable, heavyweight fabric resists puckering to give your flag a better appearance. Also very popular with screen-printing. • Exclusive “reverse bobbined” stitching that provides extraordinary detail on both sides of the flag and eliminates unsightly white threads. • 2-3 week turnaround time from receipt of approved order. Our custom screen-printed flags offer: • 200 denier nylon – this durable fabric is recommended for non-embroidered flags.

Let’s talk about your artwork before we get started Good artwork is essential to get the process started. To accurately price your logo for embroidered or screen-printed custom flags, provide us with an example of your logo. High-resolution vector-based or 800 dpi artwork is the best example of your logo. Low-resolution artwork can be used but may require an additional art charge.

Ordering process: High quality is always in stock From start to finish, our step-by-step process makes it easy and convenient for you. 1. Acquire artwork. You need the correct artwork of your logo before we can start. 2. Select flag. Determine flag style, colors and quantity. Twelve-flag minimum for embroidery. Nine-flag minimum for screen printing. 3. Contact Par Aide dealer. Work with your local Par Aide dealer to facilitate a price quotation. 4. A  pprove quote. Once a purchase order is received, a sample flag or JPEG file will be sent for logo approval when needed/requested. Contact your Par Aide dealer directly if any changes need to be made. 5. E  xperience the fastest turnaround. Once we have final logo approval, please allow 2–3 weeks for turnaround time.­­­­­­­




Royal Blue



Hunter Green


Orange | 888-893-2433

Emerald Green

Navy Blue


Border / Header


Regulation Golf Flags tion of the wind, the strength and direc le, ho e th of ion at loc the g and its edges en. It communicates sure its color is stron A flag’s job is to be se be So . ns itio nd co se eat cour ent’s dedication to gr and the Superintend nge meets the green. ice. the line where the fri as sh fre d an p ar -Because Golfers Not sh are as

Engineered to maintain their good looks despite long exposure to wind and sunlight. • Improved fade-resistant colors.

•H  eavier-construction, 400 denier flags provide maximum durability.

• Stronger stitching ensures durability in high winds. • Lightweight 200 denier nylon construction makes flags sensitive to gentle breezes, giving a better determination of wind direction.


Solid-Color Flags


Solid Red 8100 Tie-Style 8102 Tube-Style Solid White 8110 Tie-Style 8112 Tube-Style Solid Blue 8120 Tie-Style 8122 Tube-Style Solid Yellow 8130 Tie-Style 8132 Tube-Style Solid Orange 8142 Tube-Style Solid Green 8162 Tube-Style Color Flag Set Package of 3 Red, 3 White, 3 Blue 8126 Tube-Style

KEY FEATURES:Of Full Four Rowsing. Fly Hem Stitch

Numbered Flags 200 Denier

200/400 Denier

1. Solid-Color Flags – 200 Denier

•T  ube-style and tie-style flags are available.

Solid-Color Flags – 400 Denier Solid Red 8200 Tube-Style Solid White 8201 Tube-Style Solid Blue 8202 Tube-Style Solid Yellow 8203 Tube-Style Solid Green 8204 Tube-Style Color Flag Set Package of 3 Red, 3 White, 3 Blue 8210 Tube-Style


Checkered Flags 200 Denier

2. Numbered Flags – 200 Denier White on Red 8302 Tube-Style 1-9 8304 Tube-Style 10-18 Red on White 8312 Tube-Style 1-9 8314 Tube-Style 10-18 Black on Yellow 8332 Tube-Style 1-9 8334 Tube-Style 10-18 White on Blue 8322 Tube-Style 1-9 8324 Tube-Style 10-18

*Black, Navy Blue, Burgundy and Gold also available in 400 Denier.

Can’t find the product or information you need? Call us for details or visit | 888-893-2433

3. Checkered Flags – 200 Denier Red & White 8500 Tie-Style 8502 Tube-Style Blue & White 8510 Tie-Style 8512 Tube-Style Black & White 8520 Tie-Style 8522 Tube-Style Black & Yellow 8530 Tie-Style 8532 Tube-Style Green & White 8562 Tube-Style


Specialty Flags

19 in. (48 cm)



Pin Placement Indicators

Regulation U.S. Golf Flags

27 in. (69 cm)



Oversized Range Flags

Jr. Flags

1. Oversized Range Flags

Pin Placement Indicators (cont.)

3. Regulation U.S. Golf Flags

Highly visible flags designed especially for the range. 27 in. x 19 in. (69 cm x 48 cm) 8610 Red 8611 White 8612 Royal Blue 8613 Yellow 8614 Green 8615 Orange 8616 Gold 8617 Black

775-01 Red Flag with White Printing 775-02 White Flag with Red Printing 775-03 Yellow Flag with Black Printing 775-04 Blue Flag with White Printing

Replica U.S. Flag for golf flagsticks. The first two-sided single layer golf flag. Lighter and longer lasting. Bold eye-catching design. Vivid colors and shape lines. 8680

8620 Red & White, Checkered 8621 Black & White, Checkered 8622 Blue & White, Checkered 8623 Yellow & White, Checkered 8624 Green & White, Checkered 8625 Black & Yellow, Checkered

2. Pin Placement Indicators For 1/2 in. (1 cm) Fiberglass Flagsticks 770-01 Plain Red 770-02 Plain White 770-03 Plain Yellow 770-04 Plain Blue

For Tapered 3/4 in. (2 cm) Tournament Flagsticks 790-01 Plain Red 790-02 Plain White 790-03 Plain Yellow 790-04 Plain Blue 795-01 Red Flag with White Printing 795-02 White Flag with Red Printing 795-03 Yellow Flag with Black Printing 795-04 Blue Flag with White Printing For 1 in. (3 cm) Tournament Flagsticks 760-01 Plain Red 760-02 Plain White 760-03 Plain Yellow 760-04 Plain Blue 765-01 Red Flag with White Printing 765-02 White Flag with Red Printing 765-03 Yellow Flag with Black Printing 765-04 Blue Flag with White Printing

*Note: $17.00 setup charge per order for special color ink. | 888-893-2433

4. Jr. Flags 9200 Solid Red 9202 Solid White 9204 Solid Blue 9206 Solid Yellow

9251 White on Red, Numbered 1–9 9252 White on Red, Numbered 10–18 9261 Red on White, Numbered 1–9 9262 Red on White, Numbered 10–18 9281 Black on Yellow, Numbered 1–9 9282 Black on Yellow, Numbered 10–18

9300 Red & White, Checkered 9320 Black & White, Checkered 9330 Black & Yellow, Checkered 9360 Green & White, Checkered


Putting Cups There’s a joy to holing out even the shortest putt, and fresh putting cups make it all the better. Greens are where course conditions are defined. Make sure your golfers notice the attention to detail you give your greens by providing clean, fresh cups throughout the season.

-Because Golfers Notice.

The patented Ever-White Cup has revolutionized the putting cup by teaming an aluminum outside with a Bright White plastic sleeve. • No paint to chip, eliminating the need for stripping, sanding and painting. • Easily replaceable sleeve stays tight in the cup during play. • Resonates with the classic aluminum sound when the ball drops in. See a product video at


Ever-White Cup

: PAR AIDE EXCLUSIVEth Wi p Cu The Ever-White Replaceable White Liner. Patented, Seamless And Original.

1. Ever-White Cup

Ever-White Cup Replacement Sleeves

Custom Decal For Ever-White Sleeve

Patented aluminum cup complete with plastic sleeve. Meets all USGA regulations. 935

Case of 18. (Sleeves not sold individually) 935-1

Celebrate special events with this surprising extra touch. Minimum order 36 decals, only one logo is included in the minimum order. No art charge when vector art is supplied. Sleeves and decals sold separately. Customer applies decal. 520-1

Pink Replacement Sleeves Case of 18. (Sleeves not sold individually) 935-4 | 888-893-2433


Putting Cups


Regulation Plastic Putting Cup



Practice Green Plastic Putting Cup

Aluminum Putting Cup


See page 32 for pink Flagstick


Zinc Cup





2. Regulation Plastic Putting Cup

5. Zinc Cup

8. Cup Stop

Durable Bright White plastic cup featuring minimum taper for a snug fit, both on the course and on the practice green. Meets all USGA regulations. 920 6 in. (15 cm) Regulation Cup

Same characteristics as the aluminum model but molded in Zinc for improved overall strength. Zinc also increases weight of cup for more stability. Inside of cup powdercoated White. Meets all USGA regulations. 937 6 in. (15 cm) Regulation Cup

(Not Shown) By inserting this rigid plastic disk into the bottom of the cup, the cup will not “sink” into the green once it is set. Also prevents flagsticks from “bottoming out.” Please choose the appropriate cup stop to fit your Par Aide model putting cups. 932 Use with Par Aide cup model #’s 920, 930 and 935 only.

3. Practice Green Plastic Putting Cup Durable Bright White plastic cup featuring minimum taper for a snug fit. Meets all USGA regulations. 940 4 in. (10 cm) Practice Cup

4. Aluminum Putting Cup Our classic, it’s diecast oversize, then machined to dimensions minimizing “wobble” in the hole. Surfaces anodized and dichromated for ultimate corrosion protection. The cup’s vertical surfaces are powdercoated Bright White so there’s no paint to chip. Meets all USGA regulations. 930 6 in. (15 cm) Regulation Cup

6. Pink Cup Designed to coordinate with pink flagsticks and flags for breast cancer awareness and other “pink” themed events. 930-99 6 in. (15 cm) Regulation Cup

9. Painting Disks (Not Shown) For masking bottom of aluminum cups when repainting. 931 Painting Disks

7. Eight-Inch Cup This 8-In. Bright White plastic cup is a great way to grow the game by giving beginners an easier target. Its durability makes it the cup to choose for “big cup” and junior events. 925 8 in. (20.3 cm) Big Cup

Super Tip: is the easiest Painter The 360° Heoffleective way to paint tithee. and most bove the cup Bright Wh top 1 in. age 58 for full details. See pa | 888-893-2433

par aide

Practice Markers and Flags

Every round starts at the practice green. This is where you can make a great first impression with every golfer, before he or she reaches the first tee. You can set the proper tone by making sure your accessories on the practice green are fresh and match the look of those throughout your course.


Practice Green Marker & Flag Sets highly affordable ly accessory upgrades here are ate tun For en. gre e ctic pra on the en is positive Great course conditions start n made on your practice gre sio res imp t firs the e sur ke overnight. Ma and their impact can be made and long lasting.

-Because Golfers Notice.

Super Tip: ewer Holes Save Time and aCuctticFe Green. on Your Pr 35 in. (89 cm)

32 in. (81 cm) 31 in. (79 cm)

3 2 1

3. T  ournament Jr. Marker/Flag Sets

1. Jr. Flagstick Marker/Flag Sets

2. Cupless Jr. Flagstick Marker/Flag Sets

• Same 1/2 in. (1 cm) fiberglass as regulation flagsticks, only shorter — 31 in. (79 cm). Set includes nine markers with nine flags. Below are our most popular combinations. 9190-9 Bright White Flagstick with White Flag 9191-9 Bright Yellow Flagstick with Yellow Flag

• Same 1/2 in. (1 cm) fiberglass as regulation flagsticks, only shorter and with a spike to eliminate cutting cups — 32 in. (81 cm). Set includes nine markers with nine flags. Below are our most popular combinations. 9190-29 Bright White Flagstick with White Flag 9191-29 Bright Yellow Flagstick with Yellow Flag

• 35 in. (89 cm) tall. • Same design as the popular 8 ft. (2.4 m) Aluminum Tournament Flagsticks. • Top and bottom shanks are solid 1/2 in. (1 cm) diameter fiberglass, body is 1 in. (3 cm) diameter aluminum. Set includes nine markers with nine flags. Below are our most popular combinations. 9110-9 Bright White Flagstick with White Flag 9111-9 Bright Yellow Flagstick with Yellow Flag

9192-29 Red & White Flagstick with Red & White Flag 9193-29 Black & White Flagstick with Black & White Flag 9194-29 Green & White Flagstick with Green & White Flag 9195-29 Black & Yellow Flagstick with Black & Yellow Flag

9112-9 Red & White Flagstick with Red & White Flag 9113-9 Black & White Flagstick with Black & White Flag 9114-9 Green & White Flagstick with Green & White Flag 9115-9 Black & Yellow Flagstick with Black & Yellow Flag

9192-9 Red & White Flagstick with Red & White Flag 9193-9 B lack & White Flagstick with Black & White Flag 9194-9 Green & White Flagstick with Green & White Flag 9195-9 Black & Yellow Flagstick with Black & Yellow Flag | 888-893-2433


Individual Markers Sturdy and highly visible, our practice green markers and targets are available in a variety of colors and styles.

33 in. (84 cm)




19-1/2 in. (50 cm)

24-1/2 in. (62 cm)


Jr. Flagsticks

1. Individual Practice Green Markers A) Jr. Flagsticks 9190 Bright White 9191 Bright Yellow

9192 Red & White 9193 Black & White 9194 Green & White 9195 Black & Yellow

B) Cupless Jr. Flagsticks 9190-2 Bright White 9191-2 Bright Yellow

9192-2 Red & White 9193-2 Black & White 9194-2 Green & White 9195-2 Black & Yellow

C) Tournament Jr. Flagsticks 9110 White 9111 Yellow


Executive PGMs



Triangular PGMs

Cupless Practice Targets

2. Executive PGMs

3. Triangular PGMs

4. Cupless Practice Targets

33 in. (84 cm) tall for the golfer’s convenience. Available in Red and Hunter Green, with or without numbers. Non-tip designed base. Shipped fully assembled. Sold in sets of nine or individually.

24-1/2 in. (62 cm) tall. Available in Red only, with or without numbers. Convenient handle for lifting ease. Non-tip bottom base effectively lifts ball out of hole. Easy to assemble. Sold in sets of nine or individually.

19-1/2 in. (50 cm) tall. Meant to serve as a supplement to regular practice green markers during high-traffic times and special events. Ideal for courses where either time and/ or budget don’t allow for regular changing of practice green cups. Also great for placing on or off the green for chip shot practice. 9090-00 Black 9090-01 Red 9090-02 Hunter Green 9090-03 Yellow 9090-04 Blue 9090-06 White

Executive PGM Sets 9171-01 Red (Numbers 1–9) 9171-02 Hunter Green (Numbers 1–9) 9172-01 Red (Numbers 10–18) 9172-02 Hunter Green (Numbers 10–18) 9170-01 Red (Without Numbers) 9170-02 Hunter Green (Without Numbers)

Triangular PGM Sets 9010 (Numbers 1–9) 9020 (Numbers 10–18)

Single Triangular PGM 9030-___ (Specify Number 1–18) 9030-0 Without Number

Single Executive PGM 9181- ___ Red (Specify Number 1–18) 9182- ___ Hunter Green (Specify Number 1–18) 9181-0 Red (Without Number) 9182-0 Hunter Green (Without Number)


Optional Knob for Jr. Flagsticks

5. Optional Knob for Jr. Flagsticks Easier to grasp, keeps flags cleaner. Must order as optional item. Package of 9 9099-9 Black

9112 Red & White 9113 Black & White 9114 Green & White 9115 Black & Yellow | 888-893-2433


Natural Wood Practice Green Markers Attract more golfers to the practice green with our handsome Natural Wood Practice Green Markers. Not only do they improve the look of the practice green, these markers complement the classic look of golf. • Made of extremely strong Brazilian hardwood. • Flagstick is 34 in. (86 cm) tall for the golfer’s convenience. • Tapered at both ends and provides a classic look. • Finished with natural teak oil. To restore luster, re-apply teak oil periodically.

KEY FEATURE: Shaft. n Unique Tapered Woode

See a maintenance video at

34 in. (86 cm)


natural wood practice Green markers

3 2

optional wooden knob for natural wood practice green markers

1. I ndividual Natural Wood Practice Green Marker

2. Optional Wooden Knob for Natural Wood Practice Green Markers

Combine with any Jr. flag, as seen on page 38. Wooden Jr. flagstick sold individually. 9120 Wood Practice Green Marker

Easier to grasp, keeps flags cleaner. Must order as optional item. Works only on the 9120. Package of 9 9098-9 | 888-893-2433


3. Wooden Knob Practice Green Marker Here’s a new way to add the classic look of natural wood to your practice green. Its permanently fixed decorative knob makes a flag unnecessary. 9121 Wooden Knob Practice Green Marker


Sure Putt™ Practice Green System Putting to the smaller cup, 3 in. diameter compared to a regulation cup of 4-1/4 in. diameter, dramatically helps focus the golfer’s aim and trains them to make a more accurate putting stroke. The Sure Putt Practice Green System is a complete system that is widely regarded as the finest putting aid for any level of golfer. Offered at a tremendous value, it includes: • A Hole Cutter designed to cut a 3 in. (8 cm) wide by 3.5 in. (9 cm) deep hole. • 3 metal putting cups, 3 in. (8 cm) x 3.5 in. (9 cm). • Cup Puller. • A sign to explain how the system works.

1. Sure Putt Practice Green System

Improved Cup Design

10710 Complete Sure Putt System (includes hole cutter, 3 cups, sign and cup puller)

10702 Putting cup only


PAR AIDE EXCLUSIVE: Great Teaching Aie.d at a Great Valu

Sure Putt Practice Green System

See a product video at

practice range signs • Highly visible, easy to move for ball collection and mowing. • Frames are made of durable steel, powder coated Black for protection. • Signs are 3/8 in. (1 cm) thick molded rubber. • One-piece construction prevents the numbers from separating from sign.

33 in. (84 cm)


Practice Range Signs


33 in. (84 cm)

2. Practice Range Signs

Practice Range Signs (cont.)

For any distance from 50 yd. (45.7 m) to 275 yd. (251 m) in increments of 25 yd. (22 m). Comes complete with frame. Black & White Numbers 10200-01 “100” Yards 10200-02 “125” Yards 10200-03 “150” Yards 10200-04 “175” Yards 10200-05 “200” Yards 10200-06 “225” Yards 10200-07 “250” Yards 10200-08 “275” Yards

Yellow & Black Numbers 10300-01 “100” Yards 10300-02 “125” Yards 10300-03 “150” Yards 10300-04 “175” Yards 10300-05 “200” Yards 10300-06 “225” Yards 10300-07 “250” Yards 10300-08 “275” Yards

Practice Range Sign Replacement Parts

3. P  ractice Range Sign Replacement Parts

Practice Range Sign Replacement Parts (cont.)

Individual Numbers 10210-00 “0” Black 10310-00 “0” Yellow 10210-01 “1” Black 10310-01 “1” Yellow 10210-02 “2” Black 10310-02 “2” Yellow 10210-05 “5” Black 10310-05 “5” Yellow 10210-07 “7” Black 10310-07 “7” Yellow

Frame only (with all hardware) 10200 | 888-893-2433


Contest Indicators & Proximity Markers Be sure you have these important accessories on hand for your next special event. Place a contest indicator on the tee to announce the contest on that hole. The proximity marker goes in the fairway or green to mark the longest drive, closest to the pin or other contest. •P  aper-free Proximity Marker includes grease pen, attached by chain. Contest Indicator includes unattached grease pen. • Choose the stock design, or customize with the logo of your course, or the event. • Designed for easy cleanup. Simply wipe with a clean rag or towel and rotate constantly to eliminate smudging. Any household cleaner works effectively also. • Eliminates use of messy paper sheets as polycarbonate face allows repeated use of grease pen — and it won’t come off in the rain. NOTE: For custom markers, please provide high-quality artwork. The quality of the finished job depends on the quality of the artwork we receive from you. Logo imprint area is 2-1/2 in. x 1-3/4 in. (6 cm x 4 cm).

1. Proximity Marker

3. Replacement Parts

10600 Generic

(Not Shown) 10690 R eplacement Pen with Velcro

10620 Custom 10691 Tube of 6 Replacement Leads

2. Contest Indicator

Super Tip: Spray Surface with WD40 for. Easy Cleaning

10602 Generic

10622 Custom

See a product video at


Proximity Marker


Contest Indicator

Fairway Markers With our Fairway Markers positioned down both sides of the fairway, your golfers will always know how far they are from the center of the green. Powder coated with brushed aluminum numbers, these color-coded 5-3⁄4 in. (15 cm) diameter markers mount flush with the ground for easy mowing. 1. Cast Aluminum Fairway Distance Markers Full Course Package — 14 Holes 6 per hole: 2 each; 100, 150, 200 yards 531

9 Hole Package — 7 Holes 6 per hole: 2 each; 100, 150, 200 yards 532

Fairway Markers — set of 6 2 each; 100, 150, 200 yards 533

Single or Replacement Fairway Distance Markers 533-01 Par Aide Red 100 yards 533-02 White 150 yards 533-03 Blue 200 yards

Other colors and distances available — contact us for details.


Cast Aluminum Fairway Distance Markers | 888-893-2433


The Superintendent Whiteboard System



ized Better Organon s ti a ic un Comm System.

The Superintendent Whiteboard System, is another innovation from Par Aide. Built directly with input from Superintendents, our whiteboards save you time, provide better flexibility and make daily communication with your crew more efficient than with homemade boards.

Super Tip: Mix and Match Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Boards.

Non-Magnetized Whiteboard See p.43 for individual part numbers.

Magnetized Whiteboard

Board Features • 2 x 4 ft. individual framed, pre-printed whiteboard panels. • High-quality whiteboard material. • Artwork is printed on panels, then covered with a dry-erase material — printing won’t rub off.

See p.43 for individual part numbers.

Magnet Set

Four Marker Set & Eraser

Blank magnets to customize for your needs. 40 — 1-1/3 in. x 4 in. magnets 7258

(Red, Black, Blue and Green marker) 7256

• 12 different panels to choose from.

Magnet & Label Set

• Mix and match to create the best whiteboard for your needs.

40 — 1-1/3 in. x 4 in. magnets 4 — printed label sheets (Avery 5162) (Printed with common jobs/terms) 4 — blank label sheets (Avery 5162) 7257

• Panels are simply placed next to each other and attached to wall. • Mounting hardware included. • Options available include magnets, pre-printed magnetic labels for most jobs/terms, marker and eraser set and tray. • Available in both regular and magnetic materials.

Job Labels | 888-893-2433


2 ft. Marker Tray 7259


The Superintendent Whiteboard System 7250-03 7251-03(MAG)

7250-02 7251-02(MAG)

7250-01 7251-01(MAG)





7250-04 7251-04(MAG)


Job Board (1 Job)

Job Board (2 Jobs)

7250-01 non-magnetized 7251-01 magnetized

7250-02 non-magnetized 7251-02 magnetized

Job Board (Days of the Week) 7250-03 non-magnetized 7251-03 magnetized



1-Month Board 7250-04 non-magnetized 7251-04 magnetized

Equipment Management Board. 7250-05 7251-05(MAG)

7250-06 7251-06(MAG)

7250-08 7251-08(MAG)

7250-07 7251-07(MAG)












2-Month Board 7250-05 non-magnetized 7251-05 magnetized

Start Time, Tee Time Board 7250-06 non-magnetized 7251-06 magnetized

Blank Board

7250-07 non-magnetized 7251-07 magnetized

7250-08 non-magnetized 7251-08 magnetized

7250-11 7251-11(MAG)

7250-10 7251-10(MAG)

7250-09 7251-09(MAG)

Mechanics Board

Lined Board

Mowing Patterns

7250-09 non-magnetized 7251-09 magnetized

7250-10 non-magnetized 7251-10 magnetized

Mowing Patterns and Job Extension Board 7250-11 non-magnetized 7251-11 magnetized

Go to to see popular combinations. | 888-893-2433

7250-12 7251-12(MAG)

Misc. Notes Board 7250-12 non-magnetized 7251-12 magnetized

par aide

Eco-Enclosures Offering containment and protection for the things golfers need on the golf course, from beverages to divot mix. They’re made of recycled milk jugs, which makes them impervious to weathering and vandalism and helps them keep their rich colors and great looks without painting.




in Realistic woodclgreda on all recy ries. plastic accesso

Hunter Green


Black • • • • • • •


Range Ball Storage Box — page 53 Broken Tee Box — page 49 Water Pro — page 53 Tee Pro — page 54 trash Pro 10 — page 48 range Pro — page 50 Divot Pro Jr. — page 49

All recycled plastic products are available in any of our four stock colors. | 888-893-2433

• • • • • • •

Clock Pro — page 50 Cooler Pro — page 51 Cooler Pro 100 — page 51 Water Pro Jr. — page 52 divot Pro — page 49 Scorecard Caddy — page 54 Trash Pro 30 — page 48


Trash Pros & Clock Kit KEY FEATURE: l New Stainless Steeity. Hinges Add Durabil

33 in. (84 cm)

43 in. (109 cm)

2 1

Trash Pro 10

Trash Pro 30

Super Tip: See FREE Customizing Offer, Below*


custom decal placard

1. Trash Pro 30

2. Trash Pro 10

• Recycled plastic-wood slats over a sturdy double-coated steel frame for durability and stability. • F ront access permits easy removal and replacement of trash bag, and allows either side, or the back of the container, to be placed against a wall. • C ustom-molded plastic roof adds aesthetic value. • Integral trash bag frame accepts 40 gal. (151.4 liter) trash bags. • 2 8 in. L x 22 in. W x 43 in. H (71 cm L x 56 cm W x 109 cm H). 3810 Hunter Green 3812 Redwood 3811 Black 3813 Caramel

• H inged lid permits easy removal of 10 gal. (37.8 liter) plastic can (included). • Accepts 10 gal. (37.8 liter) plastic trash can liners. • 18 in. L x 14 in. W x 33 in. H (46 cm L x 36 cm W x 84 cm H). 3820 Hunter Green 3822 Redwood 3821 Black 3823 Caramel

Also Available Dual-Capability Trash and Recycling Kit for Trash Pro 30. (Not shown; see page 53)

3. Custom Decal Placard Customize Par Aide Eco-Enclosures with your course’s logo. Minimum order of four placards, no art charge if Vector Art Supplied. Receive free Custom Decal Placards when ordering at least four Eco-Enclosures, excludes Broken Tee Boxes. Customer applies decals. 520-3

*Receive free Custom Decal Placards when you order four or more Par Aide Eco-Enclosures (Broken Tee Boxes not included). | 888-893-2433


Divot Pros & Roller Kit


Clock Kit 3.5 in. (9 cm)

25 in. (64 cm)

KEY FEATURE: l New Stainless Steeity. Hinges Add Durabil


Broken Tee Box

13 in. (33 cm)


Divot Pro


Divot Pro Jr.

4. Divot Pro

6. Divot Pro Jr.

7. Broken Tee Box

• Recycled plastic-wood slats are rustproof, fade resistant and maintenance free. • Convenient height for golfers. • Hinged lid keeps mix dry and accessible. • 5 gal. (18.9 liter) plastic inner liner easily removable for cleaning, filling or changing. Includes 8 oz. (237 ml) scoop. • 19 in. L x 15 in. W x 25 in. H (48 cm L x 38 cm W x 64 cm H). 3410 Hunter Green 3412 Redwood 3411 Black 3413 Caramel

• Recycled plastic-wood slats are rustproof, fade resistant and maintenance free. • Low profile contributes to uncluttered look on tee box. • Hinged lid keeps mix dry and accessible. • 5 gal. (18.9 l) plastic inner liner easily removable for cleaning, filling or changing. Includes 8 oz. (237 ml) scoop. • 19 in. L x 15 in. W x 13 in. H (48 cm L x 38 cm W x 33 cm H). 3420 Hunter Green 3422 Redwood 3421 Black 3423 Caramel

A great addition to any tee box area, Par Aide’s Broken Tee Box helps keep tee areas clean. • Sits directly on ground. Legs allow for air flow. • Fade and rust resistant and maintenance free. • Powder-coated expanded metal bottom. • 8 in. L x 10 in. W x 3.5 in. H. (20 cm L x 25 cm W x 9 cm H) 3490 Hunter Green 3492 Redwood 3491 Black 3493 Caramel

5. Clock Kit • Comes complete with outdoor clock and mounting kit. • Pre-drilled holes in mounting bracket enables clock to be mounted to any Par Aide recycled plastic unit. For a stand-alone clock unit, see our Clock Pro on page 50. 3690

Divot Pro Accessories (Not Shown) Clear Plastic Hand Scoop 400 8 oz. (237 ml)

456 16 oz. (473 ml) | 888-893-2433

8. Roller Kit ( Not Shown) Roller Kit can be easily mounted to many of the Par Aide recycled plastic units, enabling them to be “rolled” rather than picked up to move (can mount to Trash Pro 10, Range Pro and Divot Pros). • 2 wide rollers distribute weight evenly for easy movement. • Reduces back strain. 3425


Range Pro & Clock Pro Eliminate the unsightly clutter of dirty buckets, containers and cans on the practice range with our handsome Range Pro. This all-inclusive club cleaning station is made of maintenance-free recycled plastic and neatly organizes the wash bucket, brush and towel. The coordinating Clock Pro is made of the same maintenance-free recycled plastic. Both lend a professional look to your practice facility.

KEY FEATURE: l New Stainless Steeity. Hinges Add Durabil 1

Range Pro

25 in. (64 cm)

26 in. (66 cm)

Black bucket makes dirty water less noticeable.


Clock Pro

1. Range Pro

2. Clock Pro

Range Ball Storage Box (see pg. 46)

• 100% recycled plastic housing, makes unit rustproof, fade resistant and maintenance free. • Convenient height 25 in. (64 cm) to assist golfers. • Eliminates unsightly water buckets on the practice range by housing them in the unit. • Towel bar and hooks provided for various towel placement options. •  Hinged lid completes the look. • Brush is secured to unit, ensuring it is always handy and accessible. Includes • Pre-assembled housing. • Square 4-gal. (11.3 liter) plastic container. • Hand brush. • Towel bar and hooks. 3310 Hunter Green 3316 Redwood 3315 Black 3317 Caramel

• Keeps players aware of the pace of their rounds and tee times. • Perfect for first and tenth tees and driving range. • 100% recycled plastic. • 26 in. (66 cm) tall. • Available with one or two clocks. 3320 Clock Pro Single-Sided — Hunter Green 3321 Clock Pro Single-Sided — Black 3324 Clock Pro Single-Sided — Redwood 3325 Clock Pro Single-Sided — Caramel

Holds up to 5,000 golf balls. Features a recycled plastic slated bottom that allows venting and drying. • Lockable dual-top opening for easy access. • Recycled plastic-wood is rust proof and fade resistant. 39 in. W x 28 in. D x 27 in. H (99 cm W x 71 cm D x 69 cm H) 3350 Hunter Green 3352 Redwood 3351 Black 3353 Caramel

3322 C lock Pro Double-Sided (Two Clocks) — Hunter Green 3323 C lock Pro Double-Sided (Two Clocks) — Black 3326 Clock Pro Double-Sided (Two Clocks) — Redwood 3327 C lock Pro Double-Sided (Two Clocks) — Caramel | 888-893-2433


Cooler Pros The Cooler Pros are a sleek, low-profile option for keeping refreshments cold on the course. The Cooler Pro comes complete with a removable 48-qt. (36 l) Igloo® cooler, and the Cooler Pro 100 includes a removable 100-qt. (95 l) Igloo® cooler.

Cooler Pro 48-quart (36 liter) shown


Cooler Pro

Super Tip: See FREE Customizing Offer, Below*


Cooler Pro 100

3. Cooler Pro

4. Cooler Pro 100

•  100% recycled plastic housing. • Includes a 48-qt. (36 l) Igloo® cooler. • Igloo® cooler lid attaches to Cooler Pro for convenience, or can be detached to use cooler separately. • 27 in. W x 18 in. D x 19 in. H. (69 cm W x 46 cm D x 48 cm H) 3330 Hunter Green 3332 Redwood 3331 Black 3335 Caramel

•  100% recycled plastic housing. • Includes a 100-qt. (95 l) Igloo® cooler. • Igloo® cooler lid attaches to Cooler Pro 100 for convenience, or can be detached to use cooler separately. • 39 in. W x 20 in. D x 27 in. H. (99 cm W x 51 cm D x 69 cm H) 3340 Hunter Green 3342 Redwood 3341 Black 3343 Caramel

*Receive free Custom Decal Placards when you order four or more Par Aide Eco-Enclosures (Broken Tee Boxes not included). | 888-893-2433


Water Pro Jr. • Post-mounted water cooler station can be conveniently located virtually anywhere on the course. •Features locking door with front access. •Constructed from maintenance-free 100% recycled plastic material. • Mounting post is 6 in. x 6 in. x 72 in. recycled plastic.

Super Tip: See FREE Customizing Offer, Below*

5 gal. (19 l)


Water Pro Jr.

10 gal. (38 l)


Igloo® Water Coolers

1. Water Pro Jr.

2. Igloo® Water Coolers

Includes Water Pro Jr. and one 6 in. x 6 in. x 72 in. Black recycled plastic mounting post. 3626 Water Pro Jr. Hunter Green 3628 Water Pro Jr. Redwood 3627 Water Pro Jr. Black 3629 Water Pro Jr. Caramel

3657 Igloo® Water Cooler, 10 gal. (38 l) Hunter Green

3667 Igloo® Water Cooler, 5 gal. (19 l) Hunter Green

Includes Water Pro Jr., 10 gal. (38 l) Igloo® cooler, Igloo® cup dispenser and one 6 in. x 6 in. x 72 in. Black recycled plastic mounting post. 3632 Water Pro Jr. Complete Hunter Green 3634 Water Pro Jr. Complete Redwood 3633 Water Pro Jr. Complete Black 3635 Water Pro Jr. Complete Caramel *Receive free Custom Decal Placards when you order four or more Par Aide Eco-Enclosures (Broken Tee Boxes not included). | 888-893-2433


Water Pro & Range Ball Storage Box • Double door and a built-in locking system make the cooler easily accessible. •F  eatures large capacity and ample cup storage, plus an onboard trash receptacle for use with large plastic trash bags. • Recycled plastic wood over primed and powder-coated steel frame construction offers permanence and no warping. • Front access to cooler gives you the flexibility to locate the water cooler where it’s most needed.

KEY FEATURE: Only Par Aide Offers Internal Steel Frame to Prevent Warping.



Water Pro

3. Water Pro

4. Water Pro Accessories

Includes station and trash bag frame. 3610 Water Pro Hunter Green 3612 Water Pro Redwood 3611 Water Pro Black 3613 Water Pro Caramel

(Not Shown) 3661 Trash Recycling Kit – Kit includes two plastic trash cans and frame that mounts easily to the lower unit of the Water Pro. Includes “Cans Only” and “Trash Only” labels.

Includes station, trash bag frame, 10 gal. (38 l) Hunter Green Igloo® water cooler and Igloo® cup dispenser. 28 in. W x 22 in. D x 68 in. H (71 cm W x 56 cm D x 173 cm H). 3620 Water Pro Complete Hunter Green 3621 Water Pro Complete Black 3622 Water Pro Complete Redwood 3623 Water Pro Complete Caramel

3658 Igloo® Cup Dispenser

3659 4.25 oz. (126 ml) Cone-shaped Paper Cups (Case of 5,000)

3657-1 Igloo® Replacement Spigot

7050 Safe-Tee Water Spigot | 888-893-2433

Range Ball Storage Box

5. Range Ball Storage Box

A must-have accessory for any golf course, this sturdy storage box holds up to 5,000 golf balls. The recycled plastic slated bottom allows the golf balls to vent and dry, plus a dual-top opening for easy access. The recycled plastic-wood slats are rustproof and fadresistant, so it will last through the most extreme weather. It’s fully lockable too. 39 in. W x 28 in. D x 27 in. H (99.0 cm W x 71.1 cm D x 68.6 cm H). 3350 Hunter Green 3351 Redwood 3352 Pro Black 3353 Pro Caramel


Tee Pro & Scorecard Caddy This unique Ball Washer design keeps a consistent look with the family of Par Aide recycled plastic products. Our Scorecard Caddy makes organization simple and interchangeable with your course.


Tee Pro

1. Tee Pro •  Maintenance free — no need to paint. • Uses same agitator and brush assembly as all Par Aide Ball Washers. • No tools needed to clean and fill. • Holds 1.5 gal. (5.7 l) of water. • 24 in. x 14 in. x 13 in. (61 cm x 36 cm x 33 cm). • Patented design. 3200 T ee Pro Ball Washer — Hunter Green 3201 Tee Pro Ball Washer — Black 3202 Tee Pro Ball Washer — Redwood 3203 Tee Pro Ball Washer — Caramel

250-00 Single-Post Mounting Kit — Black 3 3250-02 Single-Post Mounting Kit — Hunter Green

PAR AIDE EXCLUSIVE: viders Interchangeable niDiza on. For Custom Orga ti

2. Scorecard Caddy • Interchangeable dividers allow for custom organization of scorecards of all sizes, tees, pencils, ball markers and ball mark repair tools. • Hinged lid keeps contents dry. • Rustproof, fade resistant and maintenance free. • Also a great halfway house organizer for napkins, straws, matches, etc. •  10.5 in. x 19 in. x 4.25 in. 3358 H  unter Green Scorecard Caddy with Hunter Green 4 x 4 post and bracket 3359 H  unter Green Scorecard Caddy with Black 4 x 4 post and bracket 3360 Black Scorecard Caddy with Black 4 x 4 post and bracket 3361 Redwood Scorecard Caddy with Black 4 x 4 post and bracket 3362 Caramel Scorecard Caddy with Black 4 x 4 post and bracket

3358-0 S corecard Caddy only — Black 3358-2 Scorecard Caddy only — Hunter Green 3358-11 Scorecard Caddy only — Redwood 3358-12 Scorecard Caddy only — Caramel

3358-1 Hunter Green 4 x 4 post and bracket only 3359-1 Black 4 x 4 post and bracket only | 888-893-2433


Scorecard Caddy


Green & White™ Directional Markers Easy to place and remove, these multipurpose markers are extremely helpful for guiding golfers in the right direction around the course. • Durable 8 in. (20 cm) recycled plastic White stakes with a 4 in. (10 cm) Hunter Green, Red, Black or Blue vinyl cap. • Maintenance free. •S  turdy stainless steel spike measures 5/16 in. (1 cm) in diameter. • Versatile  — direct cart and foot traffic, protect wet areas and new sod, place in front of greens, etc. • Sold in quantities of 25; includes a carrying/storage bucket. • Bucket keeps product clean and easy to transport.


Super Tip: Your In Keep Several HaMndayrking and sy Cart For Ea Worn Markers. Replacement of

Green and white Directional Markers Mark off repair areas.

Discourages golf cart traffic on grass edges.

IVE: PAR AIDE EXCLUS ile at rs Ve y Extremel em. st Sy l ro nt Traffic Co

Encourages traffic to exit cart paths in different locations to reduce wear patterns.

Discourages golf cart traffic in wet areas/ground under repair. 1. Green and White Directional Markers Sold in buckets of 25 only. 8 in. (20 cm) 12250-25 Hunter Green & White 12251-25 Red & White 12252-25 Black & White 12253-25 Blue & White | 888-893-2433

See a product video at


Markers & Stakes Par Aide vs. competitive brands

id colors t every hole, their viv They appear on almos zards. Ours ation of O.B. and ha clearly defining the loc edges and tails like beveled top feature important de both your Details that enhance stainless steel spikes. golfer. d the experience of the course conditions an

ice. -Because Golfers Not


Par Aide Stakes (A) feature rust‑proof stainless-steel spikes. Competitive stakes (B) have unprotected, mild-steel spikes.

• Maintenance-free, fully colorimpregnated, recycled plastic.

• Sturdy, 5/16 in. (1 cm) stainlesssteel spike.

• Extremely fade resistant.

• Rope stakes feature angled slots to easily add/remove rope.


Hazard Markers with Spike


Hazard Markers, Pointed




OB Markers

Par Aide Stakes (A) offer bright coloring and beveled top edges. Competitive stakes (b) have less brilliant coloring and unfinished tops.

PAR AIDE EXCLUSRuIVstE:proof ure All Stakes Featee l Spikes. St sStainles


Rope Stakes

1. Hazard Markers with Spike

2. Hazard Markers, Pointed

3. OB Markers

4. Rope Stakes

Boxes of 25 — Best Value

Boxes of 25 — Best Value

Boxes of 25 — Best Value

Also available in White. Boxes of 25 — Best Value

With Spike 11430-25 18 in. (46 cm) Red 11433-25 18 in. (46 cm) Yellow

11460-25 18 in. (46 cm) Red 11463-25 18 in. (46 cm) Yellow

With Spike 11618-25 18 in. (46 cm) White

12200-25 12 in. (31 cm) Hunter Green

11466-25 24 in. (61 cm) Red 11469-25 24 in. (61 cm) Yellow

11620-25 24 in. (61 cm) White

12210-25 18 in. (46 cm) Hunter Green

11623-25 34 in. (86 cm) White

12230-25 24 in. (61 cm) Hunter Green

11436-25 24 in. (61 cm) Red 11437-25 24 in. (61 cm) Blue 11439-25 24 in. (61 cm) Yellow

Pointed 11640-25 24 in. (61 cm) White Individual stakes are available. Add $0.25 per stake for individual quantities other than box of 25. Call dealer for details.

11643-25 34 in. (86 cm) White | 888-893-2433


Fairway Poles & Rope Our Vinyl Covered Yardage Poles are engineered for superior durability and visibility, and are a great choice for marking the center of the fairway, 150 yds. or other distances, or for indicating the edge of a hazard. • VinylGuard™ covering protects against fading, cracking, scratching and damage from UV rays, chemicals and the elements. • Pre-assembled with in-ground mounting included.

60 in. (152.4cm)

• Superior visibility makes club selection easier for golfers.

: EATURiEnyl To KEY FW V d ith uct. Protectsee Life of Prod Increa 5. Fairway and Hazard Poles PVC pole with VinylGuard covering, 2 in. (5 cm) diameter, 60 in. (1.5 m) height includes PVC ground anchor for mounting. 11680 Black & White stripe 11681 Red & White stripe



fairway poles

Braided Polypropylene Rope


Rope FID

6. Braided Polypropylene Rope

7. Rope FID

Our 1/4 in. (1 cm) braided polypropylene rope is available in 1,000 ft. (304.8 m) spools and comes in assorted colors, including Hunter Green, custom formulated to blend with the Hunter Green rope stakes. 12950 Yellow 12958 Hunter Green 12954 White 12962 Hunter Green/White

Allows user to attach rope around rope stake without tying a knot. Creates a clean-looking loop that will hold tight to the rope stake. 1037 | 888-893-2433


Hole Painter le Painter. This e thanks to our 360˚ Ho siv en xp ine d an sy ea , l of a Tour event. It’s quick Give every round the fee n to detail. -Because Golfers Notice. lumes about your attentio finishing touch speaks vo

• It paints the top 1 in. above the cup Bright White, using a unique nozzle that sprays in all directions at once. • Simple and easy to use. • Sprays the entire perimeter without rotating the can. • No “shadowing” of the paint.

IVE: PAR AIDE EXCLUS ut Spray 360˚ Withon. Rotating the Ca

• No dripping on the cup or overspray on the green. • Provides a consistent, professional finish every time. • Greatly increases visibility of the cup. • Patent Pending.


1. 360° Hole Painter

Replacement Shields

10 360° Hole Paint* 9 Case of 12, 12 oz. cans

911-1 3 Aluminum

360˚ Hole Painter

911-2 10 Plastic *Note — ground shipping only.

911 360° Painting Tool Includes 3 aluminum cup shields

See a product video at

5 Place cup shield over regulation-sized cup.

Place painting tool over hole.

Insert spray can into center of painting tool and simply push down on the can 3–4 times. No rotating is necessary.

The 360° Hole Painter leaves a professional, consistent finish every time. | 888-893-2433

Place rag over nozzle and press to clear excess paint from nozzle after every 9 holes.


Marking Paint & Applicators The key to marking paint lies in the right nozzle design, which controls the density, brightness and length. Ours provides the perfect combination of distance and visibility. To go one step farther than our competitors, we’re offering a safer formulation. Our water-based marking paint is less harmful to all types of turf grass due to reduced VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). We ask that you try it out and see the difference for yourself.

Par Aide Turf Marking Paint (bottom) is brighter, more visible than competitor’s (top).


Marking Paint


Paint Applicators

2. Marking Paint*

3. Paint Applicators

Paint Applicators (cont.)

12410 White Marking Paint (18 oz. (510 g)/can) 12411 Red Marking Paint (17 oz. (482 g)/can)

Apply paint to your turf surfaces easily and generously! The Hand Applicator is essential for deliberate spot marking, while the Long Handle Applicator is appropriate for longer, even, more continuous marking. Both are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Hand Applicator • Easy to handle. • Good for spot marking. • Lightweight. • Approximately 12 in. (31 cm) long. 12402

12412 Yellow Marking Paint (17 oz. (482 g)/can) 12413 Blue Marking Paint (17 oz. (482 g)/can) 12414 Cover-Up Green (17 oz. (482 g)/can) 12415 Fluorescent Orange (17 oz. (482 g)/can)

*Note — ground shipping only.

Long Handle Applicator • Allows for easy application of marking paint to turf. • Good for long, even, continuous marking. • Lightweight. • Approximately 35 in. (89 cm) long. 12401 | 888-893-2433

par aide

Hole Cutters

Here’s proof that better tools give you better results: Par Aide Greens Tools. Our hole cutters, for instance, produce perfectly cut holes more quickly and easily than any other brand. Likewise, our Cup Setter allows cups to be set precisely at the proper depth every time. Finally, our Crew Caddy is almost as good as having an extra arm. All help you deliver the conditions golfers want.


Hole Cutters

: SUPER TCIP Carriere r e t t u e To Sav ur Hol MountrOUtility Vehicloeus r Tools. In You and Protect Y etails. Space Page 65 For D See

KEY FEATURE: es. Heat Treated Blad


3 1

Original Lever Action Hole Cutter


Depth Gauge



Hole Cutter Blades

Original Foot Extraction Hole Cutter 3. Depth Gauge

1. Original Lever Action Hole Cutter

2. Original Foot Extraction Hole Cutter

A back-saving design that allows for easier plug extraction. 1001-1 With Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge 1001-2 With Scalloped Blade, Outside Edge 1001-3 With Straight Blade, Inside Edge 1001-4 With Straight Blade, Outside Edge

Turf plug is extracted by stepping down on foot plate. 1002-1 With Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge 1002-2 With Scalloped Blade, Outside Edge 1002-3 With Straight Blade, Inside Edge 1002-4 With Straight Blade, Outside Edge

1001-19 W  ith Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge and Bubble Level 1001-29 With Scalloped Blade, Outside Edge and Bubble Level 1001-39 With Straight Blade, Inside Edge and Bubble Level 1001-49 With Straight Blade, Outside Edge and Bubble Level

1002-19 With Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge and Bubble Level 1002-29 With Scalloped Blade, Outside Edge and Bubble Level 1002-39 With Straight Blade, Inside Edge and Bubble Level 1002-49 With Straight Blade, Outside Edge and Bubble Level

Suggested Blade Use: Inside sharpened for sandy soil, outside sharpened for heavier soil. | 888-893-2433

Unique single set screw design allows for easy locating, straightening and tightening. Cast aluminum and anodized Black, fits all hole cutters. 1034

4. Original Hole Cutter Blades Our redesigned, 1/2 in. longer, hole cutter blade allows you to cut and set your cup deeper. USGA rules state that a cup must be set a minimum of 1 in. below the surface of the green. Hole Cutter Blade, 7-1/2 in. (18 cm) Plain 1007-01 Inside Sharpened Edge 1007-02 Outside Sharpened Edge

Hole Cutter Blade, 7-1/2 in. (18 cm) Scalloped 1008-01 Inside Sharpened Edge 1008-02 Outside Sharpened Edge


Hole Cutter The Art Of Hole Cutting Taken Up A Notch The best pound-in hole cutter on the market, the HiO Hole Cutter, exclusively offered from Par Aide. Superintendents everywhere have been won over by its precision, ease-of-use and time- and body-saving ability. To operate, simply pull out the pin, lift the handle, and the hammer action drives it into the ground. Enjoy the following advantages: • Perfectly round holes with clean edges. • Easy on arms and shoulders — no twisting required. • Easy for any crew member to operate. • Powerful action works great on clay-based “push up” greens. • Achieve uniform hole depth. • Saves time. • Perfect for Bermuda greens, as grain direction is easily matched when replacing plugs Extremely Important Blade Selection: • “Push up” and native soil greens — outside sharpened blade required. • Sand-based and USGA greens — inside sharpened blade required.

E: EXCLUSoIVle E ID A H R PA ented Hio ct Pat r Cuts Perfe e. Cutte nd Saves Tim Holes a

1. Par Aide HiO Hole Cutter With its patented design, the HiO hole cutter means perfectly cut cups that keep greens looking great and playing true, all while saving you time and effort. 1003-1 HiO Hole Cutter with inside sharpened blade — sand-based, USGA greens 1003-2 HiO Hole Cutter with outside sharpened blade — native soil “push up” greens

See a product video at

Place HiO Hole Cutter in desired cup location.

1009-01 HiO inside sharpened replacement blade — sand-based, USGA greens 1009-02 HiO outside sharpened replacement blade — native soil “push up” greens

Remove pin. Lift handle and hammer action drives cutter into the ground.

HiO Hole Cutter cuts holes with one plug, every time. | 888-893-2433

HiO Hole Cutter leaves a perfectly round, clean hole.




Hole Cutter 7

Two-piece Steel Handle

Rubber Grip

Locking Pin, Spring & Ball Kit

8 3 4

Ejecting Rod

Outer Tube

Ejecting Handle

9 5


: SUPER GTrIP t a e Works e HiO. with th



10 Rubber Ring


Depth Gauge


1. Two-Piece Steel Handle

6. Depth Gauge

10. Rubber Ring

13. Inner Tube

1003-21 (hardware and grips included)

Unique single set screw design allows for easy locating, straightening and tightening. Cast aluminum and anodized Black, fits all hole cutters. 1034


(Not Shown) 1003-25 (complete)

2. Locking Pin, Spring & Ball Kit 1003-22

7. Rubber Grip 3. Outer Tube

1003-9 (pair)

1003-7 (complete)

11. HiO™ Bubble Level This optional item for the HiO Hole Cutter assures a straight cup every time. It fits all existing HiO Hole Cutters, simply attaching through the two bolts that hold the handle in place. 1028

1003-10 (complete)

1003-8 (complete)

9. Cleat 5. Rope

(Not Shown) 1017 (complete)

15. Stop Ring & Pin Kit (Not Shown) 1003-23

8. Ejecting Rod 4. Ejecting Handle

14. Piston

12. Triangle Plate (Not Shown) 1003-26


1003-17 | 888-893-2433


Green Tools 2 Cup Puller


Hole Cutter Handle with Built-in Bubble Level

1 Cup Hole Cleaner

KEY FEATURE: Sets Cups an Extra 1/8" Deep.

SUPER TIP: Check your cup setter to ensure a minimum 1 in. depth.

See page 37 for OUR NEW EIGHT-INCH cup

4 Hole Cutter Guide




Cup Setter

1. Cup Hole Cleaner

4. Hole Cutter Guide

7. Superintendent Tool II

All-steel construction. Designed to prevent unsightly dirt stains on green by removing water from hole when changing cups, prior to inserting turf plug. Just remove cup, insert cup hole cleaner, press down slowly, forcing water into unit, and remove. No more mess on green or pants. 950

Made from highly durable ABS plastic. 23 in. x 19 in. (58 cm x 48 cm). Place on green when cutting cup hole to eliminate heel marks, minimize raised hole edges and encourage a straight cut. 1030

(Not Shown) This superintendent tool features a unique coring tine perfect for repairing ball marks or removing small trouble spots in greens. Stainless steel multi tool contains a coring tool, ball mark repair tool, scissors, file, knife, and a FID — rope splicer. Each tool comes in a nylon pouch with Par Aide Logo and belt loop. 1035

5. Eight-Inch Hole Cutter/Adapter 2. Cup Puller Features long rod and rubber handle for maximum leverage and comfort. Plated steel construction. Three-hook design pulls cup out of hole straight and with ease, with no damage to turf. 1032

To cut holes for “big cup” and junior events, choose the complete Eight-Inch Hole Cutter or the Adapter for use with an original Par Aide Hole Cutter. (Just remove the regulation blade Hole Cutter Piston and attach the Adapter). This tool will also allow you to repair large patches of turf. Adapter includes all necessary hardware and 8 inch Hole Cutter Piston. Eight-Inch Hole Cutter 1005

Adapter 1012

3. Hole Cutter Handle with Built-in Bubble Level Made of turned hardwood with a recessed bubble level. Straight cup every time, regardless of who’s using it — from the novice hole cutter to the experienced veteran. Optional item for all Par Aide hole cutters and fits most major brands. 1029

6. Cup Setter Cast aluminum with powder-coated White finish. The redesigned Cup Setter now sets cups an extra 1/8 in.(1-1/8 in. total) below the surface of the green. USGA rule states that the putting cup must be set at a minimum depth of 1 in. This feature ensures that you meet that requirement. 1031 | 888-893-2433

8. Hole Cutter Replacement Parts (Not Shown) Hole Cutter Piston 1016

(Not Shown) Lever Arm only 1020

(Not Shown) Push Rod only 1021

(Not Shown) Wooden Handle for Hole Cutter 1022

(Not Shown) Main Shaft for Lever Action Hole Cutter 1023

(Not Shown) Main Shaft for Foot Extraction Hole Cutter 1024


Crew Caddy ™ & Hole Cutter Carrier When it’s time to grab your tools and get to work, let Par Aide’s innovation go to work for you. Our Crew Caddy conveniently organizes your greens tools, keeping everything within reach. Our New Hole Cutter Carrier frees up valuable space in your cart while protecting the hole cutter. Count on Par Aide to help you get organized.

IVE: PAR AIDE EXCLUS otect Pr d an d Stay Organize er Blades. Your Hole Cutt

Separate compartments keep cup, paint, flags, water bottles, small tools, radio and more where they belong.

Curved edges for carrying comfort.

Removable soil container, perfect for holding cup plugs and excess soil on the green.

Convenient Velcro strap holds hole cutter securely, avoiding damage.



Crew Caddy

HOLE Cutter Carrier

1. Crew Caddy

2. Hole Cutter Carrier

Saves time by organizing greens tools and allowing you to carry all your tools in one hand. Ergonomically shaped, features individual compartments for organizing tools, includes hole cutter straps, water bottle, removable soil container. 1038

Keep your hole cutter within easy reach while saving space in the utility vehicle. It mounts in the bed of any maintenance vehicle, allowing upright or angled transport of any hole cutter. The carrier also protects the blade and body, while keeping the vehicle bed more organized. Durable steel construction with mounting hardware included. 1011 | 888-893-2433


Core Hog ® & Cup Plugs This tool cuts aeration time drastically and offers the most streamlined way to clean cores from greens. Just walk a straight line through your green as it plows all cores in its path into a neat pile right off the green. Then shovel it up and move on to the next green. The Core Hog easily mounts to walk behind greens mowers with brackets compatible with Toro® 1000, Toro Flex 21, Jacobsen® PGM and John Deere® 220, 220A and 180A. Patent pending. •U  p to 70% faster than manual cleanup. • Provides safe green contact with smooth plastic wear bars. • Stainless steel hardware designed for long-lasting wear. • Made of powder-coated 10-gauge steel.


Core Hog Pays For Itself in One Use.




Core Hog

1. Core Hog with Universal Bracket

Core Hog with Toro Flex 21 Bracket



See a product video at

Replacement bracket sets available. Toro is a registered trademark of Toro, Inc.; Jacobsen is a registered trademark of Textron, Inc.; John Deere is a registered trademark of Deere, Inc.

2. Aerifying Cup Plugs • Made from durable, lightweight, weather-resistant foam material. • Used when aerating greens to protect integrity of the hole. • Used when topdressing greens to keep sand from filling up cup hole. • Can be left in holes during winter months. • Aeration tines able to penetrate plug without pulling it out of the hole. • Sold in sets of nine. • Can be reused 2–3 times. 1070 Regulation Cup Size 1071 Practice Cup Size


See a product video at | 888-893-2433

Aerifying Cup Plugs

usive: PAR AIDE Exclho le from Cup Plug protecntsaerating. damage whe


Core Buster® Drag Mat Our innovative Core Buster Drag Mat breaks up cores easier, faster, better. Made of durable polyethylene, it’s safer on your turf than steel mats. The interlocking 20 in. x 20 in. x 2 in. (51 cm x 51 cm x 5 cm) grid panels let you create a variety of sizes, so you can add or subtract to fit your fairways, tees and greens. Plus, the Core Buster is durable and rust free, and the panels are stackable or can be hung for easy storage. Also works great for breaking up grass clippings, dragging in top dressing on greens, and working in seed when overseeding. Easily handled by one person. Watch video on and see how.


Core Buster Drag Mat I

usive: PAR AIDE Excl at That Onlyte. Much Larger M n to Opera Requires One Perso

KEY FEAT E: Unique Design BreaUR More Completely ThanksStUp Cores eel Mats.


Core Buster Drag Mat II

1. Core Buster Drag Mat I Includes 24 panels, draw bar and all hardware. 1081 160 in. x 60 in. (406 cm x 152 cm) (8 panel x 3 panel)

2. Core Buster Drag Mat II Includes 15 panels, draw bar and all hardware. 1080 100 in. x 60 in. (254 cm x 152 cm) (5 panel x 3 panel)


Individual Panel


3. I ndividual Panel (20 in. x 20 in.) (51 cm x 51 cm) 1080-10

4. Draw Bars 1080-12 Single Section Only, Complete

*Now made from galvanized steel for added strength

See a product video at | 888-893-2433

Draw Bars


Hardware Kit

5. Hardware Kit Includes four eye bolts with washers and nuts, and four quick clips. 1080-11

Expanding the Core Buster Drag Mat To add a n additional vertical row: Order one draw bar, one hardware kit and three individual panels. To add a n additional horizontal row: Order five or eight individual panels. No hardware or bars needed.


Dura-Flex™ Signs e, attractive and nage. Our exclusiv sig ar cle , an cle th itions wi to read. Improve course cond ssages will be easy me re su en ns Sig ible Dura-Flex virtually indestruct

otice. -Because Golfers N

Features • 3-D molded-in letters means printing will not scratch off.

• Clear coated for fast and easy cleaning.

• Corrosion-resistant spikes are formed by a single U-shaped, stainless steel rod, molded into the resin for maximum strength.

• Large, easy-to-read lettering.

• Flexible and impervious to damage from balls and carts.

• 10-1/2 in. x 5-1/2 in. (27 cm x 14 cm) (not including spike). • Available in popular color options.

Designed to flex

Unique U-shaped Spike(s)

PAR AIDE Exclusive: Unbreakable Sign With Stainless Steel Spikes That Cannot Pull Out.


Dura-flex Signs

1. Dura-Flex Signs

Captions available:

5610-__ White with Hunter Green letters 5620-__ Hunter Green with White letters 5630-__ Yellow with Black letters Specify caption, see list at right.

–01 “Ground Under Repair” –02 “Tee Area Closed” –03 “No Carts Past Here” –04 “Keep Carts On Path” –05 “Please Rake Bunkers” –06 “Please Repair Ball Marks” –07 “Drop Area” –08 “Wet Area Carts Keep Off” –09 “Please Replace Divots”

–10 “Please Keep Off” –11 “Carts Scatter” –12 “Putting Green Closed” –13 “No Chipping” –14 “Next Tee ↑” –16 “No Carts” –17 “← Carts” –18 “Carts→” –19 “← Next Tee” | 888-893-2433

–20 “Next Tee →” –21 “Please Observe 90° Rule” –22 “Trolleys →” –23 “← Trolleys” –24 “No Trolleys” –25 “Drop Zone”


Lexan Signs Straightforward, portable signage made of Lexan plastic for durability. •T  ough, polycarbonate stakes attach to the signs with industrial strength, double sided tape. • Available in Hunter Green and Yellow, the 6 in. x 11 in (15 cm x 28 cm) highly visible yet unobtrusive signs that are reversescreened on the back side to prevent unsightly scratches.


1. Lexan Signs

Captions available:

Green or Yellow, with stake. See sign listing and order numbers at right. 5751-__ Green with White letters 5752-__ Yellow with Black letters

-01 “Ground Under Repair” -03 “Please No Carts Past Here” -04 “Please Keeps Carts On Path” -05 “Please Rake Bunkers” -06 “Please Repair Ball Marks” -07 “Drop Area” -08 “Wet Area Carts Keep Off” -09 “Please Replace Divots” -11 “Carts Scatter” -12 “Putting Green Closed”

2. Replacement Stakes (Not Shown) 5761 Hunter Green 5762 Black

Lexan Signs

-13 “No Chipping” -14 “Next Tee ↑” -16 “No Carts” -17 “← Carts” -18 “Carts →” -19 “← Next Tee” -20 “Next Tee →” -21 “Please Observe 90° Rule” -25 “Practice Area Closed” | 888-893-2433

par aide

Bunker Rakes

In addition to performing its job, a bunker rake must stand up to the elements. It must also avoid being run over by a mower. And not be bitten or broken by an angry golfer. Our recommendation? The proven, highly popular Accuform Ace II or Accuform AccuCurv Bunker Rakes, coupled with our exclusive ProTect Handles, for consistent surfaces and splinter-free durability.


Protect™: Splinter-Free Rake Handle THE NO. 1, SPLINTER-FREE CHOICE IN RAKE HANDLES At Par Aide, we’re known for innovative, top-performing products like our bunker rakes. Now, another innovation is making them even better: The ProTect bunker rake handle. Its unique design assures it will remain splinter free, while maintaining a clean, professional appearance. The ProTect bunker rake handle features: • Strength you’d expect from traditional fiberglass handles. • Long-lasting thermoplastic coating that dramatically reduces the chance of fiberglass splinters. • Fibers that will stay enclosed in any weather condition. • High-quality UV coating, keeping the rake handle flexible and fade resistant. • Fits any Par Aide rake head (see below for all options). So get a better grip on your bunker maintenance. Get your hands on the ProTect rake handle.

Thermoplastic coating drastically reduces the chance of fiberglass splinters.

PAR AIDE Ex Protect Hanclusive: Elminate Spl dle inters.

Fiberglass core for superior strength.

1. Accuform Ace II with ProTect Rake Handle – Boxes of 25 990-825 1 7" Ace II with 54" Hunter Green ProTect handle


990-925 17" Ace II with 72" Hunter Green ProTect handle

Accuform Ace II

995-825 25" Ace II with 54" Hunter Green ProTect handle

995-925 25" Ace II with 72" Hunter Green ProTect handle

2. Accuform AccuCurv with ProTect Rake Handle – Boxes of 25 997-825 A ccuCurv with 54" Hunter Green ProTect handle


Accuform AccuCurv

997-925 AccuCurv with 72" Hunter Green ProTect handle

Individual rakes are available. Add $0.75 per rake for individual quantities other than box of 25. Call dealer for details. | 888-893-2433


Ace I1™ Bunker Rake ACe II bunker rake Smoothing out our ultra-lightweight design has made this rake better than ever before. And it shows. •E  nds are tapered to reduce unsightly furrows left by rakes with straight ends. • Available in 17 in. (43 cm) and 25 in. (64 cm) heads. • Impact-resistant, high-density polyethylene — superior Accuform quality. • Each pass of the rake blends with the pass before and after. •P  atented design.


lusive: c x E E PAR AtIDented Designs. Pa es Furrow Reduc Uneven furrow

17" Accuform Ace II Bunker Rake

See a product video at

Smooth, consistent finish

The Most Trusted Bunker Rake For Tournaments Worldwide. All competitive rake designs leave uneven furrows on the edges (left image). Par Aide’s patented Accuform Ace II greatly reduces furrows, leaving bunkers more consistent and smooth.

1. 17" Accuform Ace II with 54" Rake Handles

17" Accuform Ace II with 72" Rake Handles

Boxes of 25 — Best Value 990-125 17" (43 cm) Ace II with 54" Hunter Green Honeycomb Handle

Boxes of 25 — Best Value 990-425 17" (43 cm) Ace II with 72" Hunter Green Hollow Handle

990-325 1 7” (43 cm) Ace II with 54” Hunter Green Hollow Handle 990-525 17" (43 cm) Ace II with 54" Hunter Green Aluminum Handle 990-825 1 7" (43 cm) Ace II with 54" Hunter Green ProTect (thermoplastic coated) Handle 990-1025 17" (43 cm) Ace II with 54" Sienna Brown Aluminum Handle

990-925 17" (43 cm) Ace II with 72" Hunter Green ProTect (thermoplastic coated) Handle

• Heads and handles shipped in separate cartons. • All rake handles include grips. Please specify when ordering if grips are not needed.

Individual rakes are available. Add $0.75 per rake for individual quantities other than box of 25. Call dealer for details. | 888-893-2433


25 Inch Ace I1™ Bunker Rake It’s hard to achieve properly maintained bunkers with poorly maintained rakes. Additionally, splintered handles, missing teeth and loose heads all give golfers less than positive impressions of your course. Annual checks and replacement of worn bunker rakes keeps your supply in top condition and helps you avoid the expense of replacing them all at once.

-Because Golfers Notice.


25" Accuform Ace II Bunker Rake

The World’s Best Selling Bunker Rake. 2. 25" Accuform Ace II with 54" Rake Handles

25" Accuform Ace II with 72" Rake Handles

Boxes of 25 — Best Value 995-125 25" (64 cm) Ace II with 54" Hunter Green Honeycomb Handle

Boxes of 25 — Best Value 995-425 25" (64 cm) Ace II with 72" Hunter Green Hollow Handle

995-325 25” (64 cm) Ace II with 54” Hunter Green Hollow Handle 995-525 25" (64 cm) Ace II with 54" Hunter Green Aluminum Handle 995-825 2 5" (64 cm) Ace II with 54" Hunter Green ProTect (thermoplastic coated) Handle 995-1025 25" (64 cm) Ace II with 54" Sienna Brown Aluminum Handle

995-925 2 5" (64 cm) Ace II with 72" Hunter Green ProTect (thermoplastic coated) Handle

Individual 995-1 25" (64 cm) Ace II with 54" Hunter Green Honeycomb Handle

995-3 25” (64 cm) Ace II with 54” Hunter Green Hollow Handle 995-5 25" (64 cm) Ace II with 54" Hunter Green Aluminum Handle 995-8 25" (64 cm) Ace II with 54" Hunter Green ProTect (thermoplastic coated) Handle 995-10 25" (64 cm) Ace II with 54" Sienna Brown Aluminum Handle

Individual 995-4 25" (64 cm) Ace II with 72" Hunter Green Hollow Handle

995-9 25" (64 cm) Ace II with 72" Hunter Green ProTect Handle

• Heads and handles shipped in separate cartons. • All rake handles include grips. Please specify when ordering if grips are not needed.

Individual rakes are available. Add $0.75 per rake for individual quantities other than box of 25. Call dealer for details. | 888-893-2433


Accucurv® Rake AccuCurv® bunker RAKE Our easy-to-use Accuform AccuCurv Bunker Rake combines a patented two-sided profile with the lightweight feel of the Accuform Ace II Bunker Rake. The Accuform AccuCurv Bunker Rake is value-priced and offers unmatched durability.

KEY FEATURES: Priced. Lightweight and Value


Accuform AccuCurv Bunker Rake

1. Accuform AccuCurv Boxes of 25 — Best Value 997-125 15" (31 cm) AccuCurv with 54" Hunter Green Honeycomb Handle

997-325 15” (31 cm) AccuCurv with 54” Hunter Green Hollow Handle 997-525 15" (31 cm) AccuCurv with 54" Hunter Green Aluminum Handle 997-825 1 5" (31 cm) AccuCurv with 54" Hunter Green ProTect (thermoplastic coated) Handle 997-1025 15" (31 cm) AccuCurv with 54" Brown Aluminum Handle

997-925 AccuCurv with 72" Hunter Green ProTect handle

• Heads and handles shipped in separate cartons. • All rake handles include grips. Please specify when ordering if grips are not needed.

Individual rakes are available. Add $0.75 per rake for individual quantities other than box of 25. Call dealer for details. | 888-893-2433


Deep Face Bunker Rake Deep face bunker rake The extra-long 8 ft. (2.4 m) handle on this rake is perfect for large, deep face bunkers, as it eliminates the need to enter the bunker to perform maintenance. Use this rake to vary your location when raking bunkers to eliminate wear patterns on bunker edges. The long handle, coupled with a 25 in. (64 cm) Accuform Ace II rake head, makes this the ultimate rake for maintaining your bunkers.

PAR AIDE Exclusive: Extra Long Reach For Raking Steep Bunker Faces.


Accuform Deep Face Bunker Rake

1. Accuform Deep Face Bunker Rake 995-7

Bunker Rake Handles and Accessories Par Aide offers a full line of replacement handles and grips as well as decals with rake placement instructions. Fiberglass Honeycomb Handle

Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

• Fiberglass Honeycomb handle offers greater strength. • Fiberglass handles contain improved UV protection to maximize handle life.

• Powder-Coated Aluminum for a non-fiberglass option. Lightweight yet strong. • Available in Sienna Brown or Hunter Green.

Fiberglass Hollow Handle

ProTect Handle

• Fiberglass Hollow design is lighter. • Fiberglass handles contain improved UV protection to maximize handle life.

• ProTect handle features a thermoplastic coating to dramatically decrease the chance of fiberglass splinters.

1. Bunker Rake Handles and Grips Handles A. 972-1 54 in. (1.4 m) Hunter Green Honeycomb Fiberglass Handle with Rubber Grip

B. 972-5 54 in. (1.4 m) Hunter Green Hollow Fiberglass Handle

C. 972-6 72 in. (1.8 m) Hunter Green Hollow Fiberglass Handle

D. 972-8 54 in. (1.4 m) Hunter Green ProTect (thermoplastic coated) Handle

E. 972-9 72 in. (1.8 m) Hunter Green ProTect (thermoplastic coated) Handle

F. 972 54 in. (1.4 m) Hunter Green Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

G. 972-10 54 in. (1.4 m) Sienna Brown Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle | 888-893-2433

Grips Package of 10 974-10 Rubber Grips

2. Bunker Rake Handle Decals (Not Shown) Direct players to leave rakes in or out of bunkers. Thirteen to a set; kiss-cut for easy use. 965-1 “Leave Rakes In Bunkers”

965-2 “Leave Rakes Out of Bunkers”


Soil Profile Sampler & Star Spiker When a turf tool comes from Par Aide, you can be sure it helps the Superintendent and crew work more quickly and effectively. You can also be sure it offers superior functionality, performance and durability. Accuform by Par Aide Soil Profile Samplers and Star Spikers improve course conditions in a way only Par Aide products can.

KEY FEATURES:r Hinge Design Fo g. Easy Profile Viewevinents Tapered Design Prrating. Blades From Sepa


Accuform Soil Profile Sampler A Mascaro Design

See a product video at


Accuform Star Spiker

1. Accuform Soil Profile Sampler

2. Accuform Star Spiker

This exclusive design makes extracting soil samples easier than ever. Our Profile Sampler gives you an undisturbed soil profile 6 in. (15 cm) deep, 3 in. (8 cm) wide and 1/2Â in. (1 cm) thick. Hinge allows you to easily view the root zone and thatch clearly, with no bolts or screws to get in the way. The innovative design not only keeps the blades from separating when inserted into the turf, but also makes it easier to replace the sample after viewing. 25-1/2 in. (65 cm) Tall 1130

Heavy-duty 12 in. (31 cm) steel head, with 18 stainless steel star spikes, penetrates soil deeper. Ergonomically bent 54 in. (1.4 m) aluminum handle. Excellent for scarifying greens, breaking up algae, overseeding and providing best seed-to-soil contact. 13256 1 2 in. (31 cm) Star Spiker with 54 in. (1.4 m) bent Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

Can’t find the product or information you need? Call us for details or visit | 888-893-2433


Maintenance Rakes Par Aide is committed to providing only the highest-quality products to our customers. To uphold this strong commitment we offer Accuform maintenance rakes — a brand that definitely complements our superior quality.

: clusiv.e x E E D I PAR Atented Design Pa


AccuSmooth® Maintenance Bunker Rake


Accuform Landscape Rake



Accuform Spring Brace Leaf/Grooming Rake

Accuform Screening Rake

1. A  ccuSmooth Maintenance Bunker Rake

3. Accuform Landscape Rake

4. Accuform Screening Rake

A patented original that rakes and smoothes. 13130 22 in. (56 cm) AccuSmooth with 66 in. (1.7 m) Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

Long rounded teeth for smooth, non-gouging raking action and a large striking edge excellent for grading. 13110 24 in. (61 cm) Landscape Rake with 66 in. (1.7 m) Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

Designed for sifting, grading and screening stones and debris from sand or fine soil. 13120 24 in. (61 cm) Screening Rake with 66 in. (1.7 m) Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

13114 36 in. (91 cm) Landscape Rake with 66 in. (1.7 m) Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

13124 36 in. (91 cm) Screening Rake with 66 in. (1.7 m) Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

13134 22 in. (56 cm) AccuSmooth with 82 in. (2.1 m) Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

2. A  ccuform Spring Brace Leaf/Grooming Rake Heavy-duty spring action, 24 steel tines, and a boltedthrough, head-to-handle connection. 13160 24 in. (61 cm) 24-Tine Steel Spring Brace Rake with 54 in. (1.5 m) Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

13118 48 in. (122 cm) Landscape Rake with 66 in. (1.7 m) Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle | 888-893-2433


Maintenance Tools Tending to the greens has never been easier than with these specialty tools from Accuform by Par Aide. Each is specially designed to make caring for the greens easier, and with our sturdy construction, they will stand up to daily use for years.

PAR AIDE Exclusive: Maintain Definition Between Greens and Surrounds.


Accuform Green Edger



Accuform Plug Pusher



Accuform Roller Squeegee

1. Accuform Green Edger

2. Accuform AccuLevel

4. Accuform Roller Squeegee

Just walk the Green Edger around the greens; it slides easily, cutting troublesome “runners” to keep greens and surrounds perfect looking all year. Create definition between greens and surrounds and prevent different turf types from migrating and blending together – all without unsightly gouges. Cuts 1-1/3 in. below turf. 13260 Accuform Green Edger

From spreading to smoothing or breaking up soil before seeding or planting, the AccuLevel is perfect for soil preparation projects of all kinds. Why? It offers the perfect size head: 34-in. x 10-in. plated steel. It’s also easier to use because it features a lightweight, sturdy 72‑in. aluminum handle, not a heavy wooden handle used on competitive models. 13265 34 in. (86 cm) AccuLevel with 72 in. (1.82 m) Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

Recommended for removing water from greens and turf, this non-absorbent squeegee features a heavy-dutyribbed frame, combined with wraparound bracing to eliminate deflection when pressure is applied. Has a 60 in. (1.5 m) bent handle in orange powdercoat and vinyl grip. 13220 24 in. (61 cm) Roller Squeegee with 60 in. (1.5 m) bent Orange Powder-cCoated Aluminum Handle

3. Accuform Plug Pusher

13224 36 in. (91 cm) Roller Squeegee with 60 in. (1.5 m) bent Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

13261 3 Pack of Replacement Blades

The specially designed 36 in. (91 cm) aluminum head is excellent for pushing aeration plugs off the green. Comes with sturdy wrap-around bracing and a 66 in. (1.7 m) orange powder-coated aluminum handle with a 5 in. (13 cm) vinyl grip. 13240 36 in. (91 cm) Plug Pusher with 66 in. (1.7 m) Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle | 888-893-2433


Turf Tools Par Aide offers a complete line of Accuform turf tools designed to make your job easier and keep your course in top playing condition. The Accuform Turf Plugger, Ball Mark Plugger and Weed Puller make repairing damaged turf and removing unsightly weeds easier than ever.

See a product video at

See a product video at


Accuform turf Plugger


Accuform ball mark Plugger


Accuform Weed Puller

1. Accuform Turf Plugger

2. Accuform Ball Mark Plugger

3. Accuform Weed Puller

This handy tool allows you to easily replace worn, damaged areas with healthy turf. Use it on greens, tees, fairways and ends of cart paths. Also good for weed removal. Removes turf plugs 2-3/8 in. (6 cm) wide by 2-1/2 in. (6 cm) deep, the ideal size for regrowing turfgrass. Features a replaceable cutter blade made from case hardened steel, and a hollow handle that can hold up to 12 plugs. 31-1/2 in. (80 cm) Tall 1095

This tool helps you remove ball marks on greens quickly and easily. Works great to remove Poa Annua and Goose Grass too. The Ball Mark Plugger removes plugs 1-1/2 in. (4 cm) by 2-1/2 in. (6 cm) deep and comes with 3-1/8 in. (8 cm) rubber washers for shallow plug extraction. The hollow handle holds up to 12 plugs. 31 in. (79 cm) Tall 1094

Weed removal is easier with the Accuform Weed Puller. It removes the weed and the entire root system to prevent regrowth. Simply center the 3 spikes on the weed, twist and remove with spring-loaded plunger. Made of steel tubing, with replaceable steel spikes that can be positioned different ways to adjust for small and large weeds. Upright handle allows you to weed without bending. Works great on crabgrass, goosegrass, dandelions and all bunch-type weeds and grasses. 41 in. (104 cm) Tall 1150 | 888-893-2433


Mechanix Wear® Gloves & Green-Saver™ Ball Mark Repair Tool Par Aide is proud to offer Mechanix Wear, the “original” high-performance work glove. If your job demands a glove that is light-duty and cooler, with better grip and more padding, then these are the gloves for you. Choose from the well-rounded performance of the Utility Gloves, or the superior wear of the 4X Gloves for more comfort and performance.



1. Mechanix Wear Utility Gloves

2. Mechanix Wear 4X® Original® Gloves

Offering great fit, feel and protection, these affordable gloves feature a two-way form fitting TekDry® top, elastic cuff with hook and loop closure and a tough synthetic leather palm. 13591-01 Utility Glove — Black/Gray — Medium 13591-02 Utility Glove — Black/Gray — Large 13591-03 Utility Glove — Black/Gray — Extra Large

High abrasion Material 4X resists punctures and tearing better than leather. It’s also machine washable. Backside of the glove is two-way stretch spandex for the ultimate in comfort and dexterity. 13593-01 4X Glove — Black/Tan — Medium 13593-02 4X Glove — Black/Tan — Large 13593-03 4X Glove — Black/Tan — Extra Large

green-saver™ ball mark repair tool Keep your greens in shape with this durable, easy-to-use tool. Our Green-Saver quickly repairs ball marks with one simple step. It utilizes an eight-prong design that moves from the outside of the ball mark to the inside. A simple press of the handle sends the first set of four prongs into action. Then the second set enters the turf at an angle and closes the turf around the ball mark. The base acts like a tamp to flatten the newly repaired area, leaving a smooth putting surface.


green-saver repair tool

Features include: •S  tainless steel parts. • Self-lubricating bushing.

See a product video at

• Precision laser-cut components. • Removable tabs on housing that allow for easy cleaning by flushing with water.

1. Green-Saver 1090

1 | 888-893-2433




Whipping Poles & Safety Net Choose between two lightweight, durable whipping pole models for removing dew and worm casts from greens. •E  ach whipping pole offers two-piece design, with a lightweight anodized aluminum handle. • Each whipping pole has a durable, 8 ft. (2.4 m) tapered fiberglass tip. • On our original whipping pole, the handle and fiberglass tip are secured together by two thumb screws. • On our E-Z Whip design, the fiberglass tip slides inside the handle during storage and transportation and easily extends out for whipping. Fiberglass tip slides inside handle for transport.

Slides out easily for use.

E-Z Whip Whipping Pole in use Fiberglass tip slides in and out of handle (cut-away view).



Original Whipping Pole

E-Z Whip Whipping Pole

1. Original Whipping Pole

2. E-Z Whip Whipping Pole



Original Whipping Pole Parts

E-Z Whip Whipping Pole Parts

(Not Shown) Fiberglass Tip (includes coupler) 1045

(Not Shown) Fiberglass Tip 1065

(Not Shown) Handle with Hand Grip 1046

(Not Shown) Handle with Hand Grip 1066

safety net The 6-1/2 ft. x 6 ft. (2 m x 1.8 m) net provides ample protection for employees doing work in the line of fire. Its collapsible frame has aluminum uprights with fiberglass upper and lower cross pieces and heavy-duty “step-in” stakes that secure the uprights. The net is high-strength polypropylene with high-visibility safety Yellow borders. Literally set up in seconds! 1. Safety Net 1100

e: Exclussiv... E ID A R PA y in Second Safet Any Golf Course. or a Must F | 888-893-2433

See a product video at


Safe-Tee Water™ Water-handling practices at golf courses are going under the microscope. One of the biggest issues facing golf courses today is providing sanitary drinking water for their guests. To help resolve this problem cost-effectively, Par Aide has engineered a practical solution: Safe-Tee Water. This unique, patented system utilizes a sealed fill hose that injects water directly into disposable liners in a manner that’s resistant to outside contaminants both during and after filling. The Safe-Tee Water system is the only NSF-certified system currently available and is the only system that uses a 100% sealed liner. Your safest option has huge advantages: 1. T  here’s no outside contact. Not with air. Not with human hands. Nothing. 2. S  afe-Tee Water greatly reduces the labor needed to meet current water cooler sanitation requirements.

STEP 1 Put an empty liner into the cooler. Feed the fill tube through the spigot.

3. A  lternatives are very expensive and have additional factors to consider:

a. P  roviding bottled water creates a great deal of waste and can be logistically difficult.

b. Installing water fountains may be prohibitively expensive and require ongoing maintenance.

c. S  pigot shrouds and filtration systems may not meet local health guidelines or NSF certification.

The Safe-Tee Water Fill-and-Dispense System works easily First, the cooler spigot needs a quick conversion to the Safe-Tee Water fill-and-dispense system pinch valve spigot. Then it’s a simple process. The Safe-Tee Water fill-and-dispense system is designed to work with ten-gallon insulated coolers. The fill system consists of a coupler that attaches to a dedicated water supply; hose; and adapter that connects to the liner’s fill tube. Safe-Tee Water spigots are ordered separately. They fit on the most common brands of coolers, easily replacing the original spigots. One-use sanitary liners are available in quantities of 200. 1. One-Use Sanitary Liners

3. Fill System

Case of 200 7150

Includes Coupler, Hose and Adapter 7100

2. Safe-Tee Water Spigot

STEP 2 Connect the fill system to the water supply and to the liner’s fill tube. Fill the liner.

STEP 3 Close the spigot, disconnect the water supply and trim off the fill tube at the spigot. Ice can be added on and around the filled liner to cool the water.

7050 | 888-893-2433


Away With Geese™

Has an effective range of at least 75 yards in any direction (up to 4 acres).

Super Tip: Start With Kaeynd Ponds And Expre. From The

Some pond shapes may require two or more units to provide complete line-of-sight coverage.

Away With Geese — A Long-term solution Our safe, humane, environmentally friendly goose-repelling system wins over more Superintendents every year. The unit is solar powered and emits an amber-colored light, disrupting the sleeping pattern of geese, ultimately encouraging them to move to a new location. It also keeps geese from congregating during molting season, migration and many other times of the year. A single unit effectively protects an area of four acres, working continuously each night with no maintenance. For added durability, Away With Geese offers a one-piece roto-molded design, using fade-resistant ABS plastic. This improves the look of the device while making it impervious to any kind of abuse and able to stay in water year round. There is simply no other method available that measures up in effectiveness, safety, cost or reliability. • When Away with Geese is used over the course of 1–2 seasons, you will notice a dramatic decrease in goose population on the ponds you equip with this product. • Please note: While Away With Geese will be very successful as part of a long-term solution for geese control, results may vary as it is impossible to predict how each individual goose will react to this system.

1. Away With Geese 7200

• Replacement parts available. Contact dealer for details. | 888-893-2433

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Customer Service

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