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Health Burger and Fries Diet Causes Low back Pain Can a burger and fries cause low back pain, a headache, knee pain? The answer for many of us can be yes. The typical American diet is causing an increase of your body’s inflammatory response, increased inflammation, and increased pain. Improve your food choices and reduce your pain and the risk of other chronic disease. Foods that are pro inflammatory include sugars, white flour, trans fats and unhealthy oils. Reducing or eliminating the foods that are pro inflammatory reduces pain. Over eating leads to immediate post meal increases in inflammatory chemicals. Obesity leads to a greater inflammatory state. Other behaviors that contribute include lack of sleep, lack of exercise, breath abnormalities and stress. Shifting your diet to anti-inflammatory foods that includes more plant based diet of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and modest amounts of whole grains. Regular exercise, adequate sleep, stress management, diaphragmatic breathing and healthy body mass help to reduce inflammation and pain.

The shift in diet to reduce inflammation can help improve the effect of healthy habits you already have. If you are consistent with your exercise, the results will be enhanced with proper diet. Reducing inflammation helps you achieve a healthier weight. Injury recovery is improved with reduced inflammation. Make better choices to reduce inflammation and pain. Eat smarter, exercise, rest, reduce stress, breathe deeply and attain a healthy body weight. These choices help create a healthier you. Yours in Health Bret Wilson, DC

Health DeFlaming in perspective “DeFlaming is about reducing a "proinflammatory state" that has developed overtime within the body. I wrote perhaps the first paper that viewed poor nutrition as a lifestyle that could generate chronic inflammation and referred to this as the dietinduced pro-inflammatory state. ‘ Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid - What Is It? “It is a practical eating guide that consumers of all ages can use, with tips on how to reduce risks of age-related diseases and improve overall health through diet. It is an interactive educational graphic to help today’s families prevent disease while eating well. It is a simple tool that promotes optimum health and healthy aging by providing dietary advice that addresses inflammation.” Combating Lifelong Chronic Inflammation Chronic inflammation is a biochemical “state” that develops within the body due to poor lifestyle choices. A lack of exercise, a lack of sleep, and poor dietary choices are important modifiable causes of the chronic proinflammatory state. The chronic pro-inflammatory state consists of 3 interrelated components (10): 1. Reduced energy production due to impaired mitochondrial function. 2. Oxidative stress. This term refers to an increased production of cell damaging free radicals. 3. Increased production of inflammatory chemicals.

“Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates Breathing as a bridge “It is thought by many cultures that the process of breathing is the essence of being. A rhythmic process of expansion and contraction, breathing is one example of the consistent polarity we see in nature such as night and day, wake and sleep, seasonal growth and decay and ultimately life and death. In yoga, the breath is known as prana or a universal energy that can be used to find a balance between the body-mind, the conscoius-unconscoius, and the sympathetic-parasympathetic nervous system. Unlike other bodily functions, the breath is easily used to communicate between these systems, which gives us an excellent tool to help facilitate positive change. It is the only bodily function that we do both voluntarily and involuntarily. We can consciously use breathing to influence the involuntary (sympathetic nervous system) that regulates blood pressure, heart rate, circulation, digestion and many other bodily functions. Pranayama is a yoga practice that literally means the control of life or energy. It uses breathing techniques to change subtle energies within the body for health and well being. Breathing exercises can act as a bridge into those functions of the body of which we generally do not have conscious control.

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Wellness How Much Protein Do We Need? • About 25% of our daily diet should come from protein • Eat protein at every meal • Average serving size of protein should fit in the palm of your hand Why Protein is Important for Athletes • Stimulates metabolism • Improves muscle mass and recovery • Reduces body fat Tips for Post Workout Meals for Athletes • Eat soon after intense exercise • Eat approximately 50% protein with good carbs, and minimal fat

“Enjoy Food & Life. 90 Ways 90 Days Step-by-step action plan for healthy eating & living,” by Melanie Albert and featuring former NFL players. :

Where Do We Get Protein? There are many good sources of protein, which are comparable to the level of protein in meat and can be added to your diet. Good plant protein includes: Beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, sea vegetables and whole grains.

EXPERIENCE NUTRITION Super Simple Organic Hummus This is the same recipe we made for the Super Bowl XLIV Tailgate Party for the Super Bowl in Miami. Now, No Meat for 30 Years.I stopped eating red meat 30 you can make it, too. years ago because my body could not digest it. I was a runner and felt like the meat made me sluggish. Then 18 Blend all ingredients in s high speed blender or food processor, until smooth years ago when my Mom was diagnosed with breast • 2 cups cooked or canned chickpeas cancer, I learned about antibiotics in poultry and (garbanzo beans) stopped eating chicken and turkey, which I loved at the • 1/3 cup chickpea water time. My family was worried for years that I was not • 3 tablespoons tahini (sesame seed paste or eating enough protein, but while I was studying at the sesame seeds) Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, I • 3 cloves garlic learned so much about good plant protein, and now I’m • 2 TBS fresh lemon juice honestly not worried about eating enough protein. • ¼ tsp black pepper Today, I love educating people about good sources of • 1/8 tsp cumin plant protein, including beans, whole grains and even • 1/8 tsp coriander (seeds from cilantro) some vegetables. Enjoy the two protein-rich recipes: After the hummus has been blended, taste and add any EXPERIENCE NUTRITION Hummus and Hemp Seed more of the ingredients to your taste. Energy Snack. Add any of the following and blend again: Cilantro, dill, sautéed onions and garlic, sun-dried tomatoes or Why Protein is Essential olives. Remember, you can make hummus with any • It is a macro-nutrition, which we must eat ev- kind of beans. Once you know how to make this basic ery day, with very meal hummus, try making it with black beans or navy beans. • Builds and repairs tissues • Makes enzymes, hormones and other body

Experiment with Plant Protein

Wellness Organic Ingredients

1 cup fresh or soaked dried organic Medjool dates

1/2 cup almonds

½ cup hemp seeds

1/8 cup chia seeds

3 TBS cocao powder

Simple Steps 1. Take seeds out of dates 2. Place dates, hemp seeds, almonds and chia seeds in a high speed blender 3. Mix on high for about a minute until the mixture becomes soft and warm 4. Roll the mixture into small balls 5. Roll the balls into hemp seeds 6. Roll a few of the balls into cocao powder and hand mix it into the balls 7. Enjoy!

Make your Hummus or Energy Snacks and share your photos on our Facebook page: EXPERIENCE NUTRITION Hemp Seed Energy Snack Hemp seeds are a complete protein containing all 8 essential amino acids. They are also rich in omega-3s and omega-6s. Try this simple, quick snack for an energy boost, full of protein and omega-3 rich nuts. Benefits of hemp seeds are: • Boost immune system • Natural anti-inflammatory • Speed recovery of soft tissue damage by physical activity • Facilitate fat loss • Easy to digest

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Infinite Possibilities It”s All About the Customer Stupid! Our customers are in control – that much we know. Anyone else claiming to be in charge is faking it.

It is true that traditional marketing approaches have served most businesses well over the past few decades. But as Babe Ruth said: Yesterday's home run won't win tomorrow's ballgame!

Meanwhile back at our companies we are running around trying to keep technology from killing us; looking for ways to create new stuff; wrestling with the Leading executives know they have to gross inefficiency of working in silos; and most of all trying to improve the performance of our people in order constantly challenge their assumptions and the way they look into the future. While the to generate some profitability. complexity and potential of technology has It just seems that there is a huge disconnect in here amazed us, it has also created unparalleled somewhere. Is that just me or do you feel the same way? discontinuity. I was working on our corporate website finishing up a The global economy questions our application piece about how most marketing strategies are tragically of global branding in relation to our intuitive out of date when it crossed my mind that “performance desire for localization of product and improvement” also needs to be part of this discussion. message. Everything is blurry - the distinction There is no point in talking about performance in between product and service; between buyers isolation of the customer – and strangely that is what and sellers (simply asking who the customer happens a lot. is results in hours of debate in most Just as corporations need to ensure that all strategies companies); and between companies and and decisions are based on customer perspectives – their traditional environments. because that's when the money will start flowing in and All of this blurriness results in incredible customer loyalty becomes a major competitive reality – frustration with the task of establishing a we need to have the same reference in thinking through sustainable differential advantage in our how we manage the performance of our people. particular industry. Heck - it's even hard to tell where one industry ends and another begins! The days of business being generated because you have the cheapest product, or the most colors, or the most Here is the critical marketing transformation availability are gone. Those things are no longer that is happening today: differentiators – they are the entry fee just to play the OLD game. Organize by product units So let’s look at performance from a marketing Focus on profitable transactions perspective. Judge performance primarily by financial results The Marketing Department does the marketing Focus on satisfying shareholders Build brands primarily through advertising Emphasize customer acquisition Measure customer satisfaction Over-promise to get the order Make the firm the unit of analysis

Infinite Possibilities Instead companies must rethink the processes by which they identify, realize, communicate, Organize by customer segments deliver and recapture customer value. They Focus on customer lifetime value need to seed, feed, and weed relationships Look at marketing metrics as well as financial ones with their community of customers and their Everyone in the company does the marketing community of allies – and that gets right down Focus on satisfying several stakeholder groups to the behavior of your people – which in turn Build brands through customer behavior gets down to you! Emphasize customer retention To put this marketing transformation yet Measure customer value and loyalty another way - companies need to shift from Under-promise and over-deliver fixed to adaptive product and service Make the value chain the unit of analysis offerings; from planning to discovery; from Did you pick up on that line about everyone in the interpretation to facilitation; from competition company doing the marketing? I’d bet serious money to collaboration; and from value chains to most of your people don’t know they have that business webs. responsibility. The guy out there driving the company For us with the strongest belief in the power of truck is actually marketing. Your switchboard person our people, this transformation also means is marketing at every incoming call. Same is true for changing from the orientation of customer-aspeople in the warehouse picking, packing and target to customer as a relationship. In other shipping. And of course, those of us in HR should be words performance improvement should be the ultimate marketing force! Hopefully you’ve measured by an increase in the value of shared the HR marketing strategy throughout the relationships – certainly within the company, company. and most importantly with your customers. Two other things have to be considered as well, namely; that brands are looking more and more alike and brand loyalty is decaying faster than your 401k. Mass advertising is loosing its effectiveness and is being replaced by direct marketing and public relations. NEW

Here is the frightening reality - markets are changing much faster than marketing! Chances are your marketing strategies are obsolete. But hey – we are supposed to be talking about performance improvement aren’t we? Here is the net of it all. What your company shouldn’t do in the confusion of the marketplace is rush to protect your profits by cutting costs hither and yon. (This is not to say you shouldn’t look for efficiencies – believe me in your supply chain alone there is a fortune waiting to be discovered.) In case after case of those taking this pillaging approach the evidence shows they also fail miserably in growing revenue and profitability. And revenue and profitability is what performance improvement is all about!

The following quotation must be printed at the conclusion of each reprinted article: "Copyright The Ian Percy Corporation." Ian Percy is one of North America's most inspirational speakers.

Coaching Is it true that behind every intention there is a dream? If you observe you can see that children have an easy time dreaming up a grand future for themselves. If you ask them, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” They quickly will answer, “I want to be a doctor, ballerina, or an astronaut.” However when we grow up we begin to form more fears, thoughts, emotions and memories that dull our deepest desires. Intention is the starting point to our dreams and desires of what we want to create.

Studies have shown that intention produces the same reaction in the brain as action. If you imagine yourself swimming, your brain will send signals to the muscles involved in swimming. You can simply strengthen your muscles by imagining it. Another research by PEAR laboratory at Princeton University ran studies on how people can influence the output of machines known as random-event generators (REGs). This machine is the computerized version of the coin toss (output 50% heads and 50% tails).

Nassim Sana, M.C, CC Owner of Beauty in Truth Life Coaching LLC

Everything we do starts from intention. Our intentions have the power to create and change our world. One can define intention as the projection of awareness, with purpose and value toward some object or outcome. Every day we create new intentions and we may not be aware of the results that we are creating. Most of the time when something good happens to us we may say, “It’s my lucky day.” Is it your lucky day or did your mind create that outcome? While driving to work have you ever thought today, “I’m going to get a great parking space,” and that actually happens? Our mind is a powerful tool; we can condition it to create new possibilities or it can limit and hinder us. Dr. Wayne Dyer explains it this way, “Change your thoughts change your life.” We have the power to bring our desires and goals into reality.

The results from the research reported that subjects can influence the machines to produce output slanted in the intended direction. How can we begin to condition our mind? Here are simple steps you can take to help you practice the power of intention. First step is to create sacred space to help boost the power of your intentions. This space can be a place where you have meaningful items or it can be created in your mind. Then you want to clear away all the mental clutter so you can access your inner power. One way to achieve this is through meditation and deep breathing. When you begin to create your intention it is important to think in a positive way.

For example instead of saying, “I will not eat fattening foods,” say “I choose healthy foods that nourish my body.” You want your mind to focus on healthy foods, and this will help you succeed. Now that you have your intention set, it is important to imagine it in an infinite field of possibilities. Continue rehearsing it in your mind as if you have already achieved what you want. It is important to put aside any fears or doubts you have and don’t be attached to the outcome.

( ( ( ( (

Let go of the need to control the process; it will unfold in the right time and in the perfect way. Remember, when you plant seeds in your garden, take all the important steps to create a healthy beautiful garden, and nourish it to grow into what it is meant to grow into.

Until Next Month, Nassim

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Coaching At that time, he advised that we should engage in accurate thought which requires two fundamentals. We have to be able to separate fact from fiction and then determine if the fact is relevant or irrelevant. Based upon what these two authors have related, a skill for everyone to build is the ability to filter through all of the information we receive on a daily basis to determine what is factual, usable, timely and relevant. How often do you evaluate the external noise in your life based upon these criteria.

Controlling the Noise of Life Controlling the Noise of Life

To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the

Achor contends that if we just reduce the noise by 5% we can be considerably more successful with the I was at a program last week that my company sponsors endeavors we are engaged in. for top performers. One of my roles was to connect the book “Before Happiness” by Shawn Achor to increasing The next area of noise that impacts us constantly is personal performance. If you read my blog last month, thoughts. Do your thoughts lead to positive thinking you know I am a big fan of Shawn’s. I am going to focus or negative thinking? Wayne Dyer in “You’ll See It on one specific skill from the book-noise cancellation. When You Will Believe It” proposes that many Our goal as successful people is to be able to filter out highly respected thinkers from an array of different noise that comes from others and sometimes from disciplines subscribe to the belief that thought within in order to be able to listen to true and reliable determines how our lives will go. Our thoughts information Achor calls signals. determine our emotional states. To borrow from Jim Loehr’s writings in “The Power of Story” our thoughts Achor believes that noise is any information that is lead us into our emotional states which are negative, false, unnecessary or prevents us from being opportunity based or fear based. When I am able to reach our full potential. He places noise in four coaching clients, one of the most difficult concepts to categories; unusable, untimely, hypothetical, or understand is the idea that we choose our own distracting. This is similar to the belief help by thoughts-they don’t just happen to us. A major Napoleon Hill who began his writings in 1937. improvement in your life can happen when you are able to recognize the choice you have about your thoughts-particularly the negative ones.


Negative Thinking Achor believes that negative thinking is the most dangerous type of noise. Tony Robbins in “Awakening the Giant Within” contends that when our self-talk results in limiting beliefs, we are sabotaging any efforts we could direct towards success. While we are not always able to reduce the noise coming from outside of us, a bright spot is the capacity for taking control of our internal noise-better known as self-talk.

2) Next, look at your list. What messages are noise from other people? Which messages are coming from your own experiences? If your self-talk is predominantly negative, determine any judgments you are making. Then challenge any negative judgments. Are they really true? More importantly how do these judgments make your feel? Typically, negative judgments create a spiral downward into negative emotional states. Ask yourself-do I really want to feel this way? 3. Use words of encouragement and possibilities to challenge your self-talk. Instead of “I’ll never get all this done”, say “I am in the process of completing all my tasks.” Think about how much progress you have made instead of how far you have to go.

e people you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform. - Theodore H. White Self-talk is a term that refers to the voices that chatter away in our heads. For example, when you wake up each morning and look into the mirror, what are you saying to yourself? Is this going to be the best day ever or are there numerous changes you have to make to your appearance, other people or just life in general in order to be happy?

4. Finally, when you are feeling drained of energy, consider a couple of options for raising energy. Go for a brisk walk around the block. Practice deep breathing-just a minute or two of breathing in and out to the count of 8 can change your energy. Don’t forget about random acts of kindness which also build our energy-just smiling at someone when Self-talk can be positive as well as negative. When self-talk is positive, it can uplift you when things walking into a building or entering an elevator can aren’t going your way, bolster your self-confidence to try lift your spirits. new activities and deepen relationships. But negative This month pay attention to the noise in your lifeself-talk, on the other hand, can interfere with performance, damage relationships, erode self-esteem and both external and internal. Since you really have the leave you drained of energy. most control over self-talk, practice listening to your self-talk. Change the easiest messages first letting the stronger ones go for now-you can come back to Ways to change self-talk them later. And don’t forget to keep your energy up! 1) Notice throughout the day what you are saying to yourself. Are the thoughts positive and uplifting or are you focused on what’s wrong and not working. It’s even more effective if you write down common thoughts you To Your Success! have throughout the day. You might be surprised by Dr. Peggy what you are actually thinking!

Dating in 2014

I can’t help but roll my eyes when I hear the term “black love.” It’s even worse when you’re a black relationship journalist and you hear other black journalists glorify “black love,” as if “black love” is some magical experience that is so rare it deserves its own category. Terms like “black love,” “white love” and “Hispanic love” are the reasons why diversity issues still exist.

Love has no color: if you want to find true love Love should have no color. All these terms are doing is creating something that’s unrealistic to the changing colors of our society. America is called the “great melting pot” and now we see more people that aren’t just black or white, but Indian, Alaskan, Armenian, Russian – all mixed up. So, love should follow suite with today’s society.


Dating in 2014 If you want to experience love, then don’t try to add a What if the man you are longing for is a part of color to it. See a person for who they are and what a race that you know nothing about? How many they can do for you. Look underneath the hood of the men are you going to overlook because they car and stop worrying about the color. Love is compli- weren’t your race or the race you hoped they cated enough, so why bother adding a racial prefer- would be? All you are doing is hindering yourence to your wish list. self and making finding love even harder. He might not be the man you originally envisioned, but life is about trying different things and going through different experiences.


e, stop adding a racial preference to your wish list


Remember that Albert Einstein quote: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So maybe if you try dating somebody from a different culture or race, you might find something you’ve never found before. America is a melting pot, so there’s nothing wrong with stirring it.

Grandparents on the Go Our suggestion is that you plan to visit Tom’s Thumb either for breakfast and a car wash (ranging from a tunnel wash to premium hand washes & detailing), then move on to the Ice Den for skating on weekdays at 11:15am; or perhaps skate first, then visit Tom’s Thumb for a late lunch with your exhausted skaters! You can’t go wrong either way… We brought our two oldest grandchildren with us and they loved it! While we didn’t have adequate time for skating that day, we were able to tour the Ice Den and watch skaters of all ability levels on the rinks. Naturally, the Zamboni was a big hit! It is essential to check the Ice Den’s website for available skating times. These run for While it may seem like an odd pairing to combine what is two hours per session. In addition, there are summer basically an upscale carwash/bistro/market with an Ice camps available if your grandkids are sporty! The fees to Rink, it’s just a way to combine two super-cool (literally) skate are very reasonable, about the same as bowling. experiences. Location is the key here, with these adjacent And who knows, your grandkids may decide that ice facilities offering the best of both worlds to fill up a skating is their “thing.” You can watch in the stands, so morning or afternoon with action and food, and you can make sure that you come dressed for the 53 degree get your car washed in the bargain! In short, it’s every temperatures in there. It’s a perfect solution to a July busy grandparent’s dream, as it doesn’t include driving day! from one end of Phoenix to the other! Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market, I feel safe in saying, is the only Carwash/Coffee Bar/ Bistro/ Market in the country that was voted one of the Best New Restaurants in the surrounding area when it opened in 2012! Fuel for the car, fuel for the occupants; starting with “The Coffee Bar” that opens at 6am. If you require more sustenance, the aforementioned Campfire Bistro opens at 7am and serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner until 9pm Monday through Sat, and from 7am till 8pm on Sundays. Don’t go unless you are ready to eat, as the menu is full of delectable fare, most notably their hardwood smoked BBQ. There are plenty of choices for the kiddos as well, so your pickiest eaters will find the classics that they love. Personally, I think you just have to admire a restaurant that realizes there are two distinct schools of thought when it comes to coleslaw, so they offer both vinegar or mayo style! Plenty of sweet treats are available, naturally. Our kids were fascinated with the Market, which offers a veritable smorgasbord of produce, gifts, and specialties supplied by local vendors.

Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market & The Ice Den If you go: Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market 9393 E Bell Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480.513.8186 Ice Den 9375 E. Bell Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480.598.9400

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