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Toastmaster Promise As a member of Toastmasters


International and my club, I promise…


• To attend club MEETINGS regularly. • To prepare all of my speech and leadership



projects to the best of my ability, basing them on


Projects in the Communication, Advance


Communication or Competent Leadership




More inside!

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Competent Leader (CL) Manual – An Overview

There are 10 projects to be completed to be a Competent Leader (CL). CL manual ensures that a Toastmaster became a competent leader. And for this please ensure the following. } Bring your Competent Leadership manual to every meeting } Plan with the VPE to program your leadership project } Ask a member to evaluate you for the role completed during the meeting } Ask the VPE to sign off completed projects } Ask the VPE to apply for your CL award The 10 projects are compiled below with the requirements to be completed for each.

P1 – Listenin g an d Leadership Requirements: Serve in any 3 of the 4 roles } Speech Evaluator } Table Topics Speaker } Ah-Counter } Grammarian

P2 – Critical Thinking Requirements: Serve in any 2 of the 3 roles } Speech Evaluator } Grammarian } General Evaluator

P3 – Giving Feedback Requirements: Serve in all 3 roles } Speech Evaluator } Grammarian } General Evaluator

P4 – Time M anagement Requirements: Serve as timer and in 1 of the other 3 roles } Timer } Toastmaster of the Day } Speaker } Grammarian } Table Topic Master

P5 – Plannin g an d Im plementation Requirements: Serve in any 3 of 4 roles } Speaker } General Evaluator } Toastmaster of the Day } Table Topic Master

P6 – Organ ising and Delegating Requirements: Serve in any 1 of 6 roles } Help organise a club speech contest } Help organise a club special event } Help organise a club membership campaign or contest } Help organise a public relations campaign } Help produce the club newsletter } Assist the club’s Webmaster

P7 - Developing your Facilitation Skills Requirements: Serve in any 2 of 4 roles } Toastmaster of the Day } General Evaluator } Table Topics Master } Befriend a guest at a club meeting

P8 - Motivating People Requirements: Serve as a chairman for either role (1) or (2) and Serve in any 2 of roles (3) to (5) } Club membership campaign or contest chairman } Club public relations campaign chairman } Toastmaster } Speech Evaluator } General Evaluator





To prepare for and fulfill MEETING assignments. • To provide fellow members with helpful, constructive evaluations. • To help the club maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow. • To serve my club as an OFFICER when called upon to do so. • To treat my fellow club members and our guests with respect and courtesy. • To bring guests to club meetings so they can see the benefits Toastmasters membership offers. • To adhere to the guidelines and rules for all Toastmasters educational and recognition PROGRAMS. • To maintain honest and highly ethical standards during the conduct of all Toastmasters activities. •



Requirements: Serve in any 1 of the 3 roles } Mentor a new member } Mentor an existing member } Serve as a Guidance Committee Member (HPL)

P10-Team Building Requirements: Serve in both role (1) and (2), or Serve in 1 of the roles (3) to (7) } Toastmaster } General Evaluator } Club membership Campaign or Contest Chairman } Club Public Relations Campaign Chairman } Club Speech Contest Chairman } Club Special Event Chairman } Club Newsletter Editor or Webmaster




As we move to Dubai in late 1997, with my husband and I, both working full time with very demanding job responsibilities, and to think that our daughter was 6-month old, with no helper at home, makes it too difficult for me to juggle time between home, office, and day care nursery. But God is great, as we manage together to overcome any obstacles in life. As I deliver my son Devraj in 2006, this is where my dream came back to me. After one year, I decided to enroll at the University of Wollongong in Dubai, as part-time student, for Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Luckily, the university was located near to my office, which makes it feasible to attend classes at night. It was with great pride that my hard work, especially those sleepless nights, and not to forget the "school library" which served as my only place for peaceful studies in the last three years has finally paid off as I graduated.

"All our dreams can come true . . . if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

While this journey took long time to materialize, practically 20 years in the making, but I finally made it - my dream became a reality and this will not be possible without the help and support of my family.


o you have Dreams? I am sure you have. This quote is very close to my heart, as it reminds me of my journey in achieving what seems to be an impossible dream!

As I embark into my next dream, which is to become an active new member of Toastmasters club, with the intention to improve my overall communication and presentation skills. I have no doubt that anything is possible, no matter how busy we are.

I still remember in 1990 when I graduated in college, I made a personal commitment that I will complete my postgraduate degree. At that time, being the eldest daughter and breadwinner of the family, it was unmanageable to pursue my dream, but fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia, as my gateway to the Middle East in 1992.

To all my fellow members of DG Toastmasters, don’t be afraid to dream, it is important to remember that “Most dreams can come true, but you need to be courageous to pursue them. You need to get out of your comfort zone. You need to invest time and energy” to make it happen!

I am sure you will agree that it was not an easy decision for a lady to work in Saudi Arabia. However, I can say that it was the best decision I have ever made, as this is where I met my loving husband Neel and deliver my beautiful daughter Devi.

BY Rowena V. Neelakantha New Member 4



e TC M G D d u

mbers Winner- Humorous

Winner- Evaluation

Winner- Table Topics

3RD Place Winner- Table Topics

Winner- International


“ Toastmaster is a path to my development as a intellectual professional and a distinguished gentleman ” I am a project sales engineer profession. The most important tool in my line of work is confidence and prompt & right responses in stressful situations. Toastmasters helped me improve my confidence. Table topics taught me the art of mixing and matching words which is often useful while approaching big consultants. Evaluation taught me how to identify a potential customer. The speech and humour techniques helped in perform well in my meetings and stand out of the crowd in big conferences. Toastmasters is a path to my development as a intellectual professional and a distinguished BY TM Agasthiya New Member -DGTC gentleman.

“ JOIN TOASTMASTER CLUB AND PUT 1ST STEP TOWARDS MY JOURNEY OF SUCCESSFUL, PEACEFUL AND HAPPY LIFE” Having 33 years of life experience, I am still learning at each and every stage of my life. I am Piyush Solanki, from Gujarat India, working as Electrical engineer in Emirates Global Aluminium and having beautiful wife and one 3 years old daughter. I love electrical gadgets and always keen about new technology around the world. My Friends and family consider me as helpful personal and I am always ready to help anyone at any time with my full afford and capability. Regarding my passion, I would like to be entrepreneur and start my own company with motto of all the employee should feel work as friendly and job satisfy and become role model for others. I strongly believe Toastmaster and specially Discovery Garden Toastmaster club is the best place to identify and enhance my leadership and communication skill. IN 2016 year my New Year resolution to join toastmaster club and put first step towards my BY journey of successful, peaceful and happy life. TM Piyush New Member-DGTC 6


DGTC Newsletter april 2016  

discovery gardens toastmaster club Newsletter April 2016

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