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Health Recently, I have had a number of patients ask me about Alzheimer’s disease, memory retention and possible solutions to keep their minds fresh. I wrote an article in 2011 that I thought I would re-share. “Where did I Park my Car?”

The recent disclosure by basketball coach Pat Summit, is an example of a case in which, episodes gave her indications of a problem. Now that she has identified the disease, she hopes to slow down its progression with medication and various mental exercises. There is no proven cure or treatment. The Simple Temporary Forgetfulness Or Am I Losing My exact mechanism and how quickly it progresses in Mind? some and not others is still under investigation. It not only affects the patient, but those around them, Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive decline that begins family, friends, co-workers. Often, people will deny with small memory lapses, forgetfulness, as the disease signs and symptoms, for fear of losing a job, or develops there are greater changes noticeable to family and co-workers, and eventually significant impairment of relationships with loved ones. This part of the story is behavior, daily activities and interaction with others. The one of the courageous parts of Coach Summit’s admission, and the result has been an outpouring of condition progresses differently and displays varied support, and a modification of her home and work symptoms in individuals. There are ten warning signs that range from forgetting recently learned information, activities to allow her to function within her abilities and hope fully slow down the advance of the disease. loss of ability to organize tasks, withdraw from social interaction. We all have made the joke about “old timer’s” The primary risk factor for Alzheimer’s is aging. disease because we cannot remember a name or find our There is also increased risk if there is a close family member who has been diagnosed with dementia. keys, but if there is an increase in frequency of these events, disrupting daily activity, then consultation with a These two factors are not ones you can control, but the awareness of the factors can motivate you to physician is a good idea. There is growing evidence that early detection and intervention may be helpful. As with control other risks that are more related to life all disease, early detection and diligent pursuit of proper choices. A history of head trauma also increases risk. Abuse of alcohol and drugs can cause decline of health measures can slow the progression and help the mental function. Diseases that include heart disease, patient and their family better prepare for changing high blood pressure, and diabetes will increase the needs. Perhaps you have had a relative, friend or spouse who has risk of many other diseases, but are related to health choices. been affected by the most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease. Current statistics indicate that people diagnosed with the changes of memory, thinking and behavior now has grown to one in eight for people aged 65 and older. It is more prevalent in women than men. The number will likely escalate as the baby boomers age. Four percent of case are considered early onset, occurring in individuals under 65. The figure of cases increases to 43% of persons over 85 years old.

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What about prevention? There is ongoing research, but no absolute known prevention. Good sense would indicate that keys to general good health will reduce concurrent risk factors for dementia. Lifestyle choices are well within our control. Exercise renders a host of benefits including improved mental function. Eat a diet that emphasizes whole foods, lean protein, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. Diet and exercise should maintain a healthy body weight, improve fitness and reduce stress. A diet supplemented with anti-oxidants vitamins C, E and omega-3 fatty acids. There also appears to be benefit to mental activity and social connections to lower risk. Mental activities that require creativity, organization, relating various factors to draw a conclusion stimulate the brain and help keep it sharp. Writing a journal, volunteer activities, art, crosswords, building projects can all fit the bill. Participation in these mental activities with others adds the social interaction component.

Health Chances are that we all will be close to someone that is affected by Alzheimer’s. There are things we can do for ourselves and our families that can improve our health and decrease our risks. We can support organizations and research that try to find more information about the prevention and treatment of dementia. Provide compassionate support of the care takers and those that need the care both as individuals and a community. Remember that social interaction and mental activity help reduce your risk and promote a better world. Making the right choices for your health can help in prevention of disease and maintaining health.

Yours in Health, Bret A. Wilson, DC The other component is the effect of being the caretaker for a friend or loved one that has been disabled by the disease. Estimates are that 80% of the caregivers to Alzheimer’s patients are family members in the home. Tasks range from basic housekeeping, personal care, dispensing medication, transportation to medical care, and supervision of activities to maintain safety. This creates a huge burden emotionally, physically and financially. The person you love is slipping away, but their need for your love is more than ever. There is a profound effect on the spouse, children, friends and co-workers. I found a children’s book, Grandma’s Cobwebs, by Ann Franatti, Ed. D, A Story for Children About Alzheimer’s Disease. I must still be a kid at heart because I found it to be a wonderful journal through a grand daughter’s eyes, of a women’s progression of Alzheimer’s and how her family lovingly handled the challenges. Development of support services, adult care day, care-giver support programs are all important resources being developed to aid this growing concern.

Wellness Eat the Right Fats Fats are Essential While the media has made us afraid of fats, they are actually required in order for our bodies to function properly. For years during the low fat, no fat craze I thought fats were bad and I stopped eating some of my favorite foods, nuts and olives. Now I’ve learned that fats are good for us and that our bodies require about 30% fats in our diet each and every day, for each and every meal.

Monounsaturated Fats

adamia, pecan, pistachio

Eating the right fats helps to:

Polyunsaturated Fats

Omega-3 rich seeds

Get to Know Healthy Plant Fats Olives, avocados, nuts and some seeds are full of the healthy monounsaturated fats; walnuts are full of healthy polyunsaturated fats. Hemp seeds are important for nutrition as they are a complete protein. Good sources of Favorite Fish Fats: Cold Water Fatty Fish omega-3 fatty acids are flaxseeds, chia seeds and cold water fish, such as wild Alaskan sockeye salmon.

Buy a Few Deep Green Avocados Avocados are primarily monounsaturated fat which is beneficial for heart health, reduces bad cholesterol and speeds up metabolism. Avocados are a nutritional powerhouse: High in fiber, potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate and B6. If you have never tried an avocado, now is the time. I did not even like avocados until a few years ago. One of my brothers made a simple fresh avocado salsa with his home-grown yellow tomatoes and fresh garlic. Ever since that day, when I first tasted the delicious avocado salsa, I loved it and teach the recipe to everyone in my hands-on nutrition cooking workshops with former NFL football players, doctors, kids and adults of all ages.

Wellness Selecting the Best Avocado

Simple Ways to Enjoy an Avocado

deep green and are deep green when they arrive at the store.

it’s not so ripe. If it’s darker and blackish, it’s riper. To find the perfect ready-to-eat avocado, find one that’s a little soft, but not mushy. It may take a little practice.


mix in minced garlic and eat an avocado as a quick snack

with an apple or banana and check the ripeness for the next 2-3 days. It’s ready to eat when it’s black and soft. refrigerator and eat it in the next few days.

EXPERIENCE NUTRITION Avocado Salsa Recipe Wow! This simple to make avocado salsa (or guacamole) is the best. Add it to your tailgating parties, make it for a snack or lunch, or serve it at a BBQ. It’s so delicious that you will want to eat it every week. Full of good-for-you fats, fresh veggies and a squeeze of lemon, enjoy your avocado salsa with cucumbers, carrots or celery. Ingredients

Simple Steps to Make Avocado Salsa 1. Chop & mix all ingredients 2. Enjoy!

“Enjoy Food & Life. 90 Ways 90 Days Step-by-step action plan for healthy eating & living,” by Melanie Albert and featuring former NFL players. :

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Infinite Possibilities

Some of us actually believe our own promotional material. The self-adulation coming from those who become "big trees" can get pretty tiring so here are the three ways out of the ego-trap.

Nothing Grows Under a BIG Tree This observation comes from the Romanian sculptor Brancusi. It's a metaphor about ego. About how easy it is to focus so exclusively on ourselves that we prevent others from the opportunity to learn and grow from our influence. It's a trap that many leaders easily walk into, a trap from which there is virtually no escape. Well, there are three escape routes, but you won't like them.

1) Misfortune In a hurricane, big trees are thrown around like toothpicks. Conceited executives talk disdainfully to those beneath them - until they lose their job as a result of restructuring. Then they became everyone's pal, hoping someone will give them work.

The mistake made in the past was believing that our power originated within us. WE were the makers of our own success. We were kings and queens on the chess board of life. I believe in our potential. But folks, it's not you and it's not me. It's much, much bigger.

2) Humiliation Sooner or later "big trees" go one step too far and society chops them down. We've all seen the invincibility of political and religious leaders shattered by a foolish comment or action. This is a painful, self-inflicted way to come crashing to earth.

The ego won't recognize anything it can't take credit for. Consequently, those who are overly egotistical don't recognize very much. They can't see their way out of their own conceit. This is a problem for those of us in the speaking business, for example. We are on stage, honored with applause, occasionally a standing ovation. It is extremely hard not to think that it's us - our irrepressible style, rapier wit, unquestionable knowledge and sexual charisma.

Infinite Possibilities 3) Approaching Death Coming face to face with our mortality somehow lets us know just where we stand in the grand scheme of things. There are no "big trees" in heaven - God would find it irritating. The greater the impact of our leadership, the more I hope we gratefully recognize that it isn't us. We have been chosen to lead the world to a new place. How honored and humbled that should leave us.

"Copyright The Ian Percy Corporation." Ian Percy is one of North America's most inspirational speakers. Ian Percy is an international speaker and consultant and can be reached at


I recently attended the 6th Annual Red Dress Cocktail Party, Hosted by Maria Baily Benson and Master of Ceremonies Emmy award-winning journalist and anchor of ABC15 News Steve Irvin. That evening about 200 women and local businesses gathered to support the 6th Annual fundraising event. That night the new Mercedes Dealership of Scottsdale was transformed into something amazing; from far we all looked like one unified red ribbon.

We were all there taking a stand for millions of women and supporting the dream of Maria Baily Benson. Maria’s mom inspired her to take action when she became a victim of a heart attack 11 years ago and died. Maria expressed to us all that when her mother was having a heart attack she had no idea she was having one. She continued to say, “I just wanted to help women understand the risk and be aware of the symptoms of heart disease. Since then for the past 6 years Maria has been a key component to bring awareness to so many women. Maria wanted everyone to know that the Go Red Movement has saved and estimated 627,000 lives.

I believe it is important to give one’s support to a cause like “Go Red”. The more we are able bring awareness, the more lives we may be able to save. Did you know that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year? That’s approximately one woman every minute! There are a several misconceptions about heart disease in women, and they could be putting you at risk. People who have these so-called silent heart attacks are more likely to have non-specific and subtle symptoms, such as indigestion or a case of the flu, or they may think that they strained a muscle in their chest or their upper back. It also may not be discomfort in the chest, it may be in the jaw or the upper back or arms some women have prolonged and excessive fatigue that is unexplained. Those are some of the less specific symptoms for a heart attack, but ones that people may ignore or attribute to something else. It is important to be careful to not mistake a heart attack for symptoms of anxiety. A silent heart attack happens when the flow of blood is blocked in the coronary arteries by a buildup of plaque. The risk factors for a silent heart attack are the same as those for a recognized heart attack, and include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, family history of heart disease, obesity and age If you or a loved one show signs that you may be having a heart attack, you are recommended to do the following: when noticing symptoms of a silent heart attack, try to stay calm and call 911 immediately. When you get to the hospital, make it clear that you think you may be having a heart attack and not an anxiety attack. Advocate for yourself or, if you can, bring along someone who will advocate for you.

The “silent” in a silent heart attack is the complicating factor—often women don’t realize they’re experiencing a medical emergency. Before you ever have to experience heart attack we all need to learn how to prevent and lower our risk factors. Women need to know their risk factors, be aware of their blood pressure and cholesterol, exercise regularly and avoid smoking to decrease their risk of a heart attack. Above all, she cautions them to listen to their bodies, and if something isn’t right, talk to a doctor. Always be ready and open to getting help. Fortunately we live in a time that an abundance of resources are available to us. My advice to you, like always, is put the old, tired excuses away and have the commitment to want the best for yourself. If you don’t know how to have a healthy diet, find a nutritionist that fits your personality, familial and cultural needs. Have you been talking about getting more fit? Go to your local gym and have a conversation with them about your needs and goals. Other options are to find a workout trainer, join meet up groups that go hiking, bicycling, exercise, do yoga, or go for walks. This way you can socialize and get healthy at the same time. Evaluate what else you want to improve. Do you want to feel less stressed anxious, depressed, or stop smoking? Get in touch with a counselor or a lifestyle coach. At the end of the day be honest with yourself and decide what you want the next ten years of your life to look like. The healthier your life is the healthier your family’s life is. Don’t say I’ll take care of it tomorrow; you are an amazing holistic being that the world needs more of.

Coaching Never Doubt “When you doubt you power, you give power to your doubt” -Author Unknown

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I am an alumnus of the University of Dayton. This year the basketball team made it to the “elite 8” in the NCAA basketball tournament. Since it only happens every thirty years, I wanted a t-shirt to mark the occasion. When I went to the UD website to order a shirt, I noticed that they were using the language “never doubt” on the shirt. I loved the sentiment and began to think about how I could use it in my own coaching. Take a moment to reflect on all the times we doubt whether we can really achieve our dreams and how those little doubts creep in to destroy momentum and even enthusiasm for our Jack Canfield also advises us to acknowledge our dreams. positive pasts. Often when working with clients, I ask How can we keep these doubts from creeping in? One of them to go back to a place in time when they were my favorite authors and one I refer to often is Jack successful doing what they are trying to do now. We Canfield. In “Principles of Success”, Jack provides all have experiences where we overcame odds to several ideas for continuing to move towards success achieve goals. Just knowing that we have done is despite obstacles. First, he advises that we need to drop once allows us to believe in that possibility again. out of the “ain’t it awful” club and surround ourselves with positive people. I would add that simply removing negative people from your sphere of influence and instead choosing to associate with positive ones, you will increase your odds of succeeding exponentially. Tapping that source of positivity can help you overcome your own self-doubts. Speaking of removing dissenters and negative people from you immediate sphere of influence, think about how you might engage personal champions as part of your change team. A step in the process of change which can be found in “Changeology” by John Norcross is to build a change team. Often we think that we have to go it alone and yet creating support and accountability partners can accelerate achievement of goals. This team can serve as guides and champions when you begin to feel your energy wane towards your goals. Don’t forget that a personal coach could also be part of your change team.

Coaching Increasing your positivity ratio-the number of positive When doubts creep in, we have to be able to thoughts to negative thoughts can also help you fight the transcend our limiting beliefs. If you find yourself “doubt monsters’. Barbara Fredrickson in “Positivity” saying something like “I’ll never make it to the finish shares that the number of positive to negative statements line”, you have to check in with your beliefs. Asking made by team members to one another is 3 to 1 for yourself how that belief serves you can help you turn successful teams. For ideal working relationships the it around. We can leverage expectancy theory to number is 6 to 1. If we could apply that formula to our work for us instead of against us. By just believing own self-talk, we could cast aside many of the doubts that something is possible, we can make it happen. creeping in. You might want to check out Barbara’s self Next time you feel stuck, think about how you might test at her website included at the end of this blog to see change your beliefs so that they move you forward where you are with regards to your own positivity. Chip instead of planting seeds of doubt that create Conley, in “Emotional Equations” adds that when we anchors. divide the number of positive interactions/events by the When you find yourself beginning to doubt that you frequency of negative interactions/events, we can actually compute a number that allows for thriving. You can accomplish your goals and dreams, think about how you might apply of couple of these ideas to are now in the sweet spot of unlimited potential for rebuild your momentum towards achievement. success. Next, check in to see how focused you To Your Success! are on your ultimate goal. Do you have your eye on the prize or are you allowing Dr. Peggy doubt to creep in? Canfield suggests that we use the last 45 minutes of the day to review goals, celebrate successes and make specific plans for the next day. Why do this at the end of the day? While you are sleeping your brain continues to work with your unconscious mind processing this input. Canfield shares that this focused attention to the replays of input is six times more frequent than what occurs while you are awake during the day. Your mind is actually being programmed for success and achievement while you sleep! Shawn Achor in “Before Happiness” tells us to measure our progress frequently to leverage the “escalation of commitment”. We do this by looking back at how far we have come and by remembering how much time and effort we have already invested in achieving our goal. When people do this, they often find that they do not want to give up the gains and can find the energy to continue.


Dating in 2014

There is a new era of dating in today’s society that is full of cowardly men that feel that women should approach men, walk up to men, and chase after men. These cowards use the excuse of being scared or emotionally hurt, or unaware of their surroundings to approach women. Some men even feel that once they have maintained a high level of success that women should just bow to them and follow them around like a lap dog.

Understand that no REAL woman is a chaser or a follower, because she is too busy chasing her own success and her own dreams. Once a woman has decided to fully pursue a man, she’s When a woman chases a man, she has automatialready lost him. She’ll never have him anyway. cally put herself as his inferior. This is because she is going to want him more then he wants her. Even if she is attractive, smart and insanely charming, her own fascination about the man will rule over any real relationship they could share together. A man once told me that to not have problems with men, you have to care less. “The one that cares the least wins.” To further that quote I will also quote actress Nene Leakes who once said, “Men have to

like you a little bit more then you like them.” And it’s very true!

Dating in 2014 If you chase a man, automatically you will like the

Not chasing men will not only eliminate the

man more then he will like you, simply because you pain of having to interact with a man that’s not want him so bad. How is he suppose to take you se- into you as much as you are into him, but it will riously?

also keep you from rejection. The worst feeling in the world is walking up to a man and trying

This doesn’t mean get on a high horse and vow to

to dance with him, only to see him look at you

never talk to a man again unless he pursues you.

funny and then dance with the girl right next to

Sadly in today”s generation there are too many

you. That could ruin your whole night and make

thirsty, pathetic, over eager women that will jump

you feel insecure about yourself.

on a man before he walks through the door.

If you are having trouble meeting a man, then And these women will take the man that probably try a different alternative. If you are only going would have walked up to you. And even though the out to bars and clubs to meet men, then there’s pathetic girl won’t keep this man for anything lon- your first problem. Try a library, coffee shop or ger then one drink and a one night stand, she will at a gym, a place where men are focused on someleast get him and take his attention off of you.

thing more then half-naked woman grinding

and shaking. You can join a club or organizaThis just simply means don’t pursue him. If you see tion, or give online dating a try. Ask your guy a guy at a club and want to talk to him, then talk to friends or your girlfriends if there is somebody him. But only in a way to make conversation. Laugh that they can introduce you too. Whatever you with him, joke with him, ask him a question. Yet

decide to do, don’t fall victim to being a chaser.

never show him that you are interested in anything Women that chase men are either insecure more then conversation. about who they are or are looking for a man to give them their happiness. Remember that you are a real woman and real women find their happiness.

Grandparents on the Go The celebration of “Earth Day” started in April l970, as a way to bring attention to the importance of environmental protection in the USA. The first “Earth Day” saw rallies all over the country, and helped lead to the creation of many environmental organizations. Cathy and I thought it would be fun and educational to expose our grandchildren, at an early age, to some fun ways to be “green”. Here are some of our ideas:

our stash and placed two in each of their family cars. We asked them to be “green buddy reminders” to their parents when food shopping or department store shopping. Remind your parents to use the reusable bags and always put two back in the rear seat pocket of their cars when done.

tles for the kids to put their water, juice or milk in for the road. Explain and demonstrate how plastic bottles accumulate in our landfills, and how it is better for the environment to reuse rather than purchase new bottles. Keep their cups where you would normally grab a plastic water bottle for the road.

grandkids. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Take two small waste paper baskets and pull some objects from your home like wrapping paper, plastic cups, glass bottle, rubber band, soda can etc. Show them once or twice which objects go in which receptacle and explain why. Now hand them the object and ask them to toss it into the correct bin.

Mark the bins accordingly to their age of understanding. For us we did colors… blue dots for recycle and dark green dots for trash. (We matched them to the trash cans that the sanitation trucks pick up weekly.) Now hand the object to the child and have them gently toss in to the correct bin. As they get better at it, adjust the distance of the bins. Before you know it, they will be able to tell you which bin the object goes in. Imagine the first time their parents throw something in the wrong trash?

in your yard or theirs. Have them name the garden such as “Jack’s Lemonade Tree”. Explain sustainability at the level they can understand. We used Dora the Explorer as a theme for explaining the term. Find a character in a story or movie that your grandchild likes and use that to explain how we must all do our part. There were a few more things we went through like shutting the lights off when you leave a room, turning the water off when brushing your teeth and spending more time outside rather than watching TV, which burns energy. Our last show and tell was a project Cathy and I did with our daughters back in l986. We started a company called EarthBorn Products. We developed cloth shopping bags and had them made in Arizona. Our young daughters, aged 7 and 8, helped us design and work on that project. For every bag sold we gave l0% of the profits to an environmental project. This was a great learning experience for our children; now let’s pass this on to another generation. For Earth Day Events:

Grand Canyon with Sedona The Navajo Indian Reservation Northern Arizona Custom Tours Southern Arizona Custom Tours Book your tour today at

April 2014 The Focus  

April 2014 issue of The Focus is ready for your enjoyment.

April 2014 The Focus  

April 2014 issue of The Focus is ready for your enjoyment.