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How Soon to Return to Activity After I




Pain is the most common motivator for patients seek care at the chiropractor’s office. Pain is also usually the primary focus of the patient’s attention. Part of the education and treatment process is helping the patient to understand that the pain is an indicator of abnormal function and that function needs to be restored so that the pain will reduce. Abnormal function generally precedes the onset of pain and has developed over time. Many conditions are acute pain flare-ups of chronic abnormal function, pain onsets as a result of relatively normal movements or activity. The patient will indicate that they “woke up with pain” or simply reached down to pick up a piece of paper. Generally these situations are the result of long-standing abnormalities in movement, joint function and muscle activity. Our immediate goal is reduction of pain to allow the body to restore normal movement and function through treatment and more importantly exercise. Exercise helps to reestablish the normal movement and function of the muscles and joints, pain reduces as a result.

Often the first thing that patients do once they have an injury is stop doing all the things that they should do to maintain health. They reason that stopping exercise will give their body a chance to heal or get well. When your body has been stressed or injured, continue to do those things that maintain your health. A common situation is when a patient presents with low back pain that onset after a prolonged car ride or sitting postures. The back pain interferes with exercise is stopped.

For more information: LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Injury? Continuing to perform those activities that help maintain and restore your health are important for your recovery from an illness or injury. Research tells us that movement and exercise provide health benefits. These activities may need to be modified to accommodate the injury, however too often all activity is stopped. The activity needs to be modified or reduced. Movement through a pain-free range of motion, even though it may be less than normal motion, is better than not moving at all. The lack of movement promotes muscle and joint stiffness and allows swelling and inflammation around tissues and weakens muscle and connective tissue. A possible modification may entail not using the body part that was injured but continuing to exercise the rest of the body. For example an injury to the knee certainly would suspend any running but may allow you to use any stationary bike for exercise. A knee injury would preclude resistance exercises such as leg press leg extensions, but should allow continued upper body workouts. A yoga practice may have 10 different postures, due to an injury avoid two or three but continue to perform the other seven that do not cause pain.

P. R. I. After an injury or flare-up, the following steps can be used to return to health and function as quickly as possible. P: Protection of the area involved, using braces or supports and modified activity. R: Relative rest, defined as avoiding aggravating painful activity or movements, moving within tolerances and pain free range of motion and muscle activity. I: Ice used to reduce pain and swelling both before and after activity to allow for better function and to recover more quickly form any flare-up. By restoring movement and function, your body will be healing and healthy in a shorter time.

Yours In Health, Dr. Bret

The human body tends to heal the parts that are being used and tends to suspend activity or limit resources used for those areas not being used. The trick is to help the body part to function in a range that is stimulating healing process without causing additional injury or damage. The use of ice and heat and analgesic gels can help with pain reduction so that movement and function can be reintroduced. Use of taping braces and supports may also safely reintroduce activity to an injured area without causing more damage. Modifications may include reduction of weight bearing. Continue movement with reduced weight-bearing such as water exercise. Another option would be isometric exercises for muscles that limit joint movement and stimulate muscle activity. As healing occurs, movement against a full range and weight-bearing can proceed. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Simple Ways to Make Your Own Gingerbread House



KAS WINTERS Mother of Family Ideas"

Gingerbread has been around for centuries in Europe. In the 1600’s they made St. Bartholomew cakes from gingerbread to celebrate his feast. After the Grimm Brothers story of Hansel and Gretel became popular in Germany, houses made of gingerbread and candy quickly became part of their Christmas tradition.

Although gingerbread houses were an annual project for many years when our children were young, we used an easier method for making them. We cut and taped pieces of cardboard boxes together to make our own house shapes. Then we used frosting to “glue” graham crackers and other edible “building materials” to the cardboard houses. Put the cardboard house on a tray, or other base, before you begin.

Sometimes, instead of graham crackers, we glued pretzels in place to make log cabins. Different flavors of graham crackers provide various colors. Roof shingles were anything from vanilla wafers to full-size, or mini shredded wheat cereal pieces. Puffed wheat cereal made great “stones” for our chimneys. A sugar cone for ice cream made a perfect church steeple.

Kas Winters, "Mother of Family Ideas" 602-789-9240 Winmark Communications & Everything Family LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Candies of all kinds were used for decorations. Gum drops, peppermint sticks, peppermint wheels, red hots, Life Savers, M&MS®, Christmas candies, and candy canes were all used. We attached the candy with the frosting too. Sometimes we used decorator tubes with colored frosting to add color decorations to our houses. To make it look like snow, we added extra milk to frosting to make icicles drip from the roof.

One year we purchased a kit, but the frosting didn’t hold and everything began to slip off the gingerbread; so we went back to our regular way of making the houses.

Powdered Sugar Frosting Recipe: 1½ cups confectioner’s (powdered) sugar 2 tablespoons milk

Mix it together, gradually adding the milk to the powered sugar, until it makes a stiff frosting. If it’s too runny to act as glue, add more confectioner’s sugar. For dripping icicles, add an additional teaspoon or two of milk.

We had memorable times together and the creativity was terrific. This wasn’t a difficult project, but we made some pretty good messes. At our house, that usually means we had a pretty good time! For a book filled with Christmas Family ideas, go to: For some holiday activities look at:

For family gifts and books, go to our home page at: LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

5 New Ways to Experience a Healthy Holiday




Eat local and with the season. Enjoy cooking with in season produce by visiting a farmers market and trying some new-toyou foods. There’s so much available right here in Phoenix this time of year from roots, like sweet potatoes, parsnips, and radishes, to all kinds of greens, like kale, arugula and bok choy, and local citrus, such as kumquats, which are even growing in my yard right now. Create a warm holiday tradition. I grew up in Pennsylvania, where the traditions were chilly: building snowmen, ice skating, snow skiing, and drinking hot chocolate sitting by the fire. Take time this season to create a special holiday tradition in our warm climate. Is it holiday caroling, a Christmas morning run or hike, afternoon fun at the park, a round of golf, or plant an herb garden? Make it the year to create a special holiday tradition in our warm climate for you and your family to appreciate as memories for your lifetime. Practice self care. During this busy holiday season, make sure to take time for you. Do something very special just for you that you love to do. Choose one and do it: enjoy a massage, yoga class, quiet nature walk, fishing, sporting event, the theater, art museum, or your own favorite self care activity. Experiment with pizza on the grill. One of my favorite holiday traditions is cooking pizza on the grill. Have fun with your family and friends creating your own pizzas with your favorite toppings. Choose your pizza toppings, make your own crust – with or without gluten – and have fun grilling. I especially love toppings like sautéed broccoli, collard greens and garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, olives, pine nuts and goat cheese. Take a look at the step-by-step photos to make pizza on grill on our Experience Nutrition Facebook page: I’m sure you’ve read a lot about making your holiday healthy, but it sounds like way too much work. EXPERIENCE NUTRITION’s key philosophy is to enjoy food and life. I invite you really enjoy making your holiday healthy with 5 simple, fun experiences: Eat local, create a tradition, practice self care, cook pizza on the grill and try wild Alaskan salmon.

Try grilled wild Alaskan salmon for the holidays. Many people love turkey for the holidays, but salmon is a delicious, simple to prepare, healthy option. When you purchase salmon, be sure to buy wild not farmed salmon. Wild salmon is cleaner, has more of the healthy omega-3 fats and tastes better, too. Learn more about why salmon is a such a good fat, more tips on how to shop for salmon and check out our simple grilled wild Alaskan sockeye salmon recipe on the Experience Nutrition Blog:

Enjoy your holiday and have fun experimenting with one of our new ways to experience a healthy holiday. . LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Christmas is a Perfect Time to Redirec


Sometimes in the busyness of life, we tend to watch the cal-


endar without truly looking at the coming dates.

Last year, Christmas happened right on time. I usually go Christmas shopping close to the week of, and I had even gone the night of Thanksgiving and the day after as well, and the days caught up nicely. I got gifts for my friends and fami-


ly. My sister and I made treats for the office and everyone was cheerful and excited for the coming day as well as the New Year. I went to the work Christmas party, wore a handmade ugly sweater that everyone thought was so cute so neither mine nor my sister's sweater won the contest because of it. At home, my dad was getting ready to cook the meal and all the pies were decided on; Christmas Eve came and my sister and I each got to open one gift, as is our tradition. Christmas morning was exciting, full of warmth and fun. We opened gifts, we saw a movie, we ate delicious food.

This year it is already the second week of December and I'm not sure where the days went exactly. Have you ever had Christmas right around the corner and you don't feel ready for it? Sometimes with the pull of work we count down Monday to Friday, always wishing for the weekend, but with that strive we don't realize that another week passes. And then trying so hard to differentiate your time spent between family, friends or your own personal time, the weekend can sometimes dissolve just as fast. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

ct our Focus Yet it isn't just the busyness of life that does this

and to be giving, not just in gifts nor donations, but

but also the busyness of our minds and our hearts; in how we treat others in everyday situations. You the constant thoughts, the fervent dreams; of

don’t have to be perfect at it, and you may mess up

where we are and where we want to be. These

at times, but keep trying, strive for that, make it

aren't bad things.

your new focus. Because once we start looking at

In all of us, there is a striving toward something,

the calendar and really seeing the coming dates, it

but through all this striving sometimes, things slip

widens our eyes to what we have, or almost,

past: family dinners, movie night, holidays with

missed. It causes us to want to change but it is up

those we love, even Christmas.

to us to do it.

A camera with its lens focused on a close up causes Don't let Christmas just be another day. Change the entire background to become blurred and you your focus, start seeing and appreciating those you can't see exactly what is going on, or what may

love and who love you because when you look back

pass by. Our focus is off.

on life you don't want to say you missed it.

Christmas is a perfect time to redirect our focus. Do what used to make you happy during this spe-

I hope everyone has a great Christmas this year, as

cial time, bring back that warmth you remember

well as New Year, and enjoy every moment from

most. Spend time with your family. Relax. Don't be

now on. I thank Jesus for the true meaning of the

a constant movement in the room, take time to en-

day, for His birth, because without Him, what

joy those around you, or even enjoy a movie as you would there be to celebrate? He is the best gift of snuggle up to a warm blanket and hot cocoa (or an all. John 8:12 iced tea if you're from Arizona). Be decorative with your cookies, make them with

So don't rush the days, eat yummy food, and take

love. Give them to co-workers, bosses, friends and

the time to soak it all in.

send Christmas cards to relatives who may not live close by. Put a warm note in just to show that you

Merry Christmas,

thought of them, that you do care (even if there is a Sydney reason you don't live in the same state). Christmas is a great time to share love, kindness LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

So this is Christmas And What Have You Done ?




One of my favorite December songs is “Happy Xmas” by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The lyrics start with “So this is Christmas And what have you done Another year over And a new one just begun”. Every year when I hear this song, I find myself reminiscing about what “I have done” and whether I accomplished the most important things in terms of what I set out to do. There is not a better time for reflection then at the end of something and the beginning of something new. I know most of you are thinking-“Is she crazy-doesn’t she realize how busy my schedule is?” I certainly do as my schedule is also full. However, if we don’t set aside time for reflection we move into 2013 without a solid evaluation of what’s working in our lives and what is not. As a result we could destine ourselves to repeat 2013 in the same manner that we moved through 2012. Reflection is an important component of how adults learn. We learn not only from our experiences but also from the interpretations and reinterpretations of those experiences. When we pause and reflect upon circumstances and then apply a different framework to our circumstances we can create new ways of acting and thinking. Using the process of reflection and introspection on an on-going basis leads to increased levels of awareness, insight, and self-acceptance. Many times these times for reflection can result in epiphanies from which we can chose new thoughts and behaviors. What direction could your reflection take? A suggestion would be to think about where you are and where you wanted to go. On a sheet of paper, place what you wanted to accomplish this year at the top and then your successes at the bottom. Place in the middle any gaps or misses. Being able to identify gaps is a good thing-especially when we are able to prioritize them effectively into strategies for later successes. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Some questions to reflect upon are: Are there any patterns in your accomplishments that led to your successes, i.e. are specific people involved, did they happen more at work or at home, etc? When you look at both your successes and misses, what were you most passionate about? Were you as passionate about the activities that led to successes as activities that led to misses? Were you fully engaged with your goals or did they belong to someone else? What are you most proud of with regards to your successes? Are you disappointed about any actions not taken? What would you go back and change about last year if you could? How did you celebrate your successes? What did your successes and disappointments teach you about yourself? Did any experiences change you? What were your obstacles to success? How did you overcome obstacles? Which ones were difficult to overcome? Did anything cause you to challenge yourself about, your ideals, your philosophies, your concept of life or the way you live? Summarize the most important things you will take with you from this year’s experiences. For next year begin to think about: What do you really want to learn or do? What are you most passionate about? What is it, in your heart that you must do, be and have? And why? After you choose the list of questions you want to focus on, spend some time in reflection before you answer. Write down your responses and then set them aside. If you set aside an hour a week from now until January 1st, you will have a sizeable amount of information from which to build 2013 goals for yourself!

To Your Success! LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Winter Fashion Our Top Picks




Winter is upon us, and as the seasons change so does your wardrobe. It’s sadly time to trade in your swimsuits and flip flops for sweaters and boots. Do not stay melancholy for long; this season’s color palette will have you looking mysteriously divine. Get ready fashionistas, it is time to surround yourself in black leather boots, chunky knit cardigans, and long cozy scarves. Here are my top picks for staying stylish all throughout December.

Designers Demo and Tono of Demobaza created this edgy and futuristic look to spice up your closet this winter. The mixed charcoal and black wool sweater will do just the trick to keep you warm and stylish this season. Its asymmetrical knitting gives your outfit just the right amount of edge and can be worn with jeans or go for a bolder night look and pair this chunky sweater with a tight pair of leather leggings. If this sweater could not get any better it also has built in gloves in the sleeves which make this cardigan a unique gift for your loved ones…or yourself. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

There is no need to splurge on multiple pairs of boots this season. These cute mid -calf black boots from Steve Madden are classics that you can wear all season long. Combat boots are in style this fall/winter season and can be paired with just about anything. I love combat boots this season because it sets you apart from the mass amounts of women who wear Uggs or standard winter boots. Mr. Madden does a superb job .

This Donni Charm scarf is the perfect accessory to be rockin’ around your neck this season. The vibrant purple color will not only brighten up your wardrobe but brings color to your face as well. I am a huge advocate of details. This cute casual scarf comes with a silver wing charm to give the scarf its magic touch.

Looking for a dress for the dinner parties this upcoming holiday season? Look no further because Jessica Simpson has designed this gorgeous strapless sequin sheath dress. This sliming hourglass shaped dress will hide that holiday weight you may have gained since Thanksgiving. The sheath sequins will make you shine and standout from the crowd, without looking like a disco ball. Jessica found the perfect proportion between elegance and seduction.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! All I want for Christmas is this red Michael Kors tote. It is the perfect size to carry around while doing your holiday shopping. It’s bright and bold color is the perfect pop to the typical blacks, browns, and greys that winter usually consists of. I find that one can be consumed by the dark colors and it is easy to get washed out. I see that adding a pop of color here and there lights up my outfit and my mood. There is perfect amount of gold hardware to compliment this classic quilted leather bag. Do yourself a favor ladies and ask Santa to slip this little piece of heaven under your tree. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Simple Surrender




Reclaiming any part of your life whether it is health related, financial, marital, parental, spiritual or relational demands more than cooperation from you, it demands complete surrender. Cooperation deems that just simply knowing what to do and what not to do should help you to achieve reversing your problem. I often meet people who tell me that they are ready to make the necessary changes in their lives and it would be just fine if I e-mailed them everything I did to reclaim my health and they will get started. They genuinely are ready to cooperate with the health regiment and try it. Unknowingly to them their cooperation is sadly not enough. Becoming a critical health thinker’s first rule of order is to recognize the difference between a cooperative spirit and a surrendered life. They are not one in the same. The word surrender encompasses submission, relinquishing, parting with and conceding anything that does not align itself with the answer. Cooperation encompasses far less. It may yield for a time to the necessary changes where surrender welcomes pain and anguish to accomplish a greater goal. Cooperation battles and often yields to thoughts of exiting the work for something far less demanding. Surrender invites a renewal of the mind and soul; cooperation is temporal and external. Becoming a critical health thinker is the natural progression of a surrendered heart. I surrendered my suffering to God. I submitted, relinquished, parted with and conceded my idea that I could live my life in this human body according to my own wisdom and ignoring the laws and principles of health. I submitted to the work ahead of me. Live or die I was going to obey and master the health laws I had discovered by the providence of God.

Critical Health Thinking Skill: the word surrender encompasses submission, relinquishing, parting with and conceding with anything that does not align itself with the answer. Simple Question: Do you have a surrendered heart or a cooperative spirit? Experience How Simple Health Really Is! LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Phoenix Fire Department



CATHY BURFORD & CATHY DROZ Grandparents on the Go

What little one doesn’t light up when they hear the siren on a fire truck? While boys may be the first ones in your family to develop this fascination with emergency vehicles, every child loves to see what goes on in their local fire stations. Even if they haven’t gotten the chance to take a field trip to your local station, the general public only needs to submit a Station Tour Request to schedule one. That’s right, this is a service that the Phoenix Fire Department provides to the community. You can access the request form on the main website listed below, but remember to allow at least three weeks lead time. We scheduled our tour at Station # 35, in our neighborhood in Moon Valley. From the moment we arrived our education began. Our grandchildren were allowed to sit inside the fire truck and were shown the headsets, radios, and computers, all of which help the fire fighters get to the scene within the five minute goal when responding to a call. We were shown the hoses, nozzles, gauges, helmets, and I’ve gotta say, the equipment is heavy! In addition to being shown around the trucks and bays, we quietly observed the living quarters as well. While we were in the bay a call came in, so we were able to see the crew scramble into action and head out in the ambulance, followed shortly by the fire truck. That was a thrill to observe! Our tour lasted approximately 30 minutes, but these will vary depending on any emergency calls that may come in during your time in the station. We all left with a new sense of gratitude for our Phoenix Fire Fighters who are always on call to keep us safe. The Mission of the PFD is: Prevent harm, Survive, Be Nice. We can definitely vouch for the ‘Be Nice’ part – we couldn’t have asked for a better tour!

If you go: to access Station Tour Request form Schedule 3 weeks in advance 1 adult per 5 children maximum Wear covered footwear Station will reschedule if called away on response during your tour Or call City Hall main switchboard at 602.262.6011 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Guided Journaling




Years ago, during a Christmas vacation, I noticed that my friend was writing in a journal before she went to bed. She explained that every night she would write down 3 things she is thankful for and that they could not always be the same thing….that she had to look for things to be thankful for each day so she could write them in later. Her book was full of things she’d written over the previous year. As my older and lifelong friend, I’d always looked up to her but also always felt “inferior”. She’d had a tough early childhood and always seemed quite critical of me. I think she’d experienced a lot of verbal abuse by her early foster parents. As we grew older, our visits were reduced to only our birthdays but just preparing for them used to leave me feeling anxious. I’d get ready, look in the mirror and could almost hear her greeting me with, “What did you do to your hair?”, “Those shoes are huge!”, etc. I’d heard these kinds of critical comments for so long that they were like a broken record in my mind…one that played really loud in anticipation of the live critique. As I listened to her that Christmas, I realized that she had changed. She’d been changing… transforming over time as she was making deliberate steps to becoming a more thankful and positive person. I also realized that it had been a while since she’d said anything critical to me. Why hadn’t I realized it? The record was still playing in my own head.

I’m thankful to say that our friendship is stronger than ever. She is a much more positive and encouraging person and I broke that negative record a long time ago. The lesson is so profound though. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Many of us have messages playing in our heads all the time. Sadly, they are often negative messages that we are not even completely aware of. But, they silently try to crush our spirit and kill our dreams. They subtly seep out into our words and actions and contribute to our inaction as they paralyze us with fear.

What if you could “change your mind”? Change the way it perceived things, processes new information, responds to stress, moves you or holds you back. You can…this is a start. Be intentional about your decision to make this a part of your daily life then embrace the journey to a new you!

How do win this battle of our mind? Here’s just a few things I’ve practiced and taught: Never, ever, ever say Anything bad about yourself! Really! If it comes out of your mouth you need to immediately say 3 positive things about yourself. My kids and I say, “Drop and give me 3!” This goes for when you say something negative about someone else too, by the way. Our thoughts are powerful…but we give them strength when we speak them. So keep it positive. Keep an Intentional Journal. I’ve been working with someone for awhile so has/had a tendency to catastrophize things. So, I asked him to send me three things each day: I’m Thankful for… I Learned… I Tried… I’m amazed at how his attitude has shifted over these last few months. LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

Map of the Greater Phoenix Area

Map Curtsey of ADOT LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012 LLC and Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine Copyright 2012

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