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We know that you are your child’s first and most important teacher, and that play is the way children learn and grow best during their early years. We’ve designed our toys with that in mind and we hope our toys inspire you to lead the way to meaningful play. Whether you’re snuggled together behind the pages of a book, pouring water from one cup to another, taking turns around a game board, or building a castle together, we know you will not settle for less than the best play toys for your child. For over three decades, Discovery Toys has been the most trusted and respected direct sales company of quality, award-winning educational toys. The company began when an early childhood educator first brought together a group of dedicated teachers, mothers and parents to take on the important topic of education for children

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Toy Safety

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infant birth-12m page 10-17

toddler 12m-3y

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preschool 3y-5y page 32-51

school 5y+

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Be a Hostess

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through play. Today, we continue in that tradition. We’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality books, toys, and games available, each backed with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. The quality and safety of our toys is as important to us as the layers of learning we craft into each and every toy we develop.

Come play, shop & learn with us.



Discover Why You Want To Play & Party with Us.

Everyone is talking about the need to raise early education awareness and engage young children in the love of learning. Discovery Toys creates a unique income and career opportunity while it helps further the education of our children.

Teach. Play. Inspire.

Reflects our company’s core beliefs and the very reason we want you to join us. We know you can help parents, just like you, to teach and inspire their children to learn through play everyday.

An Uncompromising Opportunity.

With Discovery Toys you are your own boss, and part of a team all at once. You set your schedule, and create connections to a dynamic leadership team, new friends, extended family, and importantly, children all along the way. You can build a successful business and achieve individual financial goals.

Join Discovery Toys as an Educational Consultant & Look Forward to so Many Things: • Earn an Income

Decide how much money you want to earn, and take advantage of our fantastic Success Start Rewards program.

• Gain Recognition and Inspire Others

Experience the joy of being rewarded often as you build your business and realize your dreams and goals while helping others to realize theirs.

• Get Professional Training

Learn through our website, conference calls, print materials, and local and regional meetings.

• Make Long-Lasting Friendships

“I realize how wonderful I have it: the freedom to determine my paycheck, the flexibility of my time, the awesome products to share, and the wonderful friends I’ve made. No other job can offer what Discovery Toys can.” Kerri Mason DT Team Leader


Enjoy building a business and making money while surrounding yourself with caring people like yourself.

• Earn Amazing Vacations

Experience fabulous trips to great destinations with your spouse, children or friends.

• Represent Learning Toys for Children

You will be involved in a unique business: No other company in the marketplace can match the quality, safety standards and lifetime guarantee of our products. At the same time, you will have an important impact on children’s lives everywhere.

play. shop. earn.

Join our team and earn your Success Start Kit for free with our Success Start Rewards program. With a minimal investment in your starter kit, you receive a great selection of our exclusive, quality learning toys and valuable training and business tools to get you off to a successful start.


infant years birth exploration

sensory stimulation experimentation, music science, dramatic play l social & emotional


lullabies around the world jangles busy baby super yummy animal baby my baby’s world

6m ring around baby grooves try-angle sunny sounds twisty bug

t oddler years 9m play & learn snail






hammer away!

EZ blocks sunshine market

cause & effect problem solving strategy construction



frog’s friends measure-up® cups

computation, logic size & shapes spatial relationships

reading & language

toddler talk

comprehension vocabulary communication

expression writing, arts, crafts color exploration


ladybug’s lesson




what am I? collection play to be safe zoo-mobiles friendship island game discovery fun play house dear tooth fairy book T-I-T® early math my busy day joe scruggs / traffic jams cd the living world the potty train match up ride and go match up hide and seek


Our toys support these Learning Pathways, leading to school readiness, self confidence and academic success.


6 in 1 play center

fine & gross motor hand-eye coordination

go go caterpillar


school years

bathtime bugs

rainfall rattle baby bear’s bedtime

snappy ducks tangiball

motor skills

preschool years

giant pegboard™

roll & play

caterpillar shape sorter progressive puzzles castle marbleworks® place & trace bright buildersb shape & laces

puzzle ring toss flip flop faces motor works collection fashion friends T-I-T® system tiles marbleworks® collection right builders+ zip track

ABC& 123 wipe clean workbooks working trio measure-up® pots & spoons number hunt

T-I-T® math basics

jaw bones labyrinth

stormy seas

tricky fingers mosaic mysteries puzzle island T-I-T® advanced math

busy bugs giant pegboard™ activity pack busy pets T-I-T® early math playful numbers & shapes playful patterns® sounds like fun CD

busy farm

AB seas® zingo® my first fairy tales wipe clean beg. to read & write on the go flashcards – french/englishp bilingual songs playful letters on the go flashcards – ABC ABC& 123 wipe clean workbooks jam session make it fun kits

road trip activity journal

wiz kids word flip

ick up words™ A to Z junior

ahoy! pirate pete once upon a time


shopping tips Shop Using Learning Pathways. The Learning Pathways Chart on pages 6 & 7 highlights core school readiness skills and shows which Discovery Toys products support these skills at every age and stage of development.


sensor y stimulation experimentation, music science, dramatic play social and emotional

motor skills fine & gross motor hand-eye coordination

thinking cause & effect problem solving strategy construction



computation, logic size, shapes spatial relationships

reading & language comprehension vocabular y communication

expression writing, arts, crafts color exploration

Autism & Discovery Toys

look for learning styles

Discovery Toys are designed to target the most commonly shared learning difficulties for children with autism. Children with autism tend to experience several broad areas of significant difficulty.

Look for the Learning Styles next to the age range for each product. Select products with Multiple Learning Styles to engage all the senses.

Every toy in our catalog has an Autism Symbol that corresponds with the specific learning each toy supports. Use the key below to choose the most appropriate toy for your child.

Toys to develop independent play with some limited instruction.

Toys that promote sustained engagement.

Toys that build skills for cooperative play.

Toys that create opportunities for children to talk about their play experience.

Toys with obvious completion criteria.

Toys that encourage pretend play.

A - Auditory (Sound) K - Kinesthetic (Touch & Movement) V - Visual (Sight)





Play & Learn Snail

Delight baby with this fabric puzzle pal and discover a colorful feast of sights, sounds, textures and removable shapes. When baby shakes Snail’s body she’ll be rewarded with a whistle or rattle. Press the feet to hear a crinkle or, a squeak. Happy flowers also crinkle and a rattle ring attaches easily to Snail’s tail with Velcro®. 12" x 9". from 9m – Toddler (A,K,V) #1896 $25.00 dt exclusive


Sensory & Motor Development

Sunny Sounds

“I love helping families pick the perfect toys for their families.”

10 infant

Elizabeth Becht DT Group Manager

This colorful, rolling soft-touch activity toy delivers baby thrice the learning fun. It’s easy-to-grasp shape helps develop small muscles needed for holding and shaking. The ball can be pulled out, put back in or played with separately. Plus, listening skills develop with crinkles and chimes that sound at baby’s slightest touch. There’s a smiley sun face on one end, and a mirrored friendly bear face on the  other! 7" x 5" from 6m – Toddler (A, K, V) #1059 $17.50 dt exclusive

infant 11





aloud is one of the best things you can do to insure your child grows intellectually, creatively, socially, and emotionally. While sharing a good book, you and your little one enter a world rich with language, colors, shapes, concepts, and possibilities.

is an essential element in your young child’s development. Research shows that music has a beneficial effect on children’s brains and helps pave the way to later learning, math ability, and language acquisition.

Language & Emotional Development

Animal Baby

This early rhyming picture book with photo images of baby animals with their mommies and daddies, helps baby develop see-and-say reading, fine motor dexterity, and critical thinking. Book includes discussion prompts that offer opportunities to talk and interact together. Surface washable. 6" x 6" 8pp. from birth – toddler (A,K,V) #1091 $10.00

Music & Movement

Language & Emotional Development

Baby Grooves

Busy Baby

This soft-touch first rhyming picture book is brimming with photo images of baby enjoying a typical day. Book includes discussion prompts that boost conversation and interaction - a fun way for baby to develop reading and listening skills, fine motor dexterity and critical thinking skills. Washable. 6" x 6" 8pp. from birth – toddler (A,K,V) #1093 $10.00

12 infant

Language & Emotional Development

My Baby’s World

An interactive book starring your little one! Baby will have fun pointing to familiar objects and faces in familiar environments. Helps develop listening and see-and-say skills for pre-reading. Bonus lift-up flaps allow you to add your baby’s photos. 8" x 8" 18pp. from birth – toddler (A,K,V) #1092 $15.00

Shake, rattle, and roll! This playful rhythm band is designed to create pleasing sounds that promote sensory stimulation, hand-eye coordination and beginning musical awareness. Instruments feature different shapes and textures that are safe for tiny fingers and mouths. Set includes: Cage Bell, Baby Maraca, Cymbal Shaker, Bead Roller, Play-Along Music CD and BONUS Skill Card with ideas for extra playtime fun! from 6m – preschool (A,K,V) #1229 $30.00

Music & Listening

Lullabies Around the World

Expand Baby’s worldview while never leaving the nursery. Musical CD presents 11 sweet and peaceful songs sung in their native languages, mixed with their English translations. Lyrics sung in Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Mandarin, Yiddish, and more. Includes 11 additional instrumental versions. Pair with Baby Bear’s Bedtime book (page 26) for a doubly relaxing sleepy-time treat. from birth – toddler (A,K,V) #1097 $15.00

infant 13





Meet a loveable giraffe with happy colors, fun-to-touch textures, and attention-getting sounds. Jangles hangs, rattles and swings with colorful, countable rings for teething and a squeaky belly for squeezing. Jangles can be attached to a diaper bag or stroller to keep baby stimulated with multi-sensory learning. Colors may vary. 12 ½" tall. from birth – toddler (A, K, V) #1286 $18.50

Sensory & Motor Development

Ring Around Soft Teether

This engaging rattle toy is a soft, soothing teether and mini-activity-center in one. Baby will love using mouth and fingers to touch and explore Ring Around’s many colors, shapes, and textures. Ring Around is the rattle toy that helps baby learn and grow on the go. 5 3/8" diam. from 4m– toddler (K, V) #1366 $10.00 dt exclusive

Sensory Stimulation

Twisty Bug

Your child’s little brain will buzz with curiosity with this colorful multi-sensory activity toy. Soft-textured, twistable, clickable wings and easy-grip handle stimulates gums while encouraging motor skills. Rainbow rattle beads tumbling in the spiral maze stimulates auditory awareness and visual tracking skills. 4½" long. from 6 months – toddler (A, K, V) #1078 $8.50

14 infant

Sensory Stimulation

Super Yummy

Imagine five teethers in one that encourage sensory exploration while soothing and comforting your teething tot. Tiny fingers love turning the teether so the mouth can explore all five uniquely textured heads. A light vanilla scent stimulates sense of smell. 4" long. from birth – toddler (K) #1020 $10.00 dt exclusive

Sensory & Motor Development


Twist, turn, whirl and twirl! This portable, foldable hands-on activity center intrigues tiny eyes, ears, and fingers. Try-Angle features 5 sides each with different colorful parts to observe, listen to and manipulate. Lay flat for early tummy time; then, as baby grows, fold for sit-up or tabletop play. 19 ½" x 7" flat. from 6 months – toddler (A, K, V) #1451 $30.00 dt exclusive

infant 15

Product Review Process

meets and exceeds the standards in our industry. We take this process quite seriously and think you should, too.

It is a lot to ask of a toy to pass these rigorous standards but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Consider the safety cycle for Play and Learn Snail (pg. 10)

dt Safety Process for Play & Learn Snail: Step by Step Design Review

•All potential products are evaluated against proposed age grading and the Consumer Product Safety Commission toy safety regulations for the specified age group as well as any potential hazards that might be associated with normal use. •Play & Learn Snail was reviewed for compliance with small parts, sharp points and edges, rattle test, and stuffing requirements. •Packaging is re-usable and subject to the same requirements as the toy itself.

Prototype Testing

•Once the design is approved, the components are subject to tests that simulate normal use and reasonably foreseeable abuse. Rattle dropped 10 times from 4 ½ feet. Seams pulled to 15 lbs. and held for 10 seconds. Components pulled to 15 lbs and held for 10 seconds.


•Third party accredited laboratories certify our products for compliance with required safety standards. •Activity Snail was tested for compliance with the following tests: Flammability Lead Heavy Metals

Manufacturing Specifications

•Once the product has passed our initial review, all of Discovery Toys’ requirements are outlined in a specification sheet for the manufacturer. •In addition to toy safety regulations, we also identify product quality requirements that address material quality, color, workmanship, etc. •Our manufacturers must agree to our specifications before production begins.

Pre-shipping Inspection

Reliability Testing

•Product was wash tested according to the AATCC test method which is used in the clothing industry. •Product was tested along with the plastic components. •The materials did not fade, the plastic rattle did not deteriorate and the product functioned the same following washing and drying in warm water and medium heat for six complete wash cycles..

•After the product is manufactured and prior to shipping, we employ independent accredited inspection teams to travel to the factory to conduct inspection. •W ith specification sheet and sample in hand, the inspector goes to the factory and completes an inspection pulling random samples from several boxes throughout the shipment. •This product passed inspection, based on our standards, and the product was approved to ship.

Labeling Requirements

Receiving Inspection

•Product was reviewed for labeling requirements. •Labeling requirements vary based on the product. •Play & Learn Snail requires a registration number to certify the stuffing contents are new and clean and the contents must appear on the label.

•As a further precaution, our in-house Discovery Toys inspector pulls random samples from the shipment before it is officially received by the DT warehouse. •A visual inspection and safety test is conducted before the shipment is allowed to be stocked on our warehouse shelves and shipped to you.


Play & Learn Snail is just one of every DT toy in this catalog that has passed through our rigorous quality and safety process; more than ready to play with your child.

math / thinking




Tactile Learning



Our strong, flexible, ever-popular Boomerings® are an educational toy and organizational tool in one. Clip-on rings can link baby’s belongings to stroller, playpen or high-chair—no more lost toys! Later on, use Boomerings® to strengthen thinking skills and manual dexterity with games involving colors, patterns, counting and more! Boomerings ! You’ll wonder how you ever managed without these handy, helpful playthings! 24 brightly colored plastic rings, each 2" long. from birth – preschool (K) #1100 $8.50 dt exclusive ®

Gross Motor

Go Go Caterpillar

One gentle press sends this little guy zooming across the floor! Whirling rainbow beads in the wheels cause baby to gleefully chase after his frisky friend. The cause-andeffect action builds baby’s early thinking skills, while the rolling motion prompts baby to strengthen his little “scoot around” muscles. Go Go Caterpillar will keep your little one on the move and reaching for more learning fun. from 9m – toddler #1341 $15.00 (A, K, V)

infant 17



“I have grown up on Discovery Toys as much as my boys have. It’s inspiring to me that they readily remember the fun they had playing with them. I definitely saw them engaged and recognized their confidence in playing socially and taking turns.” Terri Dillinger DT Emerald Sales Director

Little ones stir, pour, measure, and pretend play their way to important early math and science concepts. These marvelous manipulatives are volumetrically correct and sized to interact with our Measure Up! ® Cups. From number associations, to stacking & sorting, to molding & stamping, this discovery cooking set builds a host of important preschool concepts. Includes: 5 Pots, 5 Spoons and complete Activity Guide. Pots sized from 3 9/16” x 1 13/16" to 5 3/16" x 3 3/4". from 2y – primary school (K,V) #1674 $25.00 dt exclusive


Measure Up! Pots & Spoons


The Full Measure Up!® Set

Reasoning Skills & Imaginary Play

Includes Measure Up!® Pots & Spoons and Measure Up!® Cups. #8218 $35.00 (Save $2.50)

Spatial Exploration

Measure Up! Cups ®

Hand your toddler a set of Measure Up!® Cups and watch natural learning in action. Your little one will automatically use the cups to scoop, dump, fill, nest, stack and tumble. After all the fine motor exploration, you can use these volumetrically correct, sequentially numbered cups to introduce important preschool concepts related to volume, size, color and measurement. Expanded Parent Guide included. Colors may vary. From 1 7/8" x 2 1/16" to 3 5/8" x 2 7/16".

TRILINGUAL from 12m – primary school (K,V) #1971 $12.50 dt exclusive

toddler 19


Spatial Thinking

Giant Pegboard™

This award-winning classic offers your child years of meaningful pre-math and pre-reading play. One side features a pegboard for sorting and stacking; flip side is a “geoboard” with raised pegs so older children can create geometric designs. Set comes with 25 easy-to-grasp pegs of various shapes and colors, plus expanded Parent Guide chock-full of educational play ideas. 10" square. from 19m – preschool (A, K, V) #1562 $18.50 dt exclusive

Working Trio

Three progressively-sized dumpsters deliver important concepts related to volume, size and distance! Help your child fill them with sand or water or use them to transport other toys from here to there. Dumpsters are sturdy, stackable, and friction driven. Colors may vary.7½" x 3¾" x 8". from 2y – kindergarten (K, V) #2010 $18.50 dt exclusive


Pre-Math Exploration

Reasoning Ability & Counting Pre-Math Exploration

Giant Pegboard™ Activity Pack

Add more math mileage to your Giant Peg Board! Your child can practice math skills related to colors, counting, and patterning, plus developing fine motor dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Bonus pack contains 25 round pegs in all five colors, along with a lace. Combine pegs with the set included with Giant Pegboard, or use alone to create necklaces or color stacks. from 4y – elementary school (K, V) #1564 $8.50 dt exclusive

20 toddler

Frog’s Friends

This bumpy, lift-the-flap animal counting book is a gift to your child’s eyes, ears, touch, and imagination. Each page features raised elements that expand tactile awareness, plus an end flap that lifts to reveal a counting surprise. Enrichment questions prompt parentchild conversation while expanding understanding. 7 1/8" x 6 ¼". 11 pages with gate folds. from 12m – toddler (K, V) #1094 $10.00

toddler 21


motor skills

Sensory & Motor Development

Gross Motor

Snappy Ducks


Twenty-four colorful ducks in a row with sensory experiences and early math skills in tow. As your child snaps together a row of ducks, he’ll be developing upper body strength, hand-eye coordination, motor dexterity, and patterning. Move the row of ducks along a surface for added learning: pretend play, counting, and math vocabulary (first, next, last)! Provides bath time fun too! from 12m – toddler (K, V) #1103 $20.00

Once your baby wraps his little hands around this ball, he won’t want to put it down. With its nubby texture, crystalline brilliance and light vanilla scent, Tangiball stimulates all of baby’s senses at once. Baby can squeeze it, squeak it, sniff it, roll it, and even kick it for gross motor development. from 12m – preschool (K) #1340 $10.00

Gross Motor

Hammer Away!

Your child can get a bang out of learning with our “now you see it, now you don’t” action toy. Hammer Away! builds hand-eye coordination and experience with object permanence, color matching, and cause-and-effect concepts. While happily hammering, your tot will also discover a safe release for that boundless toddler energy. 14" x 7¼" x 75/8". from 19m – preschool (K, V) #1433 $28.00 dt exclusive

22 toddler


Rainfall Rattle

Move it just a little bit—then watch and listen! Your baby’s touch is all that’s needed to treat little eyes and ears to a stream of colorful, melodic beads that cascade gently from end-to-end and back again in this fascinating toy. 8" long. from 12m – preschool (A, K, V) #1152 $10.00

toddler 23

Ten touch-and-feel building blocks, each highlighting a different part of your little one’s day. From the breakfast block with its bumpy placemat to the naptime block with a fuzzy teddy, little ones experience their own story in 3-D. Big colorful blocks can be stacked, balanced and nested easily. Blocks stack over 34” tall. from 2y – kindergarten (K, V) #1987 $20.00

Language Development & Reasoning Ability


My Busy Day



Match Up Ride and Go!

Here’s a sturdy book that doubles as a great travel game! The book explores a transportation theme and comes with fold-out magnetic activity board and cards printed with different vehicle halves. While reading the storyline and matching up the vehicle halves, your child expands vocabulary, develops small motor dexterity, learns matching skills, and understands parts-to-whole! 8 5/8” x 8 5/8”. 10pp. plus 1 fold-out magnetic board. from 2y – preschool (K, V) #1115 $12.50

Language Development Social & Emotional

The Potty Train

The perfect book for helping your little one make the big transition to independent toileting. This jaunty, humorous book invites your child to join fun animal friends as they climb aboard the Potty Train. As the friends chug along together they learn that, while mishaps are part of the process, they will eventually make it clean and dry into the station. 8 1/4” x 8 1/4”. 30pp. from 2y – preschool (V) #1169 $10.00

24 toddler

Match Up Hide and Seek!

The storyline explores a farm animal theme and comes with fold-out magnetic activity board and cards printed with different animal halves. Reading the on-the-farm tale while locating and matching up the animal halves helps to expand vocabulary, develop small motor dexterity, matching skills, and an understanding of parts-to-whole! 8 5/8” x 8 5/8”. 10pp. plus 1 fold-out magnetic board. from 2y – preschool (K, V) #1114 $12.50

toddler 25

Tag along as sassy red Ladybug meets and greets other colorful characters in this lively read-aloud. Repetitive storyline prompts listening skills while lift-up flaps reveal touchable, sparkly textured creatures that encourage tactile skills. Pages are printed with bonus questions to share and discuss with your child. 11 pages with gatefolds. 7 1/8" x 6 1/4". from 12m – toddler (K, V) #1887 $10.00

Where, oh where, is Baby Bear? Join Mama Bear as she searches for her little offspring in the pages of this bedtime story. Endearing illustrations, tempting textures, interactive flaps, and comforting storyline engage tactile sensations and growing imaginations. 7 1/8" x 6 ¼". 11 pages with gatefolds. from 12m – toddler (K, V) #1886 $10.00


Ladybug’s Lesson

Baby Bear’s Bedtime

exploration / expression reading & language




Bathtime Bugs

Say hello to 4 water critters ready to help baby scoop, sprinkle, spin, strum, and splash up some good clean learning fun! Water-safe bug, butterfly, bumblebee, and flower spring to life with activities that prompt dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and experimentation. With so many colors, textures and sounds to explore, Bathtime Bugs delivers giggles galore! Four pieces. from 2y – preschool (K, V) #1084 $20.00 dt exclusive

Reading & Language

Toddler Talk

This pretend cell phone is also a mini voice recorder! Record your toddler’s voice or your own to encourage language skills. Press the buttons to hear friendly sound effects (“Hello,” dialing, ringing and busy signal). Button colors may vary. Toddler Talk requires the use of 2 AA batteries (not included). Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, and standard (carbon zinc), or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries. 2 1/4" x 6". from 12m – toddler (A, K, V) #1226 $17.50

dt exclusive 26 toddler

toddler 27


Reading & Language

Reasoning Ability & Early Math

Roll & Play


Caterpillar Shape Sorter

This “first game” for toddlers also appeals to the whole family! Game includes a softtouch game cube and picture cue cards that foster vocabulary and social development, verbal communication, color matching, creativity, and the ability to follow directions. Players take turns rolling the cube, picking a card of corresponding color, and following the directions printed there. 6 ¼" cube. from 19m – preschool (A, K, V) #1038 $20.00

Meet a versatile, open-ended puzzle friend with countless opportunities for math exploration and configuration. Your child will have fun counting, sorting, mixing and matching colors, geometric shapes, and patterns, while developing the hand-eye coordination needed to fit puzzle pieces into appropriate spaces. Can be used with or without the base. 13 pieces. from 2y – preschool (K, V) #1111 $15.00

Pre-Math Exploration Reading & Language

Sounds Like Fun CD

Imagine the fun you’ll have sharing this lively collection of 24 sing-along songs with the whole family. There are tunes celebrating the alphabet, letter sounds, early counting, manners, and more. These upbeat rhythms are endorsed by Early Childhood Educators and Speech Therapists as a great “first learning” language tool. Follow-along ABC chart included. 65 minutes. from 2y – preschool (A) #1850 $15.00 dt exclusive

28 toddler

Sunshine Market

Go on an imaginary shopping spree that supports the development of pre-math skills and hand-eye coordination. Your child fills the shopping cart with fun food shapes and friendly grocers, then sorts them by color, matches the shapes, and pushes them through the swinging doors. The sturdy-handled market doubles as a storage space for the cart and 12 shape pieces. 11 1/2" x 9" x 11" from 19m – preschool (K, V) #1530 $25.00 dt exclusive

toddler 29

These lightweight building blocks are easy for little hands to hold and stack together. Because they’re uniquely designed to not topple easily, these blocks boost confidence and support constuction experimentation. 25 block shapes are printed with corresponding graphics that foster understanding of math fundamentals. Includes handy storage bucket. from 19m – preschool (K, V) #1081 $25.00

Cause & Effect

Castle Marbleworks®

Double your child’s learning fun with this building system and marble run in one! After the large castle is constructed, your child will have fun dropping the weighted chime balls down the tracks. As balls race, spin and drop back and forth, your little one learns to predict the balls’ course. Includes 8 pieces. Parts are not compatible with Marbleworks®. 25” x 14 ½” x 10”. from 2y – kindergarten (A, K, V) #1756 $38.50 dt exclusive

EZ Blocks Deluxe Set Includes EZ Blocks and EZ Blocks Wheels & More #8233 $45.00 (Save $5.00)


EZ Blocks


Multi-Sensory Exploration

Problem Solving & Creative Play Reasoning Ability & Construction

EZ Blocks Wheels & More

With this easy-to-hold & stack building system, your child can readily construct all sorts of realistic and whimsical vehicles that really roll! Building set comes complete with 23 blocks and 2 cool wheel bases that strengthen creative thinking skills and early math concepts. Use with EZ-BLOCKS for even more play possibilities! from 19m – preschool (K, V) #1113 $25.00

30 toddler

Place & Trace® Puzzles

Your child’s first set of puzzles is also a versatile learning tool! Pieces fit into three themed trays to teach shape recognition and fine motor dexterity. Puzzle shapes can also be used for sorting and matching activites, creating imaginary storylines, stenciling, clay stamping, and cookie cutting. 8” x 8” trays. from 2y – primary school (K, V) #1759 $15.00 dt exclusive

toddler 31

Carol Witt-Livas Educational Consultant

Early Math

Busy Bugs

You can count on these buggy friends to introduce your child to early math skills and concepts such as sorting, categorization, matching, sequencing, patterning, and more. Set contains 36 colorful, textured bugs and 23 progressively challenging activities on double-sided cards. 11” x 4” cards. from 3y – primary school (K,V) #2109 $20.00 dt exclusive

Reading & Language

Busy Farm

Moo! Quack! Oink! Greet the Busy Farm friends: 36 colorful soft-molded animals ready to play language-based, reading readiness activities involving colors, sorting, matching, counting, and alphabet awareness. Set includes 12 doublesided Activity Cards plus complete teach & learn Activity Guide. 11” x 4” cards. from 3y – primary school (K,V) #2141 $20.00 dt exclusive

preschool reading / math


“After all of these years of having my boys play with my toys; all of the games, puzzles, construction toys and books, these years of play experiences are paying off. I feel that my involvement with this company has had a huge impact on my children’s successes.”

Early Math

Busy Pets

This tactile set of brightly colored pet manipulatives provides children with hands-on learning, beginning with concepts of color, matching, sorting, counting and classification. Add in the 2-sided spinner and numbered die for a series of fun counting games. The activity guide offers progressively challenging premath activities to grow with your child. 6 pet styles in 5 colors. from 3y – primary school (K,V) #2126 $15.00

preschool 33

Bilingual Learning

A B Seas®

Fishing for a fun way to teach the alphabet? Reel in AB Seas®! Your child will use the sturdy magnetic fishing pole to develop phonics awareness skills by catching, matching, and naming letters on fish. Fish can also be used to play early spelling and word recognition games. Two to four players. from 4y – kindergarten (K, V) #2028 $20.00 dt exclusive

On the Go Flachcards French/English

Word Recognition


Say Bonjour to a quick-start bilingual course! 26 cards printed with French and English familiar nouns allow your child to embark on an early bilingual learning adventure. Removable ring provides portability as well as counting and sorting games. 26 sturdy 5 x 2 1/4” two-sided cards. from 3y – kindergarten (K, V) #2524 $10.00

In this lively twist on Bingo, players race to match the tiles to the game board to get “Zingo!” Older children can flip the boards over for more competitive game play. Zingo® helps your child build picture and word recognition plus important reading and speaking skills. Eight game boards 5" x 7", dispenser 6" x 5" x 3". Colors may vary. from 4y – elementary school (A, K, V) #2053 $16.50


Letter Association

On the Go Flashcards - ABC

These unique alphabet flash cards feature a large uppercase letter and an image from nature on the front. The flip side shows both upper and lower case letters, as well as objects from nature beginning with that letter. Removable ring allows you to use for sorting or game play. 26 sturdy 5 x 2 1/4” two-sided cards. from 3y – Kindergarten (K, V) #2523 $10.00

34 preschool

preschool reading & language

Letter Recognition



Includes On-the-Go Flashcards - ABC and On-the-Go Flashcards French/English. #8232 $17.50 (Save $2.50)

Auditory Learning

Bilingual Songs CD® English/Spanish

Children are treated to a English-Spanish early bilingual course that teaches everything from the alphabet and counting to 10, to parts of the body and family members. 53 minutes. from 4y & Up (A) #2332 $15.00

preschool 35


reading & language / math

Reasoning Ability & Creative Expression

Playful Numbers & Shapes

Set includes 52 durable numerals, math symbols, and fun shapes specially designed to help your child sort and identify colors, numbers and objects. Practice counting skills; explore beginning number operations, create artistic prints and rubbings galore! Comes with carrying case and a complete teach & learn activity guide. from 3y – primary school (K, V) #1098 $18.50

Spatial Thinking

Playful Patterns


Language Development

Playful Letters

Scoop up a handful of 52 brightly-colored, durable, traceable A-B-C manipulatives and let the learning games begin! Specially designed for your child to sort and identify upper and lower case letters, discover spelling patterns, and create artistic prints and rubbings galore. Comes with carrying case and a Teach & Learn Activity Guide. from 3 y – primary school (K, V) #1096 $18.50

36 preschool

It’s an early childhood pre-math and pre-reading learning center in a box! Set includes 132 geometric shapes made of slip-proof foam plus 34 progressively challenging designs on 6" x 6" cards. Your child can use the shapes to match the card designs or to create open-ended, original patterns and pictures. from 4y – primary school (K, V) #2930 $22.50 dt exclusive

preschool 37

Colorful wipe-clean activity book comes with removable stickers, a washable-ink felt-tip pen, and engaging puzzles and activities. Children learn visual tracking, tracing,placing stickers, color and shape recognition, sequencing, matching. 38-page soft-cover book. from 3y & up (K, V) #2522 $10.00

ABC & 123 Wipe Clean Workbooks

Preschoolers will trace, stick and learn their letters and numbers with this set of two wipe-clean activity books! Each book comes with 100 photographic stickers, a washable-ink felt-tip pen, and engaging activities. Includes 2 soft cover books, 18 pages each. from 3y & up (K, V) #1345 $10.00

Critical Thinking

It’s a Match! Set

Number Exploration

Number Hunt

Match Board and Level 1 & 2 Books Imagine a self-checking learning system designed exclusively for preschoolers! To play, your child snaps the frames into place, records answers, then pulls down the tray to check the results. If the frame and square are the same color, it’s a match! Match Board with sliding tray, six color frames, two spiral bound books. 11” x 1 1/8" x 7".

This rollicking adventure board game has at least 6 ways to play, so your child will never tire of adding, subtracting, counting, and hunting for numbers. The first one through the jungle wins. Includes zany, colorsplashed game board, 4 game pieces, and a wooden number cube—all made with earthfriendly materials. from 4y – kindergarten (K, V) #2996 $20.00

TRILINGUAL from 3y – kindergarten (K, V) #2027 $25.00 dt exclusive


Wipe Clean Learning to Read & Write

Pre-Reading & Math

It’s a Match! Level 3 Books Match board sold separately.

TRILINGUAL from 4y & up (K, V) #2614 $12.50

dt exclusive

It’s a Match! Complete Set Match board plus Level 1, 2 & 3 books.

TRILINGUAL from 3y – kindergarten (K, V)

dt exclusive

#8217 $34.50 (Save $3.00)

38 preschool

reading & language / math

Pre-Reading & Writing

preschool 39

preschool motor skills

Gross Motor Skills

6 in 1 Play Center

This play arcade offers 6 great action-stations in one! It’s a ball toss, basketball hoop, baseball pitching game, skee ball run, golf putting range, plus golf pitching station. Includes two golf balls, two play balls, one golf club, and one hoop. Colors may vary. Pop-up design for portability and storage. from 4y & Up (K, V) #2247 $30.00

Fine Motor


Gross Motor Skills

Puzzle Ring Toss

Ring in the fun with this action game for all ages. Includes 5 colorful interlocking bases, 5 pegs, plus 5 easy-grasp rings that can be used on land or on water. Bases can be locked together in many configurations. Test your scoring success by gradually increasing the tossing distance. from 4y & up (K, V) #2986 $20.00 dt exclusive

40 preschool

Social & Emotional

Flip Flop Faces Emotions in Motion

This friendly fellow invites preschoolers to practice the fine motor skills essential for dressing independently. Dress-a-Pillar is decked-out with a zipper, snap, button, tie, buckle, and VelcroŽ straps. One pocket even conceals a little surprise. 23" long! from 3y – kindergarten (K, V) #2268 $22.50

This innovative bean bag toss game teaches children to understand facial expressions while developing gross motor skills and coordination skills. Game encourages cooperative play, math skills, color and word recognition, and social awareness, Includes 6 target bowls and 6 beanbags labeled with emotions that add up to one great party game. from 4y & up (K, V) #2240 $22.50

preschool 41

Imaginary Play

Entertain young travelers with lively road songs like "Big Toe Truck" and "Speed Bump Blues". Little ones will learn thematic concepts while expanding their vocabularies. CD includes a bonus track-"Skateboard". from 3y & up (A) #2254 $15.00

Four play spaces in one! It’s a little red schoolhouse, a stylish restaurant, a puppet stage, and a pet hospital. Your child will enjoy countless hours of imaginative play and story crafting while strengthening language skills and social interactions. Parents can peek in mesh roof sides. Easy set-up in minutes. Includes opening for tunnel connection. 50" x 40" x 50" high. Washable surface. from 3y – primary school (K, V) #2158 $100.00 dt exclusive

Discovery Fun Play House

Joe Scruggs – Traffic Jams CD

Sensory & Motor Development

Social & Emotional

This set of 3 trucks are friction-powered for action! The Elephant Dump Truck has a moving trunk and dump bin, Lion Cement Truck has a moving cement mixer, and Hippo Tow Truck has a moving tow hook. Each truck helps your child develop small motor dexterity, fosters locomotion skills, plus engages imaginative construction play! from 3y – primary school (K, V) #2139 $12.50

In this clever and enchanting book, young Holly has bundles of questions for the Tooth Fairy. Tooth Fairy replies with letters, a poster, and even a gleaming fairy coin! Your child will discover these fairy treats tucked into real envelopes throughout the book. Book measures 10 5/8" x 9". from 4y & up (A) #2154 $16.50


42 preschool

preschool exploration

Social & Musical

Dear Tooth Fairy


pet hospital

puppet theater

preschool 43

You’ll want your child to own and treasure this interactive library of nonfiction nature books. Each peek-through picture book features detailed text and realistic illustrations designed to fascinate, educate, and intrigue young naturalists. By listening to each story’s text and relying on visual picture clues, your child will have fun making educated guesses, learning new words, and gaining new insights into animal science. from 4y & up (K, V) dt exclusive

#2087 $12.50

What Insect am I? #2088 $12.50

What Ocean Creature am I? #2089 $12.50

What Animal am I? #2086 $12.50

Set of all 4 What am I? Books

Music & Movement

Jam Session

Welcome to Jam Session: a rousing and playful introduction to rhythm band music. Easy-to-grasp Jam Session instruments are perfect for small hands. Each piece creates pleasing percussive sounds that promote sensory stimulation, hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and musical awareness. Includes: Hand Drum & Mallet, Guiro & Mallet, 2 Castanets, Tambourine, Play-Along Music CD and Bonus Skill Card for parents. from 3y – primary school (K, V) #2201 $45.00


What Am I? Series

What Dinosaur am I?

#8219 $42.50 (Save $7.50) from 4y & up (K, V) dt exclusive

44 preschool

exploration / expression

Science Exploration & Language

preschool 45


Make It Fun! Party Craft Kit

Perfect craft projects for travel, sleepovers, preschool playdates, party time or a rainy afternoon! Your child will learn to follow graphic directions, develop fine motor skills, sensory awareness, and directionality. Each of the crafts and its instructions are specially designed for preschoolers to explore many learning pathways while creating personalized works of art for themselves or for the special people in their life.


Make It Fun! Gift Kit

Includes 3 projects: “My Handprint” Clay, Decorative Photo Frame, and Birthday Card. #2218 $15.00 from 3y – primary school (K, V)

Includes 10 projects: 2 Paper Plate Bugs, 2 Paper Bag Puppets, 2 Loopy Friends, 2 Mosaics, 1 Sticker Art with Frame, 1 Tissue Art, and BONUS Skill Card with parent tips. from 4y – primary school (K, V) #2228 $35.00

preschool expression

Make It Fun! Craft Kits


Make It Fun! 3 Crafts in 1

Includes 3 projects: Pizza Sticker Art with Frame, Tropical Fish Mosaic, and Paper Bag Cow Puppet. #2217 $10.00 from 3y – primary school (K, V)

46 preschool

preschool 47

Reading & Language

A fairy tale your child can create and re-create over and over. Your child chooses from 36 interactive, changeable story elements resulting in a different and imaginative adventure every time. Story crafting and retelling also builds vocabulary and early reading skills. 9 3/8’ x 8 3/8’ book. from 4y & up (K, V) #2054 $13.50

Explore 8 classic fairy tales such as Cinderella, Goldilocks, and The Gingerbread Boy. As you read aloud from this beautiful board book, your child will strengthen listening skills, comprehension and prediction skills, and vocabulary development — all important elements for learning to read happily ever after. 18 pages. from 3y & up (A, K, V) #2068 $15.00

Once Upon a Time

preschool thinking

Creative Expression

Creative Expression

Bright Builders Plus

My First Fairy Tales

Expand design possibilities with elbows, joints, stars, straight connectors and roto-balls that twist and turn! This large-scale building set comes in a storage bucket that doubles as a play station. Includes 50 pieces in six shapes. from 4y – primary school (K, V) #2317 $35.00

Creative Expression

Creative Expression

Creative Thinking

Nothing can rattle Pirate Pete in this entertaining, changeable sea tale. Read aloud story comes complete with press-out pieces that fit into the pages so your young pirate can make up the action as you go along. Early reading and vocabulary skills get a boost with the storytelling. Book measures 9 3/8” x 8 3/8”. from 4y & up (K, V) #2277 $13.50

These 24 textured, star-shaped connectables are sized for little hands, and interlock easily in three ways for endless design possibilities and fine motor development. Handy 8” x 8” x 6” storage bucket doubles as a play station. from 3y & up (K, V) #2290 $25.00

Strengthen fine motor skills with 45 shapes, plus 5 laces in 5 snazzy mix ‘n’ match colors. Shapes are perfect for crafting color and shape patterned necklaces, tracing onto paper or stamping into dough. Parent tip sheet and carrying jar included from 3y & up (K, V) #2061 $18.50

Ahoy, Pirate Pete

Bright Builders

Shapes & Laces

Creative Expression

Bright Builders Set

Includes Both Bright Builders and Bright Builders Plus. from 4y & up (K, V) #8288 $52.00 (Save $8.00)

48 preschool

preschool 49

Early Construction

It’s fashion design with math in mind! Set includes 37 pieces for constructing and accessorizing four 5” tall dolls with more than 200 combinations. Encourages math and science success through imaginary play, sequencing and construction. Includes storage case. Colors may vary. from 4y & up (K, V) #2873 $30.00

This junior-mechanic set has a working power tool and a shop full of parts to build three free-wheeling vehicles! A motorcycle, prop plane, and race car are sized right for small hands and feature moving parts. Includes tool box, manual and electric screwdrivers, two tool bits and extra screws. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Not intended for children under age 3 due to small parts. from 4y & up (K, V) #2288 $30.00

Fashion Friends

50 preschool

Motor Works Train

Motor Works

from 4y & up (K, V) #2175 $12.50

Visual Learning

Early Construction

Introduce your little one to 9 sturdy puzzle boards that become progressively more challenging. As your preschooler masters the 4-piece trio of fun pets, he graduates to the 6-piece group of zoo animals, and then to the 9-piece sea creatures set. Three puzzles each, 4, 6 and 9 piece. 8” x 8” puzzles. from 3y & up (K, V) #2193 $15.00 dt exclusive

Take-apart-and-put-together workable 3-D construction from 4y & up (K, V) sets challenge fine motor skills while boosting brainpower. #2176 $12.50 Finished toy actually rolls on rotating wheels! Compatible with Motor Works electric screwdriver. Includes easy-tofollow graphic instructions and manual screwdriver. Not intended for children under age 3 due to small parts.

Progressive Puzzles

preschool thinking

Imaginary Play

Motor Works Vehicles

Motor Works Truck

preschool 51


reading & language

Critical Thinking & Recall

A to Z jr.


This fast-paced game strengthens vocabularies and sharpens quick thinking skills. To win, players must focus, follow directions, recall alphabetized vocabulary words that satisfy each category, then respond with lightening speed. Includes 4 letter boards, 56 category cards, 100 discs, timer and die. from 5y - adult (A, K, V) #3019 $25.00 dt exclusive

Language & Reasoning

Word Flip “I like Labyrinth. It’s fun to play with my family. Stormy Seas is a great car trip game, and Zip Track was awesome too. We would get so creative with what we built.” Christopher Dillinger, Age 14

Players roll dice, then flip up flaps to reveal letters that spell a word for players to guess. Your child will observe spelling patterns, take educated guesses, and strengthen vocabulary skills. Includes word dispenser, two dice, 78 word cards with four words apiece, and two blank cards for your own words. Varying levels of difficulty. from 8y - adult (A, K, V) #3782 $18.50 dt exclusive

school 53

Players take turns choosing a stick to read and pick up without moving any other sticks. With basic sight-words and three ways to play, the game enhances reading, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Exclusive deluxe set includes 50 all-natural bamboo sticks packed in eco-friendly materials. from 5y & up (K, V) #3265 $20.00

Your child will love reading about animals in nature then opening flaps to reveal other creatures nestled in their natural habitats. Illustrated soft-cover book presents fun facts about 8 different natural environments across the globe and guides your child to predict story elements while developing skills related to listening, reading comprehension, and observation. 10 ½" x 10 ½". from 5y & up (K, V) #3159 $15.00 dt exclusive

The Living World


Geography & Exploration

Pick-Up Words

reading / exploration

Language & Coordination

Creative Thinking

Wiz Kidz

This family game for all ages reinforces vocabulary, phonics, and word categorizations in record speed. Players pick a card from the alphabet letter stack and a card from the answer stack. Then it’s time to think fast to generate as many logical associations as possible. Includes 98 cards and instructions. 2 3/8" x 3 1/2". from 7y & up (V) #4246 $12.50 dt exclusive

54 school

Creative Expression

Road Trip Activity Journal

Family road trips just got more educational with this interactive activity journal. Its spiral-bound design allows kids to fold the cover back to create a writing spot for playing games and recording adventures. There’s car bingo, map activities, mazes and much more. 128 pages, 5 3/4" x 8". from 5y – adult (A, K, V) #3148 $10.00

school 55


school Environmental Awareness & Reasoning

Play to be Safe!

Help your child make a leap to safety! With this lively board game, four animal friends offer 80 separate scenarios, written in upbeat prose, related to health and safety. As players make their way home, reading and discussing the insightful question cards, your little one will be developing oral language and critical thinking skills and the ability to make positive, informed choices. from 6y & up (K, V) #3153 $20.00 dt exclusive

56 school

Social & Emotional

Friendship Island

A highly unique board game designed by educational experts to teach social and emotional awareness. Children explore issues related to making friends, being a good friend, and resolving disagreements in win-win ways. Includes 2 sets of playing cards and instructions, which can be used for easier or more challenging game play, plus a Parent Guide to promote family involvement and dialogue. from 5y & up (A, K, V) #4321 $35.00

school 57


Spatial Thinking


Stormy Seas®

Welcome aboard this fun brainteaser puzzle game for all ages. Players maneuver through channels, sliding waves and a traffic jam of boats blocking the way home. To make it back safely, players must sharpen reasoning and visualization skills. Includes storage tray, 4 levels of play and 40 puzzle challenges ranging from Beginner to Expert. from 8y to adult (K, V) #3231 $25.00 dt exclusive

Fine Motor Skills

Tricky Fingers

It’s a fast-flying, finger-flicking challenge for one or more. Your child will engage in pattern recognition, puzzle resolution, and hand-eye dexterity. Shake up the case, pick a card, and race a friend or the clock. Flip the 14 cards over and create your own patterns. 2 puzzle boxes included. from 7y & up (K, V) #3889 $13.50

Visual Learning

Mosaic Mysteries

This set of tiles appeals to your child’s creative and mathmatical nature. Set offers plenty of shapes, textures and colors to recreate 50 stunning patterns suggested in the accompanying manual, or to create original designs from among thousands of possibilities. Tray and 100 pattern blocks. from 8y & up (K, V) #4182 $17.50 dt exclusive

58 school

Strategic Thinking


A family game where players move through a series of evolving, challenging mazes that are full of opportunities to think ahead, make decisions, and take action. Players must plan and execute game strategies, develop observation skills, and predict outcomes. With easier and more challenging rules, it’s a perfect game for family night! from 7y to adult (K, V) #4872 $30.00

school 59


Here’s an interactive parent-child activity book you’ll both enjoy. As you work together to uncover the secrets on every page, you’ll sharpen your observation and reasoning skills while developing the patience it takes to make it through. Soft cover with 24 pages. from 8y to adult (K, V) #4320 $10.00 dt exclusive

Includes large wheel with axle component and other pieces to build a tricycle or your own creation. Combine with other Jawbones sets for larger constructions. 15 pieces. from 7y & up (A, K, V) #3218 $6.50

Creative Thinking

Zip Track

Zowee! Kids snap and click track pieces in place to design a roadway complete with bridges. As they try to keep the SUV on course, they’ll be experimenting with building principles and simple physics. 192 track pieces, cross track, 2 bridges. Vehicle requires 1 AA battery, not included. Colors may vary. from 5y & up (K, V) #3026 $40.00

Zip Track Extra Cars The perfect addition to the Zip Track. from 5y & up (K, V) #3616 $13.50

Creative Thinking

Jawbones 3-D Ball Add-On Set


Jawbones Mega Wheel Add-On Set

Puzzle Island


Creative Thinking

Problem Solving


Includes 3-D Ball component and other pieces to build a robot kid or your own creation. Combine with other Jawbones sets for larger constructions. 20 pieces. from 7y & up (A, K, V) #3219 $7.50

Creative Thinking

Jawbones Starter Set ®

A unique and flexible building system to construct a functioning model that doubles as a work of art. Pieces swivel and snap together with ratchet sounds to form countless configurations. Easy-to-follow manual includes a skate boarder, helicopter, racer, or 9 other fun creations—or dream up your own original designs. 60 pieces with storage jar. from 7y & up (A, K, V) #3217 $15.00

Creative Thinking

Jawbones Deluxe Set ®

Includes Jawbones Starter Set, 3-D Ball Add On Set, and Mega Wheel Add On Set. from 7y & up (A, K, V) #8425 $25.00 (Save $4.00)

60 school

school 61

Think it Through Learning System

Think it Through Math Book Sets


(System Tiles Sold Separately)

Early Math

Counting, Patterning & Matching Two-Book Set from 4y & up (K, V) #3005 $10.00

• Builds Math, Language and Science Concepts • Strengthens Logic, Reasoning and Visual Perception Skills • Inspires Test-taking Confidence by Providing Fun, Meaningful Practice for Standardized Test-taking from 4y – elementary school

(System Tiles Sold Separately)

Beginning Reading Visual Discrimination Two-Book Set from 4y & up (K, V) #3002 $10.00

dt exclusive


Think it Through System Tiles Set

Sounds & Letters Two-Book Set from 5y & up (K, V) #3003 $12.50


12 colored double-sided tiles in a plastic case. Includes expanded Parent Guide. Book sets sold separately. Case: 10 1/2 x 4 x 1/2 x 1/4 from 4y - elementary school #3012 $17.50 (K, V)


Spelling & Words Word Problems Two-Book Set from 6y & up (K, V) #3004 $10.00

Math Basics

Addition, Subtraction, Time, Calendar & Money Three-Book Set from 5y & up (K, V) #3006 $12.50

Advanced Math

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Word Problems Two-Book Set from 7y & up (K, V) #3300 $12.50

62 school

Unlocking Word Power Synonyms, Antonyms, Usage, Meaning, Homophones, Sentence & Paragraph, Structure, Spelling Three-Book Set from 7y & up (K, V) #3301 $12.50

Think it Through Science Book Sets ®

(System Tiles Sold Separately)


Earth, Physical & Life Science Three-Book Set from 6y & up (K, V) #3011 $12.50

multi pathways

Think it Through Reading Book Sets




Think-it Thru Complete Set



This hands-on Learning System uses just 3 easy steps to transform repetitive skill and drill practice into a fun-filled game kids actually enjoy! Step 1. Select a booklet. Each one features 24 pages with increasingly challenging activities. Step 2. Follow the directions on each page. Step 3. Use the tiles to log responses, then flip the tiles and check the answer key to see if you are correct or if you should try again!

All 20 Think-It-Through Booklets with System Tiles Set #8254 $95.00 (Save $12.50)


Ages 4 & 5 Complete Set System Tiles Set and Nine Booklets from Early Math, Math Basics, Beginning Reading and Phonics. (Sounds & Letters) #3045 $52.00 (Save $8.00)


Ages 6 & 7 Complete Set System Tiles and 11 Booklets from Phonics (Spelling and Words), Advanced Math, Unlocking Word Power and Science. #3044 $58.00 (Save $7.00)

school 63


Marbleworks Starter Set ®

Add interest and interaction to your race course with the see-through hand crank that sets the gears into motion lifting the marble to a higher level. Colors may vary. Height 9". from 5y & Up (K, V) #3816 $12.50 dt exclusive

Here’s a toy that’s different each time you play! Set comes with 46 colorful tubes, chutes and bases to connect together in different ways to create an infinite number of raceway configurations with engaging results. As the 10 marbles speed through the course they help demonstrate the law of gravity, object permanence, and cause and effect concepts. Colors may vary. from 5y & up (K, V) #3875 $30.00 dt exclusive

It is all too common to hear from parents that their kids have too many toys and often don’t play with any of them! The DT Toy Sort is a personal service we offer with a comprehensive, yet clear process to review the toys in use, edit and organize your toy assortment, and recommend possible teach/play toy solutions that can benefit and enhance your child’s developmental skills.

Introducing: dt

Toy Sort


Critical Thinking Critical Thinking

Marbleworks Deluxe Set ®

Marbleworks Wild Ride ®

Includes Marbleworks Starter Set, along with Crank-It Up and Wild Ride Accessory Sets. Colors may vary. Accessory Set More marble action and challenging new construction from 5y & Up (K, V) possibilites! Watch the marble whiz through the triple #8221 $55.00 (Save $2.50) swirl ramp. The drop chute sends the marble soaring off dt exclusive track where it comes to a stop, ready for another wild ride. Colors may vary. Height: Swirl: 6", Chute: 9 3 /8". from 5y & up (K, V) #3815 $15.00 dt exclusive

64 school

“My kids have too many toys!”

The first thing an Educational Consultant will do is help you to determine how to find the “toy keepers” and the “toys you can do without” piles. This reveals a lot about how your child plays. More often than not, the toys in the “must keep” pile are open-ended and the “forgotten” pile are toys that don’t do very much at all. This is a key point moving forward in the Toy Sort. This step sounds simple enough,however, many times the reason there are “so many toys” is that nothing has ever been put away after a child outgrows it. Consider how old rattles get tossed in with building blocks.


All toys are sorted, including the removal of any broken toys. Toys are packed away that are not age-appropriate – this includes toys that might be too old for the child, as well. Toys that are too old can frustrate young children. Toys that are outgrown can be stored or passed along.


Toy storage is an important component of the Toy Sort. Having things categorized and having a place for each toy, is highly beneficial for the child. Not only does it make it easier for children to clean up when they are done; it also teaches them categorization skills. Clear labeled bins are a great choice (a photo works for pre-reading children) or open bins that children can see into and access easily. (Toy boxes are often seen as very sentimental but become bottomless pits. Use it as a costume box instead.)


Marbleworks Crank-It-Up


Critical Thinking Critical Thinking


Educational Consultants are a valuable resource in teaching parents about the developmental needs of children at every stage in their early growth. Many parents claim they have too many toys, but when the Toy Sort is complete, they have a much better picture of what they have and what is needed for their child’s developmental stages. For example, a child may be missing puzzles or patterning toys that are important for a particular growth stage.


The goal of the Toy Sort Service is for parents and children to feel good about their playtime together. When a child can easily find his/her favorite toys and games, we as parents can focus on helping our children to learn through play. Children are also more likely to play on their own, an important skill to develop. You will be glad you took the time to tackle the task with your DT consultant as your partner. Ask us to do a Toy Sort with you soon.

“My kids have too many toys! How many of us have this problem? We can help! Toy Sorting cuts through the clutter and finds the treasures in the toy pile. We can help you reclaim your living room, make a better space for playtime and find the toys your children will actually play with, too.” Cindi Cunningham, Group Manager

school 65

play. shop. earn. Discover Why You Want to Host a Discovery Toys Party

Become a Discovery Toys Hostess and let the party begin! It’s a party that friends and family will enjoy when you plan for them to relax, socialize, learn, shop, and earn. A Discovery Toys party offers all this—and more for the Hostess, including financial opportunities and great educational toys—for free! For more than 30 years, the Discovery Toys hostess party format has worked well for everyone. It’s the best way for parents and others to learn about our toys—through handson sharing and learning through play.

It’s a party. It’s a workshop. It’s a store.

Hostesses, earning is fun! When Your Party Sales Total:

You Earn FREE PRODUCTS Totaling:

When your party sales reach $200 and one or more guests book their own party, for each $200 sold select any available product for

HALF-PRICE. No Limit! If one or more guests book their own party you also get:

4 HALF-PRICE TOYS If one or more guests book their own party you also get:

It’s all a discovery…when you welcome and entertain others in your home along with your Discovery Toys Educational Consultant. The two of you reap the rewards—new and old friendships, common interests, great fun with financial benefits, too.


Host with us and discover what fun a night in your living room can be for you and others like you. Discover the thrill of throwing a party with a love for learning and giving to children, and the joy of shopping— without leaving your home! Ask us how to become a Discovery Toys Hostess.


If one or more guests book their own party you also get:

If one or more guests book their own party you also get:

1 HALF-PRICE TOY **Add $10 in Free Product for every $50 in sales over $999.99 The Sky is the Limit. • Tax and delivery are not included in Free Product Value. • Hostess will receive $10 in Free Product with party sales of $100.00 - $149.99 and $15 in Free Product and sales of $150 - $199.99. • Free Product Value may not be used toward Hostess Half-Price product(s). • Hostess Free Product Value or purchase of Success Start Kit does not count toward sales of the party.



play. shop. earn.

Discovery Toys Success Start Kit: Fall / Winter 2009-2010 Here is everything you need to start your own Discovery Toys Store. Stocked with our classic top-selling learning toys for all early childhood age groups, this generous business kit includes:

❋ Party demonstration samples of 18 of our best-selling learning toys across all age groups. ❋ Business tools and supplies to successfully start your business. ❋ FREE personal website for 3 full months. Our exclusive “Starter Store” Rolling Tote for just $55.00

Purchase your Success Start Kit for $125 -- with a retail value of over $390! Earn your kit for FREE, when you follow the Success Start Rewards Guide. Continue to earn free DT products, business supplies, plus an all new richly rewarding commission and bonus plan.

with your Success Start Kit purchase. Offer good thru Jan. 2010.

Please call our Educational Consultants for more information or go online to Come play, shop & earn

with us soon!

Join us. $ Purchase your Success Start Kit for 125 with a retail value of over



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Discovery Toys Fall 2009 Catalog - 847-409-1432  

If you want to order merchandise from the new Fall 2009 Discovery Toys Catalog, Catalog Contact Micky @ 847-409-1432.

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