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June 10 - 23, 2011

Vol. 2 No. 12

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Englishman’s death sparks controversy By THE GAZETTE STAFF

THE death of an English businessman, who was found near a shallow muddy part of the Chaweng Lake recently, became a much-talked about and controversial incident following conflicting versions of the cause of death. Kevin Attew, a 57-year old businessman who reportedly owns a popular gay bar in Chaweng and was a member of a known motorcycle riders group on the island, was described by police to have died of drowning based on an autopsy report conducted in Koh Samui. The police report indicated he drowned in the shallow west side part of Pru Chaweng on May 25. Forensic police declared him dead for four to five hours

before police and Samui Rescue found him, according to the report. The same report said Bophut police also found in the area a half-full liquor bottle, a black backpack and a pack of cigarettes. Preliminary investigation conducted by the police revealed Attew had left his bar in the afternoon that day and reportedly told his staff he was going to have another tattoo. Communication with him was lost after that. The authorities initially had not been able to identify the cause of the death, but assumed that Attew might have gotten too drunk and fell into the water because they did not find signs of assault on his body or physical evidence that would suggest he was murdered. Turn to Page 14

Passengers of budget airlines to benefit from new transport ministry regulation PASSENGERS of budget airlines operating domestic routes no longer have to complain about repeated flight delays, unfair ticket prices and extra fees charged. This after Transport Ministry permanent secretary Supoj Saplom issued a directive to the Civil Aviation Department to strictly enforce a regulation

to ensure all budget airlines operating domestic routes abide by a regulation protecting the rights of passengers. Under the regulation, low-cost airlines must provide food and drinks or ticket refunds to delayed passengers and must inform passengers about their rights in the event of flight delays. Turn to Page 5

RAMP BEAUTIES - From left to right: Kinga, Elena, Olga, Elle and Noki - five finalists of the recently-held Shades of Summer Fashion Show organized by Samui Lifestyle magazine and sponsored by Xin City and The Sound Club, along with other sponsors, pose before judges. A total of 14 ladies paraded collections of stylish clothes and fashion designs from Apollo 8, B&B Genevieve and Island Girl. A competition among the models resulted in the five finalists chosen by a panel of judges, who later picked the Hungarian beauty, Kinga as the winner.

Funding allotted for new roads, sustainable water management

THE Samui municipality is

reportedly spending some Bt1 billion to develop a sustainable water management and drainage system, as well as for building new roads. Suratthani Tourism Council president Seni Puwasetthawon said once the projects are completed, flooding

problems on the island will be considerably eased and flood waters, which used to drain in three to four days will drain in two days instead. Around Bt700 million will be earmarked for the expansion of reservoirs in Chaweng and Namuang

areas and to develop a water drainage system. The rest of the budget will be spent for a new 13-kilometer road. The projects are expected to be finished by year-end. There were also reports tourism operators still want help from the government Turn to Page 5


Island News

SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Thai hospitals on E coli alert THAI hospitals nationwide have been instructed to be on alert for a deadly new toxic strain of E coli that has killed about 20 people worldwide. It is believed to have originated from poor hygiene at a farm, in transit, or in a shop or food outlet, a senior Thai public health ministry official said. Permanent Secretary for Public Health Dr. Paijit Warachit said the ministry’s Disease Control Department found that typically about one million patients suffering from diarrhea are found in tropical countries annually. Since the beginning of this year, about 530,000 patients suffering from diarrhea were found in Thailand, of which 21 died, but no cases of the rare strain of the bacteria which is now attacking European countries were found in this country so far. Dr Paijit said his ministry is now monitoring E coli (Escherichia coli) in two ways - through food and drug checkpoints which is the responsibility of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and through hospitals throughout the country which have been told to immediately send samples for laboratory tests on patients suspected of suffering from acute diarrhea. Dr Rungrueng Kitphati, director of the Bureau of Emerging Infectious Diseases, said hospitals nationwide have been instructed to accelerate diagnosing patients suffering from severe diarrhea

and send samples for laboratory tests as Thailand has never experienced this disease before, and people should not panic because the number of patients found in Europe now is still relatively small. “There are reports that the source of E.coli is attributed to changes in environment which has contaminated food and agricultural products. People who have eaten these contaminated food will suffer from acute diarrhea and frequent vomiting, causing kidney to function abnormally and some patients would die between three or four days after being infected,” Dr. Rungruang said. Dr Pipat Yingseri, secretary-general of FDA, said his office had conducted random tests on vegetables and fruits from Spain and Germany but did not find any of them tainted with the new bacteria. Reuters, a global news agency quoted European health institutes as saying yesterday that the spread of E coli can be contained by washing vegetables and hands before eating, or preparing food to avoid bacteria being passed on from the feces of an infected person. The failure to find the source of the outbreak, complicated by the fact that salads include a variety of ingredients from different producers often from different countries, has becoming increasingly worrying for health authorities and

consumers, Reuters said. The center of the outbreak of the deadly bacteria was reported in early May in Hamburg, Germany, and the number of those detected with the disease in that country rose to 1,733 with the death toll of at least, according to Reuters. (MCOT online news)

Island News

SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Samui ready to welcome tourists back -officials BIG cleaning day on Samui. The first mission to restore Samui from flooding has been accomplished with the full cooperation of The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Samui Municipality, the Samui Tourism Promotion Association, the Thai Hotel Association (South-East Chapter), Bangkok Airways and related agencies. “This teamwork will convey a clear message of how the residents of Koh Samui love and care for their home. And Koh Samui itself has an international level of safety standards; therefore tourists can visit Samui at anytime of the year,” said Koh Samui Mayor Mr. Ramnate Jaikwang. The Head of the Tourism Coordination Center in Samui, Ms. Saipayom Somsuk, commented: “Actually, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh Pha Ngan have recovered and been back to normal since March 31st. The overall conditions from now to the summer are likely to get as warm as 35 degrees Celsius. All transportation means and public utilities are now operated as usual.” M.L. Nandhika Varavarn, Bangkok Airways’ Vice President - Corporate Communications said, “Samui is back in business and is ready to welcome its tourists back for summer. And to encourage the travelers, Bangkok Airways will launch a special – all inclusive return fare Bangkok-Samui of 4,300 baht. Passengers can also grab this deal through Bangkok Airways’ website Moreover, the Tourism Authority of Thailand will launch a series of events to promote Samui and other tourist spots in southern Thailand, which will include:

1. Amazing Coasts South: A consumer travel fair to be held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok May 26-29, 2011, to assist and support companies which have been affected by the floods. 2. Motor Caravan: To be organized in July 2011 along the Bangkok - Surat Thani – Nakhon Si Thammarat route to show that the roads are now in good condition and back to normal. 3. TAT Golf Challenge 2011 @ Surat Thani: To be held at Ratchaprapa Dam in May 2011 to highlight the diversity of golf activities in the southern region. 4. Environmental Activities: A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-driven activity to be held in June 2011 by building 84 weirs on Samui in order to alleviate future flooding in the area. 5. Promoting the domestic MICE sector: A group of domestic MICE buyers to be taken on a survey trip in June 2011, in cooperation with the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, to survey the readiness of the region to handle MICE activities.


Bangkok ranks 2nd in ASEAN as city with highest living cost BANGKOK – The capital of Thailand is rated second as the city with the highest living costs in ASEAN, according to the 2011 cost of living survey of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of the Economist Magazine. It was found that Singapore had the highest living cost in the ASEAN region and was ranked tenth in the world while Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, were ranked second and third in ASEAN as well as 72nd and 90th in the world respectively. EIU economists said prices of domestic products and exchange rates were the major factors driving the living cost in Asian countries. Tokyo of Japan

reportedly had the highest living cost in the world, followed by Osaka of the same country. Paris of France fell to the third place after it was at the top of the table in 2010 due to the Euro depreciation compared with the Yen currency. Hong Kong moved up to the 11th from the 28th while Shanghai and Beijing of China were also rated 29th and 36th after they were ranked 45th and 58th last year respectively. There were five cities in Asia on the list of top 10 cities with lowest living costs, comprising Manila of the Philippines, Kathmandu of Nepal, New Delhi and Mumbai of India and Karachi of Pakistan. (NNT)

6. Visit South Thailand with TAT and Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS): Promotional activities on weekdays during the “Green Season” for BTS Skytrain cardholders, to be co-organized with the Bangkok Mass Transit System and Voyage Magazine. 7. Agents and Media Fam Trip: Taking agents and tour operators from various associations, including the media, to survey the southern areas and generate opportunities for creating new recovery-themed packages. “Visit South… Help South” to be offered during the Green Season. This will be organized in May and June 2011.

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Island News

SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Births, marriages and deaths I HAVE lived in Thailand now for over 10 years. During that time, I have seen many foreigners experience the big three, birth (happens to us all), marriage (what most people do at least once) and death (an inevitable consequence of life). Here is a guide to some of the legal issues with the big three. 1.Registration Registration of a birth in Thailand is fairly easy you attend the Tessabaan Office in Nathon with the docu-

ments which you will receive from the hospital where your child is born. •You should then register the birth of your child with the embassy or embassies of the nations that the parents of the child come from if applicable. To this you will need a certified translation of the Thai birth certificate which you got from the Tessabaan. •Registration of a marriage is also relatively easy but you will need certified documents proving who you are and that you are free to

"Bring this ad and get a surprise gift."

marry before you can proceed. •Registration of a divorce (if the marriage was registered in Thailand) under Thai law is also simple and can be done at the Amphur you must have 2 Thai witnesses. •Registration of a death again requires documents from the hospital so that you can get a death certificate which then needs to have a certified translation and must be sent by recorded delivery to the correct embassy with the deceased persons passport.

2.Property •Most of us want to pass our money and possessions to our spouses, partners or children and for this reason, if you have property/possessions in Thailand, you should always make a Will or some other legal arrangement to ensure that your loved ones are not left penniless and stranded here. •Make a Will in English and in Thai for your Thai possessions while making a separate Will to deal with any assets you have in a different country under the law of that land. •If you have children you should think about what arrangements you have made for them, including who will take care of them and how this will be put in process if something does happen to you while in a foreign country. •Some couples want to have special arrangements about their property but this need to be handled carefully particularly to protect the emotions of the couples involved. 3.Disputes Just because most of us think we are in paradise, it is not always the case for everyone. •Living in a foreign country is not always easy and sometimes the stress of it, along with all the normal stresses

of life, can lead to relationship breakdowns and divorce. •If this happens you will need a good lawyer to take care of the arrangement of custody for any children of the relationship. I always remind people to think of children as people, as opposed to possessions, they should not be used as weapons to take out our anger at the breakdown of the relationship. •Relationship breakdown can be very distressing, even more so if you are in a foreign country away from family and friends, and there may be violence involved which would require more aggressive legal action such as an injunction. Make sure that you have a lawyer who understands this if it is happening to you, after many years of working in Women’s Aid (providing refuges for beaten women in the UK) I can say that if violence is involved ultimately your life may be at risk! Hopefully, none of the above issues will arise but if you do need help contact your lawyer or we will be happy to assist. - Karen Bone, PKN Legal & Business Consultancy, (This article was previously published but some parts were inadvertently omitted, thus, this re-run. - Ed.)

PKN Legal and Business Consultancy

“Securing your Investment in Paradise”

Protect your Family’s Assets, Draw up a Bespoke Will 5,000 THB Conveniently located in Bophut Tel: 077 - 962 - 455 Email:

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SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Passengers... From Page 1 “Airlines are also required to provide disabled passengers with wheelchairs without extra fees. The carriers must provide consumer protection agencies with details of their minimum and maximum fares and show the details on their websites,� a recent media report quoting Mr Supoj . The regulation was issued following complaints from many passengers about repeated flight de-

lays, unfair ticket prices and extra fees charged by budget airlines. Under the ministry's regulation, a low-cost airline must serve meals and drinks and provide communication services to passengers if flights are delayed more than two hours but not exceeding three hours. The airline must give ticket refunds if passengers do not want to board delayed flights.

If the airline wants to make refunds in the form of vouchers or other items, it must receive consent from affected passengers. If a flight is delayed by up to five hours, the airline must provide a replacement flight or a flight to the nearest destination with no additional cost, or repay the difference if the replacement fare is cheaper. Passengers must also be served with food

and drinks. If a flight is delayed for more than five hours, passengers are entitled to compensation of 600 baht from the airline. But there are exceptions if delays are caused by a political situation, weather conditions or work stoppages. "Over the past years, several airlines have collected manyextra fees. This causes budget airline passengers to pay fares higher than those charged by the national carrier, Thai Airways International," said Mr Supoj. The problem of flight delays has gradually

improved since two major budget airlines _ Thai AirAsia and Nok Air _ increased the number of their planes. The ministry has asked deputy permanent secretary Sornsak Saensombat to come up with urgent measures to make Thailand's 28 airports more profitable. Previous studies have proposed allowing the private sector to take over management of the airports or dividing the airports into zones, with firms being hired to manage each zone.

Funding allotted... (From Page 1) a second airport on the island as the current hotel oversupply is leading to a price war even as both local and international demand remains high. The number of flights to the island, according to the report, is limited to 36 per day, 34 by Bangkok Airways, which owns the airport and two from Thai Airways International. The maximum number of seats per flight is 130. Thai Airways reportedly wants to increase service to four flights per day, but cannot because of airport congestion. The average hotel occupancy rate in the low season is estimated at 40-50% and 70-80% during the high season. Last year, 20 hotels with 300 combined rooms reportedly opened on the island, bringing the total to 17,000 rooms. This year, only four or five new hotels are expected and room rates are expected to drop significantly. A night in a five-star hotel will drop to an average of Bt5,000 from Bt5,800 last year, it was reported. Tourism operators believe promotional tickets should be offered during the low season to help attract tourists. At present, the round-trip air ticket price is reportedly around Bt9,000 for both high and low seasons. "We hardly see any air ticket promotions for Samui. I strongly believe if there were more promotions, the occupancy rate in low season would increase at least 20% and the price war would moderate," said Mr Seni. Around three to four investors have reportedly shelved hotel projects worth a combined Bt4 billion because the flight limit caps tourism growth on the island. Airlines reportedly cannot offer fare discounts to Samui because its privately-owned airport charges landing fees as high as Bt120,000 per flight while staterun airports charge half the amount.

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SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Top Ten reasons being speculated why Andy Mueller closed “Chez Andy” restaurant 10. Moving to Milan and starting new career as a male model. Was advised he has great moves for “runway” work.

provider company" that, not only advertises but ACTUALLY provides high-speed internet service!

9. Realizes an opportunity on Samui when he sees one, so is opening up"Chez Andy's Power Company."

4. Got tired of those over inflated prices on Bangkok Airways. Wants to only live in cities that Nok Air flies to.

8. Won “World Championship of Poker”. Now has so damn much money there’s no longer any need to work.

3. Discovered “Book of Mormom.” Going to be missionary for Mormon Church in Ghana, and will be referred to as “Brother Andy."

7. Always had fantasy of opening up gelato store. Purchased former Swenson’s on Via Veneto in Rome and opening up “Chez Andy’s Gelato Factory.”

2. Opening up restaurant chain called the “Braised Oxtail,” serving nothing but his famous braised Oxtail Soup.

6. Involved in love triangle with Carla Bruni, Sarkozy’s wife. Taking apartment in Paris and seeing if things can “work out.” 5. Opening an "internet-

1. With epic success of Lamai’s world famous “Happy Bar,” bought franchise and opening up “Happy Bar Bangkok.” Now looking to hire snaggletoothed bar girls for gala Bangkok opening.

EXTREME BEER DRINKING WINNERS - Members of the SuperPro Samui team Nigel (center), Laurence (extreme right) and an unnamed teammate pose with Sambora Tropicana owner Michelle (2nd from right) and her son Justin (2nd from left), after winning the inaugural staging of the “Subzero Drink and Dive” an extreme beer drinking contest. The one of a kind event, also sponsored by Singha, will be held regularly in various venues on the island.

Silavadee Resort wins certificate of excellence

SILAVADEE Pool Spa Resort (Koh Samui) has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor in May 2011. Travelers have shared their opinions on TripAdvisor and they were impressed with the quality of our products and services. We are very grateful that 104 of our previous guests have rated Silavadee Pool Spa Resort as “excellent”. TripAdvisor® is the world's largest travel site, enabling travelers to plan and have the perfect trip. It offers trusted advice from real travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features (including Flights search, TripAdvisor Mobile and TripAdvisor Trip Friends) with seamless links to booking tools. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our guests who have supported us and wrote a review for Silavadee Pool Spa Resort. Silavadee Pool Spa Resort is a private hideaway of untouched nature with breathtaking scenery. The resort is a unique and exclusive sanctuary offering warm Thai hospitality to those wishing to experience serenity and romance in a stunning natural environment. The “back to nature concept” covers 36 rooms of the three different luxury categories as well as the 19 elegant and exclusive pool villas which enchant the eye with classy, handmade teak furniture and exquisite fabrics We hope that more and more people will get chance to feel the Silavadee Spirit created by our dedicated team and to feel the distinct quality and unique charm of this resort and surrounding area.

Island News

SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011


Kalara Properties wins 2 awards in China KALARA International Properties Thailand has been awarded Best Real Estate Company Thailand and Best Real Estate Website Thailand at the Asia Pacific Property Awards in association with Bloomberg Television. The winners were announced at the gala dinner on 31st May at The Longemont Hotel in Shanghai which was well attended by hundreds of leading property professionals from across the Asia Pacific. Kalara is believed to be the first real estate company (agent) in Koh Samui to win such prestigious award. The annual event is part of the International Property Awards, the world’s most prestigious competition dedicated to identifying the best real estate professionals across the globe. The event was attended by Mr Carl Lamb, Managing Director of Kalara International Properties, Ms Zulal Ut, Marketing Manager, Mr Adam Stanborough ,Sales Manager and Mr Chris Willison, Developments Manager. The event is part of the long established International Property Awards and its award winners logo is recognized as a symbol of

excellence throughout the global industry. Attaining one of these coveted awards is indisputable evidence that Kalara International Properties is capable of beating some exceedingly strong contenders within the highly competitive Asia Pacific property arena. The judging panel is chaired by Lord Bates WINNING TEAM (left to right): Kalara International Properties’ Zulal Ut, Carl Lamb, Chris Willison and Adam Stanborough, with the two awards. of Langbaurgh and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS); consists of more than 60 professionals whose and Mike McNamara of the Royal Bank of collective knowledge of the property industry is Scotland (RBS). unsurpassed by any other property awards. The award is recognition that Kalara International This years judges include James Bacon, UK Properties is among the industry’s most highly account manager of Google; Peter Bolton King, regarded and trusted companies. group chief executive of the National Federation of Property professionals; David Dalby of the

Tourists not allowed from getting Buddha tattoos THAILAND’S culture ministry said that foreign visitors should not be able to get culturally insensitive Buddhist tattoos. Niphit Intharasombat, the culture minister, said residents have complained that tattoo parlors are etching sacred images of Buddha and other religious images on to the skin of non-Buddhist visitors. "Foreigners see these tattoos as fashion," Niphit said on the ministry's website. They do not think of respecting religion, or they may not be aware that

these tattoos can be offensive, he added. Thailand is mostly Buddhist, and Buddha statues and images are considered sacred objects of worship. Niphit said the culture ministry had asked Thai tattoo parlors to halt the activity. According to the official news agency, NNT, he also asked provincial governors to "inspect tattoo studios and seek their cooperation". NNT also claimed Niphit wants a new law banning the practice. (Source:

Tropical perfection in Thailand CONRAD Koh Samui, part of Hilton Worldwide's global luxury brand, is set to open early this July. The resort is situated on the south-west tip of the island with 25 acres of tropical landscape. The decor at the all-villa resort will be tropical hardwood floors and Thai silks, with high-tech features such as iPoddocking stations, LCD flat-screen televisions and CD/DVD players. Full-length windows maximise the view over the

Gulf of Thailand and all have private infinity pools, which grow with the size of the villa. Eating options will include a Mediterranean choice but also, more fittingly, the cliff-side restaurant Jahn will offer Thai specialities. The hotel also features a holistic spa, an on-site diving and sailing center, gym and yoga pavilion. One-bedroom villas from £391 per night B&B, (Source: London Evening Standard)



SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Thailand pushing for World Heritage Committee understanding on Preah Vihear temple dispute BANGKOK - Thailand will speed up its attempt to inform the UNESCO's World Heritage Committee (WHC) to understand Thailand's stance on the disputed Preah Vihear temple, while planning to hold further talks with Cambodia before the 35th session of WHC annual meeting to start on June 19, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Suwit Khunkitti said recently. Mr Suwit who is also the Thai government's chief negotiator, notified the Cabinet about the result of a special meeting between Thailand and Cambodia on May 25 to 26 on the ancient temple dispute at Parisbased UNESCO, mediated by its Director-General Irina Bokova. He said the Thai delegation stood firm that the Cambodian management plan for Preah Vihear temple had caused problems between the two countries and the Thai representatives would go ahead with Thailand's plan to inform the 20 WHC member countries to understand that possible problem may arise in the future if the WHC accepts the Preah Vihear management plan proposed by Cambodia at the 35th WHC meeting being held June 26-29. However, Mr Suwit admitted

that the move was not easy as many WHC member countries had provided assistance to Cambodia in the past but he was confident that those countries would understand the problem. During the Paris meeting, UNESCO demonstrated a better understanding of the issue and towards Thailand’s rationale for proposing that the WHC postpone consideration of Cambodia’s management plan in the area of the Preah Vihear temple pending finalization of the boundary negotiations between the two countries. This also included the proposal that in the long-term, Preah Vihear temple should be inscribed as a transboundary property. However, at this stage, Cambodia continued to insist that its management plan be considered at the WHC meeting. Mr Suwit said further discussion on how to proceed would therefore be needed and he expected Thailand and Cambodia would hold talks again before the start of WHC meeting on June 16. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) awarded Preah Vihear temple to Cambodia in 1962 and the temple was enlisted as a World Heritage Site on July 7, 2008. Since then, both sides have

built up military forces along the border and periodic clashes have happened, resulting in the deaths of troops and civilians on both sides. Regarding the Cambodian request to the ICJ to interpret judgment on the case of Preah Vihear temple, including its request for indication of provisional measures, Mr Suwit said Thailand had to await the result of the ICJ hearing. A Thai legal team led by Minister of Foreign Affairs Kasit Piromya went to the Hague, Netherlands recently to present the observation on Cambodian request on provision measures to ICJ. The provisional measure is a separate case from Cambo-

dia’s request to interpret the court’s 1962 ruling on Preah Vihear. As for the interpretation of the court’s 1962 ruling, it was expected that the court would require official statement from both sides about September or October and would take one or two years to consider. On the first day of the hearing, Thai legal team had told the court that Thailand had accepted and complied with a 1962 ICJ ruling that the temple belonged to Cambodia. However the court has no jurisdiction to judge the Cambodian request. Meanwhile, Cambodia had also accepted without protest the line drawn by Thailand demarking the area that en-

compasses the Preah Vihear temple compound following the 1962 Court decision. After being silent for 40 years, Cambodia started to challenge the perimeter limits of the temple only recently when it wanted to list the temple as a World Heritage site and wanted the area as buffer zone to manage the temple under the management plan of the ancient Hindu temple. Cambodia has also admitted that it had yet to demarcate the border - including the area where Preah Vihear temple is located - when it signed the memorandum of understanding with Thailand in 2000. (MCOT online news)

Customs officials seize endangered tortoises, turtles at the airport BANGKOK - Customs officials seized 451 tortoises, soft-shelled turtles and gharials smuggled into Thailand at Suvarnabhumi Airport by a suspected international smuggling syndicate of endangered animals, according to Director-General Prasong Poontanet of the Thai Customs Department. The reptiles were worth Bt1 million (some US $33,000), including 140 small aquatic turtles, 35 Indian Star Tortoise (Geochelone elegans), seven soft-shelled turtles, seven gharials, one

Asian narrow-headed softshelled turtle and some other species of tortoises. All the confiscated animals were hidden in baggage from the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka to Bangkok, Mr Prasong said during a press briefing. Currently, the reptiles are being cared for by the airport's Wildlife Checkpoint, as evidence for further investigation and following up on the gang of alleged smugglers. The related customs officials also lodged a complaint at a local police station to locate the gang of

alleged smugglers for legal prosecution. Thailand signed an agreement under the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), an international agreement between governments, designed to ensure that the international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. If found guilty, the members of the syndicate will be charged, according to Thailand's Wild Animal Reservation and Protection Act and Customs Act. (MCOT online news).


SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011


Economic growth slow in April- BoT official BANGKOK – The Thai economy expanded at a slower pace in April as production and exports in the auto industry shrank in the aftermath of the natural disaster in Japan, according to Senior Director Mathee Supapongse of the Bank of Thailand's Domestic Economy Department. He said the impact of the earthquake and the tsunami which followed in Japan is set to gain momentum in May, but is expected to ease in the third quarter of this year. Thailand's electronics industry, however, was not adversely affected by the

incidents because producers and exporters have been able to find electronics parts from other countries. Mr Mathee said that Thailand's business confidence index in April edged down to 47.3 from 54 in March since the business sector responded with fears about production and purchase orders. But the business confidence index in next three months edged up to 52.8 from 52 in the previous month. As for the impact of the natural disaster in Japan on the overall Thai economy, he said the Central Bank must wait for the Turn to Page 15 economic data from

Export promotion chief confident exports will achieve target BANGKOK - Thailand's Department of Export Promotion (DEP) Director-General Nuntawan Sakuntanaga expressed confidence the agency will be able to achieve the country's targeted export growth of at least 15 percent this year. She said the country's exports could be affected by some negative factors such as higher oil prices, public debt in Europe, the fragile recovery of the United States economy, and repercussions from recent earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan. These factors, however, would not undermine the department's efforts to boost

export growth through the marketing network establishment by the private and public sectors under the Export Clinic Program and many other projects. She said exporters are keen to penetrate the ASEAN market because they believed the region's ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will become a reality in 2015. The value of trade in the ASEAN market has risen continuously, currently ranked at the top of the list of Thai trade partners in terms of trade value. The establishment and full functioning of the Asean Economic Community AEC,

she believes, will carry Thailand's trade value to higher levels in the market. Ms Nuntawan said the rising oil prices and currency fluctuations are nonetheless considered as key risk factors to export growth. Rising fuel prices have had worldwide repercussions, but the currency exchange rate is not as volatile at present. Under the circumstances, Thai exporters are in a position to make a strategic plan to position their products overseas and compete with their rivals in neighboring countries, she added. (MCOT online news).

Natural gas consumption in May hits record high due to rise in oil prices BANGKOK -Thailand’s natural gas use in May hit a record high for the past 30 years at 4.5-4.6 billion cubic feet per day, higher than the 4.1 billion cubic feet per day on average in 2010, according to Kurujit Nakornthap, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Energy. The increased consumption was caused by many factors including high use of Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGTV) at 6,000 tons per day owing to high oil prices. Moreover, he said electricity consumption has risen, so the Energy Ministry has sought to find more natural gas for future use because if the economy continues to grow, there will be even higher energy demand. Natural gas is also needed for power generation as Thailand has postponed its nuclear power plant plans for another three years from its original plan to achieve nuclear

power generation in 2020. Mr Kurujit said natural gas reserves in the Gulf of Thailand and in the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (JDA) is around 23 trillion cubic feet. If natural gas use remains at around 4.5 billion cubic feet per day or some1.25 trillion cubic feet per year, natural gas reserves in the Gulf of Thailand will be exhausted in the next 18 years. If the demand for natural gas rises to five billion cubic feet per day or 1.55 trillion cubic feet per year, natural gas in the Gulf of Thailand will be gone in 15 years. PTT Pcl , Thailand's biggest energy company, has speeded up its purchases of natural gas from neighboring countries and to import Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). However, Turn to Page 15 more dependency on

Now at new location just across Farmers Restaurant

PTT picks new CEO BANGKOK –Thailand's largest oil firm, PTT, has announced recently the selection of IRPC President Pailin Chuchottaworn as its new chief executive officer and president of the oil and gas conglomerate, replacing outgoing CEO Prasert Bunsumpun whose term expires in September. Naris Chaiyasoot, PTT's acting chairman, said the company's board of directors agreed to appoint the IRPC president to the top job of the country's oil largest firm. IRPC is a producer of integrated petrochemical products. The current PTT CEO's term will end Sept 9 and the appointment of the new president will take effect the following day, with a four-year term, according to Mr Naris. Mr Naris also reaffirmed the transparency of the selection process under the regulations of selection process for senior executive position of the state entreprises. The acting chairman said Mr Pailin was chosen for his outstanding experience and far-sighted vision in the petroleum industry with its many fluctuations. Mr Pailin also has good knowledge on engineering field and has good communication skills with both within and outside the organisation, explained Mr Naris. Although he assumes the post in PTT Plc, Mr Pailin will also remain acting chair of IRPC Plc. IRPC or Integrate Refinery Petrochemical Complex, formerly Thai Petrochemical Industry, TPI, and its subsidiaries are currently the first fully integrated petrochemical complex in Southeast Asia. IRPC’s plants are located in an industrial area in Rayong Province with facilities to support the businesses such as deep sea port, tank farm and power plant. Krairit Nilkuha, chairman of the new CEO's selection committee, asserted there was no political interference in the selection. Mr Prasert, the current PTT president, welcomed the new ceo-selected, saying he would relegate workload to Mr Pailin so that the newcomer will have chance to learn more about the company in the next three months prior to the end of his term. PTT, formerly known as the Petroleum Authority of Thailand, was established in 1978 for its primary mission in expediting to procure adequate oil for domestic consumption and has been privatised in 2001, with an initial registered capital of Bt20 billion and having the Ministry of Finance as the largest shareholder. Shares of PTT closed on Friday at Bt354, up Bt2 on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in trade worth Bt788.02 million. (MCOT online news)



SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Editorial Power supply situation in Samui potential of having rolling blackouts to limit electrical energy use during peak holiday periods of mid-December though mid-January due to the fact that one of the submarine power cables from the mainland had broken down and 37% of the island’s electrical power was knocked out. The rolling blackouts never happened, unless you consider the normal on-off, on-off we usually experience with our power and internet facilities. But recently, during what could only be considered the lowest of the low seasons ever, parts of the island are indeed experiencing blackouts regularly, for anywhere from 1 minute to 36 hour blackouts, with no official word coming from the Provincial Electric Authority as to why this is happening. Bangrak, Plai Laem and Maenam seem to be especially hard hit. The blackouts do not seem to be on an irregular time schedule but are regular in their random repetitiveness, day by day, and in some case even hour by hour. The power situation here is a bad joke and no one seems to be fessing up as to why. The situation is as bad as any third-world country but the island, and especially certain high end resorts and airlines are trying to promote Samui as a wonderful high-end destination. Without power, as anyone here who has experienced a one or two day blackout can attest, the situations at residences and hotels become more like a camp out rather than a luxury experience. To top it off, no one is notifying anyone about impending power outages, which, at least, many long time residents said they did in years past. So the scary question is, do they not know that outages are going to occur, or do they just not care enough to let people know? The answer to either of those questions is bad news for everyone. Has a second underwater cable been cut? Or has the wild assortment of cables hanging all over these poles just became too complex to manage efficiently? The residents of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan deserve a better power grid than they are getting. We are paying extremely high electric rates but getting totally unreliable power supply. The same could be said, equally, for the internet and land line phone systems on the island, and especially so, since they are not on meters! Try, just for one month, keeping a log of the time your internet or phones are down and then go in and offer to pay the providers just for the proportion of the month you had service.


IN our Dec 3rd issue last year, we reported about the

The Detox DETOX, detoxification the dictionary explains it as such, when you stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks or drugs into your body for a period of time, in order to improve your health She went on a 48-hour detox, eating nothing but grapes. Detoxification; The process of removing harmful chemicals from something Well as you circumnavigate this green and pleasant isle and on your travels you may pick up and read any of the many magazines and newspapers. In these publications there are countless advertisements for numerous detox centres, spas and the likes. They are touted as a place of rejuvenation and healthy places to visit. Basically in lemans terms these are the places to frequent to give yourself a well deserved oil change. You are offered many things such as yoga classes, Tai chi, hypno therapy, meditation, massages and many other things. I personally have had a 10 day fast, detox and colon cleanse. This involved not eating a thing for the whole ten days bar vitamins and supplements in the form of drinks and juices and the odd soup, I use the word soup very loosely as it was more like hot water with a sprig of celery in it. For those who have not done one before I will let you in on how I saw it. First step is to go with a instructor for your induction and then they explain exactly what and how you should be treating yourself, then watch an informative video of what to do ie put a pipe up your bum. The first time you do it, it is the most embarrassing position you could ever be in, you lie down on a colema board which is a plastic bed with a hole down one end which sits over a toilet bowl, you are then given a bucket which is filled with warm water and a mixture of coffee or garlic, you then proceed in placing the plastic tube which is clamped in to the bucket which is hanging from a hook on the ceiling and the other end you have to ky jelly the end of it and while you are lying down with your legs up in the air feel around for your bum hole and then stick the pipe up your back passage. Then as you assume the position which as any middle aged English man will tell is not a position that you would want to be photographed in, not a pretty site completely naked with your legs up in the air with a plastic tube connected to a bucket filled with coffee or garlic water. I’ve never been a coffee drinker so garlic was my flavour of choice. So the tube runs from the bucket and this is when the procedure becomes a little bit tricky the clip which stops the water from flowing out is close to hand while you should have lubed the end of the tube already and I would suggest you lube up your bum hole as well to make the insertion that little bit more easy, first off I am a straight man who has never had a prostate exam so taking things analy is not one of my regular exercises.. Then without the aid of smoke and mirrors you have to feel around for the anus and then proceed to start to poke the plastic Turn to page 17

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Patrick Roxas

Des Gillet

Dealing with bad moods AN ASTROLOGER friend tells me there is no doubt that there will be times when we will find ourselves in a bad mood. Sometimes we may know why a funk has descended upon us, she said and other times, we may have no clue at all. However, even though we may all experience such periods, she stressed it doesn't mean that we have no recourse for dealing with them. Bad moods, according to her, are messages we are sending to ourselves. Underneath, we usually find something that is making us uncomfortable - something we need to take action on or shift our energy towards in a more positive direction. Often the very reason we're in a bad mood is that we feel helpless or incapable of dealing with a certain situation. Luckily, she gave me some tips on how to deal positively and effectively with such times. “If you are having difficulties understanding the root of your bad mood, give yourself some space to express the things about your life that may be bothering or worrying you,” she says, adding “Chances are the things that come up will be directly tied to those feelings.” She assured me the best part about the exercise is that once you pinpoint the source behind your bad mood, you will be in a position to do something constructive about it. One interesting point about bad moods, according to her, is that they seem to have a magnetic quality. When we are in one, we seem to attract more negative things our way, she goes on. That's why some "bad mood" days can seem to spiral even further downhill with problems and annoyances that augment our discontent and frustration. The advise given was - When this happens, it's important to do something nice for yourself - enjoy your favorite beverage (beer!) or snack, find a funny movie or sitcom to watch on the television, or just go for a walk in the park. By turning your attention to something fun or pleasurable, you can try to break the negative energy and hopefully shift your mood. Another way to break a bad mood, I was told, is to go somewhere else. Even if all you do is to get up and go to another part of the office or you switch rooms in your home, it can make an enormous difference. Or getting outside for a few minutes to a calm or natural setting may help to change your mood. Another idea is to get some exercise. Exercise, I was told, doesn't just build muscle and tone the body, it also helps the brain to release chemicals called endorphins that have a positive effect on our moods. But this was the most important and the one advise I liked the most - And when you're in a bad mood don't forget about the people around you. If someone asks, make sure to let him or her know that you are just having a tough day and reassure them that that your mood isn't about them. Sometimes, just telling someone that you are in a bad mood can shift your energy to a better place. For me, I try mostly to bury myself with more work or keep myself busy with something else, but I guess as she says, “Patrick, the important point to remember is that if you find yourself in a bad mood, don't beat yourself up over it. She sure is right. Sometimes we just have days that aren't so pleasant or great. Recently, I found myself confronted with such situation, I tried out one of her tips and it made me feel much much better being able to easily get over my bad mood.

Des Gillet is a British expat and a long time resident of Lamai who seems to hate riding a motorbike and is definitely a staunch advocate of no smoking on the island.

THE TREK LAST May 18, Five of us did the walk up to the new temple at one of the highest points of Koh Samui to see the recently unveiled nine meter Buddha on top. It's quite impressive and you can see how big it is by the photo of some of us in front of it. They have installed four spot lights on the base, so it will be clearly visible at night from many places in Lamai. Sadly, as I predicted a few months ago, the front left of the temple, as you face Lamai, has been damaged in the big storms at the end of March, they are trying to repair it but the sand and rocks under the front two pillars have been washed away, it has now been reinforced with more rocks but the land below these rocks will surely also get washed away in the next big storm. There has also been damage done on the roof of the temple, on that same corner, some of the concrete has fallen off. I'm not trying to be pessimistic but I believe the choice of location for this temple, is not a good one. Then we went to the restaurant, about 150 meters away and had a bite to eat, good food and reasonably priced, considering all their stock has to be carried up to the top of the hill. Then we pressed on, going across the hill top, through the durian orchards to the Magic Garden, where we stopped for refreshment again. Walking is thirsty work. The final stage was to take the right fork and go down towards the army base. This was our first time down this way since before the March storms and I had been told that there had been only a little damage. Wrong! About half way down, we came across a massive landslide that had swept half of the road away, leaving an almost vertical 40-50 meter drop, the remaining half of the road, which consisted of about two inches of tarmac, supported by 40-50 meters of sand. I can predict that the first heavy vehicle to try and negotiate this road will be liable to end up down in the valley. We were walking but we still took care going past there. The photo shows the armco, bowing in mid-air, still with the posts attached. Then, about 2 kms further down the hill, we came across the point where the whole road had slipped down into the valley, I thought this happened about five years ago but a colleague says it was only three years ago, no matter, what does matter is that they are attempting to "fix" it, by cutting into the hill on the left, then bonding the hill with concrete sprayed onto a netting with blue drain pipes inserted intermittently. This procedure was used quite extensively, further up the hill and seems to have been successful, so far. What is really incredible is that someone has built a house and a sala or viewpoint only about 10 meters above where they are attempting this "fix". Turn to Page 15



SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011




MORNING YOGA In front of the New KC-Beachhotel on T-days (Tuesday and Thursday) from 9 till 10. Come and join Serge and connect with the elements : Fire/sun, Mineral/earth, Air/ guaranteed not conditioned, and Water: and after float in the Sea and relax Watsu-style. So bring nothing but decent swim attire and 400 baht. No mats no props. Fellow teachers welcome at halfprice. If you bring a new friend after two classes, get your one class free.

SAMUI TATTOO STUDIO (รับสักลาย ออกแบบลายสัก) Soi Solo, behind Starbucks Chaweng Beach Tel: 087-3811 137, 086-992 4772 Call 089-588 1249 or 081-569 5033

DANCE CLASSES IN SALSA TANGO FLAMENCO Classes / workshops end Feb thru April. Learn Salsa. Get fit while learning to dance. Make friends and have Fun Fun Fun. Argentine Tango The most sensual dance around Ongoing practice/classes/dance follow thru will be arranged. contact AMAZON KINDLE Read thousands of books Chris 084 054 5510

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FOR TODDLER Playpen and reins for 9-month old toddler. Tel 0880279335 English, 0831463852 Thai. HOUSE/APARTMENT WANTED CASH PLUS MY HOUSE I am looking to buy a house or apartment. I would consider a new or preowened property, must be near the beach with amenities etc. I would like to spend around 10-15 million baht in total, ideally looking for somthing in the North East side of Samui (Fishermans Village, Bophut, Big Buddha etc.) but would consider anywhere. I would like to pay cash plus my house, Valued at Bt6 million, Hua Thanon area, 200 metres from the beach, 2 bedroom villa with shared pool. Email:


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COMMERCIAL SPACE No key money. Bt12,000/month including water, toilet. Located in Chaweng. Near all amenities and top tourist destinations. Call 077-601072. OFFICE/CLASSROOM CONFERENCE ROOM FishecCapacity of 10 persons, air conditioned, wifi, with projector located at Chaweng (near Boonchoo Ceramic) For info, please call 077-425-480 LAMAI BEACH RESIDENCE 18 luxury apartments for rent daily or monthly. Special rate starts at Bt990. 100 meters from the beach and town center. Walking distance to all amenities in Lamai. Call 077-458314. EACH FRONT SPA & RESTAURANT Fisherman’s Village, beach front hotel location with beds and furnishing for rent 3 years. Start at 25,000 rent plus key money. Call 085-0328122.

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Located in central Chaweng. 9 rooms w/ AC, bathroom, cable TV, big ref; 9 rooms w/ fan, bathroom, ref. Durther 2 AC rooms on top floor of the 5-storey building w/large terrace area w/ nice overview of Chaweng. Busy Irish Pub and Restaurant. Call 081 892 1990 for details and pricing.

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CLASSIFIEDRATES:25THBPERLINE(allcategories)/BOXEDADS.quoteavailableuponrequest SENDTO:Clipthisclassifiedcouponandsendto:SamuiGazette,187/1T.Bophut,KohSamui,Suratthani84320or Email:info@thesamuigazette.comorcall077-430789



SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Englishman’s death... From Page 1 The body was first brought to Koh Samui Hospital for autopsy while further investigation was being conducted. The international media, however, reported Attew maybe a victim of murder citing allegations from his friend, who reportedly was able to take photographs of Attew at the morgue and alleged the body bore wounds in the head and hands. A second autopsy done in Suratthani later, however, confirmed the first report it was a case of drowning, saying there was no sign of foul play on the victim’s body. Another close friend of Attew on the island, who requested not to be named, told Samui Gazette the British national has lived on Samui for a long time and is a leader of a bikers club that raises money for children, hospitals and schools and is a nice guy. She also doesn’t believe Attew committed suicide or drowned. One British media, BBC News Hampshire & Isle of Wight, reported Attew, who was initially thought to have committed suicide by drowning was found to have serious head injuries. The English businessman, originally from Aldershot, Hampshire, was reported found in a 30cm deep part of the lake in Chaweng on May 24. The paper alleged that when a friend, Crispin Paton-Smith,

visited the body in the morgue he took photographs of wounds to Attew's head and hands. “From the photos I took in the morgue, I doubt very much that he drowned,” PatonSmith was quoted saying. "I'd known Kevin for quite a few years and I've been with him in lots of different situations. I just couldn't imagine this guy just walking off and committing suicide. The whole thing just seemed very weird so I wanted to go and see him,” Paton-Smith was quoted saying. He described his friend, who has lived Koh Samui for seven years, as "a very friendly person" and said he was "liked by everybody". A spokesman from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has also confirmed the death of the British national and was quoted by the news report saying "We are helping the family through this difficult time but it's a police investigation so we will not comment on anything ongoing." Another British newspaper, The Telegraph, reported a murder inquiry was launched by the Thai police into the death of the Briton despite a local post mortem report saying he had died by drowning. It said a murder inquiry was launched after pictures taken by his best friend showed that he had been beaten to death

first. It also described the manmade lake as less than 30 centimeters deep and seemed “a poor venue for an allegedly suicidal man when the Gulf of Thailand was only yards away.” It also cited Crispin Paton-Smith, it reported as a friend of Attew and who also lives on Koh Samui, saying "I was appalled to hear the verdict of drowning. It was a no brainer. Kevin was beaten to death and his body was left on dry land for quite a while before being put in the lake." Paton-Smith believes his friend did not commit suicide. "Kevin ran a very successful bar and was the sweetest man in the world. He had no enemies." The paper also quoted a spokesman for the Regional Police in Suratthani saying the case is being treated as murder and have asked for the body to be sent in the mainland province for a full autopsy." Paton-Smith also sent an email to Samui Gazette recently saying he is trying very hard to find out why anyone would want to murder his friend, Kevin Attew. He claimed “It is not easy to get authorities to help or investigate and he is trying to get the story to go around the world in an attempt to have a proper investigation done and not let the case be swept under the rug.”

Drunken driver hurt in car accident A TWENTY -FIVE year old Thai was hurt when the car he appeared to be driving while intoxicated hit an electric pole and overturned in Angthong recently. Nuttaphong Meunkum, driving a gray Isuzu pick up on his way home from Bophut after drinking with friends at around 4am lastMay 25, was found by rescuers groaning in pain and shouting for help inside the overturned vehicle. The accident occurred on the ring road in Angthong. Samui Rescue and the Mobilized Medical Unit, which rushed to the scene had to use a cutting tool to retrieve Nuttaphong from the vehicle and take him to Koh Samui Hospital. The pickup, with plate number 2419, was reportedly owned by a construction company. Preliminary investigation conducted by the police revealed Nuttaphong was on his way back to his home from Bophut where he and his friends had been drinking bottles of liquor. Police said along the way, Nuttaphong must have gotten drowsy and fell asleep while driving resulting in the vehicle hitting an electric pole causing it to overturn.

DRUNK DRIVING - Photo shows an Isuzu pick up truck which overturned in Angthong recently after hitting an electric post. The vehicle was being driven by a 25-year old man who admitted he was intoxicated after having a drinking session with his friends in Bophut. He tried to drive home all the way back to Angthong at around 4am last May 25.

Buffalo fight gambler shot dead By CHERDCHAI TAWEEMUANG

A BUFFALO fight gambler named ‘Chaoteaw’ was shot dead recently near Hin Lad Waterfall after an altercation with another buffalo owner. The victim was identified as Chaoteaw Sae-Lim, 48, a known buffalo fight gambling afficionado on the island. He was shot by an 11mm-cariber rifle in close range in a rented house near Hin Lad Waterfall and was brought to Koh Samui Hospital but died later. Surathip Phongsuwan, 48, the owner of the rented house and a relative of the

victim, said Chaoteaw had visited him at the house on the said date but after a while, a certain Jojo with last name unknown, followed the victim to his house and the two had an argument. Jojo later drew a rifle and shot the victim twice before riding away on a motorbike. The incident took place at about 5pm last May 24 when the Koh Samui emergency center was notified about the shooting near Hin Lad Waterfall, Angthong. Thyu called the Koh Samui Police Station who immedi-

ately deployed a police investigation team to the scene. Preliminary investigation by the Koh Samui police showed few days before the shooting, the victim had bound his buffalo to a pole in a field. Unfortunately, his buffalo got free from the rope bound to the pole and ran and had a fight with another buffalo nearby reportedly belonging to Jojo. Jojo came after the victim and claimed that his buffalo got injured in the incident. Even though the

SHOT TO DEATH- Photo shows Chaoteaw, 48, a known buffalo fight gambler on Samui who was shot over an altercation. He was taken to the hospital but died hours later. victim had agreed to pay him some compensation, but he was still not content, drew a rifle and shot the victim dead. The Koh Samui police contacted the Koh Samui Provincial Court to requestfor an arrest warrant and to file a formal charge of murder against the suspect.

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SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Bangrak beach clean up SAMUI Regatta organizers, in cooperation with the International School of Samui, led crew members of boats participating in the regatta, students, officials and staff of business and civic organizations who took part in the Bangrak beach clean up recently. The event, held on a non-racing day of the regatta, was “to give something back to the island,” says regatta chairman Callum Laing. “The regatta is thrilled to be working with the International School Samui. This is the 10th year of the regatta and the third year that we have done a beach cleanup with the school. Giving back to the island both in terms of bringing new tourists during the low season but also by supporting youth sailing and initiatives like the beach cleanup is right at the heart of the regatta’s aims. It is also an absolute favorite of our team and we highly recommend it to anyone else that is thinking of coming along,” Mr. Laing said. The volunteers gathered at Laem Mai Kaen at BEACH CLEAN UP - Clean up volunteers walk in Bangrak. Bangrak Beach (near the Yacht Club) and started the clean up moving along the public beach armed with gloves, trash bags and some tools. Representatives from schools and other organizations came in matching shirts. “We are happy to have the good help of so many people and organizations,” says Jeremy Lees, ISS school principal. “The outpouring from islanders and visitors has been outstanding and we thank the many supporter contributions in making the event a success,” Lees added. Many of last year’s contributors were again on the list of 2011 contributors SeaTran Discovery Pier, Bangrak Dee Club, AIS, Makro, Four Seasons, Foremost, Wongpanit, Thai International Hospital, Petcharat Marina Pier, Bangkok Airways, Bangrak School, Mermaid Resort, and Ifun Films.

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Raw, colorful salads – a variety of colors will enhance the antioxidant effect, so mix together beetroot, carrot, red, green and yellow peppers, broccoli, watercress, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados and raw seeds tossed with cold-pressed flax oil, lemon juice and garlic for a powerful immune boosting salad. Watermelon – blend this up, flesh, juice and seeds to create a powerful immune boosting drink. The seeds are packed with selenium, zinc, vitamin E, protein and essential fats. Vitamin C foods – most fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, with


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May. He said the bank will take the impacts into account when revising the economic growth estimate for this year. He said that domestic demand had increased, boosted by the improved investment and consumption, higher incomes earned by farmers, rising employment, and low interest rates. Still, concern over the higher inflation expected in the future had risen as political parties compete to present populist policies to the public in the run-up to next month's general election. Thailand's general and core inflation rates stayed at 4.04 per cent and 2.07 per cent respectively in April. He added the current account balance was in deficit for the first quarter of this year of US $ 165 million partly because the trade balance experienced a deficit of $ 477 million. Imports in April totaled $ 17.72 billion, up 26.3 per cent, and exports amounted to $ 17.24 billion, up 24.7 per cent. (MCOT online news).

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natural gas is worrisome, the deputy permanent secretary said. Speaking about the German government’s decision to phase out nuclear power by 2022, he said each country has its own policy. China plans to build another 20 nuclear power plants to reduce power generation cost and greenhouse gas emissions as China with its 1.3 billion population has high electricity demand. Thailand’s plan to build nuclear power plant is being studied, and problems to be encountered and public acceptance concerns must be considered. Thailand must find fuel sources such as natural gas or coal to generate its base load power instead of nuclear. Wind and solar power cannot be substitute fuels for base load power generation, Mr Kurujit added. (MCOT online news)

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the best ones being strawberries, peppers, kiwis, broccoli and citrus fruits. Tinctures and herbs – powerful additions for an immune-boost include grapefruit seed extract (take ten drops diluted three times a day), echinacea and Cat's Claw tea with ginger. Use onion, garlic and ginger in your cooking. Raw seeds and nuts – loaded with vitamin E, zinc, essential fats and protein, seeds are a useful additional source of immune-boosting nutrients. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium. Snack on them regularly. Making the battle easy When you are under at-

tack from an infection, it's a good idea to avoid anything that challenges the body further. Support your immune army by feeding yourself with only the things that will help the battle and not the things that will hinder it. Avoid meat, dairy and wheat as well as refined sugars and processed foods. And don't forget to allow your body time to rest and rejuvenate, keeping stress levels to a minimum. Don't reach for the medicine cabinet when your body is under attack, head to the fruit and vegetable isle at the supermarket instead!

Sensibly, they are built on stilts but it doesn't alter the fact that several trees, which were essential for holding the land together, will have been cut down. If I was the owner of that house, I'd make sure I'd go on holiday every time rain is forecast. It would appear that the contractors are going to "fix" it because just after that there was a new concrete surface being laid, coming up past the army base. How many millions of baht are being wasted on repairing roads that weren't built well in the first place? I should imagine that these contractors are laughing all the way to their Swiss bank accounts. Getting down to the nitty gritty, all the roads and more importantly, the drains, on this island must be built to specifications that can cope with the wrath of Mother Nature. Not using piddling little three inch diameter drain pipes, use three feet diameter drain pipes, when the rains come here, they come in a big way. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the damage done by the rain, to the Valley road down to Soi 1 in Maenam and I said that I thought some of the damage was irreparable. Well, according to a friend who I spoke to this morning, he tells me that they have "fixed" it, already! Our walking group will be going up there next Wednesday, to take a look at the "repair". As I've said many times before, I believe that stretch of the hill is far too steep for concrete and that the next big rains we get, will rip it up again, we'll see.



SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Neem: The panacea for all diseases People-watching as a pass time Rosanne Turner has recently relocated to Koh Samui from Africa, and is relishing the adventure. She is a trainer at Island TEFL, as well as being a travel writer for several international publications. Share Rosanne’s discoveries of all things Eastern, curious and extraordinary. SOME days, when I have nothing better to do, I partake in my hobby of people watching. This is a fascinating pass time, and if you have never tried it, I strongly recommend it. It may not be a recognised sport, but it should be. This activity can be done with a partner, (four eyes are better than two) or as a pleasant way to while-away the time and enjoy some ‘me time’. Choose a comfortable spot – an armchair in a coffee shop, or perhaps a sun-lounger on the beach, under the shade of an umbrella. Get yourself a drink and a snack, and a good book. The book is part of your camouflage, helping you to appear anonymous. When you go on safari, the idea is to blend in and put your subjects at ease; you don’t want to spook them, and let them feel that they are being watched. This same theory applies to people watching. If no one takes any notice of you, you will be amazed at what they will do in front of you. I have seen some bizarre things while people-watching, and Koh Samui is an ideal location for this activity, as people from over the world converge to enjoy this beautiful island. Not everyone’s idea of enjoyment is the same, which adds to the fascination. Some of the funniest people to observe are the male tourists, and how they interact with Thai ladies. Think how often you see a white as lard, pudgy middle-aged tourist, with a beautiful young Thai girl. Now as much as she might act ‘in love’ with him, who are they kidding? Now by no means am I judging, they both win from the deal, but why pretend that it is anything more than a transaction? In reality, everyone is graded from one to ten, with one being right down on the bottom of the scale of what is a good catch, and number ten being knock-out gorgeous. People in general tend to go for a partner that is near them on the scale, so a number seven for instance, would connect with someone ranging from a six to an eight. Now what makes someone appealing and determines their number on the scale? Well obviously, and fortunately, everyone has different tastes, but there is a generally accepted norm of what is considered to be good-looking. Other factors that determine your number are status, wealth, power, fame and personality. Although this last one is the most important, it is rarely a factor in the initial attraction, as you have to first get to know a person. How often do you see a really ugly guy with a beautiful woman? Now something has drawn her to him, such as wealth or fame. Think of some famous stars – Mick Jagger comes to mind. So taking this theory into account, what are these podgy middle-aged men, who would only register a two or three on the ‘catch scale’, thinking when a number nine or ten woman shows interest in them? Now if they understand that their Pounds, Dollars or Euros up them on the scale, then fair enough, and a deal is a deal – win win. But sometimes, these poor guys truly believe that they have met the love of their life and horror and shock when they find out later that their new lady friend is not exclusive. Come on guys, reality check in order. Lying on the beach, you see other types. There are the eternal backpackers that left home 20 years ago and never went back. The men still wear the same long pony tail, only now it is grey and is strategically combed to cover the thinning bald spot. The women bear the same bamboo tattoos that they proudly suffered to acquire twenty years ago. Only now that rose has wilted on leathery skin. There are the nouveau rich couples from previously oppressed countries that now flaunt gold bikinis, the work of top plastic surgeons, and real Louis Vuitton beach bags, accompanied by their obnoxious spoilt brat children. Everything about them is flash, and screams bad taste. Let’s not even talk about the body builders, with shaved chests, tattoos, oiled torsos, and out-of-proportion bodies that look like a character out of a Marvel comic book. You can spot a Farang who has lived here a while, immediately, compared to a tourist new to the island. Local women have given up wearing high heels a long time ago - feet swell in the heat. My gold flip-flops do just fine for a special occasion thank Turn to page 19 you.

IN Thailand they call it “Saddow”; the trees can be found growing in dry locations. It is itself is a member of the mahogany family and is native to India and Southeast Asia. You can ask your garden center to source a sapling for you; it just might be a valuable addition to your garden! “Azardirachta Indica” to give the plant its proper name has played an important role in ayurvedic medicine for more than 3000 years. Ayurveda is a term than comes from the combination of two Sanskrit words which translate as “life science”. Similar to the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine, this Indian system believes an imbalance of body, mind or spirit is the root cause of all diseases. Bring harmony to the system and wellness returns. Neem has so many medicinal uses that it has been described as “the village pharmacy “in Ayurvedic literature, where it is depicted like this: ‘Neem bark is cool, bitter, astringent, acrid and refrigerant. It is useful in tiredness, cough, fever, loss of appetite, worm infestation. It heals wounds and vitiated conditions of kapha, vomiting, skin diseases, excessive thirst, and diabetes. Neem leaves are reported to be beneficial for eye disorders and insect poisons. It treats Vatik disorder. It is anti-leprotic. Its fruits are bitter, purgative, anti-hemorrhoids and anthelmintic’. (The Neem Foundation.) This wonder tree has recently come to the attention of western medicine. Curiously the American pharmaceutical company W.R. Grace tried and was successful in obtaining a European patent on it. Sensibly the Indian Government objected, correctly claiming that the medicines derived from the tree had been a part of the ayurevedic pharmacopeia for several thousand years. Grace lost their patent but still had the arrogance to contest the ruling. They lost again and so the case was closed. What they were trying to do was patent a fungicide derived from the tree. Neem’s anti-mold, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are well known in oriental medicine.

In Thailand they place “saddow” leaves in rice stores to protect the crop from spoilage. In the humid tropical climate of southern Thailand mold is an ongoing problem as many will attest after the recent rains. Ceilings and walls developed black blotches and the sickly sweet smell of mildew seeped from cupboards, book shelves and even bed sheets. Mildew is a minute fungus which needs moisture to survive. Bathrooms with damp air trapped between four walls are a prime location for these molds. The spores settle in the mucous membrane of the human body and some strains contain mycotoxins which are hazardous to health. Washing down moldy walls with a dilute hydrogen peroxide solution usually kills the fungus. If you don’t do this you stand a chance of developing allergic reactions and sometimes illnesses like asthma, coughs, a build of mucous, sinus conditions whilst irritations can break out in the eyes and throat. Mold also forms on spoiled food. Once you detect mold on food, don’t eat it, throw it out, it can be quite poisonous. If we do develop symptoms like the common cough, taking Neem capsules is an excellent way of addressing the problem. Mycotoxins include an advanced form of yeast which mutates and becomes a fungus. This often happens in Candida albicans. We all have yeast in our system and it plays an important role in quelling disease, but when it changes to a fungus it can grow rhizomes or roots that penetrate cell walls and cause toxins to spread. Neem capsules are an efficient antidote to Candida problems. The plant is native to Thailand and the capsules are readily available. Supplies can be purchased from Ms. Ta’s shop, located opposite Spa Samui in Lamai. Whilst there stock up with some of the probiotic coconut drink and coconut cheese. These products are rich in natural bacteria which help the immune system work more efficiently by providing the ammunition it needs to fight off disease. Take a look at their website at


SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011


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A focus on the immune system Let food be your medicine WITH its army of specialized cells, your immune system is a complicated battleground protecting your precious body from invaders such as bacteria and viruses. The immune system is located all throughout the body with different tissues, cells and organs all playing a role together to keep you healthy. Your body relies on your immune system to keep you fighting fit. Read on to learn how nutrition plays a role. The immune army B-cells, T-cells, macrophages, NK-cells, T-helpers, antibodies and monocytes make up the immune army. The immune system is a sophisticated mix of these special cells working in unison with the liver, spleen, skin, thymus gland, bone marrow and lymph nodes to fight off any foreign invaders. The immune system trains specialized cells, B or T lymphocytes, which start off as stem cells in the bone marrow, and then travel around the bloodstream and lymphatic fluid looking for all manner of invaders, such as viruses, bacteria, cancer cells or any other substance that you have become allergic to, such as a food or pollen. The main gateways into the body for invaders is through the digestive tract, skin and lungs. Digested food particles are recognised by the “gut-associated immune system”, which allows digested food particles, such as amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars, to pass freely through the gut wall and into the body. Special cells in the nasal passages protect the lungs and aim to “catch” foreign invaders. Healthy mucous membranes in the digestive and respiratory tract are your body's first line of defense. Even food can become a threat. A combination of undigested food and a compromised gut lining sets up an immune response associated with food intolerances and allergies. Let the battle commence The battle starts when an invader (antigen), comes into contact with a B-cell, which then starts to divide to produce more B-cells, which then secrete a specific antibody that attaches itself to the

invader. In the case of bacteria, this will stop them from producing toxins, and for viruses will prevent them from entering the body's cells, where they can replicate using the body's own DNA. The antibodies then call on their fellow soldiers, the T-cells, which help to destroy the invader. Once the battle is won, the macrophages or monocytes come along to gobble up the invader and clean up the mess (an action known as phagocytosis). Additional troops are sent out when needed to immune forts in the lymph nodes, appendix, spleen, tonsils and Peyer's patches in the small intestines. Lymph vessels drain the lymph fluid into these areas, bringing the invaders with them. Lymph nodes in the neck, groin and armpits will become enlarged during an immune battle. The lymphatic system doesn't have a pump like the bloodstream, so relies on movements of the muscles in the body to keep it moving. That's why exercise is so important for good immunity. Antioxidants to the rescue The invaders, as well as our own immune soldiers, produce many free radicals which need to be disarmed – this is where the antioxidants step in. Vitamins A, C and E, alongside the minerals zinc and selenium, help to destroy the free radicals. Vitamin A also keeps the mucous membranes healthy inside the lungs and digestive tract, important in preventing invasion. Vitamin C Captain of the antioxidant army This nutrient comes out tops for its immune-boosting abilities. It has been shown to improve performance of antibodies and macrophages, aid maturation of immune cells, destroy bacterial toxins, as well as having an anti-histamine, anti-viral and anti-bacterial action. It also stimulates the immune system to produce interferon which boosts immunity. Vitamin C also controls levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which in excess has an immune-suppressing action. Probiotics. Our most important friends These are our bodies natural antibiotics,

up your bum this is when you start to question how far should one go and to be quite honest it does feel like you have something stuck in your throat. Gulp! Once it is in, it is not the most comfortable feeling in the world. The first question I asked myself was how far do I stick it up? One inch or several so I went for a bout 2 inches. This is when you release the clip and let the water flow down the tube and up your rectum. Now for first timers it is a strange feeling when something going up a orifice which is designed for things to go down. As you sit in this ungodly position it feels like you are being filled up the wrong way and it wants to come back out but I tried to take as much as I could before I could hold back no more this is when the water rushes back out the way it should go and it basically feels like you have a really bad case of delhi belly, but this is when you see the benefit of doing these colon cleanses, the food stuff that has been sitting inside your belly for how many years is anyone’s guess, this waste cannot get out without the use of water and stomach massage. It is now in the

bucket at the end of the board. Some people don’t like to look at what comes out but I was told you should check and I tell you what it was an interesting read when I looked in the bucket. The lining of your innards are there for you to see and I felt so glad to have them gone from inside of me. You then start the procedure again while you watch the water in the bucket drop down as it feels you up, after the original embarrassment of setting yourself up the first time after the second or third go you become what you think of as an expert and I would be sitting there reading a book whistling a tune and try to be a man and see if I could take the whole bucket in one go without my head exploding. I nearly done it one time but the water started to come out of my ears. I would recommend this procedure to everyone after the week long fast and detox you do feel and look so much better for it and usually have lost a fair bit of weight which most people could use. Sarah from Natural High is one of the most learned people I know in this field and would suggest her services to everyone.

keeping the “bad bacteria” at bay by producing lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This acidic environment created in the large intestine, for example, stops bad bacteria from growing. This most researched probiotic's name gives a clue to this action: acidophilus; literally means “acid-loving”. Our probiotic friends also eat the food that would otherwise feed the bad bacteria, as well as protecting the digestive lining so that unfriendly bacteria can't get through and have a profound immune-boosting effect. Immune boosting foods Carrots – packed with betacarotene, the precursor to vitamin A, try making a comforting carrot soup when feeling under-the-weather. Pack the soup full of ginger and garlic too for additional support. Yellow foods – as well as carrots, eat lots of yellow and orange foods for their betacarotene content: sweet potatoes, pumpkins, squashes and mangos. Berries – packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants. When you are under attack snack on berries. Choose blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. Blackberry and elderberry are also useful in concentrated extract form to ward off illness. They have been proven to help destroy viruses and work in synergy with vitamin C. Turn to page 15



SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Top 10 places to visit on Koh Samui IN light of its spectacular Andaman waters with their clear water and coral reefs, rich animal and plant life, top-notch resorts and intense party scene, Samui has set itself apart as one of Thailand’s most popular resort destinations. There’s plenty to do in the towns as well as out and about on the water, underwater and in the forest. The monthly Full Moon parties that take place on a neighboring island are an absolute requirement for all fullthrottle partiers. All of this together makes for a first-class holiday in one of Thailand’s most coveted locations. Temple of the Big Buddha - Wat Phra Yai is Samui’s Temple of the Big Buddha, with its signature 12 metre tall Buddha statue. Built in 1972, this iconic temple sits on a little is-

land that is connected to the main island by a bridge. The temple grounds also house a center for meditation, another draw for inspired visitors. When visiting any temple in Thailand, it’s important to follow the standard rules of dress and etiquette which includes wearing long pants, sleeves and removing your shoes before entering the actual temple. Beaches - The beaches of Samui are its greatest attraction, and each one is known for its own specific qualities. Ao Tong Takian is also called Silver Beach due to the glimmer of its sand and shimmering water; Lamai Beach is a popular family destination in light of the abundant water sports and activities; Choeng Mon offers higherclass accommodation in a

remote setting and Chaweng Beach rallies as the most popular among tourists, with its peripheral of exciting activities like Muay Thai boxing and bungee jumping. Eating out - Nothing beats an evening at a beachside restaurant where you can enjoy a laid-back dinner right at the water’s edge. Samui’s fresh seafood makes way for all kinds of top-notch cuisine–be it gourmet Thai food or international fare. More authentic and highly affordable Thai food can be hunted out on the streets from local vendors, and in the opinion of the locals, the spicier the better. Partying and nightlife The tourism industry has paved the way for a varied nightlife that spans all the major developed districts.

Clubs can be found at Lamai Beach, with tourist-grabbing exhibitions and shows to hold your interest. This is also the seedier side of the island with its fair share of go-go bars and the periphery of business that comes along with it. Live bands and slightly more upscale bars and clubs can be found at Chaweng Beach. A more laidback scene is on Big Buddha Beach with western-style ambiance and expatriate-owned establishments. Full Moon parties - Even if they haven’t attended one, almost every visitor to Samui will hear about the notorious Full Moon parties held once a month on neighbouring Pha Ngan Island. Locals taxi boatloads of partygoers out to this island in preparation for the heart-pounding party that rage all night in honour of the full moon. There’s a variety of music playing, and peddlers take advantage of their corner on the market by selling all sorts of souvenirs, food and other ingestibles at exorbitant prices. The popularity of this monthly party has led to the addition of further weekend parties to mark less memorable phases of the lunar cycle. Waterfalls There are several waterfalls on Samui that many tourists choose to visit. Na Muang Fall 1 flows over a very tall cliff and spills into a rocky pool; while it isn’t great for swimming, it makes for wonderful scenery. Its counter, Na Muang Fall 2, is located nearby and is easily accessed by groups of elephant riders and trekkers. Another option is to head to Hin Lat Fall, which is a great place to enjoy a cool, freshwater plunge for a change of pace from swimming in the ocean. Diving - Koh Samui is a world-class diving destination and the fabulous offshore coral reefs pose a great opportunity for all skill levels. Beginners can enrol in accredited training courses at many dive shops in Bo Phut, Chaweng and Lamai. More skilled divers prefer diving at Sail Rock or Ang Thong National Marine Park, an impressive 40-island archipelago that boasts a pristine natural environment. The ultimate diving destination in Thailand, Koh Tao isn’t too far away either. Daytrip south - If you’re looking for an escape from the hectic tourism scene, head to the south side of Samui where groves of coconut trees and quiet Muslim fishing towns have staved off the development that has come upon the rest of the island. It’s possible to find a secluded beach to while away some hours, and there are also some unique temples and chedis to investigate. Adventure sports Adventure sports are an everyday pastime on Samui. The whole family will appreciate elephant rides in a jungle setting, and multiple agencies can arrange tours. Closer to town, kids will enjoy spending some time at the go-kart track. Samui Shooting Range is located in Chawang, as is the bungee jumping pavilion. The latter sits off the beach road near the Reggae Bar. Viewing wildlife The display of wildlife at Samui ranges from insects and butterflies at the Butterfly Farm to the raging buffalo fights scheduled at local stadiums. There is a snake farm, crocodile farm and an aquarium all on the main island. The nearby Ang Thong National Marine Park has wild gibbons living in lush, jungle surroundings amid quiet lagoons and limestone cliffs.

Island News

SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

The “tourist mango” THIS wonderful abundant, exotic fruit called mango, has never ceased to amaze me. By far my favorite fruit, I have always puzzled over it in the 20 years since I began coming to Thailand in earnest. Firstly, at home in Europe, the mangoes back there never looked anything like the ones in Thailand or even Samui. Secondly, there are two types on offer in Samui - the green and the yellow. The latter is always anything

up to three times the price of the former. But why? Does not the green one eventually turn yellow anyway, so why pay out so much more for something which will change to the desired color in a few days in any case? Ah, but this isn't usually so. Firstly, green mangoes do not always turn yellow, and even if they do, they may well have lost all their freshness or may even become inedible.



Secondly, it seems that many green mangoes are destined to only be used for cooking, and not as an appetizing exotic breakfast fruit, or for ready consumption at any other time. So, after 20 years, I had still not worked out how such a lovely fruit, grown in Thailand and indeed Samui, could be quite so expensive. For 20 years I had completely missed the point. Only in January this year, did I learn, and

indeed hear for the first time, the joke and myth about the “tourist mango.” It has apparently, long been a cause of merriment among locals, that Westerners and 'farangs' love mangoes, and are used to paying a high price for them back home. The ones in Samui are different, both in color and shape, let alone taste. They are fresher. There are a lot of them. But why is a local fruit so expensive? This is where the idea of the 'tourist mango' evolved. If they are so different from the ones back home, and taste better, why not charge for one fruit, what would to locals be the price for a kilo? And so the idea of the 'tourist mango' spread like wildfire among the locals, until it became the norm. For 20 years, I had paid the price, though never understanding why. It's just that I adore mangoes so much I was prepared to pay, albeit reluctantly, the high price demanded. So, just imagine, after so many years of dutifully paying up every time I wanted to indulge my taste buds, to be told with a huge smile, about the mango myth. Armed with this new dramatic information, I was advised to try entirely new tactics. Now, instead of eyeing this delicious fruit with envy on the

market stalls, I was to look around instead to see if I could catch a friendly smiling eye. If they were young, female and attractive, all the better, but they had to show an interest. Then smilingly, I would ask in very slow English, if they could possibly help me to buy a kilo of mangoes. They would look surprised, but being of such a lovely disposition as most Thais are, and being prepared to help, even in a somewhat bizarre request such as this, they would oblige. The results were incredible. Instead of one mango costing, say Bt50, as if by magic, a whole kilo could suddenly be obtained for the same price. A freak occurrence? No, not one bit. It has worked time and time again. I can now enjoy mangoes for breakfast every single day, without having to take out a mortgage. My health has improved, and I am happy, and my favorite yellow mango is now available to me at a much more sensible price. In fact, using my new found knowledge to its maximum effect, I now sidle up to some Thai colleagues whom I know are acquainted with some stallholders, and lo and behold! Sometimes, if I am lucky, I can now even get 3 kilos for what I used to pay for just one solitary, but nevertheless delicious mango.

People-watching ... From Page 16 You can spot a Farang who

has lived here a while, immediately, compared to a tourist new to the island. Local women have given up wearing high heels a long time ago - feet swell in the heat. My gold flip-flops do just fine for a special occasion thank you. Make up - why bother, it only runs in the humidity. Thai ladies on the other hand, manage to wear two-story high heels, as well as make up, col-

ored contact lenses, false nails and accessories with ease. It must be genetic, as they never look flustered, hot or bedraggled.

So the next time you have no great plans for the day, engage in the laid back sport of people-watching. You will become hooked and amazed at what characters emerge out of the woodwork.



SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Knockout Cup finals:

Lord’s versus Bamboo By PATRICK ROXAS DEFENDING champion Lord’s Bar met little resistance from Division 2 team Spicy Bar and easily disposed of their opponents, 113, in their semifinal encounter to arrange a finals showdown with Bamboo Bar, who prevailed over a tough Chillin Beach Lounge team, 11-8, for the right to lift the Knockout Cup trophy this season. Getting the luck of the draw among the four semifinalists composed of three Division 1 teams and a Division 2 team, aside from getting the home court advantage, the defending champions didn’t waste time in putting away the last

hurdle to their second finals appearance and a possible back to back Knockout Cup title, allowing their Soi Reggae-based opponents to win only three frames in the Race to 11 match. Bamboo Bar, looking to annex the Cup trophy to its already impressive collection of back to back Monday league trophies and six consecutive Wednesday league titles, fielded its first team composed of Paul, Owen Pat and Yak but Chillin showed its clear intention to derail the plan when it showed up with a heavyweight team in Sharky, Mats, Chokdee and Patpong.

Trying to get their feel of the table, the visiting team from Lamai groped for form in the first four frames, losing 3-1 to the home team. The next four frames, however, showed a different and more relaxed shooting for Chillin and they were able to close the gap at 3-5. The two teams halved the next set of frames to make put the score at 7-5 still in favor of Bamboo. In the 13th frame, Paul made it 8-5 for the Bangrak team and Sharky, after making impressive shots and clearing all the spots, flubbed an easy shot on the 8 ball to give the game away to Owen for a 9-5

CAMARADERIE! - They may be fierce competitors at the pool table but at the end of the match, it’s the fellowship and camaraderie that prevails, as shown in this group photo of the Chillin and Bamboo team members after their recent Knockout Cup semifinal encounter in Bangrak. L-R: Rich, George, Sharky, Paul, Yak, CD, Mats, Patpong and Owen. score, for the home team. Now behind four points, Chillin played with more focus in the next three frames, winning them all courtesy of Mats over Pat, Chokdee over Yak and Sharky over Paul to put themselves just a point behind, 8-9. In the 18th frame, Owen cleared the stripes but was left with a bad position for the 8 ball and missed his shot. Mats tried to play safety that left Owen with a long difficult shot on the 8 ball. Owen, however, deftly converted the awkward shot that not only elicited shouts of cheers from his teammates and applause from the other team, but more importantly put Bamboo on the

verge of victory. The 19th frame featuring Pat and Chokdee was also a tense game as shown with the errors not usually committed by the two players. Pat had the first chance to finish the game after pocketing a ball on the break but miscalculated his approach shot on the 1 ball and was left with a bad position for the next shot. He tried a very thin cut on number 3 ball and missed to yield the table to Chokdee.

Chokdee approached the table and calmly sank four of his striped balls but committed a foul on his next shot. Pat went for a breaking shot on number 2 ball to free his 6 ball tied up with two stripes and then pocketed the 3 ball as well as getting a

good position for a shot on the 6 ball, the last before the 8 ball. His soft shot, however, hit the corner of the middle pocket and the ball didn’t go in leaving Chokdee with good options on his two stripes left plus the 8 ball in the middle of the table. Nerves are really creeping into the two players’ games and while Chokdee made the easy shot, he failed to get a good position for his next shot and decided to play safety. The safety play turned into a nightmare for Chokdee and Chillin as the white bounced off the cushion clear of the 10 ball leaving Pat with a clear shot on the 6 ball. After pocketing the 6 ball, a soft thin cut on the 8 ball that slowly slipped into the middle pocket ended the tense match and gave Bamboo the other berth in the 2leg finals.


SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011


Neil Pryde, Hi-Fi sailors take racing class honors NEIL PRYDE, relentless in his pursuit of erstwhile leader Johannes Waimer throughout the week, finally got his chance to move infront winning the last three races of the 10 sailed as his Welbourn 52, Hi Fi, overtook UAE-registered Transpac 52, Team Premier with 13 points to lift the Racing Class trophy of the Samui Regatta 2011. Waimer and his Team Premier crew settled for second place (18) while Hong Kong's Transpac 52, Freefire, skippered by Sam Chan (26) took the third spot. Fourth was 2010 regatta champion Ray Roberts while Hong Kong's Frank Pong's

Reichel Pugh maxi, Jelik ll (Boracay), was fifth with 46 points. A total of 30 crafts from nine countries divided into four classes, sailed off Chaweng Beach for the past week, and, mostly, it was a typical

tropical island scenario: clear skies, light south-westerlies, and close, exciting racing, often squeezed into gaps between heavy rainsqualls and periods of calm. Ocean Marina (Pattaya-Jomtien) sailor Kirati Assakul

(Bandara Sonic), a Crowther 42 Trimaran, the heaviest craft out there, easily won the Multihull Class on 10 points, seven clear of Phuket sailor Henry Kaye's Pagatoon, with local Samui entry Kunta's Team Zazen (18), Radab Kanjanavanit's KY-ZIMCO Cedar Swan (19) and SaaPangawan (Kindred Spirit, 24), third to fifth, respectively. Greg Coop's Singapore X-372, Abraxas, finishing with a string of first placings, dominated the IRC 2/Cruising Class, on seven points, four clear of Jean

Rheault's Thai-registered Souay 1, with Eastern Seaboard sailor Peter Herning Bavaria 42, Kirafiki (15), third. Controversy still haunted the IRC One Class, with Aussie Matt Allen (Ichi Ban, 15), moving to the front, followed by Hong Kong's Marcel Liedts (Elektra, 20), Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth (EFG Bank Mandrake, 25), Rick Pointon's Simon Powell (Sell Side Dream, 32) and Jing Jing, 34, in that order.

Adventure racing comes to Koh Samui on 25 June 2011 THE Koh Samui Trophy 2011 will consist of biking, running, swimming and kayaking and will feature teams made up of two people racing along the course. Depending on fitness levels pairs can enter the Adventure race, or for the slightly more hard core the Extreme race is just that, only for the extremely fit. As a guideline, in the Extreme event competitors will be cycling through mountains for about 45km, so expect plenty of steep climbs. There’ll then be a 1000m swim which is in the sea so this will be a battle against the currents and a life jacket must be worn at all times. The kayaking is then also in the sea for 10km and the final run is for 15km off road and through jungle trails. People new to adventure racing can take on the Adventure race which is more suitable for first timers where the swimming and kayaking fixtures are half the length of the Extreme race. The run is 10km and the bike 30km which make it challenging but more manageable and the total race time is expected to take around three and a half hours. Anyone travelling from nearby islands and Ao Nang hotels can head to Samui to watch the races which will happen on 25th June 2011. Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: "This has international competitors so hotels will be filling up and reservations should be placed early."



SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

JOHN GREENWOOD’S League of Gentlemen pool updates

Presentation Night team member of the KSSSC to speak on WHAT a great Presentation Night where Fleas behalf “We had a great time playing in fun was had by one and all. Maybe even a little too much fun had by one our first season and are champing at the bit for the next season to start I have promised or two certain Gazette writers. This end of myself to play better this season to help our season presentation night was hosted by team win the title” Todd who is fast becomAndy at Lords Bar. Representatives from all bars in were in attendance. The night started ing one of the top players on the island and a man everyone wants to beat. Todd is already as all good nights start with a few round of in training for the drinks, and of course how next season and is this league is played and run aiming for victory. it was followed with one or Watch out all who two or seven more drinks. play him. This The general banter was great being the League and this really shows the of Gentlemen it is true spirit of The League of all about playing Gentlemen because everypool and having a one got on with each other good time, but as and to have all the teams in in every sport it’s one place together at once showed the friendship and CHAMPIONS - The Bamboo team (from left): Nick, still nice to win and next season sportsmanship between all Richard, Pat, George and Harold, along with Yak the teams involved. The food and Adam (both not in photo) complete the team. the teams that I spoke to all would was a great spread, always a really like to be the top team, but as we all sure thing with Andy at Lords Bar, also he know in pool any one can be beaten anyhad offered a special rate on all drinks just time. So can the Bamboo hold on to the title to ensure that the evening was a complete again next season? We will have to wait and success. After a few raffle tickets were sold see. I can also report a few facts about the and as DJ Dean Lambert span the wheels of upcoming The League of Gentlemen Season steel. The cup was awarded to The Bamboo Bar to cheers and a few boos George happily 7. There will be a few teams dropping out and a few new teams joining this upcoming lifted the League of Gentlemen. Along with season. The playing format is also being his champion players - Richard, Pat, Harold changed for season 7. There will also be a and Nick. Their smiles couldn’t have been Cup competition. The League of Gentlemen wider and their cheers louder. George was is in negotiations with several companies almost in tears this meant so much to him. about sponsorship, which is well deserved Hats off to a great winning season played by and will help to make the league even better. the Bamboo Bar. There was also a scotch These changes are being set in stone as we doubles competition with a Bt1000 first prize. This reporter tried to get a quote from speak so the full format teams and all other information will be in the next edition of Flea but he was too incapacitated and so it The Samui Gazette. was left to the very chatty Todd a regular

League of Gentlemen adopts new format

IAN, the hardworking coordinator of the League of Gentlemen, will run the 7th season with the help of Johnny. AFTER holding their pre-season meeting at the Bamboo Bar in Bangrak recently, the League of Gentlemen has decided to try out a new league format for its 7th season starting on the 15th of this month, along with other development like the inclusion of a Knockout Cup starting on July 20. Presided by coordinators Ian and Johnny, the meeting also saw the departure of three teams – Lazy Coconut, Elephant & Castle and KSSSC from the league but the entry of two new ones – M&M’s and Pureshores Samui. The new format on trial this coming season will see all single games for both opposing teams who will play a Race to 15 match. Each player of a team will be playing in rotation and there will be no draws. The coordinators also announced the league will have some sponsors coming in which will mean some free beers for each team on presentation night and more than one trophy will be awarded. It was also agreed during the meeting that away teams must spend a minimum of Bt1000 among them to help cover the cost of food. Another welcome development, courtesy of Ian, is the league’s having its own website starting this season where the fixtures, results can be viewed. Team 1 Arada bar 2 Bye 3 Bamboo bar 4 Bungy Jump 5 Cork N Cask 6 Lord’s Bar 7 M&M's 8 Nangrak 9 Premier bar 10 Pureshores 11 Rik’s Bar 12 Tam’s Bar

Played 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Won 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Lost 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Pts 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011


Lord’s Bar and Grill:

Extra touches to turn a good meal to an excellent dining By SUZANNE BUCHANAN

IT was suggested recently, on a popular website used by ex-pats, that perhaps the restaurant reviews in this paper are slightly biased. In response I would like to point out that I like to produce positive articles and reviews on restaurants that offer good quality food, service and value for money. When restaurant owners and their teams work hard to find a recipe for success then I think it should be both recognized and publicized so that others can enjoy their dining experiences as much as I have. I love to socialize in friendly bars, I enjoy eating exceptional food that comes at an affordable price and I enjoy offering my support to those that go that extra mile to make sure their customers’ needs are catered for and nobody goes further than Andy at Lord’s Bar and Grill in Choengmon. Last time I reviewed Lord’s Bar and Grill I thought Andy had just about hit perfection and it is my great pleasure now to report that he has surpassed it. As well as his now well renowned Sunday Dinners and Brazilian Rib Eye Steaks Andy has added some delicious homemade English

style Indian Curries to the menu. Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogan Josh and Beef Madras. The dishes come in heated balti pots and are served with rice and Roti. Pap-

padoms with ‘to die for’ chutneys are also available. As well as the curry the menu has also seen the addition of mouthwatering and deliciously affordable Chili Nachos that come stuffed with Chili Con Carne, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole and are served on a sizzling platter. A wickedly indulgent Wagyu Beef Burger and a homemade minted Australian 150 day grain fed 450gm Lamb burger also have the Lord’s regulars licking their lips. If you like the taste of the local food then why not try any one of the 32 authentic Thai dishes? All can be cooked to your preference when it comes to being spicy and many of the dishes are vegetarian. The authentic Papaya Salad is a firm favorite among visitors to the island who love eating like the locals. The addition of a dessert menu has been a huge success and you will find a selection of ice creams with a selection of sauces, ice cream sundaes, Cassata, an Italian dish of dried fruits encased in Italian ice cream, Tiramisu and a firm English favorite Apple pie served with either custard or ice cream. In his usual customer friendly style, Andy is keeping his prices real and affordable. On

Fridays you can enjoy Magners Cider at Bt150 a pint all day, there is a Happy Hour from 4 – 8pm every day of the week where you can enjoy ice cold Fosters for Bt120 a pint, Chang, Leo, Singha, Tiger and house spirits ring up at a mere Bt60 and Bt89 will get you one of a fine selection of cocktails. The wine menu remains impressive and affordable and has the great addition of champagnes and sparkling wines and, for those who are there to enjoy the delicious Brazilian Beef or the newly introduced mouthwatering and huge T-bone steak, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Peralillo, an exceptionally good red wine with a red cherry color, complex aromas of red fruit with well integrated oak. Elegant on the palate this wine had a good structure and body and a long and persistent finish. Lord’s is one of those bars that really does have something for everybody and those extra touches that make the difference between a good bar restaurant and an

excellent one. The locals that enjoy Lord’s for a bite to eat and a cold beer after a hard days work are really friendly and welcoming to visitors and newcomers to the island. The dining area is comfortable and spacious, the American style slate bed pool table is free to use and conveniently situated away from the dining area giving diners space to dine and players’ space to play. If you would like to join the in house pool team or would like more information or make a reservation give Andy a call on 0878978694 or visit For more restaurant reviews go to

Island News

SAMUI GAZETTE | June 10 - 23, 2011

Makro to re-launch with new look and new products MAKRO Cash and Carry- the warehouse size restaurant food and supplies store in Bophut, Koh Samui, is re-launching itself with a new floor plan and product mix, to actively go after the hotels, restaurants, catering s and food service businesses. It’s re-launch event will take place on Tuesday, July 5th, from 9:30am to 3:00pm. The event will showcase the store’s remodeled floor plan which has expanded key areas like the fresh produce area, and introduce its expanded line of international products, including more gourmet cheeses, live seafood, imported meats and liquors, as well as specific products for niche markets like Japan-

ese, Mexican, Korean, and Indian cuisine. The event will begin with Registration at 9:30am to 10:30am, followed by an Opening Ceremony at 10:30am, and then proceed to activities such as introducing new areas featuring cheeses, imported meats, cold cuts and live cooking demonstrations of various ethnic dishes. Lucky drawings will also be held intermittently through the event. Also featured will be event highlighting the European breads and bakery products, coffee presentations, and cocktail preparation demos. Later, the highlights will include live seafood preparation and workshops on preparing various

types of dishes. Makro is a membership based modern cash and carry operator primarily serving specific groups of professional customers including small retailers, HoReCa and Services. Makro business model is to be the solution provider for customers’ business requirement by supplying the right assortment at the competitive price from current 48 branches throughout Thailand. For information on this event, please contact Alisa Wongsawat, Customer Development Manager, 086 3210686, in Koh Samui. Email cdm31

TAT, tourism sector join hands to push low season travel THE Tourism Authority of Thailand will once again hold an Amazing Thailand Grand Sale from June 15 to August 15 this year in a bid to boost consumer spending at shops and department stores throughout the country during the low season. TAT governor Suraphon Svetsreni said 15,000 participating shops would offer discounts of up to 80 per cent during the three month campaign. Revenue is expected to come in at around Bt1.9 billion. TAT will also hold a large sales fair from July 28 to 31 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. Suraphon said the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale would draw tourists from around the region including the Japanese market. The tourism authority will invite Japanese operators to Thailand for the Thailand Travel Mart this month to meet with local operators in a bid to improve the Japanese market in the second half of the year. Japan is the second largest market for Thailand after Malaysia. Arrivals from Japan dropped 1.19 per cent last year. However, during the first four months of this year, 411,923 Japanese visited Thailand, 9 per cent up on the same period last year. Meanwhile, Pro Exhibition Management Co. plans to host Travel Expo Thailand from August 4 to 7 at Impact Muang Thong Thani, an event expected to draw 100,000 visitors from Bangkok and the provincs and generate revenue of Bt300 million.The company's managing direc tor, Manuspong Akiemrot, said tourism operators involved would offer discounts on domestic and overseas packages of up to 80 per cent.About 800 booths have been reserved at the event.

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