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Volume 1, Issue 1

Brenda’s Bio Featured Author History of Tea Brenda’s Gourmet Baskets

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Let’s Talk Tea

Volume 1, Issue 1

Brenda’s Bio What Her Tea Leaves Say…... As a Published Author Brenda Williams, was born and raised in Warwickshire, England. She moved to Canada in 1966, and then to Colorado in 1980. Three years later, Brenda opened a Tea Room in Lakewood, Colorado. During her time in Colorado, she was on the board of The Colorado Food Association, which was overseen by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Brenda also taught English Afternoon Tea classes for the Denver Free University. In 1989, she began manufacturing her own scone mix, preserves, lemon curd mix, and stuffing mixes. These products were sold throughout the United States. Brenda sold her Lakewood Tea Room in 1996. In Brenda was born and raised in England. In 1980 she moved to Denver and opened a Tea Room . She not only ran a very successful Tea Room she also taught English Afternoon Tea classes . In 1989 Brenda manufactured her own scone mixes, preserves, lemon curd and stuffing mixes. Brenda sold her Denver Tea Room in 1996 and relocating to Arizona to supposedly retire!

1999, she relocated to the Sun Cities of Arizona with her husband Derek, where she proudly offers delicious international foods and beautiful gift baskets. Brenda then founded Brenda’s International Foods and Gift Baskets, to offer the finest tea, pastries, preserves, gourmet chocolates & gifts to the public at an affordable price. Please take a moment to go through our site, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

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Let’s Talk Tea

Volume 1, Issue 1

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History Of Tea TEA! All tea comes from the Camillia Sinesis plant and the bushes are best grown at altitudes of 3,000-6,000 ft. The bush lasts for several years, and is kept to a growing height of 3-5 feet for easier harvesting and increased yields. Tea is native only to China, India and Ceylon. However, it is now grown as far apart as Russia, Argentina, Japan and Australia. From this one plant the leaves are plucked and fermented (customary term used, but actually it is oxidation, not fermenting that is occurring).

There is so much to tell about tea, so in the months to come I will write a feature story about a specific tea. I will be breaking each segment down and giving information in Let’s Talk Tea Digital Magazine. Black Tea will be the feature for the next issue. I will write about the origin, health aspects and share food pairings. So until then here’s to tea, Brenda

Black tea is fermented the longest, Green tea is plucked and processed (steamed) almost imme- Remember: “Tea is liquid wisdom.” diately, and then there is Oolong which is in ~Anonymous the middle. White tea is from China and consists of new growth buds from a special varietal tea bush called Narcissus or Chai-cha bushes. Also it is from the White Peony bush. The leaves are naturally withered and dried in the sun almost immediately after harvesting.

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Let’s Talk Tea

Volume 1, Issue 1

Featured Author of “Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes” & “Uncommon Bond”

C.L. Gillmore Novelist & Poet

About the Author C. L. Gillmore was born and raised in Muscatine, Iowa and now resides in Surprise, Arizona. She was a special education teacher for 25 years and gave everything to her passion for teaching. She apparently didn’t get the memo that retirement is the time for relaxation and reflection on time well-spent in her recently completed career. Instead, she set out to excel in her other passion: writing romance novels and poetry. Her first novel and accompanying book of poetry have garnered prizes and high acclaim. She is working on the sequel to Uncommon Bond, taking us on the continuing journey of haunted characters who reconnected via Facebook 40 years after the last time they kissed. A Friend Request will tell the rest of the story for Rose and Jake in poignant poetry and prose.

“A page turned...New Chapters begin. The sequel yet to unfold. Never forgotten and never to end. Images etched on each soul.” from “Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes by C.L. Gillmore Published by Discover the, llc™ Print & Digital Copyright 2013

Let’s Talk Tea

Volume 1, Issue 1

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“Uncommon Bond”

Uncommon Bond is the first of a two-part series about Rose and Jake, former lovers who reconnect through Facebook after nearly 40 years of separation. As you read, you float above the pages of Rose’s memories, enter the New World of the computer age and end up looking over her shoulder at the kind of love that only comes along twice in a modern lifetime: the first time in person, the second via technology.

Order “Uncommon Bond” or “Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes” in a beautiful Gourmet Basket. Each book is autographed by C.L. Giillmore “I am thrilled that my first novel resonates so well with the reading public and the literary community,” Gillmore said. “I debuted my flawed lovers and hoped for the best!” Published by Discover the, llc™ Print & Digital Copyright 2013

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Brenda's Lets Talk Tea Volume 1 Issue 1  

Brenda's International Foods and Gift baskets

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