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Fran Gamboa

“Nancy in Hell”. Cover for issue #2 (USA) and cover for Trade Paperback (Spain). Art by Juan José Ryp.

“Nancy in Hell”. Interior art.

“Le Capitaine Fracasse”. Art by Kiko Duarte.

“Le Capitaine Fracasse”. Cover art for Book #3.

“Gijoe reloaded”. Cover for spanish edition. Art by Antonio Vázquez.

“Underworld Evolution”. Interior art from motion movie adaptation. Art by Antonio Vázquez.

With many years working with some of the most respected publishers in the world (especially European and USA market) Fran Gamboa (colorist, graphic designer) and JC Ruiz (writer, graphic desing and letterer) usually works on estabilished franchises (CSI and CVO with IDW publishing for example), but continues also develop their own properties and creations both for comics and other new media (Nancy in Hell and Rogues! with Image Comics). Also we published some own comics with spanish publishers (Miserere and Nancy in Hell).

Lettering Samples

“Suicide Forest”. IDW Publishing. Art by Gabriel Hernández.

“Nancy in Hell”. Image Comics. Art by JJ RyP.

“Finado”. Webcomic. Art by Fabian Slongo. WWW.FINADO.NET

We can created our own fonts to lettering and logos to any comic-book styles. If you need more samples or test pages, feel free to aks us.

We also worked translating to spanish publishers many comics from usa and european publisher. Here are some covers.

Comic color samples.  

Comic color, lettering and design samples.

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