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April 29 - May 12, 2011

Vol. 2 No. 9

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Back in business By PATRICK ROXAS

AFTER conducting “ Samui Clean Up Day” a major clean up project of the island devastated recently by storm and flood, tourism stakeholders say Samui is back in business and ready to welcome back tourists. In a press conference organized by the municipality and with the cooperation of Bangkok Airways, Bangkok Hospital Samui, Vejdusit Foundation, Tourism Coordination Center of Koh Samui, the Thai Hotels Association and the Tourism Association of Koh Samui to invite local businesses and communities to join the clean up, officials say the activity aims to demonstrate the readiness of Samui’s facilities to welcome tourists. Ten thousand t-shirts, sponsored by the Vejdusit Foun-

dation under the Royal Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra, were distributed among the participants during the launching ceremony held at the Chaweng Lake. “This teamwork conveys a clear message how residents of Koh Samui love and care for their home,” says Koh Samui mayor Ramnate Jaikwang. The mayor said Samui has an international level of safety standard therefore tourists can visit the island at anytime of the year. Koh Samui Tourism Association president Bannasart Ruangchan said the mission at present is to help and heal those in need and to restore Samui’s tourism. Turn to Page 5

Gazette is now in Koh Phangan THE Samui Gazette has now landed in Koh Phangan! Koh

PHANGAN WELCOMES GAZETTE- Koh Phangan Tourism Board president Vannee Thaipanich is shown here with a copy of the Samui Gazette.

Samui’s only English-language newspaper loaded with local news content, opinions and leisure ideas, is now delivering the news from Koh Phangan as well. Copies of the Samui Gazette are now available at 7-Eleven stores on the island. The arrival of the fortnightly newspaper was welcomed on the island, host to thousands of tourists during its world famous Full Moon party as well as home to a substantial number of expats. Residents say the move allows them easier access to the news and information coming from Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and even Koh Tao.

GETTING BACK TO BUSINESS-Photo shows Koh Samui mayor Ramnate Jaikwang (3rd from left) along with tourism officials and representatives from the private sector during the “Samui Clean Up Day” activity held recently to woo tourists back to the island.

Red Cross blood letting at Tesco By CHERDCHAI TAWEEMUANG THE Koh Samui Red Cross Organization, along with medical services from Koh Samui Hospital set up medical units at Tesco Lotus in Chaweng recently where residents were able to donate blood. Thanomsri Rattanarak, chief of Koh Samui Red Cross Organization, said

the purpose of the blood letting activity was to stock up on blood supply for emergency cases taking place during special occasionslike the Songkran Festival. The event attracted a good number of residents as by 11am, at least 50 people, had donated blood as most

BLOOD GIVING Photo shows a resident of Koh Samui donating blood to the Koh Samui Red Cross at Tesco recently.

donors say they believe their sacrifice would help a number of people. One of the medical team said the current blood stock was limited and it might not be enough for emergency cases taking place like the recent Songkran Festival. Koh Samui was one of the most desired tourist destinations and there were a number of tourists visiting the island during this period of time every year. In this regard, a preparation scheme for blood stock was needed for emergency situations, she added. The one-day activity was well supported by residents and the estimated amount of blood donated reached more than 100,000 cc.


Island News

SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011

Few tourists for Songkran Festival Samui still dengue-free, By CHERDCHAI TAWEEMUANG THE recent celebration of the Songkran Festival on Koh Samui saw less number of tourists, compared to last year, a consequence of the severe weather condition and flooding disaster that battered the island two weeks before the observance of the Thai New Year. Businesses and residents say normally, Koh Samui was always crowded by a big number of tourists, who enjoyed splashing water to each

other or putting watermixed powder on people’s cheeks, during Songkran Festival which takes place from April 13 to April 15 every year. This year, however, Koh Samui was impacted by the severe weather condition and floods that took place between March 27 and April 3. The situation had driven tourists away, causing between 50 to 80 percent of hotel and air plane ticket

reservations cancelled. Many government units had to cancel their schedule to hold activities, which were held every year, during the period of time and focused on the Koh Samui Recovery scheme instead. Only few local residents who did not get much impact from the flood disaster went out to celebrate Songkran Festival. A 15-year-old girl, who asked to be anonymous said, “This year, there are very few people enjoying Songkran Festival. I believe it’s the result of the flooding disaster”. Most of the people were seen coming to Chaweng Beach, the busy tourist area on the island, in order to enjoy Songkran Festival. Taxi drivers were also complaining of low income without tourists. A taxi driver, who requested not to be named, said during Songkran, most of them managed to earn only Bt800 a day, which is a lot less than their expenses for rent of the vehicle and fuel.

hospital director says DOCTOR Chalearmphong Sukonpol, Director of Koh Samui Hospital in Nathon, says Koh Samui has yet to be affected by the dengue epidemic expected from the changing weather patterns but added residents should watch out for leptospirosis . “The dengue fever epidemic has not yet influenced Koh Samui but it has some cases in Suratthani,” Dr. Chalearmphong said. He added, however, the people need to be alert and be aware if it comes to the island even as he stressed another disease, leptospirosis, which Koh Samui residents should be wary of. “People should examine themselves carefully and if their bodies show symptoms like having a headache or fever, they should see a doctor at once,” the hospital director said. Chalearmphong said after the flood, medical units were mobilized and have gone around the island in order to help people who were in trouble. He said they found many people suffering from diseases brought by the recent floods such as com-

mon cold and athlete’s foot. The diseases were categorized as follows: 196 cases of common cold, 176 cases of athlete’s foot, 73 cases in pain on muscles and also chronic diseases like diabetes and high pressure. The National Institute of Health had earlier issued a warning this year's weather changes could lead to an outbreak of the dengue disease. Apiwat Thawatsin, a scientist at NIH, was quoted by The Nation in a recent report saying for this year, there would be a serious dengue fever outbreak due to weather changes such as heavy rains in summer. He said people should prevent outbreaks by destroying mosquito incubation grounds, such as by putting Abate sand into standing water. Abate is a trade name for the larvicide temefos. Apiwat also reported that in 2008, 89,626 people in Thailand contracted the disease, resulting in 102 deaths, while 2009 saw 56,651 patients and 50 deaths, and last year there were 113,017 patients and 139 deaths.

Island News

SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


Double celebration at Magnolia Spa and Café

A DOUBLE celebration was held recently at the Magnolia Spa and Café with Magnolia Spa marking its third anniversary and Magnolia Café its first. Magnolia Café is well known for its New York Cheese Cake, described as the best selling and most popular cake on the island while Magnolia Spa in a short span of three years has already received recognition as top 10 in Asia by Trip Advisor and one of the 21 Best Spas in the World by Thomas Cook Travel. The Magnolia complex has become one of the most comprehensive recreation centers in Samui now with the launching the new Yoga,

Pilates and Tai Chi Studio. Residents, expats and tourists can easily spend four to six hours at the Magnolia Complex to stretch their bodies in the studio, treat themselves at the Magnolia Spa with one of the 35 different treatments offered, and then enjoy one of the excellent pies, salads, sandwiches, thai food selection and much more in the Café. Not to miss are owner Dali’s Cheese Cake, Cherry, Chocolate or the plain New York style. The April 24 event was celebrated by Dali and Khun Chang along with Samui residents who attended the soft opening of the Studio coinciding with the double anniversary.

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Phangan News

SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


Koh Phangan’s steaks and salads specialist By PATRICK ROXAS

A VISITOR to Koh Phangan will most likely want to experience the world renowned Full Moon Party, enjoy the diving sites or simply laze around and relax on its beaches. Not many people know the island is also host to a number of good restaurants that can cater to their favorite dishes. Peppercorn, a small homey

restaurant situated in Sri Thanu on the west side of the island, is one of them and is a favorite for its steaks and salads. Owned by a German expat who has 23 years of extensive experience working for various restaurants and hotels around Europe, Peppercorn offers a wide variety of dishes from the juiciest steaks, daily specials,

desserts cakes and a wide range of vegetarian food to select from. Friddi, the owner, says these are served in good portions at a reasonable price. Friddi is a former head chef prior to deciding to move to Koh Phangan to become a scuba diving instructor. After spending seven years in the diving business, he said he began to miss the

cooking and the good food and that is when Peppercorn Restaurant was born. Since it opened its doors in December 2006, Peppercorn has become a favorite place for those who love steaks and salads. Friddi prepares and cooks all the dishes himself using only the freshest and the best ingredients and shuns the use of artificial products or ingredients. Friddi cooks German, French, Italian, steakhouses and vegetarian food styles. Regulars on his menu are: Small Mixed Salad, T Bone Steak NZ, Pork Steak with Cauliflower Cheese and Potato Gratin, Salad Nicoise, Vienna Schnitzel, Lamb Chops NZ , Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce, Lamb Chops NZ, NZ Fillet Steaks, Salmon in White Wine Cream, on Spinach Pasta, NZ Fillet Steak Medium to Well, NZ Fillet Steak, Fillet Steak NZ and Mango-Sour-Cream Cake. They also have Black Angus Argentina fillet and New Zealand fillet (all steaks in small 180 gms and big 250 gms size) from Raw to Rare to Medium and Well Done. For four or more customers, they also offer Fillet Roast on a plate with all choice of vegetables around and home made sauce Bearnaise. Peppercorn has a variety of drinks from beer to wine to

juices and other non-alcoholic drinks. For more than six customers, Peppercorn can accommodate its menu to suit the guests with three or more different dishes of their choice. They also serve warm and cold buffets for special occasions and can organize a Garden-Party for 12 or more persons. Peppercorn also provides home-made cakes for birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. The restaurant is open from 2pm to 11pm from Monday to Saturday. Located near a local village surrounded by palm trees and a peaceful jungle atmosphere, Peppercorn is easy to find from Thong Sala pier as you only have to turn right at the traffic circle, then continue straight on past 7Eleven and the night market and turn left at the crossroads just before Tesco Lotus. Following the road for about 8 km, a Peppercorn sign with km information can be found on the roadside and at the next traffic cross is a small supermarket on the right side and 200 meters after turning left is the restaurant. Or they maybe contacted at: 087-896 4363 or email:

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Island News

SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


HIRING and DRIVING A CAR– SOME SIMPLE GUIDELINES AS another Songkran holiday comes to an end and the floodwaters dry up leaving sand, dirt, rocks and new holes all over the roads, I am reminded to give out these simple guidelines again. Before hiring a car in Samui you should check that the car has fully comprehensive insurance. In Thailand it is normally known as first class insurance and means that if you hit another car or injure someone else on the road, during an accident, you will be covered for the damage. You will also be cov-

ered for any damage to the car you are driving and for any medical treatment you require as a result of an injury during an accident Check with the company you hire the car from, what financial liability you have as they may have special rules about liability if you have an accident. You should only drive if you have a valid driving license either Thai, Foreign, if the insurer will cover you, or an International License. If you drive without one you will almost certainly invalidate

your insurance. If you do have an accident, do not leave the scene. If there is damage to your vehicle or a vehicle you hit then you must exchange insurance details. To call the Police you should call 191, or you can call Samui Rescue on 077-421444. You may also find it helpful to call the tourist police on 1155 or 077421281. If the other driver leaves the scene try to get their license plate number and a description of the car. If either party to the acci-

dent is injured you can call whichever hospital is the closest Government Hospital (Samui - Nathon) 077421230, SIH Hospital (Samui - Chaweng) 077-422272, Bandon Hospital (Samui - Bophut) 077-245236 or Bangkok Samui Hospital (Samui – Chaweng) 077-429500. The nearest hospital will arrange for you to be transferred to other hospitals etc. afterwards if you have travel insurance and they need you to be at a specific hospital. Even if you have insurance there may be some costs

associated with the accident that will not be covered by the insurance, these will include the cost of a lawyer who may be needed to assist with the police. If you have travel insurance this should help with these costs, but it is also sensible to be prepared if you are in Thailand and want to drive to have access to a fairly substantial amount of money in case of an accident. If you injure or kill someone on the roads here you will be expected to pay some compensation to the family of the victim and to cover additional costs for her/his loss of income or for funeral expenses. Although you cannot be forced to pay additional money this will help to obtain a speedy release from jail (on bail) if you are considered to be liable for the accident and will also help to convince the courts that you are genuinely sorry about the accident which will be taken into account when sentencing you. If you do drive without insurance and you are found to be responsible for an accident it is vital that you seek assistance from a lawyer who will need to go through the process of organizing bail for you if possible and to assist you with any court proceedings. Do not drink and drive, it is illegal in Thailand and you will be given a alcohol blood test and prosecuted if you are over the limit. Karen Bone PKN Legal & Business Consultancy Co. Ltd.

Back in business... From Page 1 ”Samui Clean Up Day will set an example to other tourist destinations in Thailand that have been hit by disaster how business sector and local residents can work together in harmony,”Bannasart said. Bangkok Airways VP for corporate communications M.L. Nandhika Varavarn said Samui is back in business and is ready to welcome back its tourists for summer. “As a business sector on Samui, we are delighted to be part of this inspiring event made possible by all of us who want the best for Samui and are proud to welcome tourists to visit our beautiful home,” Bangkok HospitalSamui director Dr. narintara Boonjongcharoen said. Part of theactivity was to survey all the islands to make sure these are in good condition.


Island News

SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011

Crackdown on drug yields AK-47 By CHERDCHAI TAWEEMUANG

A RECENT police operation to crackdown on illegal drugs also yielded a high-powered weapon. Koh Samui Police Station superintendent Pol. Col. Samran Majarean said police had recently found an AK-47, a war weapon, during its operation to crackdown on illegal drug on the island. In the early morning of April 7, a police investigation team armed with a search and arrest warrant issued by the Koh Samui provincial Court, raided the buffalo fighting gambling house in Maenam in order to arrest Yuttana Phoonsap, 49, who live in a small shed in the area. Police were surprised when they found the AK-47 and a .38caliber pistol hidden inside the shed with the a pack of crystal methamphetamine and a pack of marijuana. Yuttana denied ownership of the war weapon. The suspect claimed he found the high powered weapon by chance while he was outside. On the other hand, the officers found that the .38 caliber pistol had already been registered and the suspect admitted he is a user of the illegal drug. Koh Samui police alleged the suspect was in charge of the buffalo fighting gambling house in Maenam. Despite the suspect’s denial of ownership of the weapon, police still filed formal charges of illegal drug possession and possession of deadly weapon.

Compulsory online UK visa applications THE UK Border Agency is upgrading its visa service in Thailand, and will shortly be making online visa applications and appointment bookings compulsory for applicants. In a press statement released to the media recently, the British Embassy said starting May 2, 2011, all customers applying in Thailand for a UK visa will be required to complete a visa application form online. After completing their online application form, customers will also need to book an appointment online to submit their biometric information and visa application at the VFS UK visa application center.

The UK Border Agency’s Regional Manager for East Asia & Australasia, Ed Mackie, said: ‘The move to compulsory online applications and appointments will allow us to better manage waiting times at the VFS visa application centre in Bangkok, and enable customers to submit their visa applications as quickly as possible.’ The online UK visa application form can be found at UKBA website. Local information about how to apply in Thailand, along with links to extensive visa information and guidance can be found at the UK Visa Application Centre website.

KOH Samui mayor Ramnate

given to the event. “As you are aware, unexpectedly, Koh Samui has been confronted with natural disaster from the incessant rains and strong winds since the past recently that caused massive floods, severe mud spreads and landslides in several major areas of Koh Samui,” he said. “Most of facilities and infrastructure on the island, at present, is not in a perfect condition for the organization of Samui Triathlon 2011 and it may cause an inconvenience to visitors to the island as well as athletes who will participate in the event,”

HIGH POWERED WEAPON - Yuttana Phoonsap (right), suspected owner of an AK-47, which was found by police when his place was searched for drugs.

Police collar more drug dealers DRUG dealers trying to take advantage of the flooding disaster on the island to ply their illegal trade were arrested by police recently after a raid was conducted on their rented house in Bophut. Bophut Police Station superintendent Pol. Col. Phayoongsak Surin said at the height of the floods recently, the police investigating team received information that drug dealers were taking advantage of the calamitous situation in Samui to deliver illegal drugs to their clients believing surveillance was relaxed during that time. A member of the raiding team said “The operation has been well prepared and conducted with much effort because we confirmed that those drug dealers were armed.” Rounded up at the rented house in Soi Khao Phra, Bophut Attapon Aeuchart, 23, Krittimas Ketchu, 33, and Tassanee Auoroongrueng, 33. According to police, the three suspects tried to run away when the police raiding team barged into the house. Confiscated from the suspects were three pistols, 300 grams of crystal methamphetamine or known as ‘Ice’, 1,600 tablets of methamphetamine (Ya Ba) and 70 tablets of ecstasy, which were estimated to be valued at Bt2 million. “The 70 tablets of ecstasy were placed inside bread to avoid detection,” a police officer said. Pol Col Phayoongsak said this latest arrest was counted as the biggest case for this year. The suspects had allegedly ordered illegal drugs through their network in Bangkok and delivered it to Koh Samui by air plane. All the suspects are now detained and will be sent to trial.

Hotels join Samui recovery efforts

Samui triathlon cancelled

Jaikwang, who is also the president of the Samui Triathlon 2011 organizing committee, announced recently the cancellation of the Samui Triathlon 2011. The event was scheduled for April24, 2011. “We regret to inform you that the Samui Triathlon 2011 is cancelled due to the severe rain and flooding in late March and early April this year. Some smaller roads are still damaged on the island,’ the mayor said. Ramnate expressed hissincere appreciation toward the kind support and attention

the mayor added. Safety reason is another major issue that we are seriously concerned and we consequently, have decided to postpone the event “Samui Triathlon 2011” for a certain time, he said. Ramnate promised the municipality will do at its best to solve all the problems on the island “which are our responsibilities in order to bring back the pleasant and cheerful environment, sustainable development and prosperity to our beloved island soonest.”

AFTER the recent storm and flooding disaster that caused heavy damage to the island, the government launched immediately a recover scheme with both the government and private sectors cooperating. Resotel Group had their staff taking part in a beach clean up last April 4. Resotel Group’s staff team, led by Kanisorn Songthrakul an executive of Samui Resotel and Spa, joined beach cleaning program at Chaweng beach, which was known as the longest beach on Koh Samui. Mr Kanisorn Songthrakul said Chaweng beach was very much affected by the flooding disaster, especially the debris coming from the

flood being washed all over the beach, damaging its scenery. More than 20 hotel staffs with garbage bags were mobilized to clean the beach and collected all kinds of garbage like water bottles, plastics, wood and rope. A manager of an accounting department said Chaweng Beach was one of the major attracting spots on Koh Samui and asked people to help conserving the beautiful beach for the next generations. Centara Grand Beach Resort also did their own beach cleanup right after the floods subsided to help the island community speed up the recovery.

Phangan News

SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


The sublime beauty of KOH PHANGAN- Located on the northwest coast of Koh Phangan is an island oasis of sublime beauty fringed by three stunning beaches. Called Koh Ma, a day out there should be on everyone’s agenda whether you’re an expat or a tourist on the island. Going for a drive from Thong Sala pier fills you with anticipation as you follow the coast road passing by beaches, jungle and the sounds of Sawadee Kap by the friendly locals as you pass by the quaint villages. The ride to Koh Ma could easily be enjoyed at sunset for a rewarding evening on the way to one of the many beautiful restaurants you pass where local cuisines along with freshly caught seafood can be enjoyed under the moonlight whilst sipping an icy cold beer with a view to die for. Just passed the elephant sanctuary, take the next left and follow the dirt track for a few minutes. Then follow the wooden sign to the right and you have finally arrived in Koh Ma. Walk out onto the fine sand to a pristine bay to your left Mae Haad beach another lovely location, Koh Ma is the island you can see in front of you. If diving is your thing why not rent a boat and submerge yourself into an underwater paradise of sea life and coral reefs, no, PADI snorkeling is great fun and enjoy an afternoon in the clear warm waters. A trip to Koh Ma will not be complete without a walk out to the island itself, wade across the calm water, bag and camera aloft, take a seat and prepare yourself for a stunning sunset as it glows around the palm tree foothills of this oasis. So come on, bring a towel and visit Koh Ma, it is a great experience and strongly recommended.

K oh M a !



SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011

Thailand plans to close border camps, 100,000 to be sent back to Myanmar But repatriation process will take time, says national security chief BANGKOK - Thailand wants to close its camps housing displaced Myanmar nationals and repatriate over 100,000 persons back to their homeland following their country's first election, according to the Thai National Security Council (NSC) chief. NSC Secretary General Tawin Pleansri told reporters after an NSC meeting at Government House recently chaired by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs Kasit Piromya, armed forces commanders-in-chief and national security related agencies. He said the meeting considered the overall security situation and discussed issues related to the neighboring country. "Since Myanmar recently held general election," he said, "the camps along the Thai border at Mae Hong Son and Tak should be closed. More than 100,000 displaced persons who had fled fighting to Thailand should be repatriated to their country," the NSC chief said. Mr Tawin said the Thai government is coordinating with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) about the plan to close the camps and repatriate those

displaced persons to Myanmar. However, the NSC chief said the repatriation process will take time. Myanmar’s military government officially dissolved the junta's State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) and inaugurated former general Thein Sein as the country’s new president in Naypyidaw on March 30. His inauguration came months after the country’s historic elections held in November last year. Myanmar troops have waged war against armed ethnic groups for decades, which have sought autonomy from the central government. The latest violence began after the Nov. 7 elections, when tensions flared between government forces and armed ethnic groups that have refused to be incorporated into the country's centrally-controlled Border Guard Force. About 100,000 people are displaced and living along the Thai-Myanmar border, most of them having fled artillery fire in eastern Myanmar where fighting between government military force and the armed ethnic groups have been taking place. (MCOT online news)

Gov’t vows to stop tourist fraud BANGKOK - The deputy prime minister in charge of national security has vowed to prevent tourists from being cheated during their visit to Thailand. Deputy Prime Minister in charge of national security Suthep Thaugsuban said after attending meetings with the Tourist Fraud Prevention Committee that the problem needs to be eliminated. He said that there are many forms of cheating, starting with Thais cheating foreign tourists, foreign tourists teaming up to cheat other foreigners, and Thais and foreigners working together to cheat other foreign tourists. He added that from the year 2007 to 2010, around 6,000 Thais were arrested for cheating tourists, and 517 groups of foreign gangs were arrested. Meanwhile, Suthep dsaid that the recent mob of

taxi drivers in Phuket province, who closed down boat docks to prevent tourists from returning to the main land, was done to express their disatisfaction over unfair tour agencies. The drivers claim tour agencies tend to provide large buses for tourists, leaving taxi drivers with no passengers. Suthep has also set up four subcommittees to work on eliminating fraud. He has assigned the Tourism and Sports Permanent Secretary Sombat Kuruphan the responsibility of preventing tourist fraud in Bangkok and at Suvarnabhumi Airport. At the same time, Interior Permanent Secretary Deputy Pranai Suwannarat will be in charge of towns frequented by tourists such as Phuket, Pattaya, and Chaing Mai.

Deaths from Songkran road accidents drop by 24% from last year BANGKOK- Road accidents during the so-called seven dangerous days of the Songkran Thai New Year holidays were recorded at 3,215 with 271 fatalities and 3,476 persons injured, according to Interior Minister Chavarat Charnvirakul. Mr Chavarat, who is also Director of the Road Safety Center, said 42 persons were killed and 304 others were injured and 283 road accidents were reported on the last day of the seven dangerous days of Songkran. According to the statistics from April 11 to April 17, most deaths at 19 were reported in the central province of Ayutthaya while the most injuries, 144, and most accidents at 135 were recorded in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. The cumulative number of road accidents from April 11-17 was 3,215, lower than last year's figure of 3,516 or 8.56-per cent drop. The total fatalities were 271, falling by 24.93 per cent from the 361 deaths recorded last year. The total injuries were recorded at 3,476, an 8.57 per cent decline from last year's figure at 3,802. According to the statistics, most accidents were caused by drunk driving and the highest risk behavior was that of motorcycle riders not wearing helmets. Motorcycles were the type of vehicles most involved in road accidents and the peak time when most road accidents occurred - 31.73 per cent of all accidents - was from 4 to 8pm. Mr Chavarat said he was satisfied with the road safety campaign this year as the overall figures this year dropped. The road accidents and the injuries dropped by 8-9 per cent and the fatalities fell by 24.9 per cent, compared to the statistics last year. He said next year's target is to reduce the deaths from road accidents by at least 25 per cent and injuries and road accidents by 15 per cent. (MCOT online news).

ICT ministry draft criticized, subject for review BANGKOK - Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has put on hold a controversial draft of the new Computer Crime Act amid widespread concerns that the planned legislation could affect the right of communication of millions of Thai internet users. The prime minister said the draft would be further reviewed and would not be submitted to the Cabinet yet. The government's acting spokes-man Panitan Wattanayagorn said the draft was not on the Cabinet's agenda recently. He said the Information and Communications Technology Ministry still needed to seek opinions from relevant state agencies about the draft. The ICT Ministry-sponsored draft has drawn criticism from many people, including such groups as the Thai Citizen Network, iLaw, and the Network of Human Rights Law. They are concerned that it could infringe on rights and liberties, especially those of internet and social-network users. One of the concerns is about

the setting up of a new commission under the proposed new act. Comprising representatives from security-related organizations, its major role would be to prevent and suppress computer crime. This commission would be overseen by officers of the ICT Ministry and the Electronic Transaction Agency (Public Organization). Some scholars are concerned that the commission would become a "one-stop absolute power" in enforcing the new law. The Thai Citizen Network, iLaw, and the Network of Human Rights Law recently submitted a letter to the prime minister opposing the draft. They said the draft contained very broad and ambiguous definitions on what practices could be considered computer crime. For example, Article 16 of the draft says that anyone who inappropriately copies content from the computer of another person, which consequently results in damage to the other person, faces either imprisonment for not more than three

years or a fine not exceeding Bt50,000, or both. The groups argued that the term "copy" in this draft is ambiguous. Another ambiguous use in the draft is about the person who administers the system. The draft does not specify whether it means the system administrator, or any person who authorises another to access the Internet for communication. ICT Minister Chuti Krairiksh claimed yesterday that the draft opposed by the Thai Citizen Network, iLaw, and the Network of Human Right Law is not the one that is to be submitted to the Cabinet. He said the current draft is the version that has gone through the process of public hearings and has already been revised by the ministry's committee assigned to draft the law. He said the version being opposed by the three groups was the one that had been written before the public hearings. Chuti added that the law was unlikely to be passed by the current government. Sarinee

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SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


Government opts for oil excise tax waiver to maintain diesel price BANGKOK –The government is set to waive a diesel oil excise tax in an effort to keep retail diesel prices below Bt30 per liter, according to Prime Minister Abhisit Vajjajiva. Speaking after a meeting with Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij and Energy Minister Wannarat Channukul recently, he said both the finance and energy ministries viewed that the oil excise tax, now Bt5.30 per liter, as well as the valueadded tax of 40 satang. per liter, should be exempted so that the current diesel price could be maintained. The State Oil Fund, which has been a key tool in maintaining the diesel price since December, has only around Bt4 billion in surplus now, which could be used to peg the price until the end of this month. As crude oil prices in the global market are staying at around US $ 115 per barrel, he said, domestic retail diesel prices will rise to Bt36 per liter unless the oil excise tax is cut and the Oil Fund has funds to subsidize the prices. The proposed waiving of the excise tax waive will be considered at the Cabinet meeting tomorrow. Mr Abhisit said the government must maintain its policy to keep the price of diesel below Bt30 per liter to ensure continued economic growth. Should diesel prices be allowed to rise, it would have a domino effect on the prices of goods and services, which could fuel inflation. If allowed to persist in tandem with

Draws strong objections from private sector

An attendant at a gasoline station in Lamai fills the tank of a motorbike as reports say the government has opted to waive oil excise tax to maintain diesel prices at present levels.

global economic uncertainties and domestic political problems, it would eventually deter Thailand's economic recovery, he said. "This tax measure will not impact the monetary and fiscal position," Mr Abhisit said. Likewise, he indicated, it will not affect the government's policy. "If the diesel price is allowed to stay higher than Bt30, entrepreneurs will certainly ask for the product and service price hike," he said. Finance Minister Korn said that the oil excise tax waiver should reduce government revenue by about Bt40 billion in the 2011 fiscal year, but should not affect the government spending, as it is expected that the government will certainly have a budget surplus this year. (MCOT online news)

Japanese car assemblers in Thailand meet, discuss industry production BANGKOK –Japanese car assemblers in Thailand will meet this month to discuss car automobile industry production which is being heavily impacted from the massive tsunami which hit Japan just over a month ago, a senior industry player said recently. Vallop Tiasiri, president of the Thailand Automotive Institute, said Japanese car assemblers will meet on April 22 at the industry ministry following an invitation from Permanent Secretary for Industry Vitoon Simachokdee. The meeting will consider the possible impact on automotive production in Japan following the deadly tsunami which hit Japan on March 11. Automotive parts plants in Thailand

have been forced to reduce working hours depending on the stocks they now possess, Mr Vallop said. Current stocks will last until the end of April and production will have to halt if no imports of chips from Japan are made, he said. Some important parts for Japanese cars are now produced in Singapore, Mr Vallop said, but they are insufficient to meet Thai assembly needs. Plants in Japan are unable to produce at full capacity now. This year’s car production target in Thailand is now expected at some 1.8 million units, a dropping back from the assemblers earlier forecast that it would exceed two million cars. (MCOT online news)

BANGKOK –Thailand's plan to waive the diesel oil excise tax together with the value-added tax (VAT) by Bt5.70 per liter in a bid to peg diesel prices at Bt30 per liter has drawn strong objections from an industrialist and an academic economist. Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) Chairman Payungsak Chartsutipol said the government's decision to use the oil excise tax waiver to peg diesel prices might cause negative repercussions in the short run. More consumers might turn to use diesel because its price is 20 per cent lower than gasoline, which could lead to a distortion of the oil price structure. In the medium and long term, he said, the government must allow oil prices to move in accordance with the market mechanism. Tienchai Chongpeepien, an academic specializing in energy, said it is irrational for the government to waive the oil excise tax by Bt5.70 per liter to further peg the diesel prices at Bt30 per liter. The government should push up the diesel prices somewhat, he advised, perhaps to Bt31-32 per liter, to reflect actual market prices. The longer the diesel prices are kept unchanged, the more chronic the problem will become, he said. Thanawat Polwichai, Director of the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) Economic and Business Forecasting Center, said the government has failed to maintain monetary and fiscal discipline and its promise to keep the diesel prices unchanged until the end of this month. Its decision to reduce the diesel oil excise tax almost completely to further cap the diesel prices is seen only as a tactic to draw political support for the upcoming general election, he said. (MCOT online news).

Gold prices hit new high BANGKOK – Prices of gold ornaments and gold bars hit a new record high in Thailand recently due to sharp increase in global gold prices resulting from worries over continued rising oil prices and inflationary pressure in overseas, said Jitti Tangsitthiphakdi, chairman. of the Gold Traders Association. Mr Jitti said his association has announced recently a buying price of Bt20, 693.40 per baht-weight (15.16 grams) for gold ornaments, and selling price of Bt21, 500. The buying price of gold bar was at Bt21, 000 per bath-weight and the selling price at Bt21, 100 per bahtweight, he said. Gold prices in Thailand have been on the increase since Tuesday, Mr Jitti said. He said local gold prices have hit an all-time high after gold prices closed at a new record high in New York last night, closing at US $ 1,486 an ounce, up 0.9 per cent, on the Comex (Commodity Exchange) division of the New. York Mercantile Exchange, for June contracts. Prices moved between US $ 1,472.2 - 1,488.6 per ounce, which was highest during intra-day trading. Rising inflation overseas due to steady increase in oil prices stimulated prospective investors to buy gold with an aim to hedge risks. Public debt crises coupled with economic uncertainty in Euro zone were other factors to buying of gold. However, Mr Jitti admitted that gold prices which hit new high at a rapid pace could be partly a result of pure speculation by several funds and a transfer of capital to invest in gold, where prices do not fluctuate along with inflation. Most gold shops in Thailand are still closed to celebrate Songkran festival or Thailand's traditional New Year. They are expected to resume normal business operations soon.(MCOT online news).



SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011

Editorial RECENTLY, while driving on a small road just east of, and perpendicular to, the Ring Road, in Lamai (the issue of why they do not have English road names in Lamai yet has got to be the subject of another editorial as even Beijing condescended to adding them for the Olympics), we saw a large group on individual Thais pouring concrete over wire mesh to fix their own road. It was a community affair, taking place just after working hours, and while they were working hard, hauling wheelbarrows of concrete and smoothing it out, they seemed to be having fun! It was an impressive, spontaneous expression of unselfish individual acts combined into a community spirit to take care of their shared road. Although it may not have been done to road building standards approved by the government, it was an illustration of the “can do spirit” that has so impressed us after the recent flood damage. Other examples abound. A community in Bophut Hills had the copper transmission wire stolen by some jackals during their recent extended power outage, and they too, banded together to pay to get new cables installed, only to be further smacked in the face to find out that, coincidentally?, their expensive transformer was fried. Repair costs were estimated to be around 300 to 350 thousand baht, but they formed their own electric cooperative, pitched in their own money and are getting re-instituting their own private power grid. Their phone and internet lines are still laying on the dirt road, after the downing of about seven electric poles, after four weeks. No insurance claims were able to be made and the electric company would not help pay for their private grid so they had to do it on their own. The power companies, road crews, telephone repairmen, have understandably been overwhelmed by the recent unusual storms, but the response to getting some more critical infrastructure functioning again was surprising. The removal of the big rock that had fallen onto the Ring Road near Lamai, within a week after the storm, should still be classified as a modern wonder. But there is still a nagging, sick to the stomach feel about this community. Where is the government planning in all this? Why is there a remarkable response to immediate, critical infrastructure repair and then within a week or two, everything just revert back to a lax, lazy attitude of letting everyone, or some groups fend for themselves? Is anyone awake at the helm? What are we paying taxes for and how do they get appropriately allocated? Why do we go from crisis to crisis? Electric, Water shortages, roads, bridges, drainage, crime, polluted ocean? Individuals or communities have a limit to their money to repair infrastructure problems. That is why we have governments, who collect tax money so the whole island can share costs on major Turn to page 15 improvements and repairs.


Samui clean up and infrastruture, a community affair

The Royal Wedding God save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen, God save the Queen: Send her victorious, happy and glorious, Long to reign over us: God save the Queen. I hope you all stood for the British National anthem and it’s time to get your bunting out for the event of the year. Of course I am not talking about the International Body Painting festival that was held in Lamai even thought that was a special event. I really liked the style of painting and the exotic colors that were used. Some fantastic lines and brush strokes and amazing hues. That was all that I was interested in, not in the fact that the beautiful well proportioned girls were practically naked and lots of ‘em. Any old road up in the U.K the Royal Wedding is taking place on 29th April, 2011 at 11am BST. Her Majesty The Queen gave formal consent to Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s marriage. But did you know that under the Great Seal of the Realm, The Queen has to sign a notice of approval which proclaims, in transcribed calligraphy, One gives consent to the union of "Our Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, K.G. (that’s a mouthful) and Our Trusty and Well-Beloved Catherine Elizabeth Middleton". Tied to the bottom of the approval by gold braiding is a large red wax Great Seal of the Realm. The law dates back to the 18th Century when the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 was written. It declares that all descendants of King George II must obtain the Sovereign's agreement before they wed. Thankfully the "Instrument of Consent" features decorative artwork chosen by the artist to represent the groom and bride-to-be. A white lily represents St. Catherine of Siena, whose feast day falls on April 29th and with whom Miss Middleton shares her name. Beneath it is a Welsh leek surrounded by Prince William's white threepronged second in line to the throne label and a tiny red escallop from the Spencer family Arms. There is also a red dragon - the heraldic symbol of Wales, the UK's floral emblems the rose, thistle and shamrock - and the Garter belt, Prince William's blue and gold Order of the Garter belt, as well as a large gold E for Elizabeth. The Queen's signature "Elizabeth R" can be seen at the top right of the Instrument of Consent, which is dated "the ninth day of February Two Thousand and Eleven in the Sixtieth year of Our Reign". It was signed "by The Queen herself with her own hand" at a Privy Council meeting after the Monarch made a formal Declaration of Consent. It reads: "NOW KNOW YE that we have consented and do by these Presents signify Our Consent to the contracting of Matrimony between Our Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales K.G. and Our Trusty and Well-beloved Catherine Elizabeth Middleton." So all the bridezillas out there will be wanting a wedding to match this one, well if so they better have a very large purse from which to pay for it all. Turn to page 11

Samui Gazette

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SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


Rambles On. . . From Page 10

THE WALKER Des Gillet Des Gillet is a British expat and a long time resident of Lamai who seems to hate riding a motorbike and is definitely a staunch advocate of no smoking on the island.

Damage on Samui’s hills IN early January this year, a group of us did our regular Wednesday walk over the hills from Lamai. On this occasion, we went over the "valley track" and down to Maenam, Soi 1. I have written about this walk earlier, saying that the chief engineer told one of us in our group that they expected to complete the new road from the top of the valley down to Soi 1 in the next five months. As the road was opened in early March, three months prior to the projected date, it could leave one to believe that perhaps a few corners were cut, if you will excuse the pun? In that article I quoted - "When we get another monsoon season, similar to the one we've just experienced, the roads will all have big problems, especially the valley road down to Maenam Soi 1- referring to the next rainy season in November. I didn't expect my predictions to come true quite so soon. My fellow walker, Tom Searle, took a few of his "Amy Village" guests, over the hill in his 4WD on the morning of March 28th, his was probably one of the last few vehicles to negotiate this road because the big storm came shortly afterwards on that same day and the damage it caused was immense. The drains just couldn't cope with the incredible volume of water which Mother Nature decided to dump on the island, a lot of the drains were washed away and some parts of the road were destroyed, making it impassable, except for walkers and perhaps good motorcyclists. In the media, you have seen many photos of the destruction in the towns but we have taken many more of the damage in the hills and these can be seen on our web site: . Last April 13, we went up to the top of the valley and then turned left to go over the traverse towards the new temple on the top of the hill called Tephangkorn. There were trees down everywhere and many landslides, it was a mess, with many landslides, trees lying across the tracks (or what was left of it) and I believe that the authorities eventually had plans to lay concrete here as well. When we previously walked this track, we passed a group of workers who were laying concrete on a 100 meter stretch of hill, I think they were from Burma so we couldn't have a conversation with them, so we just said hello and carried on. I said to my friends "that concrete won't last five minutes when the rains come." It didn't! Let's face it, the hill tracks on Koh Samui are far too steep, in certain places, to even think about laying concrete, so why are they continuing to do it? Surely, the massive amounts of money being spent on these hill roads would be better spent on relaying the drainage systems in order to stop the regular flooding in certain areas of the island. Recently, myself and two friends did the walk from Lamai to Nathon, near the temple, in three hours and five minutes, in preparation for our attempt to do the whole ring road in less than nine hours. We saw some of the damage done by the floods to many houses along the road, very sad. Witnessing some of the damage done on the hills, it almost seems as though Mother Nature is venting her anger at the fact that all this concrete is being laid on Her beautiful hills.

This Royal wedding is expected to cost up to, depending on who you ask, anything between 30 and 80 million pounds. That’s a lot of stamps to sell. So lucky that the Royal Mail has launched a special sheet of stamps to celebrate the forthcoming Royal wedding and you know there will be plenty of commemorative plates and mugs to remember this great British wedding. I think I still have a mug from Charles and Di’s wedding somewhere. I am still waiting for my invitation maybe it got lost in the Thai postal system so I will not hold my breath and I think I might be a bit busy to attend anyway. Do you think that there will there be the every present family fight between Uncle Billy and Cousin Joe. The embarrassing best mans speech and then when the father of the bride gets up and dances enough to really embarrass his son and new bride. I have read that the happy couple has taken a long time in choosing the music for the party. I wonder if they have the same as most weddings I attend “Come on Eileen” “Y.M.C.A” and not forgetting “I will always love you” and all of ABBA’s greatest hits. Who will be the mix master for their day? It must be one of the hottest gigs for any wedding singer or DJ, will it be a modern DJ such as LTJ Bukem, Roger Sanchez and Andy Vier or an old schooler like Tony Blackburn or Terry Wogan. That reminds me of an interesting piece of trivia I heard the other day. Did you know that the first DJ credited for being the innovator of playing two turntables at once so they could have continuous music playing? Well it was way back in 1943 when he played jazz records on his two turntables. It was the one and only Sir Jimmy Saville. Well from small acorns grow large oak trees. Thanks to the innovative forward thinking of this jewelry wearing cigar smoking white haired funky old man we have the party scene that we have today. Any way I digress I send my best wishes to the happy couple and hope they have a great day I will be attending a party we are having in honor of my future King and Queen and toasting the happy couple. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.

ICT ministry draft. . . From Page 8 Achavanunkul, committee member of Thai Citizen Network, questioned the claim about public hearings. She said she

had learned that the ministry only called in a group of Internet service providers on March 28 to comment on the draft. There are between 16 million to 17 million Internet users in the country. Currently the 2007 Computer Crime Act is still in effect. Sarinee said the current act has a problem with enforcement but it is not necessary to have a new law to solve this inadequacy. She said the solution lay in the ministry increasing the knowledge of relevant state officials, especially technical knowledge in handling cyber-crime.



SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011






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SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


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On the Island

SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


10 Rules of the Road

By PATRICK ROXAS IN a perfect internet world, people would be taking advantage of this amazing technological advancement and we would just be happily sending and receiving emails and messages, connecting with people that matter in our lives and uploading and downloading cyber stuff and the likes for business and personal convenience. However, since we do not live in a perfect internet world and its portals are full of people wanting to take advantage of others who are either naïve, gullible or would easily succumb to temptation or greed, what we have now is an internet highway where on every corner seems to lurk somebody ready to prey on hapless individuals making the mistake of just replying to or opening an innocent-looking email or message. I love the internet, as a journalist for more than two decades, I personally saw how the advent of the Internet Age, provided humanity with much ease, comfort and convenience in keeping pace with this rapidly changing world. Journalists for one, experienced the benefit of being able to do their jobs even if they are across the globe from where the event or news has happened, through the power of the internet. The emergence and proliferation of social networking sites has also enabled us to connect with the current people in our lives more closely and more frequently, reconnect with those who have been part of our memorable past and initiate connection with those who may become valuable (could even be cherished) acquaintances in the future. The downside of it, however, is that unscrupulous people also use the internet to do fraud, scams, steal identities, engage in malicious mischief, etc. This downside of the internet has recently caught up on me and put me in a very awkward and embarrassing situation. Very recently, a new friend, an Australian doctor whom I met here while he was visiting a lady who has chosen to reside in Samui, sent me a

strange email. He said he is not interested in a dating site I recommended to him. I have been told that this guy has been courting my friend for years, is so serious about her, and has been chasing her from Australia to Singapore and up to here in Samui. For me to be even suggesting a dating site to him who seems so dedicatedly and devotedly in love, is just so illogical. Just days after that, a high school batchmate, who now happens to be happily married and living in the United States and whom I only managed to get reconnected again through our high school class reunion and Facebook , sent me an email asking if I was really the one who sent an email to her. Poor me it was the same dating site again inviting her to be my friend using my email address. Embarassing. The worst scenario happened on April 19 when I got a call from a woman asking where the location of our publication office is and requesting we meet the following day at 5pm. We have never met before although she has called me previously and told me she is connected to a respected group on the island whose charitable activities I always support in my own small way. I accommodated her request then to publish an emailed press release and her own personal piece she wanted us to publish as well. When we finally met and I

asked what the meeting was about, she said two things; first, she cited a minor mistake in the published press release - our omission of “@” in the email address which I found out was indeed omitted in the published article. All we did on that part of the press release was simply

copy and paste and I had a false sense of security everything was A ok. I discovered later after checking the cause of omission that the font we used (Poynter TextRomanOne) in that article do not have the symbol“@”. Anyway, yes, we made a mistake there, it was indeed wrong and I apologized. But she was still mad and said we should have published the press release as she has written it. Her statement really surprised me. It was a press release, supposedly it is at our discretion to even use it or not and here she was demanding it should have been published as she has sent it. I tried to be calm and explained to her that if we decide to use a press release, we have to convert it to news format or an advertorial as it is not an advertising copy that people or businesses pay publications in order to be published. She became quiet after that and then I asked “So what is the other thing?” and I was taken aback when she, with a hint of anger, replied that I sent her an email and somehow has an intention to date her. I quickly replied with a big no, that I never did anything like that but she didn’t believe and she was so sure, insisting her evidence was my email address that was the source of that email. Then she started talking about how she was so angry at what “I did” and that I abused my position in the paper and that I was a stupid person to do such a thing to her. I was really shocked at how she overreacted over such matter but still managed to explain in a calm voice there must be some people who sent it to her using my email to recruit members to their site. No, she would have none of it, kept on insisting it was my email address that was used so I was the one who

1.Guard your privacy. What people know about you is up to you. 2.Protect your reputation. Self-reflect before you selfreveal. What’s funny or edgy today could cost you tomorrow. 3.Think before you post. Anything you say or do can be copied, pasted and sent to gazillions of people without your permission.

digital pages and profiles. 6.Watch the clock. A virtual hug never matches a real one. Balance your life. 7.Choose wisely. Not all content is appropriate. You know what we mean. 8.Stand behind your actions. Be upfront and stand behind what you say online. Be trustworthy and responsible.

4.Assume everyone is watching. There’s a huge vast audience out there. If they are your friend’s friend, they can see everything.

9.Think about what you see. There’s lots of important content on the Internet, but just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s true.

5.Post mindfully. Avoid photos, text and comments that you wouldn’t want to see on your own

10.Be smart, be safe. Not everyone is who they say they are. But you know that. (Source: Common Sense Media)

sent it and that she was so mad and so upset that I thought of such a thing and told me as a consequence of “what I did,” she will never read the Samui Gazette anymore, will never contribute to this paper despite having a stock of recently-written good articles and will ask her group to assign somebody else to deal with their press releases with us. I told her definitely I did not do it but I can understand if she’s upset and mad at receiving such unwanted emails but again tried to explain how it happens that third parties at times can easily get access to a person’s information on the internet and use it for their own selfish interests. She was quiet for a moment and then said there was nothing more to talk about but assured me members of her group would know of what “I did”. I am sad that some people can just burn bridges on mere suspicion or other people’s honest mistake but fine, our lives must and will go on. And let me set the record straight here. I am not even a member of that dating site that appears to have used my email address and made its way into her inbox and at least two others in my contact list. Why was it able to use my email address and my con-

tact list? I was also a recipient of a similar invitation sometime ago coming from a friend I have known for a long time and have lost communication since after graduation from high school. It was just one of so many unsolicited emails from so many social networking sites and whatever other websites that managed to sneak into my inbox every now and then enticing me to join, to become a member, to subscribe, etc. and as almost always, the nosy journalist in me is curious and I remember having clicked yes on that one but I never filled forms to become a member and never used that dating site for even once. I am concerned now how many people in my contact list this dating site may have sent that kind of email as well and this is what compelled me to write this piece - in the hope that if there are still those that did not do the smart and proper thing to do in such instances - simply ignore or delete the email, I can explain my side. This experience made me realize how much we really have to be careful in using the internet and giving away information. I also found out how at times some people can be so inadequate or lacking in common sense in dealing with these things. Never mind. They’re just internet blues.

Island News


SAMUI GAZETTE |April 29 - May 12, 2011

Teardrops in Siam

Letter To The Editor No to second airport


As a long term resident of Samui (12 years) I feel I must reply to Mark D’ Alby’s article in the last issue of the Gazette. Whilst I agree with his views on Bangkok’s Boutique (Always substitute boutique with EXPENSIVE) Airways, I strongly disagree with his solution of the building of a second airport. We have got to this point because of the following mistakes: First big mistake was made by the Thai Government allowing the building and owning of a private airport on Samui .Didn’t anyone in the government foresee the future potential of this island. Second mistake was the uncontrollable development of the island with NO apparent planning for the future and total disregard of the infrastructure which in any successful development go hand in hand. I understand that in the past that tax revenues mainly went to Surat Thani, I am sure we have all seen the road improvements on our travels to Surat Thani. Whereas on Samui after all this time we still don’t have a proper constructed road, you cannot call the half tarmacked ring road which consists of broken concrete laid on a sand base with 5 mm steel mesh, and then 150mm of concrete, topped off on half the ring road with 25mm of tarmac, which gets washed away in places due to the floods, this is not a road to meet the amount of traffic that it has to cope with. Third mistake the construction of all these extra hotel rooms knowing that the airport capacity is nowhere sufficient to meet their requirements. So it is no good saying you have reached a crisis point, the company’s that gave the go ahead for all these extra rooms to be built have created the problem themselves. Also the planning authority should not have allowed any development to take place without the necessary improvements of the infrastructure. So this would be a good time to suspend any future development say for 5 years or until the issue with Bangkok Airways is resolved, at least it would give the authorities time to catch up on the much needed infrastructure. So because of this, the call is for the Thai government to invest in a second airport, which is just about the craziest idea of all to have a second airport on this small island. Instead of wasting time and your energies on a second airport, direct them and help our present mayor, campaign for more investment on the infrastructure for the island’s and let’s have a controlled development. It must be noted that NO mention of the effect of a second airport would have on the infrastructure, as long as the rooms are filled, isn’t there anyone with the power & authority to care about this once beautiful island, instead of making short term gains and in doing so destroying the long term future of this island. By all means carry on with the pressure to the development of the present airport which is the obvious way forward. I question whether all tourists realize the cost of the flights to the island, epically with package holidays, and as for those that can afford to stay in the 5 star hotels the cost of their flight I am sure does not deter them. I myself find Bangkok Airways expensive and above all greedy the resident card is just about useless except for extra baggage allowance, and used as an ID card, they could quite easily give the 20% discount of ALL flights including promotional ones, and I am sure there would be no loss of income because I and many residents would sooner fly than use the train or Surat Thani airport. What I find hard to understand is the logic behind the many decisions that are made on Samui, first of all why when Bangkok Airways upgraded the airport why they didn’t develop the other side of the runway and build a road straight into Bang Rak, instead having to wind our way to the airport on the back roads. Why is it when you see a row of completed empty shop houses all been up for rent for many months, then next door they build another row of shop houses. Also there is the many empty bars that have been built and never opened, I must mention the number of 7/11, Family Marts and Fresh Marts all going for the Guinness Book of records. Then you hear about successful businesses that fold because the land lord puts the rent up because you are doing well. Then finds he has an empty property so puts the rent up again to make up for loss of income. You may wonder about my last few comments has to do with the main topic of a second airport, it has everything to do with it, the Thai business logic appears to run from top to bottom, and takes no account of the effects of their decision making. I will finish off by quoting Cree Indian Prophecy which is very apt to this island. ONLY AFTER THE LAST TREE HAS BEEN CUT DOWN ONLY AFTER THE LAST RIVER HAS BEEN POISONED ONLY AFTER THE LAST FISH HAS BEEN CAUGHT ONLY THEN YOU WILL REALISE MONEY CANNOT BE EATEN Brian Thong Krut

Editorial... From Page 10 But barring a miracle in reorganization on this island, it still seems we are often, and will continue to be, on our own. The only response can be to adopt the community spirit; adopt unselfish

attitudes; participate in group initiatives to fix things that the government does not have the will, or resources to do. Three recent examples of community involvement are notable. Samui Mala, a community group is sponsoring a clean-up drive to

clean up the local beaches. The Rotary Club is setting up a fund to contribute to future emergencies, and recently the Secret Chef Society collected over Bt25,000 from a raffle at their recent 5th party at Rocky’s. And our power is off, again.


Thailand and Koh Samui in particular, often get branded as the Sex Capital of the world. This is entirely unjustified! A disproportionate number of Thai girls are extremely beautiful and attract notice from all corners of the globe! The Thais are just far more open about issues concerning sex, and many girls, especially those in the countryside are brought up in a culture which aims to please men. The men concerned, in turn, are frequently unfaithful, and do not feel that they have to contribute to any maintenance or accept any responsibility for any children they have fathered. It is no wonder then, that many Thai girls look elsewhere and aim to contact a farang, often misguidedly, with a view to take them out of their dilemma, and be able to exercise naam-jai and send back money every month to their parents, to whom they feel they owe not only allegiance and respect, but a duty to look after them financially even if from a distance. 'Teardrops in Siam' is a new book which is in the process of being written, not only in English, but in Thai as well, and hopefully might be made into a film next year. It tells of the sad and emotive story of a Thai girl in Chaweng who has come to Samui from Isan and has to face a barrage of cross cultural differences in a totally new life. She is lured by the bright lights first in Bangkok, then eventually comes to Samui. Called Sarapee, she comes to the notice of the author, when she was nearly run over in the rush hour going into Chaweng, by kneeling in the road and praying, whilst the traffic screeched to a halt around her. She took her time, and offered all her takings to the monks, who sensibly were standing on the pavement out of harm's way. She then had nothing to send home, and would have to work doubly hard at her job in the massage parlour - sometimes offering solely massage for what she regarded as a pittance, and sometimes 'extras' which at least she felt was justified, as it was the only way she could earn enough money to send home. The ends justified the means. She could even square that with her religion, and she certainly is very religious, caring very much for the plight of others, and never feeling that her siblings should contribute more than a pittance to their parents each month. They are happy to accept her role as the provider, and shield their parents as to the true nature of her income. The book traces her life and events, highs and lows, and straddles many fascinating questions, some with answers, some not. The story has a somewhat tragic ending, but all the events are real and could have taken place in any of several cities in Thailand. The excellent book, 'Thailand Fever' by Chris Pirozzi and Vitida Vasant, explains the ethos behind naam-jai in a fluent yet easy to understand way. The book, written in both English and Thai on opposing pages, is a must for anyone wanting to delve into the complexities of cross cultural differences and complications, and ought to be read by any farang aspiring to have a Thai girlfriend, and by any Thai girl even considering seeking out a farang. If this book had been read by Sarapee in 'Teardrops in Siam', it is more than possible that the ending would have been very different, not only for Sarapee, but for the many, many Thai girls and farangs who might find themselves in a similar situation!



SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011

Top notch alcohol and drug rehab center in Samui

When grown-ups come out to play Rosanne Turner has recently relocated to Koh Samui from Africa, and is relishing the adventure. She is a trainer at Island TEFL, as well as being a travel writer for several international publications. Share Rosanne’s discoveries of all things Eastern, curious and extraordinary. ALTHOUGH I have been to Thailand several times on holiday before moving here, this was my first experience of Songkran. I knew it would be fun, but I didn’t know quite what to expect. Speaking to some expats who have been here for years, I got two different takes on the occasion. Some were well-prepared, and stocked up on water-dispensing weapons, and others groaned at the thought, finding the whole idea a drag, preferring to stay in bed for the day. My family and I decided to completely immerse ourselves into the mind thought and spirit of things, and make our first Songkran one to remember, after all, as the saying goes, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them!’ Our day started at 9:30am, when most respectable adults (well those without primary school going children) are still enjoying their first morning cup of caffeine while reading the paper and picking on a buttery croissant, and wondering what to do with their day. Joining some friends, we piled the children and a few moms and dads into the back of a pick up. Two large barrels of water and a large assortment of ‘weapons’ and we were ready for some action. Our army consisted of five children ranging from three to seven years old – an easy target for the serious Songkraners. We headed out from Big C, and within metres, I was soaking wet. After this initiation, I soon got into the swing of things and joined the kids in firing at targets. Nobody escaped our fire. It’s amazing how easily one can regress to childhood, when it is acceptable to do so. Songkran really gives you the opportunity to let go and just have fun. The route of our war path took us along the ring road, down past Fishermans village and Bang Rak, past Choeng Mon, and towards Chaweng. Getting baptised with buckets of water over the head didn’t seem so bad; after all, we are heading into hot season. Chaweng is where the serious Songkraners hang out. There they mean business. Entering Chaweng, I got my first dousing of ice water. Not nice. The combination of brain freeze and your body going into shock was a rude awakening that some people meant business - game on! When the younger children had had enough, we parted ways, and joined other friends at a bar in Bang Rak. By this stage, the action was in full swing, and the streets resembled the floods again. You would think that after the recent floods, Samui would be sick of water, but evidently not. We positioned ourselves, stocked up on weapons, and joined locals, expats and tourists alike in the world’s biggest water fight. Nobody escaped our aim, but when you are the frontline in a war, you are also an easy target. No matter how many buckets of ice water you become the target of, you never quite get used to it. When the battle is not going your way, it’s time to change tactics. A phone call and delivery truck later, and our water barrels were loaded with 20kg blocks of ice. Now we were ready to play with the big boys. The look on someone’s face is priceless when they are expecting a splash of balmy water, and they get an arctic surprise. Their bodies tense up, stomachs suck in and the look of horror on their faces is priceless. Most people take it in their stride after all, all is fair in love and war. I don’t speak Russian, but one tourist let out a string of words accompanied by a hand gesture, that I don’t think was considered polite Russian. Songkran was by far the best New Year experience I have ever had, and alcohol did not play a big part of the picture – there wasn’t time to drink, we were too busy having fun and defending ourselves from icy hails of fire. Thinking back, I don’t think the concept of Songkran would work in any other country. The Thai’s fun and chilled approach to life meant that no one got upset, everyone got involved and everyone was fair game. Those that had to work on the day, just donned a raincoat and umbrella, and smiled as they made their way through the gauntlet to work. The fact that everyone, even little old ladies, joined in, is what makes the festival work. All in good spirit, and after all, we all like to be a big kid sometimes, whether we admit it or not.

“Infinite Horizons” is a luxury “rehab” center slated to open on Samui on May 1st. The property itself sits perched on the side of a hill in the south west corner of the island. The sunset coast is a far cry from the rowdy bustle of Chaweng or even Lamai. In this corner, off the ring road, life becomes much more tranquil and takes on the tone of rural mainland Thailand. Quiet villages nestle beside the sea and acres of coconut trees sprawl upwards to hills that give way to small mountains. Infinite Horizons perches at the top of a steep road on one of those hill sides. The property itself is decidedly five star. It comprises 9,600 square meters of tasteful luxury nestling beside an infinity swimming pool that affords unbroken views out to sea and the five islands beyond. On a clear day it is easy to see the mainland shimmering in the distance. There are six accommodation types and clients stay in suites that vary from 51 to 161 square meters in size. All rooms face west, affording breathtaking sunset views which can be enjoyed from the privacy of their very own private terraces. Coming to Samui to kick the habit of drugs or alcohol will certainly be a comfortable experience. The program’s creators have decided to limit the number of “guests’ to a maximum of eight at any one time. This makes for an intimate, family sizes community where the client to staff ratio is 2:1. This ideally small number gives rise to caring and personalized treatment programs. These programs have been carefully designed according to clinical research. They are at the cutting edge of modern clinical practice. As a result the “Center” is able to offer more intensive individual and group psychotherapy than is the usual case. Infinite Horizons is also offering complementary therapies which include luxury spa treatments, yoga, nutritional counseling and natural medicine as well as innovative holistic treatments that have never been seen in a ‘rehab facility’ anywhere in the world. However luxurious the surroundings which are probably unsurpassed anywhere else, it is necessary in order for the project to succeed,

to have a professional staff who which is both skilled and dedicated . The creator of this project is the marketing brains behind the venture. He was fortunate to recruit clinical social worker Ian Lyons who has a lot of experience in running “rehab” programs in the United States and elsewhere, including Thailand. The “falang” group are ably assisted by Thai Doctors and nurses, a management team, a yoga teacher and Spa therapists who have all come together to

provide one of the most outstanding rehabilitation programs available not only in Thailand but elsewhere, too! When you consider the price of a rehab program in the UK’s “Priory Clinic” franchise, you will find that coming to Samui works out a fraction of the cost. The treatment s are arranged in three programs starting with a 28 day “Detox”. For those in need of a little more assistance there are also 45 and 90 day programs. All programs, besides offering individual and group sessions also have the invaluable component of A.A meetings several times per week. Whether these meetings are going to be open to the general public remains to be seen. Admissions to the facility are handled through the Bangkok Office, where all emails are seen and then answered by an experienced addiction’s counselor. The reply is confidential and leads to a telephone interview. Once clarity is established secure booking with confirmed dates can be made and treatment can thus begin easily. On the website there is a short self-assessment questionnaire. This will help the individual determine what his or her needs are and give some indication of the most desirable program length. However, you will still need to undertake the telephone interview before a secure booking can be made. To find out more about Infinite Horizons see their website


SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


Health tourism in Koh Samui

How to get a good night's sleep IT’S a fact, getting a good night's sleep is the elixir of good health. After refreshing, deep sleep, you are ready to bounce out of bed for a day full of vitality, feeling emotionally charged, as well as physically. If you are not getting the quantity (or quality) of sleep that you need, you will feel run down, de-energised and emotionally imbalanced. Let's have a closer look. ake your bedroom your haven There are many reasons why you may not be getting the sleep you need. The first thing to do is to make your bedroom sleep friendly! •Use soothing lighting and ensure the room is quiet. If barking dogs or noisy street sounds keep you awake, get some quality ear plugs or use a white noise generator, which aids sleep whilst blocking out other noises. •Get a decent pillow! This might seem obvious, yet many people do not have one. An ergonomic pillow can make all the difference. •Take all electrical goods away from the bedroom. T.Vs, mobile phones, clock radios, can all disturb your sleep further due to the electro-magnetic radiation they emit. Foods to help you sleep •Avoid sugary foods and refined carbohydrates. These will result in a sugar low during the night, contributing to (and sometimes the cause of) insomnia. Instead eat a whole food diet packed with healthy, slow-release carbohydrates such as vegetables, beans, lentil and brown rice, for steady blood sugar balance. Quality carbohydrates cause a serotonin boost. •Eat foods that promote serotonin production for a restful sleep. Bananas, cashews, turkey are rich in tryptophan which, when combined with quality carbohydrates like like rye bread or oats, will aid sleep. •Eat a light dinner before 8pm to encourage effective digestion before bed. •Cut out the coffee. If you still wish to drink a cup a day, have it in the morning. Afternoon caffeine hits will not help you if you have restless nights. •Drink relaxing herbal teas before bed. Try chamomile, passionflower or Yogi blend “sleep teas”. Wind yourself down •Start relaxing a couple of hours before bed to “wind down” the system. Avoid stimulating movies, crime novels and loud music. Television stimulates the mind, not relaxes it. •Soak in a warm bath with essential oil of lavender to aid restful sleep and to relax the muscles.

(Part three) By CHRIZ HERTZOG (contributor)

•Listen to relaxing music. Check your stress •Keep your stress in check. If you often lay in bed at night worrying about stresses and strains of the day, you may wish to consider some stress management therapy. This could take the form of counseling or life coaching for example, or learning techniques to help you deal with your stresses such as breathing exercises, yoga, meditation or relaxation techniques. •Learn effective time-management skills to avoid late night “mind racing”, which often occurs when you simply have too much to do. Encourage proper relaxation •Exercise each day, even if it's just a brisk walk, a light swim, or extra activities such as housework or gardening. Exercise promotes better sleep, but be sure not to do your exercise in the evening as this will not get you relaxed and ready for bed. In the evening gentle exercise such as yoga may be beneficial to aid relaxation and to calm a busy mind. •Visualisation for restful sleep. This can be an effective tool in the fight against insomnia. Yogis use a technique of consciously relaxing each body part, starting at the toes and working up through the body. The technique involves tensing each area and then consciously relaxing it. Nature knows best Once you have begun to avoid anything that stifles good sleep and to introduce healthy habits that promote sleep, start observing the rhythms of nature. Establishing a regular, consistent sleep pattern will help to get the body's natural wake-sleep rhythm back into balance. The circadian rhythm of our bodies follows that of nature - when it gets dark, we sleep, when the sun rises, we wake. Getting to bed before midnight, preferably between 10 and 11pm, can help. If that's not possible in your lifestyle, try to maintain regularity of sleeping and waking. In general, most people need 8 hours sleep per night, however no one glove fits all, so finding out what works for you is crucial. Be patient with yourself and know that when a problem arises in your life and something feels out of balance, it's an opportunity for personal growth and improvement. Your body is constantly communicating with you. Stop and listen to its messages. Relax, take stock, breathe and enjoy the process.

I am now able to report back in greater detail, as the first results of cosmetic surgery carried out three weeks ago on Samui, are now visible for all to see. The first patients to arrive on Samui for major cosmetic procedures, included two operations for raising eyelids - both upper and lower -(blepharoplasty), and one for breast implantation. Silicon implants are favored on Samui, rather than saline, as the latter have on occasions, gives rise to some problems. On arrival, the patient undergoes a detailed assessment, when all aspects of the procedure are explained fully by the surgeon, regardless of whether it involves, liposuction, facelifts, remodeling of the abdomen or even insertion of a gastric band, for which there is a specialist team on hand. Surgery is recommended as soon as possible after assessment, in order to allow the maximum time for after-care, bearing in mind that the patient may have planned to return back to Europe after as short a stay as 10 days, though a minimum of two weeks or more is normally recommended. After-care is taken very seriously, and must be the prime source of worry for a patient who has travelled thousands of miles, to undergo surgery in a foreign country. With one patient, there was a very slight infection on the chest, but this was dealt with efficiently and effectively. The price quoted beforehand was adhered to, and the only extra encountered was a comparatively small bill for some extra medicines involved during the after-care period, which would naturally vary from patient to patient. In the case of the two blepharoplasty operations, there were no extra charges at all. The other major decision to be taken by the patient, is where the surgery should take place. Obviously, the competence and skill of the surgeon, is paramount. If he carries out the operation in the government hospital in Nathon, it will be less expensive than at the Bangkok Hospital in Chaweng. Nathon may be a little more basic, as it is a public hospital, but for many procedures, an overnight stay is not required, but where a stay is necessary, large airy VIP private rooms are viable, where the nursing care is constantly on hand, day and night. After discharge, there will be at least a couple or more visits and check-ups, dressings changed, stitches removed, and constant monitoring, up to and even including the day of departure back home. This is most important, and should put the mind of even the most intense worrier, at ease. Patients' comments Superb results, extremely satisfied customers, very happy with their after-care, and they are now returning to Europe, rested and sun-tanned. What after discharge from hospital? Most patients would want to recuperate somewhere quiet, and generally speaking, I would not recommend Chaweng or Lamai. The coasts at the west and north of the island are generally the quietest and least spoilt, and there are many gems that this writer has experienced, ranging from the luxury Samui Orchid resort near the Tiger Zoo - you can even cuddle a 7-year old tiger there, and have your picture taken. To Big John near Lipa Noi and Nikki Beach, with its excellent restaurant under new management, or to good value at Samui Mermaid on Big Buddha Beach, though blighted by aircraft overhead constantly taking off and landing from the nearby airport. A new gem to the scene in the last four years is Samui Pier, with beautiful open plan rooms, set in a tranquil location between two rickety piers, but with excellent access to all rooms, all facing the sea, with no steps either from the road, or down to the beach itself, so it especially accessible for any handicapped or wheelchair users. As one patient remarked, herself an elderly doctor, “'I may not be able to walk, but I can still swim, so find me a place where I can get into the sea as easily as possible.' Samui Pier is the answer! Overall rating by patients for surgery and cosmetic procedures in Samui - 10/10!



SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011

A gastronomic experience at

Centara’s Palm Grove By ROSANNE TURNER

A DECISION to eat out can be a bit of a dilemma: do you go to an old favourite, where you know the food is good and know what to expect, or do you take a gamble, and try somewhere new? When you try somewhere new, you risk the chance of being disappointed, wishing you had gone back to your old favourite, but, you could also be pleasantly surprised, and discover a new dining gem to add to your list of preferred dining excursions. I am pleased to announce that I have a new addition to my list of restaurants, the Palm Grove Restaurant at the Centara Grand Beach Resort. During an entertaining conversation with executive chef Peter Held, I was privi-

leged to sample some fine food off the international menu. My meal started with a Caprese salad. This simple salad is all about the ingredients, and this one contained Buffalo mozzarella, sweet tomatoes, homemade pesto, and to top it off, perfectly creamy avocado. Good avocadoes are hard to come by on the island, but Peter revealed his secret – he imports them. Even the complimentary bread took on a different spin, and had thought put into it. We were presented with a selection of homemade breads, including crisp bread, soft rolls straight from the oven, and breadsticks, accompanied by garlicky hummus and an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. I had to remind myself to

save space for the main course. Over lunch, Peter and I chatted and it is clear that food is his passion. To encourage this same passion in his chefs, Peter has introduced the ‘Battle of the Chefs’. This is an internal competition held monthly, between all the chefs at the Centara Grand Beach Resort. The competition takes on a similar form to the TV shows of Master Chef or Hells Kitchen. Peter presents his chefs with a list of specific ingredients, and they may use their creativity to come up with a dish of their choice. There are no boundaries or limits to what they can do, and they do not have to stick to their genre of cooking. The Thai chefs may cook international food

Avocado tower with deep fried pumpkin carrot pearls and vice versa, or a combination of both to create a fusion dish. The winning dishes appear on the menu as specials for the month. Each month the theme of these cook-offs is different, be it vegetarian or soft shell crab. Peter can be commended for introducing this event. Being a chef is a creative field, but often young chefs have their creativity stifled, being limited to cooking what is on the menu. This competition keeps them inspired, and at the same time creates interesting variety for regular customers. Deciding on a main course was difficult. The menu is well structured, and you are guaranteed to find something to suit all tastes and whims. There are choices with a Mediterranean focus, a Spice Island section with an Asian focus, lighter sandwiches, snacks, soups and salads, as well as healthy options from the Spa menu. I decided on the Risotto Porcini - Italian Arborio rice with porcini mushrooms and parmesan. Risotto is a good judge of a kitchen’s capabilities. Although it is a simple dish, an inexperienced cook will turn fine ingredients into a sticky glob of heavy glue. This was not the case with my risotto, packed full of mushrooms to create a rich earthy taste, creamy but not heavy, and topped with coriander and

tangy parmesan cheese. My fellow diners chose from other sections of the menu: a Centara Chef Selection (Crispy iceberg and romaine lettuce with cherry tomatoes, eggs, onions, bell pepper, Alp cheese, smoked chicken, Honey BBQ ham, pineapple and fresh grilled bacon), Zanzibar (Pita bread with smoked chicken breast, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes and hummus) and from the Spa Menu, fresh chilli seared salmon with mango salsa; which proved that healthy does not mean boring! The dessert menu will satisfy the sweetest tooth, with the Palm Grove’s signature sweet being the Coconut Pie, made with young coconuts and following their award-winning recipe – a fitting dessert to have on the island of coconuts. Other options include Traditional Tiramisu, Black and White Chocolate Mousse, Mixed Rum Berries and Sago Pearls, and for the health conscious, a platter of fresh Thai fruits. The wine list offers a vast selection of wines from around the world, including South Africa, which I was pleased to see! The Palm Grove restaurant offers themed dining buffet evenings including an Italian buffet, a Japanese buffet and two different Thai buffets,

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On The Island

SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


Can we blame the Little Girl for all the floods? WHY available do we care about La Nina, or El Nino?” In short, its really the only reliable clue that meteorologists have to predict temperature and precipitation patterns months and seasons in advance. Meteorologist Erik Noble weighs in. “Hey La Nina, why all the floods?” Uh oh, when geekspeak becomes mainstream, you know the nerds have a hot topic on their hands. You might think I’m talking about this year’s Oscar-nominated movie about Face Book, “The Social Network,” where nerds write computer programs while throwing back shots of Tequila. Not quite. I am actually referring to meteorology. With the heavy rains and flooding Koh Samui has experienced these past few weeks and words “La Nina” or “the La Nina phenomenon” getting thrown around in mainstream media these days as much as Charlie Sheen’s rants, regular folks are scrambling to hone their weather skills in hopes of understanding “The Little Girl” and what she has in store for them. As a meteorologist and lover of all things weather, I’m here to turn the geek-speak into island information. To save you most of the suspense, here is the conclusion right up-front: If you live in Koh Samui, you will experience higher than “average” rainfall. But since La Nina impacts are felt most during the winter, the extreme wet weather will taper off in May. During El Nino years, the opposite happens. Don’t worry; there are more details in a bit. You might be thinking, “Why do we care about La Nina, or El Nino?” In short, it’s really the only reliable clue that meteorologists have to predict temperature and precipitation patterns months and seasons in advance. El Nino, or the El Nino Southern Oscillation

(ENSO), is a fancy name for describing the change of water temperature in the Pacific Ocean, roughly between the islands of Southeast Asia and Peru. Some years the water temperature in the region is warmer than normal and this is called an El Nino (or The Little Boy”). Other years, like 2011, the water temperature is colder than normal and this is called, “La Nina” (or “The Little Girl.”). During most years, water temperature is close to average that it is neither and El Nino or La Nina, so we get nothing or “La Nada.” El Nino (La Nina) was originally recognized by Peruvian fisherman as the appearance of unusually warm (cold) water in the Pacific Ocean that occurred around Christmas. Today, meteorologists recognize that these two ocean phenomenon influence climates all over the world. The ocean and the atmosphere are completely linked together. Thus, a small change in the Pacific’s water temperature can alter air currents and produce different atmospheric conditions thousands of miles away and many months into the future. When meteorologists examine previous years with La Nina or El Nino, weather patterns emerge, and we use this knowledge of the past to infer what is going to happen in the future. This is why, in the absence of a La Nina or El Nino, it is impossible to predict rain and temperature patterns months or seasons in advance. Lucky for us, we knew La Nina was revisiting us this winter. You might also be thinking, “Why weren’t we warned about these extreme rainevents if meteorologists knew they were going to happen?” Well, first, a warning was given nine months ago. The World Meteorological Organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, re-

leased a statement on July 10, 2010, stating that they detected the early signs of La Nina from cooling ocean temperatures. The Little Girl not only came back to Koh Samui, she pounded us with her fury; floods occurred, telephone poles fell, residents lost power for weeks. Second, although a La Nina event can help improve forecasts months in advance, its influence only explains about 25% of the rainfall variability during the Thai wet season. La Nina occurs every 2 to 4 years, whereas extreme rains happen every year. The last strong La Nina was 2007-2008 but floods did not occur. This means that La Nina cannot be used to forecast a flood tomorrow. So what is the take home lesson here? Perhaps the correct question to ask is, “Why are we not better prepared?” A forecast is only helpful when there is a system or framework in place, however small, that can adapt to a wetter (or drier) than normal year. Of course, one or two big storms can mean the difference between a season that’s below average and one that that is extreme, so while these seasonal forecasts are helpful, they should be used as guidance rather than as an absolute decision-making tool. That said, it is up to the residents of Koh Samui to be aware of meteorological information, take note of their vulnerabilities, and adapt. Sure, you don’t need a meteorologist to tell you when it’s raining outside, but you do need a meteorologist if you want to know if next year’s winter and spring are going to be as wet as this one. And guess what? It is. But this will be explained in my next article. Enough geek speak for now. Enjoy your much needed hot and sunny weather. (Erik Noble is a meteorologist based in New York City. He regularly visits Koh Samui to see his family.)

Koh Samui Regatta to mark 10th year The Koh Samui Regatta, one of the biggest events of its kind in Asia, will celebrate its tenth anniversary when it returns at the end of next month. Just 11 boats took part in the inaugural race in 2001 but it has grown rapidly since these humble beginnings and now attracts some of the continent's best yachts and sailors. It achieved international status in 2003, when it began to see entrants come from as far away as Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. More than 300 boats participated in 2008 and over 350 took part the following year. In 2009, the event generated around Bt250 million (£5 million) for the country's economy and over Bt30 million worth of media coverage. As the finale of the Asian Yachting Grand Prix season, the overall title often depends on the result of the Koh Samui Regatta, based at Chaweng Beach. In 2011, proceedings run from May 28th to June 5th. The racing takes place between 10:00 and 16:00 local time from May 30th to June 4th, with a rest day on June 2nd. Sailing fans can use to choose from a wide array of Koh Samui hotels (, including the Chaweng Regent Beach Resort ( ...), close to the bay where most of the yachts are anchored. Further details can be found by visiting is a leading online accommodation site in Asia offering deals in over 36,000 properties worldwide, including 7,000 hotels in the Asia-Pacific region ranging from individual beach huts to 5-star hotels and sprawling villas. offers customers a saving of up to 70 per cent off the normal room rate for a variety of independent and branded hotels. Customers can book online or by phone 24/7, whether booking 12 months or 12 minutes in advance – whatever time, whatever day.

Visakah Puja celebration scheduled on Koh Samui VISAKAH Puja, one of the most important events on the Buddhist calendar, will be celebrated in Koh Samui midway through next month. The event marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. The festival, also known as Wesak, gives local people the opportunity to mark the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. It is held on the first full moon day in May, which means the 2011 Visakah Puja will take place on May 17th. Tourists can expect to see temples across Koh Samui dressed up with beautiful decorations to honour the occasion. Processions run around the religious buildings, while monks and other important members of the community give prayers to celebrate Buddha's life and teachings. Although the date is important throughout the Buddhist world, the festivities vary from country to country. In Thailand, special Wesak lanterns are crafted out of paper and wood. Large numbers of caged birds are often released as part of the ceremony. This symbolises letting go of troubles and hoping that all people experience wellbeing. Travellers thinking of staying in Koh Samui hotels and experiencing Visakah Puja can use to choose from a wide array of accommodation on the island. One example, the Chaweng Regent Beach Resort, is located just a short distance from the Chaweng Temple.



SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011

Last 8 standing COSMIC Bar edged Jack’s Bar by the slimmest of margins while The Office booted out highly favored Tam’s Bar by a similar score in a pair of upsets, to join six other teams advancing to the last 8 of the Knockout Cup competition of the ongoing Samui Pool League. The victory by these two Division 2 teams were noteworthy as Jack’s Bar used to ldominate Division 2 before their promotion to Division 1 while Tam’s despite being a new team in the league boasts of a very solid team and is a shoo-in to join Division 1 next season. The Office next plays Soi Reggae’s Spicy Bar at home while Cosmic Bar, another Bangrak-based team, face-off with Chillin Beach Lounge in Lamai. Spicy Bar had earlier elimi-

nated Tre-Kronor, 11-0, to also advance to the last eight. Chillin took out visiting Cat’s Bar, 11-8. Defending Cup champion Lord’s Bar knocked out Premier Sports Bar, 11-3 in the last 16 and will meet Thairish Bar in the quarterfinals as the Choengmonbased squad seek a second title in their second season in the league. Thairish won over Jordan’s in Maenam, 11-8, to earn a slot in the last eight. Last season’s runner up, On’s Livewire, sent International to the sidelines with an 11-5 victory and seeks another victory against Bamboo Bar to make it to the semifinals. On’s defeated Bamboo in the semifinals last season but lost to Lord’s in the two-leg finals.

Bamboo easily made it to the last eight by thrashing Samui Hard Café 11-1. For their match against Bamboo, On’s would be missing the services of its two players, Chris, who left for England and will be away from pool competitions for three weeks and Tony, who has reportedly gone to work in Europe. Bamboo, on the other hand, is perhaps playing their best pool season on the island, already crowned champion in the Wednesday League, their sixth title in six seasons, currently undefeated and in the Monday League and eyeing a third straight title. The Bangrak-based team boasts of a strong line up anchored by team captain Paul with the support of Yak, Pat, Adam, Richard and boosted by the arrival of Owen.

BAMBOO’S POTENT ADDITION - The recent arrival and addition of Owen to the Bamboo team has made it more formidable and helped the team won crucial matches.

Samui junior sailors win honors in Phuket The return match between the Phuket and Samui sailing teams was held recently with the island’s junior sailors taking home the first four places in the 35 boat fleet. Host was the charming Phuket Yacht Club at Ao You bay. Composed of a convoy of eight trucks carrying fourteen boats and kids, headed and reached Phuket after a rainy trip, the Samui kids met and sailed with a 17-strong Phuket team and four from the Navy club at Songkhla. Three races were sailed each day under a range of conditions, with rain, sunshine, light and strong winds. Simon James and his committee set a trapezoid course and made sure the course was changed as the winds shifted, while Grenville with his big catamaran as the spectator boat had a ready supply of cold beer for the supporters. The most improved sailor, to this observer, was Garfield, who in the last race while trailing in fourth place and heading for the last mark, gybed and sailed to cross behind the two sailors ahead, then gybed again to close and take their wind and force her way as inside boat, to round the mark in second place which she held to the finish. Of the first four places won, 1st and 2nd went to two girls, Stephanie and Garfield. After the prize giving the Phuket Yacht Club hosted a huge BBQ party for the hungry and wet kids. The convoy headed for Samui even as more rain threatened and as the largest storms to ever hit Southern Thailand kept lashing, the team was holed up in Surat Thani for five days awaiting the ferries to commence running.

Lamai Pool League Standings: Team






1. edens bar






2.pjs bar






3. hip bar






4. zane bar






5. extratime






6. woody’s






7. lamai st






8. easy bar






9. scooter bar






10. holland house 9





11. comedy klub







SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


FC Farang clobbers Koh Samui 11 AFTER winning their previous match at home last March, Koh Phangan’s FC Farang traveled to Koh Samui on April 9, 2011 for the big rematch in Lamai. A squad of 12 arrived at the stadium in the blistering afternoon sun. Coach Soren rearranged his team from the defeat to Chay Sport FC - replaced Tony who was under the thumb, Fabio returned to replace (boxer) Ritchie who was unavailable, Duncan was recalled in place of Nino.

and was then easily lobbed to give Samui a little boost 2 – 4. Samui continued to attack FC Farang and their persistence paid off when once again the defense failed to clear their lines and Samui capitalized and again as John was left flapping and beaten in the air to close the gap at 3 – 4. The ref blew for half time to end a cracking first half. FC Farang kicked off the second half. They made one change Mark for Nino. The visitors moved the ball well with (chippy) Richie and James linking up the play. Soren had now pushed Ollie into center back; Nino then went to left back. The defense was now starting to use the wings more, causing Samui to spread out, which opened up the park. FC Farang created a few shots with Fabio, Duncan, Mads and James all CLOBBERED - Players from Koh Phangan’s FC Farang team show their having efforts on goal. dominance of the Koh Samui football team, clobbering their island Mark had now reneighbor anew, 3-7, after winning the first match at home 6-1. turned to the pitch in place of Eugene and was now operating The coach set up the team with a 4-4-2 forleft mid. mation once again. It wasn’t long before Mark found himself The back five to start was John, Ollie, Dodi, within shooting distance and that was exMark and Soren. Midfield was (chippy) actly what he did sending a 30-yard Richie, Mads, Eugene, and James, with the screamer goal bound, only for the ball to ratstrike partnership of Duncan and Fabio retle the post. united. Mark again collected the ball from the deSamui had a bigger squad this time round fense and ran towards Samui’s backline with with 16 players. Fabio outside of him he slid the ball perSamui kicked off. It was around the 10 fectly into his path for Fabio to take one minute mark when Eugene sent in a cross touch, open up his body and place it into the from the left towards the only player in the far bottom corner beyond the goalkeeper’s 18 yard box, Duncan, who controlled it and reach. Score: took a shot, the keeper saved the first shot 3 – 5. but spilled the ball back into Duncan’s path The FC Farang defense was again solid prewith the goal gapping, Duncan was left with venting Samui from getting any chances, rea simple tap in 0 – 1. stricting Samui to only long shots. It was a quick start for FC Farang and now A defensive clearance dropped for James, they started to play some decent football. who played it to (chippy) Richie, who in turn The second goal followed when a (Rory sprayed the ball out wide to Fabio. Delap style) Eugene throw was launched With a quick turn Fabio threaded the ball into the box, James the first to react through for Mark to run onto and attack the crouched down to flick the ball with the Samui goal. back of his head and loop it over the keeper Mark ran past the defender before sticking for a 0 – 2 score. the ball in at the near post 3 – 6. The third goal came when a looping pass FC Farang had now killed Samui off. bounced over the last defender which gave Duncan went off for Eugene. Soren moved Fabio a sniff to chest down and shoot across Eugene to the back and joined Fabio up the keeper to make it 0 – 3. front. FC Farang appeared a team on fire, with Some more flowing football continued to everything going their way. grace the field until James pick up the ball Samui were all over the place with a few of and made for goal. James 30 yards out place their players arguing with each other. a quality pass which found Fabio with anSamui reacted well and eventually created a other goal scoring chance. chance on goal. After some good passing, a Fabio then slammed the ball first time into Samui player run through and slotted the the goal 3 – 7. Drama followed shortly after ball past John 1 – 3. when a scramble on the edge of the 18 yard FC Farang continued to battle and with a lot box finished with James being unluckily of good play earned a corner. It was taken pulled up for a handball. The referee pointed short to Mads who then whipped in a cross to the spot. The Samui player stepped up which the keeper got a hand to, but only and sent the keeper the wrong way, but was pushed it into the path of Fabio who tapped denied by the cross bar. in to make it 1 – 4. It was at this point that FC Farang had a 10 The referee finally blew the full time minute collapse and let Samui back into the whistle. game, a defensive mix up left John stranded

Jack’s shuts out The Hut, Lord’s Bar falters Jack’s Bar fine-tuned their A game against The Hut’s tricky table to score a shutout against the team from Ghost Road in Bangrak at the completion of matches halfway into the 16th season of the Monday League now sponsored by TEFL World International in cooperation with RC Construction and Scooters Samui. The Maenam-based team’s Week 9 victory, however, hardly made a dent of the league standings as it is still lagging way behind the leaders.Previously unbeaten Lord’s Bar faltered, failing to shake off the spirited challenge of a Chris-led On’s Livewire team and lost 4-2. Andy’s side absorbed their first defeat in nine matches while their chief rival for the top position, Bamboo Bar, managed to squeeze past another tough opponent in Chillin Beach Lounge, 4-2, to remain the only unbeaten team and assume solo leadership of Division 1. Bamboo, on the other hand, relied on its top guns, Paul, Pat and Owen to deliver the singles points and took one of the two doubles matches to deny visiting Chillin the victory. Mats actually, won both his singles and doubles matches but these proved not enough without the contribution from his other team mates. International and Premier Sports Bar battled to a draw in their game played in Soi Green Mango. Jordan’s took advantage of Lemon’s depleted line up to also post a 6-0 victory In Division 2, Tam’s continue to hold sway after posting another victory, this time at the expense of Cat’s Bar. Second-running Aussieland failed to keep abreast with the leader after they were held to a draw by Cosmic Bar. Spicy Bar scored a 4-2 victory over The Office to grab a share of second to third place with Aussieland. League Table and Results (Updated to Week 10)

Division 1 POS P 1Bamboo Bar 10 2Lords Bar 9 3On's Livewire 9 4Chillin Bar 9 5International 8 6Premier 9 7Jacks Bar 9 8The Hut 10 9Jordan's 9 10Lemon's Bar 10

W 9 7 7 5 3 2 3 2 1 0

D L 1 0 1 1 0 2 1 3 2 3 4 3 1 5 2 6 2 6 0 10

F 49 38 33 33 26 26 25 24 22 0

A 11 16 21 21 22 28 29 36 32 60

+38 22 12 12 4 -2 -4 -12 -10 -60

PTS 28 22 21 16 11 10 10 8 5 0

Division 2 POS P 1Tams bar 9 2aussieland 10 3Spicy bar 10 4thairish bar 10 5cats bar 7 6Tre-kronor 8 7Cosmic 7 8samui rock cafe 7 9The Office 9 10MUZZ 9

W 8 7 6 6 2 2 2 2 0 0

D 0 1 1 0 3 3 2 0 4 2

F 39 38 33 31 20 22 20 17 21 17

A 15 22 27 29 22 26 22 25 33 37

+24 16 6 2 -2 -4 -2 -8 -12 -20

PTS 24 22 19 18 19 9 8 6 4 2

CHILLIN BAR team captain Mats is shown here attempting a shot on his way to winning his singles match. he also won his doubles game but his efforts were not enough as his team lost, 4-2.

L 1 2 3 4 2 3 3 5 5 7



SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011

JOHN GREENWOOD’S League of Gentlemen pool updates Bamboo Bar - champions again After a week off from competition due to the celebratory time dedicated to Song Kran, the League of Gentlemen was back this week and now we can finally say congratulations to the Bamboo Bar after their home win against their closest rivals and challengers for the crown, Tam’s Bar. This was a well fought game and the only chance Tam’s Bar had of winning the crown was to beat the Bamboo Bar and then rely on them losing most if not all their remaining games. This was not to happen as the Bamboo Bar showed their metal by taking the match and with it the title. CONGRATULATIONS to the Bamboo Bar. This team is unrivaled in its chase for the League of Gentlemen title. All the other teams have fallen by the way in trying to upend the all winning all powerful Bamboo Bar. As all other teams now scramble in playing their last games and try to get as high up the table as they possibly can. The Bungy Bar hosted The Elephant and Castle and in this part of Chaweng that got hit really hard in the past floods, the Bungy boys started off really well with Not playing Elephant John and to be quite honest it looked like being nothing but a 3-0 win to Not from the beginning and Not held up his end and walked away with it. 1-0 to the Bungy next up was battle of the south London boys Jamie vs Johnny and with the current form of Johnny being at his best taking a 2-0 lead leveling up the score with a 2-1 win making the team

Team Played 1 Bamboo Bar 19 2 Tam's Bar 19 3 KSSSC 19 4 Premier Bar 19 5 Bungy Bar 19 6 Elephant & Castle 19 7 Cork N Cask 17 8 Arada Bar 20 9 Birds of Bamboo 20 10 Lazy Coconut 18 11 Lord’s Bar 18 12 Riks Bar 19

Won 16 11 10 8 8 6 5 6 5 5 4 3

score 1-1. Then the EandC captain fantastic Deano playing in his own words ‘well below par’ or words to that affect, losing to the better player on the evening Ricky 2-1. Next up was home town favourite Bungy Andy vs Paul and with the EandC needing this game to keep this match alive. But that was not in Andy’s script and he managed to cement at least a draw with a well deserved 2-1 win over a very disappointed Paul who vowed to make amends in the doubles. The first doubles match was Elephant John and Johnny vs Si and Andy. The home team went 1-0 up due to Elephant John not being able to hit the right ball giving the Bungy boys ball in hand with the black ball over the pocket. This is when Johnny showed his true class by picking this game up by the scruff of the neck and strangling it which is what he wanted to do to his playing partner. Johnny decided that his only option was to not allow his partner time to mess up again and did so with some amazing shots and fantastic positional play. Taking the next two frames single handedly and giving the Elephant and Castle boys a chance to scrape a draw. With Dean and Paul partnered up for the last doubles match and winning the first frame and both looking good it all hinged on the second frame and Paul played three sublime shots to leave a straight black to seal the win and draw the match. Would you believe it he went and missed the shot and with it the match and that leaves the EandC in 6th place behind the Bungy Bar in 5th.

Lost 1 5 5 6 8 7 5 11 11 10 9 10

Drawn Frame Diff 2 94 3 68 4 40 5 16 3 - 2 6 -12 7 6 3 -52 4 -50 3 -44 5 -20 6 -44

Pts 50 36 34 29 27 24 22 21 19 18 17 15

Bamboo’s Harold shoots the ball as teammates (from left) Richard, Paul and Adam watch. With three league matches left to play, Bamboo has but all wrapped up its 6th title in six seasons.

Full Moon Football in Koh Phangan The Haad Rin Beach Football Cup in Koh Phangan has been organizing football competitions now for five years spanning 53 tournaments,organized by Mr. Heinze Kaulen, 50-year old German expat who has been living in Thailand for eight years. Mr Kaulen organizes these tournaments from within his successfull Tommy's Resort and the cosy "Up 2 You Bar". Heinze as he prefers to be known is a keen football fan and to his credit is a former professional footballer,playing in the Austrian 1st division for a number of years,. When I asked Heinze how he became to be living in Thailand, he told me that he had become tired of his import and export job he was doing in his own country,and that he wanted to find something more fulfilling, so he packed his bags and decided to head out to Thailand. On arrival and after many weeks of thinking he headed North and decided to open a restaurant in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai from where he lived for a year.But the life of living by the sea on a tropical island was always his passion so he boarded one of the many long distance buses and headed south to Surat Thani and the island of Koh Phangan,where he started Up 2 You Bar,a friendly welcoming place serving fine food, with a good pool table and extremely hospitable staff. Heinze is also the founder of Haad Rin Focus, a very informative magazine located near his resort and bar. He was also to his credit, a stadium announcer for the German Bundesliga Club Werder Bremen. He has been involved in the countdown to the New Years Eve celebration on the beach in Haad Rin,in front of thousands of people, and also his best job in which I will be applying for-judging the Miss Bikini competition, an annual event, taking place every year on Haad Rin beach. The football event has grown hugely in the past five years, with teams ranging from foreign ,local and expats all competing for the Bt40,000 winning prize money. One of the reasons for the tournament’s huge success Heinze says, is that if you want to just turn up alone and want to compete, he can organize you into smaller groups to form another team. Each team consists of eleven players with a maximum of five allowed on the Pitch at anyone time, each player receives a souvenir shirt all included in a very reasonable Bt400 entrance fee, each month’s tournament starts 3-4 days before Full Moon Party and is played on the famous Haad Rin Beach, also the monthly event is great fun if you just want to come and show your support or just enjoy the tournament as up to one thousand people have been known to witness the final stages of the competition. Food and drinks is in abundance around the area,, which also makes great revenue for the surrounding businesses.



SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 -May 12, 2011

Frogy Molly in Chaweng

Value for money! With the international credit crunch and less than favorable exchange rates recently, we have all been feeling the pinch. The residents of Koh Samui, a well as visitors to our island, are not spending like they used to and local businesses have to work increasingly harder to stay afloat. Customers today are looking for some serious value for their hard earned money and one place they can be sure to find it is Frogy Molly, the new Irish bar restaurant in Chaweng. Owner Zealasa, originally from Malaysia, has a well thought out formula for success. Frogy Molly is a large spotlessly clean bar and restaurant with a warm and inviting atmosphere. This bar is really attractive and the sandstone walls and wooden ceilings shout quality and style, the second you walk in and you can tell that more than a bit of care has been taken in this bar’s creation. Frogy Molly offers indoor dining as well as a spacious outdoor terrace where you can sit and enjoy not only Irish, but authentic Thai and international food, as you watch the world go by, and in Chaweng there is always something interesting to look at. This delightful bar restaurant has a vast ‘something for everyone’ menu that is incredibly affordable. Here the price really does not match the quality of the dishes but for all of the right reasons! One thing you will need when you dine at Frogy Molly is a healthy appetite; the portions are unexpectedly huge especially when you consider the price. The food at Frogy Molly is absolutely delicious and tastes so authentically Irish its hard to imagine that Chef Dakapan is Thai,, but then he has had ten years of culinary experience gained both here and in Phuket. Dakapan certainly knows how to satisfy even the healthiest of appetites. For example the Frogy Molly’s Roast Beef served on an enormous place comes with two gigantic slices of the most tender beef served with seasonal vegetables, threeYorkshire puddings, mouthwateringly delicious roast potatoes and the chef’s secret recipe gravy that must be tasted to be believed. There is so much on the menu to choose from, breakfasts, baguettes, mixed grills, burgers, steaks, pies, pizza, fish and chips, lasagna and a fine list of house specials such as Zila Charming, a special secret curry of either beef or chicken served with roti and Molly spring rolls that are packed with fresh shrimp and mint. It is not only the food that represents excellent value in Frogy Molly; there are specials on local and imported beers and cocktails every night of the week. The in house band plays every night and if you fancy yourself as a bit of an entertainer, then feel free to join in, anything goes in this fun and friendly venue. Frogy Molly is managed and run by Thawatchai Roykhornburi, who has 17 years of experience running Irish bars in Koh Samui as well as in Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. His experience has taught him to listen hard to his customers needs he and his friendly team of staff are very open to your suggestions and are enjoying creating the ‘has it all’ bar and restaurant that will undoubtedly enjoy great success. There is already very little missing here with incredibly good value food and drinks, a superb live band, big screens to enjoy televised sporting events, warm, attractive and comfortable sur-

roundings and free Wifi but there is still more to come. Future plans include the opening of a second floor lounge that will offer specialty teas and coffee that can be enjoyed in comfortable and relaxing surroundings and there is soon to be a pool table where you enjoy a friendly game or take part in regularly held competitions. Whether you are looking for a great breakfast, a hearty lunch or evening meal, a place to sit back and relax with an ice cold beer or some lively evening entertainment in a fun venue that also welcomes children, Frogy Molly will not fail to disappoint without hurting your pocket. Frogy Molly is open from 9am until 2am and can

be found close to the Library Resort in the heart of Chaweng. More restaurant reviews and dining suggestions can be found by visiting

A gastronomic... From Page 18 one being very well priced at only Bt390 per person. There is often a common misconception that hotel restaurants are pricy. This is not the case with the Palm Grove, and prices are very reasonable, especially in relation to the portions and quality of ingredients. Main courses average about Bt350 a dish - a fair price for the quality of the establishment. The Centara Grand Beach Resort has other restaurants to satisfy the appetites of its guests as well as other diners, including a poolside menu, Spice Island - a traditional Thai restaurant, Hagi Japanese restaurant, and the famous Zicos Brazilian Restaurant across the road, which has live entertainment including Brazilian dancers. The hotel is a landmark along the Chaweng Beach Road. Many long-standing hotels tend to go unnoticed by locals, as we only notice the new establishments popping up. It is often felt that hotel restaurants are only for ‘guests only’ and this in not the case. You will be doing yourself an injustice if you allow only the hotel’s guests to experience this gastronomic fare.

On The Island

SAMUI GAZETTE | April 29 - May 12, 2011


TOP TEN REJECTED KOH SAMUI MARKETING SLOGANS AS PROPOSED BY DISGRUNTLED TOURISTS FROM UZBEKISTAN 10. “Koh Samui: The island where you can truly get away from it all—primarily because 50 % of the time the internet is not working.” 9. “Koh Samui: The island where you can enjoy the saltwater of the ocean and the freshwater flooding of the roadways.” 8. “Koh Samui: Where the island charm remains because so many cratered dirt roads still remain.”

4. “Koh Samui: Part of the "Land of Smiles"--but better--as it’s the home of the Lamai’s world famous Happy Bar, home of the renowned “snaggletoothed” bar girls.” 3. “Koh Samui: Come to Koh Samui to see the airport's “Samui Fifth Avenue” shopping center, aptly named because every fifth store is vacant.” 2. “Koh Samui: Come enjoy the water sports of Samui where when you rent a jet ski, after you have paid the 'damages' on it, you damn near own it."

7. “Koh Samui: The 7-11 island--not only because there is a 7/11 every 50 meters but because all the prices are 7 to 11 % 1.“Koh Samui: Come enjoy the “fragrant” smell of Chaweng higher than anywhere else in Beach, home of the new island Thailand.” perfume “Cheweng Eau de 6. “Koh Samui: The island of Toilette.” candlelight dinners because the power goes out so often.” “Slogans rarely convince the 5. “Koh Samui: The island unconvinced. However, they do where the overpriced airfare from Bangkok to Samui is esrally the troops already on your sentially identical to the overpriced taxi fare from the airport side.” John McCarthy to Lamai.”

9Gems: Samui’s newest place place for hosting weddings and important events “9 Gems is very fortunate to be in a great location with a fantastic outdoor area, but what is most important to us is a clientele who love great gatherings, excellent meals, fantastic beverages and good music,” says Sathit Muangprom, director of 9Gems Lounge, the newest venue specialist on the island. “So what we have done is provide a choice of spaces to accommodate all our patrons’ requirements whether it be for a drink, a dinner or a special occasion,” he said. One of their venue areas is the Sky Bar, an open air space with beautiful view of the Chaweng Beach and the sea. “The Sky Bar is the most sought after when hosting an event,” Sathit said, adding “It is ideal for groups of up to 40 for a la carte dinners, or 60 for standing and sitting fingerfood functions.” Under special terms and conditions the whole venue can be hired (including Bar, Restaurant, two exclusive rooms, Swimming pool and Sky Bar) except the owners’ penthouse, he added. Sathit says 9 Gems Lounge reserves the right to uphold its house policies with particular emphasis to responsible serving of alcohol. All bookings must be confirmed by the event manager before they are considered final, he said. For wedding functions, a 10 percent deposit applies after confirmation and will not be paid back in case of cancellation and a further 40 percent deposit has to be paid 30 days prior the event. This amount can only be paid back if a cancellation occurs more than three weeks before the reservation date. The total amount of the arrangement must be paid 10 days before the reservation date and cannot be paid back in case of cancellation. Payment methods include cash and credit card (VISA/Mastercard/AMEX) and any damage caused will be charged to the client’s credit card.

WININNG CHEFS -Winners of the Centara Group’s Battle of the Chefs for the month of March: K. Chakrit Duangjan (left) – Chef de Parties Thai Kitchen – Deep Fried Green Curry with mixed Vegetable and 1st Runner Up: K. Sam-ang Tan-orn (right) – Chef de Parties Pantry – Avocado Tower with Deep Fried Pumpkin Carrot Pearls.

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Samui Gazette Edition 20  

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