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May 2013 The Focus Volume 2 Issue 5

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May is Correct Posture Month


May is correct posture month. The saying goes that it takes 30 days to develop a new habit. I have provided excerpts from previous posts about the importance of posture and how to improve it. Take a month to improve your posture and your health.


Posture Consciousness


Healthy posture is a habit maintained through awareness and practice. Posture allows for balance and support of our frame against the constant stress exerted by gravity. Poor posture can cause greater wear and tear on joints, inhibit breathing, circulation and digestion, increase fatigue, reduce flexibility, and effect mood. Proper posture employs a forward curve in the neck and low back. There should be alignment of the ear, the shoulder and the hip. From the front there should be alignment of the nose, the breast bone and the navel. These basic principles can be applied standing, sitting, and lying down. Posture should provide balance, support and comfort. When a situation calls for a modification of these basics, limit the time spent in these postures and use supports when able. Consciousness of your posture, awareness of the basics of good posture and applying those basics on a consistent basis will assist in better health. Forward Head Posture Forward head posture can lead to increased wear and tear on your spine, the muscles of your neck and shoulders. This can lead to headaches, neck pain and reduced flexibility, tight and tender shoulder muscles and mid back pain. It effects how you look and feel. Forward head posture results from the prolonged sitting we do in our modern world. Postures of the head and neck while using a computer, laptop, handheld device, looking down with our head bent forward. Injuries such as car accidents to the neck can also lead to changes in the curve of the neck and forward head posture. Lack of the proper exercise and poor posture habits contribute over time to daily wear and tear.

For more information Posture and Aging How heavy is Your Head? Active Sitting Health Consciousness LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

How to Lighten Your Load

Posture and Aging

Reading this blog you have taken the first step, awareness. Depending on your condition, simply being more conscious of better posture, particularly head and neck position, can make a big difference. Practice posture against the wall. Change your monitor height, look down with your eyes more and bend your neck less. Avoid lying on your back with your head propped forward to read or watch television. Sit upright and hold the book higher and tilt your head less. Develop better habits to replace the poor ones. During exercise, whether it is weight training, walking, running or class/ group activities, maintain strong postures to practice with movement to restore balance and flexibility. Visit your chiropractor to have your spine checked and to get specific advice on exercise and posture. You will look better, feel better and be healthier.

Posture is how you balance your body. Posture is the base for all physical activity. Motion begins with posture. As we age, joints stiffen, loss of motion causes change in posture, the more the posture worsens, the harder muscles must work to keep the body balanced, causing further stiffening. So the classic forward bent, rounded shoulders, forward head posture is the result of chronic poor posture habits and adaptation to the lack of motion.

Proper Sitting Posture The proper posture while sitting maintains the normal curves and center of gravity. The normal curve in the low back and neck is a slight forward arch and a mild backwards curve in the mid back. There should be alignment of the center of the head, shoulder and hip from the side. From the front there should be level hips and shoulders, no lean to either side. Avoid twisting your neck or low back while seated, position your seat to look straight on to your work or the person you are talking to. Your feet should be flat on the floor, thighs parallel to the floor. To add to the stability of your posture, slightly pull your stomach in as if to pull your navel to your spine. This activates the abdominal muscles and stiffens the spine giving the sitter a rigid foundation. Squeeze the shoulder blades together slightly to avoid rounding your shoulders. To lean forward or back, maintain the forward curve in the lower back. Look down with your eyes more and bow your head less as this reverses the normal neck curve, increase stress on the muscles that hold up your head causing neck and shoulder muscle tension. With practice these posture habits will replace the old ones of slouching and slumping in your chair. You sit with greater comfort, less fatigue and be more productive.

How can you slow the aging of your posture? Become more aware of your posture and practice better, stronger posture habits. Exercise to restore and maintain mobility, flexibility and balance. Consult your chiropractor to help evaluate your posture, joint mobility and alignment. Chiropractors are experts in removing the joint restrictions that cause posture to adapt in an inefficient and weak way. Your doctor can advise you on the type of exercise necessary to regain, a strong posture, joint mobility and better health. We all hope to get older, but that does not mean we have to walk or stand like “an old man�. It is never too late to start moving and feeling younger. Posture Strong Practice strong posture to add years to your life and life to your years. Declare your own correct posture month. Keep your head on straight to lighten your load. Sit tall, sit actively to reduce fatigue and get up often. Become aware of your posture in all your daily activities and improve your health. Yours in Health

Bret Wilson, DC

Postural Breaks To avoid prolonged sustained postures and the pain and stiffness that are caused by them, modify your posture of ten to give yourself a break. Give yourself a reason to get out of your chair periodically by putting a reference or tool out of reach so that you get up out of the chair to use it. Set up part of your work station that allows you to perform certain tasks standing. Stand and walk when talking on the phone. Get up and move around during the commercial breaks while watching television. Make frequents stops while driving or riding in the car to break up prolonged postures. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

School’s Almost Out! Learn Somethin



KAS WINTERS Mother of Family Ideas"

Pick a country or a culture and create your own fun by learning about it. There are so many things of interest, and each can provide memorable family activities and keep kids interested. Here are some examples of things children can do that are free or inexpensive, don’t require a lot of parent time, will let imaginations flourish, and creativity develop. The culture/ country in this example is ancient Egypt which includes history, geography, arts, architecture and so much more. Here are some of the activities we’ve done that relate to this topic. Prepare and enjoy a special Egyptian meal. Include foods that grow in that country such as dates, grapes, olives, figs, pomegranates, cucumbers, pistachios, and oranges. Buy pita bread at the grocery store or find a authentic recipe for Egyptian flatbread and encourage an older child to bake some for dinner. Depending on their ages, children might even do the cooking. Younger children can roll their favorite cooked veggies in a store-bought pita and enjoy eating it. (The idea is to let children learn, not to keep mom busy with extra projects.) Make a pyramid or obelisk! Use poster-board, cardboard, Styrofoam, or blocks. Use four poles tied together at the top and cover them with a sheet to make a pyramid tent. Decorate a cardboard or foam obelisk with hieroglyphics. Read about the religious beliefs and significance, including belief in an afterlife, involved with these constructions.

Kas Winters, "Mother of Family Ideas" 602-789-9240 Winmark Communications & Everything Family

Discover communication using hieroglyphics. Even young children can make up their own simple drawings and use them to tell a story. Let older children, research and find actual symbols from ancient times and then write stories using these hieroglyphics. Make up “secret codes” using the characters. For children too young to grasp this concept, just provide crayons and paper and let them draw pictures. Masks were used in ancient Egypt and most children like making their own versions. Use paper mâché, paper plates, paper bags, or foam core board. Decorate them with crayons, paint, or pasted pieces of colored paper. It’s all fun. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

ng Anyway.

Jewelry was important too and gold jewelry and decorations were highly valued. For fun, string painted pieces of macaroni together to make necklaces. (Larger pieces can break and have sharp edges, so avoid these as well as tiny shapes that can be a choking hazard for young children.) Crowns can be fashioned with foil. Play Egyptian dressup wearing large white T-shirts, and put on your own play about ancient pharaohs. Snakes, especially cobras, were very important in this culture. Look for pictures and stories about them and share with the family. Many children are fascinated with these creatures. Mummies! These fascinate most ages. We’ve used a couple of rolls of gauze with a willing participant and made our own temporary mummy. It generated plenty of

giggles and taught history too. (Be sure to leave an opening for the child’s nose and mouth. Breathing is important.) Discover historical facts and probabilities about Ramses, King Tut, Cleopatra and other well-known people who lived in ancient Egypt. Read books about the country or historical time you choose. Find information and more activities on the web. Not only will children learn about history and other cultures, there is a chance they will develop a fascination with leaning more about these topics. The activities will create a sense of accomplishment, improve skills, increase knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of other cultures and history. (As a bonus: what we know, we do not fear. That makes a basis for understanding and even appreciating one another’s differences.)

For more “school’s out” activities, go to my Everything Family Website at: or get a copy of my book, Mother Lode: The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy, at Enjoy your summer! LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

May is a Time to Celebrate Mom’s



Sometimes things don’t go the way you want them too, or turn out how you plan. This weekend I baked four different desserts for our Ladies Meeting at our church, they did not come out how I wanted.


The brown sugar bars I put in the oven and about five minutes later I had forgotten to add the White chocolate chips; the caramel truffle from a box didn’t taste how I thought it should; I had just finished cutting a cake into small square pieces when I figured out that the White chocolate was not going to melt properly. As you can see, a lot of things didn’t go as planned! That happens with life to. Sometimes we look around at where we are, who we are, and if we think back to ten years, five years, or even a couple years, we probably would have never believed we would be where we are today, at this very moment. We had dreams that remain unfulfilled, goals not met and so on, but what we need to realize is that it just hasn’t happened YET. It’s still out there, it’s still possible, only if you believe and continue to strive forward. So that it was I did with the desserts that didn’t want to work. With the help of my creative mother and sister, I was able to strive forward. (I had also made my mother a white cake for Mother’s Day, and had left it too long in the pan cooling that when I took it out, it broke in the middle). LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

For the truffle cake out of the box, I cut it in slices, served it on a plate and even got a compliment on it; for the brown sugar bars I waited until the last ten minutes of baking, add the white chocolate chips – though they didn’t melt there either and I don’t think anyone ate them- still, I put them out there to try; and for the cuts of cake I had made (and ate after realizing the icing would work, so there was about a third of them gone) mom thought of the idea, “How about we make a Trifle?” to which I replied, “you mean a truffle.” And she then said, “No, a Trifle.” So we layered up the little cakes with icing, yogurt, fruit and such and it was the item everyone raved about.

Here is a shout-out to all the Moms – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! – I hope you got gifts and had a good time. And for those who may have lost children or if they live far away, you are still a Mom, you are still important, don’t forget it, don’t let that slip away. And to my Mom, Happy Mother’s Day again – I hope you enjoyed the very iced cake and the movie we saw and your gift!!! I love youJ Have a Blessed month and year!

Before the solutions came, I got really mad and my Sydney own personal philosophy is not to cook when mad because I don’t believe the food will turn out great (now, for some people it does) and if I do cook/bake when mad I have to pray to God to work it out and make it taste great. Which He did, He worked all the issues out and it turned out for the good. So it’s okay to get mad at first, but you can’t stay mad and you can’t get an attitude (which is hard to do at times, of course, still you gotta try) and it’s good to sometimes have helpers in the kitchen to cheer you up, like I did with my mom and sister. For the Mother’s Day cake I simply added more icing to keep it all compact and since my mom loves icing (it’s her favorite part of the cake and the only reason she eats cake), it worked well. So when things don’t go your way you just have to use what you’ve got and make the best of it, because if you only complain about what you don’t have, or what went wrong, then you just end up eating a bunch of little cakes and feeling really full afterward. (Plus it’s good not to eat all the cake or else we would have never been able to make the Trifle.) LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

He re Cl ick

Digital Magazine LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Digital Magazine LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Meet Ian Percy




Living Your Highest Possibilities Means Finding the Right Frequency Interview by Jodie Wilson

For most of us our lives we are tormented with persistent questions - about who we are, why we’re here, what we should be doing, whether we should stay or go, buy or rent - it’s endless really. So when business consultant, speaker and author Ian Percy comes along and says there’s only one question that matters, you at least have to ask; What is that one question?

The one question that can take every person and every organization to the future of their dreams, he says, is “What is possible?” I think he was disappointed in my lack of awe and wonder but I was expecting something a little more Zen-like - what is the sound of one hand clapping, that kind of thing. He took a breath to try again.

Look, Ian said, your life is full of possibilities so rich that even your highest dreams can’t capture it all. Not only that, but everything that will ever be possible is already possible. Humans have always been able to fly. We have always had DNA. The world has always been wireless. Everything has always been here. You don’t have to create possibilities for yourself, they exist already. What you have to do is learn to see them and move toward them. Okay, I thought, now I’m getting in touch with my inner grasshopper! LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

The reason most of us don’t aim very high is that we’re taught not to. We’re taught to solve problem which is fine but “problems” are always focused on the past. “Possibilities” on the other hand are always focused on the future. When you reach for new and higher possibilities your problems will dissolve almost on their own. Decide which direction you want to face - back or forward. Not a hard choice there...forward it is!

Since all energy is frequency some of Ian’s business ventures involve using frequencies to create amazing results. His company has learned to use frequencies to treat water used in field and greenhouse crop irrigation to increase yield 30 to 40 %. They use frequencies to make batteries perform significantly better and also to make concrete stronger. He’s even launching a product called a Ziblee beverage pleasure enhancer that uses frequencies to make inexpensive wines, spirits and coffee taste surprisingly flavorful and smooth. “It’s quantum physics for us in the ‘frugal wine drinker tribe’,” he says.

Ian has spent most of his life helping corporations see their most innovative and profitable possibilities. He holds both US and Canadian citizenship, has several de- Asked why he moved to Arizona, Ian had an immediate grees, written seven books, loves Quarter horses and answer...”There’s an amazing Arizona frequency and enLabs and was named “One of the top 21 speakers for the ergy here that makes anything possible.” 21st century” by Successful Meetings magazine. Ian and his wife Georgia live in North Scottsdale. “I’m in the possibilities business.” he says, “and life is like living in Ian will be launching Ziblee on Kickstarter soon God’s candy store.”

Seeing the possibilities is one thing, making them real is another and that’s where Ian went a little quantum physics on me. Everything is energy, he reminds me, and the more we understand how energy works in the universe the more we can shape our desired future.

and next month he will tell us more about the buzz that is swirling around this beverage enhancer.

Albert Einstein said: ”Everything is energy. That’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

As a serial entrepreneur, Ian has taken Einstein literally and is exploring the possibilities of frequency-based technology. Sometimes it’s called the science of subtleenergy or energetics. It’s not that complicated, he insists. Think of a person or place you absolutely love - that’s possibility energy at work. Think of one you want to avoid - that’s problem energy at work. As much as possible stay in the energy that matches what you are after in life. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

What’s in Clarissa’s Closet?



I want to switch it up a bit this month and not focus on what is in my closet but what can be in your Mother’s. The month of May is filled with blooming flowers, sunshine, and of course the celebration of our mothers. Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays in my opinion. Where would society be without these women? Mother’s teach us so much, from table manners to how to love. Your mom will always be your biggest supporter and always knows how to make things right. So do your mother right, and celebrate her this month. I have found some great finds that are sure to help your mother feel appreciated and loved.


What woman doesn’t love receiving jewelry? This month get your mom something more meaningful than the typical trinket with Camille Cesari’s Loveprint Jewelry. Camille has been taking engraved jewelry to a whole other level since 2004 when she began experimenting with wax prints and metals. Her company, Loveprint is able to take your fingerprint and impress it into find jewelry of your choice. Your mother will forever have a treasured keepsake of her daughter with her at all times. She will not only be wearing a one of a kind necklace or bracelet but you can customize it even further by having it engraved, or adding precious stones, birthstones, and metals to the piece. It is truly an original work of art. By Madeline Ulivieri Clarissa Burt Media Group

Items Listed Can Be Found At: LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Mother’s are constantly on their phones these days whether it be coordinating carpooling or snapping pictures of their children at their soccer game. Cell phones have become an essential part of a mother’s daily life and can be considered an accessory just like their purse or wallet. allows you to create and customize your own cell phone case with your choice of colors, patterns, or even personal photos. If creativity and design are not your forte, no worries, Casemate also has a wide variety of cell phone cases to choose from. My personal favorite is the tortoiseshell case. This style is hand painted so its design remains faithful to its character, where no two animals are alike. Cases are available for several different cell phone devices, kindles, and iPads.

Mom’s need plenty of energy throughout their day and their morning coffee ritual tends to be the start of their daily routine. Break the monotony and get your mother fruit infused coffee. INOholics delivers excitement and adventure in their unexpected cup of Joe. They come in four different fantastic flavors, one of them being “Smack On My Lips Strawberry Kiss.” How fun? No better way to mix up your mother’s morning, while providing her the energy she needs.

Let your mom indulge in more way than one on her special day. DeLafée crafts luxury Swiss made chocolates, with a twist. These decadent truffles are made of edible 24 karat gold flakes and cru chocolate all the way from Ecuador. DeLafée’s rich temptations are a little piece of heaven so give mom what she deserves and pick up a box of them this Mother’s Day.

Sit back and relax, Acorn slippers have your feet covered. The Novella slipper gives the classic household shoe a modern twist and with its embroidered prints, fun colors, and burst of personality. These slippers are complete with comfort cushions, padded arch support, are waterproof, and non-slip. So forget your troubles and slide into these slippers that are almost as tough as you are Mom LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Encouraging the Health Consciou




Feeding American Children healthy wholesome foods that will nourish them and prepare their growing bodies for the rest of their adult years is one of the most challenging things a mother will encounter in pursuit of her families health and wellness. Especially when the children have been raised in the standard American life style, which neglects The Twelve Laws of Simple Health. Suddenly and unexpectedly through a series of events mother comes to this life changing, life saving information and immediately as the nurturer that she is she tries to implement her knowledge into their daily lives only to meet up with the families protest. She all but stands on her kitchen chair with a bullhorn and declares the kitchen a sugar free zone, the fridge a no meat zone and the freezer a dairy free zone. She pronounces judgment on McDonalds and tells the older teen child that his complexion will clear if he stops pouring trans fats into his body via the foods he is eating. Mind you no one gets to hear her vast knowledge faster than her husband. Morning, noon and night she plans to rescue him from his choices and addictions to doughnuts and pork chops and cheap breakfast burritos from the gas station. His love affair with chocolate, caramel ice cream that wakes him up at midnight is going to be the first thing she works on. After all his sleep apnea is way out of control. She is willing to take it all on, after all what is a mother to do. She is a woman with a mission in pursuit of her family’s health but no one and I mean no one is following close behind. “Surely my black bean burgers will taste just like a red meat burger” she plans. “I will hide some spinach in the brownies and red onions in the pasta salad and the kids won’t even notice, I think.”

Day after day she introduces new recipes at dinner and watches unblinkingly for her family’s response. The kitchen table used to be a warm, inviting table where the family gathered mindlessly to eat, drink and be merry. Now it seemed like an experiment, a laboratory of some sort, a place of torture and stress for all, especially for her. She has spent hours making a plant based dinner. “I don’t like this kind of bread” the four year old whines. “Mom are we going to eat like this forever?” ask the eight year old. “I have friends coming over for pizza on Friday mom, you didn’t forget did you?” says the boy with the skin condition. “That reminds me you need to pick up the acne medicine for Michael tomorrow. I don’t know how much longer we can pay for it.” She tells her husband. “Did you know that there are carcinogens in everything especially in the foods you grill? I am stressed out about that Robert.” He just sits there staring at her. “Say something Robert. Don’t you want our kids to be healthy?” He breathes a slow but impatient sigh. “I never know what you’re going to come up with next Steph. I work hard and I want to come home LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

us Mom and eat with out you making everything such a big deal.” Stephaney sulks into her chair and with every inch of drama and trauma she can muster reports to the entire family that she is done with trying to make them healthy. “I am going to get myself healthy and leave you all to get diseased!” She eats her ten-ingredient salad and asparagus and Quinoa with out a word. Robert skips the Quinoa and asparagus and eats the salad. He scrounges through the freezer and finds two frozen green burritos Stephaney missed giving away the day she cleaned out the pantry and the refrigerator and sent the processed food to the neighbors and gave some to the food bank. By the time Stephaney cleans the kitchen, helps the kids with their homework, puts them to bed and oversees the remainder of the evening she finally lays in bed exhausted, discouraged and in a spirit of defeat. Thoughts of giving up altogether gain power and drag her away into abandoning this health transition. Oddly it never occurs to her that it is not health that the children and her husband are protesting but the methods she has employed. Like most young mothers on a journey to introducing a higher plan of living to her family by caring for their human design she has run into obstacles she had not prepared for. She was stunned at her family’s response to her work of obvious love and concern for them. So what should she do? Should she abandon the work? Should she pursue health apart from her family? Should she beg her husband to join her? Should she force the small children to obey and leave her older son and her husband to their own health demise? Should she keep forcing them to eat what she prepares and hope they get use to it? Transitioning from an unhealthy life style to living in accordance to The Twelve Laws of Simple Health and life style medicine can be a traumatizing experience for a family when they have not been prepared. The following critical health-thinking skills will help young mothers introduce the majestic world of health to their family. The hope of educating and assisting them in a clear path to understanding their human design and caring for it hangs on knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

human design and what it requires for health. (Passing down life saving information to your family comes on the wings of your steady work to educate, not force.) I recommend the book series “The Human Body” by Barnes and Noble as a great head start. Remember your role is to educate your family on the majestic human design. Remember that it is not a one-time conversation that changes the heart but what is needed is a steady work of renewing the family’s mind and understanding. Approach your family with compassion and gentleness of spirit. Don’t demand but model. Respectfully introduce your knowledge to your husband on the subject of health and wellness and ask him if he would be interested in trying new foods and ways to reduce sickness and disease in the family. Let your family know that this is a difficult transition for you as well but that you are committed to the process of learning how to be a more health conscious mother with out trauma and drama. Talk to them about what foods they love and what foods they absolutely don’t. One very helpful thing is to not remove unhealthy foods with out exchanging them for a better or more quality one. This will encourage discussion on consuming better and healthier foods with out giving up taste. These critical health-thinking skills will assist young mothers in getting started in educating their young families about their human design and how to care for it with the least amount of drama and trauma possible. Don’t give up Moms! Experience How Simple Health Is!

Begin by educating yourself on the subject of health and wellness using resources that provide you the knowledge and understanding of your LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

A Romantic Getaway, Casino Fu


Casino Del Sol 5655 West Valencia Rd Tucson, AZ 85757 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

un, Star Power, Family Friendly they have it all!

Casino Del Sol is the ultimate destination. It’s about a two hour drive from Phoenix and this luxury location offers rejuvenation, entertainment, and family fun all in one spot. Casino Del Sol is the only Southern Arizona AAA Four Rated Casino and Resort, and the Hiapsi Spa and Fitness Center that is located on the premises has earned a 4-Star Rating in Forbes Travel Guide. Casino Del Sol will amaze you the culinary delights for every appetite. Dine on food from an Asian flare to South of the boarder style and never leave the resort. If you enjoy sipping on your favorite spirits; talk to friends or a snuggle up with someone special the lounges here have much to offer. The Amphitheater is host to real star power. Upcoming entertainment include Alice Cooper, Tony Bennett and Martina McBride. To get a complete guide to upcoming events visit The casino play, includes; Black Jack, Slots, Bingo and Poker, the kids will love the pool, and if golf is your recreation there is a course within walking distance. Call Today to Reserve your Getaway……

1 855 SOL STAY LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Navigating the Bankruptcy Tide: Tips to H

Navigating the Bankruptcy Tide: Tips to Help You Stay Dry and Steer Clear of Bankruptcy




When people are being hounded by creditors and going through tough financial times, they come to me for help. In listening to, advocating for, and helping my clients, I have had the privilege of learning some financial do’s and don’ts. The truth is that financial trouble can happen to anyone. For example, job loss, which often times means that there is no longer enough money to pay the bills, is one common reason why someone you know may be forced to file for bankruptcy. The loss of a job usually is the type of financial hardship in life that is out of our control. But, some financial issues can be avoided with help and guidance. In prior issues, I introduced you to the first ten tips to staying out of bankruptcy. Here are the next two tips: Tip 11: Do Ensure You Are Protected in a Short Sale Situation.

Can the lender come after you for additional funds after you short sell your home? It can if you are not careful. In the event of a foreclosure, Arizona law usually protects homeowners from being sued for additional funds or a “deficiency” (a deficiency is the difference between what was owed on the home loan and the value of the home or what the home sold for at the foreclosure). But, the same protection does not expressly apply to short sales. So, when you short sell your home and there is nothing in the short sale paperwork to explicitly state that the lender waives any claim against you for additional funds, then there is a good chance that the lender can still sue you for additional funds after the short sale is done. Simply put, in the case of short sales, careful negotiations are necessary to protect you from deficiency liability and it is strongly advisable to seek legal advice and review of the short sale documentation. Otherwise, the lender may have a right to sue you for a deficiency and after it does, you may be headed for bankruptcy. Tip 12: Do Address Separate Debt Issues Prior to Marriage.

Debts that you may have had prior to marriage can continue to haunt you well into your marriage. In Arizona, creditors usually cannot collect from marriage or community assets for debts incurred by a spouse prior to the marriage. While a creditor cannot Disclaimer Please note that the information provided is for informational purposes only and does not constitute, and should not be considered legal advice. Transmission of the information contained here and receipt by the reader is not intended to create and should not be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship. The only method of establishing an attorney–client relationship with me is by a retainer and fee agreement signed by me. The bankruptcy law services described herein are with respect to bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Help You Stay Dry and Steer Clear of Bankruptcy

Stay tuned for next month’s issue on additional tips to help keep you dry and out of bankruptcy. For more information on bankruptcy, debt, and litigation-related issues, please visit

Google images

take any community assets, the creditor can continue to collect to the extent of the indebted spouse’s contribution to the marriage (assuming a bankruptcy has not been filed). This means that a creditor can still garnish wages of the spouse who owed the debt even if the debt is on something that the spouse owed prior to the marriage. If the spouse who incurred the debt is no longer working, then this rule will not be a big issue. But if the indebted spouse has a good paying job, then a looming wage garnishment lies ahead. And if your wages are being garnished, you may start thinking about bankruptcy, as a bankruptcy will stop the as a bankruptcy will stop the wage garnishment.

For more information call:

480-788-7011 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

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Map Curtsey of ADOT LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

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