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Fashionably Pink: 'Business of Fashion' Seminar Series:

Lifestyle Camp Decision By Sydney McCutcheon The summer I was fourteen my sister and I went to a Christian summer camp, Camp Decision, where I was a camper and she, a team leader. I didn’t want to be there, my parents forced me. However, though I went in with a chip on my shoulder, I left with a smile on my face, third-degree sunburn, and wishing for one more

D-R-U-M R-O-L-L – with the last three people saying the word ‘Please’. I started off with a spot in the back but the vocal girl, let’s call her “Mary”, said we weren’t loud enough. She switched me with someone else in line and voila – I ended up standing behind J. and was given the boy name ‘Paul’. I said to him that I didn’t know how to talk like a boy and he gave the good idea, ‘Just hold your tongue and talk, like this -’ to which he actually grabbed his

day. My team leader was Mark – he was the type of guy I saw with the sun block all over his nose – but he was cool, and even talked to my sister about finding a way to connect with me more (I guess I was kind of quiet – and that it was obvious I didn’t really want to be

tongue and starting talking. It was funny and I was surprised as I followed suit, holding my tongue with my fingers and trying to talk. That was encounter number one. (My sister was having her own interesting time. Their team came up with the name the Leprechauns but

there). So where is the boy in the story you ask? We’ll call him J. for short. Fourteen, blonde with brown eyes, he wasn’t the type I liked back then. Encounter # 1: Our team had to come up with a cheer that represented each member as well as our team name: Drum Roll Please (it took me until near the end of the week to realize that was our name haha). Of course there was that girl who is the take-charge-type and very vocal (nothing against her, she was fine - we needed someone like her to help get the ball rolling). We had about an hour to come up with a cheer and the idea came for us to have the boys play cheerleaders and the girls be the football players. We would each run up and shout out our ‘names’ (boys were given girl names and vice-versa) and then we would line up for each individual to shout out a letter of our name –

spelled it incorrectly on their sheet and so they were thus called the Leperchains. One team I remember had a good name, “Stick It Like Moses”) Encounter # 2: Our team had about eleven members and one challenge was to fit all of us on a small box (since we had more players than other teams, we got to take off two) for twenty seconds. The plan was to have the tallest guys stand in the center face to face linking arms while two of the smallest girls sat on their shoulders linking arms; then the rest of us would circle around them and link arms with those opposite us. Well, I somehow was last to get on and though I grabbed onto those around me, my left foot wouldn’t balance my weight as my right stuck in the air.

Lifestyle Mary called out to see if everyone was on and I had to say out loud that I wasn’t. Jumping off her

Though I do like football now from time to time (go Rams! --- or rather, go Sam Bradford! Haha).

section, she came around to me and said to switch places, her side had more room. I didn’t argue. Going

But soon camp was over and onto the bus we went headed for the church hours away. My sister and I

on to the other side, guess who was my elbow buddy? sat up front, and interestingly, J. sat up there too. I think That’s right: J. But as I clamped a hand on his shoulder and stepped onto the box . . . I quickly had to step back

we might have said one thing to each other. Meanwhile a red-head kid behind me kept trying to tell me jokes – I, still in my attitude, wasn’t so friendly (sorry again).

down. I still couldn’t get a right balance and wanted to give up. (Now, to this day, I question J’s motives - - -

Through all of this, I did get steps closer with God. It is a great camp for kids to go to and if you or someone you know, or even your own child, needs a

was he genuine in wanting to help me, or was his drive change in them, send them to places like Camp more for competition? Either way, he is still a good

Decision and The Ramp. Sign them up, make them go.

guy.) He looked at me and said, “You can hold onto

It will make a difference in their lives and one day they

my waist if you want.”

will thank you for it. Even if there was no J. I still

Ah! I still blush at the memory, and laugh a

would be very thankful that I went.

nervous laugh! And what did I do? I stepped onto the

I wish I could tell more details but there is only

box, slid my arm around his back and let my hand hold so much word count left. I hope you enjoyed your onto his side as my other grabbed someone else’s

summer and are excited for Fall. I enjoyed my vacation

shoulder. Our faces were really close, and it was hot

and may share details next month. Unlike with camp, I

outside, so of course I make a comment about it, we

didn’t come back with a 3rd degree sunburn, only a few

both kind of laugh, and soon those twenty seconds roll more freckles and a bruise on my scalp that makes me by in a flash. We hunker down and move on to the

smile when I touch it. Now you might be asking for

next stage.


I had my camp crush after that, and took any

We’ll see, until next month!

opportunity given. My sister searched for me almost an

God bless,

hour until finding me on the basketball court where the


dodge ball tournament took place. J was in the tournament of course. Right away my sister knew it had to be a crush – since when I did willingly watch a sport?

Health Healthy Brain, Healthy Body By Dr. Bret Wilson

Football Injuries

Care and Feeding of the Brain

Youth Sports

Take care of your brain and it will take care of you. Healthy habits include proper nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise and management of stress. Proper fueling of the brain requires regular meals with the proper mix of protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Eight glasses of water each day is important for body and mind. Signs of dehydration can include headaches and foggy thinking. Exercise has shown to improve mental ability and reduce stress. Regular exercise also helps control blood pressure and maintains healthy blood flow. Sleep allows the brain and body to recharge, adequate and regular sleep is important for intelligence, mood and energy.

The Centers for Disease Control has information for athletes, parents and coaches to help recognize and get proper treatment in the event of a head injury during sports. Heads Up: Concussions in Youth Sports recommends don’t assess it yourself, stop the athlete from playing and seek professional healthcare evaluation.

There has been a lot of recent discussion of the cumulative The brain is the master of your thoughts, body functions and effects of repeated head trauma to NFL players. Recently a settlement was reached between the NFL and a group of actions. The brain controls all activity both conscious and retired players that have suffered the effects of repeated unconscious. The brain is protected inside the bony skull, injuries to the head. Jim McMahon, retired Chicago Bears sends messages through the spinal cord, along spinal nerves quarterback, spoke on the Dan Patrick Show about treatment that exit between the vertebrae of the spine and then to he has received and how the settlement can help others. every tissue cell in the body. It creates a vast feedback loop of Greater awareness of the potential dangers and more information to and from the body to maintain function and research into the cause, prevention and treatment of head health. injuries is moving forward.

Chiropractic and Your Brain

Chiropractic evaluation and treatment examines the relationship between the brain, nervous system and the spine. The head is attached to the body by a relatively slender neck, often injury involving the head also involves the neck. If there is a subluxation, interfering with the signal to or from the body part and the brain, then health and function is impaired. The Concussion chiropractor adjusts the spine to restore communication, function and health. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron A concussion is mild traumatic brain that occurs from a Rodgers credited his chiropractor, Dr. Michael Zoelle, with sudden acceleration, deceleration movement of the head. helping him overcome a stiff neck before the game on Sunday, The cause can be a blow to the head, a fall, sports injury or car which the Packers won 38-20 over the Redskins. Rodgers accident. Some concussions show minimal external injuries passed for 480 yards and threw 4 touchdowns.

and a person could suffer a concussion and never hit their head. Symptoms can be immediate, such as loss of consciousness or latent hours or days after the accident. Symptoms are usually temporary, but can have longer lasting effects depending on severity and frequency of injury. Other possible brain dysfunction or disease, such as post – concussion syndrome, Alzheimer’s or stroke should be ruled out. It is important to determine the cause of symptoms, so that proper treatment can be rendered.

It has been said we only use 10% of our brain, and yet it is amazing the power and function of our brain. Injury and impairment to the brain has a significant effect on function, health, mood, intelligence and quality of life. Use your head, take care of your brain, be head smart. You will be smarter, happier and live better. Yours in Health,

Health 7 Simple Ways Kids can Get Healthy With Food By Melanie Albert

Obviously, it’s a totally different world in 30 years.

These are the problems, but so many organizations around our country are working towards a solution. Part America is sick. Our children are sick. Childhood obesity has of the obesity problem is because we are receiving so more than tripled in past 30 years and today, more than one- many conflicting messages. People are confused about third of kids are overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is a what to eat, how to eat, and how to prepare healthy major health problem because it may lead to: food. Heart disease Type 2 diabetes (it is predicted that one-third of kids 7 Simple Ways Kids Can Get Healthy with Food born in 2000 or later will have it) 1. Make a delicious avocado salsa with an organic Asthma avocado, tomatoes, onion, garlic, cilantro, lemon and sea salt LINK: Sleep apnea Bone and joint problems /experience-nutritiion-for-kids-the-lassiterSocial discrimination and poor self-esteem twins-making-avocado-dip.aspx Kids who are obese, are more likely to be obese as 2. Drink lots of water every single day. Drink about adults half your body weight in ounces of water. If you At risk for weight-related health problems when weigh 70 pounds, drink about 35 ounces of adults water daily. 3. Make quick home-made hummus in your Obesity is influenced by food and lifestyle. When I was a kid, blender with garbanzo beans, garlic, cumin, my typical day looked like this. I walked to school and had black pepper and sea salt. Dip with cucumber gym class several days each week. I played outside after and carrot slices. (LINK: school for hours, riding my bike, climbing trees and swimming. I watched very little television. My dad grew a huge garden in /healthy-tailgate-hummus-just-like-hummus-atour yard with all kinds of veggies, cherries and strawberries. the-super-bowl-xliv-vip-tailgate.aspx My mom did not work outside the home, she cooked home4. Eat a handful of your favorite nuts and seeds made meals with real food every day, and we ate dinner as a every day. family. On the weekends, we drove to our boat from 5. Make all kinds of smoothies with frozen fruit and Pennsylvania to the Chesapeake Bay and our treat was nut milks, like almond milk. Have fun mixing and stopping at a fast food restaurant on the way. My brothers matching with your favorite fruit. LINK and I only ate fast food once a week. 41416832657465.64171.187549794710836&typ Today kids have a totally different experience. They take a e=3 bus to school, many do not have gym or after-school sports, 6. Grow your own garden. Start with herbs, onions and some don’t all have a safe place to play outside after and lettuce and eat fresh salads. school. Both parents are working, so Mom is not at home 7. Visit a farmers’ market and choose the foods making a home-made dinner. Instead, they are eating fast you want to eat for dinner. food, and processed food every day. Plus, they are eating huge portions of food at restaurants and from grocery stores. 80% of kids drink soda every day. On average, kids watch 7.5 hours Website: of media/entertainment a day, with computers, tvs, video Facebook: games, cell phones and movies, so they are getting much less physical activity. Kids are bombarded with less healthy, Linkedin:ý processed food advertising, and have limited access to healthy Pinterest: foods and easy access to unhealthy foods. Twitter: @nutritionauthor

Wellness 0- person lacks knowledge and understanding This is a person who lacks knowledge altogether on the subject of health and wellness and sickness and disease. They have not made the critical connection between The first thing I want to know about a person who calls sickness and disease and lifestyle. requesting simple health information has nothing to do with their diagnosis. I want to know who they are in relation to their 1-5 some knowledge but limited application; limited health intelligence. This is more important than their physical understanding and cohesiveness problem. I recently received a phone call from a young woman This person has acquired haphazard health information who was passionately looking for assistance. Within a matter they have heard over their lifetime yet has not made the of three simple health discussions with her I was able to know connection between sickness and disease and lifestyle. who she was and assist her in thinking critically about They have limited understanding about lifestyle medicine reclaiming her health rather than emotionally identifying and how to achieve it. herself as a victim of her diagnosis.

Who Are You? By Becky Campos

I am always amazed when I witness the progress that unfolds as I take the person from the first phone call of panic, concern, sadness and are overwhelmed by their circumstances to a position of strength and faith. My role is to teach them how to think critically in the midst of their health crisis and to take charge of their health care. Getting the person to discover who they are is the first step to introducing them to a systematic thought process that can set them free to becoming their own best health resource. If I am not successful here the journey will be more difficult then it has to be to reclaim their health. I ask the person to measure their health understanding using the simple health intelligence scale. The following is a good description of how to use the scale to determine who you are.

6-9 substantial knowledge and understanding but lacks mastery of The Twelve Laws of Simple Health This is a person who has made the connection between sickness and disease and lifestyle. They have been engaged in studying the subject of health and wellness and affirm The Twelve Laws of Simple Health yet lacks mastery of them. 10- Substantial knowledge and understanding and on a personal pursuit of mastering The Twelve Laws of Simple Health This person understands that sickness and disease is caused by the way they live. They have taken personal responsibility for their health care. They are engaged in studying the subject of health and wellness, affirm The Twelve Laws of Simple Health and have either mastered or are working diligently to master them. They have a clear understanding of what health is and what it is not.

Simple Health Intelligence Scale 0_________________________________________________________________10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Wellness Once you determine who you are in regards to your health intelligence you will see the amount of work it will take to arrive at a 10 on the scale. My goal is to bring a person to affirm that sickness and disease is caused and does not enter the body arbitrarily as though it can just land on us out of nowhere. The connection between failing health and lifestyle must be firmly established or the pursuit of health becomes a mysterious and endless cycle of haphazard attempts to stop the unknown. Wow, now that’s a problem! The human body is designed to self-heal, self-cleanse, adapt and rejuvenate itself when cared for according to its majestic design. Arriving at this concept is no small measure. The work of reclaiming your health and preventing disease starts with knowing who you are and what you will need to do to arrive at a 10 on the scale. Apart from self-examination and understanding that sickness and disease has a cause, reclaiming your health and prevention of disease remains a mystery. The Simple Truth The simple truth is that we can prevent ourselves unnecessary frustration, drama, trauma, insecurity, fear, worry and numerous health costs by acquiring the knowledge necessary to become our own best health resource. So who are you on Visit for more on how to the Simple Health Intelligence scale? After reading each of the increase your simple health intelligence. descriptions and determining who you are, write down one sentence that best describes you. You will be surprised at how Experience How Simple Health Really Is! revealing this exercise will be. Becky Campos

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Coaching Discovering Your Possibilities Part II By Ian Percy Part 1 of this Possibilities series stated that “Before anything amazing happens, you need to believe there actually are infinite possibilities within and around you.” Honestly I wonder how many of us really see the grandeur of that truth. Everything that is being discovered at such a pace these days has always been there waiting for people to see it. Whether it’s research into the dark energy of the cosmos or the discovery of how to grow human organs in a lab or the healing power of light and water...those possibilities have always existed. Everything that will ever be possible is already possible! That’s true in the universe and it’s true in your own life. What we’re going to do now is learn to inventory your possibilities and focus in on which you want to make real. Take something you’re facing right now...probably best to practice with something minor like should you go on the kayaking trip or should you write the children’s book you keep talking about. Open a new file and start typing all the possibilities you have pertaining to that issue. ALL the possibilities, not just the ones you like or come quickest to mind. The more you see the range of possibilities the better your ultimate decision as to which one(s) to make real. If you start editing yourself that means you’re trying to stay in your comfort zone, your old mind set. Bold the possibilities that scare you to death. Running for President at your club is a real possibility; so what you don’t see yourself as a leader and you hate speaking in front of people. This is where this possibility stuff starts to get fun.

“Before anything amazing happens, you need to believe there actually are infinite possibilities within and around you.”

Coaching Discovering Your Possibilities Part II By Ian Percy This is not mechanistic goal setting; this is quantum physics. This is tapping into the mysterious energy of the universe that holds the inventory of the infinite possibilities of your life. What we will explore in Part 3 of this series is how to bring all the energies, all the frequencies, within and around you into alignment I wish I was there coaching you because this may sound a little with your Possibility Manifest. Albert Einstein and Nikola weird: pay attention to the possibilities that make you pause, Tesla are going to help us out. that make you hold your breath for a second. Mark those and delete all the others. You’ve got to focus in and Lean In as PS: As I was writing this Southwest Airlines announced Sheryl Sandberg puts it in her book. that on some flights we can expect a live concert from That ‘pause’, that tiny ‘gasp’ means you’re at the door of a finalists who appeared on “The Voice” and “American new possibility in your life. If nothing was in your way, not Idol.” They’re taking the possibilities in airline travel one step further than their competitors! time, talent or money...what possibility would thrill you beyond words? If you can put that into a sentence or two, Ian Percy is known as a ‘Possibilities Expert’. He helps great! organizations of all types discover their For illustration’s sake let’s number that ‘Possibility #7,873’. As highest possibilities. wonderful as that possibility sounds to you, see if you can stretch it even a step further. Think of it as yoga for the mind. Learn more about him at What would #7,874 include? Add that to your sentence. Sit back and start going over the whole list. As you do, ask the question: “What am I looking for?” Most of us will look for what is reasonable, what is ‘doable’, what is easiest, what we already know we can do. Don’t you limit yourself like that! You are worthy and capable of SO much more!

I like to call these declarations a Possibility Manifest. One of the meanings of the word “manifest” is to “display by actions.” You’re about to display a new possibility in your life through your actions! A simple Possibility Manifest might look like this: I will make real the possibility that I can endure and enjoy the hardship of a seven day wilderness kayaking trip (#7,873) returning with two survival skills I did not have previously (#7,874). Or this: I will make real the possibility of owning my own townhouse and designing a one-of-a-kind photography studio within it.

Coaching Decisions...Decisions...Decisions.... By Peggy Marshall “More than anything else, I believe it's our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny” -Anthony Robbins Effective decision making is a major contributor to success. We know this intuitively yet find ourselves in decision making traps which lead to ineffective decisions and unnecessary agony. New York Times Bestselling authors Chip and Dan Heath outline a process for examining the way we look at decision making in their new book “Decisive”. They provide readers with options that will definitely lead to more successful decision making. This blog will cover a few key points from their book. This or That When we find ourselves trapped between two options, we may be missing an important choice that could lead to opportunities that are beneath the surface. As coaches, we often ask our clients to think about “what else” when identifying pathways to success. What else is possible? This requires us to think outside the box sometimes allowing ourselves to think really big about ideas we may not have allowed ourselves to think about or believe in. The Heath brothers suggest that when we find ourselves in “either or decisions” warning signals should be going off for us. One technique I use effectively with clients is to ask “what would door number three or four look like?” Challenging ourselves to think about a number of options may take more time yet it can lead to experiences that we might not have believed possible.

What Would Have to be True Another exercise that the Heath brothers share is to ask yourself “what would have to be true for this to be the right option?” We often make assumptions about our decisions that we do not challenge. By asking this question, we have to test whether we are exaggerating the upside positively while positioning the downside negatively or vice versa. This exercise also allows for a data collection/reality testing process that is often overlooked when making decisions. Think about how this question can advance our relationships when we are stuck between choices and find ourselves in opposite corners from our partners. OOCH Ooching is a combination of inching and scooting. When trying to make a difficult decision, dipping your toes in the water may be a safe choice. If you are trying to decide whether you want to join a club, attending a meeting or two before joining would be a form of ooching. Another popular way of ooching is finding an athletic store that let’s you return shoes if they are not right for you….even after you have worn them! Ooching does not work however, when you have a major commitment to make!

Set a Tripwire Given that 95% of our behaviors are habitual, you may want to set a tripwire to ensure that you do not fall back into your habits once a decision has been made. One extremely helpful idea is to build a plan for reminding yourself about your decision should your habits take Confirmation Bias over. If you are trying to change a specific behavior in order to be more successful, setting a tripwire to evaluate progress weekly can Have you ever made a pros and cons list to help you make a alert you to falling back into autopilot. Tripwires can also help remind decision? I believe that pros and cons lists are effective in surfacing us that we do have a choice and can cap the risk of decision. Giving our thoughts about the decision. However, we must be vigilant to ourselves a period of time to engage in a new behavior can give us the ensure that we do not allow our own bias for a specific decision space to try new things but also allow us to make a change should the negatively impact the final decision. This is really difficult. When decision not lead us into greater success.

most people are trying to make a decision they tend to have a preference for one option over another which makes it difficult to be completely forthright with the weighting of the options. I frequently ask clients to make the list and then leave it for a couple of days (when possible). This keeps the emotionality out and tampers down the ego when trying to make a decision.

Knowing that we have many more options that we thought we had with our decision making process and taking the time to evaluate these options can give us the freedom to make different choices that lead us in to even greater successes! To Your Success! Dr. Peggy

Lifestyle Challenger Space Center Arizona “Houston, Apollo 11 . . . I've got the world in my window.- Michael Collins” If your grandchildren are extra-rambunctious I would recommend that you opt for a self-tour or bring them to one of the programs designed specifically for their age Let’s face it – most of us have imagined what it would be like groups, such as ‘Space Tots’ for 4-6 year olds. If you are to be an astronaut, to walk across that metal sky bridge into touring the facility on your own, allow at least an hour to an awaiting space shuttle. One can at least experience that see all of the exhibits. There are some interactive walkway upon entering the Challenger Space Center in Peoria! displays, and a simulator that were our grandchildren’s Once inside you will be able to peek inside the world of the favorite areas. Our relatively short visit just made us men and women who have explored space through the want to return for their special events. wonders of NASA. For grandparents, we will get to relive those first forays into space travel; some tragic, some heroic, Check their website before you go for special events and all mesmerizing! For our grandchildren a visit to the center programs such as: Family Star Nights (next shows are Sept will fill them with wonderful insights into both the past and 7 & 21 and October 5); Space Tots (Saturdays @9:30am); future of space travel. Planetarium shows (not pre-sold); and the 2 hour By Cathy Droz and Cathy Burford Grandparents on the Go!

Simulated Space Missions – the ultimate space Since we were bringing a 4 year old and a 7 year old, we optedexperience (reservations are required, and they are for a guided tour to get a nice overview of the entire facility. scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm. In addition, Run by volunteer docents, the tour lasted about 45 minutes on the 2nd Saturday of the month they offer and kept the attention of our little ones without them getting ‘Grandparent’s Day’ featuring ½ off admission when you ‘antsy’. bring your grandchild.

If You Go:

Challenger Space Center Arizona 21170 N 83rd Ave. Peoria, AZ 85382 p. 623.322.2011

Admission: Adults $8. 55+ & Military $7. Ages 3-12 $6. Under 3 Free Strollers OK


Young Entrepreneur Series: ASU Stu By Clarissa Burt and Madeline Ulivieri Getting Started Student entrepreneurs are on the rise . College students are utilizing their time, technology, and social media skills to their advantage. Campus life acts as a seedbed for referral marketing campaigns that large corporations cannot compete with. Business student and fashionista, Jessica Wener is one of these student entrepreneurs who is utilizing her creativity, eye for design and passion for business to start her own online store, Crowns by 5th & Farmer. I had the wonderful opportunity to learn a little bit more about her thriving hair accessory business that has grown organically from word of mouth on campus.

Wener has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At eight years old she began selling handmade jewelry around her neighborhood. This past winter Jessica decided to combine her jewelry making skills into a hot new accessory: the flower crown. She was looking for a cute gypsy headpiece to wear for an event and was unable to find one to her liking, so she made her own. She took apart some daises, embellished them and her first flower crown was born.

As a student and sorority girl at Arizona State , one of the nation’s largest universities, Jessica has experienced and witnessed the lives of women who strive to express themselves through style and fashion every day. From festivals to formals, an accessory always adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Finding the right accessory, however, is usually the hardest part. Her aim is to shorten the search and provide the beautiful, classy, powerful woman with the accessory that fits, like a crown. After envisioning the perfect combination of a girly, glam, bohemian, yet sophisticated piece, Jessica felt inclined to create it. Through creating hair accessories for women, her goal is to empower those who wear Crowns by 5th & Farmer to be unique, be themselves, all while feeling like royalty. If the crown fits, wear it.


udent Creates Crowns Between Classes Taking It To the Web After wearing her pieces, friends began asking about them and wanted their own. Being home this summer she wanted to find a way to share her ideas and unique designs with all her friends back at school as well as girls all over the country. She decided to open her own Etsy account, a platform for selling handmade goods online, to share her trendy creations.

Wener came up with the name 5th & Farmer from the crossroads of where she lives in Tempe, Arizona. The name symbolizes the future, growing up, and sharing life experiences with the people she loves. The online shop has done quite well since its launch and Jessica hopes for her business to grow and expand into a well-known brand. She is determined to collaborate with larger accessory companies and is currently in the process of getting her items into a few boutiques in the Phoenix area.

Wener shared her thoughts with me on the importance of student entrepreneurship. “I think that entrepreneurship is such an important component in today’s overall economic development so it is great for young people to be able to convert their ideas into a final product and reach out globally. It gives our generation an unbelievable advantage.” Starting her own business has allowed her to gradually introduce herself into the real world while in college. Through all of the aspects that being a small business owner involves, she has prepared herself at an incremental pace. It can be stressful at times balancing your studies, extracurriculars, a social life, and your own business. There will always be temptations pulling you one way or another but having the diligence and commitment to your small business is the most important factor at being Make sure to check out Jessica’s darling crowns at a successful entrepreneur. If you have the perseverance and are willing to work hard, you can achieve anything There’s nothing better than looking chic all while supporting an you set your mind to. entrepreneur in the local community!

For more fashion and beauty news, follow Clarissa Burt on Twitter @ClarissaBurt and like her on Facebook at Clarissa Burt Official.

Lifestyle “Just Getting Started” The Streets of LA By Elizabeth Zulema Movement What is it about Los Angeles, California that seems so attractive to the masses? From an outsider’s perspective, LA looks like a melting pot of pretentious wanna-bes trying to “make it” in one industry or another. Your waitress is an actress, your bartender is a musician, and that guy you met at the Farmer’s Market is in the process of writing the next best-selling novel. How could four struggling artists sharing a one bedroom apartment all be convinced that a year from now they will be making millions? Maybe these self-proclaimed “somebodies” are entitled an ego after all. I am quickly learning that the beauty of this city does not lie in the perfect weather, although I find myself thoroughly enjoying this breeze. The real sparkle is found in the ambition running through the veins of these young dreamers. The streets of LA are swarming with individuals who believe that they are capable of creating something great. Professional drive has become an epidemic in LA and I am at the center of the contagion. I am not an “LA girl”. I am not “Hollywood”. Living here has successfully proven my denials wrong. Los Angeles is not about beauty, good style, or fame; it is about movement. While all the beautiful citizens are contributing factors, movement is the true reason I fell in love. Since Arizonans hideaway in their air conditioned sanctuary, human contact is limited. To stay indoors in California is almost sinful. Every day I meet somebody with a dream. Every day I fall more in love with my growing opportunities in this ambitious city.

Lifestyle “Just Getting Started” Don’t be ashamed, you are not to blame Part II Helping Women Build Healthy Relationships By Eboni Lacey Dealing with that first night alone. We as women jump for joy at the slightest possibility that we can potentially be in a relationship. A good date, a man saying he can’t stop thinking about us, or the very tiniest hint of affection will send our emotions into haywire. Every book on the market celebrates relationships – what to do to get one, what to do to keep one and why you must constantly stay in one. But what do you do when you get dumped? Or when you realize that the cookie-cuter relationship you thought you had was all BS? What do you do the first night when you realize you are all alone and by yourself? The first night alone is by far the loneliest night of all. You spend hours in bed crying your eyes out and thinking about the last words that he said to you. You think about all those moments that you had together and all the good times. BUT, YOU MUST MOVE ON. Moving on is easier said then done of course. Naturally, you will be thinking about him, and wondering why things didn’t work. But, don’t let it get to you. Think about yourself and the things you want your other half to do for you. Think about your future or your job or children. Appreciate your life and the good things – rather it be your healthy lifestyle, your recent raise at work or your fit body that you work so hard to maintain. That very first night when you are all alone in bed, think about yourself.

Think about your goals in life and how being single can help you accomplish those goals. You don’t have to worry his plans or his priorities or rather he will marry you. It’s all about you and what you want out of life.

NEXT THINK ABOUT HOW STUPID HE WAS. Make fun of his sleazy and cheap dating plans or how dirty he kept his apartment. Make fun of how insecure he was. Provide reasons of why he wasn’t good for you. Then, the very next night GO OUT. Grab that dress that hugs your body just right and go out dancing and enjoying life with your girlfriends. Have a blast. Get a few drinks and party. Don’t even bother thinking about him. And don’t blab to your friends about him. Please don’t get drunk and start crying over him either. Know that whatever guy you were dating is a loser simply because he missed out on an opportunity to be with you. And you can always find better – a man with a better job who is better looking and who is better at appreciating you. And if you don’t remember anything else just remember that sometimes you have to let something go and if that something comes back then maybe it really was worth holding on to. If he comes back, he will come pounding on your door. But it isn’t about what he wants. It’s all about you! To read more of my blogs visit my website at Next month’s journal will be titled: Expectations: Why have so many?

Lifestyle Celebrate Fall with Family

Celebrate the Season of Autumn. This is the time of year when we see visible shifts in nature. Have discussions with children and encourage them to look for things like changes in the colors of leaves. (If you live in Phoenix, Arizona like we do, that means driving to Northern Arizona for a day trip unless you want to wait until December to see pretty leaves in fall colors.) Collect leaves and use them to decorate your home.

Spiders can make children giggle! Jumping spiders made with pipe cleaners will keep kids busy and interested for quite a while. We’ve made them for years. Our kids and their friends would hide under tables, behind furniture, and around corners—just waiting for someone to come close so they could pull the string to make their spider jump. We had spiders jumping everywhere with plenty of giggles. Laughter is one of the best things to share with our Even in the Valley of the Sun, days get shorter, plants go children. Making their own spiders is also a terrific to seed, and the temperatures do fall below 100°. There is way to build self-esteem. They are so easy to make a different scent in the air and our minds turn to thoughts and complete instructions can be found with this of popcorn and apple cider instead of iced drinks and link to a fall web page . frozen snacks. Put a list on the refrigerator door and see how many signs of fall you can find. Younger children might be fascinated by watching ants, spiders and other bugs as they prepare for cooler weather. Use a magnifying glass to look at them. Find spider webs and spray them with water. Look for information on the web to help kids learn more about the critters they see. Education happens in all seasons.

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Lifestyle Spend some time creating fall crafts together. Fall crafts don’t need to be time consuming or require expensive materials. Most can be done with everyday things you have around the house. If you need a few supplies, dollar stores usually carry the items you might want to add. Crafting has some excellent benefits for children and families too. Time spent together is an opportunity for conversation—and especially for talking together without an agenda. You might even share things you did as a child to celebrate autumn. Making crafts without specific instructions, or by altering directions to suit your own ideas, is an experience in developing creativity. Creative children have fun, develop skills and usually feel good about themselves and their artistic abilities. The more opportunities they have to imagine ways to make their own things using everyday stuff, the more confidence they will have about constructing crafts and more on their own. It’s a very satisfying endeavor. (If you praise their work, make it specific: “I like the way you added the . . .” etc. Kids respond better to that than to generalities like “That’s so wonderful.” It also teaches them about what works well.

Do you need ideas for fall activities? If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, childcare provider, or youth leader, there are many more fall activities and ideas on my website. You will also find two fall books I have written about celebrating autumn. One, Fall Fun for Families, includes more than eighty-four easy and inexpensive ideas, such as: crafts, storytelling, and ways to make fall a special family time. Autumn Activities has many of the same ideas, but they have been adapted for use in classrooms, or for groups of children. Both are full of fun and promote child development in a variety of ways. Play today! Children learn best when they think they are just playing. Kas Winters, The Mother of Family Ideas™


24 hour Rejuvenation Moonlight Hike & The Lodge at Sedona

Every month on the full moon The Red Rock State Park Center for Environmental Education takes hikers to an elevation of about 4000 feet to witness the beauty of the sunset on one horizon and the rise of the full moon over the canyon walls opposite the setting sun. This invigorating two mile walk, guided by two naturalists, will educate you about the history, features, flora and fauna of the 289 acre nature preserve. We were able to observe mule deer grazing, hear stories of romantic nuptials under the wedding tree and see the House of Apache Fires. This intimate group, limited to 25, can take in the views, have the opportunity to ask questions, talk and enjoy about two hours together in this green valley among the red rocks.

A must on the hike, water, comfortable shoes, bug spray, flash light layer your clothes help with the change of weather from the hike up to the walk back to the visitor’s center. Bring your camera and binoculars the sights are spectacular. You need to make reservations by calling 928-282-6907, as the spots fill up fast. The hike costs $5.00 per person and there is a $10.00 fee to enter the park. To find out dates for the upcoming Full Moon Hike and instructions visit Az State Parks . There are a number of other guided tours, hiking trails and wildlife viewing available. After our hike we checked in to The Lodge at Sedona. This beautiful 9500 square foot Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home was built in 1959 by one of Sedona’s first medical doctors as a residence for his wife and 12 children. The Lodge opened as a bed and breakfast in July of 1993. Each of the 13 Arizona themed rooms has a special charm, with jet tubs, fireplaces, outside porches, TV and wireless internet. The staff will escort you to all of the amenities of the grounds and common areas. The full service kitchen, allows meals to be prepared in house by a chef with fresh organic products. Stroll the 3 acres and you will find a mystical labyrinth, calming waterfall, ponds, swings and the view of the beautiful Red Mountains of Sedona. The Lodge at Sedona is also a retreat and advanced therapy detoxification and rebuilding program. There are doctor supervised programs, yoga classes, energy work, massages, fresh juices, organic vegan gourmet meals to help you restore natural health and regain your strength from illness recovery. Located just off 89A and Coffee Pot Rd, surrounded by juniper and pines to give a secluded feel and still be close to shops and restaurants and other Sedona activities. Within walking distance you will find a organic grocery and Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen To make reservations at this award winning Bed and Breakfast 928-204-1942 or visit Lodge at Sedona.

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