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Divorce the Cheesecake Marry the Macaron

First came frozen yogurt shops popping up on seemingly every corner. Then dedicated cupcake bakeries started appearing on every street in trendy cities across the country. So what’s the “next big thing’? According to food critics throughout the United States, it’s the colorful, eye-catching, and absolutely delectable French macaron.

The macaron (mah-kah-rohn) - not to be confused with the macaroon (the baked coconut cookie) - is a traditional French almond-meringue based confection that consists of ganache, butter cream, or jam filling, delicately sandwiched between two puffed cookie discs - called the coque in French. Traditionally, macarons have been available in a small variety of flavors from raspberry and pistachio to chocolate and vanilla. As the macaron has gained in popularity, the variety of flavors has exploded. Trendy bakeries are experimenting with exotic flavors like passion fruit, strawberry cheesecake, and even pineapple.

The caveat to these delicious wafers is that they are notoriously difficult to make correctly. Each macaron is different in its appearance and flavor. While other trendy desserts have been relatively easy to whip up at home (sometimes as easy as buying a prepared package at the grocery store), macarons demand culinary perfection. There are only a handful of pâtisseriers who are able to properly balance the delicacies of the baking process with the intricacies of flavor, texture, and color. Too much sugar, too little filling, or too long in the oven and the dainty macaron is ruined.

However, if you can find a pâtisserier who has the expertise and culinary prowess to pull of the perfect macaron, you’re absolutely in for a treat. If the airy and smooth puff-like shell, the moist whipped ganache center, or the melt-in-your-mouth finish doesn’t take your taste buds to an entirely new experience after the first bite, you just might have to try yet another.

The beautifully delicious treat is just starting to gain a foothold with food markets placing them on their shelves, which has helped to boost their popularity. With more and more bakeries dedicating themselves to the art of the macaron delicate process, it is only a matter of time before they truly hit the mainstream. In San Diego, the pastry is just starting to resonate with the public.

Michel Morlas, one of the few pâtisseriers’ locally who has mastered the delicate and intricate process involved in hand-crafting the perfect French macaron comments “It is difficult to explain the difference between an extraordinary macaron and an average macaron. It’s much like tasting wine - you really have to sample and critique a variety to truly appreciate the subtleties in texture, flavor, and taste.”

The very next time you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, try the Parisian-chic macaron, which is certain to satisfy and delight even the most discerning dessert connoisseur.


Please call me at 619-997-9239

EVER BEFORE HAS THERE BEEN MORE EMPHASIS ON HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS, FAMILY TOGETHERNESS, AND emotional well-being as the necessary foundation leading to the culmination of meaningful partnerships. Yet with time as our most precious and limited resource, it has become increasingly difficult for successful individuals to balance work, cultural and academic activities, while at the same time be able to invest time and attention to personal relationships.

With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why today’s most intelligent and successful individuals in search of a life partner take the greatest precautions and utmost care when it comes to choosing their mate: They seek someone who is not only attractive but whose philosophy of life, core values, key interests, and goals compliment their own.

For years we have seen the appearance of practically every fathomable method of pairing individuals and individuals pairing themselves; from well-meaning friends and family, to singles parties and automated online dating services. However, if you are an attractive, successful, relatively private and selective individual, you have most likely disovered that the more you have to offer, the more difficult it is to find the person who is right for you.

Discerning people today want more out of their lives and relationships. There is clearly a special focus when it comes to the selection process for finding a potential romantic companion. Most people recognize the value of engaging an expert to assist them in their personal search. The question is, “How do you find an expert you can trust?”


consistently attracts the most select worldwide clientele of quality individuals—those who seek suitable and compatible life partner. Irene Valenti, president and cofounder, is actively involved in every aspect of the business.

“We truly understand what today’s most exceptional individuals must endure in order to find a compatible life partner. With a staff of Ph.D. psychologists and an experienced team of professionals, we are able to meet with and get to know our clients personally. This enables us to create a solid foundation for providing the best recommendations to our clients; of course there is risk, but the real risk is drastically increasing your options and actually meeting the right person,” Valenti states.

started as one woman’s quest to make a difference in people’s lives has grown into a world-renowned company, a family legacy, and a powerful model for building successful relationships through effective introductions. “I am always impressed with the quality of people my service attracts,” says Valentiwho continues to position her reputable company through service excellence and quality advertising.

Valenti International’s clients range from the comfortable to the extremely wealthy, embracing all ages and a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

If you or someone you know would like to find that special someone, contact Valenti International internationally at +01.858.759.9239. You can also visit the website at

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SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC BACKGROUNDS, family values, and interests, as well as personalities and other individual considerations necessary for successful match. The term “Matchmaking in the European Tradition” represents an established professional process carefully structured to promote the best opportunity for results for each client of Valenti International. There are no impersonal methods or computers used for making or selecting introductions.

Va lentiInte r n atio nal. c o m

internationally at 619.997.9239. You can also visit the website at


SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC BACKGROUNDS, family values, and interests, as well as personalities and other individual considerations necessary for a successful match. The term “Matchmaking in the European Tradition” represents an established professional process carefully structured to promote the best opportunity for results for each client of Valenti International. There are no impersonal methods or computers used for making or selecting introductions.

Va lentiInte r n atio nal. c o m

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With winter now upon us, and dusk early to arrive, as the weather cools, we are invigorated by the return of social gatherings and plans in the making for a joyous holiday season, as well as looking forward to a robust New Year for ourselves, loved ones and community.

At Discover Magazines, we are in awe of the inspirational women who occupy our city and those who were honored at the 3rd Annual Power Women SD® celebration as accomplished women business owners and career professionals. We also appreciate the individuals and sponsors who supported them. These leaders and entrepreneurs are featured on the pages that follow, together with the artists and chefs who delightfully entertained and fed our guests.

In addition, we celebrate the 21st Annual San Diego International Film Festival including the Opening Night Film Premiere and Reception, the Night of the Stars Tribute, Culinary Cinema, and the many parties, panels and events. These films expand, educate and entertain us, and within these pages we capture an insight into the mindset of 4 women film Directors.

Our sensory experience is enhanced as we enjoy the beauty of nature’s landscapes at various venues within the County, showcased in a multi-page fashion display titled Rustic Elegance.

Last, we expand our thinking beyond the physical to the supernatural in a fascinating exploration into the Ouija Board. Fun family entertainment, a mystical oracle, or a toy not to be toyed with? You decide.

Wishing you peace, joy and gifts of love.

Warmly, Karen Storsteen


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Crystal Privett
Photo by Gilda

Hearts of Gold Gala

Saturday, February 11, 2023

At the US Grant Hotel 326 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101

Emmy-nominated television journalist, Iranian-American Nava Ghalili, became one of the youngest news anchors in the history of American television. The Film/TV producer, actress and singer is a leading youth empowerment activist and speaker (since the age of 13) and has given talks at over 40 international and national conferences.

Nava’s belief in the power of youth led her to also create a private and distinct coaching program to help older kids and teens translate their activism with confidence into public spaces. She also provides private public speaking coaching to female women of color, politicians, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

Her pioneering theories on extremism make her a youth radicalization and extremism expert who speaks internationally on youth movements and extremism, while consulting on the moral and educational empowerment and human rights of children, women and youth. She also serves as a social impact consultant devising social impact initiatives for public figures, companies, and institutions aiming to tackle systemic social injustices particularly those related to youth, women, and education.

Nava is on the Board of Advisors for the Mona Foundation, which supports both the academic education and moral empowerment of under-represented girls around the world. Her education includes Commerce (Curtin University) in Australia and Journalism (Harvard University). She holds a Master of Science in Comparative Politics (Middle East Conflict) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Activist and professional speaker Nava Ghalili offers unique and private coaching sessions on motivational speaking for kids, teenagers and adults with a passion for creating change.
Photography by Kremer Johnson



Withthe2022SanDiegoInternationalFilmFestivalunderour belt,DiscoverMagazinesiscelebratingthewomenwhoare expressingthemselvesinthemale-dominatedfilmindustry.

Throughawidevarietyofgenresandexperiencelevels,female directors,writersandproducersarestandingupandbeing heard.TheshiftinmainstreamHollywoodhasbeennoticeable, butslow.Yetit’sthroughtheindependentlenses,untetheredto thecommercialneedsofthemainstreamfilmindustry,where womenareabletoshine.

Inafieldoverwhelminglydominatedbymen,thesefilmmakers arecarvingouttheirplacesincinemahistorywithoriginal, thought-provokingwork.

Wehadachancetotalkwithfourofthesewomen.Thefilms rangefromlightheartedandfuntoeducational.Whileeachone hadadifferentstorytotell,onethingremainedconstant.They arereadytostaketheirclaiminfilms.


TheRebelliousLifeof Mrs.RosaParks


Documentaryfilmmakerswalkafinelinebetweenjournalismand entertainment,andneverhastherebeenamorecrucialtimetotell storiesthatarebothengagingandaccurate.

WecaughtupwithfilmmakersYorubaRichenandJohanna Hamilton,whohavebroughtusthefirstfeature-lengthdocumentary aboutthelegendaryRosaParks.Thefilmseekstobroadenthescopeof thishistoricalfigurewho’sstory,whileverywellknown, hasbeen limitedinscopetooneevent.Bothhistoricalandtimely,thisfilmgives usalong-overdueviewintotheentirelifeofRosaParks,andthescale ofhercontributiontocivilrights.

WeallknowaboutRosaParksbecauseofoneevent.Whatsurprises areinthisfilm?WhatarewelikelytolearnaboutRosaParks asawhole?

YorubaRichen: We’renotjustgoingtolearnabouthercommitmentto theblackfreedomstruggleandhercommitmenttofundamental change.Shesays,“Iwasneveranintegrationist,that’snotwhatit’s about.”It’saboutfundamentalchangeforblackpeople,andforall oppressedpeopleinthiscountry.She’sabletoachieveitthrougha myriadofdifferentways;throughworkingwithDr.MartinLuther King,throughthebeliefsofMalcolmX,andmore“radicalmilitant” freedomfighters,throughvotingandthroughmarching.Throughthis holisticapproach.Ithinkthat’sreallywhatstandsoutintermsofwhat

welearnaboutMrs.Parks.Also,thatitwasn’tjustthatmomentonthe bus.Itwasalifelongcommitment.

JohannaHamilton: Literallyeveryoneintheworldknowsabouther, andlearnshernameforaboutfiveminutes.Ithinkit’sraretogetunder thesurfaceofacelebratedicon,andfindsomeonewho’seven more impressive.That’swhathappensinthefilm.She’snotthetiredoldbus ladyortheaccidentalmatriarchofthecivilrightsmovement;that’s sortofasimplistictale.It’smadeherahouseholdname,butit’salso trappedherinthiselementaryschoolcurriculum.Sowewilllearnthat shechallengedpolicebrutality,shefoughtforvotingrights,reparations andblackhistoryineveryschool,amongstotherissues.Bypaying attentiontothosedetails,wehopetogiveheradifferentplaceto stand,andnotjustthosefiveminutesonthebus.

Manycivilrightsdocumentarieshavefocusedprimarilyonthemen ofthecivilrightsmovement.Wewantedtomakeaclearlyfeminist film,tolduniquelythroughherprism.Andourgoalwastomakeit urgentandpressing,becausemanyoftheissuesshefoughtforarestill pressingtoday.

YR: Shehatedthestoryabouthertiredfeet,andshespokethroughout herlifeaboutbeingcognizantaboutbeingasymbol.Sosheboth embracedthat,andpushedagainstthat,butinthemostgentlemanner. Wehaveasmallnotionofwhathercouragewasthen,butherewehave afullunderstandingofwhathercouragewasthroughoutherlifetime.

It’sinterestingthatwewouldtalkaboutthemasbeing“radical,” yetitseemsthatradicalinthiscontextjustmeansbasic humanrights.

YR: Whatweconsider“radical”isaboutjustice,andequality,taking positions,andaskingordemandingthingsthatatonepointwould havebeenconsideredfringeorcrazy.

Howlonghasthisbeenintheworks,andwhatinspiredyoutotell thisstoryatthismoment?

JH: There’salwaystheassumptionof“oh,Iknowthatstory.”Jean ThereuxHarris,theauthorofthebookthatwebasedthefilmon, alwaysdoesatwitterthreadonMrs.Parks’sbirthday,enumerating littleknownfactsaboutMrs.Parks.Thatmorningovermycoffee,I waslike“howcomeIdidn’tknow,sheworkedforJohnConyersfor25 years,howcomeIdidn’tknowshehelpedgethimelected?Howcome Ididn’tknowthat,asasix-year-old,shewassittingonherstoop withhergrandfather,leeryoftheclan?”Therewasawholerange

ofthingsthatmadeussay“howcomewedidn’tknowthis?We shouldknowthis.”

YR: ItwasJohannawhocametomewiththeidea.Shehadreadthe bookandconnectedwiththeauthor.WhenIreadthebook,Iwaslike “wow,Ican’tbelievetherehasn’tbeenafull-lengthdocumentary.”And itjustseemedlikethetimetopursueitbecauseofmanythings, becauseofhowwearefinallylookingatandacknowledgingblack womeninthecivilrightsmovement.Butreally,Ithinkanytimeisthe time,becauseallthesethingsaregoingon,andit’sjustwhatgets attentionatdifferentmoments.

JH: Tobeclear,peoplehavemadeacoupleofshortfilms,butthey focussedclearlyonthebusboycott.Weweretryingtopushthisalong throughthepandemic,andwewereinthemidstofanewpolitical movementandconsciousnessataperiloustime.Sowewanted theaudiencetofeelthatthisstorycouldn’tbemoreurgentand morenecessary.

Documentaryfilmmakersaresomewherebetweenentertainment andjournalism.Wheredoyoufallinthat,andwhatdoyoufeelare yourresponsibilitiesinthatregard?

YR: Ithinkasdocumentariansweareluckyinthatwe’renotstraight journalists,thatweareartists,andcantakeartisticlicenseandfigure outhowtotakeastoryandmakeitentertainingandinteresting.Even ifit’seducationalorinformative,youstillhavetogetpeopletowatch it.Evenstill,thereisajournalisticintegritythatyouhavetomeet. We’retellingreallifestoriesofrealpeopleandrealevents.Sothereisa journalisticstandardthatyoumusthave.Itcomesupindifferent moments.Like,“thisfootageisn’tfromthisexacttimeperiod,butstill conveyswhatwearetryingtosay.Canyouuseit?”

JH: Ireallydothinkit’stellingthosestoriesthroughtheentertainment prism.Itdoesn’talwayshavetobeimportant.Itcanbeautiful andenlightening.Inthisinstance,wearetryingtobringsomeoneto theforewhoeverybodythinkstheyknow,butwe’veonlyjustscratched thesurface.

Whatotherprojectsdoyouseeyourselfdoinggoingforward?What othertopicswouldyouliketoexplore?

YR: IaminthemidstoffinishinganepisodeforShowtimeabout bigpharma,whichisanepisodelookingatthebirthofthebirth controlpill,whichisverytimelyrightnow,andI’mworkingonafilm aboutreparations.


WhenIstartedinthebusiness,thereweresofewpeople ofcolorandwomenespecially,whowereabletomakea livingfromthis.

Obviously,technologyandtheexplosionofstreamingand documentaryhaschangedthings,butstillblackwomen arenotwellrepresentedinthefield.Andwhenyouarenot represented,youcanfeellikeyoudon’thavearighttobe there.Likeyou’renotgoodenough,oryoudon’thave accesstothesametools.

Soitwasactuallyafriendofminewhotoldme,“Youhave tothinklikeawhiteman.”

Youdeservetobehere,thatyoudeservethefunding,you deservetogetthebroadcast.Thatshiftshowyousee yourselfintheindustry.


JH: Ifeellikeweshould all bemakingfilmsaboutclimatechange,so that’sdefinitelyintheether.Ifeellikethatisurgent.Andtoyour previousquestion,howdowedothatinawaythatisn’talldoomand gloom?Howdowedothatthroughamoreupliftingprismtocapture themosteyeballs?

Whatadvicewouldyouhaveforupcomingfilmmakers?Whatdo youwishsomeonehadtoldyou?

YR: Ithinkfiftypercentofitisconfidence.Andfaiththatyou’llfinish yourfilm.Thatyou’llgetfunding,andthatyouhaveastorytotell.If you’repassionateaboutthestory,andyoufigureoutaway toconveythatpassion,peoplewillgetonboard.Thereareso manydifferenthomesnow,andpeoplecreatetheirownhomesfor theirprojects.

Evenwhenyoudon’tknowexactlyhowthestoryisgoingtobetold, that’spartoftheprocess.Findingthestoryispartoftheprocessof makingafilm.Youdon’thavetogoin,knowinghoweverythingis goingtohappen.Sobeopentothatprocess,anddon’tbescared.Don’t giveup,andhavefaiththatyouwillfindthestory.

JH: Myadvicetoyoungerfilmmakersisthat,youreallyneedtohavea thickskin.Youmightdevelopthatovertime.Tenaciousness.Yourhit ratemaybeextremelylow,butthatdoesn’tmeanyoushouldgiveup.If youhaveagoodstory,believeinit.Surroundyourselfwithagroupof mentors,inthiscasewomenmentors;peoplewhohaveyourbackand peoplewhohaveexperience,andbelieveinyourvision.Peoplecan helpinthesmallestways,butsometimesthatcanbelifechanging.

YR: Always.That’sthenatureofdocumentary.We’renotscripted,so thebigpartoffindingthestoryisintheedit.It’sintheinterviewsthat peoplesay“wow,that’sawholeotherthemethatIhadn’tthought about.”Whenwewerefirstmakingthefilm,weknewwehadalotof accesstoherwritings,thingsthathadnotbeenwidelyseen,soat onepoint,wemadethedecisionthatthewholefilmshouldbedriven byhervoice.

JH: Hopefullywe’vegivenheradifferentplacetostand,andpeoplecan understandfullythecourage,andthetremendoussacrifice.

Didyoufindthenarrativeofthisdocumentarychangingas youwentalong?

Onthelightersideofthings,LeahBleichgivesusthecomedy TheMoonandBack, afilmthatwilllikelyresonatewithfilmmakersof allgenres.

Leahreflectedontheprocessofmakingthisfilm,andhowthis fictionalpieceofferedreal-lifeinsightintotheirwork.

The MoonandBackfeelslikeit’sacommentaryonmakingafilm withnobudget.Isthissomethingcameoutofyourownexperience?

LeahBleich: Themovieisactuallynotbasedonpersonalexperience, whichisstrangebecauseitfeelslikeapersonalfilminsomanyways. Throughoutthefilmmakingprocess,weoftenfeltlikewewereliving theexperienceoftheprotagonist.Thereareacoupleoflinesinthe movielike,“wehavenocostumes,wehavenocast,wehavenoleading actors.Thisisimpossible!”Andwefeltthatallthetime.So,sometimes wehadtotaketheadvicetheprotagonistreceivestoheartourselves, becauseweneededthatencouragementtokeepgoing.

Sodidthefilmitselfchangebasedontheactual experienceofmakingthefilm?Werethetwo inspiringeachotheratthatpoint?

LB: Yeah,Iwouldsayso.Becauseofthewaywewereall throwntothewolvesonthisproject,wehadtosortof takealotofunexpectedthings,andincorporatethem andjustfigureoutawaytomakeitwork.Inanyfilm production,thingsareinevitablygoingtogowrong, especiallywhenyouonlyhaveninedaysforprinciple photography.Ithinkwhenyouhavethatlimitedofa budget,andthatlittletime,youjustcan’tbetoo preciousaboutwhatyou’reworkingwith,because you’regoingtoneedtomakechangesonthefly.


LB: Thiswasactuallyproducedviaaprogramcalledthe“SixFeetApart Experiment.”Iactuallywrotethescreenplaybasedontheideaof competitionandwhatIthoughtwouldbeaproducibleproject,which becamelessproducibleovertime.SoIwrotethescreenplayinJuneof 2020,andwhenitgotselected,theyhadareallytighttimelineofwhen theywantedthesefilmstobedone.

Itseemslikealotoffilmsaredealingwithsocialissuesandthekind ofheavinessofmoderntimes.Doyoufeellikethisfilmisabreak fromthatorwereyoutryingtogetamessageoutthrough somethingalittlelighter?

LB: Ithinkthatit’sactuallyboth.AlotofwhatIwasfeelingwhenI startedwritingthiswasthisneedforjoy.Itwasadarkmomentanda scarymomentintheworld,andIwasjustfeelingthisneedtostray towardsjoyandcomedy,inthefaceofsomuchincomprehensible pain.Also,Iwasreallydrawntotellingthisstoryaboutafemale creatorfindinghervoice,becauseIwasverymuchinthatboattooof findingmycreativevoice,andhavingthetimeandspaceforthatand figuringoutwhatthatmeans.Sowhilefiction,theprotagonistisvery muchgoingthroughthisarcthatIwastryingtofigureoutformyself atthetime.


LB: IfeellikeI’mstilldefiningformyselfwhatthatmeans;whatI normallytakeon,whatInormallydo.I’mdefinitelydoublingdownon comedyatthemoment.It’saspaceIlovetobein,andIlovethe communitythatitcreates.ButI’vedefinitelydonedrama,andI’m workingonahorrorstorynow,soI’mallacrossthemapintermsof genre.Ithinkthatgenerallyasacreator,I’mdrawntostoriesthat celebratesincerityandjoy.SoIthinkwhateverIdoregardlessofwhat genreitlivesinisgoingtohavethatcelebrationoflifeandthejoyand painofbeingaperson.


LB: I’vewrittenacoupleofscreenplayssince TheMoonandBack and veryactivelydefiningwhatmyvoiceis,andIthinkI’mfiguringthat outthroughcreatingmorematerials.I’mverymuchinterestedin findingpartnersforthenextproject,whateverthatmaybe.Onamore specificnote,I’mwritingascriptedhorrorpodcastforacompany calledAudioLovewhichwe’reveryexcitedabout.It’sveryspookybut stillveryYA(youngadult),whichisaspacethatIenjoy.Ilovethat sortofteengenre.Soallacrossthemap,andeagertofindthose nextopportunities.


LB: Thenumberonethinganaspiringfilmmakercan doiscreate.Ialsothinkdecouplingyourvisionfrom perfectionismisessential.Themorethatyoucanplay, andlearntoplay,thefasteryou’regoingtodevelop yourvoice.We’reinanexcitingmomentforfemale creators,Ithinkthatthegendergapisfinallyand slowlyshrinking.Butthere’sstillareallylongwaytogo. SoIthinkthatfindingmentors,findingpeoplethatyou canlookuptoissoimportant.Alotofthereasona certaindemographichasahardtimebreakingintoa fieldisbecausewedon’thavepeopleinthatfieldthat weseeourselvesin.Sofindingthepeoplelikethatthat youcandeveloparelationshipwithisveryimportant.

arejustgettingtheirstart,particularlyforyoung womenfilmmakers?
TheMoonandBack LeahBleich



WhatinspiredBleecker,andhowmuchofitcomesfromyour ownexperience?

EdithHagigi: Inadditiontolivinginotherstatesandcountries,my familylivedforafewyearsonBleeckerStreetinManhattan.Welived inatallI.M.PeibuildingintheVillagewhilemydadstudiedforhis PHDatNYUandmymomalsoworkedinthecity.Sowedidn’tlivein abrownstonelikeyou’llseeinthispicture,butthereisalittleofthat oldNewYorkspirit.

WealsolivedinTexasforawhile,andaspectsofthecharacterof “Jeanette”areacompositeofpeopleIencounteredthere.ButIwouldn’t saythestorylinesandcharacterswereinspiredspecificallybyanyone. MorebyanaffinityforNYC,pastandpresent,andaninterestin humanbeings,regardlessofwhatstatetheycallhome.

Inspirationforthestory,toneandaesthetichavecomefromawide rangeofsourcesinthehumanities,betheyfilms,fineart,music, theaterormorefundamentallyaninterestinhumanity,andinthe nuancedworkthatactorsdoasameansofexploringthat.

Asasliceoflifepiece,whatmessagedoyouhopetoconveytoa wideraudience?Perhapssomethingthatismissingfromthe narrativeofmodernlife?

EH: Idon’tknowthatI’mtryingtoconveyamessageorifanythingis missingfromthenarrativeofmodernlife,thoughIaminterestedin humanconnectionandfindthatthemediumoffilmcanunitepeople ofdifferentinterestsandbackgrounds.Forexample,I’mexcitedabout screeningthisfilminCalifornia.It’snotmeanttobeonlyaboutpeople withfireescapes;Ibelievethere’sawideraudienceforthis,justasIcan lookatAlmodovar’sfilmsfromSpainandinstantlyrelatetothemorto thecharactersinAltman’sNashvilleorPirandelloandIonesco’s absurdistplaysandfindtheirmatchindailyinteractions,justasIcan inlookingatVivianMaier,GordonParks,andSaulLeiter’sphotosin blackandwhiteorearlycolor.

Ithinkinsomeways,whatonefocusesonbecomestheirreality.That canbeverycolorfulandfulloflife,oritcanbecomemyopic.Idothink thatfictioncanbejustas “truthful”asadocumentaryinthatit acknowledgesthatallfilmismediated.AndIthinkhumorisauseful toolforgettingatsomethingmoresubstantiveandmakingitpalatable

toanaudience.Thurbersaid“thebestcomedyisserious.”I’dliketo makepeoplelaugh,simultaneouslyfeelsomething,andthinkfor themselves.That’satonalmixIappreciate.Ithinkitlendsitselftothe typeofcharacter-drivenstoriesthatappealtome,whichmaybe groundedinreality,thenveertowardanexpressionisticdirectionand comebackagain.Sotheyareallpartofaunifiedwhole.

Withthisfilmcomplete,whatcanyoutellusaboutthefutureof EdithHagigi?Whatdoyouhaveintheworkscurrently?

EH: I’mstillverymuchfocusedonthisfilm,nowslowlysharingitwith theworld.I’mwriting/developingafewotherprojects,inadditionto directingsomephilanthropicworkfororganizationssuchasRXArt, whohelpchildrenhealthroughthepowerofvisualart.

Whatadvicewouldyouhaveforyoungfilmmakerswhoarejust gettingtheirstart?

EH: Ithinkoneofthewonderfulthingsabouttheinternet(though therearenegativeaspects,too)isthatwecanpulluploadsof fascinating,informativeinterviewswithfilmmakersandotherswhose workandworldviewmayinspireus.Wecanlistenforfreeas interestingpeoplerecounttheirexperiences,andwecankeeplearning fromthem.“Resolvetobealwaysbeginning, tobeabeginner,”wroteRilke.Iappreciate peoplewhodon’tthinktheyknowitalland alsotreatfolkswithrespect.

I’dalsosuggesttheybepreparedforthework thatisinvolvedingettingfilmsoffthe groundandineverystagealongtheway.I’ve workedonprojectsofdifferent-sizedbudgets andtherearealwayschallengesinvolved,soI wouldsuggestonlypursuingitifyoureally lovefilm.Thengointoitwithyourwholeheart,bepreparedtohaveit brokenalongtheway,butstillpersist.Keepgoing.

A LookIntothe FutureofHollywood

Thefourfilmmakersinterviewedherearebutasmallsegmentofthe growingforcethatiswomendirectors,writersandproducers.The workfeaturedhereonlyscratchesthesurfaceofwhatwecanexpectto seeintheyearsahead,bothintheUnitedStatesandaroundtheworld.

Filmsfromaroundtheglobegracedscreensatthisyear’sfestival. FemaledirectorsandproducersasfarawayasSouthKoreaand Argentinabroughtusfilmsthatmadeuslaugh,madeusthinkandleft usontheedgeofourseats.

ItseemsHollywooditselfisstrugglingfororiginalideas,instead leaningheavilyonpastsuccessesandconcepts,resultinginfilmsthat ultimatelyfeelmoreliketemplatesthananythingelse.Yetonecansee thenextwavecinemagreatnesstakingshape.

Likemostadvancementsinfilmandstorytelling,theybeginonthe independentcircuit.Freshperspectivesandboldconceptstakeroot atthislevel,thenflowerintothetrendsthatshapethefilmswenever tireofseeing.

Whatisalmostcertainisthiscurrentwaveoforiginalmaterial,told fromthefreshvoicesofpreviously-marginalizedpeoplewillshape mainstreamHollywoodinthefuture.


ThoughsetinManhattan,andloadedwiththespiritoftheBigApple, EdithHagigi’sslice-of-lifefilmbringsherworldwideexperiencesinto aworkthatfocusesonthehumanconnectionweallseek,regardlessof wherewecallhome. The Night of the Stars, San Diego International Film Festival’s celebratory event, held on October 20th at the Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center was just one of the highlights of the week-long celebration. Photography by Bryan Dahl Adele Albanna, Bing Bush, Jr. Dr. Brook Parker Bello Regina Hall Howard and Barbara Milstein Karen and Keith Mathis Chris and Vicki Eddy Micki Olin, Arlene Esgate Andy Garcia Gregory Peck Award Winner Nancy Bsharah, Heather Salter Steve and Lynne Wheeler Tony Mantooth, Dr. Brook Parker Bello

Kimi Verma A Varied Career Spanning Bollywood

to Pageantry, Fashion and Health Care

As a globally recognized actress in Indian movies, Pageant owner, Mrs. India USA title holder, Couture dress designer and Stanford University Certified Dietician, with an influence that has spanned continents, Kimi Verma has often been described as a power woman.

Born in the Punjab (India), educated in Mumbai and California, her award-winning successes span industries as well as countries. From her beauty world wins (Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Mumbai, Miss Beautiful Skin) to her highly successful career in commercials and endorsements (over 300 commercials for global brands like Ponds, Nivea, HSBC Bank, Maggi, and Honda), she presently calls Los Angeles home, having moved there in 2001.

Recently having outperformed the competition at the very prestigious L.A Couture Awards, Kimi is proud to say that her designer dresses

have sold in more than seventy countries. Given her innumerable successes in Pageantry, combined with her business acumen acquired within the advertising and fashion industry, she has begun an Indian Beauty Pageant, titled Miss & Mrs. Punjaban USA. The pageant will be held on December 3rd, 2022 in Fresno, California.

Working with many successful and beautiful women in both the pageant and fashion world, she learned how so many struggled with ways to stay healthy while maintaining their weight. Her volunteering in hospital within Los Angles provided an added perspective, as many of the people she met were suffering from Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Cardio-Vascular diseases, and Obesity.

Ultimately, her move into the world of health was a natural one. It led her to Stanford University where she earned her degree in Nutrition Science. Choosing a light hearted approach to a healthy lifestyle, she teaches that losing weight should not feel like a punishment. Well known for her accomplishments in helping others to achieve their health and weight goals with nutritious food choices through proper eating habits, an expanded activity level and certainly a positive mindset, she has mastered the process and most enjoys leading the way for others to follow.

Kimi will often say: “There is always a solution ...always.” and her life proves that you can actually accomplish anything if you believe that you can.

Photography by Bryan Dahl

Magician & Certified Sommelier

Ben Silver is the world’s ONLY Magician & Certified Sommelier, a combination that brings luxury entertainment to a whole new level. He was named the Number 1 most unique business in America by Yelp in 2019 beating out 20,000 other unique businesses.

Ben Silver is San Diego's Finest Magician and the top choice for corporate entertainment all over America. Ben Silver’s dry humor, quick wit and nonchalant style of magic have made him a crowd favorite of both company and family audiences alike.

With his magical prowess and knowledge of wine, spirits, and hospitality Ben Silver has been entertaining groups across the country for almost 2 decades. Whether it be close-up sleight of hand magic during cocktail hour, a wine sommelier and magic dinner for clients and partners, or a grand stage show for hundreds of treasured guests, Ben Silver is sure to leave them with a memorable extraordinary experience that will last a lifetime.

Now Booking Corporate and Private Parties (619) 788-3660

Spotlight on Community

Doctor Aliya Frederick

In which State were you raised?

I was born and raised in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania - a suburb of Philadelphia. Most of my family still lives on the East Coast, so I do take the opportunity to visit every time I get a chance.

Siblings within the family?

I have two siblings. My older brother is Harold and I also have a twin sister named Atiya. It was a unique experience growing up with a twin – we had our own language as children and were o en dressed the same.

Had you a career in mind as a youngster?

When I was in the 4th grade, the question “What are you going to be when you grow up?” was asked to us and the responses were published under our photos in the yearbook. Under my photo, the answer reads: an Olympic gymnast a teacher or a doctor. I was not the greatest of gymnasts by any means, it was not too surprising that going to the Olympics did not work out.

Lucky for me, I always excelled in science and math, and my interest in medicine persisted over the years, ultimately cumulating in the completion of my medical degree. In fact, as a trainee and now as an attending physician in academic medicine, I have had many opportunities to teach both formally and informally - see one, do one, teach one as the old saying goes, so 2 out of 3 correct is not bad for my 4th grade self.

What led you to choose medicine?

I am not exactly sure how my interest in medicine to be. ere was not anyone in my family pursuing a career in science or medicine and I did not have any early role models in these speci c areas. My family always stressed the importance of education and I always excelled academically, thus when it came time to go to college, I thought a pre-medicine track was something I wanted to do based on my interests in the eld of biology and human disease. My love of medicine and science was further realized during my undergraduate years a er I had an immersive summer research experience in a neuroscience lab at the University of Lancaster (England), which introduced me to the neuroscience and ultimately solidi ed the trajectory of my career.

Photography by Noble Ambience

Who was your greatest mentor early on?

I have been fortunate to nd many great mentors in my life who have helped me navigate di erent stages of my life and career while providing much needed support and guidance. I would say that my greatest mentors early in life were my parents who have always provided a foundation of love, support and encouragement and set great examples for myself and my siblings.

Outside of my parents, I would also like to recognize Mr. Lamont Toliver, who was the director of the Meyerho Scholarship program during my tenure in the program, as a mentor whose in uence has made a long-lasting impact on my life. I recall him telling me to “take a leap of faith” when I was challenged to decide between two great opportunities and didn’t know which way to go. I have taken several leaps of faith since then, which has led me to where I am now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I o en nd myself giving this same advice to my own mentees.

Which schools did you attend?

I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I then matriculated into the Medical Scientist Training Program at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN), where I completed my medical training and a doctorate in neuroscience. My thesis was originally focused on testing the hypothesis that abnormalities in dopaminergic signaling initiated developmentally may result in life-long changes in signaling cascades thereby resulting in the manifestation of behavioral de cits. To support my work, I was awarded a National Research Service Award Fellowship from the National Institutes of Health.

What led you to San Diego?

A er completion of my training in Nashville, TN, I was fortunate to match at UC San Diego and Rady Children’s Hospital for my residency training in Child Neurology. A er I nished my residency, I stayed at UC San Diego and Rady Children’s Hospital to complete an additional year of sub-specialty fellowship training in Clinical Neurophysiology, and I have been living here in San Diego ever since.

At which hospital does one nd you?

I am currently an Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurosciences and Pediatrics at UC San Diego and I primarily see patients at Rady Children’s Hospital Main Campus in San Diego, CA.

What eld of medicine do you practice?

I am a Child Neurologist with special interests in neurophysiology, headache medicine and non-invasive neuromodulatory technologies, including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

I am board certi ed in Psychiatry & Neurology with Special Quali cations in Child Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology.

How hard is it to cope when a young child fails to recover?

is is always hard, and unfortunately something that we routinely encounter in neurology as we are o en interfacing with very sick children in the intensive care units or with those su ering from chronic neurologic conditions to which we may not yet have e ective cures or treatments. For many of us, this serves as a reminder that we need to continue to move research and medicine forward, to nd new interventions, treatments and cures so that we can continue to save even more lives in the future.

For example, look at what’s happened with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. is was previously a condition where children o en went into respiratory failure and did not survive infancy and now, thanks to new therapies, children are outliving prior life expectancies. We need to continue making this type of progress in all areas of medicine.

Rady Children’s Hospital seems a very special environment?

I absolutely agree! e people and the environment at Rady Children’s Hospital are two of the main things that have kept me here a er my residency training, rst to complete my fellowship, and now as a member of the faculty. I appreciate that the hospital and the people who work here are always looking for ways to grow and better serve our patients while maintaining a congenial and collaborative work environment, and that is just not something you nd everywhere.

How did you mix and mingle pageantry into your lifestyle?

My start to pageantry was later than most (in my mid-30’s) a er already establishing a career and a family. I was initially inspired to participate in pageantry by my daughter, Nilaja, who had previously participated in pageants and encouraged me get involved.

I signed up to compete in the California Regency International Pageant and a er winning Ms. California there, I went on to win the national title of Ms. United States Regency in 2021 as the 1st runner up placement at the international pageant.

en, in July 2022, I competed again at the international pageant in Las Vegas, NV where I am proud to say that this time, I was able to bring back the international title of Ms. Regency International to San Diego. In addition to winning the 2022 Ms. Regency International title, I was also the winner in the Spokesmodel, Everyday Wear, Swimwear, and State/National costume categories in the Ms. division and received recognition for service, humanitarian work and community visibility. is title is signi cant to me because I fell in love with the Regency sisterhood and the space provided by the Regency Organization to diverse women of all ages to showcase themselves and the amazing work being done in communities across the world.

I am passionate about community outreach and because representation matters, I have a particular focus on e orts as a public speaker, educator, mentor, and advocate to increase Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity in science and medicine to diversify the biomedical workforce. In line with this work, I have been fortunate to serve as a mentor with My Sister’s Keeper Success Institute, a STEAM mentoring and personal development program for under-represented students and as a Faculty Advocate and selection committee member for the PATHways to STEM through Enhanced Access and Mentorship (PATHs) program at UC San Diego.

I not only use my voice through pageantry to connect with others and promote my platform, but also aspire to serve as a visible role model to remind us that today’s queen doesn’t have to conform to a speci c mold, and that being smart is beautiful too. I am honored to able to get out in my community and attend events as a representative of the Regency Organization.

Should there ever be free time, what are your favorite activities?

In my spare time, I enjoy being a mother to my multi-talented high school daughter, Nilaja, who always keeps me busy. I also enjoy volunteering in my community, watching crime shows, traveling across the country and internationally, and dancing samba with the SoCal Sambistas. Samba is actually a new style for me within the last year and it has been quite a lot of fun learning and getting ready for performances.

I was previously a professional dancer in Nashville for about 10 years and performed on dance teams for a variety of sports teams but stopped dancing once I moved to San Diego. It has been great getting back into dancing and I’m looking forward to continuing to expand and learn some of the Latin dance styles.

One of the things I have been interested in doing for a little while now is launching a website and social media outlet that incorporates content from the varied aspects of my life and providing resources, tips and information on a range of topics from lifestyle, fashion, and beauty, to health, medicine and research.

My daughter is currently in her junior year of high school so right now we are working towards getting her eligible to get her driver’s license and soon we will be looking more seriously into where she might want to go to college. ere are already a few schools that she has been considering and they would all be great choices.

Since getting into samba, one goal of mine is to travel to Brazil and parade as a Passista. Also, I would love to enter an amateur Latin dance competition once I train more in that style.

At work, I am looking forward to getting more settled into my faculty position and building up our research enterprise in pediatric headache and non-invasive neuromodulatory devices.

In particular, I am very interested in leveraging transcranial magnetic stimulation as a treatment for chronic headache and other pain syndromes and I am excited about the opportunity to bring new safe and e ective treatments to our pediatric patients. I also plan to continue my mentoring and DEI work and would love to start a clinical shadowing summer program for under-represented undergraduate students interested in medicine.

What goals have you in mind for the coming years?
Photography by Tarquin Hooper


extensive variety of

The Village at Pacifica Highlands

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The Perfect Proposal requires perfect planning and the choice of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands thoughtful consideration. Allow Monica and Ariel to share their expertise in making a selection that will become lifelong reminders of those very special moments. Brilliant Diamond Fine Jewelers are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and with their 60 years of combined experience are considered renowned experts in their field, providing excellent, friendly service, and offering the finest of superior quality jewelry at wholesale prices to their clientele since 1995. Downtown San Diego and Carmel Valley’s only authorized TACORI Retailer, offering: Private Appointments Flexible Financing Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee Lifetime Diamond Trade-in Guarantee Lifetime Clean and Polish Lifetime Appraisals Complimentary Sizing Proposing to Say I Do!
fine jewelry
Sunday - Closed 619-501-9700 your visit to one of their two convenient locations.
Portrait Photography by Michael Coy
Elegance and rustic charm delight at this gorgeous equestrian wedding venue.
Romantic Weddings & Events 38801 Los Corralitos Rd Temecula, CA 92592 951.441.3215 Galway Downs
Galway Downs

PRENUPS The Ups and Downs of

Prenuptial agreements can be a touchy subject. However, just like an insurance policy, a prenup can help to protect against the unforeseen. It cannot cover everything, but it can significantly limit the problems that arise later on in the event of a divorce.

In most divorces, there are four primary areas of dispute: 1) property division, 2) financial support such as child or spousal support (or alimony), 3) child custody issues, and 4) attorney’s fees. Most of these areas can be predetermined by a prenup.

A prenup can have almost any provision so long as the parties agree, but there are limitations. They can’t violate public policies or attempt to do something illegal. As well, a prenup cannot contain provisions regarding children, since nobody can pre-determine what is in the best interest of children at some unknown time in the future, whether that is a parenting schedule or an appropriate amount of child support. Thus, divorcing couples who have a prenup but also have children may still find themselves litigating those issues in court if they cannot agree.

Infidelity clauses are also problematic, as they require a court to determine whether infidelity or adultery has occurred. This then creates some notion of “fault” in a “no-fault divorce” state like California. Prenups also should not have terms that encourage parties to get a divorce. This usually takes the form of a provision where one party would receive substantial funds or assets in the event of a divorce, far more than what the law would require.

Absent these offenders, prenups can include almost anything, including terms about pre-marriage property or financial interests, alimony, debts, and attorney’s fees. But, couples getting ready for the big day shouldn’t wait until the last minute. California law requires that, absent extremely limited circumstances, parties must each have their own attorneys review and advise them before signing. Further, at least seven days must pass between when a party receives a final draft of the agreement and when it is signed. A prenup must also reflect that each party completed full financial disclosures to one another before signing. Putting together an enforceable prenuptial agreement from start to finish is often a months-long process, which means anyone interested in getting one should ensure they have an experienced family law attorney assisting them early on.

Y. Jennifer Lee, CLS-F, is an attorney with the Schaffer Family Law Group, a full-service divorce, mediation, and family law firm known for effective legal representation and compassionate client service. For more information, please visit


® Held on September 18, 2022

Honoring 10 Accomplished San Diego Women


Power Women S D 2022

Kristi Pieper Dr. Aliya Frederick CeCe Bloum Crystal Privett Amber Mied

Power Women S D

J. Lewis Wall Sharon Doyle Iréne Valenti Rosanne Apodaca Kelly Haupu 2022

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Alex Hoang Michelle Kenyon Lexi Keller Rick Rodstrom Behnoush Shafaghi Eliza Friedman Carla DiMare Dr. Natalie Punt Derek Ostovani Kristi Pieper Barbara and Howard Milstein Dr. Aliya Frederick John Cashman Andrea McClew Laura Applegate Steven Smith Marina Siberia Jayne Levine Johanna Silva 2022

Power Women S D

Gioia Black, Amilcar Marrima Jaqueline Marrima Pedro Machado Krysta Kowalski Sherry Sensey Janet Hammer Rhythym Express Christy Jones Koji Kuninaga Robert Kenyon Karen Storsteen Dione Becker Rose Apodaca Corina Sdrigotti Michael and Sherry Price Mike Yen 2022

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CoCo Worrell, Susie Saladino CeCe Bloum, Alex Palatella, Pamela Madden Colette Hebert Marshall Parker, Rachael Frankino Amber Mied, Shawn Forrester Katerina Milvidskaia Colette Hebert John Cashman Steve Haupa Dani Hyytiene Kristi Pieper Barbara Hollander Louise Hall Jewels With A Purpose 2022

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Jana Farella, Travis Land, Kristi Pieper Terri Brouillard, John Cashman, Kim Peters Brian Schultz Jana Farella CeCe Bloum Jennifer James Mary Case Donna Johnson Alicia Previn Parinaz Kargar-Rahib Crystal Privett 2022

Rise of a Coconut Empire The Bitter Herb

When Harrison Goldfarb moved across the country and traded his cushy office job for an oceanfront coconut stand, he never imagined in just two short years he would build one the most popular beverage carts in San Diego. Harrison opened The Bitter Herb – named after his notoriously critical grandfather, Herbert, to encourage beachgoers to “live their paradise” by drinking a refreshing young Thai coconut. Harrison says even his grandfather would give this beach sensation his stamp of approval.

“My Grandpa Herb is a one of a kind man who is not easily impressed,” Harrison says. “I thought if I were to get into the food and beverage business, I would want to create an experience even he would love.”

The Bitter Herb’s success as a Pacific Beach staple encouraged Harrison to explore additional business opportunities to complement the coconut cart. When a couple approached his cart asking if he was willing to cater their wedding with customized coconuts, he immediately jumped at the opportunity. Despite being The Bitter Herb’s first catered event, the guests were enthralled with the experience.

“Everyone absolutely loved the coconuts,” said Allison. “We enjoyed seeing all our friends sipping their little slice of paradise at our wedding. It was a plus that they were delicious and so refreshing, especially after running on empty as a soon to be bride.”

The rave reviews inspired Harrison to pour more of his energy into private events. With beachgoers living their moment in paradise, he envisioned bringing that moment of paradise to people no matter

where they were – at weddings, alumni events, real estate open houses, pool parties and more. He saw a limitless potential in expanding his catering operations.

While hosting an event at the Catamaran Hotel, one of the guests was so impressed with how the coconuts looked, embellished with the Catamaran brand on the outside skin, they booked The Bitter Herb for their wedding. “The Bitter Herb coconuts were the perfect touch to our tropical beach wedding! Harrison provided the best customer service, clear communication, and was incredibly professional. The coconuts were the star of the show” raved Alyssa, the bride.

While he has more events on the docket, Harrison has been focused on growing his brand, partnering with local and national companies like World Famous, and Topo Chico to spread the word about The Bitter Herb.

Beyond the for-profit wing of his company, Harrison has his sights set on giving back to the community through his charitable foundation, The Grateful Herb. The foundation will offer a percentage of their profits toward college scholarships to underserved high school students in the San Diego area.

The Bitter Herb’s success is rooted not only in the quality of the delicious coconuts, but by the experience the coconut offers. Wherever one may find themself, The Bitter Herb can help them “live their paradise” for that special moment in time.

(914) 907-9143

Photography by Chana Groh

Get ready for an interlude of riotous laughter as Jefferson McDonald and Matthew McGloin take us on a musical comedic journey about their would-be careers as concert pianists. The talented duo trade stories about piano lessons, pushy parents, and eccentric teachers while playing everything from Bach to Billy Joel. This wildly popular show not only hits all the right notes, it tickles the ivories and your funny bone too.

According to the legendary Billie Holiday, “Blues is to jazz what yeast is to bread.” With 26 glorious, hot, torchy songs fueling this revue, a powerful cast of four singers plumb the innermost reaches of their hearts, sharing the heartbreak and humor of life and the indomitable will to do more than survive during the jazz era. You’ll hear such favorites as “Stompin’ at the Savoy,” “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out,”and “Wasted Life Blues.”

JAN 11
FEB 5 ORIGINAL VOCAL ARRANGEMENTS & MUSICAL DIRECTION BY CHAPMAN ROBERTS ORCHESTRATIONS & ADDITIONAL VOCAL ARRANGEMENTS BY SY JOHNSON DIRECTED BY YVETTE FREEMAN Conceived and Originally Directed by Sheldon Epps Conceived and Originally Directed by Sheldon Epps NORTH COAST REP | 858-481-1055 | group sales: 858-481-2155, x202 Join us for our new season THE POWEr of THEATRE at North Coast Rep

TORREY PINES Senior Living

You deserve the highest quality of care and a place to form lifelong friendships.





13101 Hartfiel San Diego, 92130 (Carmel Valley/D Area)

lifelong friendships.

You deserve the highest quality of care and a place to form lifelong friendships.

Individualized care plan Award-winning, long term care & building staff Call today!

Individualized care plan Award-winning, long term care & building staff Call today!

All levels of care available Skilled nursing on site

Individualized care plan Award-winning, long term b ildi ff Call today!

All levels of care available

You deserve the highest quality of care and a place to form lifelong friendships.

Individualized care plan Award winning long term f Call today!

All levels of care available

Skilled nursing on site

Skilled nursing on site

13101 Hartfield San Diego, C 92130 (Carmel Valley/De Area)

858 259 222 13101 Hartfield San Diego, C 92130 (Carmel Valley/De Area)

Ele amyserran m violinist and entertaine Amy tra orld to dazzle and delight audiences with her music Melding the string sounds o Professional musicians dedicated to creating a festi ents and range of musical selections capricestrings@ Elegant, Luxury, Timeless violinist and entertainer, Amy travels around the world to dazzle and delight audiences with her music 8170 Ronson Road, Suite B1, San Diego, CA 92111 Melding the string sounds of violin & cello Professional musicians dedicated to creating a festive atmosphere at events and weddings with a wide range of musical selections
and fun to work with.
hair and
and make-up was so
We also took a dance lesson
Your Expectations…
Expert Makeup and Hair first Dance Lessons TORREY PINES Senior Living
Meleah is amazingly positive
She also taught me new
as she went along. My whole look stayed in place all night. I looked better than I could ever imagine. My husband was
Photos: Shelly Anderson (left) True Photography (right)
858.259.2222 13101 Hartfield Ave. San Diego, CA 92130 (Carmel Valley/Del Mar Area) All levels of care available Skilled nursing on site
You deserve the highest quality of care and a place to form
TORREY PINES Senior Living
TORREY PINES Senior Living
GUTTER CLEANING & REPAIR Window Cleaning | Solar Panel Cleaning | Rooftop Cleaning


It's the time of year again for festive social gatherings, celebrations, and fun. It's also a time when personal safeguards are lessened and a season of overindulgence, particularly around alcohol and food. While the alcohol industry advises to "drink responsibly," there are many factors that in uence how alcohol a ects someone (hydration status, empty stomach, metabolism, etc.) making it di cult to set guidelines on how exactly to achieve this. We would agree that no alcohol is best, especially if driving. But what if someone isn't driving and wants to imbibe?

Being mindful when you drink is a skill to stay con dent and in control around alcohol. When you are being mindful, you are enjoying the experience of the event, including the beautiful decorations, elaborate displays, and being around those you love and appreciate. It's also about tuning into what you want from participating in the events you go to. No one goes in with the intent to overindulge since this causes negative rami cations such as forgetting conversations, weight gain, lapses in memory, reduced energy and interest in life, regret, and post-drinking blues to name just a few. is isn't on anyone's agenda.

So why does this happen? We don't stay mindful and intentional with what we ultimately want, therefore we act in a subconscious, automatic way. A way to change this is to set a standard for yourself before you go to the event and stay mindful of your alcohol consumption. During my years of working with women to stop over-drinking, I've developed a framework of 7 principles to follow to feel elegantly satis ed a er just one drink.

e 7 principles are:

1. Watch out for all-or-nothing thinking (i.e. once I get started, I can't stop)

2. Make alcohol unimportant and neutral

3. Challenge the drink pushers

4. Follow your drink plan

5. Enjoy the people you are with

6. Honor your health goals

7. Don't use alcohol for your emotional management

When you practice these 7 principles, your desire for alcohol lessens, making it easier to stop once you start. ese principles enable you to have fun, remember and enjoy the evening, and be the healthy, con dent version of you. Most importantly, don't drink and drive!

Wishing you a festive, safe holiday season.

Sherry B. Price, PharmD, MBA, APh, BCPS is a certi ed life coach, pharmacist, and creator of the Drink Less Lifestyle podcast and EpicYOU program. She helps women stop overdrinking and live as their most epic self.

Visit her website at to learn more.

Photography by Becki Freed
6 beds | 5 baths | 4,561 sq� | Offered at $2,795,000 Best Value in All of Del Mar 3431 CAMINITO SANTA FE DOWNS, DEL MAR Welcome to Santa Fe Downs, one of the only gated communities in Del Mar. is is truly the best value in all of Del Mar! Home features a chef's kitchen with top of the line appliances, a spacious family room, wine room, and an abundance of secondary rooms. e interior courtyard features an oversized custom spa and outdoor kitchen. Home is minutes from the beach, Del Mar Racetrack, polo elds, shopping, ne dining, and so much more! ©2022 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties (BHHSCP) is a member of the franchise system of BHHA liates and the BHHS symbol are registered service marks of Columbia Insurance Company, a Berkshire Hathaway a liate. BHH A liates LLC and BHHSCP do not guarantee accuracy of all data including measurements, conditions, and features of property. Information is obtained from various sources and will not be veri ed by broker or MLS. Buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information. ESSD355VAND TIM VAN DAMM Luxury Real Estate Specialist 858.663.0911 � DRE #02011614
6 beds | 7 baths | 6,255 sq� | Offered at $4,995,000 Breathtaking Views from Santaluz 7671 ILUMINADO, SAN DIEGO Resting on one of the largest, most private lots in the exclusive guard gated community of Santaluz, this single-story masterpiece home has it all! Breathtaking views, vanishing edge pool, large lawn, vineyard, paid solar, pool solar and casita are just a few of the amenities this home has to o er. With an open oor plan, chef's kitchen, sunken bar, and interior courtyard this home is an entertainer's dream. ©2022 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties (BHHSCP) is a member of the franchise system of BHHA liates and the BHHS symbol are registered service marks of Columbia Insurance Company, a Berkshire Hathaway a liate. BHH A liates LLC and BHHSCP do not guarantee accuracy of all data including measurements, conditions, and features of property. Information is obtained from various sources and will not be veri ed by broker or MLS. Buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information. ESSD355VAND TIM VAN DAMM Luxury Real Estate Specialist 858.663.0911 � DRE #02011614

Believe In The Good, Adopt A Dog.

Thrive Animal Rescue, a San Diego based dog rescue organization made a name for themselves around town by rescuing familyfriendly dogs from shelters. Thrive’s long term goal is to educate the community that there are wonderful shelter dogs just waiting for someone to love. This local rescue has become known throughout California for the good work they do for both dogs and the people who love them. From hosting an annual Holiday Farmers Market spotlighting local artisans and small business owners to teaming up with other rescue organizations to clear the kennels in times of need, Thrive Animal Rescue has built a community around them.

From its inception, Thrive’s founder Cece Bloum had a knack for pairing dogs with the right family. Suitability and a lifestyle that fit the dog’s temperament are the best way to ensure that a dog gets to stay where they are placed. But there are times when a family needs additional support after a dog settles in, so Thrive has funds specifically allocated for their Stay Put Program. This program has helped countless families keep their beloved pets through collaborative training with a professional, thereby diminishing the likelihood that a dog will ever need to be re-homed again.

Another noteworthy attribute of this non-profit, is their willingness to take in pregnant street dogs. With so many shelters at capacity, Thrive Animal Rescue has been able to say, “Yes” when other organizations were not able. Thrive has both a maternity ward, and a Midwife of sorts onsite, making them uniquely qualified to get these young mama dogs off the street and into a safe and nurturing environment.

Lastly, their Forever Foster Program for senior dogs has been making people smile throughout the years. Although abandoning a senior pet seems inconceivable to most of us, the unfortunate reality is that it does sometimes happen. From cases where a senior pet’s owner has passed to instances where people no longer want to care for their old dog, Thrive has taken these dogs in, attended to their medical needs and placed them with families willing to give them a safe place to live out their years. Thrive has committed to paying the expense associated with medication and veterinary care while their Forever Foster Family provides food, a warm bed and LOVE. @thriveanimalrescue


Chocolate is a common household staple and an integral ingredient in many foods. Eating chocolate is a frequent occurrence for many dogs, which can lead to discomfort and possibly serious complications.

The primary toxic compounds in chocolate is the methylxanthines theobrimine and caffine. The amount of these compounds in chocolate can vary depending on the type of chocolate. Dark chocolate is 150–160mg/oz, milk chocolate is 64mg/oz, dry cocoa powder is 800mg/oz and bakers chocolate is 450mg/oz. Chocolate is labeled according to the percentage of chocolate based on unsweetened chocolate. A chocolate bar containing 80% chocolate contains 360mg of chocolate (80% × 450mg).

The lethal dose of theobromine and caffeine that kills 50% of dogs is 100–200mg/kg, but severe clinical signs can occur at lower doses. At low doses, 20–30mg/kg can cause gastrointestinal upset including vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and increased thirst. At higher doses, around 35–45mg/kg, dogs can experience a significantly elevated heart rate, which if left untreated can cause fainting, dizziness and lethargy. And at even higher doses (60mg/kg), seizures may occur.

So, what should you do if your dog eats chocolate? First and foremost, don’t panic. Call the helpful people at Animal Poison Control Hotline (888) 426–4435. This center is staffed by veterinarians who are trained in toxicology and can provide recommendations as to what you should do. They will want to know how much your pet weighs, how much chocolate your pet ate, what type of chocolate it was and the approximate time it occurred as well as your pets’ medical history and current medications. Keeping health records stored on your phone makes perfect sense. Visit to learn how easy it is to complete.

With this information they will calculate the amount of chocolate your dog ate and recommend either monitoring them at home or taking them to a veterinarian. If your pet needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian, they will most likely recommend induction of vomiting with a medication administering into the vein. Further treatment variations will vary depending on the concentration of chocolate consumed and your dogs’ underlying history. This may range from providing stomach protectants and an anti-vomiting medication to hospitalizing your dog for monitoring and further treatment.

Chocolate not only tastes good when it’s first consumed, but it can cause adverse effects for 24–48 hours after it is consumed. This can include an upset stomach and pancreatitis. If you notice your dog having multiple episodes of vomiting, diarrhea and not wanting to eat, they are most likely experiencing continued clinical signs of chocolate toxicity. Your veterinarian can provide medications to alleviate their clinical signs.

Facial Treatments

An Investment Toward Joyous Longevity

Brianne Garcia, a dual master licensed esthetician and massage therapist has developed her own specialty in customized corrective chemical peels and deep tissue massage, transforming clients' skin and improving range of motion, helping clients become pain-free through massage therapy. In addition to her expertise at massage, her services include facial treatments that slow the aging process and prolong the health and beauty of the skin.

Is there an alternative to Botox?

e industry’s best alternative to Botox is the Micro-current Facial Device. Micro-current is an esthetician’s best kept secret. As a master Licensed Esthetician, this is my preferred choice for wrinkle reduction.

What is Micro-current?

Micro-current is a current that stimulates the facial muscles under the skin. is process is the equivalent of taking your facial muscles to the gym. It is non-invasive and natural.

What are the bene ts of Micro-current?

Micro-current relaxes as well as strengthens the facial muscles. It gives the skin a natural li , reduces ne lines and wrinkles, and prevents sagging. e bene ts of Micro-current when done regularly can prevent as well as reverse signs of aging. Adding in Micro-current to a Botox treatment will extend the results, requiring fewer Botox treatments due to the improvement shown in the facial muscles.

Can Micro-current be Combined with other services?

Absolutely! e beauty of Micro-current is that it can be paired with any other facial service. Clients who combine services receive maximum results. Micro-current works on improving the muscles under the skin whereas facial services work on the skin’s surface with some treatments going into deeper layers of the skin to improve the skin’s health and to reduce signs of aging. Pairing micro-current with a facial service will deliver optimal anti-aging bene ts.

Pairing Micro-Current with: 

Customized facials 

Chemical Peels 

Diamond micro-dermabrasion

Oxygen facial 

Cyro Skin Tightening

Dermaplaning 

Rezernate Nano Micro-channeling

Who bene ts from micro-current?

Aside from those wearing a pace maker or women during pregnancy, anyone who is looking for anti-aging or age prevention is a good candidate for the service. Micro-current is your red carpet facial add-on with instant results, taking your facial to the next level before an event or holiday party.

How many sessions are required?

Clients see results a er their rst session. For longer lasting results it is recommended to do a series of Micro-current sessions closer together to strengthen the facial muscles for maximum results then transition into maintenance to maintain results and prevent future signs of aging.

bgspaservices@icloud | (619)
Photography by Gilda Adler

Welcome to Chez Loma

Welcome to Chez Loma

A Coronado historical landmark, Chez Loma, since 1974 has featured a main dining room with full menu, a bar, white linen and the charm of an elegant, classic atmosphere.

A Coronado historical landmark, Chez Loma, since 1974 has featured a main dining room with full menu, a bar, white linen and the charm of an elegant, classic atmosphere.

Open daily from 5:00 pm

Open daily from 5:00 pm

1132 Loma Avenue Coronado, CA 92118 (619) 632-5952

1132 Loma Avenue Coronado, CA 92118 (619) 632-5952

This Magic Moment

DEREK OSTOVANI has performed for celebrities, corporate executives, Fortune 500 companies, and audiences large and small around the globe. He has received a 1st Place Award in the Close-up competition for the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M), has served as its President in San Diego for 2 terms, and attends an invite only convention in Buffalo, New York known as 4 F (Fletcher’s Finger Flicking Frolic) where only 250 of the best and most creative Magicians are invited.

Whether it be a formal stage show, an interactive close-up experience at a social function, private party, or branded entertainment to draw interest to their tradeshow booth, Derek Ostovani is the performer to call!

Photography by Ian Holaday

Master Stylist Daniel Rosati, having worked for world-renowned stylists Frédéric Fekkai and Stephen Knolls in Manhattan has relocated to Solana Beach, CA.

Historic Charm & Ocean Vistas

Historic Charm & Ocean Vistas

Historic Charm & Ocean Vistas

Historic Charm & Ocean Vistas

Now booking through Fall 2023

Now booking through Fall 2023

Now booking through Fall 2023

Now booking through Fall 2023

La Jolla Historical Society

780 Prospect Street La Jolla, CA 92037 858 459 5335 info@lajollahistory org

La Jolla Historical Society 780 Prospect Street La Jolla, CA 92037 858 459 5335 info@lajollahistory org

La Jolla Historical Society

La Jolla Historical Society 780 Prospect Street La Jolla, CA 92037 858 459 5335 info@lajollahistory org

780 Prospect Street La Jolla, CA 92037 858.459.5335 lajollahistory org

Historic Cha & Ocean Vis

Specializing in dry cuts, Daniel exclusively cuts cowlick-y, curly, and frizzy hair while using INOA oil-based ammonia free hair color. Men’s styling is by all-scissor cut.

Historic C & Ocean

Historic Ch & Ocean V

Historic Ch & Ocean V

Now booking through Fall 2023

Now booking thro Fall 2023

Now booking throug Fall 2023

La Jolla Historical Society

La Jolla Historical Socie

780 Prospect Street La Jolla, CA 92037 858 459 5335 info@lajollahistory org

780 Prospect Street La Jolla, CA 92037 858 459 5335 info@lajollahistory org

La Jolla Historical Socie y

La Jolla Historical S 780 Prospect Str La Jolla, CA 92037 858 459 5335 info@lajollahistory org

780 Prospect Street La Jolla, CA 92037 858.459.5335 lajollahistory org

Now booking throug Fall 2023 ay

Photos by Pauline Conway Photos by Pauline Conway Photos by Pauline Conway Photos by Pauline Conway Photos by Pauline Conway Photos by Pauline Conway
Plaques, medals, and awards that are made to order, and hand delivered. Our ordering process is aimed to make it as simple and thorough as possible for you to get what you need the first time. To make things easier on you, we will also hand deliver to our San Diego market. We are here to help you in customizing your acknowledgments and will make sure your team feels the personal recognition they deserve! CORPORATE SCHOOLS SEPCIAL EVENTS WITNESS THE POWER OF RECOGNITION (858) 277-4165
Manhattan Master
At New Location
Highlight your Product or Service with us and be featured on our Business Directory with a direct link to your Homepage – All inclusive
Photos by Pauline Conway
135 S. Hwy 101, Solana Beach (858)900-8187

Wiens Family Cellars

With over 20 years of producing Award-Winning “Big Reds,” this family owned and operated winery has become the perfect destination for many wine connoisseurs in San Diego County. Additionally, adding a wide variety of Crisp White and Sparkling Wines to their menu has now made them a favorite among any and all wine lovers!

A strong work ethic and family full of visionaries gave the Wiens siblings the opportunity to become anything they wanted to be. Together, they decided to start a winery and now have the 2nd generation helping carry on the legacy.

A family-friendly atmosphere welcomes guests to enjoy a relaxing wine tasting experience surrounded by lush vineyards and scenic views. From vine to glass, Wiens prides themselves on controlling each step in creating their locally crafted wines. With more than 60 wines, featuring over 20 varieties and blends, you’re sure to find your new favorite!

Select wines have received medals and awards from the OC Wine Society, CA State, LA International Wine, Pacific Rim Wine Competition, The Rosé Competition, and the Ensenada Tierra del Vino International Wine Competition, among countless others.

Regular Tastings are offered in the Main Tasting Room and Patio, with Paired Seated Tastings in the Cellar Room and Barrel Room inclusive of Select Premium wines paired with a variety of meats and cheeses.

Wood beams, mahogany bars with granite countertops, polished concrete floors, and a marble fireplace give the tasting room a contemporary, yet rustic ambiance. A selection of charcuterie-style food is offered for purchase in their gift shop, with the option for guests to bring their own food in their outdoor areas as well.

Four unique wine clubs to suit all lifestyles are offered: Big Reds Club, Crisp Whites Club, Mixed Club and Winemaker’s Select Club. Each club offers a variety of unique benefits including, but not limited to, the use of their Members Only Pavilion to enjoy new releases and old-time favorites at their leisure.

Come get whisked away by the beauty of the Valley at Wiens Family Cellars!

Open 7 days a week - 10:30 - 6:00 pm - 35055 Via Del Ponte, Temecula, CA 92592 Tel: 951.694.9892

help. help.

The San Diego Food Bank and our North County Food Bank chapter thanks our donors and supporters for supporting our mission during the COVID-19 crisis.

Suuply emergency food packages for weekly food distributions to the familes of students at 47 elementary schools across the county

Delivered 36 pound food boxes to 2,161 senior citizens in lockdown

Launched 35 new “Super Pantries’ in July that will serve 130,000 people every month

Thank you for your support!
Since the start of the crisis, your generous donations have enabled us to:
Distribute 22 million pounds of food Purchase $4 million worth of food on the wholesale food market to distribute to families in need Feed nearly 600,000 people every month in communities throughout San Diego County Host 4 major large-scale food distributions providing 52 tons of food to 16,000 people

ElEgancE Rustic

Few cities can match San Diego’s rich pairing of city and country living. Here, where the lines between cultivated society and raw, natural beauty are marbled to perfection, lives America’s finest city.

Photography and concept Bryan Dahl @dahl.memoirs Models Sayaka Andrew-Wood Aliya Frederick Yoni Smolyar Natalie Punt @sayakaaw @msregenyintl @yoni.smolyar @natalie365s Kimi Verma Mike Sambol Jennifer Henkel Julia Nguyen @kimi.verma @mikesambol @jennafa_ @ih3artjulie Hair and makeup Nicole Price Monica McKenna Meleah Nelson @makeupby_nicc @monicamckennamakeup @meleahandco Wardrobe Janeth Lacave Boulevard Boutique Satoria Designs World Tribe Cashmere @lvndrhl @boulevardlj @satori.designs @worldtribecashmere Editing Bryan Dahl Mercedes Castillo Sanchez @dahl.memoirs @cos_qui_llas
The founders of Fogo de Chão grew up on a traditional Southern Brazilian farm in the Serra Gaucha. It is here that they learned to cook in the churrasco grilling tradition that would become the pillar of our Churrascuria, Brazilian-style Steakhouse. Gaslamp District 668 Sixth Avenue San Diego, CA 92101 619-338-0500 Experience tastes of Southern Brazil • Lunch & Dinner Daily • Weekend Brunch • Gluten Free & Vegan Options • 16 Types of Meats • Seafood • Full Market Table • Events & Group Dining • 5 Private Event Spaces • Outdoor & Patio Dining • All Day Happy Hour • Catering • Fogo To-Go DELIVERY APPS DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub Postmates, Office Express CATERING Cater your event with the Mobile Dessert Truck TAKE OUT Pick up your order at 2707 Boston Avenue • 760-452-8134 • Mobile Dessert Truck 760-846-9470 GET YOUR SWEET PROVISIONS Downtown orders: | El Cajon:
CAKES AND FULL SERVICE CATERING Request a Scenario for your Reception @ It’s Always a delicious day at THE FRENCH GOURMET 960 Turquoise Street, San Diego, CA 92109 (858) 488-1725 x3 • Gill Tax Group Your Business is Our Business Your Success is Our Success I’m Divya, Your CPA (866) 445-5829 4225 Executive Square Suite 600 San Diego, CA 92037
October 1st, guests were invited to join San Diego Humane Society for the 36th annual Fur Ball to celebrate the magic of changing animal lives while enjoying an evening under the stars. On September 12th at a private home in La Jolla, the annual Dream On Concert Gala in support of was attended by over 500 philanthropists, community, and business leaders. Photography by Travis Land Photography by Gilda Adler Lynne and Steve Doyle Bertrand and Denise Hug Kathy and Mike Naylor Randy Loewenstein, Gary Weitzman, Fran Deutsch Carole Leland, Dagmar Midcap Jacob and Megan Norris Dan and Judith Munoz David and Emily Rex Don and Kathryn Vaughn Ingrid and Dr. Hector Salazar Joan Waitt, Papa Doug Manchester


On the afternoon of October 23rd, the Sister League of San Diego held a celebratory soirée at the Mission Beach Women’s Club to further support their ongoing programs established to administer assistance to women in need within the San Diego community. Photography by Bryan Dahl Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) held their annual Celebration of 2nd Chances live for the first time in two years. The wellattended gala had its festive reception and dinner at the Omni Resort and Spa, Saturday evening on September 17th. Photography by Travis Land Jessica Aminoff Gail and Dough Hutcheson Nuria Haro-Lopes, Judy Lawton Toni Lawrence, Jessica Aminoff Jeremiah and Amy Harrington Gina Mancuso, Pamela Day Jessica Lees, Nicole Fusco Julie Soper, Kristen Haden Harry and Ann Heyligers Kim and Patrick Vincent Elizabeth Davidson, John and Sally Appleby Connie and John Stevenson Bryon Taylor, Nina Jimenez-Taylor Pam.and Jerry Cesak Judy Sarnoff, Mitch Demin lajollahistory org
y y y y y y Plaques, medals, and awards that are made to order, hand delivered. Our ordering process is aimed to make as simple and thorough as possible for you to get what need the first time. To make things easier on you, we will also hand deliver to our San Diego market. We are here to help you in customizing your acknowledgments and will make sure team feels the personal recognition they deserve! CORPORATE SCHOOLS SEPCIAL WITNESS THE POWER OF RECOGNITION (858) 277-4165 Highlight your Product or Service with us and be featured on our Business Directory with a direct link to your Homepage – All inclusive
Photos by Pauline Conway
323.213.0074• PHOTOGRAPHY•VIDEO Headshots Homes Events (858) 414-7816 Concepts By Design LLC, improves well designed chens and Baths. oday! Amy Ser rano Eleg ant, Luxur y, Timeless (619) 432-2499 Professional electric violinist and entertainer, Amy travels around the world to dazzle and delight audiences with her music Caprice Strings Melding the string sounds of violin & cello Professional musicians dedicated to creating a festive atmosphere at events and weddings with a wide range of musical selections (619) 460-9265 @capricestrings Award-w inning delicious, low c alorie, all natura fr uit infuse d te qui o ering a w ide variety of imaginati natural avors Ma de f or Wom e n 21S #GirlsC all eShots 21 See d s T il Superior Window Solutions Automotive | Commercial | Residential Serving San Diego County Over 20 Years A safer, more energy ef cient space supe r io r window s olutions . co m (877) 4 84-68 8 6 Promo Code: Discover 10 Tinting Window
CINDY WAASDORP Selling North San Diego County For 37 Years © 2022 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties (BHHSCP) is a member of the franchise system of BHH Affiliates LLC. BHH Affiliates LLC and BHHSCP do not guarantee accuracy of all data including measurements, conditions, and features of property. Information is obtained from various sources and will not be verified by broker or MLS. Buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information. Among all BHHS agents for 2021 Cindy Waasdorp ✓ Top 1% of Agents Nationwide ✓ Top 25 Agents in San Diego County ✓ 5 Star Best in Client Satisfaction Award Visit for real estate information, homes for sale, photos & virtual tours! Take Advantage of My Expertise Office: 760-745-1621 | Cell: 619-987-1656 E-mail: DRE#00909905 It is still a Seller’s Market Thinking of Selling?

The evening of October 8th under a starlit sky on the grounds of the San Diego Automotive Museum, the Party in the Park …..VROOM surpassed the expectations of the most discerning of guests.

Photography by Gilda Adler Dee and Jon Ammon Don and Kathryn Vaughn Julie and Bob Novak Papa Doug Manchester Cathy Herrick Sonny and Ludvina Nevarez Kristi Pieper Stephanie Brown Perry and Judith Mansfield Gigi and Brad Benter Lenny and Falon Lesczynski, Jeanne Jones Reena Horowitz, Denny Sanford

The Ouija Board

Fun Family Entertainment, a Mystical Oracle, or a Toy Not to be Toyed With?

Karen Storsteen M.S,, M.A. is an intuitive therapist and psychic medium who provides her insight into the history, popularity and science of the Quija board.

You may remember the Ouija board, also known as a spirit board or talking board. For more than 130 years, the Ouija board has remained a pop cultural classic on board-game aisles, and even outsold Monopoly in the 1960s.

e game consists of two or more players who lightly place their a hand-sized planchette—a movable indicator—to spell out messages during a séance. e board includes numbers and letters of the alphabet with the words yes, no, and occasionally hello various symbols and graphics. Players ask questions to the immaterial and/or spirit world to gain answers to any of life’s questions.


e Spiritualists would say that the Ouija board works, although there has been signi cant controversy and skepticism related to these questions by others—including Catholic and Christian organizations—over the years. Spiritualism had been around for many years in Europe, but modern spiritualism was awakened in America in 1848 due in part to the infamous Fox sisters, who became renowned internationally for their mediumship skills and ability to interpret “knocks” on walls from the Other Side.

Spiritualism, talking with the dead, and séances were commonplace and thought to be wholesome and healing over the second half of the 19th century.

During and a er the Civil War, with so many deaths, the spiritualist movement grew to millions around the world as a way for the grieving to connect with their loved ones who had passed. According to an October 2021 story on the History Channel titled “8 Famous Figures Who Believed in Communicating with the Dead,” Mary Todd Lincoln held séances regularly in the White House a er her son died, and later following the 1865 assassination of her husband, President Abraham Lincoln. Queen Victoria practiced spiritualism a er the death of her husband, Prince Albert, and the movement spread throughout the United Kingdom. Even omas Edison, in 1920, a er inventing the phonograph in 1877, announced plans to develop a “spirit phone” to capture the voices of the dead through a “scienti c” device. A competitive drive began with people racing to nd ways to communicate with the a erlife more e ciently, and so the “talking board” was born.

An October 2013 article, “ e Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board,” published in Smithsonian magazine, shares the perspective of Robert Murch, the world’s foremost talking-board historian. He explains that in 1886, newspaper reports began appearing across Ohio about a talking board. Subsequently, E. C. Reiche, an inventor, furniture and co n maker; and Charles Kennard, a shrewd businessperson (not a spiritualist), collaborated, and a er many rejections, eventually found four investors, including attorney Elijah Bond to manufacture and market a board.

Bond referred his sister-in-law, Helen Peters, whom he claimed was a strong medium. Interestingly, it was through her proof and use of the board in front of a skeptical U.S. patent o ce that the federal government certi ed that the board was indeed valid and worked as promised. According to Murch, Peters and the founders sat around the talking board to uncover its name, and with the help of the spirits, the letters O-U-I-J-A revealed themselves, which means “good luck” in the Egyptian language. e Kennard

Novelty Company commercialized “Ouija, the Wonderful Talking Board” in 1891, with a toy shop touting a magical device that answers questions “about the past, present, and future with marvelous accuracy” and “never failing amusement and recreation for all the classes.”

e Ouija board became an enormous success with people from all educational, professional, and demographic backgrounds purchasing the board internationally. During times of uncertainty and hardship, such as World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and Vietnam, the Ouija board o ered individuals something to believe in: entertainment and solace.

In 1966, Parker Brothers bought the game, and in 1967, 2 million Quija boards were sold, remaining popular through the 1990's.

Opponents of the Ouija board were fueled a er Hollywood introduced a possessed character named Regan in the 1973 movie e Exorcist. Christian and Catholic groups believed that the game was a dangerous vehicle for channeling the devil and evil spirits, so they banned and burned the game. Even in the metaphysical community, there were—and continue to be—many who suggest staying away from the Ouija board. Other Hollywood lms followed, promoting the board as demonic and spooky. Still, however, during times of uncertainty, the Ouija board has been used by believers to help them gain clarity.

Does the Ouija board work?

If the question is whether the Ouija board communicates messages from the dead, many material-based scientists would answer a rmatively, “No!”

However, Sidney Fels, a professor of electrical and computer engineering; and Ron Rensink, a psychology and computer science professor at the University of British Columbia, revealed surprising ndings about the workings of the unconscious. ey asked graduate students to answer or guess at a set of challenging questions without use of the Ouija board, and they were

correct about 50 percent of the time. Subsequently, the researchers asked the students to use the Ouija to answer questions, and told them that they would receive the correct answers from another person teleconferencing through a robot Ouija partner. e participants scored correctly upward of 65 percent of the time, although the robot was nothing but a ruse, as it was not providing answers through another person teleconferencing, but subtly amplifying the participants’ tiny, unconscious movements. e change in results using the Ouija board was statistically signi cant.

A Doorway into the Unconscious

is study supports the research of Dr. William Benjamin Carpenter, who in 1852 discovered the ideomotor e ect while investigating the unconscious mind’s ability to direct motor activity. When the brain is calm and brainwaves slow down, the unconscious can speak, leading to profound insights and access to knowledge and hidden memories.

A Pathway to Spirit through the Quantum Field

Some theoretical physicists and experts in the study of consciousness believe in a universal consciousness/mind and/or Divine Matrix. Rather than separate and local unto itself, consciousness is nonlocal, entangled, omnipresent, omniscient, and exists beyond space/time. How can that be? As one moves from the macroscopic world to the quantum world, the laws that govern energy and matter no longer hold up. Matter is not solid; at the subatomic level, it is a collection of particles, and particles are made of energetic waves—waves of possibility.

In the quantum world, communication of information occurs instantaneously across time and space faster than the speed of light. We are nonlocal beings and are not limited by the boundaries of our skin. We have expandable, permeable boundaries and can pick up all sorts of information from the outside world. Physicist David Bohm stated, “What we perceive as separate parts—you, me, the trees, and the stars in the next galaxy—are all part of a seamless whole that

is pulsing with life and intelligence, (the holomovement). We inhabit a universe where every point is interpenetrated by every other point.” We are entangled through a web of energy.

Connecting with spirit is sacred and should not be considered a game.

Dr. Stuart Hamero , of the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, who is an anesthesiologist and expert in the eld of consciousness, proposes that consciousness occurs because of quantum processes in microtubules inside brain neurons that tap into universal consciousness. is o ers a possible scienti c explanation for the possibility of a erlife, and survival of the soul and consciousness a er death as we remain entangled and interconnected with all living beings and the universe. Amit Goswani, a theoretical quantum physicist, states that when we die, we take our character with us, which is what de nes us, and that those who are in tune, can connect with a spirit’s essence. He explains, contrary to scienti c materialism, that there is not one domain of reality, but two. Quantum physics allows for instantaneous communication.

Is the Ouija a Good Tool for Connecting with the Spirit World?

One of the original purposes of a talking board was to make communication with the spirit world more e cient. But as stated earlier, communication in the quantum world occurs instantaneously, as nothing crosses the intervening space. e soul is transcendent, and we can connect to loved ones on the other side and spirit anytime, anywhere. We do not need the Ouija board or any other device.

Connecting with spirit is sacred and not a game. Unclear intentions and teenagers playing with the device for the thrill of the potential fear factor, for example, may lead to experiences with the Ouija board that mirror, or resonate with, the energy of the players. Quantum duality states that thoughts a ect matter, and the nature of particles can be altered. In addition, you would not leave your

front door wide open for just any stranger to walk into your home, would you? So why would a person open the door to the potential of any Earthbound spirit who may just be hanging around?

As far as the ideomotor e ect, there are many psychological and contemplative processes (such as meditation) to help people access their unconscious and subconscious mind.

With belief, an open and loving heart, and a calm mind and body, we can naturally rest in the hands of the divine and let the quantum eld do its work. And, most important, we can let our intuition and direct experience be our guides.

Copyright © 2022, Karen Storsteen. All Rights Reserved.


Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A., is an intuitive therapist, psychic medium, executive coach and public speaker. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS, and has been a regular on FM radio.

Health is in Sight


Having completed four years of undergraduate education, followed by four years of medical school, and four years of ophthalmology residency Dr. Daurtremont also completed a master’s degree in Public Health, during which she traveled to Ethiopia to work in a rural eye clinic. Her skill, empathy, and compassion enable her to provide the best possible care and treatment options for each individual patient.

It is often said, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” It may be more accurate to say that the eyes are actually windows to the body’s overall health. These intricate and specialized organs have the unique ability to reflect what is happening elsewhere inside the body. From chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, to cancer and autoimmune diseases, the eyes are able to provide clues about your health long before symptoms present. For this reason, a thorough eye examination is very important for overall well-being.

Dr. Dautremont, as a board certified ophthalmologist, keeps this at the forefront of her medical mindset as she examines patients in her brand new clinic located in La Jolla. Her practice, La Jolla Ophthalmology, which opened in October 2021, is one of the few truly comprehensive eye health clinics in the country. She focuses on finding health and restoring vision using the latest technological advances of modern medicine, coupled with an integrative, holistic approach developed over many years of training and clinical experience.

She fulfilled her lifelong passion to become an eye physician and surgeon after realizing at the age of 13 that this was her calling. Along her journey, she found that the narrow focus of allopathic medicine sometimes fell short in optimizing health. These beliefs and experiences led her to pursue training in osteopathic medicine, a branch of Western medicine that provides the same training as traditional MD programs, along with additional education in neuro-musculoskeletal medicine and alternative healing methods.

Dr. Dautremont specializes in caring for a broad range of eye conditions. She is an expert in cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, dry eye, glaucoma, and various retinal diseases. She offers both surgical and nonsurgical options for vision correction, glaucoma treatment, and pterygium (also known as “surfer’s eye”). Chronic dry eye treatment that avoids the dependence on costly pharmaceuticals is another area of interest that she is continually developing. She is highly rated by her patients for providing high quality health care, her warm demeanor, and personalized approach. New patients are welcome to call and schedule their eye health consultation with Dr. Dautremont at her beautiful La Jolla location.

La Jolla Ophthalmology

7334 Girard Avenue, Ste 202 La Jolla, CA 92037 Tel: 858-775-1555

Connecting with Dr. Brittney

At Dentistry in e Ranch, Dr. George prides himself in putting quality rst and always. Dr. George comments, we don’t

Alexander George, D.D.S

Dentistry in the Ranch

Exceptional Care Begins Upon Arrival In Our Office

At Mattis Law, our motto is to settle when possible and litigate when necessary. We see our clients as people rather than case numbers, and understand that divorce and custody matters are o en the most stressful events in a person’s life. Our role is to guide you through the process so that you can make the most informed decisions possible.

Our rm handles all aspects of divorce, domestic violence, and paternity issues. We represent clients in custody cases where parties have an agreement, and also contested matters involving abuse, parental alienation, special needs children, and conjoint therapy. We assist clients in obtaining support orders and defending against support requests, including analyzing a parties income available for support or seeking imputation of income and job contact orders for underemployed parties.

Attorney Owner Amelia Mattis is an active member of the La Jolla Bar Association and was voted Favorite Family Law Attorney in the 2020 San Diego's Best Union-Tribune Readers Poll.

(858) 328-4400

Photography by Shadi Ameri

Mattis Law, APC

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