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July 23 - Aug. 5, 2010


Coral reef installed in Ban Tai The welding of final structures took place for the “Marubis” extension to Samui’s Biorock Coral Regeneration site in Ban Tai recently. The frames were carried to the beach and deployed in the ocean where corals will be attached to the structures, to allow them to develop and grow. Initiated by the local villagers of Ban Tai and subsidized by Biorock Thailand in terms of design, labor and materials, the first stage of this project was financed by Samui Mala, a community volunteer group who support a clean and green Samui. Since the launch of the first Biorock module in October last year, Biorock Thailand has found further funding via the Marubis Foundation in Germany for expansion of the reef. The extension will be considerably larger than the original structure, covering much more substrate and providing a large area of fish and coral habitat. Pilot projects around Samui and Koh Tao clearly show that Biorock methods are extremely effective in rapidly growing back vibrant coral and fish communities in places that were practically barren or subject to high sediment stress. Small, naturally broken coral fragments are attached to Biorock structures. These rapidly show very vibrant colours, extremely dense branching and exceptionally rapid growth. High rates of spontaneous coral and oyster recruitment were seen on many of the structures, with some nearly completely covered with natural coral recruits within two years.


Dengue fever warning issued During the visit of Public Health deputy minister Dr. Panasiri Kulanatsiri to Samui, she said it is essential for island residents and business operators to comply with preventive measures to eliminate the mosquito’s breeding grounds. According to the Ministry’s report, there were over 19,000 confirmed cases of dengue fever in Thailand for the first half of 2010 and 22 patients died. In the provinces south of Thailand, there were 4,549 patients. Samui and neighboring islands reported 46 dengue cases. Dengue fever is a viral disease transmitted by Aedes aegypti which breed in containers in standing water. Dr. Panasiri added that dengue fever is a disease the people should not worry about. “It is not too late for prevention,” said the deputy minister. The Public Health Ministry enjoined hotels and resorts on Samui and the islands of Tao and Phang ngan in their antidengue fever projects. Thirty three hotels and resorts signed up to place fish in their pools to prevent the breeding of mosquito larva. This process is proposed by the Department of Disease Control headed by Dr. Manit Teeratantikanont. Dr. Panasiri said that the tourist destinations, especially Samui, Phuket, Krabi, and Phang nga should boost tourists’ confidence by making sure there is no danger of dengue. The project started in May and will end in August this year. The Department of Disease Control will provide certificates for the hotels and resorts which will pass the evaluation in September.

Baht 18

Samui condemns Thai Gulf oil drilling By Jeerathe Kawnim & akanee thongthara


he municipal government of Samui, business and civic groups and local residents have criticized the project of NuCoastal (Thailand) Co. Ltd. to drill for oil in the Gulf of Thailand during the last public hearing held recently. The oil drilling project, only 42 kilometers off the island and covers around 554 square kilometers, received concession from the Thai national government in 2007. The public hearing was met with 400 protesters which include students from Suratthani Rajabhat University, Love Chaweng Group, owners of tourism-related business and expatriates. Samui mayor Ramnet Jaikwang told the crowd that he has sent official correspondences which indicated the TURN TO page 5

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The proposed drilling of NuCoastal (Thailand) is just 42kms off Koh Samui.

Civic groups seek to solve island’s water crisis By SANDY DELA CRUZ

To discuss the urgency of water issues and ways to address them, the Green Island Project with the Samui Mala and local community organizations GIDOA and Biorock organized the Samui Water Seminar 2010 dubbed “Water Crisis – Problem and Solutions” held July 12 at the Office of Koh Samui Thessaban.

More than 40 decision-makers and members of community groups attended the seminar to listen to speakers from government units such as the Watershed Unit, Provincial Waterworks Authority, Regional Environment Office and a visiting expert from the Department of Marine Science in Chulalongkorn University.

Dr. Thomas Goreau, a world expert on water issues, also lent his extensive knowledge on new technologies for small islands. The central topics followed water as it flows from the mountains to the sea. The presentations began with water catchment, storage and retention, then moved on to demand, quality, distribution, erosion TURN TO page 4



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

Bt19.3 million released for Koh Samui road widening By akanee thongthara


he Koh Samui municipality proposed a project which will improve the foundation of public facilities needed to accommodate the growth of the island’s economy and the communities. They have then received a Bt19,379,455-budget to widen the road from the junction at the Bandon International Hospital up to the intersection at Bon Kai. From 7.5 meters, the road will be widened up to eight meters and proper drainage systems will be installed. Construction started in May this year and is expected to finish in November. The national government through the Ministry of Finance allocated Bt23 trillion to support the Strong Thailand scheme as a sustainable development tool up to 2012. Under the project also known as Thai

Khem Khang, provinces are able to submit project proposals which will build up food and energy security, increase capacity for agricultural and industrial production, improve public facilities, increase revenue generation of tourism industries, upgrade the standard of education systems, improve the quality of public health care and provide more people with job and revenue opportunities. Chief of construction development on Samui Suwan Boonsantia said that “The project’s goal is to provide more convenient transportation for the tourists who land at the airport. This supports the island’s tourism industry.” Awaiting approval and release of budget is a project pushed by the municipality to install waste water disposal systems on the island.

MEN AT WORK. Construction on going at Soi Bon Kai.

Deputy PM inaugurates new Samui district office The new Nathon district office building, inaugurated by Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban, is a three-story expansion at the back of the old district office located along the ring road. The old buildings around the office were demolished to give way to bigger parking lots. The Department of Local Administration received a total of Bt23.2 million for the said expansion. The district likewise received a Bt7.1 million-budget for staff housing Named Ruam Jai Chalearm Pha-kiat Ro Khao, the new office was opened by Suthep, a committee from the

Democrat Party, and local Samui government officers. The ceremonies included offering a holy tree which is believed to bring good luck. Suthep was welcomed to Samui by Suratthani governor Dumri Boonjing, Samui mayor Ramnet Jaikwang, and district chief Sakchai Phalit. Suthep remarked that because of the growing need of residents and tourists on Samui, the Thai government will support the island so everything runs smoothly. “For all other issues, the Thai government urges all to solve these problems as soon as possible.”


samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010


Panel probes illegal land acquisition

Tan Thaugsuban’s land plot in Maenam The House committee on legislation, justice and human rights, led by Pacha Pasopdee, visited Koh Samui recently to look into the allegations levelled by the opposition party Pheu Thai against the acquisition of land plots by Tan Thaugsuban in Maenam. Tan is the son of Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban. The committee met with Samui mayor Ramnet Jaikwang, district chief officer Sakchai Jor Pharit, Suratthani Provincial Land Office official Jumrong Phophetch, Pol. Col. Samran Majaroen, superintendent of the Koh Samui Police. They discussed questioned title numbers 28109, 37345 and 37346 which cover the Khao Pang mountain in Maenam. Reports of the panel showed that the three land plots were sold to Tan by a company which was established a couple of years after the land purchase. The said company, Rueng Panya Limited Partnership, was shown to have a fully paid Bt6 million in capital registration despite having no records of business operations or

revenue. House committee member Suthas Ngernmuen said that the firm had no business deals or accounting details since it was established in 1996. It sold the three plots to Tan for Bt6.62 million. The opposition party also accused the Prime Minister’s former secretary general Niphon Prompan of illegally owning land on Samui. His acquisition of a 10-rai plot is unclear. Pheu Thai part said “Land ownership documents issued for Niphon’s land show the location in a different tambon.” The title deed of Niphon’s property shows the land is located in T. Ang Thong although the plot is located in Maenam. Among the alleged irregularities of the land acquisition is that the land is part of a slope greater than 35 degrees, which means it can’t be owned privately. The panel also found that the plot was part of a 4,870-rai area previously owned by billionaire Arkorn Huntrakul. This plot was surrendered to the state four years ago and could not be owned privately.

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Schools welcome chopper group’s equipment donation

The Bkk-Samui Chopper Group composed of motorbike enthusiast groups Samui Rider, X-Bone, Immortal, Free Man, Air Force Rider, Hiso, NoMoney and others recently donated some educational materials to three schools on Samui. The items, including a computer set, microscope, and sporting equipment, were given to the Wat Santiwararam School, Wat Kunaram School and Ban Na Khai School. X-Bone head Phongsapnop Boontham said that this charitable activity was conducted for several years already but the group always went north. “People often think of Koh Samui as tourist spot, so no one is aware that some groups need help,” he said. The charity caravan started at the Mulligans Irish Pub in Lamai where all the members of the chopper groups gathered before proceeding to the schools. Ban Na Khai School director Banyat Phoonpol said their school appreciates that there is sincere help going their way and hopes that many people will realize that there is a sector in the Samui community that needs help. “With this support, children would get an opportunity for better education.”


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july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

Sea Breeze boat suspended after Gulf of Thailand crash By Jeerathe Kawnim & akanee thongthara


he police suspended Sea Breeze’s Sawaddee Chalerm Chok Nava 5 to sail for a month following the crash in the Gulf of Thailand which hurt forty people. The speed boat collission involved Petcharat Marina’s Bhumipat 59 and Sea Breeze’s vessel. The crash, which happened around 12:20am three miles off Samui, involved Sea Breeze’s same speed boat that capsized in 2005 and killed 15. The boats, one coming from Phangan and another from Samui, were filled with full moon partygoers who were thrown out of the vessels after the crash and bobbed around the sea for half an hour. A strong rainstorm was allegedly a factor in the accident. The Koh Samui marine police and rescue teams also met a rough ocean during the search and rescue operations.

Despite the lack of a proper manifesto, the police reported that there were a total of 60 people on the boats and they are all accounted for. Some of them were reported to be seriously injured with head traumas, deep lacerations, concussions and spinal injuries. Injured Katie Pritchard, 18, from Sydney said the boats were overloaded and travelling fast when they hit head on. Victims were sent to Samui hospitals for immediate treatment. Police said there were 29 victims in Bangkok Hospital Samui, five injured were treated at the Bandon International Hospital and another one was brought to Thai International Hospital Samui. The Bophut Police Station summoned drivers Viraphan Petchara and Sangkom Chuchird for interrogation although no formal charges have been filed yet. Sea Breeze’s driver admitted

Petcharat Marina’s Bhumipat 59 (Photo by AKANEE THONGTARA) that Sawaddee Chalerm Chok Nava 5 didn’t have lights on during the trip. The boat’s registration and the skipper’s license likewise expired in March. Sangkom is not al-

Sports fest 2010: For Samui’s children One thousand thirty five grade school students and 697 nursery pupils from 28 government and private schools competed at the annual sports fest held at the provincial sports facility at Phru Namuang recently. Over the span of three days, athletes from schools including Ban Bang Ruk School, Ban Bophut School, Ban Haad Ngam School, Wat Phukhao Thong School, Wat Klang School, Ban Ang Thong School,

Panyadee School competed in track and field events such as sprints, long jump, and shotput, discus and javelin throw. The annual sports event was opened by Samui mayor Ramnet Jaikwang. “I am very proud to spearhead this event. It encourages our children to be good adults,” he said. The opening day crowd was estimated at 2,500 with parents cheering their children on.

lowed to operate a vessel for a year. On the other hand, Petcharat Marina’s owner Tuanjai Petcharat said that passengers were all wearing

Island discusses... (land and coastal), pollution and sewage treatment. Watershed unit head Wuttikun Ngampanya stressed the importance of keeping the mountain forested for long term sustainability. He said that instead of retaining 57 percent of rainfall, the forests now can’t hold that much water anymore. “Much of the rainfall goes to the canals because there are no trees that can hold water.” Shelley Poplak of the Samui Mala said that they were disappointed though that PWA had no suggestions for what people are supposed to do now. “There has been no attempt by anybody to educate consumers to use less, recycle or to warn anyone of the severity of the situation,” she remarked. Dr. Goreau explained the importance of keeping the waters blue by having a green island. He said that the original virgin forest cut for coconut plantations was the first blow to Samui’s coral reefs. The latest surge in development has caused more deforestation, erosion and damaged the reefs.

life jackets during the trip. Insurance claims for their passengers, drivers and crew have been arranged said Tuanjai.

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He explained how the coral reef is the most threatened ecosystem from global warming and that people are simply not aware of how serious the situation is right now worldwide due to the high ocean temperatures because they don’t see it. He urged Samui to help with creating coral “arks” to save what we can using Biorock techniques. Both Dr. Goreau and Wuttikun also extolled the virtues of Vetiver grass to solve runoff issues. It converts bracken waste land into agricultural land with its deep roots it slows water down and builds up groundwater reserves. Community civic groups Green Island Foundation and Rak Chaweng have expressed that everybody must work together to achieve the island’s green goals. Tanongsak Somwong of Rak Chaweng said “we have to see the big picture and accept it’s no use being passive and blaming others for the difficulties we face – we must solve these problems together.”


samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

Samui condemns...

island’s objection to the project. “Because the contracts have been awarded years ago, we realize it is very difficult to stop it. However, we should insist that Samui does not need an oil drilling project,” he said. Besides NuCoastal (Thailand), Chevron, Pearl Oil (Amata), Salamander Energy, have also received concession from the government. In fact, the companies have drawn operation plans for the


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next 18 months and some have started the survey and exploration process in the Gulf of Thailand. The protesters are concerned about the environmental hazards of the oil drilling. In the wake of the tragic EXXON Valdez spill in 1989, research shows that “large oil spills can be devastating to the marine environment. They kill fish, mammals, birds and their offspring, destroy plant life, and reduce the food supply for organisms that survive.”

The negative impact of the project on Samui’s natural surroundings will likewise affect tourism, the main business of the island. The organizers also mentioned that there is no buffer zone or cushion to protect Samui and neighboring islands from the exploration project. The danger of oil leak and spill is also ever present. An expert said that the five to six proposed blocks for drilling are on the sea current path to Samui, that

is following the wind path of the northeast monsoon from China Sea. “Samui people and tourists will smell the smelly oil as part of their daily life.” Love Chaweng group head Thanongsak Somwong intercepted the public hearing and expressed his disgust over the government’s approval of the project. “If NuCoastal and some other companies received concession from the government, many other companies will start drilling petroleum

around the island too.” He remarked that the local fishing industry will die because of the oil drilling. “If the government really needs energy resources, we can use clean renewable energy such as wind or hydrothermal for energy. These sources are more suitable here,” he said. Participants of the public hearing walked out on representatives of NuCoastal and the Ministry of Energy. “We have said everything we would like to say and there is no need for any discussion. We will come back if the government does not stop pushing the project,” Thanongsak added. In a separate report, Mineral Fuels Department director general Kurujit Nakhonthap said that the oil exploration is “safe and poses no negative impact on environment.” He reasoned that oil exploration and production in the gulf have been going on for over 35 years and that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is unlikely to happen here. He said that tourism operators should not be too much worried as the Gulf of Thailand contains mainly natural gas. “More than 5,000 wells have been drilled in the Gulf of Thailand over nearly 40 years past and no accident affecting the environment has ever occurred,” Kurujit said. Another major protest will be mounted at the end of July.

“Faces of Samui” photo contest on The awarding ceremonies of “Faces of Samui” photo contest is scheduled on August 4. The Koh Samui Tourism Coordination Center and Koh Samui Municipality organized the contest to showcase the best landscapes of Samui. Submission of entries ended July 7. The entries, submitted in full color, 8x10 inches or 8x12 inches, will be judged early August. Photos, without Photoshop enhancements, were personally taken by participants in the last three months. Prizes include Bt20,000 for the first place, Bt10,000 for second place, and Bt5,000 for third place. Souvenirs will also be given away as well as two consolation prizes worth Bt2,000 each. Check for contest winners. For more information, contact 077-420722.



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

Tong Tip Mansions burglar caught red-handed Fifty chopped mobile phones and laptop parts, believed to have been stolen, were retrieved by the police in the room of the suspect at Tong Tip Mansions, a budget hotel located in Chaweng. Nikorn Barnjpop, occupying Room 303 of the hotel, was seen going in and out of his neighbor’s rooms and was tipped to the police.

Ladyboy beaten to death at Makro David Coyue found his lost gadgets in the suspect’s room. deed found his lost gadgets. Two packs of cystal methamphetamine (“ice”) weighing 1.6 grams and a toy gun were also found in

the suspect’s possession. Nikorn admitted he stole foreigner’s mobile phones and laptops because he needs to pay a sum of gam-

bling debt and buy illegal drugs. He was arrested for illegal possession of drugs and theft.

Bartender gunned down in Maenam A bartender was shot multiple times and killed at 3:30am of July 7 in front of a 7-Eleven outlet in Maenam Soi 7. Relatives of the victim say that Somporn Petchkaw worked as a bartender in a hotel in Maenam. Investigators said that Somporn was allegedly out that night for a drink in a restaurant when a black SUV drove after him when he left. The unidentified gunman shot the victim with an 11-mm caliber pistol four times two kilometers away from the restaurant. The motive of the killing is still unknown. Somporn sustained fatal gunshot wounds in his hand, ear and hips. Found in the crime scene were the victim’s wallet with Bt410 in it and a blue Honda motorbike. Four slugs were likewise found in the area.

Scheduled on July 31, 2010 Communities from Samui, Phangan and Tao, plus districts of Suratthani will gather to say no to oil drilling in the Gulf of Thailand.

By Jeerathe Kawnim

The Bophut police caught the 31-year old disassembling a mobile phone during an entrapment operations June 22. During the investigation, Irish David William Coyue, a resident of Room 302, told the police his black bag and mobile phone were stolen and would like to check if his things were among the pieces of evidence. He in-


The IP camera located nearby showed the suspect driving a Toyota Fortuner.

He was headed to Nathon after the incident. The police set up check

points to catch the suspect’s vehicle to no avail. The suspect still remains at large.

The victim was shot dead in front of 7-Eleven in Maenam.

Channarong Sonnuam was found dead at the back of Makro recently. The 21-year-old ladyboy’s head was hit to death with a broken piece of concrete. Bophut police also found evidence of sexual assault to the victim. Some nine days after, the police arrested Somchok Chungchiaw, who works as a jet ski shop attendant in Chaweng, about 800 meters from the crime scene. The investigating team, led by Bophut Police superintendent Pol. Col. Phayoongsak Surin, said that after the review of the IP camera near the scene and the victim’s mobile phone call history, they had sufficient evidence to apprehend Somchok. Somchok pleaded guilty of killing Channarong but denied raping the victim. The suspect said that he had been so angry when his wife left him and wanted to do something extreme. He then rode his motorbike and parked at Makro. When he saw the Channarong walking alone, he followed her and they had a short chat at the back of the establishment. The suspect asked for sexual favors but when Channarong refused, he punched the victim’s face and hit her with a piece of concrete until she died. He took away her mobile phone.


samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010


Bombs strike World Cup watchers in Uganda, kill 64 KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — Simultaneous explosions tore through crowds watching the World Cup final at a rugby club and an Ethiopian restaurant, killing at least 64 people including one American, officials said. Police feared an al-Qaida-linked Somali militant group was behind the attacks. Blood and pieces of flesh littered the floor among overturned chairs at the scenes of the blasts, which went off as people watched the game between Spain and the Netherlands late Sunday. The attack on the rugby club, where crowds sat outside watching a large-screen TV, left 49 dead, police said. Fifteen others were killed in the restaurant explosion. Several Americans from a Pennsylvania church group were wounded in the restaurant attack including Kris Sledge, 18, of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. “I remember blacking out, hearing people screaming and running,” Sledge said from the hospital. His right leg was wrapped and he had burns on his face. “I love the place here but I’m wondering why this happened and who did this ... At this point we’re just glad to be alive.” Joann Lockard, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Embassy in Kampala, confirmed one American was killed.

A survivor sits near a relative who died after a bomb went off at an Ethiopian restaurant, in Kampala’s Kabalagala district, in Uganda, Sunday, July 11, 2010. Bombs exploded at two sites in Uganda’s capital as people watched the World Cup final on TV, and officials at the scene put the death toll at more than 20 and said it could rise further. (AP Photo/Stepehn Wandera) Kampala’s police chief said he believed Somalia’s most feared militant group, al-Shabab, could be responsible for the attack. Al-Shabab is known to have links with al-Qaida, and it counts militant veterans from the Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan conflicts among its ranks. Simultaneous attacks are also one of al-Qaida’s hallmarks. If those suspicions prove true, it would be the first time that al-Shabab has carried out attacks outside of Somalia. The explosions came just two days after an al-Shabab

commander, Sheik Muktar Robow, called for militants to attack sites in Uganda and Burundi — two nations that contribute troops to the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia. A head and legs were found at the rugby club, suggesting a suicide bomber may have been to blame, an AP reporter at the scene said. Police Chief Kale Kaihura said he suspected al-Shabab had carried out the attack. The group’s fighters, including two recruited from the Somali communities in the

United States, have carried out multiple suicide bombings in Somalia. In Mogadishu, Somalia, Sheik Yusuf Sheik Issa, an alShabab commander, told The Associated Press early Monday that he was happy with the attacks in Uganda. Issa refused to confirm or deny that al-Shabab was responsible for the bombings. “Uganda is one of our enemies. Whatever makes them cry, makes us happy. May Allah’s anger be upon those who are against us,” Sheik said.

In addition to Uganda’s troops in Mogadishu, Uganda also hosts Somali soldiers trained in U.S. and European-backed programs. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said the U.S. was prepared to provide any necessary assistance to the Ugandan government. President Barack Obama was “deeply saddened by the loss of life resulting from these deplorable and cowardly attacks,” Vietor said. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton joined Obama in offering condolences and added, “The United States stands with Uganda. We have a longstanding, close friendship with the people and government of Uganda and will work with them to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice.” Kenya’s foreign minister, Moses M. Wetangula, told The Associated Press last week that enough veteran militants from the Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan conflicts have relocated to Somalia to spark worry inside the international community. International militants have flocked to Somalia because the country’s government controls only a few square miles of the capital, Mogadishu, leaving most of the rest of the country as lawless territory where insurgents can train and plan attacks unimpeded.

Chinese officials must report personal assets BEIJING (AP) — China issued new rules requiring officials in government and state companies to report personal details from assets to the business activities of spouses and children, in a renewed attempt to quash endemic corruption Beijing sees as a threat to its rule. The new regulations that went into effect Sunday are similar to rules released in April governing senior Communist Party officials, but have been expanded to include everyone from midlevel officials and up. Nonparty members and those working for state-owned business are now also required to submit their details. Ordinary Chinese frequently complain about official corruption and the Communist leadership recognizes it is a major threat to political stability. The regulation appears designed to prevent officials from hiding illicit income under the names of spouses, former spouses or other close family members. Under the new rules posted on the central government website, officials must report information including changes in marital status, personal assets including property and investments, and the business activities of spouses and children. They must also report the whereabouts of spouses or children living abroad and whether children are married to foreigners, including people from Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Punishment for those who fail to properly report ranges from criticism to dismissal. China has a mixed record of cracking down on corruption, but when it does the punishments are often severe. The director of China’s food and drug agency was executed three years ago for approving deadly fake medicine in exchange for cash. Critics say graft is too deeply ingrained in the system and can’t be solved with regulations. Some have called for independent bodies to fight corruption. “Many officials have children, spouses or relatives who invest in companies or are involved in business projects. This happens all the time. What can you accomplish by requiring people to report it? Even if they report it, it’s still legal under current laws,” said Yang Yang, a professor in the Politics and Public Management Institute at the China Politics and Law University. He said the government was trying to show it is working to stop corruption, but that the new regulation would have limited effects. Yang said he was also considered a midlevel official and has had to make made similar reports about his personal assets in the past. “You filled it out on your own and nobody would check the declarations,” he said. “It’s very rare to find a person who will fill it out honestly.”



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Thailand Holiday Homes – Taking Koh Samui by storm

By Alan Wass


hailand Holiday Homes is perched to take the Koh Samui holiday rental market by storm. The world famous holiday rental company first opened its doors seven years ago, quickly becoming an authority on short-term property rentals in beachside destinations such as Pattaya and Phuket. Thailand Holiday Homes has formed a solid foundation during its reign, derived from their experience in the industry and an understanding of what holidaymakers and homeowners desire. Building relationships between the company and homeowners has been an intricate part of their rags to riches tale. “Our relationships with property owners are the solid base from where our success derives,” said Pranom Srisar, Thailand Holiday Homes owner. “We understand that the bottom line for homeowners is filling their properties for as many days in the year as possible.” The business world is all about results, and the proof is in the pudding. Thailand Holiday Homes’ unparalleled success is a culmination of years of hard work, evolving and adapting to the marketplace while setting high standards which other rental companies can only imagine. “We take our work seriously,” said Srisar, “We have invested heavily in our team of highly skilled web developers, graphic design artists, photographers and writers to ensure we do things the right way. This gives us a dramatic edge over our competitors.”

“There is a revolution happening and we are firmly in the driving seat.” It is true that most holiday rental/ real estate companies play the numbers game. They flood their websites with hundreds and hundreds of properties in the hope of making a quick buck. Thailand Holiday Homes on the other hand aim for quality as opposed to quantity. This allows them to build relationships with homeowners and develop work practices that provide that personal touch, which is lacking in the modern business world. Utilizing the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, they rank highly in Google searches relevant to renting properties or holidaying in Thailand. Procuring high first page search engine rank-

ings for Thailand tourism means one thing – the world views the Thailand Holiday Homes website and your property before any other. This is the basis of the success they continually achieve. “Our high search engine rankings are not coincidence or accidental,” said Srisar, “We have put our money where our mouth is and invested huge quantities of profits into developing the best web team in Thailand. We are constantly updating our website on a daily basis to ensure we remain at the top of Google rankings for Thailand tourism and holiday rental searches. We also work closely and have formed relationships with the largest booking agents in the

world, which also gives us that extra edge over our competitors.” With teams already set up in Phuket and Pattaya, Thailand Holiday Homes is proud to announce their official soiree in the Koh Samui holiday rentals market. “We plan to reshape the holiday rental industry on Samui,” said Srisar. “We feel that homeowners on Koh Samui should be receiving more clients than they are currently. We are bringing our expertise and dedication to the island, so this is a great time for homeowners to jump on board and enjoy the ride.” With the Thailand Holiday Homes’ tried and tested formula, homeowners can expect some-

thing different and unique from what they are experiencing at the moment. With the exposure the company enjoys on all major search engines, this is the proverbial ‘winwin loophole’ for homeowners and holidaymakers alike. Pranom Srisar was full of positive vibes when explaining his happiness at the Koh Samui project. “I can barely contain my excitement. This will be a journey like no other. We are taking our already successful blueprint for the holiday rental industry and ready to take Koh Samui’s homeowners to newer and higher occupancy level ever seen on the island. There is a revolution happening and we are firmly in the driving seat.”

Samui Beach Village opens beachfront restaurant & bar With the recent opening of Samui Beach Village Resort and Ocean Rooms to complement the highly successful Samui Beach Village Luxury Samui Villas, there have been many new additions to help make the Samui Resort outstanding. The latest development and exciting addition is the opening of its stunning beachfront bar and restaurant – Orchid Restaurant & Bar. The Orchid Restaurant & Bar is stunningly decorated but in keeping with its beautiful surroundings with it’s aquas, greens, blues and sand tones blending in seamlessly with the ocean and its shores. Seating up to 70 people for dining and with a separate lounge area with vast sofas and coffee tables dedicated to those wanting to relax and take in the

exquisite and uninterrupted views of the white sandy beach and cool sea breezes. Jane and Meash Meakin, Directors of Samui Beach Village said “it seemed only natural to offer beachside dining for our guests to enjoy. The new restaurant complements our long-standing in-villa dining and private chef service, but allows for guests to enjoy their meals or drinks right on the shore of such a stunning stretch of beach and is the perfect addition to the growing list of amenities our guests desire.” Orchid Restaurant and Bar is also the perfect location for parties, events and weddings, with set packages on offer or functions catered to your specific requirements and budgets.


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Thailand to beat 2015 MDG cutoff


he recent comment made by Administrator of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Helen Clark, has brought a wide range of discussion into Thai politics, including topics about the political mayhem, prolonged street protests, deeply rooted division, national development, and poverty eradication. A section of Ms Clark’s interview stated that Thailand’s method of tackling poverty had been impeded by political tension. She commented that the country should move forward the process for a free and fair election, which would yield results accepted by the public. On the other hand, Deputy Information Department Director-General and Deputy Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Biravij Suwanpradhes, explained that Thailand had succeeded in dealing with many sub-targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). With only five years left until the 2015 deadline to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on world leaders to attend a summit in New York on September 20-22 to accelerate progress towards the MDGs. The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – which range from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 – form a blueprint agreed to by all the world’s countries and all the world’s leading development institutions. Coming amid mixed progress and new crises that threaten the global effort to halve extreme poverty, “the summit will be a crucially important opportunity to redouble our efforts to meet the Goals,” he said, referring to the targets adopted at the UN Millennium Summit of 2000, aimed at slashing poverty, hunger, disease, maternal and child deaths and other ills by a 2015 deadline. “Our world possesses the knowledge and the resources to achieve the MDGs” the Secretary-General stated in his report in preparation for the September summit. “Our challenge today is to agree on an action agenda to achieve the MDGs.”

The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – which range from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 – form a blueprint agreed to by all the world’s countries and all the world’s leading development institutions.


Doi Tung: From a Helping Hand to a Booming Brand

Doi Tung (‘Flag Mountain’) first gained the public’s attention in 1986 when MR Disnadda Diskul, then principle private secretary to Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarinddra (the Princess Mother), pointed out the suitability of the climate. Assisting Minorities The head of the 31st Watershed Conservation Unit of the Royal Forestry Department had requested the assistance of the Princess Mother’s Mae Fah Luang Foundation that same year to help solve local problems related to deforestation and to help prevent local people, who were really struggling at the time, from encroaching upon other parts of Doi Tung. The Doi Tung Development Project (DTDP) went on to become a holistic, integrated sustainable alternative livelihood development initiative, which was the culmination of the late princess’ lifelong dedication to development work. Established by the Mae Fah Luang Foundation, the project focused on carrying out development activities to improve the quality of life for minority groups living in the area. This took the form of livelihood development initiatives, which encompassed the reforestation of watershed areas and the development of various social enterprises to benefit local people. Bringing Hope to The Hilltops The Doi Tung Development Project has business units covering food, horticulture, tourism and handicrafts. The project developed from being a crop substitution initiative to providing a range of livelihood options with the ultimate aim of empowering locals to become business savvy and help them cope with global market forces.

Setting an example among the locals, the project itself became financially self-sufficient in 2002. The project aims to also ensure that local people can become economically self reliant and continue the process of their own development as responsible citizens in an increasingly globalized world

without compromising the natural environment or their own cultural values. A Winning Start Doi Tung coffee became the project’s first major success story. A factory was set up to roast the Arabica coffee beans that were cultivated as part of an opium crop replacement program. Macadamia nuts were also produced under the Doi Tung brand name as another crop replacement solution. Doi Tung coffee is now sold in Japan, while the project also went on to establish a chain of coffee shops nationwide called Café Doi Tung. Bolstering Brand Recognition MR Disnadda Dissakul, who is also secretary-general of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation and director of the Doi Tung Royal Development Project, says that since 2007, Doi Tung has become a stand-alone brand. This required some significant re-engineering so that the Doi Tung brand would not be solely dependent upon the success of the original Mae Fah Luang name, which from

This business feature is brought to you by:

that point was only referred to in terms of the group’s day-today activities. “In 2007, we decided to develop the brand’s recognition and brand loyalty among customers by investing 3% of our total income [accounting for up to US$617,665] in enhancing the Doi Tung brand,” MR Disnadda Dissakul says. The good produced under the Doi Tung brand name can be grouped within five categories – horticultural products, food, fashion and ornaments (handicrafts), home furnishings and tourism (under the brand name Doi Tung Lodge). These items helped the project to generate 500 million baht (US$15.4 million) in income in 2009. Adding Value “Our aim is to reposition the Doi Tung brand so that it can be considered a premium brand, which will help us to become a major player in each segment the project produces goods for,” according to MR Disnadda Dissakul. Each item produced by the project is sold using the slogan ‘Lifestyle for Livelihoods’. In other words, the trendy products that serve urbanites’ lifestyles today can generate positives for employment prospects in and around Doi Tung. There are currently 12 branches of the Doi Tung Lifestyle Shop nationwide, according to MR Disnadda Dissakul. “Our strength is the high standard and quality of manufacturing. When we decided to establish an enterprise, we decided that every step we took would be in a forward direction and that each step would be firm. Nevertheless, we are not in any rush and we never forget to step back and try and ensure the farmers and our workers can benefit from the journey,” says MR Disnadda Dissakul.



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

The inaugural issue of the Samui Gazette

Welcome to the first issue of the Samui Gazette, a new English language newspaper for the island of Samui for locals and tourists. This newspaper is aiming to be a community-based informational journal that will focus on local and regional news, local social events, local sporting events, recreational opportunities, classified ads, communitybased business advertising, real estate, business development, shopping, health, dining and ecological issues -- all with a focus on those things that are of interest to and affect the residents and tourists on Koh Samui. While we realize that the expat and tourist community is composed of a menagerie of nationalities and languages similar to the United Nations, we have the impression that, unless you are at a conversational level in Thai, to get on with the majority of other nationalities residing at or touring the island, you have to speak some English, so here we go. Our local Thai staff is well connected within the law enforcement and governmental community so we are kept abreast of most local emergencies and local governmental issues. We have good feeds regarding Thai national news. On international events we are using AP Wire feeds for Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. We have asked many talented expat residents to contribute third-party columns on many different subjects and we are looking forward to their delightful contributions. We encourage anyone who wants to possibly contribute a column or expertise to contact us. We realize that the expat residents have moved from many different countries, cultures and economic environments. All fell in love with this little island and now call it their home. As such, many have made a long-term investment of their lives, efforts and talent in helping to both retain the beauty and culture of our new home and enhance the quality of life for all its residents. Some issues we will want to address may be controversial and we know that every issue can have multiple arguments, from many different viewpoints, so we will do our best to maintain journalistic impartiality, at least on news reportage and will also always attempt to report the truth. We feel sure that there will be lively debate enough from our Letters to the Editor, or third- party columns. One overriding concern we collectively feel from our heart is that if we, Thai and expats alike, do not actively take personal responsibility for protecting our ecological paradise, not only in the future, but starting now, this Shang-Ri-La will not continue to yield any financial, recreational, or spiritual gain for very long into the future. I hope if we, as a paper can contribute to getting everyone to work toward this common goal, we will all benefit. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with everyone on Koh Samui.

Is sorry the hardest word? DAVID PAUL JANES

Many years ago while still in high school, a couple of friends and me decided it would be a great idea to build a tree house at the top of an old Walnut tree situated at the top of our school field. We soon set about hacking away at the branches and very quickly had a suitable, if somewhat dangerous platform erected. Unfortunately, when our endeavors were discovered by the school powers that be, we quickly found ourselves summoned to the headmaster’s office, where I spent half an hour looking at my shoes, saying “I dunno sir” and “It was only a tree.” I tried to argue that it was a local council tree. This meant it was public property and therefore I was entitled to build a tree house in it. But it was no good, and we had to write letters to the school grounds man and local parish council offering an unreserved apology. I wasn’t really sorry, and I’m still not sorry. I only agreed to say I was because then the situation would die down, and as nobody had taken our “house” down, we could continue using it. Ever since Clint Eastwood ordered those gunmen to apolo-

gize to his mule in “A Fistful of Dollars,” there’s been a sense that saying sorry to make everything all right has been a bit of a joke. If the baddies had apologized, the film would have ended immediately. But they didn’t, so there was a lot of shooting and, in Clint’s case at least, plenty of squinting. Apologizing seems to have become bit of a global obsession, football players were recently castigated, not for losing a match but for not saying sorry that they’d lost. In Pakistan a man responsible for selling nuclear secrets to Libya and N. Korea escaped prosecution by begging on television for the nation’s forgiveness. Oh well that’s all right then! We occasionally see apologies in newspapers after they have reported something wrongly. But it will be in a typeface so small it’s not visible to the naked eye, it will be on page 38, next to a distracting shower advertisement, and it will only have been written because some hotshot lawyer was standing over the writer with a gun in one hand and a writ in the other. Saying sorry because you have been forced to means you are not sorry at all. An apology

has to be real to heal. As G. K. Chesterton said: “A stiff apology is a second insult.” As a word, “sorry” is a useful get-out-of-jail-free card when you are having an argument with your wife and there’s only 10 minutes before your favorite T.V. program starts. “Yes, I know I’ve dropped beer in your hollandaise sauce. I am a useless husband on every level and I am sorry. Now can I watch 24?” Sorry works when you tread on someone’s toe, or if a child accidentally burps after drinking too much cola. Sorry is for minor indiscretions like being a bit late. When you squeeze past someone at the cinema to reach your seat, you say sorry because it’s another way of saying excuse me. And excuse me just won’t do if you have done something big. “I’ve just shot your husband. I do hope you will excuse me.” Elton John once said that sorry seems the hardest word. That’s not true. A brave man, a man with spine and some iron in his blood, would say, “I don’t accept your apology and I want you whipped.” If any of the above has upset or insulted you. Sorry.

Samui Gazette

A publication of YuCiNo Enterprises Co., Ltd. with office at 124/524 Moo 3, Lamai Centre Unit 61/2, Lamai Beach Road, Koh Samui

Editorial Editor: P. Bunsan Managing Editor: Sandy Dela Cruz Reporters: Akanee Thongtara, Jeerethe Kawnim Contributors: Kev Bee, Patrick Caviness, Neal Hoptman, Jules Kay, Omesh Langmann, Rob Newman, Jo Rowkins, Geoff Whitlie

Sales/Advertising & Circulation Ad Sales & Circulation Manager: Dennis R. Paguio Sales Representative: Pawinee Kaewkunya Art & Production Design: YuCiNo Enterprises Co. Ltd. Production Asst: Kanlayanee Seamkung

YuCiNo Enterprises Co. Ltd. Directors: P. Bunsan, Joseph A. Noble Publication Information YuCiNo Enterprises Co. Ltd. publishes Samui Gazette. All content of this issue is © Copyright 2010 by YuCiNo Enterprises Co. Ltd. and may not be reprinted or re-transmitted without the expressed written content of the publisher. Samui Gazette is available throughout Koh Samui.



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

Letters to the Editor Love us? Hate us?

Jules Kay

Send letters to or 124/524 Moo 3 Lamai Centre Unit 6 1/2 Lamai Beach Road, Koh Samui

Managing the ebb and flow

Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

Wishing the Samui Gazette much success I was so pleased to learn about the launch of the Samui Gazette and I wish you much success on the island. It is really important on a small island like this that the people of Samui come together as a community to respond to the challenges facing all of us. Part of that process is an education and understanding of what is happening on the island and that is the role the Gazette will play I hope.

We need a paper that is not afraid to look into the challenges of how all of us can make Samui an island to be proud of and an example to the rest of the world. We know that most papers focus on the challenges that are being faced in the world or ignore them in favor of pure marketing. It is my hope that the Gazette will be the bridge to a new understanding of how we on the island can come together and tackle

the challenges and not just complain about them. At the same time, I hope the Gazette will be reporting on the beauty and abundance on the island that has been the reason we are here on Samui. It is not an easy task, but I hope that through the contributions of people living on the island, the Samui Gazette will thrive. Wishing you much success! -- SAM JOHNS, Maenam

darity is to inform the Thai government, fellow citizens of Thailand and other nations of the world that the overwhelming public opinion in the Southern Region is fully against the Department of Petroleum granting permission for oil exploration and drilling in the territory of Koh Samui, Koh PhaNgan and Koh Tao which could have a disastrously negative impact on the entire region’s tourism and fishing industries, with possible knock-on effects being

experienced in Suratthani, Nakorn Sri Thammarat and Chumporn, and even places as far a field as Phuket, Krabi and Phang-Nga. The committee is calling for the government’s grant to the project to be withdrawn forthwith and requests an official meeting with the Department of Petroleum in order to discuss possible energy production alternatives which wouldn’t potentially threaten the region’s thriving tourism industry. -- Rak Aao Thai Group

Kill the drill! An initial mass demonstration will be made on July 31, 2010 with full public support against any oil exploration concessions. A minimum number of 35,000 local residents (including those from Koh Pha-Ngan, Koh Tao and Suratthani) and visitors (including foreigners who are sympathetic to the cause) will link hands forming a continuous human chain along Koh Samui’s 52kilometre long ring-road. The purpose of this huge collective expression of soli-


Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Like sailors lost at sea it seems much of the world is content to drift into an environmental crisis that may leave us shipwrecked on very dry land. The world’s population tripled in the 20th century and will increase by another 40 to 50 % in the next 50 years. As per capita water use increases and temporal variations affect availability, the water needed to produce food for human consumption, industrial processes and all its other important uses is becoming scarce. Koh Samui is no exception to the rule. This year’s extended dry season caused severe water shortages in some areas and the Water Department were forced to introduce rationing in order to guarantee at least an intermittent supply during the dry months. The factors behind the lack of water are similar to those facing the world at large. Rapid development means increased demand and even though the natural supply should be sufficient, the measures used to ensure adequate collection and re-use are less than effective. Whatever the use (agriculture, hotels, domestic use), water conservation and improvement of water management is always possible. Water is wasted every day on Samui, but unless people face scarcity, they believe access to water is an easy and natural thing. Thailand already has an national integrated water management plan and is applying innovations and modern technologies where possible to improve the collection and distribution. However, on a small island like Samui, the local government needs the support of both local communities and private businesses to make water management more effective. Initiatives like the

Check Dam Project are a major step forward. Supported by the Green Island Project, THA, TAKS Samui Spa Association and Koh Samui Water Management Unit, the local authorities are building constructions from natural materials that lay across streams close to their source. The dams slow down the movement of water and silt during heavy rain, preventing flooding and preserving the supply. Some hotels and private properties also have systems for collecting and recycling water, but in order to make a difference, everyone needs to conserve and re-use water however they can. Simple measures can have a significant impact. Fix your leaking water pipes, install gutters and a rain barrel collection system, avoid over-watering plants and use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and doorsteps. Imagine your water is money and spend it wisely. -A Water Seminar was held on Koh Samui at the local municipal offices. Experts, along with the Green Island Project team and other grass roots organisations looked at ways to manage water effectively from its source right down to the ocean.

About the author Jules Kay has lived on the island for 10 years and regularly contributes to a number of publications and websites about Samui. He also volunteers as a media representative for the Samui Mala and Green Island Project. Email Jules at samuieditor@gmail. com.



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

COOL GADGETS Waterproof headphones

If you must have your tunes everywhere, even in the water, then you need to get the Mi-Sport headphones. The Mi-Sport has a 4GB media player that has a 7 hour rechargeable battery. This isn’t the first time that I have seen headphones that you can take around the water, but the Mi-Sport is designed to be in the water. Yes, it is not just water-resistant or splash-proof, but actually water proof.

Wifi radio

Are you one who still listens to radios over a regular boombox? Isn’t it time to keep up with the times, where you have the ViewQuest WiFi Radio which allows you to enjoy thousands of Internet stations, not to mention audio streams as well as podcasts as long as there is a Wi-Fi network in the vicinity of reasonable bandwidth. The ViewQuest WiFi Radio is touted to be the smallest portable Wi-Fi internet radio in the world, and just in case there isn’t any Wi-Fi network nearby, fret not. You can always rely on its integrated FM tuner that lets you enjoy old school radio stations at the right frequencies. Its internal battery offers more than 15 hours of continuous playback time. Would you fork out £89.99 for this puppy?

Apollo8 jewelry

Display windows

Sky Factory has made some interesting products, such as the SkyV HD Virtual Skylight, three HD LCD screens made for the ceiling that allow you to watch skies, birds flying over, trees swaying in the breeze, or just about anything else you want to program in it. I like the idea of having a breathtaking view that you can change at any given time. My windows in my living room have a view of my neighbor’s place, and it isn’t exactly scenic. I remember when I reported on the SkyV HD Virtual Skylight, I didn’t have a price, but I knew it was expensive. This time, I’ve got a price on the eScape, and it is quite expensive at $9,750.

Day clock

This is the weirdest of all – a day clock. Who on this island will need a day clock right? People when on vacation tend to forget which day it is. This day clock is best suited for laid back fellows who lose track of the day.

Clickfree transformer

Transferring files, especially music ones, from your iPod or iPhone to a different computer isn’t exactly rocket science, but it isn’t elementary math either. Not to mention that if you ever want to make a backup of important files, the steps involved can get complicated for the newbie. Good thing devices such as the Clickfree Transformer for iPod/iPhone are here to help even the least tech savvy person transfer files from a computer to the iPod or iPhone’s excess storage space in a jiffy, taking the tried and true plug-and-play method. There isn’t any software to install or further setup to do, and to make things even more idiot proof, the Clickfree will never overwrite your iPod’s existing content since it will deal only with unused storage space. Expect to pay £39.99 for some peace of mind.

It can be said that the picturesque beauty of Samui is complemented by gorgeous beachcombing ladies in their bikinis. And of course, it can also be said that “a woman shall never be without her jewelry, even while swimming.” Apollo8, now popular for its one of a kind light sculptures, brings unique pieces of accessories to Samui, from the laidback kind to those with bling. Choosing the right accessory to mix and match with beach outfits though can sometimes be daunting so we compiled these handy tips: • Understand and manipulate optical illusion. It is not good to put a pretty

bikini or top on the sideline or draw too much attention to the accessory. The right accessories should come off as effortless. • It is okay to include a statement necklace or bold jewelry to an ensemble. One bold piece though is enough. • It’s always about balance. If you opt to wear a big necklace, other accessories are not needed. Otherwise, you could wear two small pieces like stud earrings or a few bangle bracelets. • Summer Chandeliers: Big earrings, a big trend now, can oftentimes make or break a look. Facial structure has a lot to do with how it can flatter you. For example, longer or thin

faces do best with dangle earrings which bell at the bottom to create width. Round or fuller faces, on the other hand, fare better with oblong earrings that create the illusion of less facial fullness. • Big Bangles: Bangles of different widths, patterns, and textures are definitely in. Bangle bracelets are a great casual accent, especially when there is a mix of metals. Hip bracelets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can pick up a mismatched assortment. •Jeweled Statement Necklace: Dainty necklaces are a thing of the past. Get a boost for simple summer wear by wearing an eye-popping necklace. Chunky pieces are a must have.

Australian quarantine of prohibited goods, or is it paranoia? A recent trip back to Australia met with a big surprise at customs declaration for one couple vacationing in Thailand. You don’t think at the time but that cute little handmade souvenir trinket, paper lamps and photo albums could pose a real threat to Australian unique environment. Food, plant material and animal products from overseas could introduce some serious pests and diseases into Australia, devastating valuable agriculture and tourism industries. Declare or beware! You must declare for inspection all food, plant material and animal products on arrival in Australia to ensure they are free of pests and diseases. PLANT MATERIAL • Wooden articles and carvings including painted or lacquered items (bark is prohibited and will be removed or require treatment) • Artifacts, handicrafts and curios made from plant material • Mats, bags and other items made from plant material, palm fronds or leaves (goods made from banana plants are prohibited) • Straw products and packaging • Bamboo, cane or rattan basket ware and furnishings • Pot pourri and coconut shells • Goods containing cereal grain, corn husks or filled with seeds • Christmas decorations, wreaths

and ornaments (pine cones are prohibited) • Dried flowers and arrangements • Fresh flowers and leis (flowers that can be grown from stems such as roses, carnations and chrysanthemums are prohibited) OTHER GOODS • Craft and hobby lines made from animal or plant material • Sporting and camping equipment including tents, footwear, hiking boots, golf equipment, bicycles and fishing equipment. • Footwear, clothing and any items used in rural areas or carrying contamination from soil, fasces or plant material. EGGS AND EGG PRODUCTS • All whole, dried and powdered egg, and egg products that contain more than 10% egg as an ingredient, such as mayonnaise. DAIRY PRODUCTS • All dairy products (unless from a country listed as foot and mouth free). Whole and dried products that contain more than 10% dairy product as an ingredient. Infant formula accompanying a child and New Zealand dairy products are allowed. UNCANNED MEAT PRODUCTS • All animal species - fresh, dried, frozen, cooked, smoked, salted or preserved meat, including salami and sausages. (These items must be

declared and inspected for signs of insects or disease. Some items may require treatment before being allowed in. These items are prohibited and will be seized and destroyed by AQIS. Or you can drop them in the quarantine bins at the airport.) LIVE ANIMALS • All mammals, birds, birds’ eggs, and nests, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects. LIVE PLANTS • All potted/bare rooted plants, cuttings, roots, bulbs, corms, rhizomes, stems and other viable plant material. SEEDS AND NUTS • Cereal grains, popping corn, raw nuts, chestnuts, pine cones, birdseed, unidentified seeds, and some commercially packaged seeds and seed ornaments. FRESH FRUIT OR VEGETABLES • All fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables goods that must be declared. FOOD • Cooked and raw food and ingredients • Dried fruit and vegetables • Noodles and rice • Packaged meals including airline food • Herbs and spices • Herbal and traditional medicines, remedies, tonics and herbal teas • Snack foods

• Biscuits, cakes and confectionery • Tea, coffee and other milk-based beverages ANIMAL PRODUCTS • Feathers, bones, horns and tusks (must be clean and free of any tissue) • Skins, hides, and furs (rawhide including drums, shields and dog chews are prohibited) • Wool and animal hair (includes fleece, yarn, and craft items) • Stuffed animals and birds (taxidermy certificate required. Some may be prohibited under endangered species laws) • Shells and coral (including jewellery, curios and souvenirs) • Bee products including pollen, beeswax and honeycomb • Used animal equipment including veterinary equipment and medicines, shearing or meat trade tools, saddlery and tack and animal or bird cages • Pet food is prohibited So if you have gone for a hike in the hills, a swim in the ocean or a trip to the beach, once you reach Australian customs you may be heading home without your purchased gifts, vacation clothes and wearing a sterilized towel provided by an Australian customs officer. For more information visit: http://



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

Please patronize our advertisers and tell them you saw their ad at the Samui Gazette.

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HOUSE Land size 808 sqm. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 garage, 1 staff house. Bt3.5 million (75,000 Euro). 50% downpayment/50% in three years. Call 0864793516. CHAWENG PATTANA TOWNHOUSE Sale from Bt2.6 million (or rent for Bt15,000/ month). Fully furnished two-storey house. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Communal facilities, swimming pool, landscaped garden. 24-hour security. Call 081-452-5895 (Steve), 081-832-5895 (Pop). CONDO UNIT 1-bedroom ground floor unit open unto the poll area, complete with electical including washing machine, 32” TV, DVD and airconditioning. Contact 084-822-1696. TOWNHOUSE UNIT Downpayment: Bt350,000. Amount balance under bank finance Bt1,079,000. House & land size: 21.85 x 4.1 talangwa. Location: Maenam Soi 6. Land title: Chanote. Infrastructure: government electricity, water, ADSL, telephone.

for rent daily or monthly. Special rate starts at Bt990. 100 meters from the beach and town center. Walking distance to all amenities in Lamai. Call 077-458314. COMMERCIAL SPACE No key money. Bt12,000/month including water, toilet. Located in Chaweng. Near all amenities and top tourist destinations. Call 077-601072. SHOP

With fridge, tv, dvd, fan, fully furnished. Monthly Bt8,000 (including electricity and laundry service). Contact: 0897255610.

Located in Fisherman’s Village. Bt13,000/month . Pay 3 months in advance. For more info, call 077-246399.



Four-bedroom, two bath beachfront home. Fisherman’s village of the beach and pier. 8 modern fully service apartments with all furnishing, for Bt1 million per year or Bt20 one time payment, land ownership option. Lowest price on the market financing option, good location for beachfront fine dining club. www. beachfrontapartment. For information, call 0850438122. BEACH HOUSE Bt15,000/month. Located in Bangrak near Big Buddha & Plai Lem. Fully furnished. Call 081892-4162. AUMPAI LUXURY Modern luxury, best value in the heart of Lamai. Large pool with Jacuzzi, free cable, large kitchen, internet, secured and safe residence, English speaking staff. Three minutes walk to the beach. Contact 077961926. LAMAI BEACH RESIDENCE 18 luxury apartments

DANY LOPEZ professional hairstyle Female master stylist. 10 years experience with Vidal Sassoon London/Munich. Home and hotel service. Call 081-7874893. SAWASDEE GERMAN LANGUAGE CENTER Female master stylist. 10 years experience with Vidal Sassoon London/Munich. Home and hotel service. Call 081-7874893. HEALTH OASIS RESORT New naturopathic sessions and courses. Drop by for a herbal steam, a superb massage, or a vegetarian meal. Call 077-420124. SAMUI CAR WAX Near Samui Electricity Authority. Delivery service. Promotion: wash 6 times and get 1 free. Tel: 083-5511505. THERAPY Life not planning out, feeling unwell? You can change it, isn’t it? Check out CoRe on Interested? Call Health

Ambit Consultancy on 084-7814718 for free introductory talk. CLEANING SERVICE Thai lady available to clean your house or office and do ironing. Bt100 / hour. Call 0879992484 MAKER STONE LTD. Sale, service, counselor. All natural stones, stone wash, sand wash ceramic. Contact Surapol Wangchareon. 24/5 Moo 6, Maenam. T: 077-602094. INGON ACCURATE ACCOUNTING SERVICES Accounting, tax, work permit, visa, company registration, partnership. 165/125 Moo 1 Bophut. Tel: 077430-033. SQUEAKY CLEAN WINDOWS Window cleaning services. Hard to access windows are not a problem, we will get to them. No contracts to sign, have them cleaned when you like. Professional tools & detergents used. Email samuisqueakyclean@ or call 087-137650. STAFF WANTED RECEPTIONIST FOR A SMALL SAMUI HOTEL Good command of English and Microsoft Excel knowledge are essential. Send resume to fasthealing@yahoo. com. POSITIONS FOR NEW LAMAI RESTAURANT Restuarant in Lamai main street in front of McDonald’s. - Waitress - Cook (with experience in western food) - Helper/dishwasher Contact 085-2545266 or email yrinders@gmail. com.

CLASSIFIED DISCLAIMER/CONDITIONS All advertisements are published by the advertiser that the advertiser is authorized to publish the entire contents, and subject matter thereof, that the contents are not unlawful and do not infringe the rights of any person or entity and that the advertiser has obtained all necessary permissions or releases. In consideration of the publication of advertisements, the advertiser will indemnify and save Samui Gazette from and against any loss or expenses arising from publicaton of such advertisements. The publisher reserves the right to revise, reject or omit without notice any advertisement at any time. Samui Gazette accepts no liability for its failure, for any cause, to insert an advertisement. Liability for any error appearing in an advertisement is limited to the cost of the space occupied. To qualify for an adjustment, an error must be reported within 10 days of publication date. Drawings, artwork, and articles for reproduction are accepted at the advertiser’s risk and should be clearly marked to faciliate their return. Samui Gazette reserves the right to revise the advertising rates at any time. Announcement of an increase shall be made at least two weeks in advance. No verbal agreement altering the rates and/or the terms shall be recognized.



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

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Universal Crossword

by: Omesh Langmann ARIES. You are the winner anyway, more than ever. If you can manage to relax and take it easy, it would be extremely supportive for your health. TAURUS. Buy something beautiful this week. Your extraordinary taste is even more refined. We always knew there is an artist in you. Show it to your beloved. GEMINI. Don’t stop talking. Listen: don’t stop talking and now is also the time to grow the roots of reality to your ideas. This is a process that needs your action. Do it and don’t stop talking. CANCER. We need your emotions. We want your emotions (even if we sometimes run away). Please show them to us again and again and again. Thank you so much! LEO. It’s your time baby. We are even applauding before you enter the stage. Let your light shine on us. Be generous and share your wisdom. And to tell the truth, we like you to be on stage because you like it more than anything else. VIRGO. Your dream lover is approaching. The best news is, you cannot avoid the meeting. No need to be perfect. It will happen. Enjoy. Yes you Virgo, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. LIBRA. The other one is not as important as you think. This is what you want to learn in the next two years. Better start today and see. You are also there and it looks like you are very significant! SCORPIO. LET GO! Just let go. It’s not possible to control everything. Even if it’s not for you (we know you never give up. But it doesn’t help you this week.)

CAPRICORN. You are the change. Very surprisingly you are the motor of change in these times. The old is over and you are the messenger. Thank you for being so easy with it.

ACROSS 1. Lambert and Sandler 6. Up to the present time 9. Number one 13. Complicate or tangle 14. Before, old English 15. Drinker 16. “I love you” or “J’_____” 17. School of whales 18. Antonym of bald 19. *Pin knocking 21. First President named Franklin 23. Big head 24. Reduced Instruction Set Computer 25. He is 28. *Where you’re headed in softball 30. It’s best not to drive like one of these 35. Singles 37. *Do after hide 39. The present occasion 40. State of vexation 41. Spooky 43. Chow ____ 44. Ancient Roman’s garb 46. *You look for it in your poker opponent 47. European sea eagles 48. ______ Madre 50. Includes girls and boys 52. *Not a win nor a loss

AQUARIUS. Don’t get betrayed. I mean it. Be careful. At least don’t invest money. And then I would say, why not enjoy the illusion.


SAGITTARIUS. I believe you. I really believe you. Just take me with you wherever you go. Now.

53. Up against 55. Clinton ___ Rodham 57. *Where you play croquet 60. *Badminton hitter 64. Summation 65. Felt by princess while sleeping? 67. Saints’ lights 68. Positive electrode 69. Overnight stop 70. A top Formula One driver 71. Diamonds and rubies, e.g. 72. *Volleyball divider 73. Maps of city blocks, e.g. DOWN 1. Inhabitant of Middle East 2. Type of cabinetry joint 3. Declare as true 4. European blackbird 5. *Horses or dogs pull it over snow and ice 6. Slang for safecracker 7. Distinctive period 8. Designated speed for a song, pl. 9. Wild swine 10. Narrative poem of hero’s deeds 11. Withered 12. “The old college ___”

15. *Kick it! 20. Hangman’s knot 22. Communism, e.g. 24. Build anew 25. The 2010 Oscars had two 26. Boredom 27. Between Rive Droite and Rive Gauche 29. *Track competition, e.g. 31. End of Iditarod Trail 32. Apathetic 33. Drupelets of blackberry or raspberry 34. Burn incense, e.g. 36. Evoke emotion 38. 1,000 grams 42. “Helen” in Moscow 45. *What a lacrosse player does with the ball 49. An honest President? 51. Bolt 54. Unfasten 56. To be identical to 57. *”Going, going, ____!” 58. A-bomb particle 59. Short for radians 60. Goes with rave 61. Sky bear 62. Right coast 63. Black brews, e.g. 64. *Touch game 66. Between E and NE

Mood of the week

PISCES. Sweet adventures are coming back soon. You are the superstar, not only in your dreams. Indulge into the impossible. Now it is possible! In general there is a high tension these days. It will build up until July 26th. On this day we have the final Saturn opposite Uranos. The old is fighting against the new. Who’s gonna win? If we look back in history the new was always winning in the end. The question is only how long is the old clinging to its structure. Pluto in Capricorn invites everyone of us to let go of all the old structures, wrong identifications, which are no more filled with life, which are just dead corpses. Worldwide we have to let go of the way we look at money. If money is worshipped by humanity the structure has to break. Money is there to serve humanity not vice versa. The structure is also the planet earth as such. If we don’t treat it well, there will be more and more earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes and floods. On the 26th we also have to take care not to follow a seducer who is creating an illusion. Don’t get corrupted. Only follow your own truth, don’t compromise. If we are aware it can be an explosion into freedom and independency. The new vision is rising. The rebel in you is asked to stand up. Don’t hold back. This is valid for the situation worldwide and for all your personal relationships. Find a new structure to relate, to love, to communicate. Uranos is asking you to do it out of a position of inner freedom and independency. At the end of the month, power can explode if you or a group of people want to prove that they are the winner. You own your power if you don’t have to prove it. Otherwise there can be the experience of control, suppression and a following outburst. The sun is going into Leo. It’s time again to go more out, to be on stage, to be seen, to show yourself. Saturn is leaving Virgo, a nice relief especially for all Virgos and Pisces who might have learned to say yes to their aloneness in the last two and a half years, which probably was not always easy. With Venus and Mars in Virgo the Virgos get an extra erotic boost, which they surely deserve after the (Saturnic) emotional winter. Now the libras are asked to look inside. Good for meditation. For everybody, it is a very good time to start something new.

Joke corner

A very shy guy goes into a bar and sees a beautiful woman sitting at the other end. After an hour of gathering up his courage he finally goes over to her and asks, tentatively, “Um, would you mind if I chatted with you for a while?” To which she responds by yelling, at the top of her lungs, “No, I won’t sleep with you tonight!” By now, the entire bar is staring at them. Naturally, the guy is hopelessly and completely embarrassed and he slinks back to his table. After a few minutes, the woman walks over to him and apologizes. She smiles at him and says, “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. You see, I’m a graduate student in psychology and I’m studying how people respond to embarrassing situations.” To which he responds, at the top of his lungs, “What do you mean $200!”

15 samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

Calvin & Hobbes


For better or for worse

Cul de sac



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

Hot list

The Last Airbender

Air, Water, Earth, Fire. Four nations tied by destiny when the Fire Nation launches a brutal war against the others. A century has passed with no hope in sight to change the path of this destruction. Caught between combat and courage, Aang (Noah Ringer) discovers he is the lone Avatar with the power to manipulate all four elements. Aang teams with Katara (Nicola Peltz), a Waterbender, and her brother, Sokka (Jackson Rathbone), to restore balance to their war-torn world. Rating: PG13 Actors: Cliff Curtis, Dev Patel, Jackson Rathbone, Jessica Andres, Nicola Peltz, Noah Ringer Director: M. Night Shyamalan


When Tukkie, an unpretty girl magically becomes a princess of a land called Padangrawee, her destiny has changed. She is now the only heiress to the throne and the hope of all the people of her land. As a princess, Tukkie has to rule the land and be responsible, but is hunted by a group of villainous conspirators. Fortunately, a charming protector has always come to save her life from danger. Rating: PG13 Actors: Chusak Aiemsuk (Nong), Kom Chuancheun, Louis Scott, Natalie Davis, Tukkie Director: Pornchai Hongrattanaporn

Cable highlights

Coming Soon 07/22




The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The Last Airbender


July 23 Timmy Time (Playhouse Disney 34), 20:00 July 28 Haiti’s Killer Quake (The History Channel July 24 China Impression (Phoenix InfoNews Chan 18), 18:00 nel 92), 17:30 July 29 Navy NCIS VI (True Series 63), 14:00 July 25 My friends Tigger and Pooh (Playhouse July 30 [V] Play & Learn (Channel V Thailand), Disney 34), 20:00 20:00 July 27 Quest Means Business (CNN 91), 13:00 July 31 One Tree Hill VII (True Series 63), 13:00





samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

y t r a p h c Laun There is a new option on the island for those who wanna have some info, fun and entertainment via TV: HELLO SAMUI HOLIDAY & LIFESTYLE TV is broadcasted twice daily, at 9am and 6pm in more than 150 Samui hotels & resorts which together comprise 7,000 guest rooms and more than 35,000 households (subscribers) who can receive the program on Samui Cable TV (Samui Channel). The objective is to provide an entertaining, flamboyant and informal TV show in order to feature and promote Koh Samui, its businesses, companies, facilities, tourist attractions, individuals, activities, initiatives and many more topics. The program is presented by 4 hosts: German-born NATHALIE GUETERMANN, a renowned and respected TV-producer herself with 200+ “Nathalie’s Lifestyle” - shows broadcasted all over the world. JO REYNOLDS comes from England and also has a media background which allows her to model & comment the moments in her own style, certainly catching the hearts & attention of many viewers. MIKEY

MESILD is a Samui-born talent who has already presented various programs in SAMUI CHANNEL and has many fans courtesy of his fresh and individual way to present things. And last not least - producer HORSE contributes some elements from the not-too-serious-side of the program’s chemistry. The Launch party of HELLO SAMUI HOLIDAY & LIFESTYLE TV took place June 24 at the one & only Beach Republic with some stunning fireworks provided by Robert Taylor (SAMUI FIREWORKS), who also won the main raffle prize (2 days at FOUR SEASONS RESORT). World renowned fashion designer and one of the main sponsors of the show - PAUL ROPP - and “Luxury Lord” ALAIN LEVENFICHE were the VIP guests of the party, which was a cool & smooth affair. Thanks go to the additional main sponsors of HELLO SAMUI HOLIDAY & LIFESTYLE TV: BANGKOK AIRWAYS, OK PROPERTIES, BEACH REPUBLIC, FINEWINEDINE INTERNATIONAL and CHEERS & BIZ.

Cheers from the HELLO SAMUI TV-TEAM: Jo Reynolds, Mikey Mesild, Nathalie Guetermann & Horse Fashion designer Paul Ropp with lucky draw winner Robert Taylor (Samui Fireworks) and David Stanton, Director of Food & Beverage (Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui) and Ropp Marketing Directors Yui & Cim.

“Luxury Lord” Alain Levenfiche during an interview with Horse at the HELLO SAMUI launch party at Beach Republic.

Grand re-opening party

Jintana, Wichuda, Naruman

Dave & Jacquie Cooper

Mem, Paul, Sarah, Oiy, Jack Ryan

George, Robbie, Jack Tremarko, Jack Ryan

Sarah & Paul Meredith

Dennis, Sarah Meredith

Big Buddha Café opened its doors in August of 2002 presenting dinners with one of Samui’s most stunning sunset views. It was definitely a dining experience synonymous with quality and excellence. Eventually like everything a facelift was required putting into motion a very clever plan. Instead of shutting the BBC down completely a second

Clive, Caren, Cheryl & Chris, Dave & Jacquie Cooper

location was opened to continue providing their soughtafter cuisine while renos were completed. BBC spent three months renovating to serve more than 500 place settings. The new two-storey facility features a lower dining patio and an upper air conditioned multipurpose area. There are romantic tables for two, tables for large family groups and enough space for corporate parties and meetings. An expanded menu includes all the favorite dishes plus their featured tiger prawns with steak and mouthwatering Andaman lobsters. No surprises here from the owners whose objectives are summed up by saying “We offer good size portions at a medium size price.”



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist

Samui Film Festival 2010

Reliving the Thai open air cinema tradition Saturday, Aug. 7 Tamarind Springs Shining Spirit

(Canada/India/Tibet, 2009, 34 mins.)

Nartana’s paintings are exhibited at the Renaissance Koh Samui until end of September.

Nartana, while a witness to the war-divided Germany during his formative years, considered art museums his sanctuary. Born in 1959 in Aachen, Germany to an art teacher and an engineer, Nartana started his formal education in art at Fachoberschule fuer Gestaltung and went on to go to Fachhochschule fuer visuelle Kommunikation (College of Visual Communication). From childhood onwards Nartana painted. What began as a means of escape became for him a method of meditation. The immediacy of paint provided Nartana with a medium through which he could encapsulate moments; recording, as you will in a diary, transient states of being; striving, always for the state of ‘no mind’. Prompted by an increasing dedication to his spiritual life, Nartana left Germany and traveled with paint and brushes extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Aachen, Berlin, Amsterdam, India and throughout the Southwest of the US. Currently he’s living and painting on Koh Samui, Thailand.


Step in my weird world Hello one and all! A quick introduction, I’m Kev Bee and I am the presenter of the only nightly hypnotist show in the world. I bring the fun and laughter to a very unique location on Koh Samui -- Bar Ice in Chaweng. It’s a pretty unique venue with a very unique form of entertainment. I am honored to contribute a regular article to the newspaper. However, there is not much I can tell you about hypnosis over a great deal of time! It would not fill a column on a regular basis, so, with that in mind, I’m going to keep it all weird and wonderful but under a different topic! Not many people know but in the UK I am a founding member of a very unique organization called Border Paranormal Investigation. Simply put, we spend many nights in haunted castles, houses, pubs with séances and all kinds of spooky things going on. I have seen and felt things that I still can not explain away and I would like to invite you all to step into my weird world. It’s a world where things go bump in the night, where lights are seen in the sky and where all is not as it seems due to the odd conspiracy! The paranormal is my first love. Ever since I was a child, I have regularly contributed to publications in the UK. I hope to repeat the success and the suspense here on the island. Every issue, I will be focusing on a location somewhere in the world with a case file about strange happenings, be it ghosts, unexplained sightings in the sky or the latest conspiracy theories going on. It is bound to make you sit up and think, believer or not! I’m going to keep the suspense going until next issue, and bring you a story close to home, based on the island of Koh Samui. I only found out a few weeks ago and can’t wait to share it with you! I’ll reveal all next issue! Health and Happiness, Kev

Shining Spirit, filmed in Canada, India and Tibet (20062009) documents a recording project that brings together the family of Jamyang Yeshi, through music and the use of multi-tracking recording technology. With the help of western friends, Jamyang, in exile in Canada, and his brother, Tsundue, in exile in the United States, join voices with the family they left behind in Tibet. For the first time in over a decade, they sing together once again. Shining Spirit is a testament to the power of music, the resilience of the Tibetan culture, and the enduring bond of a family separated by politics and geography.

All In This Tea

(USA, 2006, 70 mins.)

Flower Films presents All In This Tea, a feature documentary by directors Les Blank and Gina Leibrecht that follows the world-renowned American tea importer, David Lee Hoffman, to some of the most remote regions of China in search of the finest handmade teas in the world. Not since Robert Fortune clandestinely made his waythrough the tea growing districts of China in 1843 to steal plants and seeds for the British Empire has a westerner attempted to gain access to the hidden world of tea, where farmers have been making it for generations. As the Chinese open their doors to the global marketplace, Hoffman opens their eyes to their own ancient tradition that links them, and all of us, to the distant past, while introducing the west to one of China’s cultural gems — the artistry and exquisite taste of fine, handmade tea.

Youssou N’Dour: I Bring What I Love (Senegal, 2008, 102 mins.)

Sunday, Aug. 8 Tamarind Springs Stories from the North (Thailand, 2005, 88 mins.)

Stories from the North is a collection of short documentaries made by director Uruphong Raksasad over a number of years. Now re-edited into an expansive feature, the footage forms a cinematic collage of life in the northern Thai village where he grew up. The film captures the details of everyday situations from the most fundamental and commonplace – from the village to city life – to more intriguing moments such as the bicycle club formed by the village elders. Uruphong’s root in the village allows him to achieve a rare intimacy with his neighbours – while some footage are contemplative and observational, at other times his camera gets both literally and emotionally as close to his subjects as it could be.

Food Fight

(USA, 2008, 81 mins.)

When we walk into a supermarket, we assume that we have the widest possible choice of healthy foods. But in fact, over the course of the 20th century, our food system has been co-opted by corporate forces whose interests do not lie in providing the public with fresh, healthy, and sustainably-produced food. Fortunately for America, an alternative emerged from the counter-culture of California in the late 1960s and early 1970s, where a group of political anti-corporate protesters — led by Alica Walkers (who later founded Chez Panisse) — voiced their dissent by creating a food chain outside of the conventional system. The unintended result was the birth of a vital local-sustainable-organic food movement, which has brought back taste and variety to our tables.

Addicted to Plastic - The Rise and Youssou Demise of a Modern Miracle N’Dour: I Bring (Canada, 2008, 85 mins.) What I Love is an uplifting, From styromusic-driven foam cups to journey into the artificial organs, power of one plastics are perman’s voice to inspire millions. haps the most Senegalese pop sensation Youssou N’Dour has spent the last 20 years in the spotlight as a ubiquitous and world-renowned musician and the iconic repre- versatile matesentative “voice of Africa.” At the height of his rial ever invented. No invention in the past 100 career, Youssou, became frustrated by the nega- years has had more influence and presence than synthetics. But such progress has had a cost. tive perception of his Muslim faith and composed Egypt, a deeply spiritual album dedicated For better and for worse, no ecosystem or segment of human activity has escaped the shrinkto a more tolerant view of Islam. Part explosive documentary, part stirring wrapped grasp of plastic. Addicted To Plastic drama, I Bring What I Love is an unforget- is a global journey to investigate what we really table musical journey with an artist whose know about the material of a thousand uses and why there’s so darn much of it. On the way we courage and conviction shook the music industry and ultimately awakened the world. discover a toxic legacy, and the men and women dedicated to cleaning it up.



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

Breakfast like a king

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Many people don’t eat the breakfast that they should or skip this meal altogether, usually due to lack of time in the morning, but it’s true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why is breakfast so important? Many people don’t eat breakfast because they are not hungry in the morning, usually because they have eaten a big meal or late snack the night before. Not eating breakfast is likely to make you restless, tired and moody throughout the morning. If you eat late at night or have a large evening meal, the body may still be digesting that food upon waking, and often the food is still sitting in the stomach due to digestion slowing down during sleep. The body relies on glucose as its primary fuel, vital for brain function and providing energy for the physical activities of the day. Skipping breakfast will result in lack of concentration, less alertness, low blood sugar levels, energy dips and decreased productivity. Breakfast and weight loss It’s a common myth that skipping breakfast will aid weight loss. This is not true. Blood sugar levels are low upon waking after night-time fasting. Breakfast provides the necessary glucose to get you started for the day, curbs hunger and stops you reaching out for quick-fix foods and stimulants mid-morning, or binge eating later on in the day. It also cranks up your metabolism. Eating a substantial, nutritious breakfast results in consuming fewer calories throughout the day. Missing this important meal may also lead to nutrient deficiencies as when we do get hungry, we have a tendency to gravitate towards high-sugar, high-fat foods for a quick energy boost. Usually these types of foods are devoid of nutrients, raise blood sugar levels to an unhealthy peak, and will only satisfy us for a short time before the body forces the excess sugar in the blood to be removed, making us reach out for more quick-fix foods, causing weight gain. Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, Dinner like a Pauper This old adage is certainly true. You need less energy in the evening when it’s time to relax and more energy at the start of the day, whilst topping up energy levels at lunchtime is crucial for getting you though the afternoon with boundless energy and mental alertness. For lunch eat a substantial meal to energize you for the afternoon, but don’t choose heavy foods and do not over-eat as this will just make you feel sluggish. A big salad with fish or chicken, vegetables with beans or a hearty soup would be good choices. Traditionally people eat a large dinner, however this can cause weight gain due to the body not being able to use up the energy. It is also likely to upset your sleep. Generally speaking if you have a sedentary job, such as sitting at a desk all day, eat lightly. If you are active or do sport, you’ll need to adjust your eating patterns accordingly. Always remember however, that “one glove does not fit all”. So listen to the needs of your body and adjust your eating habits to fit your lifestyle.

Ideas for a healthy breakfast

• 2 boiled or poached eggs with a slice of wholegrain bread • An omelete with veggies and a small fresh juice • Muesli with seeds, nuts and fresh fruit • Organic, natural yogurt with berries and seeds • Wholegrain toast with natural nut or seed butter • Whole oat porridge with almond milk and chopped fresh fruit • A fruit smoothie with ground seeds

Jo Rowkins dipNT MBANT is a nutritionist and the executive health adviser at The Spa Resorts, Lamai. She is available for one-on-one nutrition and lifestyle consultations (or online). Contact 082-2813078 or

LIVING WELL Neal Hoptman

Safely exercising on Samui A

s a result of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, as we get older we become more susceptible to arthritis, rheumatism, heart disease, strokes, hypertension, diabetes, persistent or sudden episodes of back pain, and depression. People who have an active fitness plan can help to reverse this process. You need not be an athlete to experience the benefits of physical activity; a regular program of stretching, walking, and attunement will help you to improve your health without the need for extensive equipment and elaborate training. The benefits that you will experience include: • A greater degree of flexibility in the joints of the body. • Increased energy as a result of better circulation, with the blood carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. • Greater strength and cardiovascular fitness as the heart becomes stronger. • Favorable changes in blood cholesterol levels. • Strengthened bones and the prevention of osteoporosis. • Less fatigue as the lungs’ efficiency improves. • Increased muscle tone and strength. • Healthier physique as the metabolism is stimulated to assist in burning up fats. • A lift in spirits and outlook as physical activity helps bum biochemicals released by stress and depression and produces endorphins, which relieve pain and elevate emotions. • Improved sleep patterns and relaxation as a result of greater activity. • Facilitated digestion. REFLECTING ON YOUR CURRENT PHYSICAL FITNESS Take a moment to reflect now on what your attitude has been in recent years to the maintenance and care for your physical fitness. Answer the following questions and refer back to them to insure you stay on track. • Do you have a daily awareness of your level of physical activity?

• Have you set weekly goals or targets that are priorities? • Can long periods of time slip by without you attending to stretching, exercising, and improving your physical well-being? • Has this been the case for many years? • If you were conscious of exercising regularly at one stage of your life, what seem to be the factors associated with the decline in that routine? • What currently takes precedence over developing a sound approach to physical activity? Now, in examining the factors that you have listed as taking precedence over physical fitness, can you find any item on the list that you can do well if you are sick? Of course not! It becomes clear immediately when going through this approach that there really are no excuses not to incorporate an active plan for physical exercise, if only so that you are able to carry out your other priorities in life. It is time to reacquaint yourself with your body and learn to respect it. Whatever your current state of health, the body has a remarkable capacity to repair and restore itself when you take the time to nurture it. This does require sensitivity to the needs of the body. A consistent and disciplined approach will complement that sensitivity without you becoming selfabsorbed. BODY ATTUNEMENT EXERCISE Now take time to attune to the body. In order to develop this sensitivity the following procedure is recommended as a regular practice. EXERCISE Find a quiet and peaceful place in your home and choose a relaxed time of the day, perhaps early morning before the household or neighbors become active, or in the evening after the day’s activities have concluded. Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, close your eyes, and

take in a full and deep breath, following it with a long and relaxed exhalation. Now allow your breathing to follow a deep but relaxed rhythm, and the body to relax with it. Let the mind settle and just be with the breath for a moment. Ask yourself mentally how the body is feeling at this moment, and scan the body as you visualize the different areas and organs of the body. Is there any part of the body that is sending you subtle signals of tiredness, sluggishness, fatigue, tension, or pain? Take your time to go over the body thoroughly, from the respiratory and digestive systems to the joints and muscles. Experience the body rather than actively thinking about or analysing it. Once you have concluded this inner attunement, take a moment to write down any subtle messages you became aware of-both positive and negative. Keep this information as a record in your journal. Record the date and time of each attunement so that you can refer back to it as your body becomes more involved in a disciplined routine, and your awareness is heightened. Record anything and everything that comes up, even if you perceive no signals, either good or bad. This attunement exercise can be done regularly to allow yourself to experience just “being”, as well as monitoring the impact of what you are doing.

About the author Neal Hoptman is the author of the book ‘HELP YOURSELF TO HEALTH’ and creator of the Health Enhancement Lifestyle Program. Enjoy his website: www. virtualhealthresort. com. Feel free to send Neal comments and questions at beingresilient@gmail. com



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

In the quiet areas of Maenam will you find some of Samui’s delightful culinary secrets. Geoff Whitlie gets a satisfying tummy fill.

La Salsa Cafe

Hog Bar & Grill is simply an epitome of a good old fashioned American hamburger and fries diner, complete with motorcycle photos and memorabilia. An alternative to fast food joints, the Hog Bar serves high quality 100 % grade beef hamburger plus jumbo hotdogs, grilled sandwiches and thick creamy ice

Hog Bar & Grill

cream shakes. The beef in Hog Bar, sourced from corn-fed mountain reared cattle from Chiang Mai, is a standout. Every order is freshly prepared creating a superior product to the frozen, filler based beefish type dry patty found in other joints. The Hog Bar and Grill’s Ameri-

can and Norwegian owners use their many years of experience in the restaurant and entertainment industry to keep the bar simple and provide quality products just like at home. Offering dine in and take away, Hog’s Bar and Grill will satisfy anyone from “a little bit” to even the seriously hungry.

Thai family-run La Salsa Café serves traditional Issan cuisine with nothing but the freshest ingredients including locally grown herbs. Located on the ring road across the Lomprayah entrance, La Salsa’s palm-covered dining lounge has a stunning view of the Meanam Lake. A recent addition includes a large wooden deck with tables and umbrellas to block the afternoon sun. Having been at the same spot for 17 years, La Salsa Café is one of Samui’s oldest restaurants. With the family hailing from Khon Kaen and utilizing ancient Issan cooking skills, they definitely excel at producing the finest quality of food at Thai prices. La Salsa’s bountiful menu includes all the popular Issan dishes, Royal Thai dishes combined with a good mix of European selection. One of the most fashionable is the special recipe fresh pepper

steak with seasoned Belgian fries for a modest Bt270. It’s hard to beat that price for the excellence and exceptional flavor. They likewise serve fresh mouthwatering desserts and coffee brewed from Issan’s famous peaberry arabica beans. La Salsa cafe has no freezer or microwave assuring your food is cooked fresh to order. They welcome anyone to bring in their own “catch of the day” to be expertly prepared and served whilst admiring one of Samui’s brilliant sunsets. You might ask how the name La Salsa fits together with this cuisine. As part of the dining experience, a selection of Latin salsa dance music gently fills the peaceful air creating a unique ambiance. The place is a popular spot for local artists to join together once a week and play live music.

Kimchi House

Kimchi House is a cozy restaurant that serves quality traditional Korean cuisine at excellent prices. Positioned in jungle style surroundings you will be amazed how relaxed and restful you will feel. Large enough to handle big groups or a quiet romantic table nestled in a private jungle for two, you are sure to enjoy this unique dining experience. If you have not yet tried this delectable cuisine, owners Alex Kim and Han will recommend the ideal selection for your taste and olfactory desires. Combined with a

fine wine collection this is truly a treat to have time and time again. The natural sharp pickled flavors are well complimented with a cold jug of draught beer or your typical selection of thirst quenching cocktails. The fried beef stew is nothing short of astounding with portion sizes leaving you comfortably satisfied. Attention to detail like stainless chopsticks, appealing place settings and friendly wait staff will make you want to come back again and again.

Lazy Coconut

If you’re in the mood for home cooked English favorites, then the Lazy Coconut is the perfect spot. Owners Mark from Dorset and American Keo from Texas have successfully built a dining niche in Maenam over the past six years. What started as a small beach bar for the first three years has quickly evolved to provide quality dishes in taste, appearance and overall presentation. Mark and Keo filled a gap in Maenam’s dining scene by providing a superior menu of home cooked English delights. Chef Ying makes all of the sauces, soups and dishes with fresh quality ingredients. They serve a great selection of breakfasts, light and healthy meals, and Thai dishes. Recently added to their menu is a big bowl of chili con carne served with rice or baked potato. An all-time

favorite is their eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce. Sunday Roast, Ying’s baby, has been a popular treat with each dish cooked to order. Choose from beef, chicken, lamb or a plate made up with a little of each. It can be a selection of roast and mashed potatoes, stuffing, baked Yorkshire pudding and seasoned vegetables and plus a savory gravy boat. Served from 2pm to 9pm, it is “probably the best Sunday Roast on Koh Samui!” Every second Friday night, the Lazy Coconut presents “Pub Quiz Night,” a game featuring general trivia . With a proper English style bar and large sports screen, the Lazy Coconut is not just a restaurant but an entertainment centre with excellent food at a reasonable price.


samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010


Bar Ice Samui:

The world’s finest ice bar on a paradise island

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Bar Ice Samui is not “just another bar.” With three distinctive areas, it is assured the discerning can freeze, chill or warm with the coolest vibe in town. Enjoy all your favorite drinks and sounds in the air conditioned main bar area or sit back and relax in the cozy landscaped garden area and share an intimate moment warming under the Samui stars. Children are welcome before10 pm. Bar Ice has wee jackets, gloves and socks to keep guests toasty warm. Enjoy the stunning décor of the world’s only themed -7 degree ice bar. Experience spectacular Thai statues, elephants, and even a full size tuk tuk sculpted entirely from ice. Wrap up in the designer warm capes and enjoy a selection of cocktails served in ice glass. For the more adventurous why not try the in house-flavored vodkas. You’ll be amazed of the flavors Bar Ice can think of. Bar Ice Samui was brought to fruition by five English entrepreneurs, some residing on Samui and others residing in Dubai and the UK. After several months searching a suitable location, they began working on building the bar on January 2008. They ordered two 40-feet reefer containers full of ice from Canada and the refrigeration system from Bangkok. At the same time, work began on the alterations and decoration on site. Pure Canadian ice, German compressors, Italian ice glass makers, lighting from China and UK and local Thai contractors made this project far beyond anything ever seen on Koh Samui , maybe even Thailand. The plan was simple -- to build and maintain the world’s best ice bar -- and no expense was spared to ensure this was achieved. Emphasis was placed on customer comfort by designing a refrigeration system that easily met the required temperatures without creating wind chill. Actually, two systems were installed -- a main and a spare plus of course a generator in case of power failure. All of the ice was frozen and cut ready in Canada and sea freighted to Bangkok where it was then transported overland (and via ferry) to Samui. Six Canadian crew and twenty local labor took seven days to install the ice. Ice is particularly difficult to light and many weeks were spent sourcing the correct light fittings from all over the globe. Uk lighting designers ensured that visitors are treated to spectacular lighting scenarios and color moods.



samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

150 teams to race for a greener Samui By Akanee Thongtara

More than 150 adventure enthusiast teams are expected to participate in the Ibis Hotel Koh Samui Trophy 2010 which will be played Oct. 2. The race will start at Ibis Hotel in Maenam. With an objective to further boost tourism on the resort island and promote environmental awareness, the race enjoins all local and foreign race enthusiasts to compete in two levels – extreme for experienced racers and fit competitors and adventure suitable for race newbies. The contest participants, grouped into teams of two, can be in any of the male, female, mixed, masters (combined age over 80 years), and seniors (combined age over 100 years) categories. The 45.5 km (adventure) and 71 km (extreme) race route will take participants across water, beaches and hilly mountain areas, all picturesque locations on Koh Samui. Racers will need to complete challenges which will involve team work, good sportsmanship and endurance such as biking, swimming, kayaking and running. During a recent press conference, attended by Samui mayor Ramnet Jaikwang and Samui Tourism Business Association president Seni Phuwasethavorn, the municipality pledged their

support to the event. “This is another chance to make foreigners aware of the natural beauty of our island. I believe that more competitors will participate in the event this year,” remarked Ramnet. Seni, on the other hand, was hopeful that this event will bring in more domestic and foreign tourists to the island. Active Management Asia managing director Serge Henkens, main organizer of the event, estimated that more than 150 teams will join the race this year. A 5-km fun run is also being organized to promote sports among youngsters. The course will start at Fisherman’s Village on the same day. Entry fees start at Bt6,950 for early bird registrants. This package includes race fee and buffet dinner at the Ibis Hotel after the competition. Packages with accommodations are likewise available starting at Bt8,400 if you register before Aug. 31. Part of the proceeds of the event will be given to support the Green Island project which is geared towards preserving the island’s environment. For more info, contact 027189581 or visit to register.

Sports Fixtures

TRI NATIONS RUGBY July 24 5pm Australia -v- South Africa July 31 5pm Australia -v- New Zealand

MOTO GP July 25 4pm Moto G.P. (USA)

FORMULA 1 July 24 6:50pm Qualifying July 25 6pm Raceday (Hockenheim) July 31 6:50pm Qualifying (Budapest)

GOLF July 29 - August 1 Asian Tour: Brunei Open August 5 - 8 USPGA Champions Tour

Sports fixtures is brought to you by:

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samui gazette | july 23 - aug. 5, 2010

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WEEKEND 06/24 Nartana: An artistic journey exhibit at Renaissance Koh Samui


What began for Nartana as a means of escape from war-torn Germany ultimately became a meditation that brought him around the world in search of those elusive moments and fleeting states of being that he captures so vividly on canvas. Engage in a private dialogue with the work of this extraordinary artist and seeker. Up to Sept. 30 Tawann Restaurant, Renaissance Koh Samui Resport & Spa

Ring road protest against oil drilling If you need information on where and when to show up for this island wide protest, please write to samuimala@gmail and they’ll keep you informed. JULY 31, Saturday


Police Emergency


Samui Tourist Police

Tampopo screening @ The Beach Republic WEEKEND 07/01 SFF 2010 Grand Opening Party at Beach Republic Celebrate the kick-off to the second annual Samui Film Festival and be part of the grand opening party at Beach Republic on Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010. Meet and mingle with film lovers, directors, and VIPs. Doors open at 6:30pm. Held at the chic and uniquely designed ocean club of Beach Republic in Lamai, the party is a treat with live audio-visual performance by local artist and a feature movie screening (Tampopo) during dinner hours (7pm-9pm), as well as DJs Simon Solo & Absolud in the later hours of the night.

Mother-daughter delight at Six Senses Spa Enjoy together time with an 60-minute Senses of aroma massage for each of you in a suite specially designed for the occasion Then sit together in the Ocean view Salon for a 60minute Express manicure & pedicure. August 2010 Six Senses Samui Spa

AUGUST 5, Saturday Beach Republic, Lamai


Top ten best ways to develop Chaweng Lake 10. Water clarity makes a really great lake for swimming. International Olympic Swimming Training Center? 9. Build Chaweng Lake Marina, float superyachts. 8. Sightseeing tours to look for rarely seen Chaweng Lake Monster rumored to have eaten a Swiss couple on honeymoon (rumor started by Mayor of Koh Phangan). 7. Samui Regatta moves to Lake, assuring better spectator viewing from Lakeside. 6. Build footbridge with moving walkway across the lake from Reggae Pub directly to Green Mango, avoiding really expensive taxi fare. 5. Pave it and turn into a runway for the second Samui airport (big crowd pleaser this one is!) 4. Hire a high-end public relations firm to market it as Thailand’s version of Italy’s Lake Como.

3. Synchronized swimming club meets every Tuesday to prepare for the 2012 London Olympics. 2. Build floating casino to attract uber-wealthy Russians (city council has given up on getting money out of folks whose countries are on Euros – all hope to save Koh Samui now pinned on Russians, Chinese and Indians). 1. Buy boats and hire old weathered Thai character actors and pretend for tourists that it’s a real floating market, same trick that Bangkok uses for their floating market.

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