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February 2013 The Focus Volume 2 Issue 2

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New Technology to Speed Healing




New Technology that Helps Relieve Pain and Speed Healing Light has healing properties. Sunlight is required for plants to grow. Humans require sunlight to produce vitamin D for bone, heart and immune system health. Modern technology has found a way to incorporate light to stimulate healing in the body and relieve pain. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) has become one of the world’s leading new health technologies providing physicians and patients with new treatment options.

Biostimulation lasers, also called low level laser therapy (LLLT), cold lasers, soft lasers, or laser acupuncture devices, were cleared for marketing by FDA through the Premarket Notification/510(k) process as adjunctive devices for the temporary relief of pain. These clearances were based on the presentation of clinical data to support such claims. There are over 4000 studies that validate the effectiveness of cold laser therapy. It is safe and non-invasive, providing relief from both acute and chronic conditions without drugs or surgery.

Laser equipment incorporates super pulsed laser power and an entire range of therapeutic light spectrums to deliver its energy in a synergistic manner. Laser therapy penetrates deep into tissue and does not produce heat. The mechanism is not completely understood, but research indicates that LLLT stimulates cellular activity that in turn intensifies physiological activity. Healing is the result of this increased cell activity.

For more information: FDA reference for laser therapy Treatment of fibromyalgia - Acute low back treatment - Pain Relief of Joint Areas - LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Can you benefit from the healing power of light? A consultation with a practitioner who has the technology and procedures available is a great place to start. Find out how laser therapy can help you enjoy life free from pain!

Yours In Health,

This is the world’s most advanced pain relieving modality which has been used by professional sports teams / athletes, as well as people of all ages and conditions who choose an effective treatment without drugs or invasive procedures. In the United States, athletes who compete internationally were some of the first to embrace the modality as they saw competing athletes use the technology with great results. NASA investigated and developed the technology to grow plant life in space, only to find the healing properties could help astronauts with pain and healing.

Laser therapy is used to treat conditions such as acute, sub-acute and chronic pain, back pain, bursitis, carpal tunnel, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, ligament sprains, tendonitis, tennis elbow, soft tissue injuries and muscle strain. Laser therapy has also shown applications for stimulating wound healing and certain skin conditions. Neuropathy that causes burning and tingling in the hands and feet is another condition that often responds to LLLT when nothing else has helped. LLLT is used in hospitals and by physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists as an adjunct to other treatments and therapies. There are laser light units that are safe and effective for home use. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Release the Power of Your Child’s Ima



KAS WINTERS Mother of Family Ideas"

Kas Winters, "Mother of Family Ideas" 602-789-9240 Winmark Communications & Everything Family

Imagination. We frequently hear the Einstein quote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” The full quote is even better. The rest of it says: “For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might discover and create.” For children of any age, learning to use that power is a benefit that will reap life-long rewards. So, how do we, as parents, grandparents or people who work with children, encourage that?

1) With school, activities, and Internet, children can be so busy, there is no time to daydream. Imagination flourishes when there is time and space for it to grow. Make sure a child has some “do nothing” time where there are no demands, no schedules to meet, no immediate deadlines, and no electronic media. Nature is made for daydreams-whether it’s a walk in a park, looking at the stars at night, watching bugs, birds or other critters, or a hike in the mountains. Places like “forts,” tents (indoors or outside), and even cardboard boxes are conducive to creative thoughts.

2) Provide non-specific materials for fun. So many of LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

agination and Watch Creativity Blossom the toys and electronic items kids use have an agenda. Activities such as “Color-by-number,” “Make it look just line the sample,” “Assemble pieces as shown,” and “Follow the Directions,” might be fun, but they block rather than fuel an inspired process. The desire to discover can even be interrupted when children are criticized for not following such commands. A few examples of such open-ended materials include: pieces of paper, boxes, cardboard tubes, recyclable materials, scrap pieces of wood, fabric, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners and craft sticks.

3) Find ways to have fun with nothing! Make funny faces. Cross your eyes. Sing songs and make up your own words or even melodies. Create sound effects, music, and noises. Dance, run in the wind, twirl in circles, or climb. Tell stories that “pop into your head” and giggle.

4) Notice your world. Use a magnifying glass for an up-close look and binoculars or a telescope to see things far away. Smell the flowers, the pine trees, and the rain in the air. Plant something and watch it grow.

5) Investigate the arts with an open agenda. Play with a variety of art supplies and materials. Make whatever you want. Listen to many different types of music. Go to galleries and museums to see things you haven’t seen before. Ask many questions.

These are five beginning steps to allowing, and even encouraging, children to use their incredible imaginations. Try some and watch what happens.

My family activity guide, Mother Lode has over 5,000 activities for children, most of which involve creativity and imagination. For February family activities, go to: LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

February, Love is Patient, Love is Kin


Always when you look back on your life in the recesses of


your mind, you wonder how it all happened, where it all went, would if you had done differently. Two years ago, my first blog was posted on this magazine. And in the time of those two years, many things occurred. I got asked out to prom a year after I had already graduated. What I thought was a best friend chose others instead. I went to South Carolina and felt warm ocean water for the first time.


I almost took a trip outside the country. We didn't get to go to Hawaii. I finally got a new job. I am ready for a new job. And though I can say much has happened, I must say that so much much much more has yet to come forth and will. Usually it doesn’t go the way you planned, but I know there is a plan, no matter what thoughts try to convince me otherwise, or what fears. I just have to trust. First, I want to thank God for giving me this avenue of writing - it is all because of Him and His work that connections are made. I thank my family for all that they do for me, from big moments and even day-to-day, and always being there. I want to thank Jodie for believing in me and my writing and giving me these opportunities to meet new people and write this blog. I also want to thank you readers, veteran and new, for taking the time month to month to read the stories that I hope give laughter, inspiration and hope. It has been a good two years.

Further, I want to say Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! My sister and I got our candy shopping done in advance! For those who may feel this day is only for couples, don't believe that! It LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013


is a great day to buy nice treats for family, friends

It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It

and even co-workers. Sometimes it's nice to just sit

does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is

down, have a bowl of popcorn, a warm blanket, pop not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. in a gushy movie and relax!

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the

And to couples, do something nice for each other as truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails . . ." well! Even simple gestures speak volumes. Have a great rest of the month! I leave you with the- 1 John 4:8 .". . God is love." se words: Sydney

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1 Corinthians 13:4-8 " Love is patient, love is kind. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Commitment to Your Goals


“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” -Peter Drucker



Hi Everyone! We are now well into 2013 and you may find yourself losing some momentum towards the goals/resolutions you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. A good check for yourself might be to examine any obstacles that are in your way to success. Sometimes we discover that the obstacles are really excuses we make. In fact, excuses are so prevalent in our society that Wayne Dyer wrote an entire book on them-“Excuses No More”. We are going to focus on just a few of his 18 excuses in this blog. The first excuse Dyer discusses is “It will be too difficult.” What can make behavior change seem difficult is the fact that 95% of what we do is habitual. That leaves us 5% to use for making the change. This requires willpower-a limited resource. However, from all the recent work around willpower, we have discovered ways to make willpower work for us rather than falling back into our habits. First, willpower is most available in the morning and wanes as the day progresses depending upon what you encounter throughout your day. What this means is that you need to put your most difficult change activities early in the day. An example of this would be exercise. If you find that you cannot keep your commitment to exercise at the end of the day, then putting it at the beginning of your day may help. We have learned from recent studies that willpower is a muscle that can be strengthened, so think about how you can build your willpower muscle. Once this muscle is strengthened, you may discover that your goals/resolutions are really not as difficult as you thought. Another excuse Dr. Dyer reviews is “It will take a long time.” When you think about it; all we really have is time. You will reach the end of the year and will be a year older whether you complete your goals/ resolutions or not. Time will go on. If time has become a factor in your commitment to goals/resolutions, you might want to think about how you are prioritizing your tasks. We have 168 hours per week and they are ours to maximize. Two resources for getting in control of your time are “What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do” by Stack and “Getting Things Done” by Allen. If it feels too big in terms of time to stay committed to your goal/resolution, then you may want to break the goal/ resolution down into more manageable parts. How can you do a small part of the goal/resolution daily instead of trying to accomplish it in a short amount of time? You may also find your resolve weakening and telling yourself that this is not the year to continue to pursue your goal/resolution. A question to ask yourself is “If not now, LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

then when?” This may legitimately not be the right time but be very cautious here because if you choose to not complete your goal/resolution now, you need to be clear when you will. You may have discovered that your goal/resolution is costing more than anticipated and are now saying “I can’t afford it.” There are more to costs than pure financial costs. There are opportunity costs and relationship costs. When we decide to make a change; that change will impact the people around us which can create a cost to us. Also the opportunity cost can be about what we have to give up personally to make this change happen. I frequently tell clients “Our focus is on what we want more of in our lives and sometimes forget what we have to give up.” What we have to give up is the opportunity cost. If this is a factor for you now, you might want to re-evaluate your goal/resolution and determine what you are truly willing to give up in order to achieve your goal/resolution. Finally, the last excuse is “I don’t have any one to help me.” Many times when we are trying to make a change that no one else is attempting, it may feel like you are on an island all alone. If you find yourself making this statement, then I encourage you to use a turnaround for this statement. “What evidence are you using to determine that no one will help you?” Ask yourself the following questions; who have you asked and do they have the skill sets and true desire to help? Do they have the time to dedicate to helping me? What could I do to trade-off with people I want to help me? Who else could I ask for help? Where do people and groups congregate around this the change I want to make? Then build your support team to help you achieve your goals! It is very tempting to make excuses for why we are not able to sustain change. However, if you reflect on the real obstacle to making and sustaining a new behavior and find a way to remove excuses, you might find that you have a renewal of energy and can build momentum towards your goal! To Your Success! LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

What’s in Clarissa’s Closet?




Happy Valentine’s Day Fashionistas! February is the season of love, giving us ladies the perfect excuse to get all dolled up. It’s time to feel glamorous ladies get ready! Whether you are going out on the town to mingle or grabbing a romantic dinner with your loved one I am here to help. Check out what’s in my closet and cupid’s arrow will be shot in your direction. By Madeline Ulivieri Clarissa Burt Media Group

Featured Items Can Be Found On:

Going downtown with your girlfriends? You are in luck Fashionistas, backs are back! This mauve sparkly dress will give you that perfect subtle sexy. This dress not only hugs your curves but also is dipped in the back. Open backs are simply captivating, you can still seduce without wearing the bare all plunging neck line. The mauve color gives this seductive look the right amount of feminine elegance. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

We all desire kissable lips especially on Valentine’s Day makeup artist Trish McEvoy has found the magic formula to leave you with luscious lips. Her sheer lip color gives your lips a pop with bold colors such as “passion fruit” which is one of my favorites. The lipstick is also infused with a collagen synthesizer boosting your smackers moisture and volume. One try and I was hooked. This holiday I want you looking great from head to toe, so why not start with this tube of perfection?

These Vince Camu truly g to kick ive yo s u mor for yo e bang ur buc k.

Trade in your patent leather pumps for some sheen and shine. What’s not to love about this stingray leather pattern sling slingback? This shoe is so versatile. Wear it with your going out dress or with a cute pair of boot cut jeans. The silver and gold luster print allows you to wear it with either gold or silver jewelry.

As much as I love Valentine’s Day I am not one a fan of the universal, Hallmark, somewhat gaudy symbol of the heart. I tend to find that if not executed in the most elegant manner hearts look rather childish and overused. However, I found these Marc by Marc Jacobs stud earrings absolutely charming. These earrings were love at first sight. I love the bigger heart shape and its size. These golden delights are a perfect detail to any outfit you choose to wear.

Really looking to spoil yourself this month? Then indulge in Rosamosatio’s lemon laceappliquéd silk-georgette robe. Designer Carlotta Danti is known for her haute couture lingerie. This robe is a work of art. The deep v-cut, sash, bow and detailed lace design gives you a sense of seductive elegance. The bright purple and yellow hues give this robe a modern touch. You are exquisite so dress like it day and night. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Happy Valentines Day




Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to talk about the totality of health. After all it is a day to express love for others and what better way to express your love than to learn how to care for yourself and those you love. The month of February is promoted by health organizations as healthy heart month. Although bringing awareness to the subject of health is a good thing, for those who are seriously in pursuit of long-term health, isolated approaches to caring for our human design leaves room for a false sense of health and wellness. In other words, someone may be busy searching for information on heart disease with little thought about their liver, digestive system, lymphatic system and the rest of their organs and internal systems. They may abstain from saturated fats and take up jogging and exercising and consume more fruits and vegetables but are not aware that going to bed at indecent hours also causes wear and tear to the heart. They may not be aware that never scheduling solitude and rest, neglecting to reduce stress, to fast and cleanse your body reduces the probability of healing. What about mastering emotional and spiritual fortitude? Is that even a concern? The totality of health is concerned for the health of the body, mind, soul and spirit as a whole unit. There is a striking contrast between an isolated approach to health vs. the totality of health and wellness. The isolated approach deems a specific action to be necessary for health while the totality of health is concerned with wholeness. What is good for the heart is good for the liver is good for the eye and what is bad for the heart is bad for the liver is bad for the eye. True health is focused on caring for the body as a whole.

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If you are busy looking for the special Valentine’s Day gift for the one’s you love, you may want to consider adding to those gifts the gift of the totality of health and wellness. You wouldn’t give some one you love a heart shaped box of chocolates half eaten would you? You wouldn’t give them flowers that only had stems and no petals. You wouldn’t want to be taken to a romantic dinner and arrive three hours late? Would you go to a romantic movie and leave in the middle of the film? Would you give your husband a Valentine with out signing it? Would you make him his favorite food and serve it cold? I suspect none of these scenarios are what you are planning to do. Why treat your health any less. Visit my web site and learn more about the totality of health and wellness and let us help you experience how simple health really is! Becky LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Japanese Friendship Garden



CATHY BURFORD & CATHY DROZ Grandparents on the Go

‘Konnichiwa’ means hello in Japanese. You will definitely want to say hello to the Japanese Friendship Garden, a tranquil little slice of Japan right in downtown Phoenix! Open to the public since 2002, this beautifully created garden, combining the best designs for peace and tranquility, is just steps away from the bustling, vibrant center of the city. It is located adjacent to Margaret T. Hance Park, giving it an additional buffer from the surrounding area. The Sister Cities of Phoenix and Himeji, Japan set out on a journey in 1988 to create this authentic Japanese stroll garden. It now exists for all of us to enjoy. As a first-time visitor, I decided to make it a full ‘Japan Day’ with my granddaughter, so that she would have a better understanding of Japanese culture. We began at the public library, where we checked out some ageappropriate non-fiction, and a ‘Little Travelers’ DVD on Japan. Armed with this background information, we arrived at the Japanese Friendship Garden ready to capture some of the tranquility of Japan. We were warmly greeted at the office, and leisurely strolled over the bridges, along the paths that border the immense pond, next to the Tea House, and beside the brooks and waterfalls. This place will certainly transport you to a mindset of calm serenity, even if your grandchild is chastising the ducks for ‘stealing’ the fish’s food. One could spend the better part of an hour here, just feeding and observing the beautifully colorful koi. You will want to check their website before you plan your visit, as they have many special events that you may want to plan around. They offer a traditional Tea Ceremony on the second Saturday of the month, and participate in Artlink during First Fridays. In the works is a Children’s Day & Anime Drawing Contest, information will be on the website soon. In addition, this beautiful space is available for private rentals, private tours, and school and group tours. After our garden visit, we folded some origami dogs, played with the bargains that we found in the gift shop, and ate noodles with chopsticks at a nearby Japanese restaurant. When we returned home, we truly felt that we had travelled to Japan and back!

Photo supplied by Susan McCall Executive Director of the Japanese Friendship Garden

If you go: Japanese Friendship Garden 1125 N 3rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85003 Hours: October – May Tues – Fri 10-3 Sat – Sun 10-4 (Closed Mondays) Admission: Adults $5.; 62+, Military & Students $4; Children 6 and under FREE Photo supplied by Susan McCall Executive Director of the Japanese Friendship Garden LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Click to Experience more Glendale! LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Navigating the Bankruptcy Tide: Tips to H




When people are being hounded by creditors and going through tough financial times, they come to me for help. In listening to, advocating for, and helping my clients, I have had the privilege of learning some financial do’s and don’ts. The truth is that financial trouble can happen to anyone. For example, job loss, which often times means that there is no longer enough money to pay the bills, is one common reason why someone you know may be forced to file for bankruptcy. The loss of a job usually is the type of financial hardship in life that is out of our control. But, some financial issues can be avoided with help and guidance. In last month’s issue, I introduced you to the first three tips to staying out of bankruptcy. Here are the next three tips:

Tip 4: Don’t Put It on a Credit Card if You Can’t Pay It Off.

A big reason why someone you know may be forced to turn to bankruptcy is because he has too much credit card debt that he just can’t pay on anymore for some reason or another, such as job loss. A good rule of thumb is as follows: If you don’t have the money to pay off the credit card purchase within a reasonable period of time, don’t purchase it. Credit card debt accumulates when you make purchases that you can’t pay off. Before you know it, the debt snowballs into something that you just can’t pay on anymore. When this snowball of debt is coupled with job loss or a decrease in income, the result can be lethal. I understand that using the credit card is sometimes unavoidable and necessary to make ends meet, i.e. you make a purchase on a credit card because you have to pay the bills and are hoping that the finances improve so that you can pay off the credit card at a later date. This tip just says that if you can help it, avoid unnecessary credit card purchases or purchases that can’t be paid off within a short time.

Disclaimer Please note that the information provided is for informational purposes only and does not constitute, and should not be considered legal advice. Transmission of the information contained here and receipt by the reader is not intended to create and should not be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship. The only method of establishing an attorney–client relationship with me is by a retainer and fee agreement signed by me. The bankruptcy law services described herein are with respect to bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Help You Stay Dry and Steer Clear of Bankruptcy Part 2

Tip 5: Don’t Put All of Your Liquid Assets into Non-Liquid Assets.

counts, and/or putting a lien against your real property. And if your wages are being garnished, you may start thinking about bankruptcy, as a bankruptcy will stop the wage garnishment.

Do you currently have enough money to pay your bills for 3-12 months in the event you lose your job or sufFor more information call: fer a decrease in income? In case of an emergency, it is a good idea to have sufficient access to liquid assets so that you can pay the bills for at least a few months or longer to hold you over until the income stream picks back up. When all your money is tied up in real Stay tuned for next month’s issue on additional estate and other non-liquid assets or assets that take tips to help keep you dry and out of bankruptcy. time to liquidate, you lack the financial means to surFor more information on bankruptcy, debt, and vive in the event of an emergency (unless someone litigation-related issues, please visit else is willing to give or lend you money. This tip sumes that this is not an option). And when you can’t pay your bills, you may be headed towards bankruptcy. Investments are good to have but not if the investment will leave you with nothing to pay bills with in the event of an emergency.


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Tip 6: Do Deal with a Lawsuit Early in the Game. If you get served with a “Summons” and “Complaint,” this means you are being sued. You must act quickly because you have a limited amount of time to respond (20 days if served in Arizona and 30 days if outside of Arizona). You should seek legal advice to help you file an Answer in the lawsuit along with any claims you may have. You may also want to look into your bankruptcy options because a bankruptcy will stop a lawsuit. Do not bury your head in the sand and ignore the lawsuit paperwork. When you ignore a "Summons" and "Complaint," the creditor suing you can and eventually will obtain a default judgment against you in court. After a creditor obtains a default judgment against you, the creditor becomes a “judgment creditor” of yours and can then enforce that judgment, including by garnishing your wages and/or bank ac- LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Clarissa Burt & Tyler Fleck

We live in an age of advancement. Each and every year, the focus on increasing our knowledge of the universe and its workings grows, and the fruits of that focus become even more noticeable. From the growing space program, to exponential technological improvements, to even the ways we interact socially, it’s easy to see that we are a society based upon science and learning. With all this said, much of this scientific advancement occurs outside the realm of the common citizen’s knowledge. Even with easy access to that information, by way of the internet and other sources, it can still be difficult to truly get an idea of what is going on in the scientific world. That’s why, this year, Arizona is hosting the Arizona SciTech Festival, a statewide celebration of science and technology! The Arizona SciTech Festival is one of this year’s preeminent events taking place here in cities across Arizona. With hundreds of organizations taking part, a bevy of science related proceedings, and, of course, a boatload of information about the scientific community, it’s easy to see that this is the festival to attend if you have any interest in the sciences.

But, what exactly is the Arizona SciTech Festival, and what makes it so special compared to other similar events that Arizona has hosted in the past? I talked to Jeremy Babendure, executive director of the SciTech festival, to get the answers to these questions and more.

According to Jeremy, the goal of this amazing event is to “get the next generation of science enthusiasts excited about science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics”, and the Arizona SciTech Festival is working hard to achieve just that. On top of the obvious lectures that you normally see at festivals such as these, there is going to be a huge amount of events all geared towards, as Jeremy says, “inspiring the culture of STEM in Arizona”. Here are just a few of the event highlights that will be going on during this festival. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Planetarium Shows at Challenger Space Center

Glendale Science of Chocolate Extravaganza—February 8 – 10, 2013

One of the more entertaining events during the festival, the Challenger Space Center offers the opportunity to learn more about the night sky and explore the universe via their special planetarium shows. Learn more about folklore, mythology, and astronomy, all while witnessing the awe-inspiring power of the Challenger Space Center Planetarium. Showings will be going on throughout the year, so don’t miss them!

This free admission chocolate festival teaches you science, with chocolate! With kids’ rides, musical performances, horse and carriage rides, chocolate factory tours and more, this is surely one of the more whimsical and fun events of the festival, and should be a huge hit with the kids and chocolate lovers alike!

Silly Science StoryTime February 5, 2013 Perfect for children, the silly science storytime is a great way for your kids to learn more about basic science and math concepts. Definitely a perfect event if you plan on taking part in the festivities with your children

In the end, one must understand that no matter where you go, in this modern age, you will more than likely be in contact with some form of technology. Because of this, like Jeremy says, we all have to learn, and understand, this concept of STEM. Science and technology, engineering and mathematics; they are all here to stay, and The Arizona SciTech Festival is here to help you understand them better in a fun and interesting way.

“Weather or Not: Art With Atmosphere” Exhibition February 8 - May 26, 2013

So, if you’re looking for a great way to spend a few hours, or are looking for a great way to support your hometown, the Arizona For all you art enthusiasts looking to see a SciTech Festival is definitely an amazing little art-science fusion, this is definitely an place to go. It will be fun, and who knows? event that you cannot miss! This exhibition Maybe you will learn something along the will present artist’s representations of wind, way! rain, sleet, snow, hurricane, and more, all while teaching you a bit about climatology on the side. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

Map of the Greater Phoenix Area

Map Curtsey of ADOT LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

© Arizona Driver Magazine. Repurposed expressly for Discover the Phoenix Region.

By Larry Edsall - photos by Randall Bohl


ur dream was always to be able to come to the United States and to race against the guys who are really good,” Mexican racing driver Hugo Oliveras said of the stars of NASCAR stock car racing. “Now, in March, it’s not only the drivers [who will showcase their talents], but the mechanics and the engineers and the cars who get to come and show that we are all very professional.” Oliveras not only drives the No. 11 Monster Energy Toyota in the NASCAR Mexico Toyota Series, but he owns the three-car HO Speed Racing team. On March 1, 2013, Oliveras, his teammates and competitors will be racing not in their native country but at Phoenix International Raceway, a track they will share that weekend with the stars of the major NASCAR series. The Mexican series will be making its US debut with a 75-lap race that will be the feature event that Friday night next March. In announcing the visit, PIR president Bryan Sperber noted that Arizona has become known in recent years for the “turbulence” around its immigration policies and politics. “Sports,” said Sperber, “is a great way to bring people together. This event will showcase what a great state Arizona is, and that’s it’s warm and welcoming.” The announcement of the race was deemed so important to Arizona’s image that US Congressmen Ed Pastor was among those participating in the announcement. “Arizona does not have the best image,” the congressman said, “but it will welcome the teams and their fans.” Rep. Pastor also noted the significant economic impact the race can have on the Arizona economy, and Arizona/ Mexico Commission president Larry Lucero echoed those comments, saying the race will bring together international businesses and cultures. Sperber also noted that the race will be televised not only in the United States and Mexico, but throughout Central and

6 • November-December 2012 • ARIZONADRIVER

South America, and thus will expose Phoenix and Arizona to a full hemisphere of potential visitors. But, Sperber reminded, “first and foremost, this is about sports”—and not just motorsports, as three-time world boxing champion and former US Olympic team fighter Fernando Vargas will be the honorary pace car driver for the race. Mexico has a long history of motorsports, but primarily on public roads and purpose-built road courses with turns to the left and the right. It was at the famed Mexican road race, La Carrera Panamericana, that the gullwing Mercedes-Benz SL first gained fame, and the Mexican Grand Prix was part of the Formula One circuit from 1963-92. Famous Mexican racers have included the Rodriguez brothers, Ricardo and Pedro, and F1 racer Hector Rebaque. Indy-type cars have also raced in Mexico and, while still a teenager, Mexican Josele Garza was Rookie of the Year at the Indianapolis 500 in 1981. Adrian Fernandez, Memo Gidley, and Michele Jourdain Sr and Jr are among others from Mexico who have gained fame in racing in the United States. In 2002, a group began a stock-car-style series for pickup trucks (similar to NASCAR’s own truck racing series). Eventually the series moved from trucks to cars and has been sanctioned by NASCAR since 2007. In 2008, NASCAR appointed stock car racing veteran and former Nationwide Series runner-up Chad Little as director of racing development, Mexico. Little, a Washington state native who lives in Charlotte NC, said he typically makes 10 trips a year to Mexico to work with the Toyota series and its competitors. Little said the series involves 14 races, two at each of seven tracks. Six of those tracks are ovals, and five of those ovals have been built within the last five years, he said, adding that they range from a half mile to 1.25 miles in length. The cars are much like what Americans

(From top): Drivers Hugo Ontiveros, Jorge Goeters and Daniel Suarez, with director of NASCAR Toyota Series Enrique Contreras, meet the press. The drivers are joined by champion boxer Fernando Vargas and PIR president Bryan R Sperber. Vargas with Keith Dahl, Toyota national motorsports and engagement marketing manager. NASCAR Mexico general director Federico Alaman González and Sperber sign and seal the deal. US Representative Ed Pastor and Arizona/Mexico Commission president Larry Lucero look forward to next March.

know as late-model racers and are identical except for the stickers that identify them as Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota, Ford or Mazda racers. All cars are powered by identical V8 engines based on the Chevy 604 racing motor. Little said that even with the economic setbacks of the last two years, racing fields average 34 cars and that the action is close and exciting. The announcement of the PIR race for 2013 was made with two races left in the 2012 NASCAR Mexico Toyota Series, with 20-year-old Daniel Suarez, driver of the No.3 Dodge, currently leading series veteran and former champion Jorge Goeters and his No. 31 Mazda by only two points in the standings. ■

ARIZONADRIVER • November-December 2012 • 7

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Wild About Wildflowers Photo Journalist Carol Komassa When I came to Arizona on my first vacation over 15 years ago, I had a picture in my mind of what this “desert” landscape would look like. My only frame of reference was some photographs: saguaros, tumbleweed and dust storms. But deserts that I have seen in the middleeast (dunes and miles of sand) was not what I found in Arizona and generally the landscape variety in the State itself is quite vast, along with the flowers, trees and plants. Having moved to Arizona 5 years ago and still learning about the local flowers, cacti, and experiencing frost (which I didn’t expect) as well as cold/snow in the mountains, and monsoons are unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Desert Botanical Garden The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is another wonderful location to tour. There are 6 major trails and distinct areas to visit, you can take a docent tour which is included in the admission price.

It wasn’t until I really started really looking at the Sonoran Desert and Wildflowers that I needed to know much more, to identify what I was looking at and to try to capture “nature’s jewels” with my photography. I quickly learned that I must carry my camera everywhere! During a walk in my local neighborhood and catching a glimpse of a fantastic Datura flower – only to go back the next day and it was all over! Even running home to get the camera, in the space of a halfhour and hot sun, resulted in failure, and sadly observing the wilt on the strongest petals! Nature seems to “tease” us for a short while, you may be lucky and catch it or you can “blink” and miss it! My favorite place to visit in Arizona is the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, 55 miles due East of Phoenix in Superior. I was surprised to find that it’s a State Park, it feels like a large private garden, but it’s truly unique. It was founded in 1924 to showcase the Bronze Cholla, Desert Botanical Gardens beauty of the desert environment, and the first of its kind to study plants of the world’s arid regions. If you enjoy walking, take the In Spring enjoy a spectacular butterfly exhibit (where you can walk “guided tour” learn about the parks mission – truly you will learn so much about cacti and local plants, and you can ask questions and get among the butterflies) these jeweled beauties are a miracle of nature with the most amazing colors and patterns. knowledgeable educated answers! Then relax and enjoy the day, walk around (they have excellent maps), pack a lunch, picnic or grill in the shade right near the lower parking-lot. Many people miss the flower gardens to the right of the lower parking lot. In Spring it’s a spectacular place to spend time in, and the hummingbird feeder is always busy. You may catch a once-ina-lifetime hybrid hummingbirds that pose for visitors and photographers alike. You can relax here in on a bench, in the shade and get your camera ready for some spectacular shots. At the Spring Plant Sale you also get the opportunity to purchase local plants, at a reasonable price, lovely healthy specimens. Go to their website at to find out the sale dates, and other great information. The staff have been very gracious when I’ve contacted them with a photograph of a plant/or insect that I couldn’t identify, and they have emailed me right back with the name. Julia Butterfly, Nectar Mouth, DBG LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

That exhibition gets very crowded, so plan to get there early! As you wait for Spring 2013 in this cold winter, please enjoy my butterfly photographs taken in Spring 2012 and view more at Also enjoy their annual plant sale, where plants are up at waist height on plant tables and easily identified with labels. You can view/or purchase plants without going into the gardens/paying the entrance fee for the day. There are some excellent books about the Sonoran Desert and wildflowers of Arizona in the gift shop at the Arboretum. But if you can only buy one book I highly recommend “Wild In Arizona: Photographing Arizona’s Wild flowers” by Colleen Miniuk-Sperry and Paul Gill, both excellent photographers and very knowledgeable about their subject matter. It’s the most spectacular book from the photography perspective, but if you are wondering “well where do I go, when, and how do I find the flowers?” this book gives you all of the answers: Bloom Time, Ideal Time of Day, Vehicle and Hike. There is a wonderful Bloom Calendar and “must see trails” along with 17 instructional photography tips worth their weight in gold! Peak flower times are dependent on the rainfall the previous year, monsoons, winter climate etc. and times can vary by two to four weeks. As they only show their colors for two to three weeks (or less) you need to be in the right place at the right time! You can order the book at There are numerous other locations to view wild flowers, the book “Wild In Arizona” contains most of them – plan ahead, check out location websites, call and ask questions, take advantage of tours and please have fun enjoying our State!

Carol Komassa, Amateur Photographer Copyright, Carol Komassa 2013 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2013

February 2013 The Focus Revised  
February 2013 The Focus Revised  

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